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Roush in Black

Jiiron reminded himself that Kaylleon defended, as he blocked out the surrounding noises, focusing only on the two opposing blades. They hummed like a swarm of angry bees, glowered like the brightest constellation. A Jedi's weapon is his life. That was what his Master had said. It was a distinct symbol of the Jedi, it wasn't a long-range, offense weapon, but it acted in defense and in protection. It wasn't meant to slaughter of to maim, it was to protect and serve. That was what the Jedi were--peacekeepers of the galaxy. They have been for thousands of years and they will for thousands more.

He focused his mind like a tunnel, zeroing in on Kaylleon only, the rest of the world became one narrow tube, which only helped keep his vision on one thing--his opponent.

When he could no longer hear the speeders, no longer feel the whipping wind, when he was no longer a part of Coruscant, but now a tool of the Force, he made his first move. A direct, straight-forward stab, aimed at her centre point.


As silence filled his ears, Kail noticed that the woman was looking at him intently, with those eyes of hers. They seemed to be large, endless pits, black holes that could swallow a man, slit curtains drawing down on the final act of one's life. It seemed as if she were waiting for something. Waiting for him to say anything? No, he didn't think so. It seemed more or less like she was testing him, waiting for him to do or not do something. What did she have in mind?

He decided not to play the role of a strong servant, not moving a muscle, not speaking a word unless he was asked another question. He sensed she was a person who wanted strength and submission in the people she didn't kill. From the look of her, those people were few and far between. He didn't know her, he didn't even catch her name, but he felt as though he could sense her personality. Maybe it was just his imagination, or a hunch, but he hoped his actions would confer with this hunch. She didn't look like the person to give second chances if he made a wrong move. Luckily, he wasn't making any move.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx contemplated this. "Well, since I can't see," she said slowly, "I wouldn't be able to tell you what the surrounding area looks like. However, I can safely guess, since we have had years of records detailing every transport landing on Sppahiron, that there are no wormholes around it. But, the library did have information on another planet, one rich in minerals and precious stones, called Onyxian. However, the records were unclear, scrambled ... as if they were written during a time of panic. So the records may be referring to Onyxian."

She trailed off. But she did add one more thing, one that would most likely screw her in the end. "However," she said, "There was one Jedi who visited Sapphiron. That was the day I sneeked into the protected records...The day I discovered my abilities with the Force, truly. It was this Jedi who gave the Force a name, told me I could be trained in it. He told me right before," she stopped talking. Suddenly, there was a pounding in her head, her eyes blurred, despite the fact she couldn't see, and something pressed against her brain, another essence, one she had worked so hard to block out. She didn't scream, but she did fall to her knees, her body shaking with the effort to push the essence out, the darkness that she had run from... the darkness from Sapphiron.

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Alexander Starkiller

Thrak grabbed her arm as she fell. He lifted her to her feet and held her there. He felt her pain, as everyone felt her pain. As that subsided he asked gently, "Are you all right now?"

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Agent of Chaos

Kaylleon backpedaled away from Jiiron's blade, but lost her balance. Her lightsabre flew from her hand and she tumbled onto the ground with a groan. She sighed, running her fingers through her hair. She picked herself up, reaching for her lightsabre. She closed her eyes for a second and then re-ignited her lightsabre. "Ok, I'm ready to try again."


Tyreinna nodded. "Good." She stood, the ship's computer beeped to tell her that they were leaving the atmosphere of Aeten II. "Take a good look, human child. You may never see this dump again." She stated, completely monotone. She crossed her arms over her chest, standing to look out the view port. Aeten II didn't look quite as filthy from up here. She turned slightly towards him, her eyes still watching the planet however. "What is your name?" She queried, yet it was more like a command. If this child wanted to survive, he could have to know how to take orders without questions. Of course she would not warn him of this. Why should she? Then he would expect explanations every time.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx opened her eyes, slowly refocusing them. "Um...I think I will be.." she shook her head. "There's so much to explain...the reason I came here, the reason Sapphiron and its sister planets are shrouded in so much mystery...." She glanced at the Masters feeling apprehensive. She had vowed, what seemed like years ago never to let another Jedi, no matter who it was, set foot on her home planet, not after what she'd witnessed when she was eight. She had no attachments to the planet or Jedi in general, but she figured no one deserved to die like the young Jedi had. She waited for a verdict hoping she'd be able to clear her burden and begin training.

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Alexander Starkiller

"Hmm... it seems you have told us the planets name, at least. We at the Temple, here and on Coruscant, will work to find Sapphiron. You on the other hand face a more difficult choice. You are far older than most of our students when we let them join the Jedi, but with so many Sith and Dark Jedi out there, we have no want to waste a Force Sensitive. You will be an apprentice at first, but with your talent for the Force, you should become a Padawan quickly. First, though, we must see the extent of your abilities and if your blindness inhibits them. Knights Thrak and Black Rose move to the far sides of the room to give Jynx some room. Thank you. Now, Jynx, depending on how you do, you will be ready for the trials given to become a Padawan, due to your former training. If you feel or we feel you are not ready, then you will be given enough time until your are ready be it weeks or years. Ready?" asked Master Zhar.

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Roush in Black

To never see this dump again was a dream come true. ''Kailyija.'' he answered, studying the exterior of his homeworld. The volcanic veins still glowed, embbedded in its surface, vents still shot like geisers of steam, a volcano began bubbling as it gradually errupted. Why did it look so... clean from up here? It looked desolate, yes. But it seemed so much purer. As if all the pain and suffering couldn't be seen from this distance, it was just a bare, volcanic planet. If only people knew the inhabitants of that planet. How was it possible that there are so many people in the galaxy, yet it's all distinctly.... impersonal? How did so many people make a galaxy a cold place? He still had a lot to learn about the galaxy.

He looked up at the stranger. She was still looking down at the planet. What was she looking for? Someone following her? Was she on the run? Kail didn't think so. She was not nearly in enough of a hurry to give that impression. Besides, what possibly could she be on the run from? A bounty hunter? Kail was certain that she could slice any bounty hunter to ribbons. If she was bouncing around the Outer Rim territory she probably wasn't a law-abiding citizen.. if there was such a thing. Then what was she? A spice-trader? He wasn't about to ask her.


Jiiron had to admit, Kaylleon didn't perhaps have the best of skill, but she was certainly not a quitter. She had a fighting spirit, she just had to get rid of her clumsy traits.

He offered her an encouraging smile, before making a less vicious attack--a precise take to her left side. He was thankful that they were using training blades. He couldn't imagine his friend dueling Sith Lords, or challenging Dark Jedi to a fight, she just didn't seem as though she had that much of a fighting spirit, that much of a fighting instict. Maybe she would learn with enough combat training, but viciousness was not what Jedi taught. They were supposed to be keepers of the peace, not warriors. They weren't meant to become furious fighters, they would rely on the Force to guide them in a duel. Jiiron supposed that was what Kaylleon needed to learn yet--fully submitting to the Force. It was something that had to be learned before the Trials.

It was something that Jiiron struggled with. He didn't want to trust the Force to guide him, he wanted to rely on his own skill with the blade. But even Siths were taught against such a thing.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx blocked out everyone. She focused only on the sound coming toward her. Because she wasn't allowed to ignite a lightsabre in the Temple, she lifted her hands. She focused her attention on the tiny silver ball coming toward her. It emitted light. She ducked under it, and pushing the Force she tilted the ball up blocking the blue lightsabre coming toward her.She backed up sliding through easy foot work.

While she fought she seemed to be negotiating something, with her movements, her airs. She swiped down, blocking the sabre from hitting her, causing the ball to turn off and drop to the ground on contact. Her hand twitched, but she quickly made it into a fist. Her knuckles turned white with the effort not to summon a lightsabre she knew was around, it would be wrong. So, she stepped back and stilled, despite the fact the sabre came near her face. Instead she tilted her head, seeming to ask with her unseeing eyes if the other participant in this was really going to strike her. Since she had no other weapon, having used the silver ball, no doubt meant to distract her from noticing the Jedi's approach, as her only defense, she stepped sideways, swaying her body away from the lightsabre.

She focused her energy on the Jedi's focused mind, letting her thoughts float to the outside of his barrier, to a point where she knew he could read them easily. It really is unnecessary, considering that I am not allowed to draw a sabre in the Temple, as I am not trained yet. It does you no good, even if you are using a sabre set for a Padwan, one that responds to another sabre but will not cut or maim, only burn the skin. Besides, it's not in a negotiator's nature to hurt an innocent without provocation.

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Alexander Starkiller

Zhar stopped his attack as he heard her think to him. He began again, but stopped and walked back to his position next to Vandar. Vandar spoke, "Hmmm... impressive it was. Now we know your instincts and abilities, hm? Fighting, you are good, but in negotiation... You nearly convinced Zhar to stop. He stopped of his own free will, but you made him hesitate. You were not using that even to trick him, peacefully resolved you wanted the conflict. Good good. We have accepted you as our apprentice as Jedi. You will be taught under Zhar, as many strong apprentices are. He will take you to the training rooms on the ground floor, and tell you what you must do next. But first... Thrak, have you something to say?" Vandar looked at him.


"Uh! Uhmmm... Yes, Masters. Actually, both of the Twins were in my vision. They weren't fighting, they were working together. And, although it was hazy, it seemed they were working towards White Rose's gain. I am sorry for keeping this from you," Thrak looked at his feet.


"Very well, you are forgiven. Black Rose, stay here after the meeting is completed. We must discuss recent matters. As for you Thrak and Jynx... Thrak, take Jynx to an empty room near the training rooms. For your punishment you will assist her until she becomes acquainted with the Temple. Answer any questions she may ask, and help her if she is in need. Jynx, you will be given the day to rest and find out about the Temple. Tomorrow you will begin your training with Zhar. Thrak, Jynx, you are dismissed."


When they had left the room Thrak asked, "Are you ready to go to your room, or do you want to be shown, uh, lead, uh, walk around the Temple? Or is there a question you have?" She unnerved him how quiet she could be when she wanted to be. He hoped she would decide quickly.

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Agent of Chaos

Kaylleon parried, almost too late, she could feel a little heat from the two clashing lightsabres. She shoved Jiiron's blade away, spinning to attack his right side, when a snicker made her falter. Her head whipped around, her lightsabre almost sliding from her grasp. She dove for it as it slipped out of her hand. She slid for a foot, but at least she caught it. "What do you want, D'Renn?" She growled, attaching her lightsabre to her belt after picking herself up. She began brushing the dust of her tunic, almost glaring at the newcomer.

He raised his eyebrows. "It's entertaining to watch you perform your tumbling act," he stated.

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Roush in Black

''Our practice is our own business, D'renn.'' Jiiron stated, clipping his words, as his lightsabre deactivated, with a snapping hiss. He looked intently at D'renn, almost wanting to fight. He hated how he preyed on Kaylleon the way he did. It was disgusting how fellow Jedi would treat one another like that. That was not the Jedi way, he knew that for sure. If they were divided, they wouldn't be able to stand as Jedis were supposed to. Petty rivalries and bullying didn't have a place here.

He stood slightly in front of his friend, in a semi-protective gesture. ''Leave, unless you have something you'd like to tell us.''

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Agent of Chaos

D'Renn shrugged. "Only that 'Kayllie' can't fight but," He shrugged again. "I think you can see that for yourself." He turned away, "Unless you are blind to that." He wasn't even sure how or why the Council let her become a Padawan. She couldn't do anything right.

Kaylleon stared at him, tensing slightly at the annoying nick-name. But she kept herself completely calm. She couldn't say anything. He was right she couldn't fight--not hardly. She wouldn't let him known that, though. Jedi Knights were strong. She straightened, before stating quietly. "You have to learn how to fall before learning how to fight." That was what her Master told her every time she fell. And then he told her to pick herself up and continue. 'Those who don't give up are hard to win against.'

"I think you've mastered the falling part," D'Renn muttered before walking off.

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Agent of Chaos

Tyriae leaned comfortably against a large settee. She heard familiar footsteps in the hall, as she slowly glanced up. She raised one slightly arched eyebrow. "Finished with conquering the world so quickly, Súil?" She addressed the ruler of the planet of Slyvrii by his first name. "To think I thought it would take longer…" As she reached up to push back a few strands that escaped her elaborate hair style, one corner of her mouth curled into a slight smirk. "But I forgot. You have minions for that kind of work. You were at the Games…" She tilted her head to the side. "Were you not?"

She was probably one of the few Slyvrii who did not watch the Games regularly. She hid under false pretenses of anything she could think of. She found them …dull. A mind could be put to better things. But she would never tell this to Súil though.

Still, she attended the Games to save face with the people, but after competing in the Games herself… they did not give her such a…thrill as it might for other people.

She rolled her large gray eyes, slowly uncurling herself from large couch. "How goes the plans?" She queried, although she knew exactly how far they were. Even if she did not rule a planet, she did rule a household…. And had an amazing resource to finding out anything she wanted—her husband.

What stroke of luck fell upon her, that she, a competitor in the Games would catch the eye of a noble… better yet, the ruler himself? Slowly her fingers drummed against the side of the couch. She hated to remain inactive, yet, appeared as she 'should' as she controlled a whole houseful of servants for her whims. Though her body might remain still for a long period of time, her mind would never stay in one place, continually shifting through one piece of information to another, tying two pieces two together, and unraveling others.

It was not as if she did not care for the man who freed her. But for her, as an ex-competitor and Slyvriian, it was hard to realize…and show much emotion. They did not have emotions much more than rage and loyalty.

Rage was when you were in the Games…and you were losing. Slyvriians acted like they did not fear death, but deep down, it was something no one could fight. Death conquered. And there was one thing Slyvriians hated, it was losing. They would rather die than lose, and yet, dying was losing.

Loyalty was rare on this planet. Only one person had she felt true loyalty to, and was given loyalty in return was to her sister, Tyrienna. They used to fight as a pair. Being the weaker of the two, Tyriae should have died long ago, but her sister stepped in to protect her.

Now Súil protected her. She felt some loyalty to him, but yet, her sister then was forced to fight alone.

Tyriae could not explain the feeling she felt when Tyreinna fought her way to freedom, one of the first to ever accomplish the feat. Of course, Tyreinna would never have made it so far if she had to protect her sister along the way. So, in a way, Súil had protected Tyreinna as well and for that Tyriae was...grateful. A strange concept to a Slyvriian.

And yet, even complete loyalty to Tyreinna…Tyreinna…left. After she was freed, she was granted a ship—with the persuasion of Tyriae to help—and then disappeared. Tyriae assumed that Tyreinna would still live on Slyvrii and visit her often, but Tyreinna didn't. Tyriae almost felt betrayed; almost…complete…rage at the thought.

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Bleeding Perfection
White Rose followed her target's ship out of the atmosphere, keeping enough distance to not be thought of as suspicious. She had known that the Sith had placed a tracking device on her ship, but that was fine. It would only bring them closer to their deaths. As for her cat-like target, she would follow until she was noticed.
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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx bowed to the Masters. She turned following Thrak from the chambers. She blocked out the information she had heard, soaking in the information she had learned. She felt honored to be taught by a Master himself. She could feel that her teacher was a highly respected and powerful man. She glanced over at Thark.

"Is it my blindness that unnerves you?" she asked. "One of the reasons I'm quieter is because I see with my ears and my other senses. The Force is my way of seeing." She followed him turning a corner and walking down a hall. "I also hear what architecture looks like. But perhaps you can tell me what it looks like. I mean... how is it built?" They paused, and she reached forward a door swinging inward. She easily dropped her duffel on the bed and came back out again.

"Let's walk around. Perhaps allow me to be acquainted with the building. Tell me where I am and am not allowed."

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Roush in Black

Kynnet was surprised at the voice calling to him, it was as sweet as honey, yet as stern as a rod. Choose a good woman to lead your household, his father had told him, a mistake like that can be fatal. Specifically to a ruler like your own. Duke S'uil Kynnet had indeed chosen wisely. She was as stern as a Games-master, yet she had an incredibly tender side if one would dig deep enough. An amazing creature. Layered and fascinating.

''Well, my love, well. I had an update filed to me on my way home.'' he pulled out a file of several pieces of flimpsy clasped together by the Kynnet seal. He weaved through the expensive, importaed furniture. They had been excellently arranged, though, Kynnet found them to be slightly cumbersome where the Lady Tyriae had ultimately decided to have them set. He wasn't home too often, he was about keeping up his status and making sure his plans were all in order. He did indeed have a staff to monitor everything, but he preferred to be in personal control. To know what went on behind the scenes of his plans, to know what the planet's news was. It was what a good ruler did.

He slid down next to his wife on the settee, ''True, I was indeed. I had to keep up my public image.'' He knew that she was never a fan of the Games, a rare thing for any Slyvriian. The Games were their pride and joy, it was what kept them running as a race. The reason their hearts pumped and their blood flowed. His wife was the exception; She always seemed to be exceptional. In everything.

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Roush in Black

Jiiron felt relieved as D'renn stalked off. He didn't want to have to fight him. For one, he wasn't quite certain he could beat him. He was still only a Pawdawan, he wasn't as experienced as D'renn, but he still believed they could put up quite a duel. He wasn't given to pride, but he had to admit, he wasn't exactly helpless. His master had taught him well, he was wiser then Jiiron probably ever would be. But he was close-minded in some areas. He blamed Jiiron's youth for that thinking, but he actually blamed his Master's age for his closed-mindedness, nearly religious thinking. There needed to be new ideas in the Jedi Council, along with old wisdom. Sometimes that balance was struck.

''Let's continue,'' he said finally, as his lightsabre burst to life, the distinct humming now accompanying its movement as he brought it up to eye level. He would make a duelist out of his friend yet. By the time he was done with her, D'renn would regret challenging her again. Only by the will of the Force, though, only by the will of the Force...

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Alexander Starkiller

What? Huh? Uh? Wo-wow when she speaks, it's all at once. Uhm, start with the first question. Thrak thought back and answered, "N-no.*he stuttered clearing his throat. "No, that's not it. Not your blindness. I think... I think it's the way you are. Your body, your movements, your breathing, your shoes don't even clack on the stone. You are silent, and that unnerves me, not your lack of sight. Even sensing you through the Force is difficult. It seems... unnatural. Even assassins aren't as quiet as you are. Not that that is a bad thing, I just have a feeling you'll pop out of nowhere sometime and give me a hear tattack. As for the architecture. Bah, it's not important. If it is you are asking the wrong person. I can't wax eloquent like even you can, with your ability to calm someone in the heat of battle.

"Now for where and where not you are allowed. You are allowed everywhere except for the meeting chamber and Council chamber, unannounced that is. Also, don't go barging into people's rooms, which is a common courtesy that you already know. Don't leave the outer walls of the Temple, but you can go as far as the droid/weapons shop inside the outer walls. But also, I would get permission as to where to go, since you are an apprentice. The places you will most likely be are the training rooms, meditation chambers, the library, and your room. And wherever I happen to be, since I will at least be escorting you around, and I'm the source of answers if you have questions. I will tell you where each area is when we pass it as I escort you the first few days. Now, I bet you don't want to be escorted around like you are a special case or anything. But every apprentice is shown around by someone, though in this case they assigned me, a Knight, because of a certain issue. Even so, I look forward to helping you out and you can come to me whenever you need me." Thrak breathed a sigh of relief. He felt good getting all of the answers out right.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx smiled. "Well, back on my home planet silence kept me alive, I guess that's why I don't often speak." She considered the answers. She had learned much from reading records, much about politics. Also, she enjoyed meditating in places that were busy. "Are there any busy, loud, active areas around the temple?" She also considered what he said about being shown around. "I will keep that in mind if I have any questions."

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Bleeding Perfection
Black Rose had left the discussion chambers with Thrak and Jynx, and walked around the temple with them. She kept quiet and listened to their conversation for a while. "I prefer meditating in busy places as well," Rose said, "I find that it increases my ability to focus by challenging my concentration."
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Alexander Starkiller

"I recommend the common area on the ground level. It's a big circular room, a centre for traffic. There is a bench that wraps around the large circular planter, which is filled with many different plants and lifeforms. There is plenty of activity there to try to distract you. I prefer having quiet meditations when possible. I think that if you have the gift of silence to meditate, use it. But that's me." Thrak lead her to the ground floor, through the hallways until they reached the commons.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx nodded. "It has other benefits as well," she said. "I like meditating in busy places for another reason. It helps me reflect without having to remember what happens in the silence."

8/7/2010 #82
Alexander Starkiller

That is a very intriguing response. What is she hiding? Thrak wondered for a few seconds until she said what she wanted to do next.

8/7/2010 #83
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Um...Would you mind taking me to the practice chambers and describing how they look?" She asked. "Seeing as I don't know the terrain."

8/7/2010 #84
Alexander Starkiller

"All right," Thrak said. He walked down a corridor to the left. Shortly they arrived at a training room. "This room is large and rectangular. Their is a bench on the side closest to the exit. On the other side are the large double-doors to the Council Chamber. Next to the doors on your left is a workbench, where you will eventually make your lightsabre. Next to the workbench is a limited computer terminal, with just enough information to help you with your first trial. The floor is a red mat good for traction. You will use this room when training with Zhar. Next up is the public training rooms. They are on the underground floor." Thrak took her to the training chambers.

"These are similar as the one upstairs, but there are no terminals or workbenches in here. Workbenches can be found in a room next to the library, terminals are in the library. These chambers, both of them, are also bigger than the one upstairs, big enough for many Jedi to train at once, and has plenty more benches. No doubt you felt their presence long ago. In here you can train by yourself. Lightsabre forms, with just a metal casing of course, which will feel the same as a lightsabre, but without the blade, which is weightless anyways. You will also train your fighting forms with a vibroblade, to gain strength. Of course you will also practice your Force Forms. Such as your Persuasion and Force Push/Grasp, etc. We have dummies and plenty of Jedi that want to prove their mettle to practice on. Persuasion, of course, requires a human target. Well, anything else?"

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

"No that should be adequate," she said. "Thanks for the tour, I believe I can find my way around, back to my rooms from here."

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Agent of Chaos

Tyriae eyed the flimsy. Could it possibly tell her anything more? She continually thirsted for knowledge as other another Slyvriians would thirst for blood. Perhaps she could take a glance at it later, if he himself would not show it to her. She tilted her head to the side, raising her eyebrows. "You spend more time at the Games than at your own home." She stated evenly. She was not …upset of the fact. It was a fact. Facts were facts and could not be changed. She paused, "You have not heard anything from my sister have you?"she stated quietly.


Tyreinna glanced once more at the planet. A clean getaway was never a complete getaway until years later and nothing had come from it. She tapped a few more keys. "Do you know how to fight?" She still did not call him by his name. He would have to earn being called his name. Right now he was not worthy of a name—just as she and her sister had started off in the games. Their parents had names for them—when they earned them. Tyreinna was…what was the human term?—glad that Tyriae had been with her long enough to earn her name. A Slyvriian without a name was nothing more than an animal—something worse than the games.

Her boots rang on the decking as she strode menacingly towards him. She paused about two feet away, her white shirt almost glowing in the lighting of the ship. It attenuated her tan yet slightly grayish skin, as her pale gray eyes seemed paler with her black-blue hair starting to fall into her face. "Come."

If this boy was to stay, he had to know his way around her ship. She eyed him as well.

'It was probably hungry as well. Unlike most of the humans she knew this one was a little too thin. And its clothes complete rags. A corner of her mouth curled into a slight frown—a human trait she found effective—especially when dealing with humans. It made her seem more…intimidating.

But a boy running around her ship, too thin and in rags would not seem good for her image. He looked like a pitiful little animal.

She crossed her arms over her chest. Why did she take on this creature anyways? Maybe 'it' reminded her of how she cared for her sister…. But 'it' was a human!

But her plan suited her well-enough for now. The troubles he might cost her now could be well worth the end result. A Jedi might be in her control.

That would be a valuable tool indeed.

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Alexander Starkiller

"All right, see you tomorrow at 7 o'clock standard time." Thrak walked back to the workbench room, to finish his lightsabre repair. "And Rose, the Maters wanted to see you, right? Best not keep them waiting." Thrak walked into the room with the workbenches, the Repair room, and took apart his lightsabre. He undid the bolts in the center, separating the blades and exposing the crystals. The focusing lens had been scratched, so he took out some polishing liquid and began fixing the crack.


Bane had been patient for a sufficient time, so he started the engine and pulled into the air. He would stay in heavy traffic until they jumped though. If he left too early, they would both be onto him. Not just Rose.

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Bleeding Perfection

Black Rose returned to the discussion chamber and knocked. .


White Rose enabled the cloaking beacon on her ship. It was unheard of for a ship as small as hers to have a cloaking device, but it did. And its polished black-silver outer shell was painted with a substance that increased both the powers of the cloaking device, and the radar system. Her ship could fly over a crowded street and nobody would notice, while it could also pinpoint the location of another ship from all the way across the galaxy. She neared her target's ship carefully. If her memory served her correctly, and it always did, her target was a Slyvnian known as Tyreinna. This was going smoothly so far.

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Roush in Black

''Tyreinna? No, nothing. Ever since she fought her way to freedom she seems to have left our planet behind her.'' Kynnet wondered why his wife was asking. She would be the first, literally the first, to know if Tyreinna had messaged them or sent word at all. She was her sister. Not to mention the message would come to this household, and all of them were probably read by Tyriae anyways. She often asked questions like that, he never could figure out why. ''Why do you ask?

He shifted his wait, studying his wife's face curiously.


''I know how to defend myself.'' he said weakly. It was true, he had defended himself against his sister. Or rather, tried. It was a failed attempt, but he did have some experience in self-defense... he deafened himself every day. He followed the stranger to where she was leading him, still not knowing her name. But, again, he wasn't about to ask. It seemed somehow, as if he were trying to elevate himself to her level by being social with her, as if they were friends or something to that effect.

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