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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Aion thought about it for a minute. "However," he said slowly. "If one was to escape the fighting," he listened and felt the movement of the ground above them. "by the park... They would use the alleways to get to our location."

He looked at Alyssa. "The question is how quickly can those fighters and helicopters detonate buildings in their way?"

He was trying to get at the point that someone injured would go to the drug store. "And if that person, escaping the battle is strong enough to warrant armored flying vehicles than they aren't prey, that's for sure."


Sarin titled her head. "Perhaps we can ally with the stronger side," she said. "Use our wit and braun to get outta here."

3/7/2011 #271

Danté caught up to the group, stopping beside Alixa. "It doesn't matter to me....either way, there will be some sort of danger waiting for us..."

3/8/2011 #272

"True," Alyssa answered the last statement first. Then she turned to Aion.

"And you're right, too. As for the helicopters, it depends on their armaments. There's some types of Gatling guns that can tear through a building."

A thought struck her.

"I can go set this off by myself. The three of you could go and clear out the drug store."


Andrea had found most of what she needed in a first aid kit. Items in her backpack compensated for what wasn't there. She walked into a backroom, found a sink and table, and then went to work after locking the door.

She set down the backpack, with the compacted rifle and two remaining mod-swords inside. After that, she had to take off the armor. It wasn't a complicated process; the same procedure as before.

The suit, as best as one could describe it, liquefied. First the internal display shut off, then the helmet receded, like oil, from her head. The process continued until all of the "liquid" met at the abdomen, where it would form a black, board-like object that would drop if the user didn't catch it. She did of course, even with a lance of pain running through her arm.

She set the board on the table alongside the backpack.

Andrea still wore the two-piece jumpsuit, which was now stained with blood on the two areas that she'd been hurt. She had to pull up her sleeve carefully for the arm, and part of her shirt for the lower back injury. She would do the latter first.

3/8/2011 . Edited 3/8/2011 #273
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Aion nodded. He jumped down, moving toward the turnstiles. He paused. "Perhaps Alixa can come with me," he said. "We should fan around the drug store in case there's a strong enemy inside." He glanced at Dante. "Perhaps you can find a way to sneak in and tell us what's going on. I'm thinking with all the noise somebody is bound to be in a vunerable position, injured most likely."

3/10/2011 #274

Alyssa turned and jogged to the next stop as planned, wanting to get back before they went in. The trip was uneventful and successful, but Alyssa didn't arm the bomb, not yet. She wanted to wait until everyone was ready.


Andrea winced as she dug the forceps into the bullet wound. She had her shirt lifted and her back facing a mirror.

It seemed to take an eternity to find the bullet, even though it hadn't been very deep. With held breath, she pulled it out and grunted at a fresh wave of pain.


She exhaled as she dropped the bullet in the sink. There wasn't much blood on it, though the wound itself was starting to open again.

The next part would really hurt. Then she'd have to repeat the whole process with the arm.

3/10/2011 #275
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Aion moved stealthily over the turn stiles, making it to the subway exit and up the stairwell. He quickly concealed himself behind a Mail Box holding completely still. Then he darted across the street carefully positioning himself to the left of the drug store's back window. He listened carefully tensing up when he heard the ping of metal against porcelain, and a stifled grunt. He signaled to Alixa, motioning for her to join him, and moved silently to the opposite side of the alley behind a dumpster. He then signaled to Dante to go around the other side of the store, but to not go in. There was definitely someone in there and by the sound of it they weren't prey.

3/10/2011 #276

Andrea took a bottle of a bio-cell from the backpack, after again cleaning the wound of blood. The sting in her arm was a mosquito bite compared to what she'd go through next.

She opened it, sniffed at the smell of the chemicals out of habit. Then she turned, her back to the mirror again. She took a cloth from the backpack and poured a small amount of the bio-cell on the wound.

Immediately it came alive. It felt like pulling out a separate chunk of flesh. The bullet wound began to smoke visibly, and there was a fizzing sound as the reaction took place, bringing with it an intense pain that even sentinel conditioning could not stifle.

She doubled over, kneeled to the floor and uttered a m*** of agony with clenched teeth. It would be clearly heard by anyone outside, and very evident that she was suffering.

Andrea groaned and stood slowly, walking toward the table at a sluggish pace. She took a roll of bandaging tape and began wrapping it around her midsection.

A cold sweat had broken out on her forehead as she collapsed in a chair.

Now the arm, she thought, reaching for the forceps.

3/11/2011 . Edited 3/11/2011 #277
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Aion froze. He made room so Alixa could join him and moved in, "Sounds like it's a hunter," he whispered. "The person is most likely already injured. I say you go in from the back and I'll take the side entrance. That was I can block her exit to the front of the store, where Dante's at."

3/11/2011 #278

Alyssa had arrived, panting quietly from the sprint she took to get there. She looked for movement, then darted quietly across the street to Aion.

"What's going on?" she asked in a whisper.


Andrea stood and walked to the sink, digging the forceps into the cut in her arm. It felt like a fire had started in the marrow, but she persisted until she felt the tool close around a foreign object.

She tugged the fragment of metal out slowly, groaning in pain, until the whole quarter-sized piece was free. She dropped it in the sink quietly.

She took the bottle of bio-cell fluid and poured it on the cut without a second thought. The reaction gave another intense wave of agony, but it was nothing compared to the other wound.

Andrea handled this one with a quiet grunt. She turned to the backpack and grabbed the bandaging tape, wrapping a length of it on the cut.

Done, she thought.

Maybe a few minutes of rest, and she would be good to go. Andrea took a seat at the table, leaning back in the chair.

3/12/2011 #279
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"We're covering the exits," Aion answered. "Perhaps you should also take the side entrance with me, that way there are two weapon-wealding strong-suits against the hunter in there."

He moves around to a slim alley, slipping a hair pin into the door. It popped open, and he waited, turning back to Alixa. "Perhaps you should say something as a signal when you engage her, it will take a few minutes for us to reach the front entrance to the back room."

3/13/2011 #280

Alyssa had followed him, drawing her mod-SMG and taking it off the safety. She took a smoke grenade from a pouch on her person and put it in a pocket on her vest, next to the shockwave grenade. She wanted both to be ready at a moment's notice, along with something else.

Alyssa took out what appeared to be a syrette, checked the cap, and put it back in her pocket.

"Ready when you are," she said, looking Aion in the eye.


Andrea's wounds throbbed while she thought over the day's events. She reviewed the people she'd met so far:

First, there was that ninja-- Kastyn--, claiming to be a hunter. Andrea made friends with her.

Then there was a cannibalistic girl named Aela, with a huge sword that should have been in a movie or game-- Andrea didn't remember, something about fantasies. She was a challenge, and a bounty to boot.

After that there was a guy-- handsome one, too-- and a girl in a church, where Aela had been attacking. They were friendly as soon as Andrea said she was looking for allies.

Then Andrea went to the park after helicopters entered the city, to draw attention from her new-found friends.

Bane showed up to ruin the party, complete with his brand new fire team. Maybe his luck would run out this time. But at least she got one of his lackeys; though whether or not he/she was dead was still left to speculate on.

Next was another ninja, the silent type. She had a mechanical, prosthetic arm or something like that. She'd rushed up and killed Andrea's chance at taking out Bane.

Andrea had fought her briefly, only to partially fall for a trap set by Bane; a Jaguar's Gatling guns tore through a hotel and nearly Andrea.

Which led to the wounds she had now.

And all this was possible because someone had shot down her helicopter.

The question was, who?

3/13/2011 #281
Bleeding Perfection

(Jac: I sense a deepening plot...)

Alixa pulled back the sliding chamber on her gunblade, making an almost obscenely sharp cocking sound. Luckily with all the din out here, only those within ten feet of her would be able to hear it. Inside a much quieter building? Moreso. It would undoubtedly be audible from anywhere inside the drugstore, and to anyone waiting at an open door.

"Just listen for that sound," She said.

She removed the explosive round from earlier, which would have caused unneeded collateral damage to the store, and opted for a standard round instead. She pushed it down into the mag, which served no other purpose than for her to actually ba able to use her noise as a signal. She'd pull the bolt, then push it back in, which would chamber the round and signal Aion.

"Rock and roll," she said, closing the chamber and entering the store.

She stepped quietly around the store, opting to flank the target from the opposite side, leaving Aion space to enact a surround.

She made visual contact from behind a shelf.

Here come the hanabi. [Japanese for "Fireworks."]

She pulled the chamber back, causing the sharp cocking sound to echo throughout the whole store, and Aion would undoubtedly hear. She pushed it forward, leaning arounf the cover of the shelf and aiming at the sentinel. She fired, expelling blue muzzlefire from the barrel, not to mention the shortened 20 gague shell headed directly for the target's head.

3/13/2011 . Edited 3/13/2011 #282

Andrea was considering a nap when she heard a loud cocking sound from beyond the door to the backroom.

Crap. She'd been followed.


Alyssa had followed Alixa, quietly moving just to the side of the door opposite of the handle. Alixa cocked her blade-gun, or gun-blade or whatever, fired it through the door. Hopefully it wouldn't kill the target if it was who she hoped it was.


Andrea leaped from her seat and over the table at the sound of a cocked gun, just as a slug punched a baseball-sized hole in the door. It smashed into the chair that she had occupied not a split second ago, knocking it back into the wall.

As she vaulted over the table, Andrea had caught the other side with one hand; the end result flipped the table onto its side in one fluent movement, shielding her partially and knocking over the items she'd placed on it.

She looked for the suit module; it had been flung into the sink.

She muttered a curse and wrapped her fingers around the compressed railgun. With the press of a button, it shifted parts and formed itself into a rifle.

She had been trained and conditioned to handle the suit, but she had also been trained to function without it; The mind could protect a person better than any weapon or armor.

Still, those things were well appreciated.


Alyssa fired the mod-SMG at the door's handle; there was no time to check whether it was locked or not, but she would assume it was.

The handle crumpled in the first burst of fire, and Alyssa kicked down the door, sending it swinging wide open. Alixa would have a good view of what was inside.

3/13/2011 . Edited 3/13/2011 #283
Bleeding Perfection

Alixa took the left side, manuvering in a crouch in the same manner as a soldier, aiming down her gun's barrel like an assault rifle.

"Take right," she said to Alyssa.

There was a black panel on the sink ahead, but that wasn't quite as important as that flipped table - obviously cover for the target. - She figured the panel was some form of suit. She'd seen a Sentinel's suit in compress form once before, and she knew that she had to keep the sentinel away from it to keep the odds even. She aimed for the center of the flipped table, then fired, still strafing toward the sink.

With any luck, she'd be able to steal it and put it on. She only hoped she could remember how to work it.

3/13/2011 #284

(For plot purposes, I would prefer that Alixa not know how to use the modules. Otherwise, that could affect both the Sentinels' history, which I already set up, and what I'm about to do; not in this post, later on. )

Andrea ducked under the blast of a weapon, the same as earlier. It left a hole in the table about the same size as the one in the door.

She heard footsteps, guessed where they were headed, and made two decisions. The table was useless as cover, she knew that. So it would now be a weapon.

She spun, her feet facing the table, and kicked it. Straight at the source of the first set of footsteps headed for the sink. It would hit whoever it was somewhere in the upper half of their body if they weren't fast enough.

The second, more important part; the suit module. She aimed the railgun at it and pulled the trigger. The bolt of metal screamed as it soared into the board's center, completely destroying it.

Andrea let go of the railgun as soon as that happened, and grabbed the last two mod-swords she had. She rolled on her stomach as the blades began to grow, throwing one of them at the other intruder.


Alyssa saw the attack coming and ducked. the blade, still forming, spun and buried a length of itself in the wall.


Andrea saw who it was.

3/13/2011 . Edited 3/13/2011 #285
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Aion positioned himself behind a shelf, on a risen part of the floor. Slipping his hand under his shirt, he pulled out one of his knives, flipping it in his hands and drawing his arm back. When the hunter was occupied with the other he let the blade fly, and it flew silently, made for that exact purpose. the metal also took on its surrounding in color, so it was nearly invisible the handle folding in half when it was air-born. The blade veered slightly off target lodging up to the hilt in the opposite shoulder from the hand holding the rifle. Moving around the bookshelf, Aion slid into a position where he could see what was happening but couldn't be noticed, at least not right away.

3/13/2011 #286

(She's already dropped the rifle)

Something had flown through the air and struck Andrea in the shoulder, most likely a knife of some sort. If she hadn't rolled earlier after dropping the railgun, it would have probably hit dead-on, and buried itself in her shoulder up to the hilt.

Blood began to find a course downward from the knife wound. It left a warm, tickling sensation as it moved.

She had no time to consider who threw the knife. She was staring straight ahead, at her opponent. Andrea knew almost immediately that she had taken down the helicopter.

"Winters," she said her opponent's last name with a quiet, reserved rage, and a portion of rare disbelief.


"Kovic," Alyssa Winters replied.

With that she rushed forward and thrust out one foot, striking Andrea Kovic in the lower abdomen. Unknown to Alyssa, this was where she had been wounded by the helicopter.


Andrea was still in shock from Alyssa's appearance, and as such her reaction was severely delayed. She had tried to block, but the attack was strong for an unconditioned person. Moreover, Andrea had used her injured/fatigued arm, an action that spelled failure from the very beginning.

The blow struck her left side; the boot itself had hit the wound directly. Not good.

Andrea groaned in agony, falling over on her back. The last mod-sword in her hand skittered away and stopped in a corner.


Alyssa saw this and made use of the weakness. She brought a boot down on the injured side, pushing her full weight into it, grinding it this way and that. Andrea cried out and struggled to push off the boot, but her attacker persisted.

Alyssa pointed the mod-SMG at Andrea's head. "Stay still," she ordered.


And with that, Andrea went still. The cold sweat had returned to her forehead with a vengeance.


Alyssa gestured to her comrades. "Can you help me pin her down..."

As she said this, she pulled the syrette from her pocket, tugging off the cap with her teeth to expose the needle.

"...While I give her this?" she finished. She spat the cap to the side.


Andrea quietly brainstormed as she watched Alyssa take out a syrette. How could she get out of this?

She didn't see a possible way, but she refused to give up.

3/13/2011 . Edited 3/14/2011 #287
Bleeding Perfection

Alixa quickly switched her gun to sword mode, and slashed the table in half. It still collided with her, but broke to either side, snapping one of its legs against the wall as it hit. She looked toward the sink, which was not only completely destroyed, but was covered in little black shards, which were most liklely the remains of the suit.

She noticed Alyssa struggling with Andrea, switched back to gun mode, and aimed at Andrea, as insurance. Alyssa brought her down, and said, "Can you help me pin her down?"

"Sure," Alixa said, moving toward Andrea. She grabbed her arms and held them back.

3/14/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 3/14/2011 #288

Andrea didn't know what to feel at this point. Should she be kicking herself for failure? Lashing out at them with everything she had?

Andrea watched as Alixa grabbed her arms and held them out. Extended and exposed, ready for the needle.


Alyssa straddled Andrea, so she couldn't fight with her feet, and reached for one of Andrea's arms.


Andrea decided to settle for a quiet reservation. At this point, escape was near-impossible. She could only hope that whatever was in that syrette was fatal.


"It isn't."

Alyssa seemed to have read her mind as she began the injection.

3/14/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 3/14/2011 #289
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Aion slipped toward the front of the store signaling to Dante. He made sure Dante was close enough to keep an eye on before moving to the door and watching Kovic for slight signs of movement. He felt suspicious of her, "She should be fighting more, not being submissive," he remarked. "She's a hard fighter doesn't give up easily." He watched the exchange. "Are you even really enemies, or are you hoping to get something out of this?" he asked Alyssa.

3/14/2011 #290
Bleeding Perfection

(I've asked you multiple times not to edit my posts, Fleur. I give permission to delete my OOC's, but not when it's integrated with my posts. Please don't do it again.)

[Once you read this, you can delete it. See how that worked?]

3/15/2011 #291

Alyssa withdrew the syrette and put it back in her pocket once she was done.

The room fell silent after Aion had spoken.

"Just part of the job, I guess," she finally answered.


Andrea was staring a hole in the wall as the injection took effect. She slackened, offering no further resistance.


"As for her being submissive," Alyssa continued, "That's because she knows what's going to happen."

With that, she stood and left Andrea on the floor, who was still conscious.

"Let her go," Alyssa said to Alixa. "She's not a problem anymore."

3/15/2011 #292
Bleeding Perfection

Alixa released her, sheathing her gun.

"So that's what you came for, Alyssa?" she said, "Capture a Sentinel? And what purpose was our part in this?"

3/15/2011 #293

"What do you mean? You wanted to take out the hunters, right? And I wanted a Sentinel." A bored tone had settled into her voice, as if she was explaining something for the fiftieth time.

She turned to Andrea. "Get up."


Without a word or a signal of contempt, Andrea obeyed.


Alyssa turned back to Alixa.

"Well, now this city is down by one. Two birds with one stone."

3/15/2011 . Edited 3/15/2011 #294
Bleeding Perfection

"What happens when the drugs wear off?" Alixa said, crossing her arms and shifting her weight to her left foot.

3/15/2011 #295

"She'll pass out and come back to her senses; there's plenty of time between then and now." Alyssa stood in a relaxed pose.

"In the meantime, she's with us now. And I can get some answers."

3/15/2011 #296
Bleeding Perfection

"So when do we kill her?" Alixa said, "For us to get out of the city, all the Hunters have to be dead."

3/15/2011 #297

"Kill?" Alyssa said. "Hell, no. She's going to be shipped out of here in chains."

This was the first time Alyssa had ever captured a full-fledged Sentinel, and she would not squander her chance to gain information on their leaders.


Andrea idled next to Alyssa as they discussed her fate. She would willingly go with whatever decision they made. At the moment, though, she was checking on the injury to her shoulder.

3/15/2011 . Edited 3/15/2011 #298
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Does that mean your leaving the city?" he asked. "Was your only purpose to catch her?" He knew the benefits of chaining up an enemy, heck information was key to survival. He just wanted to sort out the emotions he was currently feeling.

3/15/2011 #299
Bleeding Perfection

"Sounds like a bad idea to me," Alixa said, "How do we know that, by not killing her, we'll still be able to get out?"

3/16/2011 #300
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