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Bleeding Perfection

(I'm stuck.)

David went along with the plan, for now. If anything shady came up, he'd put a bullet to Kihn in a heartbeat.

7/2/2010 #61
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Alright, since we're of an accord, just get us to the landing dock," she said. "From there I will tell you which ship. We should take the mechanics entrance rather than the main one. That way we'll be able to set me free with no questions asked." She tossed a fake Ident card to Dave. "'Aight let's head out." She also tossed her pack to Dave knowing it'd look better for all of them if she weren't carrying her supplies.

7/2/2010 #62

(So who's the quicker draw? Good thing we don't have to worry about that yet.)

"So, David, you another prisoner, or my assistant?" Kihn asked, although the gun barrel he was looking down might as well have answered his question. It was a good thing he felt no need to prove himself, or this would get mighty interesting, very quickly.

"Turn around then, Sky. I'll make em loose. You won't even need any skill or tools to slip out of them. Just hold your hands in fists so they won't slip off until you're ready."

He pulled a pair of handcuffs out of a pouch in his bag and approached Sky to cuff her hands loosely behind her back.

7/2/2010 #63
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Okay," she said. "Dave put down the gun. He comes from River, that necklace can't be reproduced, not as finely as it was made. Not a scratch on it." She waited, clenching her hands into fists. "Now, walk down the short hallway, past all the doors until you turn left. The staircase there will get us up into a square-like market place. I need to know, am I making a performance or are we going nice and easy?"

7/2/2010 #64
Bleeding Perfection

David lowered his gun, but kept his hand on it while it was within the holster. That particular gun was practially made for quickdraw, as were nearly all revolvers, and the extra millimeter size would help speed up a fight, too. He followed the other two, holding Sky's things.

7/2/2010 #65
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Sky could feel the ground even out and assumed they were outside. She opened her eyes trying to j*** away from Khin. She let one hand unclench and came around to punch him. It made for good show. Everyone was looking, eyes open mouths agape at the scene. Perfect, now he had to get her under control and then march her off to the loading dock.

7/2/2010 #66
Bleeding Perfection

David played along, "attempting" to control Sky, and pretty much just ended up making it look more like the struggle it was meant to look like.

7/2/2010 #67
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Once that was over she struggled a bit more and waited for Khin to flash hid ident card and make a snide speech.

7/2/2010 #68

(What? Are we just skipping over Kihn's response? Such a great character development opportunity! I'll go ahead and assume that last post hasn't happened yet, and then y'all can decide what to do with this.)

And there came the punch. She wasn't pulling much, either. He didn't need some kind of super speed to see it coming. It was in the cards, and she was using the ubiquitous round house as an opener.

Kihn waited for it, ensuring that his neck and torso were loose so that he was able to turn his head and bend to absorb most of the impact. Still it would leave a shiny . . . shiner.

The moment her fist was past his face, however, he was back, wrapping his left arm over hers and hooking his left forearm behind her back, pinning her left arm. It took a little more to secure her right arm, which kept flailing about, and now he tensed his muscles to take the blows as he used his superior weight and muscle mass to force her back against the nearest wall. David did a good job of getting in the way, such that Sky actually got free of them once. But then, dropping any attempts at fancy moves, Kihn simply ploughed into her, wrapping her in a bear hug, and driving her the rest of the way into the wall.

"Ye're not getting away that easy, girly!" He shouted, a bit too loudly perhaps. "Now give me that hand."

He attempted to grab one wrist in one of his hands, while using his knees and body to pin her against the wall, and fishing for her other hand with his other.

(and here's where I assumed we'd have several rounds of give and take, but we could just go with this and then Fleur's last post, and then the following)

All three of them looked significantly worse for wear by the time they had Sky walking ahead of them again, and the crowd that had gathered were satisfied with the action.

"Nuthin more ta see here folks!" Kihn shouted to the crowd. "Move along now lest ye be taken along with her as browncoat collaborators."

He couldn't get to the ident card at the moment, but those words and that tone of voice were used here on the border between the inner and outer planets only by people with the power and authority to make good on their promises. The crowd disbanded grudgingly but quickly, each with their own stories to tell.

Those stories would reach people on every side of the issues at hand. They had to move quickly to stay ahead of the fallout.

"All right. Let's move." Kihn all but ordered, giving Sky a gentle shove to re-enforce his sense of urgency.

7/2/2010 #69
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Sky cursed herself for not doing something more interesting than the round house kick opener, and tried not to roll her eyes at David or Khin. She let Khin push her ahead of him and walked, truly feeling a thrill at that fight. He was a good match. She walked as fast as he could without seeming un-prisoner-like and before long they reached one of the mechanics entrances to the landing bay. Once they were under a big enough overhang, sort of like an awning, but made of concrete Sky looked over and whispered, "Alright, let me go and hopefully we'll run into the right person."

(this is where I'm thinking Khin won't let her go but take he cuffed into the mechanics lounge where Josephine will be.)

7/3/2010 #70

(As you wish)

"Sorry, babes. Don't work like that." Aaron's pistol was now pointed at David, and his left hand maintained a tight grip on both of Sky's wrists, in addition to the handcuffs. One benefit of being larger.

"I let you go when I'm sure we're in together and ALL of us are safe. Just talk me in and we'll finish this little walk all peaceable like. Shiny?"

7/3/2010 #71
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(this is where I write in that Khin gets through the door and David follows angry a bit, and they run into Joe)

Sky jerked in the right direction, indicating a door with an irritated j*** of her head. She let Khin push her, wondering just how crazy this portion of her life was going to get. She glanced at Dave from the corner of her eye, and could see he was steamed.

Once they were through the door a familiar voice broke the silence, "What is going on?"

Sky lifted her chin and found an open mouthed Joe staring at her. She twisted her wrists from Khin's grip, allowing her hands to go slack so the cuffs slid off. "It's fine," she said, letting the necklace drop from her fingers. It shone in the light. "This is Khin," she said. "And that's..."

"David," Joe interrupted. She put her coffee down nearly running the few short feet to her cousin. "You want passage. To see if the old crew will help spring Aunt from that horrible center, right?"

Sky nodded wondering just how she knew this. And then she remembered Tanner. She merely nodded assuring her cousin, "Dave is in this and Khin came from Mom. That's how I got your necklace. Is it possible to get to your ship, stat?"

7/3/2010 #72

(This is a long post, establishing quite a lot, so you can go with it, or if you want me to cut it at some point so your PC can interject, let me know, and I'll do so on Tuesday.)

Kihn hung back, for a moment, knowing himself to be the uninvited stranger, but then he just had to step forward and interject. He raised his hands as he did so, indicating a sort of apologeticness, having already put his pistol away.

"I'm afraid a part of that won't be so easy. See, the alliance has, one by one, captured and dealt with each member of your old crew and family. Or rather, a splinter from the old guard has taken the 'maintenance of order,' as they like to put it, into their own hands. Near as my intel has it, each surviving member of the Serenity crew is being held in separate locations known only to the people involved in taking and holding them there, and to the leader of this splinter group. Those who took Mal, for instance, don't have a clue where Zoe is. That's how secretive they are. And good luck getting information out of them. I can tell you from experience that torture won't work. This is more potent than brainwashing. They believe hard."

He emphasized this last sentence, fervently hoping they would recall stories of Shepherd Book's speech featuring the quote, and understand his meaning.

(the following only if no one responds when he takes a breath)

He took a breath, watching their reactions, and then continued.

"Now, if you want, we can try for the leader of these cells. If we handle him right we may be able to find a way of getting him to spill. But I want to ensure there's no illusions. Getting to him will be the hardest infiltration you've ever done. Getting him to talk will require every bit of cleaverness and deceptive ability we've got in this room, and probably more. But if we do so we MAY be able to find out where the old crew is. Springing them will be . . . less difficult than rescuing River. She's a higher priority target, even to the mainline government, and though we know where she is; the lay of the facility; getting through security there will be a mission itself."

Another breath.

"I've sought you out, Sky, and the rest of you are some nice icing on the cake, so to speak, in order to give you information. I believe your crew are right, at least in the basics, and the Alliance wrong, at least the old guard. So, if by my life or death I can assist you, I aim to. You have my blade."

Kihn had worn a loose jacket all this time, and he slowly drew from beneath it a long, handmade Kukri knife. Almost a sword, with a seven inch, down-curved blade that was obviously well maintained and very sharp, and a chord wrapped handle. He flipped it so he held it by the back of the blade, and offered the hilt to Sky with a bow of his head.

"You're in charge, so I await your orders, sir."

7/4/2010 #73
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Josephine slowly approached her cousin. She spoke silently, "It's true," she said. "Mum and Dad were taken to different locations, that's why I left the necklace with Aunt," she paused. She cast her eye onto Khin, wondering if he was a chameleon vigilante or if he worked for one side or another. "If you want, you can use my ship. I'm Captain, although I spend most of my time either with the engine or in my bunk near the engine room."

Sky listened carefully. She knew for a fact, something that the Alliance didn't, that there was no way Zoe was captured, not since she had her baby. Well the baby would be her and Sky's Joe's age by now. And if she remembered correctly, Zoe had Simon's asistence birthing Amber-Marie, and had been left off on an obscure outer planet.

"That can't be right Khin," Sky said. "AT least not in Zoe's case. We'll discuss this later, in the safety of her ship. Is there somewhere I can change?"

Joe nodded pointing toward the door behind her. After Sky disappeared through it, she turned toward Khin and Dave. She almost smiled at seeing Dave again, but it was more important she judge Khin for herself. She ran her hand through her short-cropped hair, making the ends stick up. Her face was mostly Simon's, cept with Kaylee's mouth and eyes. And she was built like both parents, slight like Simon with well toned muscles like Kaylee.

"So," she said, piercing Khin with her blue eyes, "Why should I trust you? I know the necklace came from River, I gave it to her. But why should I let you help me, or trust you to keep Sky safe?" She waited tapping her toes impatiently. "Keep it short though, we have to get back to Miranda soon, we're taking off for Ariel in a few minutes."

7/4/2010 #74

Abis- Mongoose, what the hell do you think you're doing?

7/4/2010 #75
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(Mongoose went on vacation)

7/4/2010 #76

(Abiz- =) jk. me- I'll tell him. )

7/5/2010 #77
Bleeding Perfection

David smiled at Josephine. It had been a while since he'd last seen her.

(I figure while I have the time that I'd run through David's guns. Starting with the 11.2mm:)

Gasser 11.2mm Revolver - -- David's favored quick-draw. Held on a holster on the right hip.

Serbu Super Shorty 9 12GA - -- David prefers to use this in close range battles against overwhelming odds. Buckshot, dude. Held in a leg holster on the right leg, kinda like Vincent Valentine's Cerberus gun.

Magnum .44 Desert Eagle mk19 - -- Best for elongated battles at close to medium range. Held in a holster on the chest.

Mini U** 9mm Sub-machine gun - -- Best for holding off hordes of, say, Reavers. Held in a holster on the left hip.

AAC Phoenix .22 caliber pistol - -- Silenced and flash supressed for quick and un-noticed kills. Held in a holster on the left thigh.

The Cross Punisher II cross gun - -- Truly amazing weapon there, best used at long range. He keeps it strapped across his back.

Graviton Beam Emitter energy gun - -- The most powerful gun EVER, capable of leaving trails of destruction longer than 70 kilometers. It also has a limiter mode, which when removed, triples its power, enabling it to destroy anything short of a planet in a single shot. A battle-class cruiser ship wouldn't stand a chance. Because of its sheer power, there are not many places where David can use it. He keeps it in a holster inside his jacket.

7/6/2010 . Edited 7/6/2010 #78

(What do you mean, what do we think we're doing?)

7/6/2010 #79
Bleeding Perfection

(Nothing particularly. I just took the down-time opportunity to establish David's weapons. He'll use only the ones that are needed, which I doubt will be all of them, or at least for this plot. I don't plan on using the Graviton Beam Emitter until alot later, maybe in a war plot or something?)

7/6/2010 #80

(Bleeding, do you HAVE a character that uses believable weapons and tactics? Cause what you described above I can see happening only in the Matrix or a rambo movie. I guess that's fine, especially in this game. But I'm wondering about other games. The buster sword, for instance. Do any of them carry just a normal katana or short sword? Or with guns. Any of them carry 1 primary like an M16, and one backup like a 9mm? I guess it just makes me a little uncomfortable having my PC alongside a ninja assasin who can destroy large ships with a hand cannon.)

Kihn decided to use a different tactic with Joe than he had with Sky. It was a gamble. It had been a gamble with Sky. Most human interactions were gambles because you could never know for sure how they would react.

He glanced side long at David, lifting his hand a little toward him indicating that it was all right and he shouldn't interfere. Not that he were in charge of David in any way, but he might as well use whatever influence he had, or this could get very interesting very quickly. He wasn't after interesting.

"Lady," Kihn said, taking a step forward. "You and your's be of very little interest to me." His face was dark and his tone quiet but menacing. He slowly pulled out his alliance ident card. There was no name or rank on it, but most people either feared it, hated it, or both. He showed it to her, making a point of getting into her personal space as he did so.

"You're not my mission, though that could change at any time. Sky is. I aim, like I said, to assist her. Now you can either get on board, pardoning that fact that it's your ship we'll be using, you can get out of the way, or you can resist me. If you choose the latter,"

He glanced back at David (assuming David's held his peace so far)

"Well, we'll see what this background of mine," he pushed the ident card a little closer, "is good for, won't we?"

He lowered the card and stepped back.

"I can't tell you why you should trust me, Joe, but you'll still have to make that choice, and as you said, make it quickly so we can get gone."

7/6/2010 #81
Bleeding Perfection

(Like I said earlier. For this particular thread, David is NOT an original character. He's the same exact David Long from The Wicked RPG. He is obsessed with having the best guns. As for the Buster Sword thing, I admit it was a bit out of place for Most Dangerous Game, but for The Arena, Jason has superstrength. The Buster Sword isn't much of a challenge to wield for him. Plus, Buster Swords are real. They are, admittedly, alot tougher to wield than a katana, but not entirely impossible, even for a regular guy. Momentum is a key factor in fighting with a buster sword. And yes, I do have a character with katanas. Jade Phoenix from Thw Wicked RPG has a set of two katanas, plus two regular M9 pistols. I just like fantasy and stuff, and fantasy weapons never were very believable, to be honest. But I still like them nonetheless.)


David smirked. This guy was gold. Funny stuff.

"I don't trust you none," He said, "And I've been around you for a couple hours now. I see no reason for Joe to trust you, having just met you moments ago."

He kept his hand on his 11.2, his favored quick-draw gun. Never know when he might need it.

7/6/2010 #82

(I never doubted that you had your reasons, and that, in your mind, those reasons justified your choices. My point stands, however, that it makes me very uncomfortable. TWO Katanas? Even in "The Last Samauri I don't think I ever saw anyone swinging two Katanas around. But as always, it's your choice.)

"When I want to hear from YOU, sidekick, I'll let you know." Kihn spoke out of the side of his mouth, still focused on Joe's reaction.

7/6/2010 #83
Bleeding Perfection

(Jade's katanas are short. Kinda "mini katana" style. Only about 2 and a half foot long blades.)

David grabbed Kihn by the face, turning it to look him in the eyes.

"I ain't your sidekick, buddy," David said, "Now you best learn your place quick, or you'll find yourself in more trouble than your typical gamble. Everything shiny?"

David released Kihn's face and took a step back, hand still near his 11.2.

7/6/2010 . Edited 7/6/2010 #84

(That doesn't work. No one succeeds in grabbing Kihn's face. So, how do you want to do this? Do I take it back in time, showing how Kihn responds, and we play out a big fight while Joe just stands back and watches, or do you edit your post to have him stop at attempting to grab Kihn's face, and if that works he says his piece, or something else I haven't considered? I'm trying not to define Kihn's abilities up front, but I will tell y'all, OOC [meaning that your PCs don't have a clue] he was selectively bred to be the ultimate native american warrior/hunter, possible gene thereapy involved, grew up almost in the wilds, trained for service in the army, attained a middle rank, in combat, as a very young leader in the mop up after the war, trained further in the same accademy that trained river, and then trained further in the same way that the operative was trained. I don't have a clue who David is, but I'm confident that, especially with David being laden with all those guns, Kihn is faster. Maybe not stronger, but at least faster. and he's got all kinds of refined techniques he can use that your common warrior, and even your supperior warriors lack.

Now, like I said, David, Joe, Sky, and anyone else who comes in don't have a clue about all that. All they know is what I've posted IC, that they've seen, and that didn't include anything that would reveal to them his combat prowes. So David may well think that he can do anything he wants to Kihn. I'm just letting you know, OOC, that he can't, any more than Jayne could do whatever he wanted to River.

If Abiz has a problem with my PC being so . . . whatever he is, I can dial him back. Otherwise, I'll just assume that David would fail in his attempt to grab Kihn's face.)

7/6/2010 #85
Bleeding Perfection

(Just post Kihn blocking David's grab for his face. Simple as that. As for the guns, they are all small and light, besides the cross gun. And even that gun is at a low weight such that it can be weilded with one hand. So they don't really weigh him down so much that they severely limit mobility. Granted, any weapon at all would limit mobility some, and all of David's weapons only limit mobility to a relatively small degeree. He can still sprint, or dodge a punch, or stuff like that. If you wanna go ahead with the fight, feel free. I was actually going to have David punch Kihn, but I dialed it back to the grab-the-face thing.)

7/6/2010 #86
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Joe's arm shot forward grabbing Khin's wrist. She held it at arms length sailing a punch to his gut. It was full power, but didn't do much damage. None the less, she was going to make it clear just where she stood.

"Get that card out of my face," she growled. "I have no use for the likes of you who ruined my life. If you want to step on my ship, which I might add is a free-flying merchant of war, then I suggest you stick that card where no one else can see it. I fight for whom I choose, and for now, I have secured my freedom, at no great risk to my personal comfort."

She turned on her heel allowing her jacket to fall open and show her weapons, including one very familiar pistol, that had been gifted to her on her 18th birthday by Mal himself. She slamned through the door, picking up her communication device. "Get Miranda ready to go," she said. She also slid into an easy language, one she made up herself, with her brother.


Sky saw Joe's eyes go dark. She glanced at David, tilting her head toward a door. She didn't bother waiting for him to follow, instead she slid through darting around startled mechanics. When she reached the dock door, she slowed her pace, easily moving toward the merchant of war. She made it to the mechanics hatch, wrapping three times and letting out a low warble. The hatch was released and she climbed aboard, telling the startled, and quite young, crewman that she'd man the door from now on. She hadn't missed the Alliance insginia in plain view on Miranda's outer hull, but she also hadn't missed the brown stripes stratigicallly camoflagued into the paint job. Stripes only brown coats would notice.

She sat down, looking through the circular window, and waited.

(Alirght Mongoose you can't have everyone else's characters inferior to Khin. If you're going to tell bleeding his weapons aren't realistic, than neither if your fighting skills. If no one can grab your character or even damage him he isn't very realistic. And you're dealing with, as you phrased it, an assassin and two kids that were trained as young ones by rebellion fighters and martial arts masters. You have to have weaknesses, as our characters surely do.)

7/6/2010 #87
Bleeding Perfection

(Yes. If you can have something move faster than David's eyes can follow, you have a sure chance of defeating him. Not 100% guaranteed, but still.)

David eyes Kihn and headed into the ship.

"Sky?" He said, "You think you're up for this?"

7/6/2010 . Edited 7/6/2010 #88

(Okay. I deleted my last post. Off topic. I'd prefer that in the future I not have to take things back in time. Meaning that everyone would stop their PC short of succeeding in a move until the writer of the other PC has a chance to decide whether or not it works.

BTW, there is no question in my mind about who could beat who in a fight. The only time that would be a factor would be in an arena. Thus the arena thread. And we all know what happened there.)

Several things happened very quickly, and Kihn responded as quickly. Joe grabbed his wrist, which let him know her speed, strength, resolve and just plain rebelliousness. All of which would come in handy. The acting so quickly without knowing if there was a threat, on the other hand . . . well, if she ever listened to him, and if he had a good space with her, he might try to work on the temperance and self control factors.

David reached for his face. Fast. Nimble. More so than would be expected of someone of his type. But honestly, Kihn didn't need to deal with him right now. He pulled his face out of the way at the last moment, and watched David's hand pass by a milimeter from his nose. (so I guess David never said his piece that you posted earlier? Or did he say it in-spite of not grabbing Kihn's face.)

Only a split second after the attempted face grab, Joe followed up her grabbing of Kihn's wrist with a punch to the gut. Not really unexpected, given her action of a second earlier. It wasn't the first time Kihn had dealt with multiple people trying to put moves on him at once. He tightened up and took the punch. He then smirked as Joe scolded him, and slowly put the ident card away. Yes, she would do just fine. Then he stood back and waited while the two of them, obviously not happy with him, marched off.

After a decent interval he followed. He'd probably have to explain himself at some point, but not when they were all steamed that he was alliance. Or seemed to be. Or whatever it was they were truly steamed about.

He found himself against a locked door, so he knocked with the same rythem he'd heard Joe use.

"Hello? Sky?" He called out. "You want me in on this? Where do ya want me to go?"

7/6/2010 #89

(Sorry, I again posted out of turn and off topic. I've deleted that post and sent the message to Bleeding privately.

Speaking of which, how do we get to our private messages on here?)

7/6/2010 #90
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