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His initial attempt at contact having been ignored, the monk lifted his staff and used it to tap on the shoulder the thug that was between himself and Cassie. The staff was heavy, made for hard shepherding work, and Edward was strong in his tapping.

"Excuse me," he repeated. "Oi dinna think the lass takes koindly to yer treatment o her. And I wouldna loik ta see ye'all feasted upon today."

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie turned her head at the voice. She made eye contact with Edward and stopped struggling. She tried to stop her hunger but it just wasn't working. Her eyes opened in fear.

The man turned letting go of Cassie. She dropped to the ground then tried to run but was kicked in the shin by one of the older men. She fell backing up on the ground. It did little to stop another one of the roughians from grabbing her middle. Two more surrounded her walling her in. The one holding her put his hand up her skirt, a smile crossing his dirt crusted face.

The other man turned swinging his arm at Edward and attempting to land a punch on his shoulder.

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Edward, having tapped the man with the end of his 8 foot staff, was well out of range of the man's punch.

"If'n that be the way you want to play it, Scott?"

He swung the end of the staff in with a rib cracking blow aimed at . . . the man's ribs. As dearly as he would have loved to just beat up the man holding Cassie, he had to get through this one first, preferably without killing him. Hopefully Scott could do something while Edward was otherwise engaged.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Vince caught sight of the other boy. He was about 18 years old. He moved closer to the other three men carefully nipping past one of them and lifting the daggers off his belt. Vincent shot past him grabbing his arm and glaring.


Cassie squirmed losing control of her mind. A barrel, leaning against the building lifted up and fell, cracking against the man's head to her right. He fell down unmoving.

7/7/2010 #94

"Don't say I didn'a warn ye!" Edward shouted with just a little humor, as he whipped the staff around for another blow.

7/7/2010 #95
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie trembled, afraid the men would hurt her. She saw Vince race toward the other teenager. The one whose blood smelled delicious. She turned toward the other men, flashing her fangs. One of them let her go and she tried dodging past the other. However, a foot connected with her stomach and she fell the air wooshing out of her in, "Oof," she said landing h a r d o n the ground.

7/7/2010 . Edited 2/24/2011 #96

Scott remained silent, but did not stay still. He advanced the closest man with a frown...

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Scott waited for one of the men to turn their attention toward him. That made it all the more fun, as the lust for battle rose in his veins. Something happened in his eyes then, as his hands turned darker and then seemed to elongate into shadows that shaped themselves into four foot long blades. He bared his teeth, letting out a roar to startle any mortal, and leapt at the man in a dive that could hardly be expected of a mortal human, slashing one blade from upper left to lower right across the man's torso as he descended from his leap.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie's eyes widened. Were they fighting for her? She felt useless and frightened, seeing as she didn't often practice her abilities.

Thanks you she said with her mind projecting the thought to the monk and the man named Scott.

7/8/2010 #99

Addison closed her eyes. Aaron! If she didn't get out of here, somebody was going to be dead. Yet she feared if she moved, she wouldn't be able to stop herself. Her fangs pierced her lower lip as she growled, trying to keep herself still...

7/8/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/25/2011 #100

Aaron leapt up, which was saying something, considering that he'd only started walking about a day earlier, and jogged on wobbly legs over to Addison. He grabbed her by the throat, squeezing just enough to let her know that he was there and could probably hurt her a little if he had to, placing the tip of a knife against the other side of her throat.

"ADDISON!" he shouted into her face. "Look into my mind, and make it yours. Do it, now."

In that moment he used the techniques he'd learned over the last 2000+ years to control what people saw if they tried to read his mind, showing her the most peaceful scene he could summon, a plain, flat, crystal sea with rolling grassy hills in the distance. He made sure that there was nothing else on his mind, and that, for all intents and purposes, he was sitting on that sea. He stood, smiling in love, and extended his mental self image hand toward Addison.

~"Come, join me here,"~ he thought, ~"Worry not about your shape or your hunger. Just join me here."~

He also invited the Holy Spirit to rule in that situation.

7/8/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/24/2011 #101

He grabbed her, and that startled her. Then he put a knife to her throat, and she nearly lost it. A snarl ripped from her mouth, her eyes turning a pure black, not even white, but complete black, and she held herself back with everything she had, even clawing at the ground. She closed her eyes to do as he said. It was nothing. Relaxing. There was water, and he was sitting on it. Nothing but him. She didn't want to hurt him. She started to back away, and felt herself falling into that surrounding her. He had his hand extended to her, and she took it. The falling feeling was gone with his touch. God help me... she thought.

7/8/2010 #102

The monk and Scott had never fought together. Neither of them had particularly strong psychic abilities. Never the less, it seemed as though they fought with one mind. The monk's staff flashed in, out and around in a variety of jabs, parries, sweeps, and blows that could hardly be expected, planned for or countered. He used it as a vault and as balance pole while kicking faces in, more than once pinning an enemy foot to the ground in the process. In all of his movement, much of a blur to the mortal eye, he managed to avoid hitting Scott.

Scott, for his part, whirled his two blades with such a speed that his victims hardly had a chance to react to his first strike before they fell, Scott's marks in their flesh. And the worst part, for the thugs, was that neither of the attackers stayed in the same place or even maintained the same direction for very long. They moved in and out, up and down, and around. They were here then gone, then there, striking a killing or disabling blow, and then somewhere else.

Within six seconds there was only one left, holding Cassie as a shield. But the monk's staff end was held within easy striking distance of one side of his neck, while one of Scott's blades touched the other side of his neck, drawing a little blood.

7/9/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/24/2011 #103
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie glanced over at the thugs. They smelled rancid, it made her sick. Except, for the 20 year old holding her. She twisted causing the man to j*** his head to one side. He fell, blood gushing from his neck. When she hit the ground Cassie turned toward him, her fangs sinking into his neck.

Vincent watched, slightly nervous when Cassie began to feed. For some reason, despite their help, he still wasn't completely sure about these people. Well they were new, and good, that was certain. He walked over to Cassie gently pulling her back from the man when she didn't stop.

He sliced open his own wrist allowing his blood to flow through her system. It cleansed the blood she already drank and satisfied her thirst. He lifted her chin, wiping off her mouth with a scrap of cloth. "Come now," he said, his eyes a warm golden color. "There's people I'd like you to meet."

Immediately she stiffened her eyes going wide. She was frightened, even though the men who had fought had done so to save her, she didn't like meeting big crowds.

Vince turned, bringing her in front of him. Although she looked down, and was still shaking slightly, he said, "This is Cassie, and I'm Vincent."

7/9/2010 . Edited 2/24/2011 #104

Gilchrist watched everyone for a time. Scott was obviously more of a fighter than he, and Edward had stepped up, so he wasn't needed outside. Those two could deal with Cassie if she went vampiric on them. Edward had already dealt effectively with werewolves, and he had to learn the ropes sooner or later. In the pub, things were pretty much under control. Most of the patrons had fled when things got interesting and Gilchrist had dropped the phasing illusion, and those remaining were either oblivious, or watched addison with mild interest. Not a problem there. Aaron was doing well enough, so his services weren't needed with him.

Then Addison's transformation accelerated, and Aaron intervened. Good thing. Gilchrist was getting tired. Granted, it was the Holy Spirit of God that drove out the werewolf demon and empowered him to do the phasing thing, but the focus required still took a certain amount of mental energy, and that supply was limited.

Still, Addison might get dangerous. So Gilchrist made his way over to them and, using random objects as markers, made a circle of protection around them. As long as that circle remained in place, the two of them would be unable to leave it, and others would be unable to enter it, unless they did so by the power of God. Nor could the two of them break it themselves, except by that same power, as long as Gilchrist remained near and continued to pray. That was something he could do quiet well, especially when things got tough or he got tired. He knelt in a position his body was used to, but which was still difficult to fall to sleep in, and began his prayers.

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Scott stepped forwards, extending a hand. "Hey. Name's Scott."

7/11/2010 #106

Edward nodded at the two. "Pleased t' meet ya, Cassie and Vincent. Oim Edward. Gilchrist and I serve north o here, on the estate. Moight be headed back that way in a space. Ye'd be more'n welcome if'n ye please. But let me introduce ye to the abbot, eh?"

He made to lead them back into the pub.

7/11/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/25/2011 #107
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie smiled trying not to feel afraid. Well met, Scott and Edward she thought inclining her head in slight acknowledgment.

Vince nodded, "We'd be glad for a bit of rest, and perhaps we could help you in your quest." He stepped around Cassie following Edward.

Cassie quickly ran to catch up, attaching herself to Vince's arm. She kept her eyes on the ground. Vince always looked out for her. If he trusted these people then she would try her best to trust them. They hadn't been in her vision of this place, so that greatly changed her future.

7/12/2010 . Edited 2/25/2011 #108

Addison would've been glad to know that the others in the pub were safe. She didn't know what exactly was happening, but she had a strong feeling that it had to do with the fact she was nearly murdered by werewolves...

Her form suddenly fell silent in the pub as she collapsed on the floor, locking herself off from the real world. If she was needed, they would wake her somehow... true, it would take effort, but at least the others would be safe...

7/12/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/25/2011 #109

No doubt the effect was unexpected. After all, it was the first time for either of them, doing this, while going through the transformation.

That is, Addison was transforming into a werewolf, and was already a shape shifter. Aaron had been a vampire, and still had a sensitivity to them, and a keen mental awareness of them. And their minds were intertwined at the moment when Addison decided to lock herself off. In the split second that the thought occurred to them, Aaron tried to discourage them, but it was too late. They had already acted. Aaron froze with one hand around her throat and the other holding the knife to her neck, and then was pulled down by her weight. But he was not aware, for his mind was locked into hers, and vice versus, and both were locked away from the world.


"Bloody . . .!" Gilchrist all but shouted when he perceived that something had changed in the two of them.

"No one trusts God or his servents any more. Everyone's gotta try to fix things in their own power. Now what'll we do? Hrm? Anyone? Anyone? I'm open to suggestions!"

7/12/2010 #110
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Vincent paused just outside the door. There was something amiss, and he didn't want it to cause Cassie alarm. He was about to say something to Edward, when Cassie did something that surprised him. She moved out from behind him, unlinked her hands from his arm and pulled the door open. She glanced at Edward ducking under the arm he'd stretched out, with the purpose of opening the door. She swallowed, projecting her thoughts toward the wolf. After her near... she wouldn't say the word in her mind, she was too weak to block of her thoughts to anyone else, so instead she walked up to the circle that had been cast and laid her hand, the one entwined with the markings of The Great Spirit, from her cleansing rituals, on one of the items. This brought her consciousness into the circle. She tapped against the mind of the woman who was changing, and felt her head throb when she made a mind link connection. She was suddenly in a tranquil place. Then she let her thoughts tumble out.

You believe. Hold onto it. You are in a circle of safety, among friends. No matter what anyone says you are human. You feel, you act and you do not harm what and whom is not deserving of it. You ARE strong and you can change and master your mind. Blood lust is nothing new. You have fed before, when you first changed, but now, now you must relax, listen to the waves, smell the salt of the ocean. The wind in your hair the concern for your well being. You care deeply for some one here, some one, with whom you were reunited. Focus on him. You do not want to hurt anyone here. You are NOT a monster or something cursed, you are who you were born as. You are once again shifting shapes. Just like any other form you can control your mind, become one with the wolf, you wish to hunt. Deer, rabbit, elk, not human, no one here is your pray. You are blessed, you are loved, and you have humanity.

It was a little too much for her to handle, but she managed to project the humanity she felt within this being before a shock went up her arm and her conscientiousness fell from the circle and she once again smelt ale and felt the apprehension of those around her.

7/12/2010 . Edited 2/25/2011 #111

What had happened. Addison had locked her mind down, something like Aaron had done. With that falling feeling she'd scared herself, and resulted to the mental lockdown. She felt safe when she did it. She was sitting with her legs crossed in a world of nothing. Black surrounded her. there was nothing else... except Aaron. How he'd gotten here she did not know. She hadn't intended on bring ing him. But wait. The mind link. She had joined minds with him correct? So she must have locked both their minds down together. Wonderful.

"Sorry," she muttered to her friend, who was seemingly laying on nothing. "That's never happened before...." she muttered to herself, brushing her bangs out of her eyes.

7/13/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/25/2011 #112
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie stood outside the circle staring at the two inside it. That woman was in so much pain. So many bloods ran through her veins. Possibly, and the idea hadn't crossed her mind, possibly there may be a teacher here for other abilities. Levitation and Enchantment/Ensnarment, which is what she'd just used to get into the circle. She wasn't very practiced at it yet, therefore couldn't shield herself from more powerful resistance to the enchantment.


Vince broke from his stupor as soon as Cassie was no longer touching an object in the circle. Her realized she had used Ensnarment to communicate with the girl. Who had been transforming when he'd arrived asking for help saving Cassie. He quickly ran to her side, putting his arm around her, mentally scolding her for using her abilities without first speaking of them, explaining them to those around her.

7/13/2010 . Edited 2/25/2011 #113

"Sorry for what?" Aaron said in their mutual mind. "I liked the scene we were in a moment ago, but if black's what you need, black it is. Can we just have some waves of . . . oh, silver, at least?"

He looked around, envisioning silver ribbons flowing around them. Just something so it wouldn't be pure black. He knew from vast experience that it was far easier to focus in on one thing, than to focus out of everything else. Thus the mantras or breath prayers practiced by the Eastern Orthodox.

7/13/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/25/2011 #114

Addison blinked. "Oh, sorry. I never realized my mindset was so.... dark. This is my standard lockdown... I never really payed attention. Lets see..." She mumbled something incoherently to herself, and then they were in a forest. A dark forest, yes, but a forest...

7/13/2010 #115

"Aha! This, I can work with," Aaron said. "'twas a vampire for 2000 years, remember? Dark is good. It's the emptiness I have a problem with. But this . . ." he reached down and picked up a handful of forest floor debris, letting it drift between his fingers and fall. "This, I like. So, you figure you can do this while your body goes through it's transition, and eventually we'll return to the physical world, and hopefully we'll be safe by then?"

7/13/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/25/2011 #116

"Yes. Twas what I did when my family was taken from me... I was so depressed that I locked myself down unconsciously. I was surrounded by dark, nothing... because that's what I felt. It was the only way to keep myself from...." she cut herself off and swallowed hard, her eyes falling to the forest floor beneath her......

7/13/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/25/2011 #117

"Wow," Aaron said, "Even locked together mentally, with one mind, you hide things from me. Do you hide them from yourself because the pain and fear are too great? Oughtn't we, rather, to take advantage of this moment and condition and explore a bit? No one need know. You are safe, and you can see all of my reaction. My mind is open to you as your own, so you know I'll not hide my feelings about you or your past or your emotions or thoughts from you, for they will seem your own. Are you willing to explore?"

7/13/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/25/2011 #118

"Well then," Edward said, "As it seems everyone else is occupied, whoy don'a Oi buy ye all a drink o' two?"

He walked around to behind the counter and started looking around to familiarize himself with the various offerings.


Gilchrist could see something had gone very wrong. He was suspicious of whatever Cassie had done with one of the objects in the circle, but wasn't about to interfere. Certainly not without more information. And besides, God was in control, right? So he just stood back and kept praying.

7/13/2010 #119

Addison shook her head. "Its not that I don't trust you... I don't want to start crying," she whispered.

7/13/2010 #120
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