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"You were in danger," Drak said.

She could see the sincerity in his eyes, but there was something else in his eyes she couldn't exactly place. "I was, but there has to be more to this. Just tell me why or else I'll leave."

"You remind me of someone..."

"That elf you mentioned. Yes, I'm sure we both have pointy ears."

Drak grinned and shook his head. "Its hard to explain."

"Fine." Cathleen sighed. Why was she still hanging around? She should just run off, but for some odd reason it felt right to stay with Drak.

7/8/2010 #91

Aaron grinned. "Didn't recall asking you anything. Certainly not about your history and abilities. But no matter. You've gotten yourself into a flexible alliance with a very old man who's dedicated his remaining life to making people better. I guess we'll see how well we fit in this . . . relationship. Thanks for the food and tea, BTW. I love home cooked food. Always have."

He took another bite.

7/8/2010 #92
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She smiled. "I figure if I tell key events in my life those around me will understand why I'm so guarded otherwise. I can't put my finger on it, but you feel like someone I can trust. I haven't felt that for a very long time."

She put her dishes in the sink and turned around. "So, is this Drak dangerous... or is there a reason for his mass destruction mission?"

7/8/2010 #93

Aaron bowed his head in acknowledgment of her compliment, smiling. "Thank you."

"Drak. He's a character all right. I don't know if it's mass destruction he's after, but he definitely has a lot of built up angst against various groups of people. I suppose that house, which, near as I can tell, was deserted when he bombed it, was a residence for a member of one of those groups. But he's also not entirely there, mentally, if you know what I mean, so we can't expect him to behave according to any rules of logic. So the choice of target could have been entirely random. And that makes him even more dangerous than your usual terrorist."

He thought for a moment.

"It would seem appropriate to stop him, somehow, but no longer have the power, and when I did, he wasn't so out of control. He saw himself as the agent of Death, Death being a discreet entity with a will of its own. When it was 'time' for someone to die, he would be dispatched to make it happen. The only time I objected was when the intended was a friend of mine, and I had few friends then. But more often we had common enemies, he and I, and usually left each other alone."

7/8/2010 #94
Bleeding Perfection

Nick looked up at the moon. It was night here, just like always. The moon hung low in the sky, appearing much larger than it should. It's deep yellow glow illuminated the area past the trees that he and his sister Trixie were waiting at.

Waiting for what?

Anything, really. There was nothing in this reality, or at least nothing intelligent, besides Nick and Trixie. Maybe they were waiting for God. Maybe not. Anything other than those . . . creatures. The ones that were constantly hunting for Trixie's black blood. Call them zombies, vampires, whatever, but all they really were was demons.

"They're coming," Trixie said, watching the treeline ahead, "They're closer than before."

"They smell your blood," Nick said, looking at her fresh cuts, riddling her body like the stripes of a tiger.

"We need to leave."


"Why not?"

"You're too weak to move," Nick said, drawing his pistols, wielding them upside-down, pinky fingers in the firing position. "We wait here until your wounds heal. I'll take care of the demons."

Eerie shrieks rang out, coming from the woods ahead. They sounded further away than they truly were, no doubt. Any second now they would jump out of the trees and make a beeline straight for Trixie.


All at once, dozens of demons, grey skinned and featurless, poured out of the woods and made their way directly toward Trixie. Nick fired his guns with his pinkies, sending glowing purple kinetic bullets toward the manifestations of evil. Each demon fell, one after the other, and their featurless bodies dissipated into the night.

Eventually, it was all over. None of the demons ever made it close enough for nick to even use hand-to-hand combat.

"You still awake, Trixie?" Nick asked.

"Yeah," she said, sitting up and smiling, "Thanks."

Nick smiled back, if only briefly. "We move out in an hour."

7/8/2010 #95
Fleur-de-lis Evans

He stalked through the woods, getting close to the unsuspecting deer. However, gun shots startled the beast and it took off, sprinting too fast for him to follow. It would do no good to alert the other animals in the woods of his presence, especially those he could eat. A low growl emitted from his throat.

There was a foul smell on the air. As if hell itself had let loose another battalion. He whirled on the branch jumping into the air. His sleek tail became a fan of feather, and he elongated, his eyes narrowing and becoming sharp. He scanned the trees below spotting a movement to his left. He soared down, circling until he caught sight of two people. One was obviously injured, and he did his best to ignore the smell coming from the wounds. He flew toward them keeping an eye on the pistol wielder.

7/9/2010 . Edited 2/28/2011 #96
Bleeding Perfection

Nick noticed the creature in the air. A bird? A bat? Whatever it was, it could be dangerous. He didn't hesitate, bringing his guns around and firing at it with dead-on accuracy. "Dead"-on was about to be right.

7/9/2010 #97
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Vela let his altitude drop, so much that the bullets whizzed under and above him. He easily took his human persona, and landed, arms out to his sides for balance. Once he was on a branch he said, "You are in need of help." He glanced at the girl, some Dark Essence was inside her. "I came at first to say you scared off my dinner, but seeing as you may need a place, which demons do not, or should I say, cannot travel to, I offer you my small camp."

He rested his hand on his favorite pistol, with no intentions of shooting it, but it never helped to be prepared.

7/9/2010 #98
Bleeding Perfection

Nick was far too protective of Trixie to let this guy even get near a gun. The split second before his hand touched it, Nick fired his own gun directly at the man's.

7/9/2010 #99
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Vela ducked down, swinging under the branch. However, he hadn't moved quickly enough, and the bullet logged in his arm. Luckily, the energy disipated leaving only an open wound.

"Thanks for that," he growled. "Look here, I'm offering you safety, that's all. We're all stuck out here, on our own. Nobody gives a f***. Hell I'm running from what's left of the government. If you want to keep fending off beasts on your own, go ahead. I will go back to my camp and you can try surviving. That's not the first set of injuries she's gonna take."

With that he dropped to the ground, ripping a section of his shirt to try and stop the bleeding. The kid could be on his own if he wanted. He had someone to find, and it was going to be even more difficult with fractured society.

7/9/2010 #100
Bleeding Perfection

Trixie watched Nick shooting at the man.

"Nick, calm down," she said, "He's just trying to help."

"He had a gun, and he put his hand on it," Nick said, "I'm not taking any chances. There's still the possibility that he's one of the greater demons."

7/9/2010 #101
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Vela stopped. "No boy,"he said turning around. "I ain't no demon." He turned aiming his pistol above Nick's head. A caw split the silence and raven, with red eyes and black power swirling around it, fell at the boy's feet. "I'm a shifter. And that," he said for emphasis, "was waiting to sink it's claws into your neck."

7/10/2010 #102
Bleeding Perfection

"You think I didn't know it was there?" Nick said, "The only way for me to belive you're not a demon was to let you kill one."

He turned back to Trixie, kneeling down to check the progress of her healing.

"You passed."

7/10/2010 #103
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Vela smiled. "Good tactics. It's a wonder the army never got a hold of you." He turned away and kept walking, it would be bad to get caught out of his camp sight at night. Not that he slept at all, but maybe he could help them get rest.

7/10/2010 #104

"Aye. I think we might have to pay a visit to our vigilante friends?" Drak winced as he said it, a piece of glass the size of his fist embedded in his chest. His jacket covered it for the most part, but a tiny bit of black smoke was leaking out. "Christ.." He muttered under his breath, turning away from Cathleen. He talked over his shoulder, trying to pluck out the pieces. "So, elf, you're probably a good tracker. And I'm a good mover. Once we know where they are, I get you out of harms way, and discuss business with the girl."

7/10/2010 #105
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She paused, her ears reforming and swiveling in another direction. There was an injured man, and an unharmed and confused elf. The people from the building. She felt a stab of guilt, but only for a moment. She could redeem her action. She said slowly,

"Um, Aaron, do you mind running errands? I know it sounds stupid, like I'm bossing you around, but I can't exactly parade through the market. I have felt the stares of those I've passed when my hood is down, no matter the minds blocks and was nearly arrested the last time I rightfully paid for food. Maybe, possibly, you could go down to the fountain square, it's just a few alley's back and to the left of here. I think it'd be good to keep everything stocked, you know? Put up a pretense of living here... And I have the money you'd need, all mine."

She smiled, hoping that he would do this one favor.

7/12/2010 . Edited 2/28/2011 #106

Aaron looked at Pyxis askance. He couldn't read her mind, but he'd spent over 2000 years -- did he have to keep reminding himself of that? He was going to start feeling old if he didn't stop it -- reading people, shifters, monsters, and everything else he'd come in contact with. He could tell she had something up her sleeve. Well, such was the case with most people, wasn't it? And at some point, you had to trust them. That or at least let them think you trusted them. You could then choose to hope for the best and let them show their hand, or try to ferret out the Truth.

"Sure. Do you have a list of preferences, or shall I just get what suits me? us? Two people living in a big place like this, trying to make it look 'normal'?"

7/12/2010 #107
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Pyxis smiled. "Well there is some preferences, but mostly to replace the wine stores. For some reasons the people in the rare wine ships distrust me... But as for food, tea, etc. you should get what's on the list plus what you like. Wouldn't want you to get sick from some of what I eat, especially if you may be allergic." She reached into a drawer pulling out a list. "I can actually survive alright in the vegetable market. There's some vendors I know are like me, so to speak. So if you could just get what's here," she pointed to the middle of the list and downward. "Sorry, it's a lot of materials for fixing up the apartment."

7/13/2010 . Edited 2/28/2011 #108

Cathleen stepped around to Drak's side and helped him with the glass trying to be as gentle as possible. It was easy enough to track the two as both their minds were so strong. "Well, if I'm right they're both about two blocks from us." She gripped a piece of glass and let it fall to the ground. "I'll get you to them, but I'm not leaving. I want to stick around, see what happens."

7/13/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/28/2011 #109
Fleur-de-lis Evans

After Aaron had left, Pyx slipped down the fire escape. She walked two rows up and one over, in the opposite direction that Aaron had gone. When she reached the mouth of the alley she heard the tail end of the Elf's speech . "I want to stick around, see what happens."

Pyx steadied herself and stepped out of the alley's mouth. She glanced at the pair of them taking a step toward Drak. When Cathleen seemed to take the offensive she said, "Don't worry. I'm not going to use my pistols on either of you. It's just a percaution. My other guest is out on a day full of errands for me, so I can help you before he returns."She sent a mind link message to the man. Besides it's my fault glass is sticking out of you in the first place. Sorry about that.

7/13/2010 . Edited 2/28/2011 #110

Drak muttered something about his undying hate of people showing up while he was on his way to find them. It took the fun out of it. Drak stepped out in front of Cathleen, and seemed to grow slightly bigger, Shadows flowing up around him. "What do you want, Shifter?" Hs eyes grew red, and two long black blades slid out from his sleeves, shining a crimson red in the dark.

7/13/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/28/2011 #111

Cathleen had heard things about shifters, but even as one stood before her they were still such a mystery. She heard it was almost impossible to fight one. She wanted to know if it was actually true, but this one had guns when she merely had fists. Just maybe one day she could fight one for the fun of it. She really wondered who would win. Drak stepped in front of her and appeared to grow more powerful. Whoa, so awesome. She glanced around for any humans and a group of loiters stood against the wall across the street. The guy in the middle's cigarette fell out of his mouth as he watched. Another guy reached for his phone. Just what they needed, police.

7/13/2010 #112
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"I usually fight with my fists, martial arts. I have the pistols as a second back up. Mostly for people who don't fight with fists or in saber duels." She glanced over at Drak. "Touchy I see..." she commented. "If you don't want help with the glass in you that's fine. Find someone else with medical skills."

She turned on her feet making her way back down the alley.

7/13/2010 . Edited 2/28/2011 #113

"Stop. We need to talk." Drak put up a hand. His teeth glinted in the dim light, revealing tiny little points like a wolves. "So who are you, why are we alike, and why did you come to the office building?"

7/13/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/28/2011 #114
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She paused. These were delicate matters. She remained in the shadows. "You want to bring down the government of this town, you hate it as I do the governing agencies of my home country." She walked backwards motioning down the alley. "I was on my way back, when I ran into a man, who slipped a message to me about recruitment. I decided to follow him, and you were at the office." She stopped, waiting for them to catch up. Her voice carried, she new how to change her vocal structure to use the acoustics the buildings provided. "And then there was you. A person who hates the vile construction and corrupt workings of the government here. Someone who like me, wishes to enact revenge on those who stole something more precious to you than your life. People who stole the very reason you live, the person who you lived for. That is one way we are alike."

She trailed off. She'd answer more if he asked.

7/13/2010 . Edited 2/28/2011 #115

Aaron shopped.

Aaron hated shopping. So much easier to just take what you needed and leave the rest alone. Couldn't do that any more though. Fortunately he had plenty of money, especially using what Pyxis had given him. He'd hardly even dipped into his huge fortune in stocks and bonds, much less the gold and precious stones stashed in various places. He even had about half the cash left on him that he'd brought from Northern Scotland.

But, money or no money, he hated shopping. Still, this Pyxis lady had her reasons, he was sure, for wanting him out of the apartment, so he shopped.

7/13/2010 #116

"It is the only reason. But fine. Let us do this task. Let us take apart the world."

7/13/2010 #117
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"That is not the only reason I believe governments are corrupt," she stopped by a door, pushing it open. She waited by the elevator. Once the door closed she said, "I take great satisfaction in getting to know government workers and pitting them against one another using their own weaknesses. It's much more fun seeing infulstructure collapse from the inside. But anyway," she paused letting the elevator ding interrupt her, "this would be my floor." She walked to the end of the hall, pushing open the door to her apartment. She walked down a short hall, into a room, in which everything was covered in black sheets. "You can sit anywhere, I am going to set up the supplies needed to clean that wound of yours."

7/14/2010 #118

Aaron mumbled something mildly derogatory but still rated PG as he made his way through checkout, and then loaded bags into his pack. The things he would do for alliances, friendships and clients. And he wasn't even sure which category Pyxis fell into.

7/15/2010 #119

Cathleen listened and followed behind Drak and the shifter, thinking.

7/15/2010 #120
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