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Bleeding Perfection

Rose winced.

"The only one who can counter my ice is Black Rose," she said, "We're coded opposites."

1/22/2011 #331
Alexander Starkiller

"Oh, so she's fire, huh? Good to know, I might need that later. But, she's not the only one capable of creating heat. Not anymore," Bane said with a hint of menace. He then thought for a moment: What voice should I use next?

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Bleeding Perfection

"You'd be stupid to attack her," Rose said, "She's quite powerful. She has a track record that includes the deaths of roughly seven or eight Sith in under a standard minute, and that was when she was age 16. In all your power, you wouldn't stand a chance. She and I have similar fighting skills, as well, so I'd say its a safe bet that you can't kill me, either."

1/22/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #333
Alexander Starkiller

Bane yawned. He was enjoying this banter, but he wouldn't show it. "I'm third to Malak, and Revan is missing," Bane said, unimpressed. "I won't boast, though, with claims of how many I could kill at once, but I assure you it is plenty."

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Bleeding Perfection

"Malak?" Rose said, suddenly recalling something, "That reminds me of something. Black Rose had said something about her Master hunting him down right before I left. that was while she was still a Padawan."

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Alexander Starkiller

"Every Jedi that has gone after Malak has either died or fallen to the Dark Side," Bane said, uninterested in her "Black" sister.

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Bleeding Perfection

"True as that may be," Rose said, "They may be planning something larger."

Then she thought of something. If she could get into one of the Jedi locales, she could figure out the whole plan. As much as she hated Sith, they were kin via the Dark Side, and the Dark Side needed a ruler to stay intact. If they were to wipe out the whole Sith population, then the Dark Side's order would no longer exist. True, there were some Sith off-world who might survive, but some of them wouldn't stand a chance against Jedi masters and powerful knights like Echsi and Black Rose.

She related this to Bane.

"I'm sure you'd love a chance to be the leader of the Sith, no?" she said, after telling her thoughts, "Maybe we can let the Jedi take out this Malak, but keep you here until it blows over. You'd be the Sith Lord."

1/23/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #337
Alexander Starkiller

"Of course I would," Bane said. "I'd never stop them from killing Malak; or stop Revan when he comes back. But I don't plan on staying here. I also don't see why this is so important to you."

1/23/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #338
Bleeding Perfection

"It normally wouldn't be that important," Rose said, "But future Sith need an able leader, one who can live for a long time. You're young, so you'd be able to stand at the head for most of a long life."

She neglected to go into detail for the reason of her concern, that she'd had a vision the night of her endeavor with Bane, and that their son would become a powerful Sith.

She'd tell if he asked, but she was good at using the Force to mask her emotions, so his powers of deduction would be equal to a regular human's.

1/24/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #339
Alexander Starkiller

"You care nothing of the Sith, nor of me. You are lying about something, or hiding something else. You don't want me to live as a ruler, so what do you want?" Bane asked, trying to weasel his way into her mind. This was a specialty of his so it wouldn't be too long before he succeeded.

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Bleeding Perfection

"Now that is where you are wrong," Rose said, "I'd never get in bed with someone I have no care for."

1/25/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #341
Alexander Starkiller

Bane blinked at that. "You have an odd way of showing it," he sighed. "Strange woman... Haa... But still, me aside, you hate the Sith; why would you want to keep them together at all?" he continued, not letting her change the topic, despite the weird emotions he felt.

1/25/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #342
Bleeding Perfection

"If there's none of them left, then they won't be together, now will they?"

She leaned against a wall opposite Bane's bed, crossing her arms and putting one foot against the wall.

"Just you and an apprentice," She said, "No one else."

1/25/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #343
Alexander Starkiller

Bane stared at her, leaning forward from his sitting position. "Were you interested, or did you have someone else in mind?" Bane asked.

1/25/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #344
Bleeding Perfection

"Just ask the Force, Bane," she said, "It has told me, and it can tell you."

She was of course referring to their future child, even though she was not to become pregnant with him for a very long time. Though the Force had shown her, in detail, how and what happened to bring this about. The dream-vision had jumped ahead nearly twenty years from there, and showed a more mature Bane standing by his son, who looked very much like his father in the present. But no more was revealed besides that.

If Bane so chose, he could dream the same vision.

1/27/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #345
Alexander Starkiller

"I feel... something. Between us. I need to meditate to find out what it is, but I feel it. Ah..." Bane closed his eyes. He wanted her right then and he couldn't understand it. He didn't want to use her either; a completely new feeling. He dwelt on it silently and looked back at her. "Fine. I don't know how I could possibly help in this, but if you plan on destroying the Sith... Go right ahead. I'll be righ-" he cut himself off before he finished that sentence. What the hell was wrong with him?!

1/27/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #346

Xipe Totec carried his tall frame well. He walked with a particular grace that was unencumbered by the black armor that he usually wore. Instead of armor, he wore typical street clothes and a long cloak that swished against the ground. The hood was raised, covering his head as well as his body. He wore an ooglith to cover his face in the soft fleshy features of humans. There was no shame in being an alien, of course, but his face was startling to behold and there was no need to draw attention to it just yet.

The amphistaff curled around his arm, resting it's head on his shoulder like a decoration of some sort – a misguided attempt at fashion, perhaps. It passed under the curious gazes of the onlookers well enough.

Yun-Harla, shield me from their eyes. Let me be among them to do your bidding. Yun-Yammka bless my body with strength. Be pleased with the blood that will be shed this day…

Xipe's lip curled up in disgust as an abomination wheeled by, beeping at him in a tone that could be construed as programmed friendliness. He wanted to puke but self control kept his jaws firmly clamped and the nutrients sloshing in his stomach. It wasn't always so. When he first came here, Xipe had to rush out of a public transport to the nearest potted plant because of the shock of technology. The metal and sharp angles and artificial air – it was too much. But he toughed it out and put on a good face – quite literally.

And now he could quell the anger – to some extent at least. Now he could pass as an eccentric human and walk among them.

He walked now among the pious and powerful creatures at the academy. Jedi. A blight on this galaxy. One of many. They were the only real threat to the occupation but even then, they were as blind and dumb as any other creature. Xipe walked in front of their eyes but he was nothing to them. He slid across their senses like an oily snake, leaving no impression of himself, no indication that he was there save for what they could see and smell. It was as if he walked outside of the world - in it, but not of it. This world was the Force. His people were the natural answer to it. Everything in existence has an opposite – a reaction to an action. His people were the anti-thesis to the energy system of the Force. They did not exist in it. They could not be swayed by it. They were completely undetectable through it.

He walked before them and if they looked, they could see. If they listened, they would hear. But the Jedi were far too comfortable with other means of detection. And so, he was non-existent. He was nothing. And that is exactly where he intended to be.

Xipe Totec passed by one of the rooms designed for meditating. Neutral colors, relaxing pictures on the walls, large windows. There were a handful of young Jedi sitting there. Three Jedi. They sat calmly and quietly – maybe they were engaging in some sort of telecommunication project. Maybe they were dreaming of the glory that would be theirs. Maybe they were trying very hard not to think of anything at all.

Totec's armored elbow had a natural spike coming down from it. The crabs grew these quite on their own and it was very convenient. If he'd had his armor on, he would have driven that spike through the nearest boy's head. Instead, Xipe quickly planted a hand on each of the boys ears and twisted. The snap was audible.

Instantly, the other two were jumping to their feet. Xipe calmly counted in his head as the amphistaff uncurled from his arm and he cracked it like a whip at the next Jedi – a female. Her neck opened up in a spurt of blood. The third Jedi was thumbing his lightsabre, his eyes wide with fear. Totec lifted the now stiff amphistaff and deflected the lightsabre. Then he slashed down and opened the Jedi from nose to navel.

Still counting in his head, Xipe pulled his cloak around him, the amphistaff curling up again around his arm. He walked calmly and gracefully from the meditation room as if nothing had happened. It wasn't long before he heard the clatter of running feet and the shouts of horror. A few Jedi ran past him but he kept his eyes down and walked as though he had somewhere to be.

In his head, he finished counting.

The response time was quick. Dangerously quick. The powers that be would be glad to know.

Yun-Yammka, accept this blood as a sacrifice. Bless me with strength for the next battle. Be glorified. Yun-Harla, be pleased with my trickery. Cloak me – shield me from their eyes. Be glorified.

1/28/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #347
Bleeding Perfection

"You'll be right here?" Rose finished for him, scoffing a bit, "What happened to killing me and escaping?"

1/30/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #348
Alexander Starkiller

"I have some patience. Killing you now, or anytime soon would stop you from beginning to destabilize the Sith Order. If you didn't do that, it would be very difficult for me to become number one. In fact, keeping you alive gives me the best chance of doing that. And when you finish, I could kill you then. Or I could convince you to let me leave with my crystals before that, in which case I won't kill you. Or I could seduce you, letting me have my crystals, my freedom, your body, and your companionship; I'll admit that that choice is my favorite," Bane said with a sly wink.

1/30/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #349
Bleeding Perfection

"Well said," she replied, "Though it won't be me doing the Sith-slaying. It will most likely be my sister."

She paused a moment.

"Perhaps not 'slaying,' though the destabilization of your Order will be at her hands."

1/30/2011 #350
Alexander Starkiller

"Whatever. I feel no need to leave right now. Malak has given me my own mission, and no deadline, so I might as well just wait a while. My apprentice is probably thinking he is in charge now so the mission will progress no matter what. I hope I'll get my crystals back soon, but I don't really care how soon; but, if I decide I've been here too long I will fight you for them," Bane said, laying on his back on his bed.

1/30/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #351
Bleeding Perfection

"Well don't be too hasty," Rose said, "It's only been a day."

1/31/2011 #352
Alexander Starkiller

"As I said, I can be patient. However, I don't like staying in one place for very long, so I'm caught between the two. Whatever, it doesn't matter," Bane said dismissively.


The Padawan was upset at the sight she 'saw'. The Padawan gave a shout, filled with horror, to alert the Masters and the panic soon unfolded. The bodies lay strewn about an excessive amount of blood, still pouring from two of the bodies, and one had his front ripped open. The Miraluka, waiting for the Masters to come, pondered painfully why anyone would kill another so violently, and to all appearances in cold blood. Sickening. Later it was found that one had the neck broken, very easily; another had her neck cut, including the jugular; the final, though how he died was obvious as the girl, was able to alert the Jedi that neither a sword and definitely not a lightsabre was used in this attack. The weapon used left marks different to most blades, and there was little doubt that they wouldn't be able to find out what happened. Worse, it felt like no one else had been there... The Coruscant Temple had been breached, and the killer had gotten away easily.

2/2/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #353

Xipe sat calmly on a bench near the Temple. He was in a wide open space that let in the light of the sun through the tall, ugly buildings. He watched the comings and goings of the Jedi. It had been a week since he spilled their blood. Disgruntled looks were on a few of the faces of those whom he presumed to be connected to the killings. His killings. A gift to Yun-Yammka.

Totec took special note of the features of each Jedi. He was beginning to recognize several of them after days of study. Most of them looked the same - all the humanoids, anyway. There were a few more exotic species that he knew by face already. But it was these cursed humans that confused him. At least now he could tell male from female and knew that some of the females had long hair while others had short hair. The color of the hair was an important distinguishing point. Most of the males all looked alike, however. It was infuriating.

Xipe needed to dig into their culture. He needed to study and know but to get the answers, sitting and staring was not going to help. He needed to get closer.

And what better way to learn of the culture then to follow a follower? Especially a blind follower. A young girl - not quite a Jedi - had been connected to the killings. He'd taken note of her on several occasions. She was blind. She moved with the sureness of sight but her eyes were always covered. She was the perfect mark, in theory.

2/2/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #354
Alexander Starkiller

The Padawan finished her sparring session, letting her blade linger "on" for a moment. She stared at it, unseeing. She knew it was a brilliant green, the colour of Jedi Counselors, but she could not see it save its energy. She turned it off and moved her sense to focus on the hilt. It was dull to her, an echo of the power it contained, and gray. It was not living, so to her 'vision' it was immaterial. But when she focused as she did... it was beautiful to her. It filled her with wholesome pride, reminding her of how well she's done to get to the point she was at. She knew it was well crafted, unique even among the uniqueness of other sabres, and she loved it.

She left the room, looking for a quiet chamber to dive deep into the Force to meditate. Not that she wasn't currently. She was always meditating, no matter what she was doing, differently in whatever situation she was in. Currently she was feeling the life in the halls and commons, the individual pulsing of life from everything in the areas. From bugs to plants to Twi'leks. Absences filled with the impressions of inanimate objects, or sometimes nothing, though such was odd to her. She subconsciously adjusted her veil, pulling it back so that it hovered over her slight nose. She saw these things in blues and grays and whites, varying massively in shades. She could tell that one student was struggling with his arrogance, dark grays mixing with the otherwise deep blue.

She glided into a small chamber, shut the door, and sat cross-legged in the exact centre. Her elbows were at her sides and her small hands were curled, thumbs and forefingers touching. She exhaled slowly and felt the Force through herself.

2/2/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #355

Xipe had donned the robes of the Jedi and kept the amphistaff hidden under the robe. He was careful to walk through crowds to keep from attracting too much attention to himself. He lingered back behind the girl, careful not to get too close. Totec watched the way she moved, the curve of her shoulders, the faint movements of her head as she sensed what was around her. He looked at her dress and the weapon that hung from her hip. It would be prudent to avoid that weapon.

She entered another meditation chamber - blasted chambers were everywhere! Is that all these lumps of flesh did? They played with their light sticks and sat on their butts to plug into an insignificant energy force. They were so enthralled in their force that they couldn't see what was before them. If they truly were connected to the universe, then why did they keep such close contact with the cursed machinery? Why be apart of something so ugly and unnatural and evil?

His features were twisted into a disgusted snarl as he approached the meditation chamber and paused. What to do now? Just follow? Wait for her to emerge? Go inside and do her mischief? Carve out some answers from her hide?

In a moment of determination, he quickly opened the door and slipped inside, shutting the door behind him. He kept his breathing as silent as possible and carefully eased his body away from the doorway.

Totec would lurk. Not approach, just lurk. For now.

2/2/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #356
Alexander Starkiller

The Padawan stiffened as she heard the door open and close. She listened hard for a moment, nothing but the faint noise beyond the door. She could 'see' nothing. She shook her had as she realized that she must've walked into the rumoured chamber with the glitch.

Distracted from the deeper mysteries of the Force, she moved her attentions to another form of meditation. Her lightsabre began floating, unhooking from her raven black Echani fibre belt--Don't get distracted, she told herself as her mind wandered to her belt.

The sabre came to a floating stop above her lap, and it began to shudder. The center split, along with the bottom, and pulled apart. Crystals flew from the casing and spun in a small circle, along with the emitter, fixture, and other small parts. They slowed, and began moving back to the casing, and, minutes having past, the sabre was like new, and she felt it in tune with her once more. She moved it back to her belt, and stood from her sitting position.

She bit her currently dark red lip and remembered that she had to go to her master for further training. She moved to the door quickly. She tripped over what could have been only her own feet, and fell to her knees. She quickly got up. opened the door, and left.

2/2/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #357
Bleeding Perfection

"Well just be good patient boy a little longer," Rose said, "I'll let you out, just not quite yet."

2/2/2011 #358

Xipe nearly let out a noise when the girl tripped over his foot. Only a great deal of self control kept his lips sealed. It didn't help that he had been mesmerized by the swirling pieces of technology. Cursed though they be, it was still a fascinating sight. If the Yuzhong Vong weren't immune to the Force, he would have been afraid of her power.

Totec waited a moment, peering out of the crack in the door to make sure she was fully gone before he slipped out again and followed her. This game was getting old but he pushed the discomfort to the back of his mind. He was not here for himself.

She walked more quickly this time, as if she had a pressing appointment. He had to move quickly to keep up, eyes locked on his target as she moved.

2/2/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/17/2011 #359
Alexander Starkiller

"Fine, fine. Now if you please, shoo. Unless you're here for... other reasons, I would like to rest," Bane said, mixing being impetuous with being placating quite well.


The Miraluka slowed when she reached her Master's training area. She hesitated and moved inside. She saw her Master, waiting for her near a wall. She quickly said, "I... apologize, Master. I am late for your instruction. I spent too long in meditation, and have no excuse."

Her master raised a hand, and said, "Do not be troubled, young Padawan. You know well that I respect self-instruction, and find it one of the better ways to learn."

"Now, I will begin teaching you an extension of your native ability of Force Sight. It will allow you to tell the intentions of another easily, more than just finding their alignment and troubles. Now, focus on Seeing me... Good. You see my aura, and surface emotions and alignment. But any Miraluka or trained Master could do this. Now look deeper, into the emotions, into the aura. Note my stance, my poise, my expressed motions. Push aside surface thoughts for the more raw images with a combination of Telepathy and Sight..."

This continued for a few hours, she telling him what she saw and he correcting her actions, and the Padawan was pleased with her performance. She pushed some of her long hair back into place as she was told to stop. She shifted on her narrow feet while he spoke.

"You are progressing well. For one of your kind, this is quite the doable talent, but you are moving forward far faster than most. The lack of sight is quite the gift, I think, combined with your natural ability to form something that takes many Jedi decades to do right. Wait," he said as she was about to speak, "and listen. Yes, all trained Jedi can sense intentions using the Force, but this is an obvious thing to the affected, and it takes energy. What you are forming is a passive ability, that will work without effort no matter what and all the time, plus it is undetectable. I have said this before, and will do so again, I am glad I took you as my apprentice." He bowed toward her and she responded in kind. He make a gesture for her to go, smiling, and she did so.

She passed the fountain a few minutes later and stopped. She was hungry and needed food. That'd be the next thing she did...

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