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Alexander Starkiller

"Okay..." Thrak said. There was definitely something off about this girl. She acted so old, she had seen a lot in her life. They climbed down the ladder to the ground floor. They walked through the courtyard to Zhar's training area. Thrak said goodbye and went back to his room. He would definitely need to avoid Rose.


The Masters were discussing for some time in the meeting chamber. The few people involved with these visions were obviously the key to stopping something massive. Those Jedi would have to be sent out on a dangerous mission, with little or no hope of assistance. And soon.


"Ah, come in Jynx! Great timing. I had just finished meditating and centering myself for your lesson. Ask questions when I am done for you must know this. You are in the rare position of immediately starting out as an apprentice in the process of becoming a full-fledged Jedi. You will practice with a training lightsabre until you have mastered the Shii-Cho, the simplest of lightsabre forms. You will continue to train in your Force forms, such as your Persuade. You seem to be of the type who could use Camoflauge and you already have Sight so we will train for those as well. Add to that the basic Force forms and you will have quite a bit to do. When you are fairly competent with these we will begin your final training.

"That is the Padawan training. For the first step, you will need to recite the Jedi code after me, filling in the phrases. The second step is crafting your very own lightsabre, one that reflects you in style and personality, as well as choosing your class. The third and final step is to somehow cleanse this planet from the Dark Side in a way yet to be determined. Now that I have finished, are there any questions?" Zhar said with a smile.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx nodded solemnly. "I will repeat the code," she said bowing her head. "However, before we train I have information I would like to share with you. I did not find it prudent to share this news while Black Rose and Jedi Thrak were in the chamber. It is information that I believe you may be able to use and possibly help fill in gaps that I have in my knowledge." She paused. "I also wish to share a vision I have had and my past experience with the Force. The reason I traveled here in the first place."

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Alexander Starkiller
"Don't worry about the Code," said Zhar. "You will have plenty of time to learn it later. As for your information, please proceed."
8/23/2010 #123
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"I had a vision," she said carefully. "It has to do with a Jedi who may have been a tad unconventional, but I believe he was your or another Master's student."

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Agent of Chaos

"Alright." Kaylleon agreed, but yet was hesitant. She couldn't help but feel that D'Renn was right. She could barely use the Force. She shook her head.

After a while later, Kayl sighed, shutting off her lightsabre. "I think I'm done." She placed it on her belt, taking a step back. She brushed her red hair out of her eyes, straightening her tunic. She glanced around, "Besides, I should be getting back. My Master will be wondering about me."

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Alexander Starkiller

"Really? That's not unlikely, as many of the stronger students must go by me to become a Knight. But, please continue," he gestured an open palm to Jynx as a sign he wanted her to proceed.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Well," she started. "First of all, I believe that my memory has been tampered with. I keep having moments when I remember events, such as my training on one of Sppahiron's sister planets. After that, all I remember is the Temple being attacked, around when I was four, and being taken to my parents on Sppahiron." Jynx said accenting 'parents' with a sarcastic tone. "Then, a Jedi, about forty or so came to the planet. I had a vision last night which showed him being tortured. His name is Xian Amidala."

She thought hard trying to remember why she'd been so disturbed, and remembering quite quickly. "I think the man torturing him was looking for someone, maybe a son. He kept asking "Where is he?" And the Jedi wouldn't answer, would only smirk. He was tortured with something, and I was apart of this vision. Not the torture but I was trying to find him, save him. And I don't know why. I don't know who he is and I can't remember my past. I came to terms with all of this, a reason I did not travel to Coruscant. I feared that if I set foot there I would be questioned about who my father was, and I think, but I'm not sure that it is this Amidala."

She could feel tears coming to her eyes. "Um...a part of the reason I was blinded was because this Jedi tried to save me. Well actually that I tried to save him, while he was trying to save me. I was eight and that's how I first found out Persuasion, except I used it so powerfully and it wasn't like the fast running or unexplainable defiance of gravity I seemed able to achieve. And well..."she bit her lip. "He told my a very cryptic message." She reached under her cloak taking out the intricate lightsabre. "He said, "You will know which one is safe to confide in for he will recognize this." She kept her fingers wrapped around the very end of the lightsabre. "And he also seemed to think that once I'd gone through training the lightsabre would "ignite and reveal my true identity." She waited for a few moments before saying all in one breath "and Thrak also shared this vision from an omniscient sort of view."

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Alexander Starkiller

Thrak was walking to the training chambers. He would go to speak with Zhar after lunch, which would give Jynx plenty of time to explain her part. He adjusted his belt and stepped into the room, where he would spend a few hours before going to the library.

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Agent of Chaos

Tyreinna raised an eyebrow, clasping her hands behind her back. She knew nothing about a super weapon. So technically this person knew more than she did. Well, not anymore, now that she had told Tyrei about the weapon. She paused for a second. How did she know that White Rose wasn't a Jedi? She made mention of the Force--only Jedi used the force. "How do I know you are not a Jedi?" She found humans to be untrustworthy. Why should she waste her time listening to one?

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Alexander Starkiller

"I'm sorry, but this lightabre is completely foreign to me. It is similar to the one Revan made when he became a Padawan, obviously it is based off of his. But other than that, I do not recognize it. You say Thrak shared your vision? He has been having quite a few of those recently. Maybe, perhaps he would be of some use in determining the importance of the sabre. But that is for another time. Since it seems forces which we cannot see are moving swiftly, we must hasten our lessons. Please place that back on your belt and take this training sabre so that I may teach of the ways of Shii-Cho." Zhar tossed her the trainer and ignited his own lightabre.

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Bleeding Perfection

"Proving that I'm not Jedi may hurt for a moment," White Rose sneered, "But I guarante beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will have no doubts as to whose side I'm on." Before she even finished her sentence, she applied a Force Choke on Tyreinna. she wouldn't kill her, no absolutely not, but just long enough for hr to realize she was being choked. Jedi tended to shy away from force choke, due to its... crueler way of operating. Only Dark Side tended to use the Choke.

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Agent of Chaos

Tyreinna clenched her hands. Coward. She seethed as her air supply was cut off. The human couldn't even face her fairly. Why should she trust someone that had no sense of fair play? They were worse than criminals; on her planet a Slyvriian would never cheat because of the fear of punishment. They would have been stripped of their name—if they had one, and forced to live in total exile. Before they were placed in exile, however, they were injected with a drug known only to Slyvrii. It killed very slowly and painfully.

Tyrei's vision began to blacken, but she remained calm. If this 'White Rose' knew that Ty did not know anything, she would have left Tyrei alone, or killed Tyrei by now. However, since Tyrei was willing to bet that this White Rose still assumed Tyrei knew about this….'superweapon' then White Rose would only want to intimidate Tyrei—not kill.

How was Tyrei supposed to know about this super weapon anyway? Or where Jedi always superstitious about 'new' races of aliens? Or was her planet planning something? Tyrei certainly wouldn't put it past them, but Slyvriians never left their planet… what would they do with a super weapon? They put no thought to the surrounding galaxy, believing that all other races were inferior. Besides, the ancient rules of the game stated that the only weapons allowed were the one that the Slyvriians were blessed with at birth.

Tyrei was the first to leave the planet in at least two hundred years. And since then she took no notice of what Slyvrii did. If she kept tabs on the planet, someone would find out. Perhaps find her and try to kill her. She was tired of the games. Perhaps she would return in a few years, compete in the open games. But until then, her planet was dead to her.

Something exploded outwards from inside her; the pressure that was choking her disappeared.

Odd. She thought as her vision cleared. She hissed slightly, her eyes narrowing, the tips of her long claws began to cut through the thin fabric of her gloves. "You try that again, and I swear, if you do not kill me first, I. Will. Kill. You."

8/26/2010 #132
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx kept her surprise to herself. Surely, someone would know the lightsabre. Instead of pursing it she began to fall into the steps Zahar was doing. It came easily to her considering the fact that she could already pretty much do Force Run, Leap and reverse her stance. After hours of practice they stopped and she waited for Zahar's criticism and input.

8/27/2010 . Edited 2/14/2011 #133
Alexander Starkiller

"Haha. That was good. Your speed and reflexes are very good. You listened to my advice and improved both of those throughout the practice, which also shows you learn well. Your offense and defense are somewhat lacking, though. You waste energy and movement in your offense, you swing too hard when you don't have to, and swing wide and wildly when smaller attacks would be more efficient. Fix this by switching your power output constantly until you can switch between full power and low power swings at will. Also train your eyes to the point you can decide what sort of power is needed and how best to use that.

"As for defense, you must keep your arms close to your body when deflecting blows, this reduces the need for dramatic dodging. Also, as you are not as physically strong as an adult male, for example, you need to block the blows differently. You cannot just put up the lightsabre and push away, that requires at least equal strength as that of your opponent, instead 'slap' it away. Do this by sweeping in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise manner to 'slap' the opponent's weapon away. This uses far less energy, and opens your opponent's defense for a counter-attack. Tomorrow we will review your progress and I will begin in teaching you Soresu, the 'Resilience Form', which is effective against deflecting blaster bolts. I do this because, once you have refined your Shii-Cho, you will have mastered it well.

"But that is enough for that for today. Now I will instruct you in the ways of the Force. First, we will cover basics, such as Push, Pull, Grip, Run, and the like. Then we will go into more intricate Force Forms, namely your Persuade, Camouflage, and Breath, which lets you hold your breath for hours or days. But, for now you are excused for lunch and rest. Come back when you feel refreshed. Ah, and I will ask the masters about you lightsabre, but I feel whatever Jedi wielded this, created this after his training was complete. If you feel secure in doing so, you should also ask around, maybe you will have better luck than we. Goodbye for now." Zhar said.

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Bleeding Perfection

"Oh, Ty," White Rose said, rolling her eyes, "How do you expect you'll be doing that?"

She formed a sphere of ice in her palm and twirled it between her fingers.

"I'm not here to be enemies with you," she said, "I'm here to get your help."

8/27/2010 #135
Agent of Chaos

Tyreinna raised her eyebrows. I have my ways. She thought to herself. "Obviously," She stated, deadpan. Why would she ever help someone that threatened her? Cheated? "It seems you make enemies faster than friends." She glanced at the young human that remained silent. Good. She didn't want a whimpering child on her ship.

But why would she want to help a human, worse still a Jedi to find out about a superweapon that supposedly her race was creating. She would choose her race over weak, whining humans any day. "And why should I even bother to help you?" She scoffed.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx decided to let a little more of her power be known to him. "Since I am blind," she said in a neutral tone, "I cannot use my eyes to point me in the right direction. Instead, I focus on the Force that an opponent emits. But, since you are stronger in the Force, and are capable of cloaking what you emit it is more difficult for me to accurately use my skills." She spoke slowly picking through the facts she was willing to share and omitting anything too personal. "I was," she said, "acquainted with someone on my home planet, who never told me her name, who taught me some of the basics of fighting stances and how to block attacks. I have learned how to use my thoughts to affect how others sense my presence, and I have also learned how to run, reverse, and strike using the Force." She shook her head. "But I would prefer to mostly work on Persuade and techniques that don't involve harming someone."

8/28/2010 . Edited 2/14/2011 #137
Alexander Starkiller

"I see you have a strong foothold in what it means to be a Jedi. But, you cannot solve all problems peacefully. Let us think about the worst case scenario. If a Dark Jedi, strong in mind, were to attack you, what would you do? You could not Persuade him to stop, for his mind is too strong. Thus, whatever battle of words you had to try and Persuade him will quickly result in an actual battle. Lightsabre against lightsabre. Since you cannot use Persuade against him, you must rely on your fighting abilities to defeat him. And, since I would have you live, this means you must improve. Being blind is no excuse. If, as you said, it is limited by your ability to see Force output, then work on it until you can see the Force all around you. The Force that flows through the air and lives in every organism, not just emitted Force but the Force that is already there. Think upon this." Zhar sat down on a bench and breathed in and out slowly.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Jynx nodded. She turned walking to the door and slipped out into the hallway quickly navigating to a busy area. She sat down falling easily into meditation. As she did she let her mind flow through the Force and began to improve her movement in her mind.

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Alexander Starkiller

Thrak was almost ready to go study in the library, but he wanted to try the Flash Step one more time. He, though tired, called upon the Force quickly, infusing his muscles with strength. He then tensed his calves and pushed off with his left foot. He was going fast, and checked that off the list of right moves. He had to keep his body still during this, balance was everything. He couldn't let his feet touch off the ground for lack of control, but he couldn't put them on the ground too much. Halfway through the Step, his right foot lowered a fraction of an inch. The increased traction made him lose speed very quickly, and he flipped in a somersault. He landed on his back with momentum and continued rolling until he hit a bench, the force of which knocked the air out of him. He struggled to get air in his lungs for half a minute, and when he did the breaths were labored.

I'm getting... better, just a... little more... practice is in order. I think I'll... just lie... on my back for... a while.

9/4/2010 #140
Bleeding Perfection

White Rose let the ice sphere disintegrate. "Because you and I have more in common than you're willing to admit," She said, "Let me tell you a little story. Once, in a reality far different from our own, there existed a brilliant man known only as 'L.' This L was the best detective ever known to that reality, and he proved as much by saving the world from an elusive killer named 'Kira.' Some time later, a deadly super virus threatened to eliminate all life, but he saved that world from that fate as well. But he wasn't alone. He had allies, friends, and nearly unlimited resources. On his last day alive, he chose a successor to his name, 'L.' A young boy named 'Near,' whose blood had provided the antidote to the super virus. The last thing anyone ever heard him say was to this boy. He said, 'Remember, no matter who you are, you alone cannot change the world.' Now my point in telling you all this is a simple one: We both desire power, but on our own, no power we can gain can change our overall existence. Do you not desire to change things about this world? What if you could make all weaknesses disappear?"

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Bleeding Perfection

Black Rose heard a thump and looked down to see Thrak sprawled out on his back. "Perhaps you should practice the Flash Step in a less furnished area," She said, "Falling on flat ground is quite a bit less painful than falling into a sharp-angled bench. Maybe doing it in a grassy yard would be a better start?"

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Alexander Starkiller

Thrak laughed, still on the ground. "Yeah, but then I'd be running into people, instead of just this training area bench. Haha." Thrak pushed off of the ground and stood.

9/6/2010 #143
Bleeding Perfection
"Well now you're adding variables," Rose said, "I meant in a grassy yard with no people or trees to run into."
9/6/2010 #144
Alexander Starkiller

"We do have the plains only a short walk from here, but I'd rather not leave the Temple just to train. Though, there might be some investment into going into the Crystal Caves... nah. Anyway, what sort of training did you come here for?" Thrak said, just before he felt a pain in his side. He forced a smile and just tried to walk it off.

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Roush in Black

Tyreinna kept a controlled, clipped tone, despite her frustration. This was a complete waste of time, this discussion. She had to deliver a bounty, she didn't have much time to chat. ''For someone so confident, you read me wrong.'' True, she was not a supporter of weakness, which was the only reason she was still alive. On her home planet, if you were weak, you died. Eliminating weakness was how she'd won her freedom in the Games, it was how she was alive to this day. It was part of survival.

''No, I don't wish to change anything about the galaxy. We can't change an entire galaxy, we can only conform to it and try to survive. '' She didn't want a revolution or some grand war, Tyrienna wasn't quite sure where this woman was getting these ideas. This Force of hers seemed to be able to add opinions to one's mind.

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Alexander Starkiller

Bane chuckled softly. Though he new nothing about 'changing the galaxy', he doubted it meant anything. Instead he opened up communication on his part, ending the silence he had for most of Rose's conversation. To the Sylvriian he said, "She has a habit of misreading people. But she really is good with kids. Such as that human boy that is standing behind you. I never would have pegged you as a nanny, but looks like I'm wrong. Or did you kidnap him? Going to get a ransom? Or are you just going to kill him? Why else would you have a human boy with you..."

9/6/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/14/2011 #147
Bleeding Perfection

"I'll tell you who's gonna be killed," White Rose said, "You Sith just can't seem to keep your nose out of other people's business..." And with that, she increased her radar range to find the Sith's ship, swinging her own ship around to blast them out of the... Well, not exactly sky, since this was space, but... Well she turned around to shoot them, anyway. She used her highly advanced Radar to aim a depth charge type torpedo at them and fired. ...

Black Rose stood. "I came here to find sparring partner," She said, "Would you like to try your luck?"

9/7/2010 . Edited by H-A-Cooke, 1/8/2014 #148
Alexander Starkiller

"Someone has anger issues," remarked Bane. He had been heading towards the rendezvous point haphazardly, so that they didn't know where he was until recently. Bane took the controls of his ship and moved over a half kilometre. The depth charge flew right by without coming close to his ship. When it exploded it rocked his ship, but of course caused little damage. "Now be quiet Rose. I have no need to talk to someone as... uncivilized as you. Although I doubt the person that I do want to talk would like to talk to another Force-wielder right after you were so rude," Bane said to Rose.

Thrak would have laughed again, if laughing hadn't hurt so much the first time. He said, "No, no I don't want to try my luck. Because as my luck would have it, I would probably die. But, I will anyway, as you seem rather eager for it. Come at me when your ready." He took an easily defensible stance and held his unignited lightsabre in his right hand, facing outward.

9/7/2010 . Edited by H-A-Cooke, 1/8/2014 #149
Bleeding Perfection

Black Rose laughed a little. "You're right, you probably would at least be injured," she said, "Which is why we will be using wooden swords." She threw a wooden practice sword to Thrak, which if he did not catch, would fall harmlessly at his feet. She grabbed her own and used Force Fire to ignite it in flames. "The game is simple:" she said, "Strike me before my sword burns away. You do, and you win. You don't, and I win."

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