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(I'll delete the others if this one works.

This thread is all about fighting. You want to set your PC against another and fight to the finish? This is the place. Have at it.

The rules are the same as in other threads, with this addition:

-There will be absolutely no godmodding. This means that no player will at any time state the effects of any action upon any other PC. I don't care how obvious or inevitable those effects are. Let the other player state them.

If you mess up accidentally I'll advise you to edit or delete your post.

If you can not or will not, I'll do it for you.

If the problem persists, I'll basically ignore you and advise other players to do likewise.

Short of violations of the rules, if you don't like what someone does, either ignore them or leave. I don't want any OOC discussion of people's posts in this thread, unless it's a request for clarification of what a PC did.

All that being said,


6/23/2010 #1

The chevrons around the rim of the stargate lit up one after another, and then the area in the center of the ring was filled with some kind of a blue, fluid energy. Suddenly, a small humanoid form was spat from the center of the event horizon. It tumbled in the air and landed on all fours, sharp teeth bared and eyes ablaze.

Slowly it stood to its full height of five feet. It looked like a mongoose, except bigger, and with longer legs in proportion to its body, and wider, more defined shoulders. It wore drab green shorts and teeshirt, and a vest bristling with weapons. As it reached its full height, it went on getting taller. The fur retreated from its face and forelegs as opposable thumbs sprouted from its forepaws and its snout flattened into a human face. Then it looked like a 5'8" Kihn Waiting Bear vampire, with some fur.

He took a step forward away from the gate, as it shut down, and seemed to grow again, his cheekbones flattening somewhat, the rest of the fur disappearing, and his skin becoming even paler, like ivory. Now, as he walked, he looked very much like Antonious the ancient vampire. He made a couple more transitions before reaching a platform in the center of the arena and standing up to the lectern as a 5' Mongoose, again.

He spoke so all the Writer's Inc forums could hear.

"Is this what you wanted, Bleeding? Here I am, your equal in every physical and psychic way, unlike in the other threads. Come and get some!"

He hopped down from the platform and dropped into a kneeling position, shifting as he did so into the vampire Kihn and shouldering his shotgun. He waited with his back to the platform.

6/23/2010 . Edited 6/23/2010 #2

Tap... Tap... Tap...

"Beware the Jabberwock my son, the jaws that bite, the claws that catch..."

From one of the arena gates, a familiar sillohette, one of a lofty top hat...

"Beware the Jubjub bird and shun, the frumious Bandersnatch..."

The nearly silent ticking could be heard, and the swirl of a long coat made the shadow seem larger then life...

"`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves, did gyre and gimble in the wabe..."

His red eyes shone from the dark, as he finally stepped from the arena's tunnel, revealing himself in all his glory, in all his insanity. His dark grey overcoat looked freshly dusted, his white latex mask, still covering all but his robotic red eyes, looked freshly made, his tall, purple top hat never looking newer. His cane was clutched tightly in his gloved hands, and a casual glance at a pocket watch chased away any doubt in anyone's mind of his identity...

"All mimsy were the borogoves..." he said, in his tinny, electronic voice, as he continued his lesuirly stroll out towards the center of the arena...

"...And the mome raths outgrabe."

7/31/2010 #3

Finally, whatever had frozen this place seemed to dissipate. Kihn blinked. the Hatter! It had been a long time.

"Hello Hatter." He said as he focused down the shotgun's barrel at the other's center of mass.

"Wanna spar?"

7/31/2010 #4

"Why, I believe that's why I come here, besides the chance to make a dramatic entrance." his eyes focused on his opponent, quickly taking in all that there was to take in about him before he twirled his cane in one hand and placed it on his shoulder, like an umbrella... "Of course, I don't want to have an unfair advantage. Surely, that little toy in your hands is not all you have?"

7/31/2010 #5

Kihn shrugged, smirked a little, and fired the silver coated, liquid silver nitrate filed slug. Of course, the silver probably wouldn't have any negative effect on the Hatter beyond the impact itself, if it hit him, but Kihn didn't have time to re-load.

He had changed somewhat before coming here, since the last time he and Hatter had encountered each other. Now he launched himself in a flat dive through the air, following the bullet with the speed given him by several hundred years as a vampire. Not as strong or fast was he as his sire, Anthony, but still enough to hold his own against all he'd faced thus far.

The obvious move was a flying tackle. The obvious counters would be for Hatter to step aside or hold his umbrella so as to impale his attacker. Kihn did not complete the attack, instead shifting into the mongoose, touching his forepaws down to the earth to stop the forward momentum of his upper body. He continued the forward handspring into a scissor's kick even as he shifted back into vampire form, his legs growing to their normal length in their attempt to entangle the hatter by his neck.

7/31/2010 #6

Hatter twirled his cane to bat the bullet to the side, the liquid hissing loudly as it exploded over the ground nearby. He watched with mild facination as he saw the powers Kihn had collected... Vamprism (and without sparkles, no less!), shapeshifting, speed...

He jerked just slightly as his neck was wrapped, but otherwise didn't move as he dug his cane into the ground...

"Impressive..." he said, as he suddenly contorted his body to an unnatural position of a backwards curl to release himself from the scissor grip, snapping his neck just for show... "You've garnered some new skills, I see..." the clockwork man twirled his cane again, possibly just for show as he stepped back, and a long blade extended from the cane. He gained a focused look as he went into a fencing stance...

"Have at you!" he cried as he thrusted his blade forward with impressive power...

7/31/2010 #7

From somewhere above there was a dark chuckle. A pair of dark red eyes stared down from above. Black fur helped her blend with the shadows. She flicked her tail, a soft purr eminating from somewhere deep within her chest. The fight was entertaining to her, but she had no quarrel with these men, whom both she knew as friends. Addison flashed her fangs in a toothy smile, waiting for a specific character of Bleeding to appear. She growled at the thought, suddnely swinging her strong, large paw at a nearby wall, her claws sending sparks. He was the one she wanted to fight...

7/31/2010 #8
Bleeding Perfection
From nowhere and everywhere at once came a sadistic laugh. It began as a low chuckle, then grew into the sound of pure insanity. The room darkened, and dust began to swirl in a counter-clockwise fashion, as if to attempt the reversing of time. Of course, that wouldn't happen, but it didn't matter. The wind and the dust began to swirl faster and faster, spinning rings of dirt appearing, headed toward the center of the Arena. The dust rings pulled together and converged, and a bright red glow appeared in their center. Wind ascended vertically at high speed, almost as if it was a tube wrapped around the glow. Suddenly, there was a large explosion of wind, and all the dust flew outward. When it all cleared, a man could be seen standing in the center of the arena. He wore multiple swords, such as a katana, a blade gun, and most noticable of them all, a large buster sword strapped to his back. He began to speak in a dark voice, one that could only be a manifestation of his insanity. "Well it looks like you're already here waiting for me," He said, "It's been a while since we got out of that city, eh, Kihn?"
7/31/2010 #9

Almost as though it acted of its own will, or instinct, a long, narrow, double edged saber lifted in Kihn's had from its scabbard at his side, barely deflecting the Hatter's cane a millimeter to the outside as Kihn drew it, saving him from damage.

The moment the tip of the blade was free of the scabbard, about the time that the Hatter's forward momentum spent itself, the blade flicked outward and upward from Hatter's lower right toward his center. Whether the metal of the saber, forged using the similar techniques used by the Samauri in the fashioning of their legendary blades, except with adamantium, would cut through the Hatter's material remained to be seen. If not, Kihn could at least hope it would maintain its structural integrity and serve as a good, slim club.

Then the dust did its thing. Kihn remained focused on Hatter, continuing to spar with him. Then, out of the dust, whatsisname appeared behind Kihn.

"A little busy here!" Kihn shouted as he responded to Hatter's latest move (I'm assuming I have three or four rounds with Dread in the time it took Bleeding's character to appear, so we're a bit in the future here)

Another move (to be determined as we play it out.)

"And I thought we already did our business in that other place with the levels."

7/31/2010 #10

Addison's claws shimmered as she moved back onto all fours, staring down at the new figure. She growled, but remained in place....

7/31/2010 #11
Bleeding Perfection
(Ok Addison, it's not Dragon Guy, and Mongoose, it's not Jason... It's Kale. The sadistic masochitic hunter from Most Dangerous Game.)
7/31/2010 #12

Hatter didn't reply, focusing on his moves. His ultra slim clockwork body moved quickly and tightly, and though the blade had been split with Kihn's first move, Hatter adjusted accordingly, and now fought with a forked blade, his style a bit more defensive so that Kihn's blows glanced off his sword as opposed to striking and cutting into it.

He gave a soft noise of exsertion as he spun backwards, his movements almost a dance as he removed his hat and flung it at Kihn. The razor legs shot out of it and spread, aiming to clamp the vampire and pin him to the ground...

7/31/2010 #13
Bleeding Perfection
Kale frowned. "I was hoping for a more enthusiastic welcome," Kale said, drawing his red bladed curved sword, "You're no fun."
7/31/2010 #14

Addison leapt to the ground, making herself known for the first time. As she slowly began to approach them, she shifted to her human form, her brown hair falling down past her shoulders. She was wearing black fighting gear. There was a black sword at her waist, and two daggers in her boots. She smirked. She didn't need the weapons. She could, and had killed many with her powers...

"First girl brave enough to enter the arena? I can live with that..."

7/31/2010 #15
Bleeding Perfection
Kale tilted his head to look at the new girl. "Are you any fun?" He said, "Would you be a fun fight? I doubt it."
7/31/2010 #16

Addison growled, eyeing the man, then changed back into her panther form. "Nah, I don't eat junk food..." she growled playfully

7/31/2010 #17

Kihn hadn't aimed to split the Hatter's blade, only to deflect it. The fact that his aim was off, even by a quarter of a millimeter, disturbed him. But he didn't have time to worry about that, as the Hatter deflected his re-post, and launched his hat.

Kihn stepped forward toward the hat, even as it flew at him, and launched himself off of his forward foot, throwing his body up into the air. As he flipped over the path of the hat, he thrust his blade downward so as to pierce the top of the hat.

Even as he completed his mid-air turn, his feet coming down to land, he used his blade to fling the hat back at the Hatter. In the move, neither Kihn's nor the hat's momentum was fully stopped. Only the direction was changed.

(It's all the same to me. A hostile character written by Bleeding is a hostile character written by bleeding. I realize that a writer will try to differentiate between their PCs, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.)

7/31/2010 #18

Hatter raised his arm, and the hat latched onto it, then crawled up and placed itself back on his head. Inside, a few sparks could be seen popping here and there, as Hatter frowned slightly... "Hm. I suppose the seamstress will have to take care of that later..." He pulled his long white scarf slightly to tighten it, before he retracted the sword into his cane, and then the cane itself folded up. He slipped it into his pocket, then pulled out one that looked extremely similar. He unfurled it, revealing it to have a boxy form on top of it.

He positioned it on his arm, raising his hat out of the way as he sprung a scope from this new cane, and began to fire razor sharp playing cards towards Kihn, his robotic eyes following the vampire's movement and adjusting his aim accordingly...

7/31/2010 #19

(I guess I'm supposed to assume that he did all that at some kind of supernatural speed.)

Kihn landed from his forward flip, overrotating slightly, launching himself in a flat dive into Hatter's center of mass. This move took him just under the first cards. The next few sliced through his clothes and glanced off his back plate just as he (if Hatter doesn't do anything to prevent this) planted his shoulder into where the Hatter's solar plexus would have been.

7/31/2010 #20

No, to slow. And a bit out of practice. Hatter's head snapped to the side and hung at an unnatural angle. He huffed angrily and set his cane gun in the crook of his arm, before he reached up and snapped his head back into place with a loud wrenching sound... "That was unpleasent..." he said, rolling his neck slightly to make sure the servos still functioned, before he lifted his gun again and began to fire. At the same time, he raised his hat, letting the mechanical spider that hid inside it climb out and onto his arm...

7/31/2010 #21
Bleeding Perfection
"Junk food, you say?" In the space of merely a couple microseconds, Kale teleported to right behind the new girl. Within the teleport, he had added a spin to his movement, with which he used to base the momentum of his sword thrust upon. The move would instantly sever her spinal cord, but that was only if she stayed in the same place. Kale dearly hoped that she'd dodge the move. It would be a severe dissapointment to kill her in a single blow.
7/31/2010 #22

Addison closed her eyes and teleported suddnely a few feet away, back in her human/vampire form, her fangs growing as she smiled.

"Oooh. Fiesty are we?"

She growled playfully. "Are we fighting to kill, or merely sparring... cuz I'd hate to have to eat you..."

7/31/2010 #23

(So he's still standing? Kihn hit him in the stomach and his head fell to the side. Not what I'd imagined happening, but okay.)

Kihn was, again, a little surprised that the Hatter didn't give at all when he collided with him. What? Was the man rooted to the ground? Wasn't there a physical law that said that he was supposed to move when force was applied to him? If Kihn was to come out of this without a great deal of damage, he'd have to stop making assumptions.

He leapt away from the Hatter, who then started firing his gun. Kihn dove out of the way of the first few shots, retrieved his saber -- when had it left his hand? -- and deflected most of the rest of the clip with that. At the same time he drew a pistol with his left hand, firing off teflon coated 10mm rounds as quickly as the action would work. His aim was good, especially for firing with his weak hand.

A few of Hatter's rounds made it past the saber, impacting his armor, pushing him backward. He managed to keep his footing, however, turning sideways to present a smaller target.

7/31/2010 #24

((O.o I thought the solar plexus was on your head... My bad...))

Hatter grunted as he was slammed with the bullets, stumbling back with each hit as he lost the grip on his gun and it clattered to the dusty ground. He managed to reach up and slap the spider on his hand, causing the little thing to rearrange it's mechanical "legs" to give Hatter a long, claw like hand...

Gears and damaged electrical points were exposed through the Hatter's torn coat. With a quick flick of his wrist, he pulled another card from his coat as he slapped it on the ground, and a puff of orangish smoke covered the immidiat area, giving Hatter time to rush through it and attempt to spear his foe...

Hatter knew alot about Vampires and their weaknesses. Sunlight burned them like a lazer, but obiously, since Kihn was out in teh sun, he'd found a way to circumvent that weakness. Water burned them like acid, but the Bandersnatch wasnt here, else it would most likely all be over. So that left impaling through the heart, and Hatter intended to try, hoping it would stop him once and for all...

((I assume that the rules state that a death counts as a loss instead of a death.))

7/31/2010 #25

(Think of it like a video game. You can always quit and start over. Or accumulate lives. Or use a cheat you found out about on a help forum. Whatever. So death is fine, and so is resurrection or the creation of other characters, holograms, cloans, androids or whatever suits your fancy. It's just a place to spar.)

It looked like Kihn's shots had their intended effect, so he ceased firing and holstered his pistol, taking the saber in a two handed grip held across his body, which was still side on to the Hatter, with the tip forward and up at about head height, the hilt back and down in front of his stomach, and waited for the Hatter to recover, or whatever else he chose to use the break in the action to do.

As it turned out, a smoke screen. Kihn had seen a soldier use that once in Asia, and you never could tell what was coming. So he stood ready.

Not quite ready enough. Hatter's attack came quickly, and aimed dead on. Why had Kihn not moved when the smoke was released? He managed to move the incoming blade aside just a bit, and it pierced a lung. The pain was incredible, and he wondered briefly if he'd have to exit this place and recover. But only briefly. Quiting wasn't his way.

With the Hatter's blade through him the Hatter was well within range, and with the preternatural speed and strength that Kihn had, though it was waning as he lost blood, he slammed the hilt of his saber into the Hatter's head as many times as he could.

(Oh, BTW, I may have failed to mention, but there's a U.V. screen over the arena. Any vamp would be fine indefinitely. And it's only Holy Water that would hurt Kihn, but even that's questionable since some other PC from the Dangerous Game (I forget his name!) revealed that Kihn's body is animated by nanites, not by a demon. All of that to say that Kihn is a different sort of creature now than the Hatter knows about. That way I get to/have to make up what effect any given attack will have on him. In this case, blade through the lung = pain, blood loss, and relative weakness. what would a blade through the heart do? how about a wooden blade? How about decapitation? How about silver? I get to/have to decide all of these things as we go along. There aren't many rules.)

7/31/2010 #26

((Cool. ^^ I like this rp already. Oh, and when I showed the Vampire's weaknesses, I was going off of three sources; Bram Stoker, Castlevania, and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, all of which cross reference nicely. According to them, young or weak vampires are killed by any water contact, so... I'm not sure if you would apply those or where you get your vampire information. Care to share? :3))

"Ow, ow ow!" Hatter said, trying to fend off the blows. Though the whacks really didn't hurt, it annoyed Hatter greatly to think of the damage he would have to repair, and it was causing static to flow over his robotic eyes... "My word! Do you know how hard it is to get dents out of this skull plate???" The clockwork man lifted the vampire over his head with his makeshift claw, then tossed him away. He muttered angrily as he reached beneath his mask to readjust his eyes, then stepped forward, his claw outstretched as he commented,

"Was I to bring a wooden stake and a vial of holy water, I'd say this would all be done by now..." he reached into his torn coat with his unclawed hand and snapped another cane open, resting on it as he said, "As it is, things may be a little slow. I apologise in advance for the pain I'm causing you." Then he slashed again, trying to make more stabbing motions to take out the undead creature...

7/31/2010 #27
Bleeding Perfection
Kale smirked. The girl could teleport, too? This was gonna be fun. In a flash movement, Kale launched his knuckle bowie at the girl. If she blocked it, he would telport to retrieve the knife, and thrust the red blade at her stomach. If she dodged it, he would appear behind her and hold his blade to her neck. He would be sure to make skin contact, in case she tried to teleport away. Either one was possible.
8/1/2010 #28

(My sources are multiple as well. My primary source is Anne Rice. I didn't realize it until recently, but her vamps tend to be far more powerful than many of the others I've seen since reading her books. Secondly, I suppose Blade, at least in the first movie, and Moonlight. Now, Blade, apparently, aged as a half vamp. My PCs aren't half anything, and they don't age as vamps. Moonlight was significantly different from Rice, and I had trouble suspending disbelief, but in that lore a wooden stake through the heart would paralyze but wouldn't kill a vamp. Sun was hardly more harmful to the vamp than it would be to a light skinned norseman. Mine are more susceptible than that to sunlight, though, if they're old enough they can continue to function at a reduced level. Wearing sun blocking clothing and sunblock itself helps them tremendously. Holy objects, including water and crosses, had no effect on any of the vamps in any of these stories except that many of them chose to avoid holy objects in the same way that we might avoid . . . opening an umbrella inside?)

8/1/2010 #29

As the Hatter tossed Kihn and re-adjusted his eyes, Kihn willed himself onto a floating platform about 15 feet off the ground. He was fairly sure the Hatter didn't see him get up there, at least not very clearly. As his wound began to heal and the Hatter monologued, Kihn face suddenly crinkled up (Angel), his eyes blazing, his fangs showing, his claws growing a little and becoming hard and sharp (Underworld). He hissed in that way unique to vampires, and waited, crouched, for the Hatter's attack.

(I'll wait for the hatter to get up to the platform to respond to the Hatter's attacks.)

8/1/2010 #30
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