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He chuckled. "As you wish."

There was suddenly a dark form standing behind your daughter, brushing a piece of hair behind her ear.... "Beautiful girl..." he whispered in a dark voice...

6/20/2010 #61
Bleeding Perfection

"Don't touch her!" I scream, raising my gun and firing directly at his face, "I'll tear you limb from limb!"

6/21/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #62

Oh it went straight through his face... but as he looked up, the dark hole filled in instantly.

"Temper, temper my boy..."

6/21/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #63
Bleeding Perfection

"I SAID 'DON'T TOUCH HER!'" I practically roar it more than yell it.

6/21/2010 #64

Az smiled, placing his hands on the back of her chair. "This is nothing compared to what i CAN do... but if you agree to my conditions... she will not be harmed..."

6/21/2010 #65
Bleeding Perfection

"I'm not doing anything that will put her in danger later!" I yell.

Suddenly, Belle's eyes open. They're a pure white void.

"Evil is the nature of your intentions," She says, standing slowly, "Do not test me."

Belle lifts her hand slowly and touches it to Az's chest.


A bright flash followed by a visible shock wave bursts out from the point of contact between Belle's hand and Az's chest, and he flies backward away from her.

6/21/2010 . Edited 6/21/2010 #66

Az landed in a standing position. "I'll give you two... three a minute," he said, "before I come back for my answer..." He disappeared, and suddenly the room was whole, no doors, no windows, just a solid looking box...

6/21/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #67
Bleeding Perfection

I retract my blade. Belle's eyes regain color back to a beautiful sapphire blue, and she turns to me and runs to hug me.

"It's gonna be okay," I say, "I'm gonna get us all out of here."

"What about mommy?" She says, "She's not breathing."

Not breathing?

I run over to Vela and look for a pulse. I can't find one. Tears come to my eyes and I hug her lifeless body.

"Daddy?" Bella says, "Is Mommy okay?"

I stop my tears long enough to reply.

"Mommy's home," I say, "She'll be there when we go."

"Home?" Bella says, "We're gonna go home?"

"Yeah. Home with God."

Bella, unfortunately, understood immediately.

"Mommy's . . . Dead?" She start crying.

I can't hold back my silent tears any longer...

6/21/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #68

Az appeared in the corner of the room behind them. "Please understand that it was not my concern, or my fualt, that this beautiful woman is dead... but It will be my fualt if your daughter follows her..."

6/21/2010 #69
Bleeding Perfection

Bella's eyes instantly returned to all white. She crossed the room in an instant, gathering energy in her hands and thrusting them toward Az.

6/21/2010 #70

Az dissappeared and reappeared across the room instantly...

6/21/2010 #71
Bleeding Perfection

...right next to me. I deploy my arm blades and drive them directly at his stomach.

6/21/2010 #72

Az looked down and then back up, putting a hand on his chest and shoving him off, removing the blades. A black substance flowed out of the wound... as it sealed closed.....

"Thank you for that..." he said sarcastically. "Now... You and your daugther. Will you accept my proposition or be locked in here until we start testing? This offer does keep you from the tests, of course..."

6/21/2010 #73
Bleeding Perfection

I really don't want Belle to have to go through the tests, but I don't intend on helping this man out either. I'll just pretend to accept.

"Whatever it takes to keep my daughter safe," I say, sounding more convincing than my intentions.

6/21/2010 #74

Az smiled. "Very well. But do realize that if you fail to do as I command, you will be teleported back here immediately...."

6/21/2010 #75
Bleeding Perfection

Belle's eyes return to blue.

"Daddy?" She says, "Are we going home?"

Tears still come from her eyes. I don't know what to say.

6/21/2010 #76

"Accept and I promise her safety... if you comply."

6/21/2010 #77
Bleeding Perfection

A beat.

"Okay," I say.

Belle's saftey is more important to me than anything at this point.

6/21/2010 #78

"I am gathering new subjects every week for testing, but My guards are not as skilled as those who posess power, which is why I prefer to send those with powers... like Zelden and Arcaos. But its tough with just two people sometimes..."

6/21/2010 #79
Bleeding Perfection

"Belle is not going to collect other supers. I refuse to make my daughter do that."

6/22/2010 #80

"I wasn't referring to her..." he said with a smile

6/22/2010 #81
Bleeding Perfection


What's daddy doing?

This getting to be too confusing for me. My dad is going to collect supers? I can't imagine him ever doing that, but that's exactly what he has to do.

I begin to gather energy in my arms, not for an attack, but to provide means of teleportation.

"I'll see you later daddy," I say, bringing my hands together to circulate the energy.

He looks at me, knowing what I'm about to do. Az has no idea, obviously.

"Good luck," I say, just as the energy fully circulates.

A white ring of energy appears on the floor around me, and wind swirls at high speed through the room. Everything goes white, accompanied by a loud boom, as though I was at the source of a lightning bolt. I reappear in a white hallway, some ways away from the place daddy's at. there's nothing this deep in the facility. Nobody ventures here, and I know I'll be safe here.

6/24/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #82

Where Az would've been angry he smiled instead. "Amazing, isn't she? But you should know, being the father. escape by teleportation is impossible though, so she's here somewhere. Its jsut a matter of time before we find her. As for you..." he said, looking up. "Zelden and Arcaos are waiting to meet their new partner..."

6/24/2010 #83
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(Hey I'm Fleur and quite interested here. Just background on Pyxis as she is for this role play (she appears in character development 1 as an older version). Her age is unknown but she appears as 13-17 in this time line (I think). She is shifter as she as already seen her mother murdered before her eyes. She grew up on the street, learning marital arts before she was taken. She's only about a red belt in two of the six arts she practices, is a level one black belt in one art, a blue belt in another, a brown belt in the fifth, and a second level black belt in the sixth. And if i got levels wrong with black belts just let me know. she's been experimented on since 13, and is only 15 as she is put in this cell block. She was held in a much worse prison before she was moved, due to her ability to shift she learned too much so she's mostly gone through mind alterations, forced ones sort of like River Tam. except she is completely sane, the only difference is she has a clear "light side" and a clear "dark side", the dark is the one she embraces here. She is also an empath and training herself in mind reading and is already good at mind blocking, yet is unable to cloak her signature at this point in time. Because of the previous experimentation done on her she has this number on her forearm: 705-05-32)

Anger radiated from the compound. As well as grief. It filled every portion of my body bringing out the blacker side of me, the one that kept me alive after the experiments at Area 51. At least, when I woke up in the back of the pick up truck, bound and gagged, that is the last image I have, a ground to roof number 51, in red on a white wall. I fell dizzy, as if I've lost a lot of blood. That wouldn't be wrong. At the age of fifteen I've already lost everything: my mother, my family (If I had one), and my mind. What they thought they would get out of me, about a brother, I don't know. Maybe they thought sending me here, as en empath would lead them to me spilling answers.

Anyways, I can feel the grief crash over me as we enter a new block. They haven't branded me yet, but then again the etching in my arm, which reads 705-05-32, now uncovered, makes it pretty hard to give me a new one. I feel the bag lift from my head, and I'm shoved to the floor. There are at least three others in this cage. A woman, and I can feel she's been at this location, wherever that is, for along time radiates both strength and a deep sadness tinged with anger. The other, and I'm assuming she has lost someone, is the grief I felt as I came in.

I slowly come to, letting my eyes adjust. As I was before I was bagged and gagged, I remember that my hair was loose, long and fiery red. And that I didn't have time to hide the scar across my left eye, or the scars from the chemical burns on the left side of my face. I hear a shot ring out, and think that maybe whoever is escaping is in vain, or being pitted against his own kind, superhuman or not. I let the feeling roiling off the people around me fade from my being, and I slowly stand.

My legs wobble and I feel the cloak that was tied around me fall. I have no idea what they see. I didn't get a chance to survey the damage that came from the cat-o-nine tails they used on my back. All I know is there was venom dripping from the old rope. I wonder if they are gasping at that, or my face, my marred and ugly face.

6/25/2010 . Edited 11/30/2011 #84
Bleeding Perfection


I sigh. At least Belle is safe. I never saw a number on her arm so I know she wasn't experimented on. As for me, my healing factor won't permit tattoos. The ink that had previously read 0448-806 had long ago practically come out like sweat.

"I'm ready," I say, "I'll see them now."

6/26/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #85

Az nodded. "Then off we go."

A moment later both were standing in another room. Zelden and Arcaos were standing aroudn a table with several maps on it. Maps were on teh walls, and things were written on them. There were also logs of every prisoner that had been here, as well as known supers who they looked to catch.

Both stood upright and nodded to Az in a sort of military fashion before turning back to the map. "There's a coven of witches here..." Zelden said, pointing to a location on a map. "Is this where you wish us to go?"

Az came to the twin's side and looked down at the map, leaving room for Zane to follow...

6/27/2010 #86
Bleeding Perfection


I stand still, unmoving. They have entire lists of supers they plan to catch? This is worse than I thought.

6/28/2010 #87

Azheria nodded. "There's plenty of victims for you to pick from. If this is what you wish, then your choice is perfectly fine with me. I await your return." The two turned. "You must be Zane." they said at the same time...

6/28/2010 #88
Bleeding Perfection

"Yeah," I say, "But you would know that, wouldn't you. You're psychics?"

6/28/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #89

"Basically everything that starts with a T... Telekenisis, telepathy, teleportation... the works." Zelden said with a smile.

"But our strength in these differs between the two of us, which is why we work best together..."

6/28/2010 #90
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