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We've all heard the story of Alice, and her trip down the rabbit hole. But what if things were different? What if the Queen of Hearts was a merciless dictator, and the Mad Hatter a vigilante? Or maybe he's a psycotic murderer. Or just a man with a hat. You decide! Make any Charactor you want, or base it off the ones from the book. Make them twisted, or perfectly good. Good examples if you wanted to see what twisting Alice in Wonderland is would be American's McGee's Alice, or the Looking Glass Wars. Have fun :)

6/13/2010 #1
Bleeding Perfection

(We should make this something like the SyFy Channel remake. You know, the one with "Alice is a Blackbelt. The Mad Hatter is a con-man." You know?)

I sit up, rubbing my sore head. What a fall. Who knew the rabbit hole would be so deep, and with nothing soft to land on at the bottom? I stand up and look around. An odd world within the rabbit hole? Preposterous to say the least, but there it was, right in front of me. What to do now...?

(FYI: I'm not Alice. I'm another person to fall into Wonderland.)

6/13/2010 . Edited 6/13/2010 #2
Agent of Chaos

(I just watched this movie! Love it. Hmmm, I'll have to think up a "twisted" very different character ^_^ I might join later--if that's ok with you guys :) )

6/16/2010 #3

(Are we starting where we left off?)

6/21/2010 #4

(Yeah. And I got my sisters computer for a bit)

6/21/2010 #5

(HEY, YOU!!! =D ok then....)

6/21/2010 #6

(So....we continueing this?)

6/25/2010 #7
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(Mind if I join? I'm new at this forum, but maybe I can help things move along? I will go from Bleeding's post)

A tingle went down my spine. There was someone, not Alice, but SOMEONE in Wonderland. Maybe they were the key to finding my father. Whatever the case, they wouldn't know the secrets to The Perception Chamber. If that even still existed. Last time I checked it was dust covered.

No time to waist. It would be faster to travel by frisbe, and the closest thing I had to that was indeed, my father's hat. I wondered if he'd recognize it, but not big deal. I threw it running towards tall pine. It took less time than I thought to pop the lid off the Shrinking Tonic. And off I went. The hat landed on the outside of the chamber. And as I looked through a small circle, cleared away from the window, I saw them. The new person.

There was only one was in the Chamber from this side. I found myself climbing the hat. And jumping through the glass. I smirked as the newbie's attention turned to me. And I waited. What be the response to my red eye and blue eyes, the black cloth tied around my mouth, and Hearts be D@mned, my hat was outside. It really made the ensemble, but I'm sure my wild blue hair did it enough.

"I can help you," I said, bowing. And then I waited, fingering the Skelo-Grow Crumpet in my pocket. I couldn't help but lift the monocle on the chain I'd found by a rundown table on my adventures. I placed it over my red eye and waited, tapping my boot impatiently on the floor.

(um if you don't like you can disregard my post...)

6/25/2010 #8
Bleeding Perfection

I look at the tiny girl on the hat.

"What's going on here?" I say, "Why are you so tiny?"

(Also, if you're going to play as your avvie picture, you should join the Avvie RPG. We need more poeple to play so that we can get the story moving. And on that note, I should probably change my avvie picture back to the Bleeding White Rose.)

6/26/2010 #9
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(she has more to her than just that. This is just the first outfit and is more of an illusion than anything else.)

She raised her eyebrow"Because I drank Shrinking Tonic," she said pointing to the bottle at the foot of the table. "However, you should not drink it yet. You want to crab the crumpet on the table and stash it in your pocket. Then climb down and drink the potion. The door is over there."

As an afterthought she said, "the crumpet is for after you've entered wonderland. It's too dangerous to be this tiny out of this room."

6/26/2010 #10
Bleeding Perfection

"Um, okay?"

I stand and take the crumpet, then open the bottle of 'shrinking tonic' or whatever.

"Uh," I say, "What's Wonderland?"

6/27/2010 #11
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She shook her head. "Tsh," she made the sound by pressing her toungue to her teeth. "Do you know anyone who could know Alice?" She didn't wait for a reply but said, "Now that you're small, follow me. I will show you."

As soon as she left the perception room she felt her body change. She grew a few more inches, to now stand at 5'11''. Her clothes also reverted to their normal state, the jacket black but less impressive, the mouth cloth disappeared, and her shirt and pants became torn and well worn. She led the way back to her hat, picking it up off the ground and placing on her head.

6/27/2010 #12
Bleeding Perfection

"Woah," I say, looking around at the new area.

It was far more confusing than the room back in the Rabbit Hole. Everything felt different, like I had passed a barrier between dimentions. I even felt different physically.

6/27/2010 #13
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"You probably should eat a piece of your crumpet," she said. She felt a slight pain in her left eye, and begrudingly took out a patch to put over it. "We need to get undercover," she said. "There's a place I know near here, it's pretty safe. Underground it is, and okay enough for the purpose of hiding and explaining to you what you've gotten yourself into."

6/27/2010 #14
Bleeding Perfection

I pull the crumpet out and eat a small piece.

(And what does the crumpet do again?)

6/27/2010 #15
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(It's like the Eat Me thing, makes you your normal size again instead of tiny tiny)

6/27/2010 #16

(Are we using our old chars from the last thread? or making completely new ones?)

6/27/2010 #17
Fleur-de-lis Evans

( I don't know... my character is completely new b/c i'm new at this forum)

6/28/2010 #18

(If we are, Margo and Alton are waiting, Valentine ;)

6/28/2010 #19
Bleeding Perfection

I felt myself growing back to full size with that bite. Everything was coming into focus. A black city loomed on the horizon, seemingly surrounding this area.

"How far does that city go?" I ask.

6/28/2010 #20
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She shivered. "I'm not sure," she said honestly turning away from the view of it, down a path overgrown with weeds. They reached a hut, rotted to near collapse. She bent down pulling up the rusted... door, which is what is clearly was. A staircase led down. "Come on," she said, waiting for him to follow. "Once we're inside feel free to ask as many question as you want. I'll tell you what I know."

6/28/2010 #21
Bleeding Perfection

I follow the girl down the staircase.

(I'm stuck here. You gotta help me move this along. .)

6/29/2010 #22
Fleur-de-lis Evans

( ask a question)

6/29/2010 #23

(Alrighty Black, Should we wait for Abiz?)

7/3/2010 #24

(As of your concern, until further notice I speak for, and to abiz. I don't know yet. I forgott to check this forum....)

7/3/2010 #25
Bleeding Perfection

"What's your name?" I ask the girl.

7/6/2010 #26
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She thought for a moment. As a Hatter did she have a name. Or was she just The Hatter. She turned bowing down. "I'm, Elise Hatter."

7/6/2010 #27
Bleeding Perfection

"Elise," I say, "Nice to meet you. My name is Chris Mitchell."

I look around the room.

"What is this Wonderland place?"

7/7/2010 #28
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"It was a beautiful land of peace and imagination." she said. "Before the first comet and Alice's return."

7/7/2010 #29
Bleeding Perfection

It's all too much too fast.

"Wait," I say, "What's the comet? Who's Alice?"

7/8/2010 #30
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