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(No, Anthony got knocked down by the Cheshire cat. And, if you had someone ontop of you, and someone else about to run into you, and had the strength, would you not do as I did, or something to the similar effect? I only posted one thing relative to Dread's character, who was already engaged with mine. You can post one thing relative to same character, and then we can wait for Dread to respond. That's how it works.

Alternatively, I can assume your PC is after Kihn, who was standing and not engaged in battle with any other PC, in which case my IC post reads as follows:)

Kihn saw the lightening person descending just barely in time to do something about it. He hoped.

"Oh Jesus, help!" he cried, and dove out of the way. His dive took him about twenty feet before he landed on his hands, propelling himself farther forward as he brought his legs forward, landed on his feet, and sprang away again. If someone had preternatural vision, or slowed down the film enough to follow his movement, it might have struck them as being similar to the way a hare hops.

At the same time he psychokinetically threw up a cloud of sand between himself and his attacker, hoping to obscure its vision so it could not accurately target him. He wasn't as strong in this way as Anthony, not by a long shot, but sand was fairly easy to move around for a second or so.

12/29/2010 #241
Bleeding Perfection

(Ah, I must have mixed them up.)

Cole send a bolt of lighning directly into the sand cloud, which acted as a sort of windmaker. The sand blew outward from the bolt, clearing up in little time. He lobbed a shock grenade at the guy - who was apparently very fast. If it hit him, it'd stick and blow up almost immediately. If it missed, it'd still blow up with a pretty big explosion, still able to cause damage.

12/31/2010 #242

Anthony was occupied with the Cheshire cat, but after a few millenia one learned to "multi-task." That was the word for it, right? This lightening guy attacking Kihn was just wrong. Unbalanced. You didn't put a 300 pound pro-wrestler up against an intermediate 200 pound one. It was just wrong.

(Since the initial attack was against Kihn, and not Anthony, we'll assume that my initial post about throwing the cheshire cat never happened. Thus, unless Dread does something to negate this, Cheshire is still on top of Anthony.)

He reached out a hand and drew the shock grenade to him, accelerating it as it came, and at the last hundredth of a second or something of that nature, lobbing it into the side of the Cheshire cat's head.


Kihn was a vampire with about 20 years of special operations combat experience and some powerful blood in him, but he had nothing to use against a flying, lightening weilding, super powered whatsit. Especially not with his ammo having been exhausted against the card soldiers. And even if he had the ammo he wouldn't be surprised to find out that lightening guy could either dodge or block or otherwise neutralize the modern weapons. Shoot them out of his hands or something equally inane. Point was, it was time to go.

Fortunately, the arena wasn't a place designed to be hard on the competitors. If you wanted out you could get out. He found the nearest portal and hurled himself through it, uncaring of where it would throw him.

1/2/2011 #243
Bleeding Perfection

(You can change Cole to good guy if you can somehow figure out how to make his lightning turn blue. Red lightning is bad guy, blue is good.)

Cole let his lightning wind down.

"Guess that's it then," he said, then turned back towards the one woth the mechanical cat on top of him. "Your turn? Guess so. Name's Cole."

He said this and unleashed a blast of arc ligntning at him, which was similar to the fictional Sith lightning, only red.

1/5/2011 #244

(I can't see Bleeding's last post, though I got it in e-mail. His PC changed his focus and attack to Anthony, right? I'm gonna wait a couple days for Dread to reply to the attempt to hit the cheshire cat with the grenade, or whatever it was, before I post Anthony's next bit.)

1/5/2011 #245
Bleeding Perfection

(Fine with me...)

1/5/2011 #246

(Is this thread open to others?)

2/15/2011 #247

(It's open to all. Get someone in here and attack them, or something.)

2/15/2011 #248

(Making someone up on the spot :3)

Judith loved to make an entrance, even if it weren't such a great idea.

She'd already been in another fight before reaching the arena, and she emerged from that unscathed. Hopefully there'd be a challenge where she was currently heading.

Judith sped through a portal, debris following in her wake. Water splashed onto the floor, with bits of old stone and of dirt flying past her.

She sheathed her katana, one of two that she carried, then brushed at her wet, blonde hair; It had been raining hard where she came from.

She looked around.

2/15/2011 #249

Kihn re-entered the arena, hands raised as Antonious slowly stood, his hands raised as well. Someone might have wondered how it was that they coordinated their movements, but that would have been beside the point. Point was, they were conceding the matches they'd been in.

"What say we call these old matches," Antonious said, "and prepare to start anew with the next opponent?" He was speaking to those he and Kihn had been fighting earlier.

2/16/2011 . Edited 2/16/2011 #250

Judith spotted two men in the immediate area. Their arms were raised, and one spoke.

Next opponent? Does he mean me?

Judith turned and walked in their direction, her curiosity now piqued. At her current position, they would be able to see her clearly. She wouldn't draw her swords just yet.

2/16/2011 #251

Kihn hung back a couple of steps, leery of engaging in a spar with anyone else in this place. He'd been burnt a little too badly in the past. He rubbed the spot where one of the lightening bolts had entered. Granted, he was a vampire now and nothing to laugh at, but he was young yet and that attack had been too much for him.

Anthony stepped forward and bowed a little at the waist. "Greetings. Antonious De Isigney. I presume you are here to spar?"

2/16/2011 #252

"Name's Judith," she replied, "and yes."

She pulled one of her swords out, twirling it slowly once it was in her hand. She gauged how far Antonious was from her position, whether or not he could evade her powers.

(Basically, she has super-speed. This has its advantages and disadvantages, as I'll explain.)

2/16/2011 #253

(So who's the better match? I assume you've seen role playing posts featuring both of them.)

2/16/2011 #254

(I haven't seen much, but your guys might hold an advantage. She's not very experienced, but she is powerful.)

Antonious was almost close enough. Judith would wing it.

One charge should do it, she thought.

(She can't go super-speed instantly. She needs to take two steps to overcome her inertia before she can begin a "charge," a move in which she, well, charges at her opponent with her powers. She can swing the sword fast, very fast: If they don't dodge, they'll be ribbons along with whatever's behind them, almost literally. However, she cannot turn quickly while charging over short distances.)

2/17/2011 #255

(Antonious it is, then. Don't want to have your opponent die on you in your first attack!)

Antonious readied himself as she began to move, and then she accelerated, quickly. Pretrenatural or supernatural for sure.

His blade rose from its shieth almost as though it had a will of its own, as he pivoted on his forward foot, putting his body a couple inches to the side of where it had been, as he used the blade, with its tip still in the shieth, to shove her blade to the side.

By the time this parry was complete his blade was free of the shieth, and he flicked the tip outward and upward in an attempt to cut her abdomen shallowly from lower right to upper left. The double edged saber was thin and light, forged in a similar fashion to that used with katanas, and thus moved quickly and easily through such a relatively small space.

2/17/2011 #256

A loud crack resounded throughout the arena as Judith charged for Antonious.

She saw him begin to draw his blade (Just echoing your post) and pivot on his lead foot, moving slightly to the side. By then she was close enough for a slash.

He used the drawn length of his sword to push her attack aside, and then freed the tip of the blade. He flicked it outward and upward; Judith guessed it was intended to cut through her abdomen.

She jumped; not the best move, but it would provide a method of evasion. She tucked into a frontflip, and had enough time to see Antonious' sword-- a glint of white-- whisper through the space she had occupied an instant ago.

Aware of her current speed, she knew that she would go careening into the wall of the arena. She oriented herself towards it, feet-first. On impact, she bent her knees and let the kinetic energy pass through her, another part of her powers that let her bypass Newton's third law of motion.

Instead of becoming salsa-colored paste, her body resisted the massive kinetic energy from the charge and transferred it into the wall, leaving an impact crater about five feet in diameter and two in depth.

After that, Judith merely let gravity drop her to the floor. She landed on her feet, naturally. By coincidence, she looked down and spotted a cut in the fabric of her pants; the sword must have clipped her as she had jumped. There wasn't any blood, though.

It was Antonious' move, as she waited for the fabric to re-knit itself.

2/17/2011 . Edited 2/17/2011 #257

"Hrm. I like your style." Antonious already had his weight low, knees bent, in a fencing stance. It was easy to switch his saber to his left hand, pointed at his opponent. It was to be assumed, given her speed, that his wouldn't be all that astounding to her. At least not unless he pulled out all the stops, and that only happened when he wanted to truly destroy monsters such as himself. Never-the-less, he moved very quickly in a fencing lunge, launching off of his back foot, keeping his weight evenly balanced between his feet, landing on his forward heal and extending his blade in a jab for the juncture of her right shoulder with her torso, his back arm extended as a counter-weight.

(by very quickly, we're talking impossible to follow with the mortal eye. I'll assume his speed to be comparable to hers for the purpose of this sparring match.)

2/17/2011 #258

Judith drew her second sword as he spoke, hefting it in her left hand.

Then he sped straight at her; not as fast as she went, but certainly not far from it. There was a quieter crack in the air as he moved.

She twisted to the right to avoid his strike and brought up her left sword, blocking Antonious' own in case he tried to slash inward. She flipped the sword of her right hand into a reverse grip and continued her spin in an attempt to land a light cut in the right side of his torso, just above the hip. They were only sparring, after all.

"Are you holding back?" Judith asked, with an indignant tone.

2/17/2011 . Edited 2/17/2011 #259

"Not any more." Antonious said, grim. If she was so eager to die, or to come close to it. He would oblige.

He glared at her. The effect, assuming she didn't have some defense against his mental attack, would be the literal twisting of her internal organs into knots. That would have to be extremely painful. He knew it was when it was done to him, before he'd managed to overcome it and kill the one who did it, taking their power in the process. That had been a long time ago by anyone's standards.

2/17/2011 #260

(That's harsh, man!! :) )

Judith suddenly stopped her attack, and stumbled backward.

There was something in her mind; something being planted there. It had to be from him.

Something in her stomach moved; it was a moment before she realized that it actually was her stomach. And lungs, and kidneys, and intestines, and--

Pain. Intense and merciless, it was as if someone poured acid on her innards. She couldn't think. She couldn't function. She dropped the swords in her hand, and they clattered loudly as they fell to her sides.

Judith doubled over and promptly threw up.

2/17/2011 . Edited 2/17/2011 #261

(you asked for it. :-P)

Antonious promptly stopped his attack the moment he realized it had been effective, and that she did not resist it. Her organs would probably re-arrange themselves naturally without his influence.

"Are you all right?" he asked, though he remained cautious and at what he hoped was a safe distance. He would render aid if, and only if, it were really needed.

"Antonious," Kihn interrupted, "Did you use your mind on her again? You really shouldn't do that. It's an unfair advantage with most people, most of the time."

Antonious turned and glared at Kihn, who's eyes went wide, but no attack came.

2/17/2011 #262

She coughed, chest heaving, but made no move for her swords, or any move for that matter.

(leaving for today :/ )

2/17/2011 . Edited 2/17/2011 #263

(Beautiful posts, BTW. _I_ like your style.)

2/17/2011 #264


2/18/2011 #265

Kihn walked slowly and in a non-threatening way up to the female, and stopped at what he hoped would be perceived as a safe distance.

"I can't do that. So, if you recover and still want to spar, I won't hold back, and I won't do anything with my mind. Purely physical sword and body play for me. Hopefully you won't get too bored too quickly."

2/20/2011 #266

Judith managed to get to her feet, but before she could respond there was a loud snapping sound, an explosion, from a nearby portal. Its surface rippled with the ensuing vibration.

She looked at it in surprise, as if trying to see what was on the other side. She wouldn't have to for much longer.

The source passed through a moment later, with debris following. With the water and dirt, there were tongues of flame darting past a tall, sharply dressed man. All of it passed without touching him.

He wore a black, button-down shirt under a trench coat; trousers with matching color; and sharp, blue eyes that hinted at something dark. He wore a pair of red-tinted sunglasses.

He was a problem. A big problem.

"You," said Judith. It was a hoarse whisper, but the man had heard it clearly.

"Yes. Me," he agreed.

There was a low popping sound, and the man disappeared, leaving a cloud of dark-gray smoke behind. Judith knew better, though. He'd just moved towards her.

Of course, she only knew that because of the fist that had suddenly crashed into her left cheek. She felt two teeth tear loose from their roots, releasing the familiar taste of blood in her mouth. That side had turned numb quickly.

The blow sent her flying into the wall of the arena, and created another impact crater as she bounced painfully off of it. This time she met the floor on her stomach.

Her opponent hadn't finished there, though. He appeared next to her, picked her up by one ankle, and tossed her toward the ceiling. She managed to catch herself there, orienting herself to "land" on her feet.

Judith launched herself toward the swords she had dropped, hoping to get the upper hand. But he was there by the time she was halfway. The man took another powerful swing and caught her in the stomach, a place already tendered by Antonious' attack.

This strike flung her to the side, and she tumbled on the floor for a few feet before stopping. Judith coughed, unable to move.

The man looked to see if she would react; since she didn't, he was done with her.

2/20/2011 . Edited 2/23/2011 #267
J. M. Andrist

Things got devilishly quiet. From the center of the Arena a boy appeared. A boy covered from head to toe in shining whitr armour.

"ENOUGH!!! Stop the fighting and let me speak you insolent brutish thugs!!!

He opened his left hand and a bar of bright white light shone forth. It enveloped the area.

"I am Eritriu. son of Eritria, the king of 5th heaven. I have come to destroy you and let my father take over the Universe!!!"

The boy grew taller and aged rapidly until he appeared to be a young man. Possibly his late teens or early twenties. His white armor suddenly dulled to a dark black and the light turned into shadow. A sound vibration went through the arena as the light came back and the entity was nowhere to be seen.

2/21/2011 #268
Bleeding Perfection

Cole decided that guy would be a good fight. He turned his attention to searching for him. If he was anywhere in the arena, his neuroelectric energy would give him away. Cole could track him by mindpower alone.

2/22/2011 #269

The man merely looked around, then shrugged. Whatever happened wasn't his problem, he was just here for the girl. Speaking of which....

He turned to find that Judith had risen and moved for the portal, about to use her powers to escape.

Well, he couldn't have that, now could he?

The man was faster than her, much faster; that fact enabled him to trip her as she tried to run. Judith fell, rather hard, on her face. She spat a glob of blood to the side, and then tried a left hook on her opponent as she recovered; as he allowed her to recover.

He caught the fist as a small cloud of dust erupted from the impact. With a steel grip he tugged the offending arm, and the body connected to it, towards him. The arm passed over his shoulder as his target got closer, and he shifted his grip from the knuckles to the wrist. As he did this, he also sent a direct punch to Judith's abdomen.

Judith groaned and shuddered slightly as the blow connected. Every strike felt like a dagger sinking into her midsection.

She lifted one leg, the purpose being to stomp it down at her opponent's knee joint and break it.

The plan failed.

He released her arm and teleported, so Judith's foot stomped into the floor instead. But before she could spend time on guessing where he went, he reappeared behind her.

"Too slow," he said, a light chuckle creeping into his voice. "Much too slow."

Judith responded by turning to her right to fuel a kick, aiming the sole of her right foot for the man's solar plexus. He quickly ducked under this attack, caught the leg at the same time, and pushed upward.

Judith fell on her back, no softer than she had thirty seconds ago. The man teleported again before she could recover, this time next to her. He raised one boot and brought it down on her abdomen with a sickening force.

Which was exactly what it was to Judith. She coughed violently as bile rose in her throat. She turned so that she laid on her side, giving out a dry, hoarse wheeze; an attempt to breathe. The man had targeted her solar plexus.

2/22/2011 . Edited 2/23/2011 #270
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