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Dvd, we can start this where we left off, or not, your choice. For the rest of you, I'm not really sure how to describe this. The plot has been interesting. There was a girl being chased by several men, who wished ill of her. One of which was my character Justin,a vampire who is currently in the middle of africa soemwhere unconscious. Dvd and my's characters were protecting the girl when we were ambushed an attacked. The result? My character (already a shapeshifter) was changed into a vampire, to her horror, and the girl dissappeared. Dvd took my character back to his place to regroup before we returned in search of the girl.... and that's all I can really say. I'll wait for DvD to help me explain if one of you all gets curious, but as for this thread, probably silent until august, when he returns...

6/27/2010 #1

(I'd like to move farther on in the story if possible, ((i was stuck in a rut with my house)) if so i'd like to start.

8/16/2010 #2


8/16/2010 #3
Fleur-de-lis Evans

A tall girl with deep brown skin stopped next to the unconscious form of a man. There weren't many who traveled to her domain, at least not since the persecutions last year. Her eyes were a cross between ruby red and amethyst. She squatted by him pushing back her silver hair. She pressed her fingers against his neck and was slightly shocked to feel no pulse. She gently pulled back the collar of his shirt and just visible, although they must have been years old, were two pin pricks. She let his shirt fall back and turning around easily lifted him on her back and walked the short distance to her house. She laid him on a loose bed of hay covered in a thick blanket and began to mix a cocktail that would get him back on his feet. Then she would figure out why he had been near the house of a maker.

(just jumped in :-) )

8/17/2010 #4

(Just quick explination for Fluer about Element. Element is my character's name or one of them i should say, he's lived for i think i said around 2000 years? But he's the last of the Elemental's. He can absorb almost anything, ((including calories water fire and omega-3s)) and also shoot it back out again. Anyway one of his names was Merlin, as in Aurthur's Merlin. So yeah he's been around for a long time, his house is in outerspace behind a planet, It has an atmosphiric bubble tailored for humans and thousand of humming bird butlers. I could go on a long lecture about the house, but i want to get writing. So anyway Element is awesome. ^^ Pretty much super powerful and there really is only one person that can contest him, and i'll get into him later when he gets important) Werewolves dashed around, sniffing out the intruder, a bark from one signalled the pack that he'd found the sent again. They moved in unison and created a barrier along the corridor. Then a man stepped out from an out cove not too tall, around six foot and was armed with only a gnarled staff and stolen property. The man frowned slightly, "If you would excuse me Gentleman I need to get through"The alpha werewolf stood up turning bipedal but still wolfish looking. "Not with the Vampire cure your not." Element raised his eyebrow. "What use could you have for a cure for vampires?" the wolf snarled to his companions something that Element only got the jist of, "Get ready" a few started crouching getting ready to spring at this intruder and rip him to shreds. "What use? For the converts to the cause!" "Have you ever had any?" Element asked curiously. Silence. Element frowned, "Well i was hoping for a more tested product." Element shrugged his shoulders and walked forward whispering "Ruach s'arach" instantly a blast of wind hit the werewolves and blasted them back. Element walked calmly forward, seemingly not effected by the indoor windstorm. Now to get it to Addison. The months of hard work trying dozens of different cures and none of them had worked, Please father let this cure work (all you mate)

8/18/2010 #5

(Information on Addison? where would she be, what would be around her.... and are we going to bring lamb's character back into this??)

8/19/2010 #6

(No new info, I'll drop in, not much, and idc but i don't think so. In that order)

Element jumped through the ceiling of the hollowed out hill he had made for a base and filled back in the roof tiles. He let out the breath he'd been holding and absorbed all the water he'd put in his clothes. "That should keep them off my sent." He said to Addison. He turned to her on a makeshift bench made of a plank and two logs. He added more power to the artifical light source he created and tossed over the vial of liquid. "Here's the cure" he said, praying all the while that it would work. Over the past 3 months Allison had taken more potions, liquids and salves than any deathly sick person he'd ever known.

8/20/2010 #7

Addison flashed her usual smile, despite her fangs. She was getting used to them now... and that scared her. She caught the vial with little effort in her pale-white hands. "Lets pray this one doens't turn me into a demon like that one a few weeks ago," she smirked as she stood...

8/22/2010 #8

Element chuckled and flashed a smile. But within' he was praying furvently. He was running out of options. "Well I doubt that'll happend, i just mixed up the two potions." Element chuckled.

8/24/2010 #9

(There is.... ONE other way...;) )

She examined the vial carefully. "Shall I drink it, or does this involve needles..." she frowned at the thought of being prodded with more pointy objects...

8/25/2010 #10

"It should be a drinking type cure."

(What's your one way?)

8/25/2010 #11

(Excorsism ;) but that's the creepy way...........)

She nodded, her hand sligtly trembling as she moved it up to drink...

8/25/2010 #12

(Hey, Addison, kinda been interested in this........anyway I could join this? I've no idea the plot or anything, but what the heck, why not? I'll figure it out ;) with some explaining......XD)

9/4/2010 #13

(Uhm, sure I guess. I really need Dbd right now though... still trying to figure out the plot and all...)

9/4/2010 #14

(Alright, I can wait too....Not sure how to come in though : / )

9/7/2010 #15

(Basic plot line: Cure Addison of vampireness. Not sure beyond that. But the way i have in mind to cure her would create a larger plot line. *evil grin* So it's been a few months of attempting cures and such.

So Valdi... Good character, Bad Character, Neutral Character and Vendetta Character. Choose your poison. If you want to work on a character together ((it would still be your character i would just be helping you jump in)) e-mail me at ((sorry if i'm sorta taking over here Addi tell if you'd like me to stop ^^)))

(Oh and Addi the potion is not supposed to work just FYI)

Element held his breath. Praying that it would work.

9/11/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #16

(Effects of the *poison* ? ;)

and of course not, Dvd, you're my buddy!)

9/11/2010 #17

(Hmm......probably something more ...IDK........I can play as all three......we can have more than 1 char? I could add Valerai into this.....he's more or less good(prob more) XD.........JUst how to come into this...)

9/12/2010 #18
Alexander Starkiller

(Like Addy asked before, what are the different archetypes like? And what would the playable characters be inside of each catagory?)

9/13/2010 #19
Bleeding Perfection

(New charcter: She's a beast, and no pun intended. You'll see...)

Name: Cibo Valerize.

Age: Unknown, but her memory goes as far back as Jesus' crucifiction.

Height: 5'10", 6'8" in Lychanire form

Weight: 136 lbs, 268 lbs in Lychanire form

Build: very thin, but athletically muscled.

Species: Lychanire [Half werewolf half vampire]

Appearance: Bright orange eyes and pure white hair. She wears very little, but still nothing quite revealing. Basically it covers everything that needs to be covered, while leaving everything else related to ease of movement uncovered. She has long fangs on both her upper and lower rows of teeth, and her teeth are unnaturally white, considering what she eats. Her clothes are black. In her lychanire form, she has white fur, striped with three streaks of black, one on each side, and one down her spine. She has large black leathery wings, like a bat's, only much larger. Also, she wields an odd blade called 'The Divine Heart-Cutting Holeblade.' It is made from a shiny black metal, stronger than steel, and it is the length of a two-handed sword, but its blade is not sharp in the sense of a normal blade. It is a tube, with the tip sharpened to such a degree that it could cut through iron with ease. Engraved in one long stripe, all the way down the blade, is a runed message. It reads, "The heart of the earth's lovers will bleed pure life, and the one who consumes it will live forever." It also has intricate patterns carved on the rest of it. She uses it to cut out hearts, which she eats to extend her life.

She will be a bad guy.

9/13/2010 . Edited 9/14/2010 #20

(Dvd, I really think we should bring Lamb's character back into this. I'll even play her if you like...)

9/13/2010 #21

(I think I'll add Valerai...)

9/14/2010 #22
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(Addison, what about my character? weren't you going to make something up to fit my intro?)

9/15/2010 #23

(if you really wish so you can bring Lamb's character back into this, but she only had about 15 posts total, plus i can't remember the name^^ i think we've advanced beyond the island((oh and you can do what you like with the potion, just nothing too serious ^^)))

9/18/2010 #24

(Hmmm... ok, so can someone recap this. I'm confused. I need to know where everybody's character is and what they're doing.)

9/20/2010 #25
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(My character is in India somewhere, I think. If that's too complicated you can just put her in the desert. She saved a character from near death, and she's a vampire. From what I gather DvD's character stole an antidote for Addison's illness and returned to Addison, who was in a makeshift facility in a hill.... That's what I gathered. And I think Valentine was debating about entering the thread)

9/21/2010 #26

(I want to enter, just I don't know HOW or where to enter....)

9/21/2010 #27
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(Oh I got it! Valerai can be the man my Vampire saved. So he could be in India if you want. Does that work for everyone?)

9/22/2010 #28
Alexander Starkiller

[I would want to be a vampire [never have before in any RPGs]. But, seeing as we want to cure Addy's character from vampirism, does that mean being a vampire is bad? And Vendetta character, is that a person that is out for revenge (well, probably, just making sure)?]

9/22/2010 #29

(Hmm......yea, but WHY would he be in India of all places?!? His personality is like...antisocial like, and there are like tons of people in India....Hmm....and with with the bitemarks, that'd mean he'd be a vampire......which I'm not sure if I could envision Valerai as....Though, on the other hand, it would give me a place to jump in....)

9/23/2010 #30
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