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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Talia paused, turning back to Joe. "Well, for now I am in his service, because I wish to be. Isn't that how it works with Shelby, too? If you want to serve someone they have sway over you. And unless you have a weak will, when you no longer want to be in their service, no matter what it costs you can get out. But one things certain, I have a vendetta to complete, and until it's done I'm not leaving this city."

7/8/2010 #91
Bleeding Perfection

Joe smirked. This girl was a strong talker, if anything else.

"You do know that Ripper will kill you himself if you try to leave him," Joe said, "And he doesn't plan on you ever doing that. He never plans on anyone leaving, but is always prepared to take action. Don't get on his bad side."

7/8/2010 #92
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"I don't plan to," Talia said. "I plan to finish out this fight. I'll be here far into my teens that's for sure."

7/9/2010 #93
Bleeding Perfection

Joe watched Talia leave, then turned to go to his troops. He would deploy them early, before Shelby could react.

7/9/2010 #94
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Talia found her platoon and sent orders to their brains. She had already bent some of the weaker shields and was pouring certain elemental abilities into them. She found herself way too excited to just sit and wait, but figured she should hold her horses until she was ordered out onto the battle field. After all, powerful she may be, but she did remembers he was only 9.

7/12/2010 #95

Margo rolled onto her side and yawned. Not much sleep, but her energy was replenished enough. Sapphira yawned, because it seemed to be conatgous(lol) They didn't move though, they just lay relaxed on the bed in the dark house...

7/13/2010 #96
Alexander Starkiller

Allen was sitting at an open chair in the planning chamber it seemed. Everyone else in here was getting information from a video on their tPads. It wasn't on his tPad so it wasn't important. He was fidgeting, anxious to get away and do his job. Until he was told what to do, though, he wouldn't move. He knew he messed up enough today, and he'd get this right at least.

7/20/2010 #97
Fleur-de-lis Evans

I don't want to stand here. Talia thought impatiently. When can I fight?

7/21/2010 #98
Bleeding Perfection

Ripper stood over his troops. All of his supers were standing in front of their respective platoons. Jade stood ahead of the weapons specialist troopers, Em by the combat troopers, Joe the infantry, and Talia in front of her stealth troops.

"Warriors of Scorpia Corp.," he said, "Today we destroy our enemies. The one thing that stands between us and total control is Shelby Clark. She too is preparing troops to destroy us, and thus has sealed her fate. She will die today, along with her entire resistance. We will emerge the victors, and one day, rulers of the whole of existance."

The deployment garage eruptred with chants from the troopers, chanting the single word "victory" over and over.


Shelby also stood over her troops, adressing them on the power of good, and how they would ultimately emerge victorious, so long as they believed in the truth. Ripper was evil, and freedom was close at hand.


Shelby and Ripper both spoke the word at the same time: "Attack!"

7/23/2010 . Edited 7/23/2010 #99
Alexander Starkiller

Allen ran from the rest of the group. He jumped onto the nearest roof, and would continue on this path until he reached the target. Halfway there he stopped and "felt" ahead of himself to get an idea of how big the enemy was. This is not going to be easy at all. He continued his rooftop run to Scorpia Corp.

7/23/2010 #100
Bleeding Perfection

With Ripper's command echoing through the garage, Jade instantly teleported her entire platoon to the center of the battleground. Her weapons troops stood at the ready among and within the many buildings. Jade herself stood atop the tallest building in the area. She used the Wicked to mind-speak commands via the Central AI.

Be on the lookout for the Faeri girl. She's our personal target. Kill on sight.

Jade knew that Kallien wouldn't go down easily, and Scorpia Troopers were easily no match for her. Jade would take care of her on her own. It's too bad Shaed was dead. He would have enjoyed watching Kallien die.


Joe led his infantry troops to the battleground marching-style. He would be up against that professor, Aaron. Should be no contest, seeing as despite Aaron's devout Christian faith, it was useless against his soulless body. Joe's true soul was already in heaven, much to Ripper's dissaproval, and his body was left befnd to be animated by The Wicked.

Watch for the Professor. His troops should be regular soldiers, so you shouldn't have too much trouble with them. Ranking officers report to me via Central immediately on sight. I'll take care of Aaron myself.


Em and her troops sprinted quickly to their area of the battleground. Both Em and her troops were specialists in hand-to-hand combat, which would prove to be an advantage against David's long-range tactics. Despite David's annoying ability to resurrect, he still couldn't do it within minutes. David's resurrections typically took a week or more. Easy picking either way.

Stay hidden until David and his troops are within spitting distance. We'll need to remove his soldiers before he has a change to get to a distance.


Kallien and her troops more or less all had the ability to fly, so they stayed to the air. It was a tad risky, seeing as there was nowhere to hide up in the sky, but at the same time provided the high ground. Jade and her massive ego would be standing as high as she could get, so Kallien led her troops to the tallest building in the area.


David had his sniper at the ready the instant he was even near the battleground. His troopers were also specialists in long-range battles, so if they could spot Em's combat troops from a distance, they may have a chance. But something was wrong. Em was just standing right in the middle of the road. Looking straight at--

David looked up from his scope.


He knew it was probably her trap to be fired upon, but he had a hunch that he'd figure out her plan fast enough to prevent falling victim to her trap.

"All snipers fire on my three count," he said into the radiopiece, "One. Two." His finger pulled the trigger tight. "THREE!"

A massive bang rang out, louder than thunder and deafening enough to cause a shell-shock to an inexperienced gunmen. David looked donw his scope and, just as he expected, Em was gone.

"Handguns out!" he called into the radio. His troopes all moved at the exact same time, almost roboticaly.

"And move in. Prepare for close-range combat."


Aaron noticed Joe and his marching troops even before he could see them. Sound was enough to go by.

"All troops ready," he said, "We're about to be in a firefight."

7/23/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/13/2011 #101
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Talia titled her head. There was somebody running toward the center of the compound. She ran to the side, positioning herself over her troops. She opened her eyes, focusing on the image of the roof. She moved her arm, forcing one of the soldiers down. She entered his mind, closing of the part of hers she was using to control him from the rest of her awareness. She moved forward directing the rest of them to fight.

The soldier she had pushed down irrupted form the ground near to where Allan was. As she she ran Talia swooped her arm down lifting a piece of earth up and throwing it toward the oncoming troops. At the same time she did this the soldier did the same throwing a larger piece of ground at Allan. Talia smiled taking her mind out the soldiers. She already imprinted in his weakened mind the strategy for this. She let him go, doing the same to the other three soldiers she'd commanded to remain at various points in the compound.

Now that her mind was free of them she focused entirely on commanding those in front of her. She had split them into four smaller groups. Well small wasn't the right words, considering there were over 1,000 men in each small group.

She kept her eye on all of them, moving easily over the heads of the enemy troops. The air beneath easily parted under her. She separated the water freezing it into a path way. Her eyes scanned the area searching for her target. Even if Ripper didn't want her to fight Shelby she would, oh yes she would.

7/23/2010 . Edited 7/23/2010 #102
Bleeding Perfection

Shelby knew.

Knew what, some might ask? She knew that Talia was near. The new recruit, similar in age appearance to herself.

Shelby went into laser form, soaring out to meet Talia in the air.

"You're making an advance on my base," Shelby said, standing behind Talia, "You shouldn't do that."

7/23/2010 #103
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Talia turned, reaching forward. Lasers were very similar to the elements she could control. She twisted watching as the laser bent. She wove it around releasing it and taking some of the water from the air and forming it not daggers. She encased some of them in rock, and when she landed used air to press them into her being.

"I'm not making the advance," she said leaving the meaning hanging in the air. She blew out weaving the air around the part of the laser she'd manipulated encasing it in crystal.

7/23/2010 . Edited 5/13/2011 #104
Bleeding Perfection

Shelby looked down, then back up at Talia.

"Well whatver you're doing, you forgot that those are MY lasers," Slebly said.

She made the laser in Talia's possession expand, breaking out of its dagger-like form.

"It's a part of me, and thus, wherever they go, I'm there, too."

Shelby boldly approached Talia. She stood only about one inch taller, and looked Talia closely in the eyes.

"If you're not making the advance," Shelby said, her eyes flashing a glowing orange, "Then why are you this close to my base?"

With the last question, her voice took on an entierly new degree of seriousness. It was an unnaturally commanding tone that a normal human could never achieve. Almost as if she had said it six times all at once, but in her own voice augmented six ways.

Shelby's nose was nearly touching Talia's.

"Why are you fighting against my freedom?"

7/23/2010 #105
Alexander Starkiller

I look behind me to check if my squad was following closely. They were, but it seems they were having trouble doing so. I slowed down a bit and they immediatley showed relief in their eyes. Continuing at this slower pace, I take the time to analyze their powers. All were electrical-based but all were vastly different. Yellow One was by far the strongest of the team, with powers of lightning and magnetism, with a little neural control as well. Yellow Two only focused on electrical attacks only, but ranging from lightning to an EMP strike. Yellow Three was heavily focused on magnetism and computer programming. They were all very important and would definitely needed for this job. And then, Allen was there. The entrance closest to the Central A.I. was just ahead. He and his small team jumped off the roofs as one, though all in their own way. "Attack!" Allen shouted the command and they all began to attack the Troopers in their way.

7/23/2010 #106
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Talia paused, feeling a slight throb in her mind. Someone had defeated the Earth Soldier. She smiled, moving her hand in an arch.


Back at the compound, a soldier stood, raising her arms. Instantly blue flames irrupted from her hands. One of the flames turned into a whip and soared straight at Allen, snaking out to grab his leg, while the other flew to the left. The second one missed Yellow Three by at least a foot.


Talia reopened her eyes. They darkened for a second. Freedom? This girl, nearly the same age as her, talked of needing freedom. "Why would you need freedom?" she spat. "You aren't the one being persecuted for something you were born with. You haven't..." She trailed off.

7/24/2010 . Edited 5/13/2011 #107
Alexander Starkiller

Something grabbed Allen's leg. It burned his pants leg and brought him to the ground. He pulled his leg free and jumped to his feet. He looked around but could not find the culprit in the chaos of battle. He returned to the fighting resolved to finding the culprit, but to busy to search for the person.

7/25/2010 #108
Fleur-de-lis Evans

The soldier followed the shadows blending in. He sent another jet of blue flame toward the man, this time whipping it out so it sank a few inches into the skin leaving a gash. After that, it moved through the troops inflicting partial damage on other enemy soldiers before expiring like the earth solider had.

7/25/2010 #109
Alexander Starkiller

It hurt more than he could've possibly imagined. The skin was burned around the gash and wouldn't heal immediately. He removed the burned portions and worked on knitting the muscles and skin back together. He stood panting and looked around. The Troops were destroyed around his group. He advanced to the door, unlocked it, and steped inside, his group right behind him. According to the map in his head, the AI was the third door on the right. He moved to the door, unlocked it, inhaled deeply, and stepped in.

7/25/2010 #110
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Talia reopened her eyes. They darkened for a second. Freedom? This girl, nearly the same age as her, talked of needing freedom. "Why would you need freedom?" she spat. "You aren't the one being persecuted for something you were born with. You haven't..." She trailed off.

7/25/2010 . Edited 5/13/2011 #111
Bleeding Perfection
"What would I know about freedom?" Shelby says, stepping back a bit from Talia, "Ripper is the one persecuting this City. It was a successful city once, as big as LA. But then Rippr came in and forced everyone to either worship him or leave. My group only desires to be free. We want freedom to live the right way, living as we were intended to live, not under demonic rule."
7/26/2010 #112
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Talia considered this. Maybe there was a way Shelby could help her the future. She sent her thought to Shelby's mind 'Maybe there's a way we can help each other. I'm already under his control. I will be until I can uncover the history of my mother in the Dark City. We should act as if we're enemies, but maybe when I get free of the Dark City I can find you again.'

She raised her arms grasping fire and combining it with air. As they had been fighting the other soldiers, the ones that could melt in and out of shadow had been slowly making a dent in the inner line of soldiers.

7/26/2010 #113
Alexander Starkiller

Allen gasped. He actually gasped, as cliched as it seemed. The rest of his group were silent, but stared in awe. Allen shook his head and started walking across across the bridge to the controls. He glanced down, it was quite a drop. He walked a little faster and was soon at the control area. Yellow Three walked to his side and asked if he could begin. Allen let him and Three began to work. Four minutes passed and he had yet to break the code to even access more than the keyboard. Yellow One and Two were guarding the entrance, watching out for troopers. Allen felt anxiety wash over him as he waited. This room was not very heavily guarded, despite its importance. That made him wonder what kind of traps were in store for him.

*Click* "We're in," said Three. Allen turned around and faced the screen. Thousands of files were there, including "hidden" files that had already been highlited by Three. "Good," replied Allen as he stepped up to the console. Despite his access to the files, Allen was still unable to manipulate, destroy, or copy any of them. That would require weeks or Ripper's consent, neither of which was a pleasant thought. It would require Allen going into the system through his "mind". Like an out-of-body trip. "Prepare yourself," said a disembodied voice. Allen and Three turned around to see a multitude of samurai-esque warriors. They shimmered slightly, holograms. But Allen knew that these holograms were as real and deadly as any warrior. The samurais apparently waited until they were prepared and lunged at both halves of his team at once.

7/26/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/13/2011 #114
Bleeding Perfection

Shelby pondered Talia's suggestion for a moment before saying, "It is good that you understand my motives, Talia, but what is it that motivates you? It is something derived of darkness, no?"

7/26/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/13/2011 #115
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Talia threw an attack Shebly's way merely for appearances sake. "I was born pretty much dead. My mother gave her life force for me... But she made a deal with a dark being... and that's why I must wear this necklace" she indicated the onyx stone, set in a dark gold setting and tied around her neck with black ribbon. "I wear it until I have a daughter... if I have a son I live but as soon as a daughter is born this is passed down."

She directed one of her soldiers toward the inner wall of the base. "Motive? I must find all information possible on my mother and father, who lived in the city Ripper has as his base. That's my motive. And in order to live a life without having to run I have to be on his side. In a sense begin controlled by him is a freedom..."

7/26/2010 #116
Bleeding Perfection
Shelby deflected Talia's attck with her bare hand, then said, "Maybe for you, but for me, his tyranny is unwelcome in this Dead City. It may appear futile to resist him, considering the state of the City, but freedom bears a price that I' nonetheless willing to pay. Rebuilding this city will be that price. Re populating it, establishing a civilized government, all of it will be worth it one day."
7/26/2010 #117
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Talia considered this. She didn't respond, mainly because she was positive Ripper could hear everything she thought. She kept fighting, realizing that she had been misled most of her life.

7/28/2010 . Edited 5/13/2011 #118
Bleeding Perfection

Shelby could tell that Talia had something on her concience. Something that she didn't want Ripper to know. Nevertheless, she was still in the midst of a fight with her, so she continued blocking Talia's attacks.

7/28/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/13/2011 #119
Alexander Starkiller

Allen reacted. He couldn't think, so he let instinct take him. He dived to side of the bridge, ripped out a metal bar by increasing his strength and drawing at it with magnetism, and rolled. The blade missed him, but clipped Three in the shoulder. Allen gathered electricity to the top of the bar, making it as sharp as any metal blade, and blocked the samurai's attack. He parried and blocked and counterstruck. This lasted for minutes, although the concept of time and the fact he wasn't alone in this room were lost on him. He was tiring quickly, and the samurai was hardly injured at all. Allen was constantly healing new wounds and stopping old ones from opening. The samurai couldn't do that apparently, but it didn't matter much. Although it was getting hurt, it didn't slow down at all. Allen knew he was losing ground, losing grip, and losing the battle. He dried his hands by evaporating the sweat off and things were a little easier.

Then Allen slipped, on his blood or Three's he didn't know, and dropped to his knees. He barely got to his feet and brought up his makeshift sword when the samurai brought down his, powerfully. He obviously had time to build up the strength of the swing, and because of his lack of balance, Allen fell into the same blood he slipped on earlier. The samurai waited for him to stand again. How noble, Allen thought. He knew he didn't stand a chance at the rate things were going, he had to use his special technique to win this. Allen sprung off his back into the air. Then, a blinding flash that rendered all in the room dazzled.

7/28/2010 #120
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