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Fleur-de-lis Evans

(I suppose we have to wait for whomever posts for Drak. Since I only have permission from Tirengal to post for Cathleen.)

8/7/2010 #181

(It'd be nice of us to wait.)

8/8/2010 #182

(In the meantime, you can create that new thread you were talking about. Something about a chaos room.)

8/8/2010 #183

(I'm baaaack! Didja miss me?)

"I forgot about my life, elf. I don't know what or who the hell I am. You think I'm happy? Happy living in a haze?" He hissed at her. "Death would be easier. But I am Death. So I will never rest. Beautifully cruel, isn't it? Some god is luaghing up there. Or probably not. Life is hell enough. And heaven. One gets what they sow. And I have eternity to repeat the same pains. See my family die. See my friends die. I had to kill my son. Do you know how your son's blood on your hands feels? Its worse then your own. So much worse."

8/15/2010 #184
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cathleen held the knife in her hand, her knuckled turning white. She cocked her head, regarding Drak. "You do remember killing your own son, though," she said. Something flashed through her, sympathy or maybe empathy. "Maybe the same fate befell your wife," she whispered.


Pyxis kept her eyes on Aaorn's stairwell waiting for him to peaceably enter her apartment.

8/15/2010 . Edited 8/16/2010 #185
Bleeding Perfection
Trixie suddenly got an idea. If it was possible that this town was somehow related to Vela's memories, then that Pyxis girl she had seen a photo of would be around here somewhere. And so, she bagan to ask random people if they knew of anyone named Pyxis. (Any of you feel free to have a regular NPC respond to Trixie for this...)
8/15/2010 #186

(Pyxsis can't see him. He's in the stairwell, and she's in the doorway of her apartment.)

8/15/2010 #187

"I didn't kill my wife. . I remember how she died, elf. Your kind. I was too late. For all I know, she's rotting in a cell out there. I killed off everyone who could've known, becuase you elves don't like to talk much. And you have such intricate minds, that possessing them just wipes everything. You are weak, narrcisistic, and manipulative. Its quite an accurate name, 'The Cult'. You're just like every other religion."

8/15/2010 #188
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cathleen kept her shock to herself. A part of her felt interested about his accusations while the other half didn't believe them at all. "We don't kill our own kind," she said. "Unless they compromise our missions."


He lifted the hall window easily sliding in. He walked silently across the floor passing the staircase and stopping in front of Pyxis.

She stiffened. Her expression became dark her eyes narrowing. She didn't speak but it was clear there was much animosity toward the newcomer.

8/16/2010 #189
Bleeding Perfection
Nick and Trixie walked down a street. They passed the building that Pyxis was in, though they didn't know that. To them, i was just any old building. "Anyone around here know a Pyxis?" Nick called, loud enough for the Pyxis in the building to her him, if a window were open. (And this is where Pyxis hears her name being called from outside...)
8/16/2010 #190
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Pyxis glanced toward the street. She didn't deem it necessary to answer the person asking the question. She was concerned with the man standing in front of her.

However, he looked toward the window, calling out loud enough so Nick could hear, "I found her."

Vela turned back to Pyxis still unsure of what to say.

8/17/2010 #191
Bleeding Perfection
Nick looked at Trixie, and made a face as if to sya, "That was easier than expected..." The two went up to the door, hoping that Pyxis would answer with the doorbell. She was the only chance they had of finding a place to live, and luckily, they had found her.
8/17/2010 #192

(As slow as this seems to be going, it's only been maybe one minute since Aaron knocked on the door to Pyxis' appartment. I believe we're waiting on either Drak or Cathleen to do something that would prompt Aaron to either come into the open, or run down the stairs or something. Otherwise we're stalled indefinitely.)

8/19/2010 #193
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(Or Aaron could see that Pyxis is acting hostel toward Vela and react to it. Which is why I haven't furthered it yet. I don't know what Cathleen could do. If we're waiting on them then it's up to Drak)

8/19/2010 #194

(Drak was waiting for Kihn to come in, but fiiiine. I kill all my plot lines for you people :P )

Drak ignored Cathleen, setting off for the door. "Better check on our esteemed guests, eh?" He appeared human again, which wasn't tactically the best decision, but it would be...'Polite'.

8/19/2010 #195
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(Their guests? Everyone but Pysix is a guest in her condo. Right now there's a situation with Pyxis and her brother...)

8/19/2010 #196
Bleeding Perfection
(So would Aaron be at the same door as Nick and Trixie?)
8/20/2010 #197
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(If you wanted them to be. Or they could come up the stairs on the opposite side of the hall by Vela. Either way....)

8/21/2010 #198

(Aaron doesn't insert himself into people's domestic disputes, which is what the thing between Pyxis and Vela looks/sounds like, AND, if he's hiding from Drak, it would be out of character for him to come out of hiding, until he knows that Drak is gone, or is given a VERY good reason to deviate from his current plan. And since he's in the stairwell, just off of the hallway, and the two who just entered this world/realm/dimension/universe/whatever are outside the building, they're going to have to approach before they can reach Aaron. Aaron would hear them and be faced with a decision. So please don't have them just appear in the stairwell unless they teleport or some such.

I'm just trying to keep the behavior of my PC real and IC. Yes, that makes for slow going if you're waiting for him to do something. But if Drak knows someone is out there, and is waiting for them to do something, Abiz should post something to that effect. Sometimes, IRL, it turns into a waiting game, and the same can happen in role play, but in role play you have to post that your PC waited and did nothing for a certain length of time. Otherwise time stops. So I'll post IC again, but it's up to y'all to advance the plot, or develop your PCs, or whatever.)

It had been exactly one minute, but that minute seemed to stretch into sixty of them. Aaron corrected his estimate of the passage of time yet again, and held himself still. That's when he heard footsteps. Drak's footsteps. Seemed Drak was a little less patient than him, and was coming outside to either meet him, or the man talking to Pyxsis, or the two coming in from the street. If Drak came his direction he might have to revise his plan. If Drak went the other direction he'd be fine. So Aaron stood still and continued to wait.

8/21/2010 #199
Bleeding Perfection
Nick sensed multiple presences within the bilding. One was close. Very close. He kept his powers at the ready so he could summon his guns quickly. ... The two made their way up the stairs. (He has NOT summoned his guns yet. They are not visible.)
8/23/2010 #200

(paranoid, much?)

Aaron heard footsteps coming up the stairwell, and nearly freaked out. He was already trying to hide from a deluded psychopath who fancied himself to be the appointed hand of death, if not death itself, someone who could disappear and appear at will, or seemed to, and an elf assassin. That was only at last count, and he was hoping to keep them from killing each other? And with no power? Now he had to deal with someone else. Probably a civilian with whom he'd have no dealings, so he really shouldn't freak out, right?

"God, please help me," He muttered it quietly enough that even the elf wouldn't have heard it, had she been in the stairwell with him. Then he looked around. Ah, the ceiling thing. You didn't need powers for that, just a great deal of strength, which he had.

Making minimal if any noise in his soft rubber soled moccasin-like shoes, he sprang off the stairwell railing, then the wall, and thus made his way up to the rafters in the ceiling. People didn't usually tend to look up. Unless they were coming up the stairs. None the less, this would give him a slight advantage if the unknown approaching turned out to be hostile. So there he braced himself, horizontal and plastered against the ceiling, his hands against one beam and his feet against the opposite.

8/23/2010 #201

(I'm back)

Cathleen slid the knife back in between her boot and sock, trying to figure out Drak.

8/23/2010 #202
Bleeding Perfection
Immediately upon reaching the top of the stairs, Trixie noticed the man in the rafters. Why would a civilian be up there? answer: No normal civilian would do that, or at least not a full-grown man. This guy was up to something. She opened her hand out to the side, and sky blue energy materialized and formed into her scythe, brining it around behind her, the black and red blade poised over her head. It wasn't a defensive, or even offensive posture. It was mainly just for looks. But her confidence did not exceed her skills. She didn't need a battle posture to effectively defend herself. "Who are you?" she yelled, loud enough for a random passing policeman to hear, "What are you doing up there?"
8/23/2010 #203
Bleeding Perfection
(Ok I think I'll add a little info on Trixie' powers. As she uses her powers, or in times o stress, the pressure of her powers increases. The level of pressure augments her powers depending on the situation. Upon reaching a significant level of pressure, her powes can physically augment her body. The augmentations include but are not limited to: Increased strength, increased speed, and can also make her skin strong enough to deflect even the sharpest of blades, and that includes adamantium. She can also deflect bullets with her bare arms. Also, her black blood is bound to her will, and it loves her, meaning if she sustains a cut, it will heal it much faster than a normal human. If she loses her arm, the blood will retrieve and reattach it. If she sustains too many wounds to continue fighting, the blood will fight her opponent instead. The blood is not merciful, and will not hesitate to kill an opponent, even if Trixie was going to let them live. That is the one aspect that the blood is not bound to her.)
8/23/2010 #204

(yet another uber powerful character. *sighs*)

Garr. It hadn't worked. Guess that wasn't God's instruction after all.

"Staying away from you, for one thing," Aaron answered in a conversational tone. "But I could ask the same of you. What are you doing down there with a magical sword? Expecting some kind of hostility from someone, are ye?"

8/23/2010 #205
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Pyxis shifted her eyes. "Why are you here?'

Vela sighed. "Because I didn't know you were my sister."

"Was this "not knowing" before or after you killed our parents."

Vela shook his head. "I didn't know they were my parents."

Pyxis turned from him facing the satirwell. "Who's there?" her voice was strained. "Please..." her voice took on a pained tone, "don't fight. No more fighting." She couldn't take any more blood. She'd seen enough in her younger years, hers and other people's.

8/23/2010 #206

(I'll wait for Bleeding)

8/23/2010 #207
Bleeding Perfection
"We haven't been here very long," Trixie said, and by this time, Nick had summoned one gun, "We can' bee to careful. Anything could happen in a new world."
8/24/2010 #208
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Damint!" Pyxis outburst. "Will everyone f*** calm down. Whoever is in the stairwell come out, I'm not going to hurt you. Tell me what you want, you're new here." She glanced backwards. "And everyone better not fight. I do not need blood in my apartment." She leaned back waiting for a response.

8/24/2010 #209

Anthony shrugged as much as he could, given that only the tension in his arms and legs was keeping him from falling on the lady and her skyth.

"So you're paranoid. And I know, that doesn't mean they're not out to get you. But seriously. I've got no quarrel with you. And hark! The lady of the apartment doth summon us. May I come down without endangering myself at thine blade, fair lady?"

8/24/2010 #210
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