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(It works. From the pictures I've seen of wrist locks, the one doing the wrist lock is far enough from the victim that the victim couldn't really do a leg sweep or hook or anything, but I could see it working to some extent.)

Ooh! Archeim had his foot. The lad could think quickly, Samius would give him that. The key, of course, was to keep on his feet. As able bodied as Samius was, he'd lose his advantage if he went down, and that could result in a long and painful recovery. Instead, he let go of Archaim's hand at the last possible moment, pulling his other leg under him. His weight HAD been balanced evenly between his feet a moment before, so he was able to shove off of his free foot enough to slide-hop it back beneath his center of mass. By the time that shift was complete he had dropped a foot, and so ended up squatted somewhat low on one foot, his other foot having been swept forward by Archaim.

Samius drew his foot back in, the one that Archaim had hooked, and, without touching it back to the ground, stood back up fully, turning to face his opponent.

"Nice." It was all he said. All he would say. And from him, it was high praise for the lad's quick recovery.

9/9/2010 #211

((Have I missed a reply to Hatter's last move, or am I waiting for you to post it?)

9/12/2010 #212

Anthony stood still and waited. He had no idea what the Hatter was doing, though he could hear the workings of the watch being manipulated. Good watch. Well maintained. So he stood still and waited.

9/13/2010 #213

((Sorry sorry SORRY for being so slow... I'm just really busy with getting back into school...

Hatter finally put down the watch and knelt down again to aim his rifle at Anthony's head... But only to watch him as he muttered, "Just you wait, friend... We'l see if your fast enough to dodge two bullets in the same breath..." As he said this, the mechical clicks of something in the woods became apparent...

9/30/2010 #214

Anthony froze. This wasn't the kind of freezing that a human would do when they're trying to stand still. This was the kind of freezing that a statue does . . . all of the time. Anthony listened to the mechanical sound, trying to figure out what it was and what it entailed.

9/30/2010 #215
Bleeding Perfection

(Since Machina's fight with Tin Man went unfinished, I'm just gonna pretend Tin Man just vanished, along with his elevator...)

Tin Man was just... Gone? But how? Oh well, it was better for her that way. But now there was a slight problem. Her spell was still in effect, and it wouldn't go away for a week...

Suddenly, she heard the sound in the woods. She wasn't sure what it was, but she could hear it nonetheless. But it was likely something she needn't concern herself with. All she planned on doing at this point was fighting Kihn. But she couldn't seem to detect him...

10/1/2010 #216
Bleeding Perfection

(The only reason I make my characters so powerful is because nobody ever accepts a loss on their part. I've had some of my characters lose at some times, but not many of them ever win against other people's PC's. They CAN, but it's just that nobody is willing to accept that they can. Though if you remember, I specifically said that Machina will accept a loss in a sparring situation, in a situation where the opponent has a higher skill level than her own. I also said that she cannot die, but that does not affect a sparring match. Kale, on the other hand, is very protective of his blades and his ego. He'll likely push himself FAR beyond his own limits if it means that he'll beat someone, while at the same time, will quickly withdraw from a fight that threatens his blades. If there is a possibility that his blades will be irreparibly damaged, then he'll just vanish, and that's a surefire way to beat him in a fight. On the other hand, his masochistic personality makes him all the more dangerous in a fight, and the more wounds he sistains, the harder he'll fight. In all honesty, that's a really stupid move on his part, but he lives for his next fight. It's all he cares about. ... And for why I haven't had Machina fight Anthony, here's why: Anthony is in a stand-off with Hatter. For sparring situations, Machina won't interrupt other people's fights. It's a hard-wired honor thing that she's held fast to all her life. If you can get Anthony and Hatter away from each other, and Hatter back up against Kihn, then Machina will calmly offer a sparring match to Anthony.)

10/4/2010 #217

(I get all of that. Maybe I would be sorry that no one wants to let their PCs lose to yours, but hey, that's life. You've chosen to respond in such a way that has forced everyone else to take their ball and go play elsewhere. I've had that happen to me also. So I downgraded my PCs and let people whup on them and everything was peachy. Maybe you don't want to do that. But the ball, or in this case, the playground is still mine, and I'm not playing vs. your unkillable, unbeatable PCs, whatever your reasons for making them such, unless I do so with an equally unkillable, unbeatable PC. Arem tried that, and the two of you ended up arguing about whether or not the PC's moves worked. That's not going to fly. Neither is this particular discussion. Not in this forum, though you might take it up in serious discussions or somewhere. So play, or leave, and be done with the justification and explanation. Again, I'm going to delete OOC comments that are not being used to request or reply to requests for clarification, including this one, as soon as people have had a chance to read them. I hope you won't take offense. It's nothing personal, and I'll do it equally to everyone.)

10/6/2010 #218

The loud clicking of gears suddenly dampened to nearly nothing, as a soft hiss rang through the forest, and asoft chuckle, as apperently, whatever it was could see that Anthony could hear it. Two glimmering eyes peered through the forest as a sinister voice whispered...

"A box without hinges, key or a lid... Yet golden treasure inside is hid... What am I...?"

10/16/2010 #219

Anthony had lived it. Spoken with the author on several occasions. Had a memory that lost nothing. "An Egg it is," he said, and continued waiting.

10/17/2010 #220
Bleeding Perfection

Machina's bionic ears heard the riddle, as well. She had heard it before, long ago. Her computer-like memory had stored it inside her brain, and she'd never forgotten it. Though that could be said for everything she learned. Her brain acted as a perfect Hard Drive, which sotred both memories and data alike, without a single glitch to marr them.

She waited.

10/17/2010 #221

The beast stepped from the forest, the long and serrated teeth glimmering in the dark as the pure yellow eyes focused on antonious... The Cheshire Cat...

"Though my teeth are sharp, and my body made of metal, the only thing I could possibly be a threat to is a door... What am I?"

10/17/2010 #222
Bleeding Perfection

Machina wasn't familiar with that riddle. A key? She hadn't heard it before, so she didn't interject here. She let the others do the talking.

10/18/2010 #223

anthony didn't get the point in the riddles. all they proved was that he knew how to get information he wanted. his face and tone remained neutral, however, when he answered, "key."

"and no," he thought to machina, "you're not the first person i heard that from"

(my appologies. i don't know how to get the squigly using my new blackberry keyboard)

10/18/2010 #224

(Lol, squigly? ^_^)

10/18/2010 #225
Bleeding Perfection

Can Anthony read minds?

Machina thought to herself. She hadn't said anything, yet Anthony seemed to have responded perfectly to what she had been thinking.

She shut down her human mental processes and let her mechanical parts do the thinking. Even though there was no danger in Anthony reading her mind, she still didn't like the idea of someone else being in her head. And machines' thoughts couldn't be detected by any form of telepathy, so that's why only her mechanical parts were being used at that moment.

10/19/2010 #226

The cat hissed as he began to circle the vampire, his eyes locked on him as he said...

"Like an infection I can spread... But to defeat me, all you must do is never bow your head... Grey clouds are my friends... Sunshine is my enemy... What am I?"

10/28/2010 #227
Bleeding Perfection

(Rain? I myself don't know...)

10/28/2010 #228

That was strange. Something he hadn't heard before. Anthony's eyes narrowed just a little as he turned to face the circling cat. Then he smiled just a little. It would be interesting to see what the cat would do if he got it wrong.

"Darkness," he said, "or doubt, or fear, or hatred, or anxiety. Anything that would 'cloud' the hopes and dreams and ambitions and faith of a person."

10/29/2010 #229

"Allllll... Incorrect." the cat hissed, as he padded forward slowly, the wide grin becoming even wider as it suddenly lept and pinned down his prey, its fangs glistening with some unknown but rank smelling substance, as the cat seemed to regard him for a moment before taking up a rather thick and pointy fallen branch with its segmented tail, brandishing it as it slowly and menceingly lowered the branch towards Anthony's chest as it chuckled excitedly... "Why is a raven like a writing desk...?" it purred...

11/16/2010 #230
Bleeding Perfection

Machina knew that one. She knew she knew it, and that was a fact.

"Because it can produce a few notes, tho they are very flat; and it is 'nevar' put with the wrong end in front!"

11/16/2010 #231

((I'll wait for mongoose to reply, but just fyi, the answer to the former riddle was "Sorrow". :3))

11/16/2010 #232
Bleeding Perfection

(There's actually multiple different answer options. The riddle was never answered in the movie, if I recall.)

11/16/2010 #233

((Actually I meant this riddle;" Like an infection I can spread... But to defeat me, all you must do is never bow your head... Grey clouds are my friends... Sunshine is my enemy... What am I?". The answer to that one is "Sorrow". And yes, there is no real answer to "why is a raven like a writing desk". x3

11/16/2010 #234
Bleeding Perfection

(Ah, that one. "Sorrow" was the answer that my friends suggested.)

11/16/2010 #235

"Hrm," Anthony said, unconcerned about the branch. "Raven and writing desk? How's about I ask you a riddle? Explain to me how one can be both 100% Just and 100% grace at the same moment, to the same guilty person?"

(did I miss some action to which my PC was supposed to respond?)

11/29/2010 #236
Bleeding Perfection

(Adding new character, for what reason I have no idea, but I feel like it either way.)


Cole MacGrath followd the long road to the Arena silently. There was nothing on this road for hundreds of miles behind him, but thankfully the arena was close ahead. He could see the gargantuan structure in the distance, spotlights shining into the sky for no apparent reason.

Red electricity crackled between his fingertips, arcing between himself and the ground, then off to the side. He leapt into the air and used the electricity to propel himself forward in a flying-like manner. He soon reached the Arena, only to find the entrance completely buried in sand. But it wasn't a challenge for him, because he could climb nearly anything. And so he did.

He jumped up onto the pillar to the left of the door, then up to a foothold, then again. He repeated this process until the surface became nearly smooth. Only things for him to climb on was some horizontal poles, which went all the way around, and had layers every 12 or so feet. He climbed those up onto the top of the edge of the arena, where the spotlights were. Going down were stands, with light posts every 20 or so rows. Perfect. He could recharge whenever he needed to, as long as he could reach them in time.

He leapt forward again, using his electricity to fly forward, until he was over a couple guys. On was standing, and the other was a little ways off, not standing. [Anthony and Kihn.] He proceeded to end his electrical flight, and used his electricity to fuel a "thunder drop" toward the one not standing.

(In favor of not commiting God Modding, I'ma stop here. Thunder drop causes him to fall faster than gravitational acceleration, and electricity gathers at his hands and feet. When he lands, it sends a highly charged shockwave out from his landing point, which can blow up nearby cars and kill human pedestrians. Not that either of those are there, but still. That's just the level of power it has. Oh, and the higher up he is when he starts the drop, the more powerful the shockwave.)

12/27/2010 #237

(That's Anthony on the ground, right?)

"Oh, pahleese!" Anthony said, with a decidedly valley girl accent, when he saw electro guy flying in. As the electro man plunged toward him he attempted psycho-kinetically (2000+ years powerful) shove the clockwork cheshire cat into the electro man's path.

The moment that shove was completed, whether or not the Cheshire cat moved as directed, he moved himself sideways across the sand, not stopping until he was 20 feet away, curled into a ball and floating a couple inches above the sand. How he knew to curl into a ball, even he didn't know. But he did.

12/27/2010 #238
Bleeding Perfection

(Wasn't Anthony standing? I was referring to Kihn for Cole's attack. And either way, it's probably best not to involve Dread's characters until he's online long enough to play them with multiple responses.)

12/29/2010 #239

(No, Anthony got knocked down by the Cheshire cat. And, if you had someone ontop of you, and someone else about to run into you, and had the strength, would you not do as I did, or something to the similar effect? I only posted one thing relative to Dread's character, who was already engaged with mine. You can post one thing relative to same character, and then we can wait for Dread to respond. That's how it works.

Alternatively, I can assume your PC is after Kihn, who was standing and not engaged in battle with any other PC, in which case my IC post reads as follows:)

Kihn saw the lightening person descending just barely in time to do something about it. He hoped.

"Oh Jesus, help!" he cried, and dove out of the way. His dive took him about twenty feet before he landed on his hands, propelling himself farther forward as he brought his legs forward, landed on his feet, and sprang away again. If someone had preternatural vision, or slowed down the film enough to follow his movement, it might have struck them as being similar to the way a hare hops.

At the same time he psychokinetically threw up a cloud of sand between himself and his attacker, hoping to obscure its vision so it could not accurately target him. He wasn't as strong in this way as Anthony, not by a long shot, but sand was fairly easy to move around for a second or so.

12/29/2010 #240
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