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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Sky's eyes narrowed. What did he need to find her mother for? She shrugged. "Do whatever you have to do, just make sure my family isn't ripped to shreds further." She turned, walking deeper into the ship.

12/17/2010 #181
Bleeding Perfection

David didn't like the idea of leaving his guns behind. He wasn't about to be one of the ones without a weapon.

"I can be backup," he said, "If you need someone to bust you out really fast-like."

12/17/2010 #182
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Amber nodded. "Alright. We will follow Snowy Owl's lead. I will accompany you, as it is required that each party going off ship has a crew member on it." She grinned. "A real crew member, although you are quite convincing whatever role you play," she said to Khin.

After she said this Joe descended the stairs. "Alright, Crissie come with me." Following her was her boyfriend, as well as one extra crew member. "Crissie and I, as well as my party, are going to obtain our next transport." She glanced at the second mission. "Be as quick as possible. Also, for my cousin's sake be sure someone pays close attention when you meet her brother to see if he's alright." She turned, pulling her trench coast around her.

After they had gone Amber said, "Alright, man, what's the plan?"

12/18/2010 #183

(it's been months IRL, and my memory's not Snowy Owls. Can you remind me of just what they're doing at THIS hospital? I was confused about which hospital River was being held at, and which one this other doctor was at, and whether they were the same place or not. Are they getting confirmation from this doctor of something to do with River, or are they taking him back to the ship? Once I have the general idea down I can take it from there and make it up as I go, as much or as little as you want, depending on how much info you give me off the top. Please advise, via PMs, and thank you.)

12/19/2010 #184

(Just a reminder that some of the best PCs ever role played are waiting in the cargo bay to infiltrate an alliance something or other.)

1/17/2011 #185

(It's been nearly a year since anyone posted IC. Wait a minute, it's probably been a full year. May I delete this thread? My attempts to resurrect it failed.)

9/20/2011 #186
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