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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Talia paused for a second, keeping one arm up. She could feel tension on her mind, as if one of the stealth soldiers was trying to do something besides what she'd told him. She exerted her power sweeping her arm down releasing mixed attacks at Shelby. Wind turned to razor blades, fire turned to whips, water wrapped around the girl's throat, and the earth below began to shake.

Talia suddenly tore her mind from the soldiers gazing straight at Shelby. Instantly the wind and fire disappeared. But the water seemed to have a life of it's own and she couldn't stop her body from shaking. What was going on?

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Talia felt a haze form in her mind.She couldn't fight it. She could feel heat coming from Shelby, and assumed she was in another form, although she appeared the same. Before she could get control of herself the air beneath her feet disappeared and she began to fall. The shock wave caused by the explosion of her power confused her so much that she passed out.

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Bleeding Perfection

Shelby moved quickly. She reverted to human form and caught Talia, then placed her in the basement of an abandoned building, a long ways away from her base. She left the lights off and closed the door. Talia would not die, but it would still take her a while to recover her powers and find her way out of the dark basement.

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Margo awoke to Sapphira's growling. What was going on? She rose to her feet and pulled her fiery orange hair into a pony tail, walking to the window....

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Talia felt pounding in her head. She wasn't sure how far the stealth soldier's had gotten. She had warned Ripper about her inability to master all the elements, the large base of her powers. She knew she probably would let him down. But why was she still alive? That Shelby could have killed her. All she would have to do was remove her necklace and break the onyx stone. Why was she still alive? And where was she?

7/30/2010 #125
Alexander Starkiller

Allen's right hand was glowing. Distorted electricity danced wildly and faster than the eye could see from his fingertips to his palm and back. This was Allen's special form of an EMP. He called it EMC (as in Electro-Magnetic Control)and it worked similarly to an EMP, but was much more elegant and less brutally destructive. He could pinpoint specific things to utterly destroy without destroying anything but what he wanted, by touching it with his hands. It burned slightly, due to the warped nature of elctro-magnetivity, and he knew he couldn't hold it for ever. He lunged at his opponent and grabbed his skull, and despite the samurai's attempt at removing him, Allen held on for five seconds. It disappeared, causing Allen to fall through its afterimage. He rose to a crouching position slowly, saying "Well, that was easy, right guys?" He looked up and saw three figures standing, the samurai.

His hand "died" and stopped glowing. They seemed to be harmed, but not phased by that whatsoever except one that was flickering, and it seemed like it could still fight anyways. Allen looked down by each of the samurai's feet. What he saw would disturb and haunt him forever. Yellow One was bleeding badly and unconscious, but might still live. Yellow Three was also bleeding, but it wasn't clear whether he was dead or alive. But Yellow Two, Allen forced himself to look despite the urge to vomit, Two had been decapitated. His head was a few feet in front of him and the blood... Allen turned away and fell to his knees, dry-heaving, trying to get rid of that horrible image. "Stand and fight," said the now familiar voice. Allen stood slowly, bringing himself to his full height. He turned to face these monsters of Ripper's, face blank and emotions drained. "Okay then, I will fight," Allen's face suddenly changed, and became misshapen with rage, and he ran at the programs screaming.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Once her head felt complete, Talia stood. She felt along the walls, not reaching a door. All the walls seemed to be smooth. She growled, anger flashing through her. Tears threatened to fall but she ignored them. It would not do any good to be weak. She focused inward, calculating the consistency of the walls. Very slowly, she began to crush the concrete, dust falling at her feet. She knew the energy she was expending would counteract the point of getting out. She would just be faced with more earth... but that would be dirt, and that would be easy to manipulate, since she could draw water from the grass roots when she got her tunnel far enough dug.

She let herself sink to her knees. It would take at least one day to get out of the basement, and another half a day to dig the tunnel. She did not want to know what would happen to her when she returned. All she could focus on was getting out and controlling the stealth soldiers she'd programmed. Several of them had infiltrated the base covering two free agents that could easily collect information. That information would be transferred to her and wiped from their minds. She shivered pulling her jacket tighter around her. At least that earth quake would have affected the enemy base.

7/30/2010 #127
Bleeding Perfection

Kallien stood over the bleeding form of Jade. I had been a tough fight, and she bore serious wounds of her own. Her wings had holes in them, and the pain was excruciating. It would take weeks for them to heal, and there was no way she'd be able to fly until then. Jade was down, but not dead. That was fine though. As long as Allen could take out Central before she came to, there would be nothing to worry about. She looked up at the night sky. Gunfire could be heard echoing throughout the city. She hoped the others were doing well...

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Bleeding Perfection
Aaron watched Joe from his third story hiding place. It was likely that Joe already knew he was there, but not his specific location. Joe's troops were all but annihilated, and there wasn't much left of his own, either. This was bad. Faith can't influence a robot. The only way to stop Joe was to defeat him phisically. He aimed his own gun carefully at Joe's head. He doubted this would work, seeing as Joe's body was nearly indestructable. He fired three shots, and just as he had suspected, nothing happened. Joe looked his way. This was bad, this was really bad. All he could do now was hope for a miricale. He prayed to God that Joe would not beat him. That Joe would be defeated, and for the strength to acomplish such.
7/30/2010 #129

Margo exhaled through clenched teeth with a hiss. She put a hand on her sword and Sapphira growled as gunfire echoed around them.

"What will it be then?" she asked, looking down at her friend, who turned her blue eyes up to look into Margo's, "shall we go out and risk our deaths in a fight to which we are not involved? Or shall we wait here in hiding until the squabble dies down, then go out and see the damage? We do not even know what sides there are, and who is good and bad...."

Sapphira looked at the ground for a moment and then growled, turning and walking back a few feet, then sitting down on her haunches like a dog, fliccking her tail and growling gently. Margo sighed, turning back ot the window. "fine. we wait"

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Bleeding Perfection

David stood still in the center of the road. He kept his hand near his gun, and his eyes on Emily, who was standing about 20 meters away. In a sudden flash movement, Em drew and launched a throwing knife straight at him, To which he countered by shooting it out of the air. Em launched herself forward at high speed, leaving David barely enough time to block her kick. He managed it, though, and retaliated with a punch to her gut. The fistfight raged on for a few minutes, with neither of them doing any better than the other. Each of them were taking and making hits, with no sign of either one of them backing down. It would take something big to stop this fight.

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Alexander Starkiller

Allen's whole right arm, and most of his left were now shining brilliantly. Purple electricity screamed up and down his arms. His sleeves disintegrated revealing his muscles, which were larger than normal and putting enormous strain on his body. You could already see blood from where the EM waves or "floods" as they could be more accurately called now, was damaging his veins and ravaging his flesh. He wasn't thinking about the damage to himself, though, he wasn't thinking at all. The rest of his body acquired a light glow about it. Purple sparks appeared everywhere and his body seemed less dense, less there. His eyes and hair were now the purest white, in fact all of his body was pale, save the purple electricity. In the most basic terms, he was now lightning. He shrieked at the samurai and sprinted at them.

He reached the first quickly, one the two by the entrance, and grabbed its head. He ripped and pulled, and it came off easy. The program disappeared and Allen was holding nothing. He dodged a swing by the other samurai, and lunged at its chest. His hand went through like a hot knife through butter and he held it for the second it took before it too disappeared. He yanked his body around, staring at his final opponent. He screamed and dashed at it, arm reaching for its neck. Despite his new speed, he realized to late, that he was a little slow. The samurai's sword hit him in the chest, sending Allen sliding to his bottom. He looked down, almost concerned past his rage, and noticed how, although the force of the blow met him, his new form did not let any damage come to him. Smiling with a twisted grimace, he hopped to his feet. Allen was suddenly aware of how light and smooth he was. He had never had any grace to him before today, but now, he had the fluidity and ease of lightning. He nearly laughed maniacally at his new grace, but now wasn't the time. He swung at the samurai, missed, countered a blow with his invincible forearm, and retaliated with lightning. 500,000 volts of electricity flew at the program and struck it in the temple. The resulting overload built to the point of his head exploding, then disappearing like the others.

Then there were more. Countless enemies all around him. Some were Troopers, some were programs such as samurai or demons. Allen didn't care, he hardly noticed. All that he understood was that until they were gone, he had to fight. So he clawed at the enemy, cutting them open, and ripped them to shreds. This lasted days, weeks, at least to him and all he knew was the fight. Decapitation, dismemberment, disembowelment, overloads, and erasing followed. Strike, counterstrike, duck, leap, dodge, slash, blast, block, avoid. That was his life, that was his eternity. Eventually his lightning form gave away, but Allen didn't notice. There were still enemies to be fought, beings to conquer. He accumulated many wounds, more every second, adding to the ones that were constantly created and healed by his own lightning form. None were serious enough to stop him though. He was an animal, barely capable of rational thought, but his senses were returning. He started becoming less ferocious, his rage was lessening. Eventually the only reason he was fighting was because he had to. He was no longer blinded by rage. When there was no more, he just stood there panting. He won. He hurried to his comrades and healed anything that might be lethal, with out bothering to check if they were dead or not. He walked again to the computer, and submerged into the programming.

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Alexander Starkiller

Weary, so very weary, but determined, Allen pushed his way past lines of code, climbed over blocks of information, and waded streams of data. All of this was in his mind, but not any less real for him. He swam through the almost endless and confusing RAM ocean, it took such a long time for someone who was now only limited by thought. Through this ocean of RAM he had to fight off hundreds of protector programs, designed to get rid of viruses. Allen was now the virus that they had been constructed to destroy so they attacked in swarms. His mind interpreted these things as large fish, like sharks and swordfish, though instead of piercing him or biting him, as appearances might suggest, they tried todeletehim. They attacked him through erasing his existence in the computer. Allen created an electrical field that stopped that for a time, but not before they made him forget his grandmother's maiden name and what he had for lunch yesterday, along with several memories in early childhood. He didn't know how long he could keep up the shield so he swam faster, pushing himself closer to his limit. And then, asylum.

For a while at least. He was now in the hard disk drive. It was peaceful here and Allen would be safe until he entered one of the folders or left entirely. If the AI sent protectors here, they might damage the computer itself. So the AI resigned itself to wait while Allen was in there. He looked around and saw doors everywhere. There was a nameplate on each door, naming what was inside. None but the "Program Files" door would be important. Except, over there, a door with a very generic name on it. But, it had been hidden by several other bigger doors, it was chance that he saw it. He walked up to the door, and tried the knob. Locked? Ah, encrypted heavily. Which meant it was a ghost file, intended to keep secret information. He broke the encryption in only a few minutes and entered.

Dark. Allen created a ball of lightning, and threw it to the ceiling where it hung, floating, and illuminated the room. All that was in the room was a desk and a rug. He looked in the desk quickly, and found nothing important. Stocks, bills, meeting memos, which was odd seeing as Ripper probably wouldn't need any of that. He looked in all the drawers again, looked underneath the desk, checked for a secret drawer. Finding nothing he walked to the door, then it hit him. (Not literally.) He got on his knees and looked under therug.There they were, two manila envelopes packed with data. He put these files in his "back pocket" (the back of his mind) and left the room. He relocked the door with a different, harder encryption so that Ripper would have a bit of trouble finding out. He walked around the hard disk drive for what seemed like forever. He couldn't find the one he was looking for. He turned a little and saw a door that said "Major Functions" which looked promising. He entered and saw a whole bunch of useless doors everywhere. He turned to leave when he saw it.

A massive door. Like a double door made out of ornate drawbridges, it was awe-inspiring. He stepped in front of it, tried to push it open, and was met with a painful shock to his mind. He fell back hard and landed on his side. He sat up, and began creating a program that would let him get through. Five minutes passed, and he was finally pleased with his work. His program latched onto the door, disabling the shock security for him. Allen gathered up lightning in his palm and smacked the door, sending the lightning to its security system, disabling the locks. He pushed the door again, and it swung open with ease. He stepped in side to see a bright white room with a network of cables and pipes in every direction. He looked to the middle of the room and saw a figure. Allen had finally found what he came for.

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Alexander Starkiller

Allen was scared of the A.I. for the first time that day. The thing that he needed to shut down, to erase, was enormous. Without the slightest precedence Allen knew it was more powerful than everything he had fought that day combined. Not only was it immense, it was twisted, grotesque, like a giant with a twisted spine and wires pouring out of every other inch of "skin" it had. Its face was warped and looked like a toddler sculpted it with Play-Doh. It probably looked like nothing more than a large amount of lines of code, but to Allen it was a monster. It was facing him at the center of the file, it knew he was coming for a long time. Allen swallowed and walked to the center of the "white room", stopping out of the A.I.'s apparent reach. He knew saying anything to this thing would be wasted, so he immediately dropped into a fighting stance. As he gathered lightning in his hands, he heard something worse than anything he could've possibly imagined. The very sound almost made him scream, because it came from everywhere, in every pitch and tone he could hear, all at once.

"YOU HAVE BEEN A FORMIDABLE OPPONENT THUS FAR. BUT I REGRET TO INFORM YOU THAT IT IS TIME TO END THIS. YOU HAVE BEEN DISTRACTING ME FROM WHAT IS IMPORTANT, SO YOU MUST BE ERRADICATED. GOODBYE," said what could only be the A.I. Allen froze for a long moment. It seemed so powerful, he couldn't think of how to beat it. He wished that he didn't need to stop the programing, wished that he could have done this from the outside. Ahh... That's it! thought Allen. He took a second to compose a plan, then began to move.

He hurtled a ball of lightning at the beast and ran to the side of the room. It blasted him into the wall with what looked like plasma, likely offense code. He crawled to his feet and limped away from the next attack, which hit where he just where he was. Allen fueled his legs and sped up again. This time he ran right at the A.I., jumping to its mid-section. He sliced at it with his hands, which were fused with EM waves. He ran up its chest by cutting into it for footholds. He landed on a shoulder, and shot high voltage blasts at its face. He jumped from shoulder to shoulder, firing a total of fifteen blasts. The A.I. then put up its defense "shields" burning Allen. He fell to the "floor" far below and heard something crack.

Although it didn't really affect his actual body, it affected his mind, and hurt a lot. He quickly healed the bone and rolled to his feet. He dodged another plasma attack, but got hit by something from behind. More programs, thousands, were there. Obviously, they had abandoned their "honor" when the A.I. started to get peeved. He healed the cut in his back, and jumped, straight into the middle. He through a bolt of lightning into the center while in mid-air, clearing a landing place. He fueled his legs with power and landed smoothly. He called his dwindling reserves of power, and expanded a "death field" around him. This was a wasteful and dangerous move, and it also would kill humans rather easily. Which is why this was only his second time using it. He ripped apart everything in a twenty foot radius, and then he slowly built on that. Feeding on the energy of the programs he destroyed, the death field expanded rapidly. Eventually it took up half the room, killing all but five programs and even intefering with the A.I.'s programming, which was unexpected and useful. He slumped, gasping, but he gathered five bolts and shot the programs through their left eyes.

Allen opened his eyes. His real eyes. He felt dizzy, tired, and nauseous from a sense of vertigo. Overcoming that, he concentrated on his inner strength. Pushing past a barrier in his mind, Allen reached for his base powers. The base of his half-Kineta powers. Not much was there, given time he would recover, and probably become stronger for it. He didn't have time. So he gathered all of it, and began infusing himself with it. He then drew power from the A.I. itself, twisted as it was. He felt it, the same thing he felt earlier, not as powerful, but nearly the same. It only affected his movements, strength, and lightning, but it was all he needed. He unleashed that power. He once again became lightning, and only an hour from when he last used it. (Bleeding, this is his Lightning Form, not his Death Spell.) It sapped his strength like a leech, but he held on. He grabbed the controls, frying the circuits, shorting out conductors. At the same time he shot the rest of the A.I. with high-voltage bolts continuously, frying as much as he could. He set this on autopilot, so unless he died, it wouldn't stop. Then he slammed his head into the panel, shoving his consciousness back into the battle.

The A.I. was hurt badly. It was almost pitiful how small he was now, only twice Allen's height. He walked up to it. Shrugging off a plasma burst that burned off his jacket. He pushed off the floor with magnetism, floating at the A.I.'s new height. It punched him, but in his lightning state it only burnt its hand. Allen smiled at it and grabbed its head. He sent tendrils of electricity into its head. It shrieked, and the whole room shrieked. Allen ignored that and sent more lightning into its skull. It sent silent, finished. Allen squeezed and the A.I. exploded into bits of damaged data. Allen laughed quietly, and fell unconscious. This instantly threw him out of the computer. Allen struggled awake in a few seconds, to see the Central A.I. Unit beginning a chain explosion. He stumbled to his feet, and grabbed Three pulling him out. When he reached the door, he threw Three through it, doing the same to One and the rest of the headless Two. He tripped and fell on top of them, bringing the door closed after he fell. As the A.I. continued to explode he created a safety field around the four of them, setting it on autopilot, and let slumber take him.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

She had gone from racing on the ground to fighting in the air. Despite the face that he was still phasing from spirit to body, he had felt her energy. The same energy that flowed through him, that surrounded their souls in darkness.

He had stopped watching the battle before she had fallen. Instead, he had followed the troops she led, infusing them with his strength, letting them fight with his mind. And it had done a lot of damage. He smiled. No, it wasn't time for her to meet him yet, but he grinned knowing she'd get credit for destroying many people, and for obtaining some files. He backtracked to the place she'd been taken, finding her back under a bush that she'd no doubt re-surface under. He pushed the files inside. Before he left, he weakened the ground, making it easier for her to manipulate.


She'd been working for at least a day...Talia almost whopped with glee when the wall crumbled and she came face to face with dirt. She pressed her hands against it and to her surprise it fell away, nearly disintegrating, which was odd considering she wasn't using any of her fire or electricity manipulation. She brushed it off, glad she would be able to return to base. She finally made it to an area far from the house she'd been in, and she crouched down, springing up. When the lawn flew away from her, she felt the sharp ends of a bush scratching her skin. She formed fire blasting the shrubbery away from her. She felt surprise when she looked down at her bag. She lifted it without thought and slug it across her shoulders. Then she began the long walk back to the compound.

8/2/2010 . Edited 5/14/2011 #135
Alexander Starkiller

Allen leaned against the wall. He used the leverage to get to his feet and focused on keeping his feet from buckling. It had been half an hour since he fell asleep. He then opened the door to the Central A.I. It was obliterated, only a few sparking wires were recognizable. Allen climbed down a ladder to the bottom of the giant chamber. He grabbed the base of the remaining wires and cut them open. Allen brought each one, one at a time, to his mouth and "fed" on the power. He felt a rush of energy flow into him, and felt ready to fight again. It was no replacement to a good sleep, but he could live on it. He kept a charge connecting him to the wires and brought it with him up the ladder. He went to his surviving teammates and fed them a little energy each, acting like a conductor. Some color returned to their faces.

Allen took out his tPad, finding it fried. He looked in his teammates' pockets. Finding a functional one in Yellow One's, he proceeded to find the message function. He messaged both Shelby and Aaron, telling them he was done with his mission and needed extraction. And a body bag. Allen heard the footsteps of someonee who had just entered the building. He "sensed" it wasn't anybody who was affiliated with Shelby. So it was likely an enemy.

8/2/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/14/2011 #136
Bleeding Perfection
All around the city, Scorpia Troopes began to fall. Their AI control had been defeated, and it left nothing behind but an inanimate body. The troopers collapsed and died, their bo-robotic bodies now void of life. Ripper's army had been reduced from tens of thousands to four. A severe blow had been dealt to both his control and his ego.
8/2/2010 #137
Bleeding Perfection
Shelby recieved Allen's message and responded quickly. She made her wa to Scorpia Corp., but as she neared it, she somehow was able to tell thet Allen and his team weren't the only ones there. Something was wrong...
8/2/2010 #138
Alexander Starkiller

Allen immediately changed the frequency of his safety shield. Now they were effectively invisible, only the wall could be seen, if a bit fuzzily. In the half-light of the hallway, no one would be able to tell.

8/2/2010 #139
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Talia found her way to a fountain falling to her knees. There had been a blast of energy, which gave her a horrible headache. She shook it off, drawing water from the fountain and purifying it. She drank and the water slowly replenished her. She fell to the shadows slinking in the opposite direction. Death filled the streets, bodies were beginning to fester, drones lay or stood as if frozen there. Talia walked, slowly making her way passed some buildings.

As she neared a house, a movement, very slight, maybe the twitch of a tail caught her eyes. She turned, fingering one of her short swords as she made her way to the door. Thinking better of it, she powered up wind and landed silently on the roof. She used some water she'd put in her flask to clean off the sky light. Hm.... A woman sat with a tiger curled around her. She slid her bag off, easily removing one of the roof tiles and sliding the bag where is used to be. She stood, surrounding herself with her long coat and jumped, glass shattering down into the dark interior of the house. Her eyes glowed red and she set them on the woman, easily using a small ember, no doubt from a fire, to create a string of flame, which wrapped around the tiger's paws, holding them down to the ground. The smell of singing fur filled the room.

She didn't speak just stared at the woman her short swords drawn at her sides.

8/2/2010 . Edited 5/14/2011 #140
Bleeding Perfection
Shelby saw a figure standing near the last known location of Allen. She could tell he'd turned invisible, because she could still detect his life signs. She spoke to the figure. "Who are you?"
8/2/2010 #141
Alexander Starkiller

Allen almost jumped. He heard Shelby just down the hall. He couldn't do anything to help though. He didn't even know what was there. The thing stepped under a lone working light. It was...


I stepped into the light, happy to show her my beautiful form. I spun around several times so that she could see every angle of my luscious form. Everything perfect and beautiful. Ahh, it was goos to be, alive seems to work. "Aren'tI so beautiful?! Right, girly?" Time to see her reactions.


Allen gasped. It was hideous. It was in the same shape as the ugly A.I., but it seemed to be just a program of it that survived. It seemed to have blended the original monstrous form with that of Allen, Ripper, and most of the women Allen knew. This multi-gender abomination was spinning showing them it poorly dressed body. Fighting an urge to gag, Allen continued to sit in silence, waiting for Shelby to react.

8/3/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/14/2011 #142
Alexander Starkiller

"Kukukukukuhahahaha!!!!! That tickled!! That itdid! I take ityoudon't love my beauty?!Then I'llhave to getyou to become as beautifulas me and find outhow amazing itis!!" I screamed, while my "guts" and "flesh" were reformed. I gather plama into my hands and (to me) chuckled in the most lovely voice. I ran at her and cut and burned the skin of her tummy. "Look!!! You are already becoming lovely!!! In a few seconds youwon't look nearly as ugly as you do now,girly!!! Kukukukukekeke!!!!!"

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Bleeding Perfection
Shelby went into full laser form. Human features were indistinguishable in this state, because she just became a beam of laser. She asended slightly and sliced the thing's head off. Even through that, it still seemed to live.
8/3/2010 #144
Alexander Starkiller

Allen wanted to grab the head and destroy the thing, but the invisibility wavered, and he knew he couldn't move and risk his team being found.


Ah, where's my head? Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Where is, ah there. I was feeling the ground with the rest of my body until I found my head. I picked up my head placed it on my neck and re-fused with its programming. I can see! "Ican see!! I see again!! You cut off my head!!! You've made me angry girly, very angry! Now I shall continue mybeautification!!!!" I burned her again, I did! But my plasma barely messes up her new more ugly body. "Why can't I make you beautiful!?!?!?!?!" I burned her with every word, but still it didn't make her beautiful.

8/3/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/14/2011 #145
Bleeding Perfection
Shelby had had enough of the thing's antics. She jumped back a few meters, then brought her hand to her face. She covered her left eye, and both eyes were closed. "Level one spell," Shelby said. Her eyes snapped open, glowing orange. "Remove life from that which seeks to take mine." She pointed at the creature. "Despair in your final moments." A glowing star restricted the thing. "Die." There was no escaping a move like that. It died instantly. All that remained now was finding and extracting Allen.
8/3/2010 #146
Fleur-de-lis Evans

He stood on a roof across the street, watching her. She was as beautiful as he was, looked like him, but why shouldn't she? They were related in the closest way possible. He'd given his life for her twice, to counteract the curse placed upon the children in his family. Except, he didn't look dark like she did, and would never look dark again. He didn't look light either, just neutral. But he watched her, feeling slightly peeved she would jump through a roof.

8/3/2010 . Edited 5/14/2011 #147
Alexander Starkiller

The girly changed again. This time itwasbeautiful. She capured me in orange, then I only saw nothing. And still nothing. That's Crazy! I just curse to myself as I float in the nothing, possibly forever.


Allen released the power and let his shield drop. His vision blurred and he coughed into his hand. Blood. And no strength to heal the damage. Despite that he walked, almost wobbled, to Shelby. "I have done... *koff!*... as commanded, ma'am. Now I need your... *koff* help. Can you carry... *koff!*... Two's body to somewhere safe, where... *koff!* we can come back to him for a... *koff!* proper burial? I'll wake One and carry... *koff!* Three to the rear lines where she... *koff!* should be safe until she wakes...*KOff!!*... up. Allen didn't wait for a reply, he didn't have the energy to. He slapped One a few times until he stood ready to, at least, move. He and Allen picked up Three so that she wouldn't get hurt being dragged around. They walked to the exit, kicked open the door, and moved to the safety of no-man's land.

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Bleeding Perfection
Shelby didn't argue with him, despite his condition. He would be fine. She carried Two's body and followed Allen out of the area. "We'll bury him in the north wasteland," she said. There was no way they could bury a soldier within a city. The broken wastelands surrounding the city wold be a much better place. All the battles were done, all survivors had returned to their respective bases, freedom was closer than before.
8/4/2010 #149
Alexander Starkiller

Allen was back at Shelby's base, eating with the rest of his team. The mourning for Two, who's name was really Francis Drake, was very short, none of them knew him well, and they were all hardened to death. He had nearly gained back his energy by now, by eating and stealing elecricity from a socket. Yellow One, Andrew Scott, was also a lot better now, some bad scars but nothing too bad. Three, Chelsea Landy, was getting better, but still pale, gaunt, and off-balance. She wouldn't admit it, but she was worse off then Allen first thought. But, the three of them survived, and proved their mettle that day. They had put a severe hamper on Ripper's control. "Can you pass the salt, Chel?"

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