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I think it was a great idea last time I tried it on Ning, but it sort of died. Well, we've got plenty of threads here, some of which are comatose, so maybe it'll do better this time.

The rules for this one are the same as for all of my other role playing stories. The main one to keep in mind that you can only control what happens to your own PC, and you have absolute (god like) control over what happens to your PC. Thus, we only say that our PC "attempted" to do something to another PC. The other writer gets to decide and post what the results are. We can certainly post what we EXPECT the results to be, or what they SHOULD or WOULD be, if the attempted action works, but it's up to the other writer whether or not they actually work.

It's helpful for this, but not essential, to have seen the "Avatar" movie.

The story takes place one generation (30 years?) after the departure of most of the humans from Pandora. The human desire/need for the mineral has again taken precedence over whatever kept them away in the intervening years. So humans have returned to Pandora, some developing new and improved avatars, while others use other techniques to survive in the otherwise toxic atmosphere of the planet. One company that has set up a beachhead, so to speak, at the old human base is the Corporation for Inter-Planetary Relations, or CIPR for short. The structure of the corporation is similar to that in the movie, but their vision and mission are far different. Their primary interest is to establish diplomatic relationships with the Na'vi that could extend beyond their corporation to human kind in general. Once positive working relationships are established they might begin to negotiate for the rights to mine for the mineral in a limited way and in limited areas.

One of the PCs will be my PC, Kihn. His backstory will be much as it has been in most of my RPSs. He grew up in a remote area among his own people, but was neglected and abused by most, being actually raised by Sam Meyers, a Christian missionary to his people. At 17 he ran away, enlisted in the Army and rose through the ranks until becoming a captain in the Special Forces. When things went south for him in the army he was forced out, did time in prison, was released when his case was reviewed, and ultimately joined CIPR as a security specialist for their various endeavors.

CIPR included and encouraged a number of brilliant scientists who continued work over the last 30 years on the new and improved avatars and their systems. These avatars have a consciousness of their own with an intelligence and self awareness something like that of a dog or of a four year old human. They can live, breath, think, speak, desire, feel and act on their own, much like a four year old version of their human would. But, like a human child, the avatars are still dependent upon their humans for teaching, guidance, survival against whatever might harm them, etc. Also, being so underdeveloped, it is fairly easy for their humans to take over their minds and bodies when plugged into their pods, and most of the avatars yield to this process readily, for the resulting intimacy is gratifying for both parties. The point in giving the avatars some consciousness of their own is to increase their chances of survival should they come into harm's way when their human is not plugged in.

Another significant development is that the humans pods are now portable, and can be carried on the backs of their avatars, or hauled along in wagons either by the avatars or by beasts of burden, whether or not the humans are plugged in. This way, the danger of the avatar being separated from the pod by too great a distance for communication between them, and one or the other being compromised, is minimized.

If you have any questions please ask. I'll post IC sometime soonish to get it started.

8/16/2010 #1

(Definitely read the first post in this thread if you're interested in joining. It sets the scenario for the entire story.

At the point we enter here, Kihn and a small platoon of Avatars including scientists, diplomats, two journalists and two other security specialists have made their way a day and night's walk into the jungle, and are nearing the location of the first great tree from the movie [the one that was uprooted in the movie]. Na'avi scouts have been watching them, and Kihn has the feeling they're being watched, but has ordered everyone to keep their hands in view and away from their weapons.

This will allow people to write any of a number of PCs, whether or not they were involved in the story prior to the migration to Fiction Press. You could write a scout, a member of a Na'avi war or diplomatic party, a member of Kihn's team, the leader of the team, or some third party that I haven't mentioned.

In the last one, someone wrote about a rival company setting assault troops to destroy all the Na'avi on the planet to smooth the way for extraction of the mineral. This was happening almost concurrently with Kihn and team's attempts at diplomacy. If you want to pick up that sub-thread, go ahead. If you want to do something entirely different, go ahead. But the rules and the scenario are as I said in the first post.

6/29/2011 #2

Kihn 2 (the avatar) held up his fist, signalling for everyone to stop where they were. He remained motionless for a long time. They were being watched. Some of those less experienced in tactical operations would get impatient and start to fidget, but Kihn 2 held position, unwavering.

He couldn't localize or identify the observers, but he was sure they were being observed, and that the observers had not yet attacked. It had been a full minute. Plenty of time.

Slowly, Kihn 2 began to remove his primary weapon. One of his men made to question him, but a slight shake of the head silenced the man, and Kihn 2 lay the shotgun -- custom made to fit the avatar -- on the ground.

7/1/2011 #3
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Ry'anne watched the humans closely. She could tell they were humans because they did not move as the Na'vi did, although their movements were close enough to fool the Na'vi scouts with less experience. It had been four years since Tyron Company had sent in troops to destroy the Na'vi, or at least try.

For Ry'anne, it wasn't a question of being human or Na'vi. It was a question of being able to read the intentions of those who entered the community. She watched as the NLA, Na'vi Look Alike lay down his weapon, lifting his hands in a motion of peace.

She moved her arm out, stopping her archers. She moved quickly the bushes rustling only slightly as he emerged from them. She stood about 6'4'', tall for her gender and even her species. She was not Na'vi, but she did have the pointed ears and high cheekbones attributed to most of her tribe. Warrior paint adhered to her skin giving certain sections a blue glow. Her eyes focused on the man.

"Who are you?" she asked. She kept her weapons on her, but kept her hands held loosely at her sides. A slight breeze blew through the forest ruffling her short brown hair.

7/1/2011 #4

(She's not Na'avi? What is she? Got a picture, or should I just go from your description?)

Kihn 2 blinked, or what approximated a blink for him, at the appearance of the new creature in front of him. Clearly humanoid, sentient, probably a warrior from the looks of the paint, the weapons and the movement. Then it spoke.

He had heard the sounds before in training when they taught him rudimentary language skills. This phrase he recognized as a question. Something about his name?

"I am Snowy Owl, of the Corporation for Inter-Planetary Relations" he answered in the same language. That one had taken some doing. There was no direct translation, so the teachers had to come up with a predatory bird that flew quietly and lived in the colder parts of the planet, and this was the name he assumed. In Kihn's mind, though, it was just a transliteration of the name of the animal that had been his guide back before he met Jesus, and which had been his code name throughout his career.

Still, he wasn't sure if the one to whom he spoke would understand. He probably had a very thick accent. So he used a sort of sign language to demonstrate his meaning. It was ironic, he knew, that he, the clumsy one here, was claiming to be a silent winged predator. He grinned a little in self deprecating humor. That might reduce the threat factor. He was, after all, larger than the creature before him.

7/1/2011 #5
Fleur-de-lis Evans

(she's a human who grew up raised by the Na'vi so not Na'vi but not considered culterally civilized human)

Ry'anne almost laughed when the man began to gesticulate. She grew up learning the language of her tribe, but also teaching herself the language with which "the humans" spoke. A slight smile crossed her face.

"Hello, Snowy Owl," she said switching to the language he would feel most comfortable in She pulled her sash down, from where she'd tied it behind her back, allowing the green and tan fabric to cross her chest. She cast her eyes to the men around him. "Your men seem nervous," she said. "We will not harm you."

At her words, her archers swung down from the trees and emerged from the bushes. "However, we must lead you from this point." She glanced at the Mother Tree. "If you wish to negotiate with us, you must first speak with myself and our Commander."

She realized that he could probably tell that she would act as a translator, but she added anyway, "I will be able to translate a cleaner meaning of your word and my people's words than you would get from a rudimentary understanding of our language."

7/1/2011 #6

Ah! She was a human, more or less like him. Or rather, like he was before he plugged in. That was encouraging. The fact that she was bilingual and at least proficient in both languages was even more encouraging. This might not be quite as difficult as he'd feared. But wasn't that the usual way of it?

"It would be our pleasure to accompany you, and the reason that we have come," he said in English. "Also, if you have time, I'd be interested in your story, and I might tell you mine in return."

One of his people looked at him ascance, as though there were something wrong with his going off topic like that and flirting with the emissary. Kihn ignored the man. He would learn, soon enough, to respect his leader's decisions.

In fact, this particular statement was a part of the game play that would lead to positive working relationships with the Na'avi. All reports said they were a relatively tribal group, and what he saw here seemed to confirm that. Tribal groups valued the oral tradition and storytelling was often seen as a better use of time than "getting down to business." To show that his own interest and tradition coincided with theirs to some extent might ease the formation of those relationships even more. Granted, they'd have to get used to the corporate, down to business attitude of the rest eventually, but he and the interpreter could serve as a buffer.

7/6/2011 #7
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Ry'anne kept her smirk to herself. It was best to save face with her troops now and warm up to him later. "That would be most welcome," she said, "after we have discussed boundaries and other such rules with the chief."

She turned beckoning Snowy Owl to follow her. The archers fell into step alongside and behind the small group of soldiers. It was important to escort them in case any of the soldiers decided to act on his or own. It was always good to get rid of threats before negotiations began.


Dante watched from the trees as Ry'anne led the humans, in Na'vi form, toward the rendezvous point. Sinking into the background he made his way silently and swiftly to the clearing, sitting upon the chosen rock in anticipation. This would be his first chance to prove himself as acting Chieftain.

7/7/2011 #8

Kihn 2 did his best to "move." There were different kinds of movement, and for a human, Ry'anne could "move." It was more than the basic, point A to point B movement that most people learned almost by default as children. It was more of a fluid transition through the landscape. Very much like the wild cats. Kihn had been raised to move in similar fashions but he was still adjusting a little to this avatar. He didn't try to overdo it. When one focused too much on the technicalities of movement they missed vital elements in their surroundings, and often bungled it anyway. There was a fine line he could follow where he would mimic her movements but put his own natural twist on it.

So it was that the group entered a clearing at the base of a very large tree. The tree's foliage provided the shade that kept the undergrowth at bey for several meters around it. One of the Na'avi sat on a large rock, apparently waiting for them. Kihn 2 stopped with the others, took a half step forward, and bowed a little at the waist, keeping his eyes up to gauge the reactions of those around him. It wasn't necessarily the Na'avi greeting, but it was a more or less universal demonstration of submission to a superior, which, in this case, the Na'avi was.

Kihn 2 realized that he wasn't the leader of this group in the strictest sense. That would be the diplomat, also occupying an Avatar, who quickly made his way forward and offered his own greeting in the Na'avi language. The man's linguistic skill was far superior to that of Kihn 2. Kihn 2 thought he sounded like a native, only with an accent. The relationship between the diplomat who led the mission, and Kihn who led the march struck Kihn 2 as similar to the relationship between Captain Kirk and the diplomats he often ferried around the galaxy. Also not unlike following the orders of military brass who were like children in the field. He respected the man. He was certainly qualified to negotiate and in all do his job. He'd just be useless baggage if anything went down.

Kihn nodded and stepped back, letting the diplomat take the lead.

7/18/2011 #9
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Ry'anne glanced sideways as the leader bowed. It was an act of submission, which she was almost sad to see. There was a lot to teach these men, in order to show that the Na'vii preferred to act as equal. One of the others stepped forward, pausing and lifting his hands in front of him. His fingers formed the customary triangle, and he spoke rather fluently in the greeting most often used to address the Chieftain.

"It is a pleasure to be in your presence, Chief," he said.

Ry'anne tapped Khin 2 on the shoulder, indicating he could stand. She walked forward, surrenerding her weapons to a disarmed stated, crossing her arm over her chest and bowing quickly.

"You may rise," Dante said, turning toward Ry'anne. He watched as she did so, nodding for her to speak.

"They wish to speak about negotiations," Ry'anne said.

Dante nodded turning toward Khin 2. "Translate," he order Ry'anne.

She kept her surprise mostly from her face, turning toward Khin. After Dante spoke she said, "Our Chieftain welcomes you, and says that bowing is only reserved for the highest of Na'vii standing." There was laughter in her tone, as Dante had indicated as much in his tone.

"He says he wished for you to know his name is Dante-Alisand. What is your name?"

Glancing sideways, Ry'anne made sure to send a subtle clue to her second in command to keep an eye on the translator. She knew, from previous experience, how angrily some could act when it appeared their job was useless, or that they were being ignored.

That's when she caught Dante's late remark. The man who had spoken nearly flawlessly in their tongue would understand without her needing to repeat. Her acting Chieftain had just said, "I wish for the fluent one to be escorted to Position Six, I believe he will receive information valuable to his purpose, rather than standing here."

7/18/2011 #10

Kihn 2 kept his eyes up and unfocused so he could easily pick up movement of the others, even has he bowed. Thus the interactions and communications between the others were not lost on him, even with his language difficulty. He'd have to practice that, and it looked like he might be offered the opportunity. For whatever reason -- maybe because he was the first to step forward, maybe because he was a warrior -- the chief had chosen to speak with him and sent the diplomat elsewhere. Kihn made a point of stepping out of the diplomat's way, nodding his head a little to him. He had no desire to make enemies of people in power. He'd done enough of that when he was younger.

Kihn turned back to face the chief again and smiled a little, though awkwardly, as he nodded.

"Hello Dante-Alisand. I am Snowy Owl." He said the name first in Blackfoot, and then repeated it in English. "I was named for a bird of prey that flies on silent wings in the cold north and the mountains of my home land. And I meant my bow as a greeting for one of higher rank, as is the custom among my people."

The diplomat was no fool, and took the brush off in good grace. His job was to help establish diplomatic relations with these people, and if his head of security could help him do that, more power to him. He bowed his head, repeated the finger triangle, and stepped past Kihn 2 to follow his escort.

7/25/2011 #11
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Akina stepped forward gesturing for the diplomat to follow her. Position Six was a high security point in the area - however most people who came - in the strange concious-driven version of her people - mean to do business in a polite way. There hadn't been need for battle - although there were many platforms and ranks mobilized and ready for anyone who came to take a resource without respect to their planet or home tree.

She walked with a stiff stance - as if she had much to prove. "Hello," she said in her language. "I am Akina. I am your guide while you remain here."

She indicated a path which led out of the clearing and began the journey in silence - waiting to be asked any questions or to be clued into why they were here. She was trained as a navigator and close combat warrior not as a friendly tour guide.


Dante-Alisand watched Snowy Owl closely. He was performing as a strong-willed leader, yet he was self- conscious about his skills - either in terms of his men or in terms of something else. He did not comment on this - for it would be tactless.

Instead he move subtly. The effect was instant. The atmosphere was less charged with tension - because - as they were trained to do - the people under Ry'anne's control melted back into the foliage and resumed their posts. She went to follow - when he said. "Stay."

She turned positioning herself on a low hanging branch. Dante spoke then to Snowy Owl - again getting the strange feeling he wasn't getting the whole truth of the introduction.

"Welcome," he said. "Please sit," he gestured to a flat rock near another tree. It had been covered with a well-formed lichen and soft-grass cover. "Why have you come, Snowy Owl? Is there something needed by the humans - and if so what?"

He kept his focus on Snowy-Owl, but all the while his senses were attuned to Ry'anne and her reactions to this situation. He trusted her to keep an eye on the other soilders, and even to address them later, after the ground understanding had been established.

10/22/2011 #12

(Did I ever name the diplomat?)

The diplomat followed Akina for several minutes before speaking. She appeared uncomfortable, or maybe that was just the regimented, military way. He wasn't sure he would ever understand it. But he did have a job to do and he enjoyed it. This was just an added challenge; one of many that he relished.

"It is good to meet you, Akina," he said. "My name is Giland." He needed to ask an open ended question. "What can you tell me about your role with the people?" Some people liked to talk about themselves. It was a fairly safe topic, and if she chose not to speak of it, at least the question ought not to be offensive.


Kihn 2 shifted nervously. Interesting. Shifting wasn't something Kihn did when he was nervous. It must be some symptom of the combination of the two intelligences in this strange new body. He tried to make a point of sitting still on the rock, and matching the amount of eye contact Dante-Alisand was making with him. It was one of the many techniques he'd learned as a Special Forces officer, where a primary mission was this one he was doing right now. The crazy thing was that he'd signed on to pull security, not to lead a special forces team. No matter. Time to perform to the utmost.

"There are many humans," he said quietly, "with many desires. I represent one group of humans, and if we achieve our goals we may be able to convince other humans to do as we do. Our goals are to establish diplomatic relations with you and your people. We wish to learn how you live, think, speak and feel. In exchange we offer to teach you our ways of living, thinking, speaking and feeling. We believe that all may grow and learn and benefit from the exchange of knowledge. Then, we can see."

The speaking was getting easier. The Na'avi sounds came more easily to his mouth, and Dante-Alisand appeared to understand the interspersed English that he used when he didn't have the Na'avi words. At the least, he could hope that a general contextual understanding could be reached.

He swallowed in-spite of his confidence in his performance. Had he been too forward? Should he have made small talk before presenting the mission objective? But Dante-Alisand had asked him a direct question, and chosen to talk to him, the soldier, instead of the Diplomat. Maybe that's what he wanted.

10/23/2011 #13
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Akina nodded in acknowledgment. The question was a semi-personal one. She wasn't sure she felt comfortable with the way things were going. However, she was assigned to positions that were her weak points.

"It is good to meet you," she said. "I am a navigator," she stated. She wasn't one of the more talkative Na'avi that divulged their whole life story. "I usually train the field agents." She did not continue. Instead, because she tended to be more suspicious - and less trusting of most humans - she decided to steer the conversation away from herself. "Is there anything in particular you're interested in?"

'Humans don't come here for no reason,' she thought to herself. She wrapped the fingers on her free hand around the charm on a leather cord around her neck without realizing it. And there in lay the key to her weakness when it came to conversing with humans - her reason for distrusting them was personal and only brought her anger and bitterness.


Ry'anne caught the man's somewhat subtle shifting. She remained alert and watchful trying to put her finger on the reason he'd be nervous. She glanced over at the armed men that remained standing. Then she focused on her Chieftian. All around them - aside from her, although she would have been invisible if need be- were many Na'avi - on ground, in canopy, and air born. She wondered why so many armed men were even here.

Her job was to intercept them. She wasn't buying his veiled answers, anymore than Dante was. In fact, Ry'anne was even more distrusting - because of the nature of her introduction to the Na'avi. In her own experience nothing close to the legends of the Great Princess and the adopted Warrior Prince had happened. In fact, since those days the heart of the world had needed to be cultivated - and with the aid of the First Scholar - who had come with the Warrior Prince - it had been determined that the Heart must be kept in a sturdy and ancient tree.

She pushed her thoughts to the side focusing on the conversation at hand.

"Surely," Dante said, "you would know the history of our interactions with the First Humans," he said. He indicated the forest around them. He did not expand on the First Humans nor what had happened. Clearly - this man was more than just a hired body guard. For that's what this force was.

Why would there need to be a defense guard? 'For the Diplomat, surely,' his logic told him. 'And that means there is a veiled meaning to his words.'

"That history - between my people and yours - makes your want for understanding of our culture suspicious. In our histories with the humans there has been much study of the Na'avi. We have seen many intentions pass through these trees. If you truly want to learn our culture - and have no access to previous information - I want to know what you want. We have minerals and other natural ammonites that would prompt you to use cultural interest as a cover to get at."

He was being direct for the purpose of keeping his people safe. "If there is anything to see in this matter it is my job to gauge your intentions. If your group truly wishes to be here on a cultural basis what is the point of sending a group of armed guards with a Diplomat?"

10/23/2011 #14

Kihn 2 grimaced in consternation at the accusation, whether it was implied or direct, being leveled at him and his people. Why should this person assume that he was like those that came before?

It only took a split moment for Kihn's mind to regain control of the Avatar. Kihn2's eyes went vacant for another moment as Kihn chastised his host for giving in to emotional reactions, and for taking criticism personally.

~"Dante-Alisand wasn't talking about us,"~ he thought, ~"Though he might think we are like those who came before. And why not? Do you think we can prove otherwise?"~

Kihn 2 nodded to himself, looked up and spoke.

"I am aware of the history between our two peoples, as much as I can be from the stories that are told. That is why we come with diplomat and soldier. Diplomat because we wish to do better this time in forging diplomatic and trade relationships with your people. Soldiers because we are aware there are those who would kill us for intruding. Special soldiers, such as myself, because marines, such as those who came before, are rarely effective when it comes to forging positive relationships. That is not part of their training."

He realized he was off topic.

"I am not certain of all that we want in coming here. As you said yourself, you have minerals that are of great value to my people, and to the extent we can, we might like to negotiate terms of sale or trade for those minerals. I would not be the one to do that. And whether or not we leave this place with your minerals, my people now occupy this part of the universe. We will live near your people, whether on good terms or bad. We would prefer the terms be good ones, which is why my organization set out to find you. If we can establish a good relationship, my team can report that to our government, and they may consent to regard you as a sovereign and autonomous planet."

He decided not to speak at that moment about the less desireable alternative outcomes.

10/25/2011 #15
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Dante-Alisand turned abruptly to his first in command. He sensed her feelings. He did not speak, however, using one look to convey all he meant.

"We do not wish to be colonized nor to be governed," Dante said honestly. "If you wish to truly have a peaceful relationship with the N'avii our planet is not one to be taken over and we are not a people who wish to be ruled by those outside our culture."

He gestured to the forest around him. "Our planet lives - it is an entity of its own - and we are one - the N'avvi and our planet. I am willing to give you a chance, it is unfair to judge your generation based upon your Elders actions."

He did not finish his thought for Ry'anne jumped from her branch landing silently on the ground.

"We do not strike unless the action is necessary. If you speak truth - then you can go back to your leader and explain - that to have relations with us you must come here unarmed." She glanced at her Chieftain briefly translating his unspoken thoughts to words, "It is our duty," she indicated Dante-Alisand, "to keep those who wish to make peaceful contact safe. In order to do so we will provide you with our artillery and give you a temporary place to live."

She stopped then waiting for a response. In her opinion the N'avii were taking a huge risk, but then again - she had to try to think of humans in the respect that not all of them were like her ruthless and cowardly parents and the people with whom her parents had allied.

10/25/2011 #16

Kihn 2 nodded. "I will convey your response to my superiors. For my part, it sounds perfectly reasonable and is in agreement with my understanding of our vision. But keep in mind that I am just the chief of security, and not a policy maker. I will do my best to abide by your wishes while . . . here, and my men will follow me, but I can not speak for all others. The diplomat who just left is authorized to speak for our company, but even he can not speak for all humans who might come here. In the end, there may be hostilities. Our hope is to minimize the offense caused by our fellow humans to your people by conveying ourselves in a way worthy of honor and respect. I thank you for your understanding and tolerance, as well as your hospitality."

He bowed a little, mimicking the hand sign he'd seen the Na'avi and the diplomat use earlier.

10/26/2011 #17
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Ry'anne felt - deep in her conciousness - something stir. She nodded her head waiting on her leader to speak. She noticed Snowy Owl's use of their gesture of respect. She remained still keeping her attentions on Khin and Dante, while keeping her eyes on the men behind Khin.

Dante-Alisand tilted his head in acknowledgment of Snowy Owl's word. "Of course. If there need be an negotiations with others - they must first meet with me - as I am the Over-Chieftian. However, and because you have been perceptive to us - I will warn you that the Chieftians I hold most close - the ones who are on my counsel - may react differently to you than I have - or even as Ry'anne has."

He gestured around to the forest again. "My counselors will have deep suspicion - but it remains to see what will happen when the message is relayed. If everyone amongst your current party - those you answer you and those who are you allies - is willing to adhere to what Ry'anne has stated - we will provide you with a general knowledge of the layout of our world. This will help you to understand how the many tribes have merged over the years. That will be the first step in understanding Na'vvi culture."

He fell silent acknowledging Snowy Owl's bow with the responsive arm brandish - which was to raise his arm in front of him and keeping his arm parallel thump his fist against his opposite shoulder. He already found himself holding respect for Snow Owl.

Although, a lot depended heavily on how his comrades reacted - not just the ones who were present at the moments - but the ones who had not yet come. It remained to be seen if the warriors would have to assemble. He hoped - for the sake of the heart tree and the tribes that would not be the case.

10/26/2011 #18

Kihn 2 assumed the formalities of parting were completed. Dante-Alisand appeared to have other things to do, and Ry'anne was looking a little nervous, or maybe just eager to be off. Either way they were finished here and it was time to go.

"If I have your leave, Ry'anne," Kihn 2 said, "I will return to my company and make a camp in a place of your designation. We will need to rest, eat and take shelter from predators in some appropriate place. Can you point me in the right direction, or should I speak with someone else?"

10/28/2011 #19
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Ry'anne watched her leader closely taking into account the intricacies of his body language. For now it appeared he would want them caped a distance from the heart tree. She jumped down to the ground.

"Follow me," she said. She took the lead leading them away from the clearing, but in a direction left of where they'd come. They soon reached a large overhang of ferns, and she gently pushed them aside walking through.

The space beyond was large enough for the soldiers to camp and there wasn't much room in the close growing foliage bordering the space for anything to get through. There was a footpath that led downhill from the space winding down a path lined with trees.

"She gestured to the soft grass and the walking path. A bit farther off - on the other side of the clearing was another fern overhang. "You and your men can stay here," she said. "You do not need to worry about setting up a sentry. Any time you spend here - although most of it outside the clearing and water basin will be guided - will be safe. A small group of the Naavi ground and air sentries will keep an eye on the surrounding area and on you - in terms of keeping you safe."

She indicated the walking path. "Down that path is one of the forests natural cool and hot springs. You can replenish water, bathe, and wash your clothes there. There will be sentries around that area as well - but they will mainly be making sure no strangers or predators of the forest sneak into your area while you're going about your business. If you wish to visit anywhere else - it will have to be guided - but the sight seeing or immersion can begin after you have reported back to your Chief about the ground rules we've laid."

She fell silent waiting for an answer or for further conversation. Truth be told - at least in her head - she was more concerned with the motives and personality of the people that weren't coming to the village rather than the soldiers and ambassador that had come here - them she was less worried about - because it was easy to read them and judge their character.

11/4/2011 #20

Kihn 2 passed on the instructions to the rest of the team. There were two other security personnel, in addition to scientists and other personnel, who responded quickly, quietly and efficiently to Kihn's orders. The rest of the team, not having been trained by him, were willing enough to go along with what he said but were far noisier and less efficient about it. None the less, all soon ate their power bars -- like compact MREs but just as tasteless -- and got into their beds and/or pods to sleep.

Kihn 2 was also getting tired, and though Kihn's consciousness was primary he could do little with a tired body. It was kind of like how he felt on the long cross planet flight he'd taken once. Kihn's body needed to move. Kihn's mind needed to rest. Kihn 2 needed to rest all together.

Kihn 2 sat down against a tree, unslinging the pod and setting it in a good place. He dozed off.

Kihn awakened inside the pod. Good thing he wasn't claustrophobic. He pushed the button by his hip and the mask dropped onto his face. A good breath in and it established a seal around his face. He then pushed a second button and the pod's lid lifted off, allowing him to sit up. He stretched and took a moment to accustom himself to his surroundings, or the somewhat different perception of his surroundings as sensed through human eyes, nose, ears, taste buds etc.

That done, he rose and began a calisthenics routine he found essential to maintain the fitness of his human body. The security personnel, most of whom were also now out of their pods, joined him in turns. They acknowledged his statement that sentries were not needed, but still two of them kept their senses trained toward the outside of the camp, just in case. The diplomatic team looked at them like they were insane, but they held Kihn in a kind of high regard that prevented them from commenting.

11/14/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 1/31/2012 #21

(Mongoose, I don't know if I can join this or not...I've been thinking of a million different ways to get Grace in here, and I just don't know how....)

12/13/2011 #22
(Your hesitation and indecision disturb me. Give me Grace for one post and I'll get her started. Then you can have her back. Who is she, anyway?)
12/13/2011 #23
(Uhm....Grace is a male. He's the German with the destroyed Swastika on his arm, in IC, guy who shot Elips. Grace Von Luck, born 1911...he's hard to explain. What do you need to know about him?)
12/13/2011 #24
Grace awakened from Chryo-sleep along with everyone else. It was disorienting in the extreme, and he had the worst headache. Except usually headaches felt like your head was going to explode. His felt like it would implode. Was that the Chryo-sleep, or the . . . He didn't like to think about it.

He rolled out of the pod, stretched only as much as needed, and gathered his things. He was ready well ahead of most of the people on the supply transport. He supposed the years of practice contributed to his efficiency, but it no longer gave him any satisfaction to be more efficient. Faster. Stronger. Smarter. More anything. He simply was, and maybe here on Pandora he could get away from it all.

They all donned their masks and walked down the plank and onto the new world. Grace already had everything he needed in his pack, a relatively small one, viet-nam vintage (unless you want a different style) so while most of the passengers headed for the tiny trading post, and most of the crew off loaded supplies, and everyone went about their busy lives, he simply kept walking along the single narrow gravel road leading into the jungle.

12/16/2011 #25
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Out of curiosity, and slight distrust, Ry'anne had stayed at the camp site. She was positioned in a tree that allowed for her to be nearly imperceptible. She kept her focus on Khin(2) watching as his body seemed to relax and stop moving altogether. He had set up a strange apparatus, and before she could fully process what happened, she was watching several men do calisthenics with masks adhered to their faces.

Part of her felt as if she had been tricked. f they wanted to learn so much about them, why not just come in as they were, with masks on looking like humans?

As soon as the thought crossed her mind, Ry'anne's other half, the part of her that always longed to meet another person kicked in. What was Earth, her planet of origin really like? Why, if their planet flourished did they need to come to Pandora? Were her distant (or not so distant, as part of her mind she rarely listened to pointed out) relatives in trouble?

All her instincts told her to just accept the avatars and continue speaking with them on their terms. The other part of her, curious about her planet of origin prompted her to engage them out of avatar form. The inner struggle would have had a victor, but as soon as the debate started in her head a flash of movement caught her eye. She traced it's trajectory and in a matter of seconds had dropped from her tree and sufficiently speared a somewhat large cat-like creature through the eye. The body fell a few feet away from one of the exercising men.

1/31/2012 #26

Grace continued farther into the jungle, he supposed. Where he was going didn't exactly worry him, nor did he know. All he knew was to keep walking in the direction that he had set for himself. Pausing, he looked around and listened for anything that could be close. Standing still finally got him to actually notice his surroundings and he sharply drew breath at the sight of it. Who had ever known that plants would ever glow? Nothing he had ever imagine to see in his lifetime-he snickered. His lifetime. He had forever to live. A thought tugged at his mind; he wouldn't die of environmental causes, would he? The only thing he knew that could kill him was the opposite gender.

His hand lifted, then rested on the mask that covered his face. He was tempted to pull it off and breathe in this toxic air. But in the event that it did and could kill him, well, no one was around for any kind of help. Sighing, he let his hand fall limply to his side, brushing against his pack. Best to keep moving. Moving as quietly as he could, Grace made his way forward until he came to rest at a rather large tree. Settling down to sit and back resting on the trunk, Grace leaned his head back and stared up at the sky. Was there any more reason for him to be here than on Earth?

2/9/2012 #27
Fleur-de-lis Evans
Cyan stood in the shadows watching the man lift his arm slowly toward his mask. Something gave him pause and he dropped his arm to his side. The man paused sinking onto the root of a tree. Perhaps he was looking for someone. 'Or something,' a voice said in the back of his mind. He kept his posture relaxed and his hand ready. He never knew what to expect from these people. "Who are you?" he asked his English, at least that is what he thought it was called, sounding broken. He stepped into a shaft of light keeping his azure eyes on the man in front of him.
2/12/2012 #28

Grace tensed, hearing the voice directed towards him. He was about to ask the same question, but decided against it. Afterall, he was the one that didn't belong here; this wasn't his place to take control of. Turning his head to the source of the voice, his eyes rested on the creature before him. It...was like nothing he'd ever seen and he couldn't take his gaze away, although he looked away anyways. He wasn't sure what it saw as threats and direct eye contact might be one.

"My name is Grace von Luck...."

2/12/2012 #29
The man yelped and leaped backward when the cat like creature landed near him. In the process, he elbowed a teammate in the face, knocking him down, and dislodging his mask in the process.

The result could have been a quick death for the man who got knocked down, but Kihn, awakened by the ruckus, sprang over and replaced the mask, doing what he could to make sure the man came back to consciousness.

"Medic!" he shouted. The man appointed to that role jogged over and bent down to check out the patient, shooing everyone else away. (I wonder how the Na'avi will react?)

2/17/2012 #30
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