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Fleur-de-lis Evans

He stayed by her side. The only way to fully heal her would have to be done when on one was watching.

8/27/2010 . Edited 5/14/2011 #181

Margo sighed. Time to find out what was going on around here. She clicked her tongue, and Sapphira followed at a perfect heel. Exploring the apartment complex they went. Any signs of life here? Any proof or information suggesting an answer to the questions filling her mind. Curious she was...

But also attentive, focused and worried. Sapphira set her teeth, a growl growing in her throat with every second. Margo kept her hands ready to move for any of her many weapons...

8/27/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/14/2011 #182
Bleeding Perfection

Ripper materialized in the possession room, where Talia and the new guy were waiting.

"Jade," he said, "Go to Allen's apartment."

She didn't question him, and vanished in a poof of purple smoke.

"Now, on to more important matters," he said, turning to the new guy, "And what is your name? Or rather, Tell me your name. I already know it, but I'd rather hear it from you."

8/27/2010 #183
Alexander Starkiller

Allen had just landed on a rooftop a few blocks from his apartment complex. He landed smoothly, but tripped and fell onto an A.C. unit. A bad premonition... Allen got up and strectched his right leg a little, then continued roof jumping. He would be facing a tough opponent as soon as he got to his apartment. Allen took a final leap, tucked in the air, and rolled onto his rooftop, due to the longer jump. He walked slowly to the apartment roof entrance, and palced his hand on the knob. He turned the knob while using magnetism to open the lock. He pulled open the door, looked inside, and entered. He shut and locked the door behind him and walked down the hall. His room was in the center, a floor down. Allen slowed his pace, ready to attack whatever he saw.

8/27/2010 #184

She ran her hands over it, her eyes a bit amazed. It was a sword... a beautiful sword. She picked it up and ran her hand over the blade. Beautiful...

Sapphira was the only one who noticed the intrusion. A click. A light click... then soft footsteps. Someone was in the house. She growled quietly...

8/28/2010 #185
Alexander Starkiller

Allen quietly stepped down the stairs, his feet making only the slightest noise. He reach his floor and slowly opened the door to the hallway. He crept across the carpet, avoiding the spots he knew would creak. A few door down he noticed signs of an intruder. Several of the doors had been opened. Not hard to do since none of the doors had locks on them. His locked when he added his electricity, though, so he would be fi- No! I didn't lock it! Allen's door was cracked open, proof of his carelessness. Allen hurried over to his room, not worried over making noise now. He flung open the door and... A woman next to a tiger was holding a sword. His sword. She was looking straight at him, she had known of his arrival. "Why do you have that sword?" Allen asked, holding down his irritation best he could.

8/28/2010 #186
Fleur-de-lis Evans

He looked at Ripper not answering. He was more focused on Talia, who was coming into consciousness.

8/28/2010 . Edited 5/14/2011 #187

Margo looked the man over...

"Who wants to know?" she asked, gripping the sword and moving into a defensive stance...

9/1/2010 #188
Alexander Starkiller

Allen noticed she wasn't going to attack outright by the way she positioned herself. Even so, to see her ready to use his own sword against him, he wasn't too thrilled about it. Allen brought down his left hand to his side, palm outward and and fingers curved. Purple lightning arced between the fingers randomly, some of it snaking from his palm to his wrist and back. "Who wants to know? The sword's owner and maker wants to know," Allen watched her as he replied, making sure she wouldn't attack unnoticed.

9/1/2010 #189

She kept a straight face despite the surprise. Another man with powers...

"Oh... I'm sorry." She released her grip and set the sword on the ground , stepping away from it without moving her eyes. "Its beautiful..."

9/1/2010 #190
Alexander Starkiller

"Yes she is," Allen said while moving slowly into his room. She followed his every move with her eyes, so he tried to be careful not to seem threatening. His anger had abated quickly and he knew it was his fault for not locking the door. He moved to his sword, bent down slowly, picked it up, and then (after standing up straight) moved to his dresser. On top of the dresser was the carbon fiber sheath that he created with car parts he had stolen from a few years back. He was about to take off his belt to put his sheath on it, but he remembered the woman standing to his left and that these pants were very loose [lol]. So he decided to leave that for later. He put down the sheath for a second and examined his blade.

The blade was a tempered steel about 30 inches long. The blade was made of steel supports of broken down buildings and cars found throughout Dead City, tempered through a furnace he made in the basement and sharpened by his electrically charged hand. One half of the blade was a softer steel to absorb blows, which was darker, and tough steel covered the other half for hardness, a bright silver. Together, with the way he folded the metal, this crated a zigzag line down the middle of the sword in a chaotic pattern that suited him well. The hilt was of the same carbon fiber as the sheath, weaved into the metal to create a strong bond, although getting rid of the possibility of a guard. He balanced the sword well and it felt great in his hands again. He hesitated for a moment, then put the sword in its sheath, and the sheath in his large backpack. That done, he started looking through the drawers of his dresser, looking for the other thing he came for and putting clothes in his backpack while doing so.

"So, uh, why were you in here?" Allen queried the woman in a more polite tone than he had been using up until now. He asked this while still searching, back facing the woman, who he had decided was not going to attack him.

9/1/2010 #191

"I needed refuge. There was a battle raging outside, and my companion and were weary from travel.... ARE weary from travel. Its been weeks since we've seen a single person, and days since our food supplies ran out...."

9/2/2010 #192
Alexander Starkiller


Allen stopped searching and shoving clothes in his backpack. He proceeded to unzip the middle zipper of the pack and got up to turn around, backpack in hand. When facing the woman and tiger, he spoke, "Well, I'm a person, and if you'd like I can give you some of this." He put a hand in the bag and brought out a bag of beef jerky [bleh, horrible stuff] and some fresh bread. "It's not a lot, though, I didn't plan on staying long. If you want, I can lead you to a place where there is plenty of food. Though your friend might not think of it as plenty."

9/2/2010 #193

Margo looked down at her Weary companion. "Sapphira can go weeks on end without food. It is how I trained her... she hasn't slept in days. Not since we've come here.. she... senses something. A dark presence that she doens't like..."

9/2/2010 #194
Alexander Starkiller

Allen walked up to the pair. "Take these anyway. Whether or not you two can survive without food, doesn't mean you aren't hungry." He placed the two loaves of bread and two bags of jerky in the woman's hands. "As to the dark presence... That would be Ripper. Name says it all. Evil to the core, rumors of being an actual demon in the flesh, and definitely 'dark'. My enemy, as well as the enemy of my allies. He even stole the one person I might have trusted with my heart... Either way, it might be best if you come with me. If you don't, well, he will find you and make you his slave. Shelby, my commander, has food, beds, and safety. Sounds good, no?" Allen turned around and once again got on his knees to search through his clothes. After picking out a few pairs of gloves, he saw something. There it is.

Allen held up a black mask. Another by-product of his stolen carbon fiber. This, however, was not polished like the other carbon fiber things he owned. It was rough, almost matte and unreflective, and quite unattractive. The front was based off of the Welcome to the Masquerade albumstyle, which he had taken to listening to when he found it in a music shop, though much less flamboyant. The top barely reached his short hair (his hair style changed as he became focused on training), though in the same style as mentioned earlier. The bottom was exactly the same, except for the eye slits, opposing the original open eye holes [just imagine it as the Welcome to the Masquerade mask, but shortened, different eye holes and in black). The interior was lined with black silk to avoid the mask getting too hot. There was a thin, white leather belt that would keep the mask on during a fight. Allen held up the mask to his face, reminiscing on the time it took to create it, then put in in his backpack.

He got up and put his backpack onto his shoulders. He kicked off his shoes, they were in bad shape, and went to his closet. In the closet he picked out a white and blue leather jacket and a plain black cotton one. Also in there were his three extra pairs of shoes, he threw out pairs every few years or so because of the wear he created. He picked out a pair of DC's and put them on. While tying he asked the woman, "Before you decide on what you choose to do, do you need anything? Clothes, shoes, jackets? Anything random, like maybe a Yosemite calender or a ping-pong paddle? I have a lot that I've found over my ten year self-imposed exile. Just ask. Oh, sorry for the late introduction, my name is Allen Merrick" Just looking at the woman and tiger inflicted Allen with pity. They had gone through a lot, and were exhausted. And, despite the brave faces they put on (Though how to tell what face is which on a tiger is beyond me), the woman looked haggard, and the tiger swayed ever so slightly. [By the way, is this too much? I can edit it this if you want, Addison, but you said that they were weary and this is what I imagined.] He wanted them to get a good night's sleep, good food, and for them to find good friends.

Though, in these troubled times, I'm probably asking for a lot.

9/2/2010 #195

"Margo..." she whispered. "Margo and Sapphira. If you will have us, we will acompany you... other than that, there, at the moment, is nothing we need..."

9/3/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/14/2011 #196
Alexander Starkiller

"Mmkay then. Let's... go?" Allen felt that presence again. The presence of one of Ripper's minions, he could tell because of the malevolent feeling of Wicked in the air. And it was familiar, not Em, but someone he had fought in the past, and basically lost to. The name he couldn't remember, but the bloodlust... "Uh, Margo and Saphira, if you haven't felt it yet, we have company. One of Ripper's minions is here," Allen said this in a low voice. Not that it mattered, the enemy already knew where they were.

But when did Ripper find my apartment. Probably recently or none of my stuff would be here. Good thing I got here soon enouhgfphf...

Allen's felt a sharp pain and his knees buckled and he crashed to the floor. Things were dizzy, sparks of electricity danced across his face, going over his eyes often. Images of dark, almost purple hair, of beautiful and soft lavender eyes, and of a kind smile. And then a whisper...

I need to go now, but don't worry, hon, I'll be back.

Allen's vision cleared. He couldn't get up, but the pain was gone. And so were the images.

9/3/2010 #197
Bleeding Perfection
Jade Phoenix left the infusng room when Ripper came in, and returned to where she had found Talia. She stood outside the door, making no attempts as stealth, M9's drawn. "Oh, Allen," she said from outside the door.
9/3/2010 #198
Alexander Starkiller

(Wait, would MCR be My Chemical Romance, perchance? [first thing that popped up on Google] Nah, don't listen to them.)

That was a woman's voice alright. Allen motioned for his new comrades to stay still, with an outward palm, and walked to the door. He peeked into the hallway, nothing was there. The woman [as I already know Margo's name this refer to Jade] had not made it to Allen's position yet. That made sense, since Margo had said she had been wandering around. If this was Ripper's minion, then the woman would be off by a little. But not for long.

9/4/2010 #199

Margo growled silently, her hands slowly wrapping around her daggers. Oh she could feel it.... she could feel it....

9/4/2010 #200
Fleur-de-lis Evans

He stood at her side energy crackling from his blood red hair. It stood on end leaving his face easy to see, but not easy to read. He focused his jet black eyes on his sister, his pupils had already shifted to accommodate the atmosphere. He turned them toward Ripper studying him. He kept one hand clasped around Talia's waiting. He would let Ripper speak first. For he already knew everything Talia did, and a bit more about what she'd gotten herself into.

9/4/2010 . Edited 5/14/2011 #201
Bleeding Perfection

Jade followed her nose. Being a vampire, all her senses were many times greater than a human's, and on top of that, she was NOT a vegetarian vampire, meaning that the smell of humans usually led to food. "Allen," she taunted, ascending the stairs onto his floor, "Come out to play, Allen."

9/4/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/14/2011 #202
Alexander Starkiller

She knew exactly where they were. So it wouldn't matter if he were to yell, "Be right with you angel! Let me just get my toys and I'll be right with you!" Allen took his mask out of his backpack and placed it over his face. He tightened the straps and locked it in place, then adjusted the mask so it was straight. He felt good to have it on again, and thought it might add a little dramatic flair.Though I doubt that woman would really appreciate this. Not many people appreciate true art. Haha, who am I kidding?Allen went into the bathroom and closed the door. He quickly undid his belt enough to put the sword hilt on where he wanted it. He fixed his belt and went back into his room. He entered the hallway and looked around. His eyes fixed on the door to the stairway. He saw the knob turn and...

9/4/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/14/2011 #203

Margo stood ready behind Allen now, daggers in hand. Sapphira stood with teeth bared and claws set into the floor...

9/4/2010 #204
Bleeding Perfection

Jade swung open the door boldly, flashing an open-mouthed smile that showed her long, sharp fangs. She twirled one of the M9's, the one in her right hand, and pointed it at Allen, who was peeking through a partially open door. "Nice mask," she said, "but I should warn you; it won't stop a bullet."

9/4/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/14/2011 #205
Alexander Starkiller

Allen pushed open the door completely. "You'd be surprised at what this mask can do. But as of now I don't even need it. Because if I know when the bullet is coming, I don't need to stop it, or even to dodge it. It won't even come close if I let it. I suggest you go running off to your master; I've become far too strong to stop. Not to mention the fact that if If ail, I have to very strong allies with me," Allen gestured to Margo and Sapphira behind him. Allen loosened the sword in his hilt. His watch in his backpack- which he had found on his nightstand with a Gideon Bible- beeped. Showdown at noon.

9/4/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/14/2011 #206
Bleeding Perfection

Jade looked at Allen' sword. "It seems that using guns would be unfair," she said, "So I guess I'll have to use swords, instead." She quickly holstered the two guns and brought out two katanas from off her back - The short one and the medium-length one. - She'd save the long one for another time. She vanished and reappeared in front of Allen, medium katana raised high to strike him down.

9/5/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/14/2011 #207
Alexander Starkiller

Allen dodged to his right and 'pushed' the sword to his left with magnetism.Crap. Teleportation.The sword missed by centimeters. "You can do better than that!" Allen taunted. He pulled out his own sword, brought it to his middle, and made a small swing at her side.

9/5/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/14/2011 #208
Bleeding Perfection
Jade twirled her small sword in her hand to block Allen's blade, deflecting it in time to bring a knee up toward Allen's gut.
9/5/2010 #209
Alexander Starkiller

Allen took the knee in the stomach. He used that energy to somersault over the assailant, bringing down his sword to hit her left arm from above.

9/5/2010 #210
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