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Bleeding Perfection

New RPG, yet again.

An odd zombie pandemic stikes the whole planet all at once, and soon enough, nearly everyone has become undead. A small band of survivors must find a way to eradicate the pandemic and repopulate the earth.

The zombies are classic-type. They m***, drag a foot behind themselves, and they can't see or feel. They can only hear. They are incredibly strong, so if you get caught by one, you're pretty much done for. They can only be killed by smashing their head. EDIT: And they don't attack dogs.

Rules are same as alwary, with an extra; If your character gets bit by a zombie, they WILL become one, no exceptions. Only way to avoid it is to commit suicide before dying and reviving as a zombie. Also, no powers. You can have amazing skills, though, like pro-wrestler strength, or amazing marksmanship. As long as the skills actually match your character. You can't have a 12 year old kid be as strong as John Cena, or have a 95 year old grandmother be an expert sniper. It's gotta make sense.

Have fun.

1/11/2011 . Edited 1/13/2011 #1

((Oh dear, I absolutely MUST join this or Chris will murder me... ;) Ok, Chris. I'm here! Who do you want in this. Your pic of all my characters so far...))

1/11/2011 #2
Bleeding Perfection

(I'm actually leaving for today. How'sabout we start tomorrow?)

1/11/2011 #3

(*BOWS* I await your return :P I may not be on until late tomorrow, and short time at that, but I'll do my best...))

1/11/2011 #4

(Hm... I may actually join this. Tomorrow, you say? Well then I shall try.)

1/11/2011 #5
Bleeding Perfection

(Another detail; Zombies don't attack dogs. But I'm sure everyone already knows that, right?)

1/12/2011 #6
Frances Chafer

(I'm excited, haha. I have this plan in my head about what I would do if it really happened in the real world... and I think I would be one of the last survivors. lol)

1/12/2011 #7
Bleeding Perfection

(I took a quiz once, and I would completely survive the entire ordeal. I got a 100% on the quiz on my first try. A few rules of general zombie-fighting; never go to walmart. That's where the fat zombies go. Never go to the gun shop. That's where the smart zombies go. Never go to the school. That's where most of the humans get bitten, and become zombies. Never chill with the local football team. They're always the first target for a zombie. Board up your house and put multiple sandbag barriers in the way, each one with fifteen pounds of high explosives strapped to them. Stockpile food like crazy and keep your five closest friends with you. The best weapons are a shotgun, crowbar, frying pan, and a rusty switchknife. Baseball bats are effective as well.)

1/12/2011 #8
Alexander Starkiller

[No! I was planning on starting one! Grrr... I may join this actually. BUT. I'll start my own anyway, though. Mine will, of course, be based on the Zombie Survival Guide. The reason for this, Bleeding, is yours seems to be based off movie zombie myths, and not cold-hard probabilities with realistic scenarios and Real Life survival rules. Sorry, I don't mean to compete. This would surely be the better RPG for fun and zombie killing, mine would be more of a survival thing with realism as a strong factor. Again, sorry.]

1/12/2011 #9
Bleeding Perfection

(What say we start this up? And one last thing before I start; Addy, you are responsible for writing out the storyline for Smokers and Hunters and such, because it was your idea. Remember, I wanted it to be genetic experimentation.)

New character:

Name: Marylu Ocean. Goes by "Ocean."


Age: 16

[Let's assume all our characters live within the same general area. You all can decide where that will be.]


Personality: Kinda tough for her size, and sometimes comes off as immature. She has a personal affinity for kickboxing.

(Don't give them a weapon right off the bat. They'll have to randomly find one once it all starts up.)


Saturday, Day 0. 12:57 AM.

Ocean stood on the railing of the deck, looking out at the colorful city skyline from her second story vantage point. The air was brisk, but not too cold. It felt good aginst her legs and arms. She wore only a cami and shorts, both black.

Winter was coming. Thanksgiving was already a week past, and Christmas was practically knocking on the door. She kept wondering what she should ask for for Christmas. A new cell phone, maybe? She'd had her eye on that Droid 2 for a while. Maybe she'd ask for that.

(Alright, everyone introduce their characters.)

(Oh, and zombies decay very slowly during the winter. The apocalypse would last until about a week into summer, then all the remaining survivors would have to repopulate the earth.)

1/12/2011 . Edited 1/13/2011 #10
Bleeding Perfection

(One more new character.)

New Character 2:

Name: Saeko Busujima. [Pronounced "Psycho Boo-soo-jee-muh." Due to her being japanese, she is usually offended when someone calles her by her first name, as is common with most people in Japan. In order to call her by "Saeko," she needs to give the person permission, due to becoming friends with them. This is usually how it works in Japan. Please take note of this when your characters are speaking to her.]


Age: 18

Appearance: [That's really what she looks like. I pulled her name and character design straight from a Zombies anime that I've seen AMVs of. Also, don't look up that anime. It's got a TON of h*** in it, that is, Anime p o r n. It's a form of it called "ecchi" which doesn't show any blatant n***, but it's p o r n either way. SERIOUSLY, DONT! I just used this character because I saw a fight scene in an AMV.]

Personality: Headstrong, confident, independent. She killed someone when she was in junior high because he was trying to mug her, and oddly enough, she enjoyed it. Not the kind of girl you wanna p i s s off. She's a master of Kendo, which is basically the martial art of modern samurai training. (That's also from the anime, but I got the information from a wiki.)

(I know I said not to give them a weapon, but there are exceptions. Say for example, they're a police officer or something. Specify their gun, or whatever.)

Weapon: A bokken [a training sword. They're made of wood and shaped like a katana. "Bokken" literally means "wood sword." Wikipedia says that the kendo sword is called "shinai," but her sword is a bokken nonetheless.] It's the one she used to kill her mugger by breaking his shoulder and femur, then smashing his head. She will come to posess a real katana during the couse of the game. I'll post its name when we get to that.


Saturday, Day 0. 6:42 AM.

Saeko gripped her wooden sword firmly, as did the girl fifteen feet in front of her. A ref signaled the start of the match, and Saeko made quick work of her opponent.

Later, around noon, when the match was over, she exited the building and returned to her rental car, then proceeded back to her hotel room.

(She's from Japan, but she's in America for an international Kendo tournament.)

1/12/2011 . Edited 1/13/2011 #11
Frances Chafer

(Hey Alex, that was kinda something I was wanting to do too lol. If you start that up I'll be joining it. I'll also be here though)

Name: Josh Shippe

Age: 19

Location: (I don't know where we're at yet, but for now let's just say my character lives in a college dorm room. He lives on the top floor and the dormitory is completely full this year. Furthermore no weapons are allowed on campus. So needless to say, once a zombie made it into the building the whole place was filled with zombies. Josh is a loner who stays in his room and locked himself in when he found out. However he has very little food and only a couple knives for defense.)

1/12/2011 #12
Frances Chafer

(btw isn't that off of Zombieland? no offense but that movie wasn't all that great. lol...)

1/12/2011 #13
Alexander Starkiller

[I need to think on what I want my slightly more fantastic {that is, "fantasy story-like"} character to be. Since this is more of an action RPG, and faster paced then mine would be, I need to get a pretty unique guy/girl for this thread.

Wait. I reread the main post. Apparently this will end with the PCs killing the zombies and having sex, in that order... Hrm... I vote we leave that last bit implied, if included at all.]

1/12/2011 #14

(I think I might join this. Question though, will these be normal humans or can they have powers? You didn't say anything about "powers" in the first post. Doesn't matter to me either way, but just wondering. Heh, and I agree with Alex on the last bit....)

1/13/2011 #15
Frances Chafer

(I agree with Alex as well. ha. Maybe a goal of the game will be to find an in-game spouse to repopulate the earth with? nah, that'll come across as just a little creepy)

1/13/2011 #16
Alexander Starkiller

[Btw, the projected number in which to safely repopulate a planet is 200, half men, half women.]

1/13/2011 #17
Bleeding Perfection

(No powers. Nobody in zombie moves hasd powers, so nobody in this thread has any, either. But, if you like, you can have Master Skillzz like Saeko does.)

(EDIT: I added to the first post.)

1/13/2011 . Edited 1/13/2011 #18
Frances Chafer

(ok so no powers, but we can have characters with master skillzz. I think I got this)

(oh, and... where's the setting?

1/13/2011 #19
Alexander Starkiller

[Told ya I'd join. I may be planning on starting my own, similar thread, but I want to do this as well.]

Name: Aquilino Renatus. Friends call him "Quill", in English.

Gender: Male

Location: A local American family, in which he is staying at while on a student exchange program. He was originally from Rome, Italy.

Appearance: Minus the ridiculous costume, of course. He wears black jeans and normal T-shirts.

Personality: Curious, intelligent, stealthy [not shy, he actually stays quiet so that he can learn more], and outspoken about anything that goes against his strong Catholic heritage. He also loves camping.

Item: Not a weapon, but as he loves camping, he owns a multitool--the Gerber Flik--that he uses on everything he sees fit.


Saturday, Day 0 at 5:39 AM

Christmas Break was coming up fast, and Aquilino was extremely excited. The family he was living with loved camping as much as he did, and would go on a trip before he left to see his family. He paused a second to catch his breath, having had run for several kilometres already. Okay, only two more, then I'll go back to the house. He'd take a shower, have some breakfast, and see about hiking around a small hill with a good friend.

1/13/2011 #20

(Okay, can do. I think I'll join this then. Is there a location then yet?) (I will draw a picture for this character, once I get to it)

Name: Kuro Valentine Cardinal (His first name includes both Kuro and Valentine. Though he doesn't mind being called either Kuro or Valentine.)


Age: 19

Height: 5'11 and a half''

Lean, toned. (not buff...ew)

Has a light Romanian accent (yay!! W's are now V's!! XD....or is that Transylvanian? O.o)

Eye colour: Piercing ice blue (like a Husky's)

Hair colour: Black, length is just past shoulders, long bangs on either side of his face. Keeps hair in loose ponytail.

Skin tone is slightly darker than fair, but not by much.

Usually wears darker colours, usually seen with black denim jeans with a white long-sleeved button-up shirt. Occasionally wears other colours.

Quiet, keeps to himself yet seems to know what's going on around him, doesn't mind being alone......His personality will come out in the RPG, so I just won't explain it further

Weapons......umm...not sure what to say for that, he has no reason for having weapons on his person so he'll just have to find one when needed, though he knows how to operate a gun.

Anything else will come out in the RPG

(So, where do we start?)-

1/13/2011 . Edited 1/13/2011 #21
Frances Chafer

(I'll make my character a Protestant, just for the sake of conflict/resolution :D )

1/13/2011 #22
Alexander Starkiller

[I forgot! Aquilino is 5'9" at 144 pounds. Scrawny, yet lean.]

[Conflict, Ryan?]

1/13/2011 #23
Alexander Starkiller

[Oops! Haha, age is 20.]

1/13/2011 #24
Bleeding Perfection

(Setting is to be determined as we play. We'll develop it by posting what it looks like IC. But I have the idea in my head that its a large city, maybe with a river running through the middle. Anyone got an idea for the name of the city?)

1/13/2011 #25
Alexander Starkiller

[Darn it! His eyes are amber! Sheesh, I'm forgetful.

Bleeding, what about here? That's Chicago. But you should know, big cities are one of the worst places to be in a zombie apocalypse.]

1/13/2011 #26

[I'm totally gonna join this:

Donatello (prefers Don) A. Santos (sahn-tos)

Age: 35

Weight/height: 194 pounds/6'1"

Appearance: dark-skinned; short, black hair about 2 centimeters long, slicked back Inception style; brown eyes

Clothing: black dress pants, a black long sleeved button-down shirt to match with no tie, a gray formal jacket, and sunglasses.

Background: Santos served as a Special Forces operative for 6 years, but his cover had been blown during a mission of critical importance, and as a result made some enemies in high places. Since he was no longer useful he was kicked out and told to lay low. He now lives by himself, but with no help from the agency whenever enemies looking for revenge pay him some visits...

Weapons: None, but he knows martial arts, how to use guns, and other useful things such as making bombs, picking locks, etc.

(As you can see, I love my special agent-type characters. :3 )]

1/13/2011 . Edited 4/6/2011 #27


1/13/2011 #28

(Yeah, I went overboard. Sorry.)

1/13/2011 . Edited 1/13/2011 #29

((No its not you Jac, I'm debating on if I should really join this one or not, seeing as I might be a hinderance to the others in the next few weeks...))

1/13/2011 #30
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