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"No No says the king that can never be Captain Ward he is a robber, a robber on the sea"

Tempest - Captain Ward

Captain Ward, a pirate of questionable historical value. But it's true enough that there was a pirate who came from "Across the sea" so who is this pirate and where did he come from? Well I've researched political situations and historical context. But i think i would be a lot more fun if we make it up ourselves. So I'll be Captain Ward and the King and a special add on :)

Story: The king has placed a large bounty on Captain Ward's head after he trashed the Royal Rainbowenough for any person to retire for three lifetimes. As for Captain Ward the self proclaimed king of the sea, he's tickedoff pretty much everyone. (I'll refer to the king as just the king)

Time Period: Around 1609

Allowed Characters: You can be anyone from the Kings navy to a pirate to a bounty hunter. I really won't put too much of a halter on your ideas.

Things not allowed: Sexual Explicitness, Superpowers and things not of that time period (if you want something thats a couple decades ahead, well we'll see.)


Name: Captain Quillian Ward

Height: 6"1'

Eyes: Sea Blue

Hair: Super dark brown

Body Build: Well toned but not built very big.

Ship: Galleon

Ship Name: Leviathan

(You don't have to do bios exacly like i do but just something like it)

Captain Quillian Ward let the wind flow through his wild hair. Standing at the bow of his ship he tapped the pommel to the beat of a three stringed fiddle and a squeeze box in the background.

8/18/2010 #1

(Can I be a pirate on Wards ship?)

Name: Jenny Farland

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Chocolate

Body: 5' 4", lean, strong build, dark tan skin

Looks like this:

Ship:Leviathan ...Maybe? Hopefully?

8/18/2010 . Edited 8/18/2010 #2

Captain ward pulled an eyeglass from a pouch pocket on his right side. He fixed the eyeglass upon the horizon Clouds "Mr Steele!" Quillian called in an irish accent to his helmsman. "Aye Sir!" answered back a booming baratone. Quillian turned his head and smiled at the big pasific islander and invaluable member to his crew "Course Correction, take us South by Southwest, we're takin' a water brake." At this news life at the Captain Ward's ship stepped up a pace, extra weapons were passed out from the storehouse, people took their desegnated assignments and went at a will. Captain Ward had no need to bark commands his Quartermaster William Clay would take care of any details or problems that would arise. Except for one problem thought Quillian Jenny Farland she would bypass William's authority and come straight to Ward if she knew she would be able to take a bigger role aboard the ship. Quillian strode towards his cabin to hopefully slip from Mrs Farland's grasp.

8/18/2010 #3
Agent of Chaos

Name: Crystal Reyuinne

Age: 21

Eyes: Bluer than the sky

Hair: short curly brown hair

Height: about 5"4'

Ship: The Scarlet Revenge

Occupation: Privateer

(If people really want to see a picture of her, I might be able to dig one up, but only if wanted ^_^ )

Crystal slammed her fist down on her desk, papers sliding into disarray. "Fools!" She spat out. "Why bother even defeating Shargah and turn in him, if the NAVY is just going to let him escape?!" She wheeled around to face her first mate, Tyaruis. "He'll be looking for revenge now."

He shrugged, "Isn't that what we do? What we are?"

She paused, staring at him. Slowly a small grin appeared on her face. "Aye," She nodded, "I will not be quite so foolish this time either." She straightened the charts on her desk. Let him seek her, let any pirate challenge her. She would prove she was just as able as her father. In the Navy or as a pirate—technically she was both and neither, which was probably why she enjoyed it.

She had most of the freedom that a pirate would have but also the freedom of not being hunted by her own country.

"Tyaruis," She stated, her eyes glinting mysteriously, "set sail. We have pirates to catch."

8/18/2010 . Edited 8/25/2010 #4

"Cap'n!" Jenny shouted from across the deck. She trotted towards him, beaming from ear to ear. "Did I hear ye jawin' about a water break?" Her accent was curious. No one had yet been able to name it. Before Ward could tell her off, Jenny continued. "Let me take the crew in, cap'n. I'll getcha water in double quick like." She planted her small frame in front of his much taller one.

8/19/2010 #5
Alexander Starkiller

(We are the pirates, who don't do anything. We just stay at home, and lie around. This seems like it could be fun. So I might join, maybe. First though, I'll have to replay the Pirates of the Caribbean RPG game again. You know, to brush up on facts.)

8/19/2010 #6

(Alrighty then alex we'll see you some time soon then.((And i much prefer reasearching to any game playing personally, don't know which half is true and which isn't, for all you know POTC is competely hogwash.(((your choise as always though))))))

Quillian let out a sigh and let his brain run a marathon trying to think of a way to hand her an answer that she would accept. His brain was the best asset he provided, along with being a brilliant tactition he thought on his feet, was flexable with any plan. He pinched the bridge of his nose, something that usually helped him think. Ah he had the solution. "No Mrs. Farland," all business "your not going out with the water retrival crew. But!" Quillian had intergected just in time, for it was apperent that Jenny was about to go on a tirade. Something that would, no should never be allowed on a ship especially to a Captain. Maintaining order would mean 30 lashes... Why is it always 30? Oh well. "But," he said again "we do need some extra supplies to keep scurvey from hitting the crew." Quillian saw Jenny's hopes soar in her eyes and he hoped he would be able to get the rest of the message across before she flew off "Take Cubbs, Larder and Patch with you and ask Mr. Clay about what you'll be needin'." Cubbs and Larder were the identical twin cabin boys, they needed off the ship. And Patch well, patch wouldn't take to kindly to being bossed about by a woman, but if anyone could protect the three, it would be him. "Now off you go and I don't want to see you before the water crew get's back understand?" (Sorry if i took some liberty with you character their Arem)

8/19/2010 . Edited 8/19/2010 #7

(You got her down pretty well, DvD. I'm going to develop a sharper/darker edge to her as the story goes along but this is good. Oh and it's Miss Farland - not married)

"Aye Cap'n," Jenny spouted off real crisp before she spun around and trotted towards the galley. The twins were down with the cooky more often then not. Sure enough, the brawdy boys were crouched around a barrel of salted pork. "Oi, get yer noises out of grub. Cap says I can use yins for pack mules. We're goin' land side fer food." Their heads shot up and looks of excitement lit their young faces. The brothers were years younger then she was but weighed about a hundred pounds more.

"What're we after?" Cubbs asked, following her deeper into the ship as she sought out Patch.

"Fruit and whatever you can get with that stupid crossbow of yours."

"It ain't stupid!" Larder protested behind her. She just grinned.

"One of yins go find Patch and come meet me by the boats. I gots to talk to Clay."


8/19/2010 #8
Alexander Starkiller

(I was just kidding. I know that is very unlikely to be true, I was just pulling your leg. If I join, I will get some real research done.)

8/19/2010 #9
Bleeding Perfection
(I'm in. I'll add three charcters, in separate posts so as to maked them easily distinguishable from each other.) ... New Charcter one: Captain Naomi Yoruichi, a notorious pirate hailing from Japan. Appearance: Wears tight-fitting black clothes, similar to a Ninja, and carries both a Katana and a Ninja Blade. The Katana is a Masamune type with a black and red blade, which if some of you remeber, is also the same type of sword that Sephiroth used in FFVII. The Ninja Sword is of the 'Yagyu' type, wich is similar in appearance to a Buster, [Trivia: Buster Swords are a modified Yagyu blade] only shorter by about 1/3 of the length. Imprinted in black on one side of the blade is the Japanese character for 'Strength.' She has brown eyes and black hair, and her skin is baked a dark tan from being out in the ocean sun for so long. Ship: A modified Japanese Red Seal type ship. Its modified in the sense that it had been altered for increased speed and size. It also has more cannons than a normal red seal. Its sails are red, and a red pirate flag flies on its center mast. The skull on the flag is turned sideways, and its black. No crossbones. The ship's name is Zetsubou.
8/19/2010 #10
Bleeding Perfection
New Character two: Name: Basch Armstrong, a Bounty Hunter working for Great Britain. Appearance: Tall, well built, blonde hair and hazel eyes. Dressed in such a way that he would NOT be easily recognized as a bounty hunter, like say, disguised as a common pirate. He even went as far as to grow a beard long and ratty, and weas a three-point hat. [Like Jack Sparrow's.] He has a Halberd with a metal-shelled pole for its hanle, so he can deflect a sword from any point on the weapon. Ship: A 64-Gun British Man-Of-War, painted all black so as not to alert targets from a distance that it is a bounty hunter ship. It does not fly a flag, and its name is Destroyer. True, an unimaginative name, but it's not a name to be easily recognized as British.
8/19/2010 #11
Roush in Black

(Welcome back, DVD!)

Name: Miranda ''Mouse'' Wayneright

Hair: Long, dark brown hair Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'2'' Gender: Female

Age: 19

Ship: The Scarlet Revenge


Captain Crystal was upset. Not a good thing for any of the crew. It wasn't like she didn't have good reason to be, her prisoner ESCAPED.

That would put any ship's captain on edge. Nevertheless, Miranda was not about to get into the Captain's way. It was simply not a good place to be.

Miranda felt sorry for the next pirate that came into the Captain's hands. She liked the rattling of the sword in its scabbard at her side, the blade hanging loosely. It was the sword she'd earned. She had pried it from the hands of a pirate, before she killed him.

The belt was too large for her slender waist, but she rather fancied it sliding down in that manner. The leather belt of the same dead pirate. It was the first person she had killed, and it probably wouldn't be the last. Being the daughter of a very rich Lord, she was not exactly accustomed to slaying pirates.

But it was the life she'd begged for. She had stowed away on the Scarlet Revenge in hope of a life of adventure, like she would read. But, she soon realized that it wasn't that simple. It wasn't as easy as the books would go. It was a rough life of hardship and bloodshed. And that was just when one of the crewmembers had brought her to the Cpt. Crystal.

She was absolutely furious. For good reason, Miranda then realized. Not only would the Navy be after the Captain for supposedly kidnapping Lord Wayneright's daughter, but now she would have to deal with a young women on her privateer ship. Miranda soon learned why that was an issue. A shipful of seamen that hadn't seen land nor lady for years at a time tended not to be the best company for the daughter of a Lord. That was why Crystal had her sleep in her own private courters, making sure she was far away from the bunks the men would sleep in.

Stupidly, Miranda realized she had never even thought about this. She had been such an idiot. But the die was cast. And now, she was content.

(As always, the backstory is is cleared with Agent, particularly because, we wrote it together. Just so everyone knows I'm not godmodding and making up my own backstory involving the Scarlet Revenge and Captain Crystal.)

8/19/2010 . Edited 8/19/2010 #12
Bleeding Perfection
New Character three: Name: Admiral Peter James, working directly under the King as a special forces leader. He has a fleet of 34 ships, imported from around the world. Appearance: Tall, proper, short brown hair and blue eyes. Dresses as a 17th century Admiral should, with a soldier' uniform decorated with all the badges and pins that classify him as who he is. He carries a razor-sharp sabre and dual-barrel musket. Fleet: 5 Schooners, named Pursuers 1-5. 4 Sloops, named Finders 1-4. 5 Galleys imported from the Carribean, named Judgements 1-5. 2 Brigantines imported from the Mediterrenian, named Powers 1 and 2. 3 Junks imported from China, named Stealths 1-3. 6 Red Seals imported from Japan, named Leaders 1-6. 8 Men-Of-War from Britain, named Punishers 1-8. And his own ship, a massively oversized Man-Of-War with iron sides, named Bringer of Justice. Its easily twice the size of the other Men-Of-War ships, carrying over 130 cannons on three floors, not including the deck. Basically a fortess on water. All the ships are painted blue, yellow, and white, and each fly the same flag: A white flag with a sun descending from above, only showing the bottom half of the sun, and a picture of a gavel is placed within the sun. The noticability of these ships say mainly one thing: We have power and money. Their bold color sceme and easily recognizable flags are basically just a royal, snobby way of bragging to the world.
8/19/2010 #13
Bleeding Perfection
(Oh, and also, I'll allow any of you to play as captains for any of Admiral Peter's 33 other ships. That's any of the numbered ships, but not the Bringer of Justice.)
8/19/2010 #14

(Boy i was saving this for later but now you leave me no choice! Time for my RPG go-go bar)

The king frowned at the visitor that called himself a priest. The man wore a collar so he had to have been ordained or killed to get it thought the king. "Do we have a deal?" the man said to the floor, Another odd thing thought the king Even though he's been here for almost a half hour, i've never even glimpsed his face, he's always in the shadows or facing down hiding behind that blasted hat of his. Even the hat was odd competely black with a small white band around the top, reminded the king of one of the puritan's hats. The crown was quite a bit shorter though. "King?" the man murmered, just a decible higher than inaudible, and just king? Not My King? Who is this? The king dismissed his contemplations and turned his attention back to the man compeletly. "Yes of course, anything to rid me of that bleeding pirate." the man raised his head and the king saw a malicious smile played across his lips. It made the king shiver. He could see his royal advisor hopping from one foot to another does that whenever he's uncomfortable, stupid man. Well not true otherwise he wouldn't be here. thought the king. "I require half me fee up front." Something about the man rubbed the king the wrong way. Something. The king ordered that he'd be payed a large sum and the man smiled. He accepted the hefty bag and placed it inside his coat, next to his heart. He turned and started walking. "The church is now against this pirate, he has only a short time to live." The kings eye's widened, what was this man capable of?

*New Character* Name: ???

Description: Tall, wears black coat and hat, has a priest's collar.

8/23/2010 #15
Bleeding Perfection
Admiral Peter James entered the King's hall and knelt. "Forgive my disturbing you, My King," he said, "But the Bringer of Justice is about to set sail for its maiden voyage. The people request your presence."
8/23/2010 #16

The king took his attention from his thoughts about the strange man. "Ah yes of course Admiral." The king though about the man "Erm Admiral, there is someone I would like you to take with you on this voyage... *** The man crawled through the dust on his elbows, army style, squeezing past support by support at a time. He was in the attics of the Saint Paul church. Sneezing the man continued. Only to be stopped by a trap door a little while later. He reached into his pocket and gropped for a key, finding it he pulled it out and stuck it in the trap door's keyhole. Once past the door he had more than enough room to stand up in. He cracked his neck and pulled off his hat, placing it upon one of the many cages that filled the room. He rubbed his bald head and listened to the cooing of his babies. Pigeons. The fastest mesengers in the whole of England. He took time to sprinkle in a small pinch of seeds in each cage. Nearly an eighth of what he normally gave each bird. They had long flights ahead of them. Once he finished he sat down next to a small writing desk by an open roof section. The roof was old, and it's wood weather worn, same as the desk. But they both still worked. The man opened up a desk drawer and took out a quill, and small, round, reading glasses. He placed these on his face and selected an ink and started writing three words repeatedly in red. "Caput navis patronus" about a half hour later dozens of pidgeons were flying the coop. The man watched his children fly churches and monistaries around the world. For the ones with longer flights he actually sent multiple, just in case. The man replaced the hat on his head, and pulled the rim down over his face and headed to his ship.

8/23/2010 #17
Bleeding Perfection
"Yes, my king," he said, "Whatever you wish. Now we should be off. The people wish to see you and I arrive together." With that, he pushed open the hall door, and somewhere off in the distance, the sounds of partying could be heard. Nearly three quarters of the town had turned out to see the Bringer of Justice set sail. It was, after all, the largest ship on the waters, out of thousands sailing around the world.
8/23/2010 #18
Agent of Chaos

(Hey, DvD, are you going to add Boomer sometime? :P Chrys never got to skin him alive ^_^ hehe)

Chrys saw to it that there was complete order on her ship. She ran her ship tighter than some of the Navy captains—all learned from her father, Carlton Reyuinne. Well know both for his feats in the Navy but as a lawless pirate as well.

She had a letter of marque to prove that she fought for England—yet she felt no respect for it. In her heart she felt nothing tying her to England. She could have been as free as a pirate—technically, she felt no threat from the Navy at all. She could turn if she truly wanted to be a pirate. However her letter of marque gave her enough room to maneuver; having the ability to raid any ships that were England's enemy. And it gave her all she needed for her true mission; to hunt the most dangerous of pirates. That in itself could be the most dangerous—and exciting—life on the sea.

Yet, she had a heck of a time getting a letter of marque. She finally resorted to threatening to raze all the towns she saw, before she received her letter of marque. The Navy saw no talent for sailing when it came to women.

The thought made a corner of her mouth curl up in a smirk. She'd love the challenge to pit her ship and crew against the Navy…but technically she was 'one' of them. She fought for no one except for her crew and ship. As far as she was concerned, there were pirates, Navy, and her. Which in all reality was how it was. She was not a part of the Navy and she was not a pirate… She was something between. She used a pirate's skill and tactics to survive. If one was to merely glance at her, they would first assume she was a pirate.

However, if one would look at her close past, they would wonder how she became the way she was. One needed to look at her distant past as well, to tell how she was who she was.

Yet, in all reality, her 'distant' past didn't exist to most. It only existed to her. For everyone else, the child 'Crystal Lynn Reyuinne' died over ten years ago, when the pirate Thomas Shargah razed the small town she and her family lived in. Her father had been called away on Navy business, only to return and find his family dead.

Crystal had watched as her mother was killed and then barely escaped their house collapsing on top of her. She fell in with a group of orphans learning everything she needed to know to survive; begging, sleight of hand, picking pockets.

It helped her find out about her father, now turned pirate. She signed on as a cabin boy, known as 'Chrys'. It was the beginning of her pirate career.

Yet, after three years aboard her father's ship, he died and she found herself at the mercy of a Naval captain. He took her to his home and raised her as his daughter. She was sent to the finest boarding school, but she didn't learn just homemaking skills. She snuck books about sailing into her school, spent her spare time designing ships, she even began carving perfect scale models to help test their efficiency. Until she found the perfect design for her. She started small, pirating small ships right in the harbor or near it to help gain enough to begin plans to build a real ship. She smiled, thinking of the time when she was sixteen, sneaking out of boarding school to sail…well, not just to sail. Yes, she was truly a pirate through and through. But no one could prove that.

One time, when she had been pirating, with a small crew, they happened onto a slave ship. Slave ships normally carried a lot of treasure and not just in human flesh, so Chrys set her sights on it. But not for the humans enslaved, she was not ashamed to admit, but for the gold. The gold that could help her finally built her dream—the Revenge. But she had been horrified at the conditions that the black people were forced to live in. Tyaruis, himself had been chained to the deck, his hands raw and bleed from being forced to the scrub the deck so many times.

Though, she had boarded the ship with all intentions of leaving the slaves there. She had left, taking every last slave with her. Tyaruis and a few others had stayed with her. Those were the ones she trusted most at her back, Tyaruis especially. When the Scarlet Revenge was finished he had been her first and only choice for first mate.

It was her one weakness. Slavery.

If she ever ran into an English Slave ship again, she wasn't sure she could pass it up. She would risk her letter of marque to stop slavery. Yet, she could never completely stop it. But she could do what she could.

Otherwise, she wasn't sure what her other weakness were. Her ship would be hard to conquer. It wasn't built like other ships. The hull of the Scarlet Revenge (II )–named after her father's infamous ship while he was a pirate—was nearly invincible to cannons. She had tested it personally. Most of the cannon balls would merely bounce off, once in awhile a cannon ball might find a weaker part of the hull, but never had it been severe.

Chrys leaned against the red wooden railing, staring at the sunset. She loved the sound of the gurgling of the water was her hull sliced its way through the waves, leaving a creamy wake behind; the only trace the Revenge left behind. The rocking and creaking of her ship, besides the sounds of her crew were the only sounds of the sea. It seemed as if they were the only humans left, as if all the land had been stripped from the face of the earth. She turned her face to watch her crew at work.

Even though she loved the silence of the sea now, she was also ready for the thrill of battle.

She turned to face Tyaruis, hearding him step beside her.

"So, what waters will the Scarlet Revenge be haunting first?" He asked.

She tilted her head to the side thoughtfully. "To Africa, where the waters are most infested with pirates," She straightened, glanced around her ship. "And haunt, we will." Her ocean-blue eyes brightened with excitement. "So the Scarlet Revenge returns. But this time not to help unlawfulness—to bring order," She stated quietly, slowly turning once again to face him. "I need not a war in order to privateer. As long as there are ships to sail this ocean there will always be more pirates to hunt." She paused, shaking her head sadly, "However, how many were once privateers for one side of the other, until the war was ended and they were dropped like something burning? How many had no other way to survive? To support their families? They once fought for a reason, but then the nation protecting them abandoned them? Do not the rulers of this world not create these pirates and then do not contain them?"

Tyaruis gave her a long look. "Not all of these pirates are like that. Some are pure criminals that must be brought to justice."

Chrys nodded, "Yes, yes, that is why I became a privateer. To bring justice to where it has not hardly been brought before." She brushed a stray curl out of her eyes. "I just wonder how many have become pirates for no other choice."

Tyaruis shook his head, "People always have a choice."

Crystal's eyes hardened as they shot up to meet his. "Do they?" A hint of bitterness colored her voice. "I have to disagree." She almost growled, "Did my mother have the choice whether to live or die? If she had, she would have lived. My father," She spat the last word, "wouldn't have abandoned me to murder and then forget his pitiful life by looking at the bottom on empty glass." She shook her head,

"We don't always have a choice. Look at you, you didn't want to be a slave."

Tyaruis nodded, "But the people who enslaved me made their choice, which in turn affected me. The pirates that killed your mother made their choice and that affected you. Your father made a choice as well."

"But I didn't make the choice, I had no choices." She spat angrily. Then realizing her forcefully tone, Chrys shook her head, stepping away, her voice lowering in tone. "Excuse me, but I have a ship that needs to be commanded." She dipped her head and strode away.

Tyaruis shook his head hopelessly, watching her walk away.

8/23/2010 . Edited 8/23/2010 #19
Bleeding Perfection
Basch Armstrong stood at the railing to the uppr prt of the deck, watching the endless waters. The ocean was his home, but not in the sam way as those lousy pirates. Nay, though he dressed as a pirate, he was [fortunately] not. He was a bountey hunter, and the best one sailing the seven seas at that. He was out after Captain Ward himself, the self proclaimed 'King of the seas.' He had been watching the blue for some time now, and a small speck on the horizon had been bobbing on he waves for a while. It had to be a ship. "Eyes at 12 o'clock," he said, "Tell me what that speck is." "'Tis the Scarlet Revenge, sir." "Full speed ahead, catch up with that ship." And so they did, following the ship and gaining on it as much as possible before they were noticed.
8/24/2010 #20

Ward watched the longboats reach shore, mentally he felt the surge they would feel hitting the beach, he thought of the feeling of once again setting his feet on shore and the rolling feeling you meet when your body is finally off the rolling ship. What's the name of that again? Ah don't remember. Captain Ward shrugged off the thought and headed into his cabin. *** Grumbling Patch followed the three tykes as they bounded up trees fetching bananas. Patch grimaced as he saw larder up ahead chasing a lizard. "Enough of that lad, lizards don't taste so nice." the child stopped and Patch spat in the sand getting the thought of lizards out of his mouth. He looked at the female and brooded, Why was she put as head of retrieval? I'm senior here. Sour expression on his face the tough man with more scars gracing his face than happiness followed begrudgingly. *** Ward checked then checked again. Where is the bloody island? He pulled out a glass and filled it with a bit of water and brought it along one of his favorite maps. There, no more than a splotch but it's there. He checked his reference books, scoured them for a good hour till he found the name of the island. Ascension Island eh? Captain Ward read on, Volcanic... Uninhabited... sea turtles... discovered 'round hundred years ago... By a Portuguese navigator... Hmm interesting. Good place to drop off the map for a while too. Quillian checked the map again, he was just about halfway between South America and Africa. The Captain filed this info in the back of his mind for later. *** The man slipped aboard, skirting all the pomp and circumstance. People so full of them selves. They don't see the bigger picture. The man situated himself within a cabin designated for him and crossed his legs in the very center opening his bible. He breathed deep and started to read. *** (Any Input from the king really isn't nessesary, for time reasons ((Already starting to get busy with school even if i haven't started)))

8/24/2010 #21

Farland scanned the area from her vantage point in the tree. The crates were filling, Patch was grumbling, and the sun was climbing across the sky. She enjoyed the shade and the smell of vegetation. It was a pleasant change from the salt and the sweat but it would never replace the freedom of an open sea. "Oi Larder!" she shouted to the twin. He looked downcast after Patch yelled at him. "I can see some tracks just over there. Might be wild pigs. Good eatin, them. Go give it an eyeful."

She looked sideways at Patch. "Mr. Patch, want to be giving me a hand over here?" She held out a bunch of bananas. "We ought to think 'bout going back to the boards soon."

8/24/2010 #22
Bleeding Perfection
(I'm in school right now. Second day, Junior Year. [HS]) ... The ceremony came to a close shortly after the King broke the bottle on the Bringer of Justice. Preparations were complete for launch, and Admiral Peter gave the word to sail out to the rest of the fleet. (Here's your chances to throw in the Captains of the 33 other ships in Admiral Peter's fleet.)
8/24/2010 #23
Agent of Chaos

(Man, this is my second week of school :P I feel like I started super early... )

Chrys lowered her spyglass. A ship approached. So she would let them. Although her ship was VERY well gunned, the strange shape of the ship hid how fast it could move.

Man-of-War, Chrys noted, interested. No, one knew she was alive and the original Scarlet Revenge was destroyed more than three years ago. If a pirate was suspicious enough, perhaps he'd believe this was the ghost ship and crew.

Chrys allowed a rare smile to grace her face, but not for long. They raised no flag. That would make it slightly more difficult to tell if he was free game or not. "Tyaruis." She called, turning her head slightly, but never taking her eyes off of the other ship. "Powder to the cannons. I'm not in the mood for any 'nasty' surprises." She stated calmly. If they raised no flag soon, then she would consider them free game. Besides, her crew would enjoy the change to pit themselves against a man-of-war.

She followed polite seamanship by raising a British flag. They continued on this direct approach; then she'd strike her real colors.

She raised her spyglass once more, looking for a name. Destroyer, it seemed slightly fitting for a black ship. But she had more of a sense of the theatrical. Her ship was made from reddish wood and she loved the color so much, she would never paint it another color.

Now, what could they possibly want?

8/24/2010 #24

(Ha haven't even started school yet ^^ I love homeschool ((Hey Bleeding mind if i join up with Armstrongs crew with another character, he's a Japaneese teenager with an obsession with things that go boom (((reserected by popular request))))))

8/25/2010 #25
Bleeding Perfection
"They've raised the Union jack, sir," said a crewman who was looking though his spyglass. So they weren't pirates, like the stories and rumors told. "Fly our Jack," he said. In moments, a large British Flag was flying center mast.
8/25/2010 #26
Bleeding Perfection
(Go right ahead. I assume this is the 'Boomer' that was mentioned earlier? Basch Armstrong's crew is Bounty Hunters disguised as pirates.)
8/25/2010 #27
Agent of Chaos

[Homeschooling is the best!! :) (haha, thanks DvD ^_^ I'll sure Chrys will be...thrilled... :P )]

"British." Crystal stated curtly. She straightened her midnight-blue long coat. She turned her head scanning the crew that were above decks. "Mouse!" She called, perhaps these were the men her father sent after her. If so, then good. Then Miranda would no longer be Chrys' problem.

Still, she wondered if that was their intent. She didn't know for sure. She tried to think of all possiblities, planning for the impossible as her father would say.

Tyaruis bounded up the quarter deck stairs to where Chrys stood. He came to stand beside her, "All cannons primed and ready, Capt'n." He stated quietly.

She nodded, "Good." She eyed the British ship. "It maybe that we need not fire." She ordered the flag to be dipped in a friendly salute, her colors nearby in case this was a trick. She was wary of all things. First of all, this ship was known as an infamous British pirate--as her father called himself. Known for razing quite a few towns. If she was the other crew she would be wary of the Revenge herself. She donned her tricorn, covering up her scarlet bandana.

"Blast it," She muttered, "where is that girl?"

8/25/2010 #28

*New Character* Name: Only known as "Boomer"

Age: 17

Height: 4'8"

Description: Short for his age, Boomer is none-the-less agile. Raised a rice farmer, Boomer felt the call of the sea at 11 and learned his love for everything that exploded. That day he intruduced himself as Boomer and nobody cared. In Japan he joined up with on a frigate which was destoryed in battle. He made it to land as a stowaway on the Revenge and then ran into irish pirates. and his life after that was a hop from one ship to another. The longest time he's been on one ship is two years, which happens to be the Destroyer. Only weapons he carries two small knives that he usually used for battle as well as a dozen pistols, which he lovingly cares for, and a couple of hand gernades. Dreams of becoming a gunner.

8/25/2010 #29
Roush in Black

(Homeschoooling does indeed rock ) Miranda rushed on deck, sliding to a stop in quick attention in front of Capt. Crystal, ''Yes, Cap'n?" She said, the light, proper Britsh accent still tinting her voice. She hadn't yet picked up the somewhat rough accent that was spoken on the deck. She wasn't sure if she ever could pick up the rough draw that they used here.

Several strands of dark brown fell in front of her face, coming undone from the pontytail she'd tied them in and fastened with a crimson bandana. She was still getting used to everything around this ship. It was a huge contrast compared to the mansion she'd been raised in. No maids, no cooks, no comfortable beds, no fine china....She pulled her own weight and so did everyone else. There was no favoritism on this ship. Though, it was taking a considerable amount of time to get Captain Crystal to warm up to her. Maybe it would never happen. Miranda felt like she was a complete burden to her. And she did the best she could so that she wasn't. But nevertheless, one couldn't be forced to share the Captain's quarters and NOT feel like a bother.

8/25/2010 #30
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