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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Tobias spoke up, "Together Talia and I can take on one person. Perhaps someone you've been working on weakening. I only say we should work together because our powers are stronger when fighting in tandem."

He spoke to the whole assembly, "Are there any people you've been fighting off and on for the past few weeks? Someone who'd be slightly weaker?"

[Am thinking someone will mention Margo...hint hint Bleeding]

12/1/2010 #841
Bleeding Perfection

"Margo seems to get stabbed alot," Jade said, shifting her weight from one leg to the other. She didn't look at Tobias when she spoke, but instead crossed her arms and looked slightly up.

12/2/2010 #842
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Tobias nodded. "Well then, we'll take her on..." he shrugged as if unaffected, "and anyone else for that matter. It might be easier if the attacks are spread out. That way we can intermitadley gather information and make sure we aren't injured completely when we fight."

12/2/2010 #843
Bleeding Perfection

(I'd like the battle with Margo to be postponed past the battles between other Elites. She's been in one battle after the next, and got stabbed each time.)

Ripper stepped forward.

"Alright," he said, "Joe will fight Kallien. Emily will fight Allen. Jade will fight David. Tobias and Talia will fight Margo. Anyone else if Shelby's who gets in the way will also be killed, understood?"

"Yes sir," said Joe, Jade, and Em.

(And hopefully Talia and Tobias, if Fleur wants. Based on Ripper's personality, I'd say it's the life-respecting thing to do.)

12/2/2010 #844
Alexander Starkiller

[Allen lost an arm! So he got it back, he still lost an arm! And recently he'd had his blood half drained! {Not literally, of course. Actually, maybe literally.}]

12/2/2010 #845
Bleeding Perfection

(And on top of that, if I recall correctly, he has some feelings for Em, and does not want to kill her...)

12/2/2010 #846
Alexander Starkiller

[Yes. Which makes you evil. :p ]

12/2/2010 #847
Bleeding Perfection

(*evil laugh*)

12/2/2010 #848

Margo grinned. "I suppose. Any building that I can call home is pretty nice, dear."

12/2/2010 #849

((You guys are evil!!!! Margo fighting two people??! O.O You do know that she'll be with Allen the whole time, hopefully so... three on two? still cruel...))

12/2/2010 #850
Alexander Starkiller

Allen just watched and listened, chewing on a perfectly--enough--tough piece of pork shoulder and some hominy.


An imaginary lightbulb turned on above Andrew's head. Looking back at Sylvie, he asked, "That reminds me, are you doing okay? Physically, and locationwise--that is, how do you like it here?"

12/2/2010 #851
Alexander Starkiller

Allen, still chewing, used magnetism to manipulate Margo's spoon--reason being he was bored. Every time Margo reached for her spoon, it moved away from her. Finding it amusing, Allen continued.

12/2/2010 #852

Margo growled, reaching for the spoon again... and found it moving away from her. She paused in movement, not looking at him as she playfully whispered. I'm going to kill you if you don't stop...

12/2/2010 #853
Alexander Starkiller

'Oh ho! Kill me, will you? But fine, if you don't want to play...' Allen moved the fork back, and placed in on the back of her hand. Smiling, he sipped the spicy broth.

12/2/2010 #854

'Oh I love to play', she growled back mentally, 'but you forgett that I'm a predator. You mess with my meal, you die...'

She winked, flipping the spoon up and catching it before going back to her meal, ignoring him mockingly...

12/2/2010 #855
Alexander Starkiller


Loving this side of Margo, Allen was tempted to try it again, but he held back due to that little thing called common sense. Smiling widely, 'I forget nothing. Doesn't the faster prey stop to taunt his predator? [No idea if that's true, so just roll with it. :) ] It adds to his excitement that way...'

12/2/2010 #856

Margo flashed her fangs in a wicked smile. Yes, but the prey who taunts his persuer dies a slower, more painful death...

12/2/2010 #857
Alexander Starkiller

Allen lick his lips slowly. 'Who says that isn't exactly what he wants?'

12/2/2010 #858

'Don't tempt me', she said, grinning slightly to herself while staring down at the table...

12/2/2010 #859
Alexander Starkiller

'But you tempt me! I think it's only fair if it works both ways, love.' Done with the meat--including the tripe--Allen went to finish his hominy, pointedly staring at Margo.

12/2/2010 #860

Margo glanced over at him and then laughed, turning away for a moment...

12/2/2010 #861
Alexander Starkiller

[I've heard of couples who can have conversations without talking, but this is ridiculous!]

Allen chuckled quietly. He put a hand on her knee and squeezed gently, 'You're so cute when you're predatorial.'

12/2/2010 #862

((... good or bad............?))

His touch brought shivers of joy through her body. She, going back to her meal having nothing to say...

12/3/2010 #863
Alexander Starkiller

[I think it's good. Ridiculously so!]

Finished with the solid portions of his menudo, Allen put his spoon down and reached to the side a bit. He picked up a bone chunk and popped it in his mouth. He proceeded to nibble on it, trying to draw out the marrow.

12/3/2010 #864


Margo gazed at him for a while, pondering...

12/3/2010 #865
Alexander Starkiller

This time being the one to return the stare, Allen thought, 'Yes?'

12/3/2010 #866

She stared at him for another long moment before moving the sea of blue away from his face. 'Nothing...'

12/3/2010 #867
Alexander Starkiller

'Okay then. If you don't think it's important, then it's up to you to tell me. If you do want to, I'm all ea-... thought?'

12/3/2010 #868

'I was just thinking to myself how handsome you are,' she said without looking up, but the corners of her lips moved upward slightly..

12/3/2010 #869
Alexander Starkiller

His ears reddened, despite his best efforts, and he smiled sheepishly. 'Y-yeah right. No way you were thinking that,' he replied, losing some of his earlier confidence.

[Hmm, how often do you suspect he gets compliments?]

12/3/2010 #870
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