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"What...What the bliddy hell is that? Is everything around here a dragon? Or a clock? Jesus, we're all freaks here..."

Scott stared defiantly at the dragon. "I don't like it..."

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Baragove huffed at them, the first sound he'd made, as his large red eyes focused on them and glared deeply, a sentiment that the Hatter copied, though he merely gave them an annoyed glance and then ignored them as he continued looking his dragon's muzzle over...

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Addison glanced over at Scott and chuckled, shaking her head. Then she turned and appeared beside the deer. She decided to keep her vampire form from feeding... for now. She didn't want to scare the little one...

When she was done, which only took a short while, she licked her fangs and stood, slowly walking over to Hatter and the dragon.

"Thankyou," she said with a gentle smile, "I like your taste when it comes to travel."

She looked up at the dragon, raising a hand, but holding it there as both an offer and a question...

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Bleeding Perfection
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Borogove's long body rippled slightly as he lowered his strange shaped head and tapped his muzzle against her hand, his large red eyes focusing on her curiously, as he opened his threatening looking mouth once, then closed it...

8/3/2010 #185

She chuckled, wishing so much to shift into a form much like him, maybe to make him feel more comfortable? But she turned next to the Hatter.

"Thankyou. If it were not for you and your.... creations, I wouldn't be here right now. I owe my life to you, and will eagerly give it if need be..." she said, a smile in her eyes.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie's eyes widened. She ran over to the dragon. "This is amazing!" she said before mentally slapping herself. She turned to Borogove and said, "So sorry, you are amazing! How do you work? How were you built?" She ran over to the wing ducking under it and coasting her finger tips across it. "How is this connected! Genius...absolutely astounding."

She wriggled up close to where the wing connected and began to look it over, muttering under her breath.

8/3/2010 . Edited 2/25/2011 #187

"Well, thank you, Addison. I only do what I believe is right, and to let one such as you die would have been criminal..." he said, tilting his head to her, as Borogove seemed to be either very annoyed or secretly happy of all the attention. He fluttered his wing slightly, the gears that operated it swivling and clicking rather loudly as he looked back at Cassandra...

8/3/2010 #188

Aaron waited for the right moment and then boarded the dragon without further hesitation. He couldn't project his thoughts and link with its mind like he had with the jabberwocky and there was no need for him to do so, since its master was here with it. So instead he just muttered as he patted a section of hide beside and in front of him.

"Hello old boy. M'names Aaron. Been a friend of sorts to the Hatter for a while now. Hope to get along well with you, too. As soon as everyone's aboard, be great if you'd carry us back to the gates into the estate up north. That is, if the Hatter wills it."

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Borogove looked back at him, a slight glint in his eyes as he gave one gentle nod, then lowered back down to look at Addison once more...

8/3/2010 #190
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie's eyes widened. "Extraordinary," she whispered. She gently swung up onto the wing and padded onto Borogoves' back. She began to investigate the other workings in silence. Perhaps she would be able to stick around the Hatter once she had healed herself completely. As she inspected the workings of the dragon she said off handely to the Hatter, "Do you have any other master pieces like this?"

8/4/2010 . Edited 2/25/2011 #191

Addison smiled at the Hatter. When she heard Cassie she nearly fell over laughing. "Any more? That clocktower is full of them..." she said, chuckling. Addison gently patted Borogove's neck as she turned back to look at him. "There'll be time for that later," she said, flashing her fangs in a smile. Addison suddenly appeared sitting beside Aaron, moving with vampiric/wolfish speed. She grinned.

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"I had time to do a lot of tinkering in the years after I became like this..." he said, indicating his clockwork nature, "So there are quiet a few inventions of mine in the tower, yes." he lifted his arm and Borogove clamped his jaws on it, lifting his master up and setting him on his back, which was smooth and shiny, but had straps to secure one to the back of the beast. Hatter didn't use one, apperently too used to his dragon to need to do so...

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie looked carefully. The Hatter stood at the front of the area, and next to him, nearly invisible, almost completely camouflaged into the back of Baragove were foot holds. They were spaced a few feet apart and would give a passenger a good base. She wove lightly around the settling group, curiously placing one foot on the right foot hold and the other next to it. Immediately, the foot hold shrank securing her foot, and straps wove around her boot and ankle. Satisfied she placed her other foot on the left foothold the same results occurring. She set her eyes forward eagerly awaiting lift off.

8/4/2010 . Edited 2/25/2011 #194

Aaron caught his breath, barely managing not to jump out of his skin when Addison all but appeared beside him. This being so slow as a human, relative to the preternatural creatures around him, was going to take some getting used to. He'd encountered mortals who could effectively resist and even slay vampires and werewolves, and he hoped, some day, to be like them. For now, though, he'd just have to get used to his own weaknesses.

"Hey." He grinned back, a little embarrassed, and waited quietly for the dragon to take them to what he suspected would become home for at least a few months.

8/4/2010 #195

Addison chuckled when Aaron jumped. She couldn't resist to read his thoughts, to retest that skill of hers that she'd been unable to use for a while, due to weakness. She blinked, then shuddered. Vampire slayers. "You.... want to be like them?" She asked, looking away for a moment. Could she be sitting beside someone who might try to kill her and/or her family?.... She shook the thought off. Even if he pulled a knife right now and attempted to drive it into her chest, which would probably kill her if he could succeed, she would still consider him a friend...

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Hatter made sure they were all on and holding on, then tapped Borogove gently and gave him the directions. The dragon nodded, then stood, nearly doubling his height thanks to the length of his legs, as he spread his wide wings and took off. The jarring that happened lasted for an instant before everyhting smoothed out...

8/4/2010 #197

"Like whom?"

It took Aaron a moment to deduce that she was referring to what he'd just thought, but had not said. Which meant she had read his mind. Which was a new experience for him. He'd spent plenty of time around telepaths, but had always kept very strong mental shields, more often than not reading them far more effectively than they could read him, even as they made the attempts. This was the first time that anyone had read him since he'd been resurrected, and he'd come to assume that his mind could no longer be read. Apparently he'd been wrong. Maybe because of the times he'd opened his mind to Addison. Perhaps there was some kind of a lasting link now, or a weak place in his mental walls. Like a selectively permeable membrane.

"Oh! you mean like the slayers? I always have been a slayer, you know. The only difference would be that I'm now far less powerful than I was, and will have to either compensate or get out of the game, if that's possible. And no, you aren't in any danger from me. Neither is anyone else who follows Christ. Or the law, for that matter. I'm not out to exterminate the preternatural or anything. I dropped that mission years ago. Morgan helped with that."

He looked somewhat wistful as he thought about her, gazing off into space as they flew.

8/5/2010 #198

Addison looked over at him for a moment, sighing silently to herself, but she could feel his emotions. "Morgan is....." she hoped it wouldn't hurt him to tlak about it...

Conner looked over at Cassie and Vincent. They seemed..... young. Very young. He wondered how they'd become like they were, considering he hadn't been able ot join the fight...

8/5/2010 #199

Aaron sighed. "Morgan is . . . last time I checked . . . away." He paused for a long moment, and a normal person might have thought he would say no more. But then he took another deep breath, as though collecting himself for a plunge into cold water, and continued.

"She left me, years ago. Centuries. I was too wild for her. Too bent on the destruction of various . . . hostile creatures. She wanted a more . . . civilized, upper class lifestyle like she'd known in the King's court in Wales. That's where I found her, back in the 1000s. She figured that, even if she had to forsake her royal status due to her lack of aging, her wealth should give her the same status and lifestyle. That and her winning charm." he again seemed lost in his memories for a moment.

"I haven't seen her, like I said, in centuries, but I have followed word of her. I think she's doing well, at least as the world and most vampires estimate it. Staying just under the paparatzi radar but living what's considered the good life of the rich. She likes to choose an older benefactor and milk him for all he's worth, in terms of money and gifts and living arrangements and such. Most require nothing in return, but if they do, she's got everything they could possibly want, and the whole glamor thing. By the time they die they leave her their inheritance, so, in the end, I wouldn't be surprised if she's the richest woman on Earth. Close, at least. I guess I'm happy for her."

His voice and face put the lie to his words. He leaned back against whatever was behind him and sighed again.

Truth be told, he missed her greatly. he'd toyed with the idea of re-marrying after a couple hundred years without her, but that would have been sinful. Besides, he would never stop loving her, and her memory; thoughts of her would haunt him and any romantic relationship he got into. So he occasionally traveled with another vampire or person for a few years here, a century there, but never went deep with them emotionally. Never exchanged blood as he used to with Morgan. It helped a little with the loneliness, but he'd never really get over the loss of the love of his life. It was part of the vampiric curse.

Then again, he wasn't a vampire any more. He was human, and thus subject to the usual emotions and psychology of humans. What did that mean for his relationships? He might need to track Morgan down and find out where she stood on their relationship. Either he'd have to determine to remain single, get back together with her, even though he was mortal and she a vampire, or get a divorce due to . . . danger to his health resulting from her nature. But Addison didn't need to know all that. If she probed his thoughts and emotions and found out for herself, she could deal with the resulting baggage. He wasn't going to do anything to tell her one way or another beyond what he already had.

8/5/2010 #200

"I'm sorry..." Addison whispered, not even going to attempt to read his mind. She could imagine enough for herself...

So he missed his family, just as she missed hers.... at least he somewhat knew she was well. For all she knew her mother could be a rug lying on the floor of someone's floor... and her brother and sister could be standing on death row... she shuddered, closing her eyes.

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A soft hiss of static, then...

"By my calculations, we're nearly there. So please prepare for landing..."

A few seconds later, as they flew faster through the clouds, the hiss of static rang out again, and he said,

"There's no earthly way of knowing... Which direction we are going... There's no knowing where we're going... Or which way the wind is blowing..."

The dragon shook slightly as Hatter gave something of a gasp of suprise... "Ooo, not a speck of light is showing so the danger must be growing... Are the fires of hell a glowing? Is the grisly reaper mowing? Yes... The danger must be growing, for the rowers keep on rowing... And they're certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing..."

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Addison looked over at the Hatter, then down at the dragon and chuckled, her mood suddenly changing....

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie glanced down at Borogove. A laugh bubbled out of her as they flew through the sky. She watched the wings beat through the air, watching how the mechanisms worked. "Amazing" she said under her breath.

She titled her head trying to decode what the Hatter was saying. From the corner of her eye, she caught Conner looking at her. She wondered if he could communicate through thought. She probed his mind. Hello. I'm Cassie. She sent waiting for a reply.

8/6/2010 . Edited 2/25/2011 #204

Conner blinked. Well. At least he knew she was telepathic...

I'm Conner... He said with a slight smile at the younger girl. It was almost a big-brther smile... but that would've been no surprise...

8/6/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/25/2011 #205
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Nice to meet you. Cassie said. I was the product of a human and vampire, but was put under a curse before I was born. That's how I'm only half vampire.

8/6/2010 #206

Aaron was brought back from his mournful musings by hatter's monologue. He grinned, having heard such from the character before, and understanding that he didn't have to understand their meanings.

Then he noticed another thing. His skin wasn't burning. He'd acted, since leaving his cell in the abby, as per his modus operendi of sticking to the shadows and covering as much skin as possible with clothing that would stop the sun. That being the case, he wouldn't have expected to burn, given his age and the power of his blood. But now that there was no shade, he would normally have a good sunburn after about ten minutes if he didn't use sunblock and such. Now, however, he'd been airborn for about 30 minutes and wasn't even beginning to tan. He reveled for a while in that small and yet so huge a benefit of being human.

8/6/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/25/2011 #207

Conner blinked, then the brotherly look returned to his face. Then we are one and the same. See the girl over there? That's my sister. She's half vampire, half shifter. Then she was attached by..... my pack. A look of pain and horror crossed his face. And now she's got werwwolf venom running through her veins. Not enough to kill her. Just enough to make her one of us. But she's already a shifter, so it does not affect her like it would the rest of us. She's a special one she is... he mused, looking his sister over again.

Addison caught Conner staring at her and grinned at his brotherly smile. Then she looked back to Aaron, who looked somewhat bemused by Hatter's monologue. He seemed to be amazed about something else too. By the way he was acting and looking, she caught on, and chuckled.

"I may be half vampire, but I don't burn, unlike you," she said with a slight grin. It was true. Her pale skin had stayed the same shade, only darkening slightly as she'd been healed with her feeding. "I bet you're glad to be human... somewhat..." she said with a smile.

8/7/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/25/2011 #208

"Oh yes. Very much so." That was all Aaron could say, as he sat back and tilted his face toward the sun. It still hurt his eyes a bit, which he supposed was normal. Some other mortals wore sunglasses and such, after all. So he closed his eyes and enjoyed the heat on his face.

8/7/2010 #209

Hatter stopped at the end of his monologue, brought out of slight boredom, as he tapped Borogove gently. The dragon twitched it's wings just slightly, and down they went, flitting through the clouds until finally they came towards the ground and the mansion. Hatter steered the dragon carefully until the tall beast landed outside the mansion's gates, standing briefly before he crouched his huge body down and lay his wing against the ground...

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