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OK. Bringing this back because the old one had gotten shut down for whatever problematic reason that I don't remember. Let's try not shut this one down too.

This RPG is very simple. It's a hunt, but instead of animals, it's humans hunting humans. Main, and probably only, goal is to survive the hunters.

You don't need to read it, it just gives a better idea.

Setting will be in a city. You can leave the city, but you'll be in the middle of nowhere...not a great place. No other people inside of it besides the hunters and prey.


1. You have to be either a hunter or prey.

2. Have as many characters as you want. Just make sure you can handle it.

3. Nothing sexual. Besides, you're trying to SURVIVE...not other things as such. Kissing, hugging is fine, though I don't see where that would come in XD.

4. Violence...Don't care, however violent you want to be. Any kind of weapon is allowed.

5. Swearing. Maybe the occasional LIGHT curse. Nothing strong.

6.I allowed minimal powers before, not this time. Just going to be normal humans against normal humans.

7. If you die, you die. You're character can't come back once he/she is dead. You'll have to create a new character.

8. Be realistic with any types of wounds.

9. Be creative.

I think that's all. Have fun, and survive.

12/2/2010 #1
Bleeding Perfection

Name: Alixa Tyrs (Pronounced "Uh-Leex-uh Tears") Prey

Gender: Female

Age: ~ 19

Height: 5'6"

Appearance: Pale skin, white hair, red eyes. Wears form-fitting black shorts and top. The top leaves her stomach exposed and has no sleeves, and the shorts are very short. They don't cover her legs. She also wears black converse, regular high-top style. Black fighting gloves, with no fingers.

Weapon: Transforms from gun to sword. Uses an advanced electronic system to retrieve and reload its ammo automatically. It can also reconstruct shattered ammo, like say, in the case that it struck bone and shattered. Each round of ammunition has a special electronic serial number on it, which the gun reads, and matches missing pieces, should it need to.

Training: Has mastered hand-to-hand combat in many forms. Likes kicking style attacks, as well as her sword/gun.


Name: Aela Rescour (That's pronounced "Ay-luh Res-koo-ur." I altered the word "rescue" for her last name.) Hunter

Gender: Female

Age: ~19

Height: 5'6"

Appearance: Dark skin, lime green eyes, dyed-green hair down to her shoulders. There is one long section of her hair on the left side of her head that goes down to her midsection. Wears a woven-metal shirt that has no right sleeve. Its left sleeve is full-plate metal, and serves as a gauntlet-type-thing, and has sharp claw-blades on each finger. The shirt exposes her belly button and everything below it, down to the waist. She wears tight white pants, and no shoes.

Weapon: ... (It's actually longer than her. The guy in that pic is HUGE, so the blade is about seven feet long. The handle itself is about three feet long. Somehow, she is able to wield it. The sword being longer than her, she drags it around when she's not using it. She can't really get it onto her back, but she can move easily even if its dragging against the ground.)

[Alixa's gun transforms from blade to gun like so: . . .]

(Here's a pic that shows how big it is compared to her: Sword form: . . . Gun form: . . . )

Training: Extremely well versed in the use of heavy blades. She can use any sword, as long as its huge. She feels odd when she uses a tiny sword, like a saber. Like that feeling you get when you get a cast taken off. It makes her feel too light, so she always carries a massive sword.


Name: Shahdo [Pronounced like it looks, or at least how it looks to me. For those who can't figure it out it's "Shah-doe"] Hunter

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/57923/dark-anime-guy-image.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.onrpg.com/boards/156994.html&usg=__iYI73W86jrx57YuqlbNAeXO6CSI=&h=600&w=800&sz=220&hl=en&start=0&zoom=1&tbnid=pt1zp35DclDYaM:&tbnh=161&tbnw=219&prev=/images%3Fq%3Danime%2Bguy%2Bwith%2Bblack%2Bclothes%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1276%26bih%3D827%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:1&itbs=1&iact=rc&dur=171&ei=cWcJTYjpIoT68Abj8PigAQ&oei=cWcJTYjpIoT68Abj8PigAQ&esq=1&page=1&ndsp=25&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0&tx=97&ty=78

Weapon: Its barrels rotate 90 degrees for holstering, and can fire different types of ammunition depending on which barrel is being used. The right barrel, the thin one, fired regular shotgun rounds, and the right barrel, the wide one, can fire special and/or high tech bullets, like stun shots, lasers, explosive rounds, or biological weapon ammunition [such as mustard gas rounds] . . .

Training: High intellectual level which helps him anticipate opponent's moves, and also proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Expert marksman.


Name: May - Prey

Gender: Female

Appearance: . . No mask -

Weapon: Various kunai and shuriken, as well as a long blade which extends from the elbow of her mechanical left arm.

Training: Master of various ancient and/or difficult martial arts.

12/2/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #2

Kihn awakened to find himself in an unfamiliar part of an unfamiliar city. He was immediately uncomfortable, and checked for his weapons. Everything was in place where he usually kept it. His clothes, he noted, were a dirty drab green. Not perfect for this environment, but not too bad either. Still, he might want to grab a trench coat or something if he got the chance. Soldiers didn't make a habit of walking around town in full battle kit, and as he was thus outfitted, he might attract attention.

Next concern: Was there any danger close? And then, where was he? Both questions would be answered if he could make his way to high ground. He looked up.

12/2/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #3


Name: Danté Sharani

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearnce: Bright red hair, grey eyes

Lean body type

Wears a black overcoat right now with a long grey scarf. Underneath is a long-sleeved white button-up shirt. Black pants, with black shoes. Doesn't usually wear things this dark, but in this case he does. Hair goes to middle of back, and keeps it in a loose ponytail, and allows bangs to fall into his face.

Height: 5'10''

Back Story: Suffers from Melancholia, mental disorder that causes extreme depression, broodiness, etc. Carries medication with him.

Weapon(s): Carries a standard pistol inside his overcoat, used for protection purposes. As well as a hidden, good sized-blade strapped to his leg.


His breathing was light as he sat up from the bed he was laying in. A bed? He didn't remember being in any sort of room...The room was dim as he looked around. Simply furnished with a dresser, nightstand, a lamp and a bed. A window was to his left with curtains drawn over. He got up, and took off his coat, and did a quick check that everything was still there. Medication, check. Gun, check. and blade, check. Danté gave a light sigh of relief, and looked dully at the window. He walked over and slowly pulled back the curtain. A simple road in front of him. He wasn't familiar with this. He turned away from the window, and headed for the door. Being in a strange room..bothered him..Opening the door, he cautiously looked out before leaving the room, and headed for the front door.

12/3/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #4
Bleeding Perfection

Alixa sat quietly in the wooden chair. Inside this building, inside this city, she felt so alone. But she didn't want to waste energy searching for something that probably wasn't there, so she just sat alone inside this building. It may have been a restruant once, but she couldn't tell, it'd been so badly dilapidated. Nothing here for her to do but sit and wait for a miracle.

speaking of miracles, she needed food. Not right now, of course, but she would eventually. Maybe she'd go searching for it before got dark...

12/3/2010 #5
Bleeding Perfection

Aela walked slowly through the city, dragging her massive sword behind her like a child would drag their blankie. Despite the fact that it was almost twice her height, she was still able to wield that blade with ease. It made a mettalic scrape sound as it dragged along behind her, and the wickedly sharp edges were stained red with blood. Fresh blood. It left a telltale red streak down the road as she walked, which would easily lead anyone straight to her, but to their own dismay. In fact, this was precisely her plan. She didn't expect it to work, per se, though she didn't necessarily expect it not to work, either. And whatever the case, she'd still come across some dearly soon-to-be departed soul anyway. And food for that matter. Don't get her wrong here, she has no intention of killing someone just to steal their rations. Nay, in fact, it is a reason far more gruesome. The reason she'd kill someone, would be to use them as food. Food for whom, one might ask? Food for herself, obviously. She vastly preferred the taste of human flesh over the taste of animal flesh. She especially liked fat people, though she suspected that people of that kind wouldn't last long enough for her to find. No, a fat man would already be dead by now. She'd just have to settle for things like, oh say, little girls, and random soldiers. Maybe the odd melancholia sufferer. But for now, she'd just continue walking. She'd find someone eventually.

12/6/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #6

Danté hesitated before leaving the house. Perhaps he should give it a brief once-over to see if he could use anything. He didn't have a pack or anything to carry things in, but he could find something small to use. His finger tapped on his medication bottle; the sound of a few pills rattling. It was unlikely there was another prescription in here, but he could look. It would help him some. Not that he was having a spell right now, but that could hit anytime, and....Danté sighed. No use worrying over it. Walking into the kitchen, he sifted through silverware, appliances, cupboards. Nothing really useful. There was a lighter he took, not knowing if it could come in use or even if he would use it. He picked through some medication, nothing that related to his prescription, but he took some mild pain-killers. If that could come in handy. Should he take food, or just stop in places and eat when he could? He could only take small things anyways if he did. Deciding not to, he walked out of the kitchen and stood in the hallway. He doubted that there was anything he could use as a weapon...Something was nagging at him to have more protection than he had. Paranoia. "Enough of this..."Brushing a couple strands of hair away from his face, he was ready to leave. Leave to what? Danger? Emptiness? He would find out.

12/7/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #7
Bleeding Perfection

Alixa stood. That wooden chair wasn't quite the most sturdy thing she'd ever sat in, nor was it the most comfortable. She needed to find food anyway. A quick search of the building she was currently in revealed next to nothing, so she made her way outside. She decided not to chance yelling "anyone there," because it might alert any enemies as to her location. As for allies, she'd just have to stumble upon them at random.

She looked to her left and spotted a house at the end of a road. She wondered if anyone was there, and decided to walk towards it. Before she even completed two steps, a thin man exited the front door. Her hand immediately went for her gun, but stayed hovering over the hilt.

12/7/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #8

Kihn heard the terrible sound of metal scrapping on asphalt, which must make whatever the metal was VERY dull after a while, and walked the other way. He'd worry about getting up higher once he'd put a few blocks between himself and the source of the terrible sound.

12/7/2010 #9
Bleeding Perfection

Aela chanced silence. She lifted the long blade a couple inches, and countered it's long weight with the three-foot handle. She continued forward silently, adding a little speed to her walk, but not too much. Being barefoot certainly helped for the silence bit.

12/7/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #10
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Name: Sarin Fireblood Hunter

Age: 24

Appearance: short hair, in a triangle cute, longer in the front and shorter in the back, streaked dark red lowlights and bright blue highlights. Slight build, around 125 to 130 pounds, about 5'8". Fair skinned with sapphire-silver eyes.

Clothes: Light weight chain mail underneath tight fitting black pants, black vest dagger strapped inside. Over that she had a black steam punk jacket ( and black pants with easily accessible weapons on her hips and in her boots. She has kunai hidden, but rarely uses that preferring hand to hand combat or using twin blades.


She looked out of the cross, the center of which had long been shattered out of the stain glass. She perched on the cat walk on the inner side of the dome, which held the steeple. She enjoyed being in the center of this side of the city, considering there was a restaurant a block down and some specialty stores that were easy to pillage, mostly for band t-shirts and steam punk. Taking the black cloth she'd found she gently pinned it to the frame of the window, silently sliding down the ladder. She landed on a lower walk that led to the little room at the top of the staircase, that lead to the walkway to the bell tower. Making her way quickly to the bell tower, where she hid most of her clothes she donned fingerless leather gloves atop the thin gloves she got from Wallmart. Her choice of hat was a white plaid hat with various quote pins on it and a pink bow, it didn't match her outfit but it was apart of her. She wrapped a scarf around her neck adding a triangular piece of black cloth around her mouth. Making it to the widow's walk she looked down, easily picking out a taller man, a soldier type person, or at least she thought so. She got to a ladder than ran the length of the building easily reaching the ground and heading in the opposite direction. She wanted to check out that restaurant a few blocks down.

12/7/2010 . Edited 2/23/2011 #11
Bleeding Perfection

Aela was walking down the middle of the street, the tip of her sword just a few inches above the ground. She saw a church a couple blocks up, and wondered if anyone was there.

12/8/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #12

Danté left the house, closing the door behind him quietly, out of habit. Not that there was anyone there to live inside of it. Walking down the front steps, he went out into the middle of the street, assuming there was no traffic. The silence was almost disturbing, but he found that it was oddly comfortable. It was easier to hear any danger, hopefully. The only sounds that followed him were his own soft footsteps, and the light rattling of the pills in his pocket. He had no real idea where he was going or what he would, or even why he was walking the way that he was. Maybe someone had answers?

12/8/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #13
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She enjoyed the rooftops. The chimneys and slight rise of the edges gave her good coverage, since she found herself walking quickly or crouching often to scope out the area. The restaurant was just ahead, and as she made it to the edge of the parking garage roof, she realized she wouldn't be able to make it, since she couldn't fly. Instead, she backtracked using a hair pin to pick open the lock of the stair well. A stench hit her, that of old pee and rotting garbage. She held her breath, shielding the fresh air she breathed with her hand. However, going quickly down the stairs her usual silence was void, her boots making metallic echos throughout the stairwell. Finally, reaching the bottom, she put most of her weight on the door, exiting into the alley near the restaurant. Instead of picking the locks, she made her way to an already broken window, easing the frame up, until she could slide through. Her eyes adjusted well to the darkness, considering she lived in a church with no lights on.

Moving through the room, she paused, feeling along the wall till she found a door. It led to a corridor, and pretty soon there was a door. Turning around, Sarin moved toward a small source of light, finding herself in a wide kitchen, where a small overhead light remained on. She opened a drawer rifling through it until she found a lighter. There was an old wall sconce that wasn't being used, so she merely broke it off the wall, stuffing the bottom with paper scraps and lighting it. There were a small handful of wood chips in her pocket, and she fueled her makeshift torch with it. Moving back to the door she noticed a little picture of a stick figure in a heavy coat.

The door, which was heavier than she expected took a minute of two to pull open. When she could slide through the gap, she nearly dropped her torch in shock. This was another hunter's layer, but this hunter was more arcane than the others she'd fought. There were any number of binding devices, a gag, hand cuffs, rope, silk, anything that could be used to tie the victim to the chair in the center of the room. "Cannibal," she whispered feeling a shiver run down her spine, and not from the cold. She back tracked, squeezing out of the door, not caring when she dropped the makeshift torch and it went out.

She was not keen on meeting whoever this was, whether or not they took her being a hunter as an ally, but she thought not. It took her a few minutes to realize she'd gone the opposite direction of her previous entrance, but it was not problem forcing the door open. She slid into another alley quickly making her way to the end, and looking down the street. She dated across quickly looking for a ladder or footholds up to the roof of this building. She was on the fourth rung from the bottom when she got the feeling she was being watched...

12/8/2010 . Edited 2/23/2011 #14
Bleeding Perfection

Aela stepped up next to the ladder, the tip of her sword resting on the ground again.

"Ah, what have we here?" she said, light glinting off her bright green eyes, "Dinner? No, you look more like me than them. What could you be, I wonder?"

Her luminescent eyes were literally glowing, which made for making her look quite evil. An evil grin spread across her face, revealing that she had undeniably white teeth, despite her diet.

12/8/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #15

Danté continued down the road he was on, a deep silence following him. He hadn't run into anyone yet, if there was anyone to run into to begin with. And he was unsure whether he wanted to or not, but that really wasn't his choice. If he happened across someone, then so be it....He only hoped that they weren't dangerous. Looking up at the sky, he saw flashes of lightning. It seemed almost to fit...Despite the lightning, he continued to walk.

12/9/2010 #16
Bleeding Perfection

Alixa's hand touched her giant pistol. Well, techinically, it wasn't just a pistol. It had a sword mode, but right now, it was in gun mode. That man up the street didn't seem to notice her.

"Hey, you!" she called, whipping out her gun and pointing it at the man.

12/9/2010 #17

Danté stopped walking for the briefest moment when he heard someone from behind yell at him. He hesitantly glanced over his shoulder, to see a woman down the street pointing a gun......at him. He watched her only a moment before breaking into a sprint away from her, not knowing if she was friend or foe, but not waiting to find out if she happened to be a foe. He ducked into a yard, running across it and entered a different street. He swiftly glanced behind him, and then turned to keep running down the street he was on. If she happened to be a friend....he would find that out later. His pills rattled loudly in their case as he ran, and he paused for a moment to catch his breath and clear his thoughts. She had a gun.....so did he. Why didn't he pul his own out for protective measures? Danté shook his head, long red bangs flying in his face. Fight or flight. He had chosen flight.

12/9/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #18
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Name: Aion Ellis - Alpha Prey (Sadistic)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: 6'3", platinum blonde hair with blue streaks fading to green, light green eyes and toned body, slight of build.

Clothes: feet, wrapped in chain mail covered with bandages. Silver pants and a tight fitting turquoise shirt with a light bullet proof red best over it. No hand coverings.

Weapons: two daggers and marital arts and street fighting. Uses a lot of parrying moves for sword fighting incorporated with defensive techniques.


He watched her exit the restaurant he'd been inhabiting since most of his colleges had fled town. That was no good. She darted across the street, looking for some way off the ground. This would not do, she knew his... problem as others had called it. Yet, her build and her current attitude said she was more of a hunter type, and he didn't particularly want to get caught up with a hunter just yet. Especially not since she seemed to be in a hurry to get away. It seemed that the doors on the shop weren't as great as he'd hoped, they were easily picked a quality he didn't appreciate. She turned, as if perceiving his presence, yet he stayed inside the dumpster he'd slid into, watching her from a pretty big hole in the side.

12/9/2010 . Edited 2/23/2011 #19
Bleeding Perfection

"Crap," she said, sprinting off after him.

She sheathed her gun and ran at top speed behind him. She crossed the yard that the man had crossed, only moments after him.

"Wait! I just wanna talk!" she called, "I swear I'm not hunter!"

She gained alot of ground on him when he stopped to catch his breath.

12/10/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #20
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She backed up, jumping across the other building. It wasn't sure footing, but there was a reason this building was long abandoned, and that was the fact she could make footholds and hand holds out of brick, she just preferred the ease of ladders. She turned around, balancing her weight so she didn't collapse the already weakened roof. Her hands went to the hilts of her swords on instinct. "What do you want?" she asked narrowing her silver- blue eyes.

12/10/2010 . Edited 2/23/2011 #21
Bleeding Perfection

"What do I want?" she asked, a twinge of insanity audible in her voice, "Well that depends... Are you hunter or prey? You don't look like prey..."

12/10/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #22
Fleur-de-lis Evans

There was a kunai in her hand, but she didn't throw it. "I'm not," she said evasively letting her interpret the answer any way she pleased. "So, unless you want a fight, I'd suggest letting me go."

12/10/2010 #23
Bleeding Perfection

Aela couldn't help laughing at that.

"Pfff, let you go?" She said, her evil grin curving upwards, "I don't even have you!"

12/10/2010 #24
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Sarin did her best to not smile, this girl was intriguing. And, on thought, Sarin was on the wrong roof to be instigating anything. She jumped down, sliding gracefully down the dumpster and using her legs to jump to a shorter ladder. She was suddenly on the same side as this girl. She dropped back into a defensive position watching her movement.


The girl form before dropped above him, and he had to keep his mouth closed, so he didn't make some stupid noise. His luck,both hunters, both strong and willing to fillet him.

12/10/2010 . Edited 2/23/2011 #25
Bleeding Perfection

Aela swung her sword around, digging deep into the nearest wall. One it had finished mutilating the brick, she pointed it at the other girl's neck.

"Still planning on fighting??" She said, tilting her head back slightly. Her eyes continued their evil glow, and the expression on her face was very much insane. "That's not a wise thing to do..."

12/10/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #26

Danté heard her footsteps close behind, and cursed himself for stopping to take a breath. He bolted down the street, not trying to duck for any cover since she was right on top of him and.....gaining...He would just have to push himself to move faster, and maybe not run in a direct line. Approaching a corner, he sharply turned it, and continued running. Hopefully, hopefully, he wouldn't run into anyone else. She had said she wasn't a hunter, but how did he know for sure? She could be lying...easily.

12/11/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #27
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Sarin released her kunai and it flew toward'sthe girl's leg, another sinking into the roof, it caught her pant leg and embedded in the old wood, actually that would be two blades. She moved forward taking them back and quickly leaping down the roof on the other side of the building. "Fight, no, I'm not interested in fighting you. I was merely curious." With that she slid down a plank of wood disappearing into an alley.

12/11/2010 . Edited 2/23/2011 #28
Bleeding Perfection

Aela let the tip of her sword fall. It dropped directly into the path of the shuriken, deflecting it to the side and into the lid of the dumpster.

"Oh, that's too bad," she said, "I haven't had a good skirmish in a while..."

She let the girl run. No point in hunting another hunter. The game wasn't meant to work like that.


Alixa cursed under her breath, and continued to follow the guy.

"Wait, d***it! Slow down!" she yelled, "If you don't believe me, you can at least be a man and try to fight!"

12/12/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/23/2011 #29
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She made it to a safe point, almost considering retiring for the night when she heard a voice calling to another man. She crept to the edge of the roof looking down. There was a girl, a cute one at that. She slid down to the ground reaching out to lift the girls weapon from her fingers to stow in her empty holster. She attempted to wrap her other hand around her wrist,cursing the lack of shadow cover at the center of this particular area.

12/12/2010 . Edited 2/23/2011 #30
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