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Alexander Starkiller


This takes place during the Old Republic Canon time-line. The plot will include a super weapon manufactured by the Mandalorians. In order for the universe to remain in canon, however, the events concernign Malachor V must be taken into account. This means that the force the Mandalorian force working on the super-weapon would be no more than a few thousand. There has been no purge of Jedi, therefore meaning there are Dark and Light Jedi living across the Universe.


These can range from sabres, weapons, martial arts, and light sabres. Make sure to clear any untraditional sabres with Alexander Starkiller first.

~ Bleeding Perfection's sabre designs have been cleared.

Character Allignment

As mentioned before, Jedi and Sith. Or Dark Side Jedi. Any type of character is welcome of any race.

- This post was edited to include the rules and regulations discussed in the off-thread dialogue: ~ Fleur

7/23/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/10/2011 #1
Bleeding Perfection

Name:Black Rose Nickname:Rose or The Black Rose Alignment:Light

Age:Early 20sSpecies:HumanGender:Female

Appearance:Young, thin tight-fitting battle clothing and dark red hair with white eyes.


Force Abilities:

Fire:This is her powerful element. She can use it to inflict deeps damage on an enemy, or for any other purpose.


Name:White Rose Nickname:N/A Alignment:Dark

Age:Early 20sSpecies:HumanGender:Female

Appearance:Young, thin tight-fitting battle clothing and dark red hair with white eyes.


Force Abilities:

Ice:The opposite of her sister, she uses it to inflict harm on others, and can use it to form icicles that can do deeps damage through pierce or as a way to freeze an opponent and as a way to make the fighting terrain more conducive for her to fight on.

Don Mauch:Hers is more of an icy version of this, which enhances an opponent's rage and negative emotions.


Name:Deidra Nickname:N/A Alignment:Light

Age:N/A Species:Human Gender:Female


Weapon(s):Lightsabre dual-phase blades

Force Abilities:


Name:Ren Dethorea Nickname:Darth Ronandeya Alignment:Dark

Age:N/A Species:HumanGender:Male


Weapon(s):Lightsabre-type throwing blades with deploying lasers, flat thin circles

Force Abilities:

Lightening:very powerful and it the color of blood.

~ Note: His skill is increasing rapidly, and many of the Sith on Korriban believe that he will be able to slay the Yin-Yang twins one day, which just so happens to be his main goal.


Name:Echsi Aldet Nickname:Neifenrir Alignment:Light/Neutral

Age:28 Species:Human Gender:Male


Weapon(s):Lightsabre quadra-bladed, with on blade on the bottom that looks like a spear. The hilt is made of sabre proof metal, and the single-bladed side can detach and be used as a traditional lightsabre.

Force Abilities:

Juyo:a modified version for long-reach attacks and sweeping movement, using his own interpretation of the art.

Personality: Very quiet. It's a bit cliche to say, but he's the Strong Silent type. He rarely ever speaks, but when he does, it's something he thinks is highly important. May or may not be, but he thinks it is. His tattoo glows bright green when he uses any Force technique. It really doesn't do anything else besides that though...

~ Note: He trains for days on end with no breaks to master this form. Has been known to train for over three weeks straight, consuming nothing but raw force energy in order to stay alive. After a training session like this, he'll spend almost a full 48 hours eating protein and vitamin-rich foods, and drinking fruit juices enriched with energy-restoring minerals. He usually does this twice a year.

He teaches the Makashi form to Dedira, since her blade is purely offensive, and she needs to be able to respond to highly skilled opponents even more than Jedis with normal blades.


Species: Zabrak (Same as Darth Maul, for those who don't know.)

Role: Jedi Knight

Weapons: Four Shoto type lightsabers, which are basically lightsaber daggers. He wields two at a time, and keeps the other two in case one breaks or is lost. They have orange blades. He also has a regular lightsaber for use in duels against others who are powerful in the Force [like sith]. Its blade is also orange.

Appearance: Large compared to a human, but below average for a Zabrak. Basically, he is ripped but not all too much. He has black and yellow skin, with angular patterns on his face and torso, and parallel patterns on the rest of his body. His eyes are purple. He has two rings of horns on his head, the inside one being comprised of less horns, which are smaller than the outside ones. He wears a long black hooded cloak, over traditional brown and black Jedi gear. The only difference is that the tunic is much longer, like a trench coat.

7/26/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/13/2011 #2
Alexander Starkiller

Name: Thrak Opalia Nickname: Thrak Alignment: Light

Age: 27 Species: Human Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'11" well-built and tones, short sandy-blonde hair, green eyes and young face. Wears Jal-Shev Mentor Armor, which protects him without restricting movement.

Weapon(s): Lightsabre dual silver blades

Force Abilities:

Lightening: which has a white or yellow tint since his alignment is light. He is rather adept at this skill, although practice always improves the skill.

Sonic: ?

~ Note: He was taken, as all Jedi were, at a young age to train as a Jedi. He was slightly gifted and moved ahead quickly, not as fast as some but he did well. He was a pristine model of the Jedi by the time he was accepted as a Knight. On the outside. On the inside he had trouble becoming peaceful and emotionless. Never hate, but the sometimes anger or sadness, love or happiness and the like. He somehow kept this a secret and was never doubted. Now that the Mandalorian War was over, he assumed that things would be normal again. But he could feel an unease in the Force, something big was happening.


Name: Mal Bane Nickname: Mal Alignment: Dark

Age: 17 Species: Human Gender: Male

Appearance: 6'11', very muscular, shoulder length jet black hair that falls in his face, golden eyes, strong face but wicked with veins clearly visible under his pale skin. Wears specialized Echani Fiber armor, claims it is his later master Darth Bandon's.

Weapon(s): Lightsabre maroon double-blades that can be unattached at the middle to make two lightsabres, that have the option of being attached by vibrocord, which allows individual movement or nunchucks style attacks.

Force Abilities:

Telepathy: includes mind control at its heightened rate.

~ Note: During Mandalorian wars when Revan became Sith. He was forced to watch his parents die at Darth Malak's hand. He was kept alive by Darth Bandon so that he could be taught the ways of the Sith. After being trained and tortured by Darth Bandon for ten years, at age 16, Revan killed Darth Bandon. Mal, who was hiding, came out after Revan left and took Darth Bandon's armor. He was now second in command under Malak, though not the only apprentice. His master knew of the Mandalorian's plot, and they were waiting for a chance to steal it.

7/27/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #3
Alexander Starkiller

Thrak Opalia opened his eyes. He looked at the ceiling for a few seconds, then slowly sat up in the bed. Nothing surprised him, it was the same sight he saw every morning. White walls, small white closet, smaller grey footlocker. Not that he filled either the footlocker or closet, he had few belongings and few were his alone. Life at the Temple was extremely boring and very predictable. He started wondering if participating in the war would have been exciting, then immediately dismissed the thought. It was wrong for them to disobey the Council, he told himself for the hundredth time. He told himself to stop thinking that way, frustrated that he wished to be part of a betrayal of the Council. He stepped out of bed and donned his armor making sure the breastplate was aligned properly. He did a few morning exercises and proceeded to the training rooms.

For another hour Thrak practiced his lightsabre and Force forms. He was excellent in Shii-Cho, the basic form, but so was everyone. He was good in Makashi, lightsabre to lightsabre, but was struggling quite a bit with Ataru. Ataru involved Force Jump, Spin, and Run and was a very acrobatic form, pushing one past his limits, so that one may look like just a blur. It was by far his favorite, but he could not easily connect his movements smoothly. He quit for the day, moving towards the workbench to check and see what was catching in the sabre, making it flicker. He put the lightsabre down when it hit him, hard.

A man; a woman and her two children; a bounty hunter; the Jedi twins; an armored warrior; a blue giant star; an asteroid field; a huge, unfinished structure; himself. All of these images and more flashed in Thrak's head. He soon noticed sweat was dripping from his face. His hands were in a death grip on the workbench, holding him up. He put weight on his feet and let go of the workbench, he swayed slightly. When he could control his actions, he picked up his lightsabre and put on his belt. Then Thrak ran as fast as he could towards the Council chamber.

7/28/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #4
Agent of Chaos

Kaylleon sat in her small room, her eyes tightly closed in concentration. She was trying to meditate on the Force. How it seemed so easy for her master, but yet so hard for her, she feared she'd never understand. She was a failure of a Padawan--she knew that. She clenched her fists, before her eyes opened. She released her breath--she hadn't realized that she had been holding it.

She knew she was very weak in Force usage... and also very clumsy. Both worked together and made it seem impossible to be a Jedi. Yet, her master had chosen her--for reasons she didn't understand. Surely there had been another who would have more skills than she?

She uncrossed her legs, brushing her short reddish-brown hair out of her bright green eyes. She tried to keep a positive outlook, always tried her best to do her best, but everything seemed to work against her. She enjoyed her life as a Padawan, yet it could be so much better if she was actually ....GOOD at something.

She stood, frowning slightly. She reached for her training lightsabre she didn't have a 'real' lightsabre yet. It was one of the final trials to become a Jedi Knight. But she was not ready yet. She would give anything to start her trials, it would be that she wasn't completely hopeless.... That she was on her way, making progress on becoming a Jedi Knight.

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Bleeding Perfection

Black Rose sat cross-legged in the hall, against the wall so as to stay out of people's ways. She preferred meditating in public places because it challenged her concentration skills. It also allowed her to be conscious of her surroundings while still in a meditative state. She focused on her Ataru skills, replaying memories of her practices over in her mind. She looked for things that she could be doing better at. Force Run. She was quite good at Jump and Spin, but her Run could be improved. She noticed that her sparring opponents could still SEE her movements in Force Run. She should be faster. She was nearly to a point that her Force Run would appear equivalent to a teleport, or what some may call a "Flash Step." Suddenly she detected a familiar presence approaching. It was Thrak, running toward the Council chamber. He would most likely notice her and stop to say hello. Maybe...

7/28/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #6
Alexander Starkiller

Thrak had just run past the first meditation chamber when he noticed a large crowd was blocking his path. He couldn't stop in time and he couldn't go around them. He jumped to the wall and let the Force and momentum carry him to the other side ten feet away. Many turned and looked at his bizarre stunt, but he only noticed one, Rose. She was sitting with her legs crossed on the floor next to the wall, she believed in meditating in a busy place so that she could work on concentration. He knew she saw him looking at her, midway through his wall run. He didn't want look like he was avoiding her, if he had had time he would've told her about his vision, it involved her, or at least say "Hi". But he was in a hurry and already on the other side of the crowd. So he put the thought to the back of his mind and continued his sprint.

In under a minute he reached the Council chamber. He caught his breath and pushed open the large doors. Only Master Dorak and Master Vrook were there, Master Vrook giving him a look of almost contempt, Master Dorak a look of disappointment. Thrak knew that he shouldn't enter unannounced, but he told them it was urgent, and they let him speak, albeit grudgingly. So, he began to tell them of his vision.

7/28/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #7
Bleeding Perfection

Rose, still sitting cross-legged, and with her eyes closed, noticed that something was on Thrak's mind. And it must have been urgent, or he wouldn't have resorted to wall-running to get past a crowd... She'd ask him about it on his way back.

7/28/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #8
Alexander Starkiller

"...And then I pushed open the doors and walked in," finished Thrak, rather lamely. The way he related the tale it must have sounded like he just got off a bad spice trip. He didn't do that stuff, but did the Masters think he did? They looked like they thought he was crazy or high, but neither said a word. Both were still pondering what he said. Or deciding to give me a strip-search, followed by ripping apart my room, thought Thrak. The Masters walked to the far side of the chamber. They started discussing what Thrak had said, extremely quietly. He had no idea what they were saying and if he used the Force to eavesdrop they would know. So he stood there, shifting from foot to foot, and eventually pacing back and forth when it was clear their deliberations would take awhile.

Thrak started thinking about if it was a wise idea to leave out that bit of info that might of been important to them. About Black Rose. He had only mentioned White Rose when he spoke of his vision, though they put the pieces together by themselves. While he was wondering why he would hide her name, the Masters strode back to the middle of the Council chamber.

"Thrak Opalia, we have discussed this matter at length and no doubt you want answers," began Master Vrook, "though we cannot provide you with a full explanation as of yet, we have some conclusions. First, what you saw was indeed a vision. Second, there is something big that the Council is unaware of going on, perhaps a weapon of some kind or an instillation. Third, it is possibly Mandalorian because of the warrior you described. Fourth and final, it has great ties to the Dark Side, the ominous feeling hanging in the air and White Rose being part of your vision are proof of that."

Master Dorak stepped forward. "We do not require any more of you as of yet, but will have you retell this story at the Council meeting in four days. Thank you for this warning," said Master Dorak with a certain kind of finality that was impossible to counter act. Thrak left the chamber and walked slowly back to his room. When he started nearing the meditation chambers again, he saw Rose again, apparently waiting for him. He walked up to her said "Hello and good day to you," and sat down next to her, exhausted but ready to tell her everything.

7/28/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #9
Bleeding Perfection

"Why did you not tell them that I was in your vision?" asked Rose.

7/28/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #10
Alexander Starkiller

"You know why, even if they wouldn't torture you, being Jedi, they would still interrogate you and you would be brought into this mess and... and...," Thrak knew how weak that sounded so he gave her the whole truth. "Okay, okay, I... don't know why. That was a good enough reason now, but the real reason is beyond my grasp. Maybe it was the Force, maybe..." his voice trailing off before he got into too many wild speculations. "Anyways, it is too late to change that now. What should I, we, do with all of this information?" confusion and frustration and frustration at his confusion crept into his voice, making him seem a little sharper than usual.

7/28/2010 #11
Bleeding Perfection

"Well that depends," Said Rose, "What did the masters tell you?"

7/28/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #12
Alexander Starkiller

"I already told you everything, the vision was real, something big is happening, there might be Mandalorians, and the Dark side is working. I don't know how that'll help... wait. Wait a second, the way they reacted about the Dark side. They didn't react to any of the mentions of Sith or Dark power from my vision until I talked about your sister. They know something we don't," Thrak was now worried. Secrets in the Council meant something bad was occuring.

7/28/2010 #13
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She stood motionless behind the pillar. Her white cloak helped her blend in among the tiled and marbled structure. She kept her mind blocked, yet at the same time she extended her mind locating the essence of two Masters. She waited patiently, moving slowly until she was crouching and her hand was pressed palm down on the floor. Their feet were moving toward a corridor away from her. She waited several minutes after they'd gone, using her mind, ears, and hands to make sure the coast was clear. She was just across from an entrance to one of the Great Libraries of the Temples. The minimal contact she'd had with people on her home planet had gotten her access to scrolls that spoke about academies with mass collections of history.

These histories would allow her to know if she was an anomaly only from her home planets, or if she would be considered odd in a place like this. When she felt no more disturbances she dashed across the short space quickly finding her way through the isles. The floor sloped down and she followed it, tracing her fingers across the wall. She turned walking forward slowly. Her hand hit a wall sconce, but she by passed the torch and felt along the bookshelves. She paused at a shelf in the center of the packed room. She carefully lifted several ancient records, and sat down in a niche. She carefully unrolled the first, and began to trail her finger down the page soaking up the information.

7/28/2010 . Edited 7/28/2010 #14
Bleeding Perfection

"They know something YOU don't know. Not WE don't know. I've known my sister's plans for a couple days now. I mean to make more sense of it before telling the Masters. Of what I can tell, I still have time to meditate on what I have seen of her plans, in order that I may be of much use to the Masters before telling them. I do not want to create confusion, so for now I must learn as much as I can. In your case, I guess you'll just have to return to the Council chamber in four days, like the Masters said. And be sure to include the part with me. It was wrong of you to withhold that information from them, Thrak. I would also advise that you meditate on your vision. Visions have a tendency to become more detailed and more clear when you focus on them. Learn as much as you can of your vision before you have to return to the Masters."

7/28/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #15
Alexander Starkiller

"Sure, okay, I'll do that," Thrak said, "goodbye." He walked away, confused. Why had she told him to do that? Surely she should have understood! He was trying to help. Being mentioned to the council with her sister would have cast suspicion on her. Rose couldn't know how bad it was the image of her. With her sister side-by-side, helping her sister with something. There would be doubt cast on her which she would never recover from, even if she was cleared. There was obviously a reason to be with her sister, a good one. She was saving a life or picking up a tree that fell on someone's house and needed her sister's help. But the image was vague even to work against her. Maybe he should go meditate in his room like Rose suggested. Thrak sighed, wishing for a boring, mundane life again, excitement was too confusing. He walked back to his room, crossed his legs, and sat on his bed.

7/28/2010 #16
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She sat still,her body tensing when she picked up the sound of footsteps. Before she could prepare herself, a torch was lit, and a voice was near to her.

"No one is allowed down here," it said. A hand roughly grabbed her arm and proceeded to drag her forwards. The floor rose steeply and flattened out.

"Let me go!" she said struggling against the hand.

She had no idea where they were now. But she could feel many presences, some were standing, some were sitting, and some were running back and forth. She stopped, twisting her arm so her wrist put pressure on his hand, between the thumb and index finger. Once she was free, she back up.

"Desist," the voice said in annoyance.

She didn't listen. Instead she turned dashing down the hall. She could hear his footsteps behind her. She rounded the corner and a calm presence hit her, a meditating presence. The man pursuing her landed in front of her and used the Force to shove her backwards.

She slid across the floor, dropping in to a crouch. The man walked toward her and she felt, rather than heard, him draw a weapon. She didn't let fear interrupt her motions. Before the lightsabre, for that is the weapon he had drawn, could make contact with her, her hand shot out and she did a brief motion, as if summoning something. A lightsabre vibrated against someone's side and detached zooming into her outstretched hand. Her finger found the indent where the button was and she pressed it, bringing the blue weapon up to block the Jedi's descending green one.

7/29/2010 . Edited 2/14/2011 #17
Bleeding Perfection

Rose noticed the commotion and saw multiple lightsabres activate. She used Force Run to appear behind the one who had stolen a lightsabre. Her hand was at the girl's neck, in a position that would render her unconscious if she chose to hit. "All of you," Rose said, "Put down your weapons immediately. You should never draw a lightsabre inside the temple."

7/29/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #18
Alexander Starkiller

Thrak's concentration broke. It had only been two hours since he started meditating, but something was happening. He heard a commotion and felt the conflict. The library, which was close to his small room, held three people with high tensions. One was a Jedi guard whose station was the library, another a stranger, and the final was Rose. Thrak jumped off his bed and jogged to the library. He walked in, tense, and looked around. He saw the people behind a few data shelves. He walked to them, saw Rose holding the stranger in a neck-hold and said, "Hey, Rose, uh what happened here? And why does she have the guard's lightsabre?"

7/29/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #19
Bleeding Perfection

"Thrak, good of you to come," said Rose, "Would you mind removing the lightsabre from her grip?"

7/29/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #20
Alexander Starkiller

"Oh, sure, I can do that..." Thrak replied. He walked uncertainly towards the stranger, wondering how powerful she was when she was able to catch a guard, uh, off-guard. He removed the lightsabre from her hands and gave it back to the guard. She didn't give him much trouble and he was starting to get really curious as to why she took it in the first place. "I'll leave the questions to you, Rose. I'll stay here just in case, while you question her."

7/29/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #21
Agent of Chaos

Tyreinna's pale gray eyes scanned the almost barren planet. No wonder Aeten II had few inhabitants. Few people would be crazy enough as too call this planet 'home'. She walked with an easy grace, almost just like a cat. She was very much like a cat. A born hunter. She had claws and even slightly pointed teeth. But she could pass like a pitiful human when she wanted. Her claws were kept hidden, and she kept her eyes moving from one place to another.

Humans seemed to find her eyes slightly...unnerving. Perhaps it was that instead of having a normal rounded pupil, her pupils had slits. An almost sadistic grin barely graced her lips, as she tucked a few black-blue strands of hair back into place. Parts of her hair were in small braids, other parts were untouched save for the fact that it was twisted in to a bun. However a few misbehaving strands brushed against the nape of her neck.

She raised a gloved hand, to wipe the annoying tickle away and then straightened her dark blue outfit. It was so dark that it seemed black, but it was the same color of the midnight sky, helping her to blend in better with the night. She slipped into a bar silently, her eyes spotting a table that would give her a clear view of the door and all its inhabitants. She made her way over to it, choosing a spot that would put her back to the wall. Even if she was a predator, she too could be hunted.

7/29/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #22
Alexander Starkiller

Mal Bane paced up and down the bridge of his flagship, the Malevolence. His master, Darth Malak, had appeared out of hyperspace on the other side of the system and was now moving towards him. This was completely surprising, but Malak liked to keep him on his toes. He made arrangments for Bandon's arrival and called his own assistant. Not an apprentice, he was not strong enough in the Force for one. But this one was very Force-capable and assigned to do as Mal asked, like an apprentice. Kadon arrived shortly, no need to punish him for sloth-like behavior and walked towards him.

"Greetings Lord Bane. What is it you need of me?" Kadon said with his head bowed. "Raise your head and look out the viewport," Bane commanded.

Kadon did so, and a look of surprise swept through his face. Then disappeared. "Ah, our master has appeared before us," Kadon said with a lack of surprise that contrasted his original expression.

"Yes, and I haven't a clue why. Maybe it is further information on our new mission. Like why we are in the Aeten system of all places. Or is there something we did wrong and didn't know about? Either way, we must both, and our crew, be perfect for his arrival. I sense an intense anger from him, and at over 10 million Km away. We must expect casualities when Darth Malak boards." explained Bane in a monotone voice.

"Yes, we will, and I shall not make any mistakes, I promise you. Don't worry about me during this," replied Kadon, equally monotone. "...

Very well," Bane said as he looked out the viewport, the anger and hate chilling him to the bone.

7/29/2010 . Edited by H-A-Cooke, 1/8/2014 #23
Bleeding Perfection

White Rose noticed every little thing inside the bar. The rather large human at the bar, the young Mandalorian playing a board game with a human female. The rather catlike girl who had just walked it. None of it was rather important to her. This place was merely a pit stop for her on her way to Coruscant.

7/29/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #24
Roush in Black

Duke SĂșil Kynnet watched as the Games below took place. Troid Veirnist, the champion, was thoroughly beating Kota Walka to a bloody pulp.

Walka didn't have the fierce fighting style that his opponent did. Not the same fury and glory that fueled Veirinist. The champion was toying with the boy, Veirnist had more experience under her belt, but, even so, her true talent couldn't be denied. She was one of the greatest fighters on the planet. There was no doubt in that. Any one that told her such a thing would soon be strangled by his entrails and hung by them. It wasn't like she hadn't done that before.

Kynnet scanned the Ring, blood had stained the dust at their feet. The gladiatorial dome was opened at the top, the bloody screams could be heard for miles on the planet's surface, with the Ring making itself a sound-amplifier itself. They weren't known for their beautiful architecture, but they were infamous for their fighting and brutality. The Ring reflected that, smooth, sound-carrying walls, rows and rows of seats as they watched the Games from below. From the indented box-seat, he could witness the Games with not only his excellent eye, but with the surrounding-screens around him, giving attention to every bloody detail. It was the only way for a Duke to be treated.

Veirnist side-stepped, letting her assailant slice into nothing but empty air. Fatal mistake. She toyed with the young cub no longer, her claws flipped out of her wrist with an ominous clicking sound, picked up not only by every pointed ear in the stadium, but also by the perfect sound quality emitting from the surrounding bases in his room. With a mischievous glint in her eye, Veirinist's claws jetted underneath Walka's throat.

Kynnet plucked a shrimp from his serving glass, and took a large bite, knowing that Veirnist wouldn't let the body drop simply like that. It was her trademark to drive the claws so fleshly deep into the creature that eventually, the head would collapse or simply roll off the neck due to the excessive severing of the throat and under the chin. The crowd roared as she finished off her signature move--a technique they were now teaching in fighting schools. It had been dubbed the ''Head Sever'' but Kynnet thought they could be quite a bit more creative with that.

Ah well. He was the Duke of House Kynnet, not a gladiator. The sad thing was, if he wasn't a Duke, he probably would have to become a gladiator in the Games. They no loner had any slaves for their champions to fight, they had even run out of many adult fighters and gladiators. Fighters like Veirnist would go through them too quickly for them to be replenished. And the children and young adults didn't put up a good fight. With a sigh, Kynnet rose from his seating, set his unfinished server of shrimp--a delicacy on Slyvriia--and left the Observatory Room. He keyed his comlink, sticking it in his ear as the guards at the door stood stiffly in a salute. He ignored them.

''Fanri, they have begun to cooperate, yes?" It had been three standard days since they had captured the five Professors, Physicists, and Weapons-designers, from different ends of the Outer Rim, to even some of the Inner Rim planets. They were all famous, at least, in their own right, but Kynnet couldn't remember all of their names, why should he? The spies had learned everything they could about the possibilities, weeded out the numerous options until they reached five candidates that were the best-suited for the job, and quietly captured them without leading on to their presence in the kidnappings. They were of different races, inferior races. It didn't matter to him what their names were. Remember no little person's name, his father had told him, it shows familiarity with the lowliest of the galaxy, not something you want to be affiliated with.

''Yes, m'lord Duke.'' the answer was simple, not a lengthy explanation of the means of getting them to cooperate or any more updates; if he wanted anything more, he would simply ask. Fanri knew only to speak when spoken to.

''No casualties, then?" the double doors slid open as he pressed the com deeper in his ear, ignoring the now irritating applause from the audience that was blasting through the entire Stadium, even from the outer corridors.

''One casualty.''

''Fine.'' He never really cared to ask about such things, their business was theirs. If he wanted to know anything, he would be answered promptly. He was curious to see how they were going, how their progress was, perhaps he would visit them himself before the day was done.

7/29/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #25
Roush in Black

Kailhyija ducked under a series of ashen rocks. Where was he going now?

He felt the fresh lacerations and old scars burn on his back with new pain as he leaned forward, scanning the vast, rocky planet. Volcanic veins glowed from the crust at some areas, the entire place smelt of sulfur and smoldering rock. He needed to get off this rock. If there was a bright side of the universe, this had to be the place it was farthest from. Aeten II was pretty far from anything, he was sure. He needed a transport, he needed something to get off this smoldering rock and somewhere to escape. To leave. To get to the farthest point of the galaxy, then go a lot farther. Just anywhere to get away from his sister, the one practically running their house, beating her mother and him at every turn.

He took a breath, trying to put that out of his mind along with the mother he'd left behind. But she knew this was best for him, just to leave her in her old age. She said her sister probably wouldn't beat her too harshly--Kail tried to believe that lie. He really did. But he couldn't. In truth, if his mother survived the beatings of rage that his sister would give her, it would be a miracle. Perhaps not a fortunate miracle, but a miracle nonetheless. He tried to put that out of his mind. He just tried to focus on getting off Aeten II, finding some transport if he could.

He fingered the blaster rifle strapped around his neck. It was a shotty, busted up weapon, but it would be enough to defend himself, he hoped. His sister had hidden, but he knew where it had been for a long time. But.. he never could bring himself to pull the trigger. He didn't know why. Did he actually care about her? He didn't know. He didn't know how he could.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

She stopped. She knew she had made a grave mistake, drawing someone's lightsabre in the Temple. But before then, she'd just been harmless, reading the scrolls in the library. She did what she was told shutting the lightsabre off.

"Can you please remove your hand from my throat?" she asked. "I meant no harm. All I was doing was reading scrolls, I wanted to find out if I am indeed what one would call an anomaly." She started shaking. "Could you all please stop moving. I can't tell where you all are standing, there's too many people walking around here."

She reached up and took down her hood, removing the shades she'd made for herself. She opened her forest green eyes, despite the fact that she couldn't see, just to show them she was blind. "And, in case you want to know, I've been using the Force since I was five."

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Bleeding Perfection

Rose released the girl. She had instantly been able to assume this girl was blind as of the moment she had seen her. It was prominent in the way she moved, and now that Rose saw the girl's eyes, there was no mistaking it. But now came the question of what to do with her. Should she simply be sent out of the Temple, or should the Masters decide what to do? Rose made the decision quickly. This was for the Masters to decide. "Follow me," said Rose, "And do not try to escape. You will not succeed with me nearby."

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Alexander Starkiller

"Yeah, not with me either," Thrak mumbled very quietly. He followed Rose to the discussion chamber in the sub level. He was beginning to worry about Rose. She was blindly following Code, even when common sense worked just as well. The blind one was no threat and he actually wanted to help her find what she was looking for. And the guard would be getting off Scott-free, even though he attacked her unprovoked. She may not be allowed on the sub level, but outsiders are allowed in the Temple general, and would not usually be treated like this for going to the sub level. Rose didn't seem to notice that. Thrak would find a way to help, though. The blind one didn't deserve this.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

She stood still. She inclined her head toward the shorter girl and taller man. "I will not run," she said. 'I didn't mean to meet the Masters this way' she thought sadly. She knew she broke code, but what would anyone else who was blind have done?

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