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Agent of Chaos

Tyriae shrugged, staring at the floor. "I just wonder if something has happened to her?' She quietly voiced her fears. The galaxy was large--perhaps Tyreinna had finally met her match....and Tyriae would never know the fate of her sister.

She shook her head, her eyes meeting Kynnet's. "When will the weapon be finished?" Then perhaps they would reveal themselves and Tyriae could discover something about her sister.


Tyreinna nodded. "Good." She stated, the doors to the bridge sliding open as she approached them. She glanced back at him. "Well, get a move on now! Move faster. I don't have all day." A sharp tone came into her normally monotone voice. Her boots rang on the floor as she turned and made her way towards her small 'kitchen'. She heard the soft sounds of the boy quickening his steps.

Another door slid open, she motioned to the only chair. "Sit." She stated moving to the other side of the room. She pulled out a food packet from a container and thrust it towards the boy.

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Bleeding Perfection

White Rose wasn't being impatient, but she decided to send her target a message anyway. She made contact and readied for the response. Tyreinna's ship would remind her of the incoming message.

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Agent of Chaos

A light began to flash silently. Someone was trying to contact her. Someone who wanted her specifically for a bounty? She shrugged, not unheard of. She went over to the flashing light and pressed a button, the wall sliding open to reveal a key board. She had computers in almost every room, so if she must she could control the ship from almost everywhere....it was just easier to control it from the bridge. She typed in the password to enter the system from a different area. She placed a headset on her head, before allowing the message to come through.

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Alexander Starkiller

"Enter," called Master Vrook.


Bane was surprised. Rose actually contacted her target. That was a risky move, likely going to result in doing nothing more than alerting the target. Bane took this surprise as a boon and tapped into their transmission.

8/10/2010 #94
Bleeding Perfection
"Hello, Tyreinna," White Rose said, her voice unintentionally carrying a taunting sound, "My name is White Rose, but I'm sure you already know that. Don't worry, I do not seek you for a bounty, only as an ally. Our hatred for the Jedi is equal, you and I, and together, that power can be used to destroy them. But that is not the true reason I've tracked you down. What I really need to know about is the superweapon."
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Alexander Starkiller

Kadon leaned forward in his seat. He was breathing heavy. Bane realized he was doing the same. This is getting good, very good, he thought.

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Bleeding Perfection

Black Rose entered the discussion chamber and bowed to the Masters.

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Alexander Starkiller

Vrook was straight to the point, "You have been seen aiding the enemy in the most conclusive evidence we have had for years. Whatever you were doing is not important as of yet, but your purpose behind it is. But we will get to that later. First off, do you have any evidence, no matter how small, that either refutes this information, or supports it?"

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Bleeding Perfection
"Yes, I do," Rose replied, "I have seen the same vision that you are referring to, and in greater detail, and in what you believe is me aiding the enemy, is actually me saving her life. White Rose is my sister, and I do not beleive she deserves to die, even if she is evil."
8/13/2010 #99
Alexander Starkiller

"Do you know how, where, when, or why you are saving her life? Even the answer to one of those questions will help us greatly," said Master Vandar.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx sat in her new room. She had spent at least an hour feeling around and hanging up her clothes. She had also brought hand made sheets and pillows. She settled back falling into a hazy sleep. Images flashed through her mind. One came in clear.

A presence emanated from the shadows. A foot tapped impatiently, not touching the ground, but its movement was a disturbance. From an ante chamber a door opened and foot steps approached. A voice hissed through the air.

"Xian Amidala,"a man said.

The other seemed to consider it. He nodded withdrawing a strange instrument. It sounded like a lightsabre but the energy it gave off was potent. The messenger took the weapon sliding it into a sheath. He moved away.

There was a very steep drop, and shadow was everywhere. A wall seemed to open and the messenger entered. A Jedi presence surrounded the area, but it was down, weak. The man raised the weapon. It glowed and as it touched the Jedi burns ran down his arm. He clenched his jaw shut not satisfying the man with a scream. The weapon hissed through the air.

The messenger's voice said, "Too bad you won't get the antidote."

She woke with a start. The voice sent chills down her spine, and a sick feeling wrapped around her stomach. She rose, slipping out of her clothes and taking a cold shower. She changed into plain white clothing. With bare feet she left her room walking slowly through the Temple. She pushed through a doorway and made her way across a balcony. She stopped at the edge, reaching out into air. An unfinished one. She sat down slowly right on the edge letting the fresh air flow over her.

But she could not shake her previous affirmation to the Masters. Something dark was happening, had been brewing, for millenniums on her planet. What it was she didn't know but she vowed she'd save the Jedi. She would save him because he'd been the one to get her off her planet when she was eight. The one who'd given her the name, and the one who had told her to guard his lightsabre. She shook her head rising to her feet. She found a ladder on the side of the Temple and climbed it to a higher point. She leaned against the railing trying to settle her roiling mind.

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Agent of Chaos

Tyreinna raised an eyebrow. Interesting. This human knew her name, "Since you obviously know so much about me; that leaves me with one question. How do you know about me?" She purposely ignored answering the question about a superweapon. No one learned about another without other motives. She would find out those first and then, if this human was worth her timeā€¦and was not a harm to Ty. Then Maybe they could come to some sort of...agreement.

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Alexander Starkiller

Thrak sat straight up in his bed. He was shaking, cold sweat running down his back. Again. Again a vision. It was more clear this time, like a holo-recording. It was a continuous vision, too, unlike the first time. But again, a presence emanated from the vision, cold and evil. The biggest difference was the third presence, not at all evil. Thrak had to wonder if these presences were involved with what he saw in his first, or were watching his vision. That would be disturbing. He walked to the washbasin and threw cold water in his face. Either way, he would have to assist Jynx today.

He put on new under-clothes, his armor, and his belt with his lightsabre. He walked to her room, and knocked. He waited a few seconds, no answer. Knocked again. She wasn't in there. Just in case, he used the Force to 'see' around her room. Nothing living in there. He stretched his perceptions and tried sifting through the people. He nearly gave up when he felt the presence of a young girl. He had to check twice, even though he knew it was Jynx, because she was on the roof. Why is she up there?

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx stood still taking in the silence. She knew she had many facts to check. She had too much to do before she revealed this vision. She didn't even know what it meant for her. She opened her eyes, not really sure why she'd gotten into the habit of closing them when she thought, since she couldn't see... She began to explore the lightsabre she'd been protecting for some time. Since she was eight. She could get it to ignite but not fully. It was at what someone had called the Padawan stage. She began to practice her Flash Step, Force Run and Swivel Kick incorporating lightsabre movements. She was landing from the kick when she felt a presence nearing the roof. She quickly unignited the sabre and hung it on her concealed belt. She began to practice some other steps while she waited for the person to approach.

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Alexander Starkiller

He was near the top when he missed a rung. He slid down a few feet and stopped. He was surprised that he actually missed a rung, he must be really out of it. He began climbing again, more carefully, and reached the top in a few seconds despite the cautious speed. He pullrf himself up and scanned the roof. Right there. Jynx was in front of the railing on the other side of the roof. She wasn't surprised when he walked behind her and to her side. She knew a long time ago he was coming. He spoke first, "Hi, Jynx. Before I ask why you are up here, I would like to know what you thought of yesterday. How was your first night here? Did you sleep well?"

Wait did she tense up at that question? Or am I overthinking things again?

8/16/2010 #105
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Her mind had sensed Thrak's approach, although she didn't know the Force Feel of many of the people here yet. She felt the tension drain from her knowing it would look suspicious. "I slept for a short time," she admitted. "Little of my sleep was restful and I get tense when I get little sleep." She shifted her hip a tad, rearranging the lightsabre she carried concealed under her coat. The handle was still slightly warm from it's ignition. She decided it would be safe to ask one question. One that had been bugging her for a while. "Why do Padwan's not have fully ignitable lightsabres?"

8/16/2010 . Edited 2/14/2011 #106
Alexander Starkiller

"The safeties on lightsabres are put there to avoid damage to the user. Padawans are not completely in tune with the Force at the beginning of their training. The more talented are allowed to leave safeties out of their sabres, but most are not. When you have proven you can wield the Force and lightsabre in sync with each other, then you may remove the safeties. Regardless of age and position. Judging on the conversation, I would assume you are anxious to learn today, pass the first test, and move on to making your lightsabre for the second test?" Thrak said.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Something along those lines," Jynx answered. Her mind strayed again to the lightsabre at her waist. The lightsabre those men fromm her vision were no doubt looking for. She cleared her thoughts bringing her mind back to the present. "I was merely asking about the safety because there was an incident on one of Sapphiron's sister planets. A very gruesome one. A temple was attacked and many young ones were either killed or murdered. It was from this temple I was "saved", or so my records claim."

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Alexander Starkiller

"Oh, I'm sorry. So, lightsabres were used? To hurt the people there? And you escaped? Ah," said Thrak.

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Bleeding Perfection
White Rose smiled, "Tyreinna, you should know. The Force can be a source of much information. It was all I needed to get your name. In fact, I've known about you for only about an hour now, since you entered the bar back planetside."
8/18/2010 #110
Agent of Chaos

"Then you know how I'll react. And supposedly you know everything I know. So why even bother me?" Tyreinna sneered. She didn't have time for Jedi-Force...what did they call it... bantha fodder? but even worse than that... "If I had a hand in this so-called super weapon you should know about it." She raised her eyebrows challengingly, tempted to end transmission.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Something like that," she said. "I honestly don't remember all of it. But anyways, yes I am eager to train under a Master instead of learning things on my own. Not that it was bad I learned my skills on my own, but I can't complete my real goals without this training."

8/19/2010 #112
Alexander Starkiller

"Okay, yeah, it's a good thing training under Zhar. He's good at brining apprentices to actually be a full member of the Jedi Order as Padawan. Wow, uh, serious deja vu. What you said really triggered the memery of my... dream. Nevermind it was just a dream. So, uh, let's get you to the ground level training center," he said quickly. He hoped he didn't reveal to much about the confidential vision he had. He glanced at Jynx, hoping she wasn't quite as precocious as she seemed to be.

8/19/2010 #113
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She froze. Dream... Could it be they had the same vision, her from a participator point of view and him from an omniscient observer. "Dream?" she asked. "Um...what kind of dream? What happened? I mean..." she started fidgeting. "Maybe it will help me settle my mind from the dream I had."

8/19/2010 . Edited 2/14/2011 #114
Alexander Starkiller

"What? Oh no, nothing really. Well, there was something familiar about it. There was some sort of torture or something going on. It was hard to see, though, since I was about twenty feet above the whole thing. As for what I heard, all I caught was 'Xian Amidala' and 'the antidote'. Nothing relevant." Thrak shrugged. The masters might know what it meant, but it didn't mean anything to him and Jynx. Her dream was probably just due to nervousness. He struggled with the same thing when he was her age. Or maybe not, the look on her face, maybe something was important.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx felt her muscles bunch. He had heard the name of the Jedi who was being tortured. She wondered if he had sensed her in the vision. "That name belongs to someone who trained in the temple on Coruscant." She didn't say anymore, but turned following the line of the roof until she made it to the ladder. "Is Master Zhar waiting for me?"

8/20/2010 #116
Alexander Starkiller

"Well, sort of. If you went now he would be ready for you, but you would be early. Right now I think he is meditating. Did what I say help you relax your mind? I know how hard it was for me when I was nervous for this training. The apprentice-to-Padawan training is best done calm," Thrak said and then looked at her. She was far more tense now, not relaxed at all. He thought back and noticed her reaction when he said that name, and she had reacted then as well. He 'looked' at her presence, her emotions, and saw that they were tangled, twisted, and possibly sad? He thought about asking her why, when he was hit by another deja vu sort of understanding.

Presences, two of them swirling around his own. One was dark and the other light. Thrak looked down to what he already knew was there, he was over the torture again, but this time something was more clear. More... familiar. Thrak instantly recognized what it was. The light presence... it was...

"You!" Thrak shouted just as Jynx brought her left leg onto the ladder. "You were in my vision/dream last night! Well not in it, but you were still there!" He realized was pointing, so he put down his finger.

8/20/2010 #117
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx looked up at the older Jedi. A small sardonic look crossed her features. "I suppose we had the same vision then." She let the subject drop, and as she descended she added, "I don't know all of what it means, so if you would please not tell the Masters. I would prefer to tell Zahar myself." She did not mention that another reason she wanted to keep it to themselves for now was because there was some sort of link missing. An important one that tied her very closely to the Order. And when she could figure out that link she'd be able to tell them who she was. She just hoped her identity didn't throw the Force off balance.

8/21/2010 . Edited 12/16/2010 #118
Alexander Starkiller

"I can only wait until the end of the day. I've withheld a lot of information recently, I can't do that again. I do want to keep this a secret, but we don't even know enough to guess as to a next move. We need the wisdom of the Masters." Thrak followed her down the ladder. He didn't like doing this. If he could help without the Masters, he would. But he just didn't know what to do.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Alright, but please let me explain all that I can to Master Zahar first." She didn't press the subject. She had sensed much tension with this particular Jedi.

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