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(This isn't a place for stories, BTW. Please shorten your posts enough that other PCs can interact with yours. Thanks.)

"You two about done?" Antonious asked, just loud enough for both of them to hear him through the heat of battle. "Because if you are, I suggest you prepare to spar, or leave. This isn't a place for killing or destroying ill matched opponents."

Just in-case someone tried to ignore him, he telekinetically yanked the two of them apart. It was possible that this new-comer beating up on Judith was comparable to him in power, but doubtful that he was any more powerful. And even if that were the case, there were multiple advantages and options if the newcomer should choose to show that his power was greater than that of Antonious'. Or, if he chose to use his power not to challenge Antonious, but instead to try to get past him and resume his assault on Judith, it would be relatively easy for Antonious to hinder him, even if Antonious were less powerful.

2/23/2011 #271


The man turned to Antonious after being lightly pushed away from Judith. He seemed to notice he had an audience for the first time.

"Interesting," he said, adjusting his shades. "A newcomer."

His eyes seemed to glow an unnatural blue for a moment, visible even behind the red-tinted sunglasses. "Spar, you say? What is your name?"

He took off the sunglasses, holding them in his right hand.


Judith was still coughing, but there was still an ego in her battered body. Her face held an expression of disbelief. Ill matched?


Another person arrived through the portal, also seeming to have been in the midst of battle.

She held a small rifle, with thick smoke pouring out of the barrel; wore a black, nearly skintight body armor suit, which had several scorch marks across the front and the left side. They appeared to be bullet ricochets.

On the right side of her chest, the armor bore the greek letter for Omega. There was also a number 3 next to it, indicating the variant.

She receded her helmet with an internal command from the suit's AI. The metal seemed to liquify as it traveled down her neck and joined with the rest of her armor.

Colonel Andrea Kovic smiled when the helmet finished receding.

2/23/2011 . Edited 2/23/2011 #272

"Yes, spar," Antonious said, "and my name is Antonious De Isigney." He nodded to the man who had just spoken.

Another person entered the arena. Now this was more like it. More people to spar with. Hopefully there'd be one for him and one for Kihn, one for the powerful guy (played by bleeding) and hopefully one of them could match up against each of the three that had just popped in through the portals. Maybe the powerful guy could go up against the one who had just spoken, or Antonious could. But that all depended on the others, since antonious wasn't about to attack anyone just now.

Kihn just stood where he was, waiting for something to happen that involved him.

2/23/2011 #273

"Oi!" Andrea said. She walked over to the man with the saber (assuming Antonious didn't sheath his saber). "Name's Andrea. Wanna spar?"

She noticed that he was focused on someone else, so she turned to the other man near him.

"Are you interested in a two-on-two?" She suggested.

2/23/2011 . Edited 2/23/2011 #274

"I could only team up with Kihn," Antonious said to Andrea, nodding to the Native American vampire dressed in jungle infantry garb standing a little behind him and to the side, "But I could go just against you." He looked back at the other two. "That applies to any of you, and if I am more powerful than you, I'll just hold back a bit and hope for the same courtesy. I really don't want to have to crawl out of here."

2/23/2011 #275

"Fair enough," she said.

With that, she drew the suit's helmet back onto her head, using the same process as before, only in reverse.

2/24/2011 #276

(I don't recall what Antonious did with his sword, so here goes.)

"Very Good."

Antonious stepped back into a fencer's ready position, drew his saber, saluted the helmeted woman with the blade, and stood ready. Would she respond in kind, with a blade, or would he have to use his to block bullets or plasma or electricity or something in a moment? There was no telling, apart from reading her mind, which he would wait to do until/unless it proved necessary, so he just stood.

2/24/2011 #277

She noted his stance, and for a moment wondered what he was waiting for. In a moment she realized it.

"Oh, this?" She indicated the rifle in her hand, then dropped it. "It's empty. Besides, that's not the strongest weapon I have."

She stood, her knees slightly bent, ready for an attack.

2/24/2011 #278

She wanted him to attack? Okay. Antonious had no idea what her powers were like, so he again decided to start slow, mortal like, and work his way toward more dangerous and preternatural attacks and defenses as appropriate.

He sheithed his sword. He already stood with his right side facing her, so he launched himself off of his left foot, right snapping outward so as to jab the ball of his right foot, clad in moccasin like shoe, into her center of mass. His movement was certainly quick, but no more so than that of Earth's best mortal martial artists.

2/24/2011 . Edited 2/24/2011 #279

He was fast, but Andrea was more than a match for this level.

She countered by batting away the leg with her left hand, then moving into his guard and driving her right armored fist for his abdomen, aiming at the solar plexus.

She was interested in seeing how he'd dodge or block this one.


The man with the shades watched, keeping an eye on Judith.

2/24/2011 . Edited 2/24/2011 #280

Right foot batted to the outside, Antonious' right, he stepped down onto it, weight still balanced.

Andrea's fist was coming at his abdomen. His right hand swept down and outward a bit, to his right, her left, blocking the jab and, presumably, forcing her to turn to her inside, or left a bit.

This put him closer to her, his right foot to her left, and her right side toward him. Before her momentum from her jab was exhausted, he pivoted on his right foot, bringing his left forward, and throwing his left fist into her right side or back, depending on how much she turned as a result of his sweeping block of her jab. By pivoting his left side toward her, while punching with his left fist, he increased the force of the blow significantly.

He moved faster in this sequence than he had been, his speed and force comparable to that seen in the new vampires on the TV shows "Buffy" or "Angel." A skilled mortal might still resist or evade, but it would prove quite difficult, and the blow would temporarily disable most, especially if it contacted the kidney or a nerve cluster in the lower back.

2/27/2011 #281

(Let me know if I'm incorrect on this echo.)

As Andrea sent her fist towards his abdomen, Antonious swept his right hand down and outward to the right, which also pushed her arm to the right. Her momentum carried her forward, almost next to Antonious. The right side of her back was exposed.

He presumably took advantage of this to its full potential, building momentum for his left side. He brought his left foot forward and threw his fist, multiplying the force of the blow. It seemed to be aimed for her lower back.

A move like that would be debilitating, especially if it hit her kidney or a nerve cluster. Andrea picked a lesser evil than either target.

She used an impromptu transition; she shifted the momentum of her punch to a frontflip. Not to evade the attack; that was beyond her ability. It was to misplace his strike.

Andrea bent over at the stomach, planting both hands on the floor and launching her feet upward as she twisted the lower part of her body. Antonious' fist struck the rear of her right thigh, where an instant before there had been a good target.

It slightly pushed Andrea off balance, but she managed to complete the front flip/twist and continued into a handspring. She landed upright a few feet from Antonious.

2/27/2011 #282

It was a good response, Andrea's front handspring to partially evade his strike, and it indicated several things.

1. She was still quicker than opponents who would have fallen to his attack

2. She could think and act on the fly

3. She was agile

Time to step it up yet again.

Were he human, or a young vampire, or inexperienced, he might have tried another kick. It would close the distance to her. But she'd blocked the first kick. Time for something different.

She might be able to dodge this, but he willed himself to move significantly more quickly than humanly possible as he launched himself in a front whip flip off his near foot, so as to bring the heal of his back foot down onto her near shoulder. this would have the same effect as the vulcan nerve pinch if accurate, or if not, still might break bone.

2/27/2011 #283

Antonious had launched into a front flip and---


He was faster than before, much faster. Andrea had blinked carelessly and almost missed the startup.

His rear foot was extended, meant to hit her either on the head or the shoulder. Andrea didn't plan to find out which.

She shifted to the side quickly, ordering her suit's AI to increase the output to 30 percent. With that, she raised her arm nearest to his target.

It was a simple science of fighting. If the arm had been placed perpendicular to the strike, it would have been shattered easily. But since it was nearly parallel, the damage would be much less, if it was existent. This was the same strategy used against weapons such as pipes or baseball bats.

Antonious' intent was revealed: he was aiming for the shoulder of Andrea's raised arm. It fell to the outside of her guard, brushing against the outside of her arm and passing downward, past the armpit, the abdomen, the hip...

Most of the force only hit the ground; for the most part Andrea was unscathed.

She sped up to match him.

Before his foot had landed, Andrea had already rushed him, closing the already small distance with ease. She folded her raised arm and brought it down toward his head; her elbow, upon connecting with his nose, would probably break it like a fresh carrot.

2/28/2011 #284

Antonious had to use more power, accelerating more as everything else seemed to go into slow motion, to avoid the elbow to the nose. He grinned a little. This was good. She was using technology, but it would make things more interesting if she could actually keep up with him, even a little.

All he did was basically to twist sideways such that her elbow glanced off his collar bone. But then his knee was up into her abdomen, and his own left elbow was aimed at her back, right between her shoulder blades. This was turning into a very close in, high speed street style fight at preternatural speeds. How fast could she go, he wondered? He would keep ramping it up until one of them could go no faster. Given that he'd bested all the vamps and vamp hunters that had come for him, including those that could fight entirely with the power of their minds, and had gained their power, that would be quite fast.

2/28/2011 #285

He was faster than before. Exasperatingly so.

Andrea was a little surprised at this. He was now moving at an inhuman speed-- her speed.

The elbow strike hit between her shoulder blades, dead-on. Before that he'd launched a knee into her abdomen. And they were breath-stealing blows.

If she hadn't had sentinel conditioning, Andrea would be on the floor, coughing up a lung or doing something equally painful. As it was, though, she managed to take the knee strike and the blow to her back with a quiet gasp for each.

Andrea stumbled away from the last blow, trying to paste a new plan together in her mind. She raised the suit's output to 120 percent, but did nothing to reveal it.

The suit's output power was limitless; it would be the body that gave out first. At least, she thought it would. All the times she'd used the suit, she never had to go beyond 300. Hopefully now would not be the day.

2/28/2011 #286

Antonious fell back into a defensive posture, facing her almost straight on, right hand held open, palm down, in front of his abdomen and pointing toward her, left hand also open, palm outward, held a little in front of the center of his chest, legs spread and knees deeply bent.

She was doing something and he chose not to try to read her mind to find out what. He couldn't see her eyes through the mask on her helmet, so he'd have to read the balance of her hips and shoulders. So it was that he let his eyes de-focus, taking in the reflected light from her entire torso area and a little above and below, rather than focusing on any one limb of other point.

(How far DO you want to take it? It's been a long time since I role played a spar or fight with a character who was a match for Antonious. I think the Hatter played by the Dread Meteriord was the last. Point being, I haven't defined just HOW fast he can move, though I have some ideas. I am willing to have him be beaten but we're only maybe a third of the way to his top speed at this point, I figure. His power is comparable to that of Lestat from "the Queen of the . . ." Let me know, if you care, or we can just keep playing and see where it goes. I'm enjoying it.)

2/28/2011 #287

(Let's duke it out. XD )

Andrea stood and waited, now at a temporary stalemate with her opponent.


Despite themselves, Judith and her captor watched with a distant fascination.

3/2/2011 #288

Antonious took several quick, shuffling steps forward and began with a right fist jab aimed at her shoulder. He followed this up in quick succession with a left cross punch aimed at the right side of her jaw and a right upper cut aimed to hit the under side of her chin, all delivered with the same vampiric speed and power that he used in his last move.

3/4/2011 #289

Antonious moved.

He started with a right jab for the shoulder, but at the same speed as earlier.

Andrea took this blow and the next, a cross to the jaw. Both hurt, understandably.

But for the last one, a right uppercut-- Andrea stepped to the left, her movements now a blur. She took advantage of the opening to launch a punch intended to strike his right side, just below the ribcage.

3/4/2011 #290

Antonious took the blow to the side, but clamped his arm down on hers, trapping it, and twisted savagely so as to use her arm as a lever, the point where her fist hit his side as the fulcrum, so as to throw her. If it worked and she were the usual weight of someone her size, she ought to be propelled a good ten feet or more before slowing down. There were lots of obstacles that she might run into along the way.

The blow hurt, but there was no expulsion of air as there might have been in response to such an attack on a mortal human. His blood rushed to the area, repairing the broken capilaries within seconds. The bruise would last a minute or two.

3/4/2011 #291

Antonious had grabbed her attacking arm and struck her side, intending to use that as leverage to throw her. The move succeeded and sent her straight for a nearby pillar, though Andrea managed to orient herself in midair so as to land feet first.

She let gravity take over and carry her to the floor. She landed upright, of course.

Andrea waited for Antonious' next move, pondering how he had no reaction to the punch she landed.

3/4/2011 #292

Antonious stood still and watched her acrobatics. Nice. He waited till the ache left his side. There'd be no point in using speed at this point, as she was ready for him, unless that speed were significantly greater than hers. She'd already proved herself to be fast.

Antonious changed his tactics a little, moving in cautiously, maintaining a low stance, arms and legs ready to repel any attacks she might throw his way.

As soon as he was in range, he threw a few more punches at her torso, but not the quick succession blows like before. He was specifically waiting for a good opening.

3/4/2011 #293

It seemed like he was waiting on something. Maybe looking for an exploit. Andrea wasn't sure. She parried the blows he threw at her as she waited for him to make a move.

Her arms were starting to get sore. Even a small pecentage over 100 percent, and she was already feeling it.

3/4/2011 #294

It was time for something different. Antonious threw a blow at her shoulder, much as he had been doing. When she moved her arm to block it, he stepped in close, hooking his other arm under the arm she'd used to block his blow. He grasped her wrist with the hand he'd used to strike at her, and using the crook in his other elbow as the fulcrum and her arm as the lever, attempted to throw her. But the difference was that, if he succeeded in throwing her, he did not release her, but instead maintained his grip on her wrist as she fell. Again, only if he succeeded to this point, he stepped over her falling body, twisting her arm in the process, and went down with her for a pin.

3/6/2011 #295

Antonious had sent a blow to Andrea's shoulder. She blocked this, of course, but that was only the beginning.

He closed in and hooked an arm under hers, the one she blocked the attack with. He grasped her wrist with the other hand and began a throw, maintaining his grip on her wrist.

She gasped as she slammed into the floor on her back. The faceplate of her helmet cracked in several places. Antonious stepped over her and twisted her arm by the wrist, forcing her to turn on her stomach(I'm assuming).

Andrea grunted and struggled under his weight. She hadn't given up, not even at this point.

3/6/2011 #296

(Sure. I wasn't specific, so that works as well as anything.)

Her struggling wouldn't do if he wanted to bring this spar to a close. Antonious threw his full weight onto her back, lying across her, his legs splayed outward to keep her from throwing him off, as he kept her arm pinned between his chest and her back. This was generally a bad position for her to be in, unless she had something planned that he chose not to pull from her mind, even now.

3/6/2011 #297

Antonious fully intended to end the fight, so he had brought his full weight on Andrea.

She grunted again in surprise, but continued to no avail.

No choice, she thought with gritted teeth.

She raised the suit's output to 350 percent. The power suddenly coursed through the suit, and her movements were amplified.

In one moment, she'd raised herself and her opponent slightly with her free arm.

The next, she got her feet under herself with the free space she had won.

The next, she launched them both upward with all the strength she could muster. The leap sent them rocketing toward the ceiling, where they would supposedly crash.

3/6/2011 #298

(guess you added the ceiling. okay.)

Antonious could fly with the best of them, and he didn't try to counter her upward blast. Instead he arched backward, still holding her tightly, flying just under the ceiling such that she was held between him and the ceiling as they flew, upside down.

3/6/2011 #299

(I thought this a closed off area with a ceiling. Um. My bad.)

Andrea plowed into the ceiling with a skull-rattling force, feeling something move in her stomach with the force. The cracks in the helmet began to grow with the impact. Bits of stone cracked loose and fell to the floor, along with her and her apparent rider.

Her arms ached, her legs were burning. Andrea panted quietly with her efforts.

Andrea didn't want to use the suit's specific powers to throw Antonious off. That would have to wait, at least for now.

While they were in free fall, she used the bolstered strength of the suit in an attempt to wrench her arm free from Antonious' grip. If the move failed, then Andrea would know for sure that he wasn't human. Which wasn't much of a surprise, given all that he had already done.

3/7/2011 #300
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