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Bleeding Perfection

May refused to answer. As soon as the hunter started paying attention to the helicopters, she pointed her mechanical arm out, palm facing the hunter. A small cap receeded into the lower part of the palm, exposing a gun barrel large enough to fire 20 gague shotgun rounds. This, in fact, is exactly waht it fired, three slugs headed straight for Andrea.

The arm held a total of fifteen rounds, but the last six could only be used if the arm was perfectly straight from hand to shoulder.

2/24/2011 #241
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Aion instantly stopped spreading his feet out for balance, "What the...?" He sounded angry.


Sarin swore under her breath flying backwards from the shaking ground. She skidded to a halt regaining her footing by doing a body roll and spreading her feet shoulder width apart. She took a bright blue triangle-shaped cloth tieing it around her mouth, pulling on her previous hat, and arming herself.

"No rest for the wicked," she said easily entering Shahdo's room. She moved to the window looking out. "Not just one, millions," she said. "What the heck are they doing to our city." She glanced over at him. "Let's do this," she said. "We can exit using your window."

2/24/2011 #242

Andrea suddenly noticed the ninja moving her left arm towards her, and the gesture set off an alarm in her head.

The alarm had rung true, for Andrea saw a barrel emerge from the hand.

Once she realized what it was, Andrea made a decision. Using the mobility that the suit granted, she quickly sidestepped the worst of the blast and turned at an angle. The slugs pinged off of her armor with sparks, and that was that.

She now knew what was going on. Bane seemed to have grown a little. This entire fight was a distraction, meant to give time for reinforcements to arrive. The choppers would have been difficult to stop.

She'd almost fallen for it. In fact she was dangling from the cliff, to extend a metaphor.

With this information, Andrea decided to cut her losses. She activated the active camouflage; the ninja would still see her figure, of course, but it would throw off her aim a little once she got some distance.

Andrea deactivated one mod sword and tossed it to the ground. It was beeping rather suspiciously.

She then turned the suit's output to maximum, and sprinted up the wall of the building she'd used as cover. A few meters up, she caught hold of a window sill and pulled herself up and into it.


The chopper meant to assist Bane was very near. In about a minute, it would arrive.

This helicopter was different from the others in the air; this one was heavy duty, armed to the teeth. There were large missile pods on each side, along with several other weapons.

Andrea had her work cut out for her.

2/24/2011 . Edited 3/2/2011 #243

"There's got to be an army out there..." Alyssa suddenly felt a little nervous, now. She was starting to feel guilty for inadvertently bringing down hell on a city of this scale.

She stumbled as the tremble passed through.

She'd seen a total warzone like that before. Choppers, tanks, fighter jets. All by the thousands. It was enough to make a person buckle, and that was if they were on their side.

But the thing she disliked the most was what would happen if the Sentinels took notice. They were the worst thing she'd come up against. Especially the things they called Omegas. Those choppers outside wouldn't stand a chance if one was deployed.

Aion spoke angrily.

"Yeah," Alyssa agreed. "'What the' is right."

2/24/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 2/24/2011 #244
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Do you know what's going on?" he asked piercing her with an intense gaze. "'Cause it looks like our choice is "get crushed underground" or "get killed above ground."

2/25/2011 #245

Alyssa returned his gaze casually and answered.

"Yeah. I know."

2/25/2011 #246
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Well then spill," he said quickly running up the tracks, seeming to fly over the metal rails.

2/25/2011 #247

Alyssa followed his lead, thinking. He hadn't been very specific, so she would go with the good news first.

"At least some of them are on our side."

2/25/2011 #248

Kastyn had only just moved away from the wall, when the corner exploded, spraying shrapnel and huge chunks of brick. She jumped, and darted away behind a second building. That had been too close. She couldn't stay in one place for very long at all, she realized. She silently stole around behind the house, through the small yard, and ducked into the shadow of the neighboring house.

2/25/2011 #249

"We've lost the contact," the demo-man said quietly.

The leader radioed his team to regroup, thinking of the next move to make.

2/25/2011 #250
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Is there any chance they'll ask questions and shoot later?" he questioned. He veered around the end of a halted train, jumping up the rungs and sliding into the car. He moved silently through it casting his eyes around. He picked up an in tact satchel quickly filling it with random objects he found, mainly sharp, pointed ones that could easily be thrown for a quick but deep pierce.

2/25/2011 #251

Alyssa watched him as he picked up sharp objects at random, not saying anything for a moment.

"I should take point. The friendly faction knows who I am; they won't shoot anyone that's with me." She quickened her pace to catch up with Aion, now within arm's reach of him.

2/25/2011 #252
Fleur-de-lis Evans

He paused keeping his eyes forward. It had been an ordeal getting to this city before the games began, before everything he'd known was ripped to pieces. Maybe now, with what he did know, and the shred of humanity he still had left, he should trust again.

He didn't turn around just said, "And the other faction... Let me guess," his tone sounded resigned, "unbeatable by normal humans." He listened, wondering if Dante and Alixa were still out there. "Whatever the case is, " he said, "we need to stick inside the train or on top of it until we reach the next station."

He knew he was talking in nearly silent volumes but it was a habit hard to break.

2/26/2011 #253

"There's more than one other faction, though I wouldn't call them unbeatable by normal humans. The only way we'd have a problem is if the Sentinels show up." Alyssa matched his volume.

2/27/2011 #254
Bleeding Perfection

Alixa had followed them.

"Sentinels?" she said, puzzle pieces matching up in her brain, "Those guys are all just big talk and big guns."

She whipped out her gunblade, switching it to sword mode.

"Guarantee those b***es don't stand a chance against good old-fashioned hand-to-hand combat."

She grinned.

"Or hand to blade, take your pick."

She flipped the switch that returned the blade to gun form, then loaded an explosive round.

"What say we get out of here and wreck s***?" she grinned again, "Besides, didn't you say we have nothing to worry about until the Sentinels get here? Tell you what. you take the small fry, and I'll handle the Sentinels. That is, if they ever come."

She'd faced a couple sentinels in the past. One named Gunther, who, ironically, carried one of the biggest flechette rifles she'd ever seen, characteristic of his name in a sense. The other was a young female combat specialist named Feather. Whoever had named her apparently had very little imagination, but she wasn't one to judge like that, or at least not often.

She'd killed both. But that as long before waking up in this city. She had bigger problems now.

3/1/2011 #255

Alyssa actually smiled at Alixa's first boast. Alixa must have fought newbies, if she was saying things like that. The "$^&$#es" Alyssa had fought--survived, rather-- were the worst enemies that she'd ever faced.

One of the Sentinels' first missions as initiates are to eliminate a given target, usually someone like the people Alyssa encountered here. About three-fourths of the initiates died. No one ever said the targets were a fair match.

The ones left over with the tenacity to succeed were trained further; psychologically, physically, whatever-ically. The end result was something that even their families wouldn't recognize: A weapon, simply that and nothing more. If they were ever defeated, they would become nothing.

Alixa switched her blade-gun, or gun-blade--Alyssa didn't care what it was called-- back to its gun form and spoke again, with a second grin.

"Seems like @%#^ is already being wrecked outside," Alyssa replied.

She didn't feel like responding after that, so she was left with staring absently at Aion's back. Sadness-- or grief, maybe-- passed over her face.

3/2/2011 . Edited 3/2/2011 #256
Bleeding Perfection

"True," Alixa said, "So they wont expect us."

3/2/2011 #257
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Aion felt a new goal bubble up in his head. "I'm no weakling," he said. He turned his eyes seeming to flash. "I've survived ...battles," he didn't elaborate just gazed at the two women. "Besides I'm not going to sit around like a s*** while you fight."

He tied the belt he'd made around his waist, making sure the objects he'd collected were easily accessible. "We need strategy," he said, moving to the door and yanking open the metal without blinking an eye. He pushed himself along the train car easily climbing the ladder to the top of the train. He glanced at Dante, wondering if he were an asset or a liability.

3/2/2011 #258

Alyssa's depression passed, and she quietly pondered her next move. She needed to catch Andrea alive, and Alixa could probably help with that.

She followed Aion's path, not saying anything yet. Though the thought had probably revealed itself through facial expression.


Andrea had climbed inside the hotel, presumably with the ninja(May) still outside. She decided to move further inward, as the blast from the mod-sword would probably take out the corner of the building.

She heard a chopper closing in as she did so, and it sounded different from the others. The rotors were spinning faster, leaving a hurried, higher-pitch whine in the air. She recognized the oddity after a moment.

It was a Jaguar. And it was probably carrying a ton of weaponry.

Oh, crap.

3/2/2011 . Edited 3/2/2011 #259

Alyssa responded to Aion after a moment. "Good. There's no space for sissies."

Not where I'm going, she thought.

3/2/2011 #260
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Aion's mind flicked through the possibility. "We could take her down," he said slowly. "I am stealthy and can scout ahead, while you and Alixa can team up your skills to do a double strike," he tapered off for a second. "Unless there's already a hunter on the job."

3/2/2011 #261
Bleeding Perfection

"What about everyone else up there?" Alixa said, "It wouldn't work for us to just go streetside, capture one person - very highly traned person that is - out of a few dozen, and idle our way out of the active warzone like it was a trip to a dip'n'dots stand, now would it?"


May saw the beeping hilt and immediatley correlated "bomb" in her mind. Not good. She did the most sensible thing - which wasn't very sensible to others - and grabbed it as soon as it fell and chucked it away as hard as she could, with her much stronger left arm, of course. It soared twenty meters away on its upward path before crashing through an apartment window on the third floor.

Now that that was no longer a problem, and gave chase to ger quarry.


Shahdo was content to watch it all happen from a distance.

"Sarin," he said, "What say watch this one? So many people all making fools of themselves all at once is quite the humorous situation, is it not?"

3/3/2011 #262

The ninja had thrown the sword into a nearby apartment, and then gave chase after Andrea. Bane saw her and shouted, "Don't go in!"

A split second later his voice was drowned out; there was a deafening roar from the apartment as the mod-sword detonated. Bane stumbled backwards from the sudden force of the explosion.

Half of the building had been shredded by the shockwave, and a cloud of smoke and dust rose to blanket almost the entire street. It was like a thick fog.


"I know," Alyssa sighed. She pulled her mod-SMG from its holster, checking it over. "I need a new plan."

And a way to stop putting my feelings on display. Either the two were good at guessing, or they could read her mind. Or maybe Alyssa's thoughts were just written on her face.

She wasn't going to just walk up to the ground level, obviously. She would check to see if there were any enemies nearby first, and then make a move afterward.

As far as Alyssa was concerned, the other three had nothing to do with her. If they planned to follow her, to help her, that was their decision.

Until then, Alyssa would only refer to herself.


The Jaguar was now on-site, but it held its fire. Bane would have to give the order, and he wouldn't as long as the ninja was in the way. Even though it might cost him his target, he refused to become a ruthless killer for the sake of success.

"May!" he called out, against the background noise of the rumbling debris.

3/3/2011 . Edited 3/3/2011 #263
Bleeding Perfection

May saw the helicopter pointed in her direction and immediately knew she needed to move. Not to prevent being shot, but instead to open the path to Andrea. She leapt to the side and hopped to the ground via fire escape.


"So then we'll need a plan," Alixa said, "I say, make some noise in one place, then appear in another. Problem is it'd need to be a good distraction. My explosive rounds aren't exactly strong enough to get that kind of attention."

3/3/2011 #264

Danté had hung back from the group. He wasn't as....skilled? He didn't know. He'd probably slow them down more than help them....He..wasn't help at all. Shut up. Stop thinking like this....Too late. He'd die either way, if he helped or not. Maybe it was time to leave this group and.....and what? Hide until someone found and killed him? There was no positive way of thinking right now. He briefly regretted throwing that last pill away.....but...Did he really need..it? Being in danger or in a fight while being depressed didn't appeal to him, not that he would if he wasn't depressed. He was going to die.

3/4/2011 #265

"I might have something that could do that." Alyssa reached for a pouch on her thigh, pulling out a small, white block of what looked like clay.

Of course, it wasn't.


The smoke and dust from the explosion still kept Bane oblivious to the ninja's movements.

Where did she go?

3/4/2011 #266
Bleeding Perfection

"And what is that?" Alixa said, "An explosive?"

She noticed Dante was still back down the tunnel.

"Dante, get over here!" She called, "A team's not a team without all its members!"


May skirted the battle and slipped through an alleyway to Bane's location. She exited slightly in front of him.

"She still in there?" May asked?

3/6/2011 . Edited 3/6/2011 #267

"Excellent observation," Alyssa said. "Yes, it is."

She took out a small piece of metal, the detonator, and pushed it into the clay-like block.


"Maybe, maybe not. We'll see," Bane said.

He then signaled the Jaguar to open fire. A short moment later, the helicopter rose slightly to face the hotel.

The Gatling guns on the side spun with a loud whirr, and then an ominous drone as it sent a wave of rounds to their target. The helicopter began a circle-strafing pattern around the building, allowing the gunner to keep firing.

The hotel fared poorly. Windows obviously shattered; The brick chipped away and crumbled under the onslaught; the roof collapsed onto a lower floor, then debris spilled out onto the street. The smoke had cleared somewhat, so Bane and May had a view of the damage.


Andrea was in a bit of trouble.

She heard the helicopter's Gatling guns start up. The gunfire slowly melded into an eerie scream as the weapons' spinning grew faster and faster.

Behind her, the corridor she was in crumbled. Bullets tore through the drywall, kicking out thick clouds of dust. The destruction moved slowly toward Andrea. She raised the suit's output to 110 percent, turned and sprinted as the building began falling apart around her. Bullets began pinging off of her suit, some louder than others as they scored direct hits.

She found a fire escape near the end of the corridor, kicking down the door with one armored boot. She stumbled into the stairway, falling painfully down one flight of stairs. She scrambled back to her feet and stole a glance upward.

The helicopter had kept on shooting on the floor she'd just left. Hundreds, maybe thousands of rounds punching into the flight above her.

Andrea kept going. She jumped over the railway and caught it by her hands before she could fall. She dropped down to the next flight, catching herself as she did before. She did this twice before reaching the ground floor, where she entered the lobby and looked for an exit. A sudden, loud crash made itself known next to her; the quake that ensued threw Andrea to the floor. Smoke and dust casually filled the area.

Andrea quickly determined the source: The elevator. The cable must have snapped, and it fell to the ground.

She rose and ran for the exit, only to spot the chopper strafing the entrance of the hotel. The Gatlings screamed again and Andrea turned to look for cover. Glass shattered and marble cracked and split around her.

She felt a sharp sting in her back; a bullet had gotten through. Andrea ignored the burning pain and vaulted over the reception desk, which was riddled with small holes. Several more appeared a moment later.

She stole another look outside from that position, hoping for an avenue of escape. There were none.

Andrea took out her second mod-sword, one of the three she had. She activated its dead man's switch and hurled it toward the entrance.

She ducked.


The Jaguar ceased fire. Even from a distance, one could faintly see smoke pouring from the barrels of the Gatlings.

Bane turned to walk to the entrance of the hotel, but was stopped by another explosion on the same scale as the first mod-sword May had thrown earlier.

The force was strong enough at this distance to knock him down. There was a sharp ringing sound in his ears, making it hard to hear for a few seconds.

When he managed to get a look, he noticed that there was now a hole the size of an intersection in the street, filled with rubble. There was no sign of life nearby.

Either Andrea had gotten away, or she'd been pulverized by that explosion. Most likely the former.

"$^%# it," Bane said.

3/6/2011 #268


"Alright," Alyssa said after Alixa called to Dante. "I'll be right back." She went on ahead of them at a slow pace and surfaced near the drug store. She didn't see anyone, but heard occasional gunshots pass through the area; a far cry from the danger of the main combat zone.

She jogged back to her teammates and proposed her idea.

"It's not too occupied for the most part, but I'd rather not take chances. I can plant this at the next stop, then we can surface at the drug store. How about it?"


Andrea cringed as she used her injured arm to climb out of the tunnel she'd entered after the explosion.

Her left arm had been cut by shrapnel from the blast; there was a similar wound on her lower left back, from the helicopter's lucky bullet. She had staunched the bleeding from both, but now she had to consider treating them further.

She recognized the area that she was in; near the drug store from earlier. She could stop there.

Andrea walked to it, and once inside began to look for the tools she needed.

3/7/2011 #269
Bleeding Perfection

"I say 'yay,'" Alixa said, "Dante?"

3/7/2011 #270
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