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Bleeding Perfection
(Is the door open? I'll just assume as much, since Pyxis invited everyone inside.) ... Trixie dismissed her scythe, and Nick his gun. They looked inside the open door, and much to their surprise, they saw Vela! "Vela!" Trixie said, "How did you get out of the night world?"
8/25/2010 #211
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Pyxis froze. He had helped them. She motioned for him to come in but made sure that she hopped up on the counter leaving the seats around the island open for them.

Vela glanced over at them. "I happened to appear in a different area after I got you here. So I came here." He followed them inside, not looking forward to what would no doubt be exposing of his past to everyone else.

"Anthony, I believe you are alright." Pyxis shot her eyes towards where Drak and Cahtleen were. "If you wish to stay do not cause problems." She said. "Why do you trust him," she asked accenting the words with bitterness. She directed the question at ScytheGirl and GunBoy. 'By the way what are your names?"

8/25/2010 #212

(I have no idea who's talking to whom.)

Aaron, as soon as the way was clear, dropped back to the stairs, and walked up them, out into the hallway, and down the hallway to Pyxis' doorway, where the others had already passed through.

"It's been years since anyone called me that," he said in response to Pyxis, "But yes, I am alright. Thanks. Why?"

Now that his presence had been not only revealed but also identified, he walked boldly into the room, giving a pointed look to Drak and then Cathleen, in turn; a look that said, "You're cool as long as you do nothing aggressive to anyone. But try anything and we may just see how life compares to death." At least, that's what he was thinking, it may be that Drak and Cathleen, in observing him, would pick up his meaning.

8/25/2010 #213
Bleeding Perfection
"I'm Nick Fyre, and she's my sister, Trixie," Nick said, "And we know Vela from the Night World. He helped us get out."
8/26/2010 #214

Cathleen grinned at Aaron, but turned away. The initiation look never really worked on her. She crossed her arms and kept listening hoping to gain something from all this. She knew she would be severally punished if this turned out to be a waste of time. She should be tracking down the young elf instead of being in an apartment full of freaks.

8/27/2010 #215
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(I'm glad it was okay that I called him Anthony.... Has Pyxis' path crossed Anthony's in other threads yet? If so coolio)

Pyxis raised her eyebrow. By Aaron's reaction, she assumed that his identity of Anthony wasn't one that he let many people know. In fact, she didn't quite remember how she knew it. She turned toward Cathleen.

"I would like my knife back," she said. "And may I remind you, you are the one who voluntarily followed Drak here. I invited him here because I thought I should remove the glass I imbedded in him." She turned back to Nick and Trixie.

"Nice to meet you. I am venturing you need a safe place to stay?"

She ignored Vela for now not trusting him one bit.

8/27/2010 #216

It was the only weapon she had and Cathleen wasn't too thrilled to give it up. She sighed and bent down to pull it out. If something did go down, she could always side with Drak. He seemed to be willing to protect her and she could easily pretend to go along with it. She stood back up and grudgingly handed Pyxis the knife.

"Happy now?"

8/27/2010 #217
Bleeding Perfection

Trixie nodded.

"Yeah, we have nowhere to stay as of yet," said Nick, "Plus we aren't nearly old enough to buy our own place."

8/27/2010 #218

No one had acted out against anyone else yet, but the tension in the room was, as they say, thick enough to cut with a knife. The groceries were already out of the way and Aaron had nothing to do. He certainly didn't want to instigate anything, so, being as non-threatening as possible he moved to the nearest place to sit, and sat. Very bad position to be in if one expected to fight any time soon. Which was one way of making the obvious statement that he had no intention of fighting any time soon.

Of course his mind was spooling through dozens of scenarios in case someone did act out, even as he moved toward his seat. But all depended on someone else making the first aggressive move, and all allowed him to sit, relaxed, for a time. And so he did, a corner of his mouth quirked up slightly.

8/27/2010 #219
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Yes," Pyxis said. "I don't want to fight you, never was interested in it." She glanced at Drak. She didn't actually say anything. There was something familiar in the way he acted. Maybe she saw the uncertainty with which she lived her life reflected in him. Whatever it was she turned her attention back to Trixie and Nick.

"That's fine. This is one of the biggest apartment's in the building. It spans two floors, so if you want you can stay on this level or go down one, it depends whether you like light or darkness better. I think it was meant as a two person flat because there is a working bathroom and kitchen on the lower floor."

She gazed at Aaron. Had she accidentally used his real name earlier. She would have to discuss it later. "That's Aaron," she told Nick.

As she spoke small features on her changes. Her skin tone, eye color, cheek bone angle, etcetera. It wasn't drastic enough so that everyone would notice, but it happened when she was extremely nervous, and there was only one person who was causing the emotions.


Vela stood on the threshold, only walking farther into the house as her annoyed summoning. He knew she wouldn't believe him, especially not since her memory was tampered with. He entered the kitchen taking the same body language stance as the Aaron guy. He moved to the opposite end of the island taking a seat in one of the chairs. He wondered if anyone else knew anything about him.

(Mongoose this is where I ask: Do you want to form some sort of 'past' with Pyxis, since she seemed to know your previous name was Anthony? I can give you a few of her past situations to choose from if you do want them to have a past connection. It's your choice, I think it'd be kinda interesting to pursue. send your answer via PM)

8/28/2010 #220

(I was climbing a flight of stairs yesterday and realized, in order to see the ceiling, while climbing the stairs, I would have had to crane my neck back. So the previous scene in the stairwell really shouldn't have happened unless the characters climbing the stairs used something other than sight to alert them to Aaron's presence on the ceiling. But, of course, that was my fault for stating that they'd be looking up and maybe see him. Future reference.)

Now that things had calmed down somewhat, Aaron had a moment to think about the situation and people involved. It was very strange. Granted, he'd died, lost his vampiric nature and powers, and returned, which put him at a significant disadvantage, physically, to everyone here. Yet, somehow, he'd managed to keep the upper hand in his scuffle with Drak earlier. That had been a surprise. Maybe two years of dedicated training, on top of 2000+ of memory, were sufficient.

But that wasn't the really disconcerting part. That part was that he seemed to have memories of interactions with some of these people, that they didn't share with him. And then Pyxis knowing his old name. That was weird, seeing as how he had no memory of her. Had he come back to an alternate dimension? In this one, had he and Kihn not rescued Cathleen from the cult, with Linda and Kia's help, and de-programmed her? Had Drak's rivalry with Kihn never happened? Had he not been nearly killed three or four times?

Or maybe he had come back in time by four years, so it was now about the time that he had first met the group, the first time around? He wondered what the situation really was, in the wider scheme of things, and hoped something would reveal the truth sometime soon. For now, though, he just had to deal with the situation in front of him.

9/4/2010 #221

Cathleen kept listening, and waiting.

9/10/2010 #222
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Pyxis regarded Aaron. She tilted her head, traveling back to years earlier, the night she'd watched her adoptive sister, or more rightly the woman who had made Pyxis her adoptive sister, "die". It was on that night that a man, cast in shadow had appeared. Pyxis had stayed long enough to see this man bend down and partake of Ariella's blood. This fact was as truly remembered as felt by her. She gazed at Araron/Anthony wondering, debating. That's when another memory hit her. One of hearing the name 'Anthony' in passing.

The phrase 'he's a renegade warrior' traveled through her mind. But when she attempted to remember where she'd her it she only remembered waking up to find 51 written on a wall in her own blood, whatever that meant.

She shook her head focusing on the present situation.

"Were you once a vampire?" she inquired to Aaron/Anthony knowing her question seemed without base, as that had nothing to do with the present situation.


Vela took a breath. "Well, I guess I should mention Pyxis is my sister.


His words took her off guard. Pyxis whipped her head around focusing her gaze on Vela. There was a mixture of anger, hate, and confusion in them. Complete and total confusion.

She slumped over putting her head in her hands. "Alright," she said. "Nick and Trixie can stay. I don't care what the rest of you do. Whatever it is, if it involves physical fighting please go elsewhere." Her gaze slipped momentarily to Drak, her interest in him not void, in fact it had only grown, especially with Aaron's reaction to him. There was something deeper she'd unintentionally gotten involved in. She had a feeling she would be connected to them no matter if they left now and went elsewhere or decided to stay.

9/13/2010 #223

Aaron raised an eyebrow. Curious question, especially now, especially given that she had the capability of reading his mind, if he allowed it, which, right now, he might have. Was he once a vampire? He habitually ran his tongue over his very omnivorous teeth, teeth that could no more pierce skin than could those of any human. What did she mean by it? Would he become an instant target if he said yes? There were those who made it their business to kill all the undead. He'd been one of them, once upon a time. No longer. Or, being not-entirely-human herself, would she be more accepting?

Then, before he had a chance to answer, she gave her answer to his question, establishing that she didn't care where they all went. Which meant she didn't have a chip on her shoulder regarding any of them.

"Yes." he finally said. Hopefully she'd know he was answering her question, even though there'd been a lag of several beats.

"It's getting rather cramped in here," He added. "I'll be down stairs if anyone wants me."

So saying he unfolded himself from where he sat, and headed for the door.

9/13/2010 #224
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Vela straightened, piercing Aaron with an unreadable, yet clearly judging gaze. He didn't speak, but he was remembering.


Pyxis drew up her spine. Hm... This was interesting. Then she had come into contact with him, when she'd looked different, felt different, was different. She stood to follow him, to get a better understanding of how they connected.

She turned to the others "Go where ever you want. There's plenty of rooms, and if you don't want to stay you know the exits."

9/13/2010 #225

Aaron shrugged and smiled at Vela. Vela obviously had a problem with him, and it obviously had nothing to do with the reality of the present, so Aaron would make a thing of it. If Vela wanted to make something of it at some point, that would be his problem at that time. Until then, Aaron wouldn't worry much about it. He'd always had enemies, and he was still alive and kicking.

He noted that Pyxis was following, and allowed her to draw up within easy conversing range as he headed down the stairs to the lower suite.

"So, you knew me, or knew of me before? I'm not what I was then, you know, but that's neither here nor there. What are your intentions?"

9/13/2010 #226
Bleeding Perfection

And Nick and Trixie were still watching silently. They hadn't been around people much until now, so they weren't very good conversationalists.

9/13/2010 #227
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Pyxis shrugged. "None, really. But I believe you were used by the government." She closed her eyes, yet still walked. It was a painful memory to relive. "I hadn't seen you face then, but in shifter years I was still a pup. Does the name Ariella Green ring a bell?"

(Basically what happened is: Anthony as a vampire was used by the government to turn Ariella, the girl who was Pyxis' adoptive sister, into a Vampire. All she saw then was a tall dark figure, a sillhouette of Anthony, and before she ran from the scene, she heard that name)

9/15/2010 #228

(I'm not sold yet. Granted, Pyxis thinks he was used by the government, but, in fact, this was never the case. It wasn't in his character to let anyone use him. So one of three things is the case: Either she's wrong, or He was playing the government, letting them think they were using him, though he was doing what he was doing of his own will and for his own purposes, or the government used something against him that was so important to him that even he did as they said. Either Deception, manipulation, blackmail, bribery, or some such. And before Aaron would admit to being used in such a way, Pyxis would have to figure out how they secured his cooperation. Cause he's not telling, if it was the latter of the three options.)

The corner of Aaron's mouth twitched upward for a moment in a kind of snear at the thought that the government, that any government, could effectively use him, especially to do something negative, as she apparently thought they had. But that was a micro-expression and lasted less than a fifth of a second before he replaced it with an eyebrow raised in question.

"Eh? My memory's pretty good, but I can't say that name has any particular meaning to me."

(Because I don't know where you're going with this, I haven't decided yet whether he's lying, suppressed a memory -- which would be very out of character -- or actually has no memory of the incident to which Fleur is referring. Maybe you and I can come up with a plausible reason he would have chosen to turn her sister, given that he'd committed as of the 600s to never do so again.)

9/16/2010 #229
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(I already said. He was forced, through threatening of his family.. If he didn't turn her into a vampire they'd get hurt. )

9/21/2010 #230

(So this must have happened back before Christ, when his family was still alive up in Normandy.)

As he allowed himself, at last, to think back; way, way, back; to before, before, he remembered the incident in stark clarity as though it happened only a few minutes ago. The feel of her fragile body in his hands. The scent of her blood. The sight of the artery pulsing with blood from her pounding heart, which he could clearly hear. The loathing he felt at what he was about to do. His absolute hatred for those who threatened his family to get him to do it. The commitment that would be fulfilled to slaughter them all, and probably this girl as well, in good time. They couldn't hold him or his family forever. He could only hope they'd live longer than his family, so that they could no longer hold them over his head. Then, even if it were at their death beds, he would come to them, and remind them, by telepathy if need be, of their evil deeds. And then he would kill them for it, slowly.

Aaron gagged and nearly vomited at the memory of the evil that had consumed him in that day, and reached a hand out to the wall for support. It took him only a moment, however, to recover in the knowledge that he had since repented many times over, and was now justified in Christ. He took a deep breath, smiled apologetically, and walked on.

9/22/2010 #231
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Pyxis closed her eyes.

"She wasn't dead....when you changed her, was she?"

9/22/2010 #232

"Who?" Aaron asked, "Your sister?" His face drew into a stony mask before he said the next words. "I made it a point to not turn people, throughout my life. And besides, I can't turn a dead person. They have to be nearly drained of blood, but then they have to drink their fill of vampiric blood before they can be turned. So they have to remain alive for a time. Even then it's a process, and there's no guarantee it'll work."

9/22/2010 #233
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She nodded. "I don't hold anything against you. They have their ways of forcing you to do things you regret."

Those words brought up the image of Vela. She wasn't ready to confront that. How had he found the apartment. This particular one from their father's early years. Perhaps he had lived here as a very young Shyfter.

(so as you can see, form your time line, Pyxis is a lot older in Shyfter years than she appears....)

9/22/2010 #234


Aaron scoffed. "Well, I'm glad to hear that."

A part of his mind took some satisfaction in the fact that he had managed to avoid confirming her suspicion, or knowledge, or whatever it was.

If that had been her sister, she must be at least nearly as old as him. And that was saying something. Back in the day he would have wanted to taste such ancient blood, if only for the experience. But now it would just be nasty, coppery blood.

They reached the downstairs suite none to soon.

"Permission to move in?" he asked, "For a while?"

9/22/2010 . Edited 9/22/2010 #235
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Pyxis smiled. "yeah sure. there's a lot to sort out, especially recruitment or whatever you had mentioned before."

9/26/2010 #236
Bleeding Perfection

Nick felt intrusive about just sitting there listening to their conversation, so he took Trixie by the hand and walked over to Vela, then suggested that they go to another room to talk.

(And the next happens if Fleur agrees to that.)

In the other room, Nick sat down in a chair.

"So how did you get out of there?" he asked, "I thought you said you were going to stay in that night world?"

10/14/2010 #237
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Vela raised his eyebrow. How had he gotten out of the night world? How had he really gotten into the night world?

"I'm not really sure. How the portals work, exactly. What the power is. It takes me where my mind wants to go." He tapered off. He wasn't sure how it worked, or where he'd gotten it. Just like he wasn't sure how he'd been pitted against his sister his whole life.

10/15/2010 #238

Aaron spent the next 20 minutes, solid, sitting still on the floor with his back against a bed and his legs stretched straight out before him. It was looking like it would turn into a long day. It would be good to meditate so while he could.

10/15/2010 #239
Bleeding Perfection

In Trixie's mind, something clicked. Something about why they had been in the Night World. Lord Death had sent them there on a mission, which she now remembered they had completed. They left a city and couldn't get back in, and they slowly lost memory due to the night's debilitating effects.

"Hey Vela," Trixie said inquizitively, "By any chance, would you somehow know who Lord Death is?"

Of course, Nick and Trixie already knew who he was, but maybe Vela knew something about him, too.

(For player reference: Lord Death is the Grim Reaper, and Nick and Trixie's father, as well. Nick and Trixie are not human, they are Reapers, and their weapons are called "Death Scythes." Both of Nick's Guns are Death Scythes, too, not just Trixie's scythe. For Vela, I'd say it's fine if he knew something about Lord Death, since there had to have been SOME way out of the Night World for Nick and Trixie.)

10/17/2010 #240
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