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(This was a great concept, and, Fleur, I think the thread and I know half the PCs and the ship are yours, but the last posts, both in and out of character are mine. Can you advance this a bit, or at least reply to my last? I'd like to play this one further, and Post Apocalyps and the two CD threads. Thanks.)

7/28/2010 #121
Bleeding Perfection
(I agree. David has nothing to do currently, and once we get to one of the planets in this storyline, he'll be able to help the story along. Also, Vela still has to respond to Trixie over on CDI...)
7/28/2010 #122
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Crissie nodded. The sketches of Ariel were quite helpful, since she'd never ventured out past the taverns and store fronts. She liked staying close to the ship. She glanced over at Khin, "Well, seems like you make our first phase of our plan quite easy."

Amber kept her eyes on the sketches but replied, "The reason we need to get Tanner out of there," she said, "is because the Alliance is unaware that he is Simon's son."

She was about to continue when the comm unit crackled. "All persons disembarking from the ship get ready. We are approaching Ariel's air space."


When the admission came over the comm unit Sky stopped mock fighting. She nodded toward Joe's boyfriend and quickly made her way to the upper levels of the ship. She took a seat by the ships tech entrance and waited. Her stomach felt tight. There wasn't anywhere she could hide on this ship, not when it would be refueled and checked top to tip.

She waited, feeling antsy and afraid. Despite Khin being with them, she still feared being caught by the Alliance.

7/29/2010 #123

Kihn stood conspiquously in the path Crissie and Amber would have to take to the door. Not directly in their path, but close enough that his message would, he hoped, be clear. You really oughtn't to go yet.

"We got a plan for this here shindig?" He asked, "Or are we just barging in and trying to break this guy out by force? Maybe wave to River on our way past. Compromise my cover and y'all's identities in the process. I'm not game with that. Why don't you call up stairs and ask the captain to radio Ariel that, due to technical difficulties we're not ready to land yet. We need to plan this thing first."

7/29/2010 #124
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Crissie raised her eyebrow, "Part one," she said, "make sure all our plans for anything suspcious are out of sight."

"Part Two," Amber continued, "Pass inspection. We may be free in the sky, but we still have to be subjected to a top to tip search by the Alliance. Which means that this here room has got to be put back. We start by putting the barrels and crates in their proper places."

At that moment a knock came, and through the glass window behind Khin, Joe's face appeared. She slid back the pannel and said, "Which means, that we have to clean out our guns, put everything back in order, and get certain people hidden before we land. Unless of course I lose this transport job and get grounded and subjected to council..."

7/30/2010 #125

(are any other PCs in on this conversation? If so, I should wait. If not, here it is.)

Kihn folded his arms loosely and smirked.

"Or you could go legit. I mean, if I'm gonna stick my neck out by being associated with the lot o ye, why not go a step further and claim this as my ship and crew? Jest fer the duration of the stop over, ye understand. Most here would hardly dare look twice once they see you're with me. But ye're the captain and crew, and I guess if you're too sceared . . ."

He shrugged.

7/30/2010 #126
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Won't work," Amber said. "This ship is already in the log books under Captain Josephine Taylor."

Joe opened the door, "Plus, no matter what sway you have, there is no way we can keep Sky safe. She can't go out of the ship, and she can't stay in the ship. Well she can, but she won't like where she'll have to hide. No doubt you know how much she likes to fight."

8/2/2010 #127

Kihn shrugged again, his face unreadable. He just made up his mind to follow orders until the situation demanded that he do otherwise. That was what normal people did, wasn't it? He really didn't know. He'd never been normal, but he had studied people's behavior in order to learn how to blend, and, honestly, they were quite like the lemmings of old Earth to which his parents had alluded. The browncoats might be considered the renegade lemmings, but they were lemmings none the less. These neo-brown coats were like lemmings without a leader. Or too many leaders. Who could tell what it was that drove them? And really, other than a psychological exercise, what difference did it make as long as he could assume the lead whenever he chose, by any of a variety of methods?

So he would follow, for now. He wouldn't re-assert that no one would question the presence of the ship, or to whom it belonged, or what was on board once he flashed his ident card. He wouldn't argue that everyone would assume, due to his job, that he had commandeered the ship for the completion of an authorized mission. He wouldn't try to prove to them that he could talk his way into and out of any situation without lifting a finger against anyone, even as he had successfully done thus far. Or that he could simply walk into and out of the facility, on his own, and bring back anything or anyone they wanted, leaving only himself at risk, while the port authority kept everyone away from the evidence being held in his title, i.e. the ship.

No, if they wanted to sneak in and out, he would follow them in their sneaking. If they wanted to run in and out, guns blazing, he would run and shoot along with them. And in the end, if they did something stupid and got themselves caught, he would make sure custody was given to him, and break them out again. This mission would almost certainly get him burned one way 'tother, but he was tired of the double life anyway. These lemmings were much better to mingle with than the others.

8/2/2010 #128
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She had decided that changing her clothes was in order. So, she had in fact sneaked into the mechanics quarters. She stood in front of the small mirror, missing her guns greatly.Her hair was expertly, if she did say so herself, sculpted under the cap. Most of it was tied into a small bag, a canvas one covered with grease and other chemicals used by a mechanic. In this bag, were also tools a mechanic would use. She slid out of the quarters making her way to the weaponry chamber. She noticed two spaces in the inventory. She had easily unloaded and cleaned her two favorite pistols.

She slid them into their proper places. The ammunition boxes with missing pellets had been left on that other planet in a trash compactor. She emerged from the gun room, and took her place at the mechanics exit. She glanced around wondering where David was. They were about to land.


Joe had returned to the cockpit. She picked up the comm, intentionally contacting only the radio she'd planted on Khin. She had instructed Amber and Crissie to make the guns ready for inspection, as well as the transport pods.

"Khin, do you read me?"

8/4/2010 #129

Kihn pulled out the radio, moving off into a corner of the room. (who all is still in the room with him? Who is the woman in the first part of your post?)

He pushed the talk button, waited a beat, and spoke.

"Joe, I believe. Snowy Owl here. Read you five by five. Go ahead."

(this was my fault for using names interchangeably, but I think I had Kihn introduce himself as Snowy Owl, so that would be the name Joe would use, unless she somehow knows his given name. Very few people, if any who are currently alive, know it.)

8/4/2010 . Edited 8/4/2010 #130
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(It's Sky of course :-) )

"Please go to your chambers and change into the uniform. Report to the cargo bay."

8/6/2010 #131

"Roger Wilco. Snowy Owl out." He released the talk button and pocketed the radio as he made his way past Joe and back to his quarters.

(I feel dum, but for my info, what uniform? The Alliance one he's carried around in his pack, or something else provided by Sky, Joe, or some other member of the crew?

8/6/2010 #132
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(The ships uniform. She's making him co-caption, if that makes sense.)

8/9/2010 #133

Snowy Owl wasn't certain what Joe was referring to. The entire plan seemed skimpy at best, and he could only hope they didn't need to map out every detail in advance because they were used to operating as a team. A team he could depend on was a luxury rarely afforded to him. The alliance powers that be, it seemed, assumed he'd do just as well if not better on his own. He supposed his ability to operate independently had something to do with his selection for the role, but it always struck him as deficient. Would he have made it this long if they'd come after him with a team of people as qualified as him, rather than with the teams and individuals they had thrown his way?

When he saw the uniform hung in his quarters that she wanted him to change into, he had to raise an eyebrow in some surprise. So he was to be a member of the crew, at least in appearance, to some extent. He'd have to find some engine grease or dust or something to rub on his face and hands to complete the disguise. Even then someone might recognize him, in which case he'd have to talk his way out of the situation. Hopefully the stories about him would be enough, if it came down to it. Regardless, he was following orders, so he removed his clothes, put on the ship's uniform, and then his load bearing gear back over it. Next stop, a utility shaft. Plenty of dust and oil in such places, most often. Just crawling through it should complete the look.

8/9/2010 #134
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(oops should have mentioned it's a Doctor's uniform :-) . My bad. Which makes you second in command of the ship, but it would make sense I guess for it to be covered in grease? Where is Bleeding)

8/15/2010 #135

(Anyone want to continue this? Where we left off, or somewhere else? New scenario entirely?)

9/20/2010 #136
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(where we left off please)

9/21/2010 #137

(someone else's turn.)

9/21/2010 #138
Bleeding Perfection

David Long was napping in his new bunk, his weapons lined up on the side table from largest to smallest.

(Here I am.)

9/24/2010 #139
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Sky bounced up and down her boots hitting the metal walkway. She had moved from her previous position by the mechanics exit. The taps echoed, able to reach David's bunk, since there was a stairway to one of the shuttles by his room. She hoped she could wake him up and tell him what was going on. She was nervous. And although her weapons were safely stowed in a place she knew would be impossible to find, she still felt on edge.


She waited impatiently in the cargo bay. Her foot tapped rhythmically, as it always did when there was reason to be nervous. By all means, she was a brown coat (since here parents had been) but it didn't make it easier for her to secretly be working for both sides.

She growled under her breath. Where was her "co-caption"?

9/26/2010 #140

(is "she" waiting for Kihn?)

Finally ready, and having made sure that everything about him was what might be expected of an inner planet doctor serving on an outer planets transport, Kihn made his way to the cargo bay. He was still quite uncertain about just what they planned to do, and what role they wanted him to play in it. He hoped they would clarify it prior to stepping out of the door, but if not he was confident he could pick it up and play along. Or even lead, if things broke down. Either way, he would survive, and somehow get them closer to the release of River.

9/26/2010 #141
Bleeding Perfection

David snapped to a sitting position when he heard the approaching footsteps. He wasn't sure exactly who it was, though by the sound alone, he assumed it was a female. And considering the sound was coming toward him, it might very well be someone he knew. And in truth, the only one on this boat that fit that description was either Joe or Sky.

He reached over and picked up the Gasser 11.2mm and began cleaning it, attempting to look busy for when whoever-it-was walked in.

9/28/2010 #142
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Sky opened the door her eyes widening. "You do realize we are going to be searched, right?" The words came out clipped and edgy. "Joe said that all weapons, even personal ones must be put in a rack in the guns and ammunition room." She remained silent bouncing on her toes. She hadn't been this nervous since...well since her first escape from the Alliance b***.

10/9/2010 #143
Bleeding Perfection

"Ah," David said, putting the Gasser on the side table, "No, I didn't know that. I took a nap."

He stood, then piled all the weapons up. The Cross Punisher was the largest, so he piled all the other guns on top of it and used it as a table.

"Can you show me where the gun room is?" David said.

10/9/2010 #144
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Sky nodded in silence. She picked up a few of the weapons helping him transport them to the gun room. She pointed to the racks on the walls of the room. Each type of gun on the ship would be registered as legal for the ship to carry, she just hoped that her weapons wouldn't be recognized, as distinctive as they were.

As thoughts circled through her mind she began to shake. She hadn't let her mind go down this path for a long time, but she was getting flashes of memories that didn't make sense. She tried to suppress her fear but it wasn't working.

10/9/2010 #145
Bleeding Perfection

(Actually, I doubt the Graviton Beam Emitter would be legal at all. The only thing is, it's user-encoded, meaning that even if someone else pulls its trigger, only David can actually fire it. That would be helpful in proving its legality, even if it wasn't.)

David put his own weapons on a separate section of the rack. It's not that he'd forget where they were, because they really were unique weapons, but he just wanted to be able and sweep them all off the shelf in a hurry if he needed to. He didn't want to knock over anyone else's weapons, so that's why they were searated.

"Alrighty, when are we getting searched?" he said, sticking both hands into his pockets.

10/9/2010 #146

(Is Kihn within hearing range of this? who called him a bit ago? who is "she?" since there's so many PCs, please use names.)

10/9/2010 #147

Snowy Owl had been trained, both officially and onofficially, to hide his emotions. So it was that he avoid shaking his head at the hard-headedness he witnessed. His only expression of his bewilderment was a brief shutting of his eyes. Not only did they insist on kidnapping this doctor in order to get information the Snowy Owl could have given to them off the top of his head; not only did they insist on kidnapping when Snowy Owl could just ask the man for the information and it would be given freely and without reservation, to him; but now they were preparing to be searched?! His ident card might mean nothing to them, but it struck fear into the hearts of most on the inner planets. Even more would obey out of respect, if not out of fear, and the few who wouldn't tow the line would die by the hands of others to whom he gave the orders. All of which meant there was no need for subterfuge or force, beyond what he was already using as part of his cover. All they had to do was ask, and he could hand them whatever they wanted on a silver platter. But no, they were rebells and neo-browncoats, and they were going to do things on their own, and the hard way. He would just come along for the ride, wearing this ridiculous uniform, until they found something better for him to do.

Not for the first time, Snowy Owl questioned the wisdom of this chosen course of action. Maybe he should have just run. With his skill set getting a berth and an income wouldn't be a problem at all. He could have commandeered a ship and used it in his own personal campaign, commanding a crew of his choosing on missions of his choosing. Mal had made a reputation for himself, but he'd always been on the wrong side of the law. It would not be so with Snowy Owl. He would have been more similar to the pirates sanctioned by the British government on old earth to harass the Spanish traders. Or later, the independent contractors hired by the United States Department of Defense to "rebuild" or maintain security in nations they had conquered. The Alliance would never know he was playing them, his expense account would remain open and full, and he would continue carrying the title and authority and privilege that came with it.

But no, conscience had gotten in the way. He might do that eventually, but first he had to get River out, and breaking her out would just make the two of them a target. He needed help if he was to get her out while maintaining his good standing with the Alliance. And that's where these neo-brown coats came in. So he would just breath, rest his eyes now and then, go along with them and hope they didn't totally bungle the entire operation.

10/9/2010 #148
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Sky looked at David. She asked in a quiet voice, "Aren't you worried about the Alliance?"


Joe looked at Khin. "We always have to be searched." She said. "It is protocol for me being allowed to pilot a free ship. Outside of the inner planets they do not track my ship. It's also to make sure that no unwanted guests are on my boat. It doesn't matter who you are, flashing ident-cards doesn't mean anything now-a-days."

Crissie came into the hold. "Everything's ready. We've made sure there's proof that each weapon on board is legally obtained." The ship landed safely in the bay.

10/10/2010 #149
Bleeding Perfection

"I've got God," David said, "Why would I need to worry about anything?"

He finished putting all his weapons in the rack, then stepped back and turned to face Sky.

"Everything happens for a reason. I have no reason to worry about things that God planned."

10/10/2010 #150
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