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Bleeding Perfection

(If you read back a bit, Arem opened it up when she introduced her sand-controlling character. And Cole also entered the arena from above. Speaking of cole, I need to bring him back in. And Machina, too.)

3/7/2011 #301

(That's the second time I made an easily avoidable mistake. :( )

3/7/2011 #302

(Mongoose, would Kihn be interested in fighting a normal human? And Bleeding, where is Cole? Or Machina?)

The man with the sunglasses was clearly interested in the events. He put said item back on.

Earlier, there had been an entity that seemed powerful, but had disappeared. But there were two others. The man would find one of the two and issue a small challenge. Not to the death or anything like that. A brief fight, and then he would be on his way.

He looked down at Judith. "You're free to go."

With that he let go of her.

Judith stared at him for a moment, then stood and walked to a pillar, where she could watch the battles.

3/8/2011 #303

(People, calm down. It's cool. Roof, no roof, it's up to you. If, when your PC is sparring, you want a roof, put a roof in there. If, when your PC is sparring, you don't want a roof, take the roof off. Or here's a novel idea: There's a hole in the roof big enough to admit your PC. Maybe a PC made the hole earlier, or maybe it was just there. Like I said at the beginning, you can make and re-make the arena according to the needs of the spar.

Kihn would be interested in sparring with a normal human, though, being now a vampire, it would be an uneven match. I could make him a normal human again. Some kind of time warp thing. Or I could bring in Future Anthony, who is a human. Long story. Let me know what you want.)

3/9/2011 #304

(Whichever you prefer. Here comes another female protagonist, who happens to be from my book.)

Alicia (nicknamed Alice) fell through the portal in what looked to be the end of a dive. She landed on her back, a Beretta in hand, and she turned and fired through the portal to who or what was chasing her.

After that she rolled to the side quickly, expecting retaliation. When none came, she relaxed slightly, but kept her weapon steady.

She wore a bullet-resistant vest over a dark blue, long-sleeved shirt. The back of the vest was speckled with sand from her fall. There was a small cut on her left leg that bled through the pants she wore. Her boots were a dull black, clearly having been in significant use.

Alicia stood and holstered the gun, then brushed her short, blonde hair in an attempt to remove some of the sand. Then she turned and looked for an opponent, seeing as she knew where she was, and why.

3/9/2011 . Edited 3/9/2011 #305

Kihn Waiting Bear watched the woman fall through the portal and fire her Berretta back through it. That was strange. He didn't hear the firing pin drop, or the explosion in the chamber. He didn't see the bullet fly. All of which meant that his perceptions and reflexes were back to being human. Which would be a disadvantage as compared to many of the characters here. He slowly brought his hand up to rest on the pistol grip of the shotgun attached to his load bearing vest. It felt like it was fully loaded again, but he didn't bother to check. He would do that if this new-comer didn't attack him.

The vest was in a woodland camo pattern, and was worn over dirty, well worn, somewhat loose fitting Mossy Oak camouflage tights, tops and bottoms. Funny combination, he knew, but they worked well for him.

(I'm not sure how to describe the clothes. They're designed to fit more closely than standard BDUs and whatnot. They aren't as tight as the tights worn in athletic competitions (which really isn't all that tight) but they are stretchy and fit close to the body, and are designed to move with the body.)

3/9/2011 . Edited 3/9/2011 #306

Alicia saw a man standing a distance away, and it was evident that he'd been watching the whole thing. Was he looking to spar?

Alicia asked him for his name.

3/9/2011 #307

"Call me the Snowy Owl, Owl for short." Kihn replied, tentatively reaching out a calloused hand. He was a somewhat shorter than the average Native American man, with long, hard muscles built for running, swimming and other endurance athletics.

"And where, pray tell, did you come from?"

3/9/2011 #308

"Long story short, an ambush," Alicia said. "Which became a very big shootout."

She stole a glance back to the portal uneasily, literally expecting a truck to barrel through. Since nothing happened, she turned and shook Snowy Owl's hand.

"Cute name," she said, smiling. "Call me Alice."

3/9/2011 . Edited 3/9/2011 #309

That didn't answer his question, but at least she spoke his language and wore familiar looking clothes. Hopefully she didn't have any ginormous weapons hidden anywhere.

"So, do you need some time to recover, or would you like to spar?" he asked her.

3/9/2011 #310

"Nah, I'm good. Ready when you are." She took the Beretta from its holster and fired it into the air once.

The slide locked back after the spent cartridge had been expelled. It had been Alice's last bullet, at least in the clip, and she knew it.

After that Alice set the weapon on the ground, then unzipped and dropped the vest next to the gun. She pushed up the sleeves of her shirt, looked to Owl, waited.

3/10/2011 #311

(I think I got lost. What was the last thing that happened between Anthony and the person he was sparring with?)

Kihn grinned a little de-spite himself, and copied her gestures, ejecting shells from his shotgun and removing the clip from his pistol. He left both attached to his vest and lay it on the ground off to the side. That done, he stretched a little, and returned to face her. He did the quick fist to palm bow thing, and then turned at a 45 degree angle, one fist up to guard his face, the other held in front of his abdomen, and hopped about just a bit.

He waited for her to either make the first move, or to show a vulnerability.

3/10/2011 #312

(If you mean Antonious, he was latched onto Andrea's back, and she jumped to part of the ceiling. Reposting...)

Andrea plowed into the ceiling with a skull-rattling force, feeling something move in her stomach with the force. The cracks in the helmet began to grow with the impact. Bits of stone cracked loose and fell to the floor, along with her and her apparent rider.

Her arms ached, her legs were burning. Andrea panted quietly with her efforts.

Andrea didn't want to use the suit's specific powers to throw Antonious off. That would have to wait, at least for now.

While they were in free fall, she used the bolstered strength of the suit in an attempt to wrench her arm free from Antonious' grip. If the move failed, then Andrea would know for sure that he wasn't human. Which wasn't much of a surprise, given all that he had already done.

End of repost


Alice nodded respectfully when he bowed, with the palm of one hand cupping the fist of his other.

She took a fighting stance as he did so; her chest facing him directly, unlike his own; her right arm guarded the upper part of her body, as the left guarded the lower. Both her arms were open, relaxed.

She heard the sound of something impacting with stone, and she flickered her eyes to the side for a split second to see what it was.

3/10/2011 . Edited 3/10/2011 #313

Alice's eyes flicked, and Kihn dove. It was something like a football player's tackle. He didn't plot it. He didn't plan it. He just dove, so as to plant his shoulder in her ribs and knock her over backward. He attempted to wrap his long arms around behind her, knees and to lift her off her feet as he came. It was a risky move in the event that the person was ready to step aside when you came, which was why he kept his head up and watching until the last possible instant.


Antonious did maintain his grip. He wasn't, after all, human, but rather a 2000 year old vampire of the Anne Rice variety, or something close in terms of power. This being the case, he continued to hold her after they landed.

"What else you got in that suit, girlie?" He asked, attempting to project the thought into her mind just in-case she had any doubt of his nature and capability. It carried with it genuine humor, however, and appreciation of the sport that had been made possible by the suit.

"I wonder," he thought to her, "Would it resist my fangs?" But he did not try to bite her.

3/10/2011 #314

It was confirmed. He was... a vampire?

Andrea smiled at "girlie" and answered the first question. "You haven't seen a tenth of it."

It wasn't called Omega for nothing. Since he asked for it, she would prove why.

Andrea ordered the suit's AI to generate a limb growth at the back; this basically meant that it would form a fist (not Andrea's; it's an extension of the suit controlled by the AI) from the back of the suit, where Antonious stood. It would be like a third arm coming from nowhere to try and punch him in the face.

Which was the plan, of course. If that failed, it would attempt to grab him and push him away.


Alice thought of about a half dozen different expletives when Owl dove for her. He was fast, and his mass would likely knock hers over like a bowling ball to a pin.

Moreover, since she'd been distracted-- no, distracted herself-- her reaction would be delayed. But she did predict where his hands would go.

She leaned forward for leverage against his attack, raising her arms so that they were higher than his. When he crashed into her, nearly taking her off her feet, she brought her hands down and locked them behind his neck. After that she began her attempt to pull him down. If it were successful, she would drive her leading knee into Owl's face and stomach.

3/11/2011 #315

Antonious took the first to the face, but held on, even as his head throbbed. Where had that come from? She grew a fist out of her back? Or was it the suit? He decided to test the hypothesis, and bit down hard on the wrist to which the first was attached. Would his fangs pierce it? They could pierce the toughest flesh. Would blood flow from the holes thus produced? or would it simply be more of the suit's material? Would he sense a consciousness in whatever flowed from the wounds? Memories? Emotions? Thoughts? If it was only the suit, how tied into her consciousness was it? Enough for him to tap into her mind as a result of this bite?


Owl went down with Alice, her knee impacting his stomach. A common, logical response, and one he was relatively prepared for. His stomach was already tight, as was the rest of his body at that moment of impact. Still, the impact put a little space between the two of them as he rode her knee forward. He managed to avoid smashing his head into her face as he went -- didn't want to kill her -- and did a shoulder roll past her and back to his feet, ready for her first attack.

3/13/2011 #316

It would be possible for Antonious to look into her mind with this move. But not very far; he'd only get a basic idea of her emotions, which at the moment was a slight admiration for her opponent. He would need to bite into her actual flesh for a closer look.

The AI of Andrea's suit detected a pressure on the wrist of the projected arm. It was a bite, and the AI relayed this information to Andrea. At the same time, the AI knew the bite would go through, and compensated with a new strategy.

Instead of letting Antonious tear through it, the AI simply changed the property of the projected arm. It softened, to a gummy, oil-like level.

Andrea ordered another projection; this one was in the form of a fourth arm, in an attempt to strike her opponent's abdomen.


Owl had gone with the move Alice had made. The impact had put a little space between them, and he had used it to evade her with a shoulder roll. He was prepared for an attack.

Alice knew that any more distractions could be a deadly mistake. Owl now had her full attention.

She waited.

3/13/2011 #317

Antonious' mouth snapped shut on something oily, and he got gut punched at the same time. That was annoying. It didn't knock the air out of him, as there was no working diaphram there to be impacted, but impact is impact, and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. He rose off of her, turning to the vertical as he did so, and let loose a kick into her side. let the suit do what it wanted with that. It would have sent an unprotected mortal flying a good twenty feet with multiple rib fractures.

"Thanks for your admiration," he thought, projecting the thought toward her mind, "But after 2000 years of practice, as good you might be."


"You really don't like to attack, do you?" Snowy Owl asked. "So be it."

He came at her with a forward kick toward her center of mass.

3/13/2011 #318

Andrea laughed as he sent a kick to her side. Not that she was mocking his attack, in fact it was the opposite.

She was having fun.

The blow sent Andrea a few feet to the side, but she rolled as she struck the ground, stopping her momentum and ending in a crouch.

Beads of sweat had begun to dribble downward on Andrea's face. Since she still wore a helmet, she couldn't wipe them off, but that wasn't much of a problem. They left a tickling sensation as they moved.

Her side ached where the kick had struck her. As did her legs, and the arm Antonious had held earlier.

She looked ahead to Antonious, considering what to do next as he projected a thought to her mind.

"Where're you from?" she replied after his compliment.


Owl rushed at her, sending a forward kick to her abdomen. Alice saw this move coming, for a change.

She said nothing as she side stepped the attack and turned with it, but allowed a smile onto her face.

Alice moved one arm under the offending leg, trying to keep it from returning to the ground. As she did this, she aimed a kick toward his other leg. If it hit, it would likely knock him over.

3/13/2011 . Edited 3/15/2011 #319

Antonious waited for Andrea to respond. This had been an . . . enjoyable spar so far and he felt no need to press the attack at this point.


Alice's kick at Snowy Owl's leg would have had the desired effect, except that the target leg was already airborn, snapping around toward her head as his body, airborn and horizontal, rotated to increase the angular momentum and thus the force of any impact of his foot with her head or other part of her body.

(This move was used in "Universal Soldier," BTW.)

3/15/2011 #320

(Whoops, did you take that as a god-mod? Andrea had asked that question. I didn't mean to word it like that. I've edited it now.)


Alice saw the attack coming as soon as Owl had lifted his leg. Crap.

She twisted and bent to the side toward his caught leg, to dampen the force of the blow. Owl's leg still hit.

And it still hurt.

Bright color flashed through Alice's vision as the leg connected with the back of her head. If she had taken all of the force behind it, it would have been an instant knockout.

She fought dizziness along with Owl now, trying to stand. She let go of his leg and stumbled back two steps.

3/15/2011 . Edited 3/15/2011 #321

(Oh! I thought she was receiving Antonious' question. My bad.)

"Isigney, in Northern France, originally," Antonious said. "But I've traveled the world over the centuries. Yourself?"


Snowy Owl let his body, being heavier than his legs, drop toward the earth before Alice dropped his leg. He landed on his hands and rolled forward at the same time as she dropped his leg, and came out of the shoulder roll into a standing position, side facing her. He waited for her to re-gain her bearings.

3/15/2011 #322

"Florida," she replied. "I've gone to France once, and Japan."


If this was a real fight, Alice would be dead. Owl at least had the mercy of waiting for her to recover.

She shook her head, and after a moment her vision cleared. Her sense of balance returned.

(Leaving for today, sorry.)

3/15/2011 #323

"Funny," Antonious said, arching an eyebrow. "My contacts in and near Florida report to me regularly, as do those in the DOD, State and Intelligence and Security, and none of them have heard of anything like that suit you wear."

3/15/2011 #324

"Then it means my bosses are good at their job."

Andrea receded the helmet, wiping at her face to clear some of the sweat. And blood, from the impact with the rock.

"And so are the Sentinels," she continued.

3/16/2011 #325

"Will you walk with me?" Antonious asked. "I'm interested in these Sentinels. Who and what are they? Where and how do they operate? What is their mission and vision?"

He gestured for her to walk with him, not in a demanding way, but more of an invitation, as he moved to a waiting area alongside the arena so they'd be out of the way of others in the area.

"Oh, and if you need something for your wounds, I find my blood has healing properties for most. I'd be glad to offer a little of it."

3/16/2011 #326

Andrea followed him, checking her hair as she did so.

"I'm fine, thanks. I'll just sleep it off or something." Andrea left her hair alone after a moment and waited for a specific question.

The ache of her injuries suddenly surfaced with force, and she remembered to drop the suit's output back to normal. A wince passed over her face.


Alice decided to attack this time, sending a right cross toward Owl's face. She hadn't fully recovered, and as such the blow was slightly off target.

3/16/2011 #327
Bleeding Perfection

Machina had been content to watch silently, but she felt like it was time to do something, at least change locations, if nothing else. She stepped out into an area where mostly everyone would clearly be able to see her, as long as they weren't unable to be seen, themselves.

3/16/2011 #328

The man with sunglasses walked up, in clear view of Machina.

"Ah. I was looking for you." He adjusted his glasses casually.

3/16/2011 #329
Bleeding Perfection

"Wherei tu nuye?" She said, in he native tounge, meaning Were you now?

He would not understand this, because only people from the Ancient World could speak and understand that language. It was't a difficult language at all, not in the least, but nobody was ever taught it to begin with.

3/16/2011 . Edited 3/16/2011 #330
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