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The basics of it is that we each play as a wolf from two warring tribes, Fire and Ice. The main difference between the wolves is that if you're born in the Fire Clan you have red, yellow, or orange eyes. If you're born in the Ice Clan you have blue, green, or purple eyes. The Ice clan is more calm, relexed, and strategic, while the Fire clan is stronger, more ferocious, and short tempered. Create your wolf and choose which tribe you're on.

Game Master: Somnium




6/7/2010 #1

Armonie craned her head back to look at a crazy looking she-wolf. At that same moment, her front left leg went to follow her head but the right leg lodged in a chuckhole and sent her sprawling in a fantastic summersault, landing her on her back in the tall grasses of the field. She sighed. "I already did this today!" she growled, feeling the prickles of frustration. Whatever "this" was, Armonie felt like she'd done it a billion times already. And that she'd visited this field often in her dreams. But thoughts were not sticking in her head. It was like trying to catch a slimy frog between your paws.

6/7/2010 #2
Bleeding Perfection

All of a sudden, a gigantic wolf appeared behind Armonie. Its pure white eyes studied the small pup carefully. Vela instantly knew who it was. It was Ren, the Sprirt Wolf who had saved her from evil spirits in the Spirit Realm. His strength was legendary, and his kindness was even more well known that his strength.

"Young Armonie," He said, his voice eminating within the minds of every wolf nearby, "Why do you run?"

Vela instinctively lowered her head in respect.

(In case the link for "Gigantic Wolf" doesn't show up, here's the full link for the picture:

6/8/2010 . Edited 6/8/2010 #3

Something swept over Armonie, stealing away her childhood for a moment as she stood and turned, standing tall and strong. "Do not hinder the progress, child," she said in a commanding voice that belied her small form. "There are events in motion that surpass even your understanding." And just like that, as quickly as it had come, it was gone and Armonie looked around in confusion, half crouched, eyes wide. She looked at the wolf and backed away from him warily.

"I don't like you..." she muttered as she turned and continued on her quest for the trees.

6/8/2010 #4
Bleeding Perfection

Ren watched the young wolf run for the trees with fascination. Amazing how something so young could ever grow up to be something so important. Though it had been many centuries since he had been such a young one, he could still remember the joy of his youth. Ren turned to face Vela, who still had her head bowed in respect.

"You need not be so timid around me, Vela," He said, "I suggest you follow after her. There are dangerous creatures in those woods."

Vela's eyes widened. Apparently she assumed that Ren would command more of a respect toward him, and definitely not a friendship aspect. She turned to follow Armonie.

"Yes sir," She said.

After she had gone, Ren turned toward Celox, who still lay back by the boulder.

"Why are you not concerned with those two, Celox?" He asked, "Or is that just how you appear?"

6/9/2010 #5

(I'll join this...)

name: Akiera


appearance- eyes are a hazel color with violet irisis. Russet colored fur with black paws and black highlighting her tail.

(what type of land are we in? Tree type? I'll put pine, but if its incorrect, i can change it. And season??)

Akiera trembled, curled beneath the tall pine sheltering her. The hunters... the fire wolves. They'd killed her family... everyone except her. She lay there alone. Scared. "Why me.... why'd they leave me?"

Suddenly there was a howl. A nasty, horrifying... evil howl. "They're coming back..."

6/10/2010 #6
Bleeding Perfection

(I'm going to add my third and last character. Another Spirit wolf, sister to the powerful Ren. )

Cyll (That's her name) heard the howls instantly. Her senses picked up an ice wolf in the path of the fire wolves, and she headed that way as fast as she could. She was ahead of the wolves, but only just out of sight. A young Ice wolf was curled up beneath a pine tree when she arrived. She nudged her with her nose.

"Get up, Akiera!" Cyll said, "Run or you will not survive this fight."

6/12/2010 #7

Akiera looked up. "Who..." she whispered, rising to her feet. "Where will I run? I don't want to endanger another pack..." she said, laying back down. "I'll await their judgment..." she whispered, knowing it would come with fangs and claws...

6/12/2010 #8
Bleeding Perfection

Cyll looked directly into Akiera's eyes.

"There is nobody else in that direction," She said, "Now run or you will die."

Cyll neglected to inform the timid wolf of the few wolves in that direction. Ren was confronting Vela and Celox, with Armonie running off toward the woods. It would be better if Akiera found them herself.

6/12/2010 #9

Akiera laid her ears back as a snarl echoed, close, and took off running as the wolf said....

6/12/2010 #10
Bleeding Perfection

Vela heard running up ahead in the forest. Someone or something was coming.

(Remember: Vela is Fire clan...)

6/13/2010 #11

(I have no idea who is what....)

Akiera could smell it. She was being surrounded. A fire wolf blocked her path. Behind her, the fire clan persued doggedly. She slowly skidded to a halt. What was worse? Dying here, or dying there?

6/14/2010 #12

(Armonie is a young pup with one yellow eye and one purple eye)

Armonie barreled into the trees, past the scary she-wolf, and skidded to a stop. She stared at the new wolf with purple eyes. Armonie blinked. "Wanna play?" she asked.

6/14/2010 #13
Bleeding Perfection

Cyll stood in the path of the Fire clan's troop. Roughly 8 or 9 wolves were headed for Akiera, but instantly stopped and tucked their tails at the sight of the powerful Spirit Wolf.

"This war is coming to an end," Cyll said, her voice reverberating within the Fire wolve's minds, "The differences between clans will be dissolved, and besides, you have no purpose in slaughtering a single timis Ice wolf."

"Her family-" one wolf began.

"Are of no concern to you anymore!" Cyll roared, "Now return to your dwellings or you will not survive to see peace."

The Fire wolves reluctantly turned back toward their territory, shouting curses at Cyll, who dared to stand in their way. No matter, Cyll could defeat any number of enemies without so much as breaking stride.


Vela saw the Ice wolf ahead in the woods and ran harder to catch up to Armonie. She quickly remembered her name. This young Ice wolf was Akiera, whose family had been killed by Fire wolves while Vela was in the Spirit realm. Her family was not of the warrior class, and Vela did not condone their murder.

"Akiera!" Vela said, "Are you okay?"

She had already completely forgotten to grab Armonie.

6/14/2010 #14

Akiera's hackles rose as she was about ot snarl. A fire pup... or not. But it was so innocent... so full of life, just like her young sister. She could not kill this wolf.... "Why?!" She turned, growling to the skies.

She heard her name. "are you alright?" Do I look alright?! the thought snapped back at her. She took a breathe through her nose. Another fire wolf. "What do you want with me? How do you know me??"

6/14/2010 #15

Armonie plopped down on the ground, tongue lolling out of her open mouth as she regarded the two she-wolves. First, she wrinkled her nose at Vala. "You smell," she suddenly said. "Been playing puddles which you ought not to have jumped in." Then she regarded the other wolf. "You need to play," she insisted in her small lilting voice. "Come on, lets go!" She jumped to her feet again and hopped around the two wolves, tail waving back and forth.

6/14/2010 . Edited 6/14/2010 #16
Bleeding Perfection

"You learn alot of things when you go to the Spirit Realm," Vela replied, "Including the names and identities od every wolf of both clans."

She tried not to appear threatening, but stood at full height either way.

6/14/2010 #17

She took a step back. If this wolf was fire, why hadn't she killed Akiera yet? "Who'se side are you on?" she whispered...

6/14/2010 #18

Armonie's tail drooped and she gave a frustrated growl. She darted in between the two wolves, tore past the ice wolf and nipped at the newcomer's tail. She jumped back, her own tail darting back and forth as she crouched down, eyes sparkling in excitement.

6/14/2010 #19

"Don't make me throw you over that thicket over there..." she muttered to the little wolf as she waited for an answer...

6/15/2010 #20

"Go ahead and try!" Armonie barked. "Bet you can't catch me!" She darted back a few feet.

6/15/2010 #21
Bleeding Perfection

Vela was growing impatient.

"Have you failed to consider that there are some of us who plan on ending the war peacefully?" Vela said.

6/15/2010 #22

"Never thought of that..." she whispered, looking down. "I was too busy running from the people who do not wish to end the ar 'peacefully'"

6/15/2010 #23

Armonie had edged closer to the thick of the forest and now she stood there with tail drooped. "I don't wanna play by myself..." she said woefully. "Please will you play with me?" She looked back and forth between the two wolves who were clearly not paying attention to her.

6/16/2010 #24
Bleeding Perfection

Vela looked at Armonie.

"These parts of the woods are dangerous, Armonie," she said, "No place to play. How about all of us go back to the field?"

She turned back to Akiera, saying, "Celox of Ice clan is back there, and a Spirit Wolf, too. You would be safe with us."

Vela turned to go back to the field, knowing that Armonie would most likely follow, and hoping that Akiera would do the same.

(We reeeeaaaaally need to get Somnium over here...)

6/16/2010 . Edited 6/16/2010 #25

Armonie's ears swiveled forward as she watched Vela walk away. A noise of frustration growled out of her throat. "I hate playing by myself..." she muttered. The urge to run and play and explore was too strong for her to ignore. It was a physical rope pulling her into the forest. "I have ta go now," she said in a very small voice as she slipped into the trees. She scrambled into a thicket, scooting down onto her belly to get through the brush. It made her sad that she was alone but she could not turn her nose from the path that was so clearly laid out in her mind.

6/16/2010 #26
Bleeding Perfection

Just as the Fire wolves dissapeared over the horizon, Cyll heard a sound coming from behind her. Being a Spirit Wolf, she knew exactly who it was.

"Armonie!" Cyll called playfully, "Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

6/16/2010 #27

Armonie froze, ears straining. She could smell new wolves in front of her and apparently they could smell her too. She wiggled out of the brush and into the clearing, trotting forward. Her nose lead the way as she sniffed out the wolves. "I'm not sure I'm allowed to play with you," she called to them.

6/16/2010 #28
Bleeding Perfection

(I think Armonie's nose is a bit outta whack, because there is only one wolf. Just Cyll the Spirit Wolf.)

Cyll laughed cheerfully.

"Nonsense, little one," Cyll said, "If you can't trust your elders who can you trust, right?"

6/16/2010 . Edited 6/16/2010 #29

Akiera lookedback at the thicket before lowering her head and following the wolf...

6/16/2010 #30
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