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Bleeding Perfection

(Em gets beheaded, but survives. I'm hoping that Sapphira will do this. Jade recovers her temorarily-dead body, and the rest will be revealed shortly.)

1/7/2011 #1,111

((Mmk... but I'll let Alex post first.....))

1/7/2011 #1,112
Alexander Starkiller

[Addison, it would be pointless for me to post. One, I'm just a spectator in Saphira and Em's fight. I can't attack without injuring at least Saphira, since Em is {unbelievably} invincible to Andrew's attacks. And seeing as Saphira has not yet seen Andrew as an ally, who knows how that might turn out?]

1/7/2011 #1,113


Sapphira pushed herself to her feet, her legs trembling terribly at first as she set her feet and growled at her enemy...

1/7/2011 #1,114
Bleeding Perfection

(She's not invincible. But her powers dampen the damage. She's more succeptible to physical attacks than mental or energy attacks. And I never said she took no damage from the ligntning. I said she felt no pain from it. I never stated the effect.)

Em smirked at the Tiger. It just wouldn't give up, would it?

(Begin the head-rip, Addy, but let me post the result.)

1/8/2011 #1,115
Alexander Starkiller

[The problem being that not feeling pain is an extreme advantage.]

1/8/2011 #1,116
Bleeding Perfection

(So is already being dead. Em has two extreme advantages.)

1/8/2011 #1,117

Sapphira growled, bolting forwards suddenly, but then dissappearing. She reappeared to Em's left, then to her right, using her teleportation for the first time, slowly moving in a circle around her, her speed growing...

1/9/2011 #1,118
Bleeding Perfection

(Total Bleach move there. The scene where Ichigo fights Byakuya for the first time. Yeah.)

Em was genuinely surprised by this - if only in the slightest. Still, a teleporting tiger wasn't such a big deal, considering what city they were in. Vampires aren't supposed to be able to teleport, either, but Jade could do it anyway. She quickly measured the tiger's movements, aiming to anticipate the next reappearance, and she put her sword's blade in the place she expected it to be.

(Much to her surprise... *hint hint* You have permission to start the next post like that from Em's perspective, if you want. Just go for the head thing.)

1/10/2011 #1,119

(Never seen Bleach...)

Sapphira reappeared inches to the left of the blade, but still moving. However, as she moved through the blade her body dematerialized, the white fur fading and nothing but the black stripes and her two glimmering eyes remaining as she passed through. No sooner had her body moved through the blade then her body rematerialized suddenly and she leapt forward, swinging a claw tactfully at Em's head, but ready to tackle the girl if the strong swipe failed...

1/10/2011 #1,120
Bleeding Perfection

The natural blades that were the tiger's claws sunk directly into Em's eyes and face.

(God mod away. Make it gory.)

1/10/2011 #1,121

((Gory, hmm? this should be fun...))

Her claw found its mark, and in the next few seconds she acted out of instinct alone. As the girl staggered backwards Sapphira drug her claw across the girl's face. The sweet smell of blood filled her nose. Balancing her body she kept the girl righted, slashing with both claws at the girl's head. Twisting her upper body she wrenched the girl's head back and forth, but the cracking didn't satisfy her. Sinking her claws deeper she ripped wildly, the cracking growing louder. With a strong pull she twisted her arm backwards, her claws deep within the girl's head, and twisted the skyll from her body, throwing it to the side. As the girl's body spasmed Sapphira let it fall, jumping from atop her to the ground beside the lifeless body. The red soaked through her fur, staining her paws. Licking her lips she flicked her tail, looked up at the sky above and roared through blood-soaked lips...

1/10/2011 #1,122
Alexander Starkiller

[Btw, in a body that no longer pumps blood, the blood will not be fluid, but chunky, and not very red.]

1/10/2011 #1,123

((...disturbing. But I wasn't sure...))

1/10/2011 #1,124
Alexander Starkiller

[You must read Zombie Survival Guide. Very intellectual book.]

1/10/2011 #1,125
Bleeding Perfection

(She's not a zombie, though. And she had more or less a Wicked-type version of blood instead of just plain blood. Speaking of zombies though, I posted a new RPG idea on RCT. Check it out and respond, then I'll prolly make the new thread.)

Em's headless body dropped her blade, and it bounced against the ground while she fell. She just so happened to hit the ground while the blade was pointed skyward, and it went straight through her heart and poked out her back.

(Might as well get everyone home, I guess. I'll bring Jade in to collect the body later. Interesting note for this, though; Em still isn't dead. Her head can still see and transmit images to Ripper. She can't speak from it, though, because her vocal cords wouldn't be connected.)

1/11/2011 #1,126

Sapphira growled, walking slowly away from the body. After a few steps she began to limp, and then collapsed, a quiet cry of pain coming from her lips...


Margo's sleep began to become restless. Something wasn't right...

1/11/2011 #1,127
Fleur-de-lis Evans

[For the record, I had Syvlie knocked out as a loop hole for me, since I hadn't begun to think through her plot with Tobias and Talia. But over the last few days, not to mention break, I have come up with a complicated plot twist for the three characters here. As a result, I will only post the brief version of my ideas, since there plot is a current Anime idea in my own head....]

There was the sting of iron on the air. It was the smell of decaying blood infused with dark magic. The receptors in her brain clicked, yet when her eyes opened, they focused on Sapphira. The tiger was covered in a mixture of russet-onyx blood, and despite this face, seemed to be weakened. A groan escaped Syvlie's lips when she moved. Yet, she managed to drag herself closer to the animal. She kept her back against the wall, removing a trembling hand from her side. Her fingers seemed to sift through the blood-soaked fur, but as soon as it made contact there was an image imprinted on her mind's eye of the inner workings of the female tiger.

[Addy: With your permission I would like to have her do a blood reading of Sapphira to find out what's wrong. But I need to know what exactly happened to the tiger in terms of external injuries or any internal stress on her body caused by the fight]

1/11/2011 #1,128
Bleeding Perfection

(For future reference; The blood of one posessed by Wicked would be reddish-black, with swirls of purple floating from its surface, should they be cut. Though Joe doesn't have blood, since he's a cyborg. He'd bleed oil, but probably wouldn't bleed at all because he's highly durable. It'd still have the purple swirls, though.)

1/12/2011 #1,129
Alexander Starkiller

Andrew blanched. "Wh-wh-what the hell?!?!" he screamed as he ran up to the tiger. "Why did you cut off her head?!?! What...?!" he stopped, lost for words. He ran a hand through his hair, not liking this newcomer at all. Obviously this tiger was intelligent, likely sapient, which means it just killed a woman without a regard for morals. His eyes widened as he saw Sylvie get near the beast, and he removed her hand from it, getting in between it and her. "Sylvie, please get away somehow. I don't want you to get hurt," he whispered through gritted teeth.

1/12/2011 #1,130

Sapphira lay on her side. She gurnted painfully, softly, staring up at him unsure of his intent. Moving her eyes away her breathing slowed. She couldn't escape. Not anymore..

The woman would have killed... Sylvie.. If you're going to kill me...

She sighed, closing her eyes. Then do it fast... but don't let Margo know...

1/13/2011 #1,131
Bleeding Perfection

A puff of purple smoke appeared between Em's body and head, which had rolled quite a distance away.

"My, my," Jade said, appearing through the smoke, "What a mess. You've been a naughty tiger."

She grinned a little, exposing one of her fangs.

1/13/2011 #1,132
Alexander Starkiller

"Now you," Andrew proclaimed, pointing at Jade. "I've read the report. I know you feel pain." [Remember Bleeding?] Andrew's left hand, the pointing one, crackled with bright energy. He ignored the tigress for the moment, she was not an immediate threat.

1/13/2011 #1,133
Bleeding Perfection

Jade let a low chuckle slip out.

"I'm not here for you," She said, turning away, "I'm just here to pick up Em."

She looked over her shoulder as she walked toward the head.

"Were you aware that she's not dead yet?"

1/13/2011 #1,134
Alexander Starkiller

Andrew blinked. Not. Dead. Hmm... "Look, I'm not here to tell you what to believe, but wishful thinking isn't going to bring her back. Unless your into that sort of thing," Andrew said, oddly nonchalant.

1/13/2011 #1,135
Bleeding Perfection

"Mmhmhmhm..." Jade grinned wider, turning back toward the head, "I see you underestimate Ripper's power. Very well, I'll prove it to you."

She picked up Em's head and held it carefully by placing both hands on either side of the head.

"Smile, Em," she said, a fake cheerful tone in her voice.

Em's mouth curved upward into a bright smile, and her eyes closed as if she were a teenage girl grinning at a guy she liked. There wasn't even blood in her mouth from the damage she'd taken.

"You see, she is very much alive," Jade said, "But I can't just put her head back on her body. That would cause deformations. Which is why Dr. Tomoe will be reattaching her surgically."

She began walking back towards the body.

1/13/2011 . Edited 1/13/2011 #1,136

Sapphira sighed a painful growl, her face falling. So she hadn't saved anyone after all...

1/13/2011 #1,137
Fleur-de-lis Evans

[Addison: I need to know what injuries Sapphira has, so that Sylvie can heal her]

1/13/2011 #1,138

(Allow me to jump in, though I'm kinda late:

I'm gonna use Andrea for this one, too. She's kinda my favorite.

Name: Andrea (Ahn-DRAY-uh) Kovic

Age: 26


Appearance:light Caucasian; height of 5 feet, 10 inches; weighs 148 pounds; light brown hair, tied back in a bun; sharp features supported with hazel eyes.

Bio: A gifted, intelligent woman that lived a normal life-- until her late teens. She was stolen from her old life by an obscure government program and trained to become a Sentinel, a highly-experienced soldier that operates both on and off of the battlefield.

Clothing/Equipment: She wears a self-regenerating exo-suit that covers her from head to toe, including the helmet. It is completely black, except for the greek symbol for Beta(β) emblazoned on the breastplate. She also has a backpack with food, water, and ammo.

Weapons: The first is a modified Steyr AUG assault rifle that can configure itself on-the-fly to fire any bullet from any kind of clip. The second is a prototype rifle that launches explosive flechettes. Finally, she has a seven inch combat knife with an internal system that heats the blade to the point of causing either instant burns or cauterization on contact.)


Name: Amara North



Nicknames: None

Eyes: Appears black at a distance, but they are actually dark blue.

Hair: Black, short, neck length

Skin Tone:Chocolate brown, African American

Body:Thin, athletic build at 140 pounds.


Powers: Flight, heavily enhanced agility/strength, and Pyrokinesis. She is also skilled in close combat with a number of weapons.

1/14/2011 . Edited 8/2/2011 #1,139
Fleur-de-lis Evans

In her mind Sylvie registered Andrew's distrust of Sapphira. She shook her head, her voice drifting in a dream-like quality. "Tiger is an ally," she said. "She's the familiar of the woman you met at lunch, the one who appear to be your friend's girlfriend."

1/14/2011 #1,140
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