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(Valentine, sorry I hadn't checked this in a while. Abiz should be home sometime soon, and I'm gonna wait. ;) )

7/9/2010 #31
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(okay sounds good I'll just continue the way I've been going)

She motioned toward a chair, sitting down at a weather worn table. It was set with a china tea set. Elise smiled sadly, "Well, The Comet, was a burning piece of rock that hit Wonderland's atmosphere around the time of Peace. That's when the White King ruled, and The White Princess and Red Princess lived in the White Castle. Around that time, an Earth-Child, like you, but a girl, named Alice, fell through the rabbit hole. She became friends with my father, The Mad Hatter. She returned only once. But this was after the Princesses had grown into Queens, and the Red Queen spread was and strife through Wonderland, enslaving it's creatures and intimidating half the army into her submission." She paused. "And ever since, I have been in search for my father. The second time Alice returned, I was only about 18, still took young to journey from the south eastern lands, through the Enchanted Forest. Anyways, Alice returned, the Red Queen was banished and since then the White Queen has attempted to rebuild, but it hasn't been easy."

She poured some tea, "Here, this shall ease your nerves."

7/9/2010 #32

(Alright....I'm fine with waiting....)

7/9/2010 #33

(You don't have ot wait. Akira's still with the bloody red queen, haha, if I'm not mistaken.)

7/9/2010 #34

(Yea...he is.....but Abiz...is her.....)

7/9/2010 #35

(Oh, yeah, yeah, sorry. Hey, what's your character's name that's protecting Margo?)

7/9/2010 #36


7/9/2010 #37
Bleeding Perfection

I drink the tea. Its alot different from the tea in my town. My preferred flavor of tea was White Tea. It had a tangy pomegranite taste to it, barely even tea at all, but it was really good. This tea was more . . . magical, I guess would be the closest term for it. It instantly rejuvinated me, and it had an odd taste. No actually, it was the perfect taste. Just like the White Tea, only somehow a hundred times better, if that were even possible.

"So this isn't Earth?" I say, "Is that why I feel so much stronger?"

7/9/2010 #38
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Not exactly. There are some people who take to Wonderland well," she said. "Like yourself, and our Alice. And there are some who do not, and they have various feelings, some get sick, others return to Earth with no problem, and others, well others die, because they cannot manage the difference. The tea is a test. They gave it to Alice her first visit, and like you, she was happier and more able to function. It's difficult to make, a certain leaf that is now rare, since much of the enchanted forest outside of the portion which boarders the south east was burned."

She stroked the wood of the table. "It is said, in the legends, that my father served tea from this very set. I took mostly everything below ground, before his house collapsed. Other than that I have found no trace of him, except the hat I wear."

7/9/2010 #39
Bleeding Perfection

"Well then there's something I have to do," I say, "If Alice was the hero you've made her out to be, then maybe i'm here for a reason as well."

7/9/2010 #40
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"That would seem to fit the bill. I can offer you navigation and safe havens throughout Wonderland. I'm on my own quest...So, maybe we can help each other. You may possibly be the second person brought here to defeat the Red Queen."

7/9/2010 #41
Bleeding Perfection

"Well it seems that's what I'll do," I say, "But I really see no other choice. I lost my shrinking potion already."

7/9/2010 #42
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Oh, you only need the potion when you enter Wonderland, the door is too small to enter as a normal human being. However, along the way, there should be leaves enough to make a new potion."

(are we allowed to be like original characters from the books.. obviously at some point there needs to be The Mad Hatter, and possibly Door Mouse... etc.)

7/10/2010 #43
Bleeding Perfection

(We should make this like the SyFy channel remake. There should be flying car type-things and advanced weapons. That's why I included the bit about the gigantic city on the horizon.)

I stand and turn toward the door.

"Well, should we be on our way now?"

7/10/2010 #44
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(I don't know that version... only somewhat of the book and the movie)

"We should wait till morning. Nightfall is dangerous."

7/10/2010 #45

(As monsier Mod for this one, original charactors are fine. I already have a Hatter chractor, and the red queen. Feel free to be anyone, but make it twisted ;)

7/11/2010 #46

(We continuing where we left off?)

7/11/2010 #47


7/11/2010 #48

(Nice. I can play as the clueless bright orange person.......Umm, I think Akira was talking to the Red Queen and Rook........and my other dude Jaeden is there, unconscious on the floor.......)

7/11/2010 #49

( I found the last posts for this:


"Good job, child!" Rook smiled at Akira.

"That man is a threat to the Red resistance! Akira, you have done well. Would you like to join Rook, as his partner?" The Queen smiled, then looked at Rook "That is, of course, if you agree, Rook?"


Akira grinned, happy that he helped and started jumping up and down in excietment. "PARTNER???!!!! REALLY?!?" Akira ran over to Rook, grinning. "WE SHOULD!!!!!! PLEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!?" Akira walked back over to Jaeden and poked him with his 'walking stick'. "Man.....I must've hit him really hard...."


Jaeden hadn't expected the blow at all. He went down hard, unconscious. He began stirring just as the man who had hit him was poking him.

(Addison, I think your character's and Lucian were running to a Cathedral or something, and Margo just killed a dude....)

7/11/2010 . Edited 7/11/2010 #50

Rook attempted to smile like the child. It didn't work. "We'd be best of moving out, correct? We have to find anyone willing to overthrow the white queen. We will have to go the monsters first."

7/11/2010 #51
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(um... is the Hatter at the White Palace or in the city? If so that's where my and I believe Bleeding's character are headed)

7/12/2010 #52

(WHOA! No, Abiz, Margo and Lucian were running to the cathedral, and your mysterious dark character just killed the creepy guy trying to kill my guy...)

7/12/2010 #53
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(Um an answer to The Hatter question? It's sort of important as Elise is the daughter I created for him...)

7/12/2010 #54

(Hatter? You mean Dread's character? He was in his famous clock tower somewhere.... idk. Is Abiz playing him??)

7/13/2010 #55
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(No .. The Mad Hatter... are we dealing with two different versions of Wonderland?)

7/13/2010 #56

Yeah, I'm playing a Hatter. There's multiple.

7/13/2010 #57
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(Okay... can you explain that a bit? PM)

7/13/2010 #58

(Its like being called a general. Hatter is a rank, and a family name.)

7/13/2010 #59
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(Ah, alright. My characters is looking for The Mad Hatter, like from the movie... she's his daughter... but she's far from the city I am assuming)

7/13/2010 #60
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