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Bleeding Perfection

Rose led the girl to the door of the discussion chamber and made her presence detectable even before knocking. The masters would notice her even before she knocked. She waited for them to answer.

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Alexander Starkiller

Master Vandar knew that something was happening, but it was clouded by the Dark Side. The only image clear at the moment was that a small group of Jedi were very important. And would knock in just a few seconds... ... ... *knock knock* "Enter, young Jedi."

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Bleeding Perfection

Rose entered the discussion chamber, followed by the girl. She bowed respectfully to the Masters. "Pardon my interruption, Masters. This girl was found in the Library," Rose began, "And she can use the Force. I do not sense the Dark side in her." Rose waited for the Masters' responses.

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Alexander Starkiller

"Hmmm and doing what in the library, was she?" said Master Vandar. Master Zhar stayed silent. Vandar being his elder and of higher standing, talking now would be of utmost distaste.

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Bleeding Perfection
"Reading scrolls," Answered Rose, "She claimed that she was trying to find out if she was an 'anomaly.' Does this mean anything to you?"
7/30/2010 #35
Alexander Starkiller

"Hmmm, what about you Master Zhar? Have you the information we seek?" Vandar avoided the question.

Master Zhar was a little surprised, but said quickly, "There are millions of anomalies in this galaxy. Until she relates to us the specifics, we cannot tell any of you that which you seek. First though, blind one, what is your name? Then could you please tell us what you need?"


What? Something about not being able to, right? I think so. Thrak thought, followed by a mental berating of how he should study dialect more and fighting less. 'I wonder if the blind one can understand him', he thought, since she obviously lacked any real training.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

She stood straight, coming out of her bow. She stayed silent a few moments while she got her thoughts together. "I was called Jynx," she said. "I have not been called anything else. I was my parents only child, so they hid me. On my home planet somebody born blind, or even a person who became blind would be taken away." She trailed off. It was easy for her to understand what they were saying. She had much practice with listening to other languages and also feeling the presence of people. "I left my home planet in search of what the scholars on my planet called The Great Libraries. They spoke of the Temples where these libraries were held, said they were safe places of learning where people were not discriminated against. I also wanted to learn more about what a scholar called The Force... he said I had been learning how to use it for a long time, since I was five."

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Alexander Starkiller

"So which do you feel is your anomaly? The blindness, or the Force? Or both? Or neither. Your opinion of what you call your anomaly is greatly needed for us to assist you." said Master Zhar.

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Roush in Black

Kail straightened and stood from behind the rock. This was stupid. He couldn't hide here like some cowering nerf; He wouldn't get anywhere standing like this. He rolled his neck, trying to put on a fearless bravado as best he could. He had no money. He had no means to legally get a transport. He would have to smuggle himself in a ship. He pushed through the Cantina double doors, he was sure he looked like someone looking for a fight. He didn't want a fight. Heck, he didn't want anyone to notice him. He couldn't help fear coil it's icy fingers around his mind, pressuring it, squeezing him.

Tyreinna raised her eyes to meet the newcomer's. He was young—only a boy, maybe around twelve years old. Nothing interesting or threatening about him. Her eyes drifted away as she sipped the drink brought in her own canteen, leaning back against her chair. Her fingers drummed subconsciously on the table.

She was slightly curious to know the reason why a boy would be here of all places. But she wasn't hired to learn about a simply boy—yet she almost got the strange feeling of something not being normal about him. She shrugged all thoughts of the boy off, returning to her reason for being in this filth ridden cantina. She scanned the building once more for her prey. She had chosen this place because he was known to be seen often in the establishment.

Sloppy. When on the run, never, ever stop at the same place more than once. Make your moves completely random, yet very precisely planned. She had used this ploy many times, and the proof that it worked was her.

She was still alive.

He scanned the area, loosening the grip on his blaster rifle, trying not to make it look as though he were about to blow the brains out of the nearest off-worlder. Not a good start on his own.

He wasn't quite sure that he could blast someone's brains out. He wasn't sure he had the guts to pull the trigger; not even on his own abusive sister to escape. He was pathetic. And here he was.

He sighed, trying to shuffle into the shadows of the bar, not wanting to be noticed by anyone, especially not anyone who wants to be gutting a twelve-year old kid. He scooted over into the corner, trying to observe everyone in the Cantina. He couldn't tell the regular people from the pilots. Everyone was so incredibly exotic, horned, fanged, twenty-fingered, three-eyed... so many aliens.

He hadn't seen any of their kind before. Ever. Which one had a ship? He decided just to leave, to head around back, and try to find a ship that wasn't jarred or locked.... it was his best bet. It was hopeless.

Tyreinna ran full scans of her ship before take-off.

She grabbed the man she was after and he was securely confined to the brink. One of her screens beeped. Apparently she had a stowaway.

Her gloved hand fell onto her blade that leaned against her chair. There was no crew aboard—she worked alone. Her monitor showed three life forms aboard her ship; the prisoner, her, and the unknown visitor.

She slid her blade into the sheath on her back, her boots softly thudding on the deck, her long trench coat billowing behind her. Her black-blue hair curled around her face, she raised a black clad glove to wipe a stray hair from her pale—almost slightly grayish face. When she neared the area where the life form was reported to be, she slipped off her coat and her boots.

She shed her coat so it wouldn't brush against something, and her boots so to move as quietly as possible. Her crisp long sleeved shirt almost seemed to glow in the dim light of her cargo bay. Her trousers were tight-fitting so that they would not snag on anything, and so to not slow her down.

She padded forward, feeling the small cracks and indentations of the cold metal floor. She slowed her breathing, keeping her heart rate down. Even if she loved the thrill of hunting, she could not let that completely consume her.

She had done that one before and it had almost cost her her life. Her opponent had been an irritating Jedi. She had escaped with a reminder of her almost failure. A long scar that raced down the left side of her face, in all her years competing in the Games of her planet, she had never gained such a noticeable scar. The Jedi paid for it. What she, herself also paid. He paid with his life. It had been him…or her. Her sharp eyes caught a drifting movement in the shadows. The hair on the back of her neck began to rise as she moved forward.

It was a human. She could smell it in the air. She could sense his fear. She knew where he was, but he did not know where she was—right behind him.

Gracefully she slid next to him, unnoticed in the darkness. "Do you like what you've explore on my ship?" She stated slowly, the words almost coming out airy almost like a hiss. "Tell me…" She asked, her voice light, yet held no trace of any emotion, which in itself could be quite frightening to hear. "Why is a young boy like you, on my ship?" She said solemnly, her gray eyes staring coldly at the boy—the same boy she had seen at the cantina.

He felt a chill ripple down his spine. He wheeled around, to find no one. With a shaking hand, he poisoned the gun in any direction, swinging it around as he shifted his aim and position between every other moment. ''I... I need t-to get off Aeten II.''

What sort of alien was this? A shape-shifter? Someone who could cloak themselves? He tried not to think about that. He wanted to know that he could see this opponent. But he didn't feel like an opponent; an opponent had at least a good chance of beating the competitor... Kail felt more like prey. Prey was only meant to be hunted if it couldn't hide for it's life.

He had picked the wrong ship.

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Bleeding Perfection

White Rose followed the cat-like woman to the hangars. The Force had told her that she was of importance to her plans, but in what way still remained unclear. White Rose executed her spying perfectly, moving past the woman's ship to her own. To even the most trained assassin, it would merely appear as a woman returning to her ship. Once on board her own ship, she focused her tracking system on the catish woman's ship. She would follow her until she was noticed. She would most likely be fired upon, then would have to avoid being shot down by hiding amongst asteroids. But Rose was a fast thinker. If she detected even the slightest hint that she was about to be shot at, she would send a transmission that would announce that she meant no harm. She would indicate that she meant to become allies, and that there would be substantial pay for cooperation. All in due time, though. First they had to take off...

7/31/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #40
Agent of Chaos

Tyreinna easily plucked the blaster from his shaking hands. She slunk back, her eyes almost glowing in the darkness like a cat. "What are you so afraid of that you must leave so urgently?" She asked quietly, watching him carefully.

He would do no harm to her, she could sense. He was desperate; yes, but not so much as to kill her. Unless he was a very, very good actor. She could smell his fear and she was good at reading expressions—especially humans. Humans were like a data pad to her. All she needed to know about them was written on their faces.

The child was obviously afraid of something—or someone. The reason? Possibly abuse. Most likely. A corner of her lips twitched slightly downwards.

One human had told her that her life should not be how it was. That she was abused all her life. And how she just accepted that fact. She had just shrugged it off and told him that was how it was and there was no changing that. He continued on, saying how the Games were wrong and how she had been bred specifically to compete in them was terrible. That was the definition of abuse!

She stopped him right there and told him calmly that he needed to experience her culture and be one of her race to fully understand and then argue so strongly against it.

No humans were allowed—not really. Any visitor to her planet was in danger of being 'selected' to compete, so she wondered how he knew what he knew.

But the conversation was old, and she was tired of his complaints.

In a flash, her wrist was flexed under the man's jaw. She drove her long thin claw up into his brain. Breathing deeply, she inhaled the scent of blood. The she leaned forward, blood dripping down from almost everywhere and she whispered, "You are one step closer since you've experienced the best part of our culture. But you weaklings will never understand us."

She was supporting the dead man's weight as if it was hardly anything. With a practiced flourish, she pulled her blood stained claw free, the man falling at her feet.

She stared down at him for a long moment, watching the blood pool around his body. Then she knelt beside him to wipe her claw clean on his clothes. "I am proud of who I am and what I've accomplished." By saying what he had about the Games, her breeding, everything, insulted not only her but her whole race.

Yet, the human term of abuse was different. They hurt others to hurt. Sometimes humans didn't make sense. She had been hurt to leran from her mistakes. If she got hurt it was from her own mistake—her own fault. But the human 'abuse' was one person's fault taken out on another.

She crouched down on her heels a few feet away, awaiting the boy's response.

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Alexander Starkiller

Darth Malak had calmed down considerably, just before he boarded Bane's ship. Maybe good news was to be had. Bane saw Kadon's face slump into a relaxed position, and knew his face was the same. They both made sure to regain composure and straighten their backs before their Master entered the bridge. All was once again deathly silent in their minds as their thoughts became rigid and calm. The door swooshed open and Malak walked in at a brisk pace. Just before he stopped in front of them, Bane and Kadon said together, "Welcome, Lord Malak," to which Bane continued with, "I trust everything is in order?" Malak just stood there for a few seconds, breathing loudly through his respirator.

Malak began to speak, "Yes, everything is as it should be here. I congratulate your ability to keep your crew and lesser in control, Lord Bane," Kadon stiffened, but knew better than to speak out against his master. Malak continued, "No doubt you are both wondering why I brought you to such a Godforsaken place. I have arrived to alleviate that curiosity, and to tell you how to proceed with your objectives." Malak paused for a moment, likely for effect and continued, "First, I would like to inform you that your targets are not Mandalorians rising from their ashes, but a species called Slyvriian. They are cat-like humanoids, but not easily recognizable, save their eyes and their thought patterns. Second, they have likely been the cause of the disappearances of some of our greatest scientists, and also the Republic's." He finished with a sneer, and both apprentices secretly joined him in it.

"Now for your mission. It is simple enough. Get to the surface and find out where this group might be found. Slaughter them all if no one will tell you, but leave some alive to tell the stories. Now go down in an unmarked smuggler's vessel to keep your identities a secret as long as possible. Go," Malak said, then spun around and walked back to his ship. Bane said, "Well, you heard him, let us hurry." He walked briskly to the unmarked vessel they used for these situations. The flight was short, and when they landed they immediately walked to the nearest source of information, the Cantina in front of the landing pads.

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Roush in Black

Kail took turns blotting a hand on his pants, feeling his palms grow damp as they invisible figure spoke. But... was that concern coloring her voice? Did she actually care why he was running away?

''My sister.'' he said, trying to steady his shaking voice. What had he gotten himself into? Maybe he should have just stayed with his sister... died from the beatings or from some sick twist of her powers. She could probably choke him without touching him, or blast lightning from her fingertips to turn his muscles into mush. Somehow, thinking about that motivated him not to bolt out of here... but he wasn't sure he could even if he wanted to. He felt as though he was frozen to the floor.

He flexed his fingers on the stalk of his weapon, but the blaster felt hallow; as if it weren't loaded with a charge. As if, even if he could work up the courage, he couldn't blast whatever it was that was lurking in the shadows, taunting him.

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Bleeding Perfection
Even as White Rose waited for her target to take off, she sensed that there was more Dark Side nearby. And by the way the Force responded, it appeared to be Sith. Those fools arrogant enough to give themselves a title. It was always Darth this Darth that. More like Darth annoying. Rose hated them and their high-and-mighty self-serving ways. She'd kill them at the slightest whim, but not today. She was busy. As long as they didn't interfere with her target.
8/1/2010 #44
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"My blindness," she answered immediately. "I had a feeling, when on my home planet, that the Force was something good. However, on my home planet, people like me, that is those with disabilities or strange talents, were always "removed" from the planet. Something evil was going on there. When I was born, my parents kept me a secret, and since that day I've been called Jynx.'

8/2/2010 . Edited 2/14/2011 #45
Alexander Starkiller

"Hmm... a planet like that, I am unaware of. Name have you, cultural or galactic, of your planet, and coordinates of it, perhaps?" asked Master Vandar. The wrinkles on his head grew as he frowned at his lack of knowledge. "Perhaps then, information might we find find for you."

8/2/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #46
Bleeding Perfection
"Masters," Black Rose said, "I have heard of such a planet. It is not in this solar system. Some claim that it is in another dimension entirely. Travel between this planet and our solar system is only possible every five thousand years, and only for a year at a time."
8/2/2010 #47
Agent of Chaos

"Why would your sister harm you?" She asked, standing. She moved over to a small computer-like machine set into the wall. She pressed a few keys and the room began to lighten slowly. Now the cargo bay was dim, but not altogether dark. She did not have time for this. She had caught her prey and the 'visitor' it was time to leave.

She never stayed long in one place not because of the fear of being hunted herself, but the wisdom of realizing that she might be hunted. She did not know the doings of her own race, but of course no one would be able to get word to her anyways. Slyvrii was a hidden planet, but there were a few Slyvriians out in this large galaxy. Many other races never caught them though. They looked too much like humans and when they had to, could act like one.

But Slyvrii were well-know for hunting their own kind. Any Slyvriian who wanted to make a name for his or hers might try and kill Tyreinna- one of the few to survive and fight their way to gaining their freedom. She also loved being able to move around. She was free, she could go where she pleased and so she did.

"Come." She stated, not willing to leave him alone. She wanted to keep her eyes on him always. She treated everyone like an enemy…. Until proven otherwise… if proven otherwise. She would not let this human child out of her sight.

For some reason she did not leave him on Aeten II, she felt he could be….useful. She always thought humans were weak because they were taught to be weak. Slyvriians were taught how to conquer. What if, since this was still a child, it could be trained to be like a Slyvriian? To be ruthless, proud, and unbeatable?

She narrowed her eyes, staring at the child. It would take time. But she was patient. Besides, she shrugged to herself, if he did not turn out how she wanted, it was only a human. She could kill it easily.

8/2/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #48
Alexander Starkiller

As they walked to the cantina, Bane and Kadon passed a woman, who wouldn't normally be of the slightest importance, but she was different. She was strong in the full fury of the Force. She had hid it quite well, which only strengthened their opinion of her powers. Bane whispered for Kadon to continue moving. Kadon nodded and Ban stepped away from him. He approached the women openly, seeing as she must sense him as much as he sensed her, it didn't matter anyway. He stopped in front of her in her hiding place, and began speaking softly. "Now girl, I see you have yourself a lot of power. As such, you might be useful to me slightly. I think you and I have similar reasons for being on this planet, and your reason for hiding in front of this ship would be important for me to know." He smiled, baring his teeth, he may be young, but he was confident in his strength.

8/2/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #49
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx spoke carefully, trying to phrase the facts about her home planet in a way that would correct Black Rose without seeming rude. She finally decided on a suitable answer. "Actually, Sapphiron, my home planet, only seems to be in a separate dimension. It is actually in this galaxy. The properties of the planet itself, not only are rare and hard to study; but, one of the properties of Sapphiron, whether it be chemical or not, is the planet is cloaked, or made invisible." She inclined her head toward Black Rose. "Time also moves differently on Sapphiron, and no one knows why. What are minutes here pass as days on the planet..." She paused again. "However, since the planet has not been traveled to a great deal, transports do land to provide food and other materials we cannot make on our own, those who live there haven't left it for millenniums... Very few "outsiders" are allowed to live on Sapphiron. Only about one eighth of those who visit with the purpose of living there are permitted to. That is because most visitors are deemed impure..."

She stopped talking. She would prefer to discuss matters slowly. There were memories she never wished to relive.

8/2/2010 . Edited 2/14/2011 #50
Alexander Starkiller

Zhar spoke into a comlink for a short time. "If we have any information on your planet, we will know shortly. Now, do you know which system it is in? If you do this will be easy to locate through the Force. If not, well, then please continue your tale. Maybe we can discern the location from your story."

8/2/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #51
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx shook her head. "Please don't go there..." she said. "My parents managed to keep me from the government, but ... " she shook her head her eyes growing wide. She closed her mouth not wanting to relive the day she'd discovered her abilities with the Force.

8/2/2010 . Edited 2/14/2011 #52
Alexander Starkiller

"Well, difficult it is, with your assisstance," said Vandar. Zhar picked up his comlink, listened for a few seconds, and spoke up. "It seems we have almost nothing to go on. Almost. A few recorded books shed light on a vanishing planet, from over one hundred years ago. It does not give any understandable information, save this. It revolves a very far distance from a giant blue star. Also its system has five 'sisters', likely referring to other rock planets, uncloaked probably. Not much to go on, until you add in the next bit of information. It was recorded that you could see the whole galaxy from orbit of the planet. And it also gives information of massive blackholes and wormholes relatively close, almost surrounding it. That could just be a myth though. Wormholes are nearly impossible to detect, and why would any body settle in such a volatile place? Still I will have the librarian of our Archives start looking for such a system. That is, if you can confirm any of this." He looked at her gently, her age was such a tender one, especially considering her condition.

8/2/2010 #53
Roush in Black

Kail tilted his head to the side, the woman was strangely cat-like. Her pupils were slit, her black hair exotically streaked with blue swept away from her face. She stood tall, on shoeless feet. There was a certain, emotionless look in her eye that sent a chill down his spine. She almost looked like someone fighting back a killing instinct, as if she were struggling with the urge to overtake him and kill him with ease--something he didn't doubt would be simple enough.

Reluctantly, he went with the woman. ''My sister isn't... normal. She has.... powers, she beats me and my mother. I-I escaped.'' Why hadn't this woman gutted him already? She had the right to--he was a stowaway. He'd never experienced anyone in his life who didn't want to have him dead or beaten. Anyone in the cantina wanted nothing more then to exotically torture him, at least, that's how it felt to him. Perhaps a lot of them wanted to be left alone. Probably, but there was more then a couple people there that probably wanted him dead, or tortured--or both.

He wished he could shut himself up and stop thinking about that. He was going to have to grow a spine if he was going to last in the galaxy. Weak people didn't survive a day. He knew that. One would run into such creatures like this. People that could kill you without thought--even if they didn't kill you, they still could.

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Agent of Chaos

"Powers?" Tyreinna gave him a curious look. Perhaps he could be more useful than she first thought. She was bred to compete. Abilities seemed to run in families--perhaps he had this same...power. "Power to do what?" She picked up her coat and boots smoothly, but did not pause to put them back on. She padded to the bridge, motioning him inside. "Sit," she stated, glancing at a small chair in the corner of the bridge.

She leaned forward, her fingers gliding over many buttons and levers. Her ship was alien made. No human could understand how to run it.... unless they could be taught. She gave the human child a side ways glance. If he proved his worth, maybe.


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Bleeding Perfection

White Rose rolled her eyes, "Bane, you idiot, you know exactly who I am. My reasons for being here are of no concern to you." These words were spoken with highly powerful telepathy. A Sith would easily be affected in their arrogance. She placed her hand on his forehead, only the tips of her fingers making contact. She used Force Ice to lower his temperature to a slightly debilitating level. "Stay out of my way or I'll kill you faster than you can blink." And with that, she returned to her ship, preparing for takeoff only a few moments slower than her target. She would easily be able to keep up.

8/3/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #56
Alexander Starkiller

"Ooooh, chilly," said Bane while warming himself through the Force, "Let's play nice, please. Well, anyways, farewell my fair Rose." Bane finished with a smile as she walked away. When she left, he called Kadon to him. He was tapping his foot on the ground by the time Kadon arrived. "Kadon, give me the tracker." Kadon acquiessed and grabbed one from his travel pouch. Kadon tossed it to Bane and closed his bag. Bane activated the beacon and placed it on a blind spot of the ship Rose had been hiding behind. He and Kadon walked back to their ship, willing to take as much time as possible to wait. And she thought she could fool me with a Mind Trick! Ha! Maybe Kadon, but I have trained in that far too long to be outdone. She should keep to her frozen nature.

8/3/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #57
Roush in Black

Kail sat. ''Yeah, she could... move things without using her hands. She could trick us, make us completely change our mind about something, say the words right from her mouth.'' He paused, not liking to remember all of that. Why was this person helping him? What did she care about his sister?

He looked more intently at the control panel; It looked far different from the landspeeder they had back at home. Not only did it not look like it, it didn't flow in the same style, didn't have the same... imprint that the landspeeder had. Maybe it was made by aliens, or maybe it was just the fact that he'd never seen the cockpit of something other then a landspeeder. He didn't intend to start; he had planned to stowaway in the cargo bay, far away from this women--whether she had good intentions or not. There were so many things in the galaxy that he didn't know, he felt like a pilot flying blind in some twisting maw trailing behind a blackhole.

8/3/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #58
Roush in Black

Jiiron spun his saber, rotating his wrist, causing his blade to become a green, swirling blur.

He heard the immense traffic of Coruscant's busy skyways around him. The planet practically vibrating with life, pulsing with machine and man. It was one of the more glorious, stunning places Jiiron had seen. But, before long, it just became background noise. The shooting speeders, the chatter on the streets, one would all get used to it after a while.

His Pawdawn braid was caught up in the slight breeze; Probably not a current of air, but simply air being stirred up by the escalating traffic. He liked practicing here with Kaylleon. There was no peace or quiet, one had to create that peace in order to tap into the Force. It wasn't serene, it was an every-day, noisy, croweded area in which people dwelt and lived their lives. It was a challenge to practice here.

''Ready?" he asked Kayl, flashing a grin.

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Agent of Chaos

Tyreinna tapped her control board. His sister sounded like one of those annoying Jedi. The only one that had almost beaten her. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. If she could control one of these Jedi herself, it could be a very valuable tool.

Her slender craft started to hum ever so slightly, and began to rise. She pointed its nose to the sky and leaned back in her chair, after letting the navicomputer take over. She reached over to where she had placed her coat and boots. She draped her long dark blue trench coat over the back of the chair and pulled on her knee-high black boots.

For a long moment she let silence smother the human child. She was used to it, however noted that humans became edgy in complete silence. She turned her chair so that she faced the child, staring at him with her large pale gray eyes.

Did he have the patience to wait to be spoken to? Or was he an impatient, ill-mannered human only so common in this galaxy?


Kaylleon held her training lightsabre but had not activated it yet. She slouched slightly. She loved lightsabres and she loved to watch dueling. But that was completely different when she was dueling herself. No matter how hard she tried…the smoothness in the movements of controlling the lightsabre were lost to her. They looked so simple when she watched others. But no amount of practicing made her movements less clumsy and erratic.

She glanced downward at the small training lightsabre in her hands. She reached to tuck a few strands of bright coppery red hair behind her ear, before slowly glancing up. After another moment of hesitation, she stepped backwards, igniting her lightsabre.

She loved the humming sound it made, loved the feel of it in her hands. Her most prized possession was her lightsabre. She came from a large family; very poor. She remembered how happy her mother had seemed, seeing Kaylleon leave to become a Jedi—or was it because she now had one less mouth to feed?

Kaylleon shook her head, dismissing the thoughts. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be." She murmured quietly, taking up a defensive pose.

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