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Bleeding Perfection

"Regardless of what the first rule is, 'stay together' is still one of the most important ones. I still think we should ditch the bike."

(Jac, are you gonna explain who exited the truck?)

5/16/2011 #481
Alexander Starkiller

Quill glanced at the woman one final time.

5/16/2011 #482
Bleeding Perfection

Saeko had never dismounted her bike. She restarted it, waited for Don to start his bike, then accelerated.

5/16/2011 #483

(You mean what happened, or literally who it was?)

"Hmm," Kelly thought aloud. "We'll just leave it here or something? Or use it as a diversion first?"

5/16/2011 #484
Alexander Starkiller

Quill mentally sighed. That was hardly helpful in a debate on whether or not he should put his trust in a stranger.

5/16/2011 #485
Bleeding Perfection

Diversion? Well, maybe they could send it off down the street on its own. Chris didn't see how else it could serve as a diversion, short of blowing it up, which as it stood was not particularly impossible. He did still have fifteen napalm grenades, not to mention three molotovs.

"Diversion?" Chris said, "In what way?"


Saeko had noticed some streets blocked off by fires. There didn't seem to be any natural catalysts, so they must have been set intentionally. Possibly as a way to bar zombies from getting to the safest path. She decided to lead Don that way. Any zombies they encountered were fortunately already dead, and the fires served as a guide, most likely just as intended.

A little while later, she saw the gun shop up ahead. Two cars sat out front. A black Dodge Magnum, and a white Shelby GT500 with blue racing stripes. She parked behind them and dismounted her bike.

"Looks like someone's already here," she said to Don.

The front doors were boarded up, so she probably wasn't gonna be able to get in conventionally. She went around back and tried the metal rear door. Locked.

She knocked. "Anyone in here?" she said.


There was a knock at the rear door. "Anyone in here?" said a female voice.

"Well whaddaya know, more survivors," Chris said, "The more the merrier, right?"

He obviously wasn't gonna fling a door wide open and expose himself to whatever was out there. He'd open it a crack, see who it was, then keep his hands near his weapons as they entered. Only God knew who had already cracked. They didn't need any crazies coming in and laying waste to them all of a sudden.

"I'm gonna open the door," Chris called, touching the handle, "Keep your hands away from your weapons, alright?"

There was a pause.

"Why, what do you think we're gonna do to you?" the voice on the opposite side responded.

"It's not what I think you're going to do, but rather that I think you could maybe possibly do."


Chris opened the door a crack and looked out. If it were crazies, they could have already blasted his eye by now. He looked them over quickly before opening the door all the way. A purple-haired girl with a katana and a guy with a rather large gun. He wasn't familiar with what model it was. Obviously machine gun, but there were alot of guns like that.

"Welcome to club gun shop," Chris said sarcastically, "No sudden movements."

"Right," the girl said, also sarcastically, "Because I have parkinsons."

Chris couldn't help but chuckle at that.


Saeko didn't feel the need to get on anyone's bad side, or at least not anyone sane. She was compliant and crossed her arms so as to keep them away from her katana.

The first thing she noticed was Aquilino. Small world, huh? He survived, good for him.

5/17/2011 . Edited 5/17/2011 #486
Alexander Starkiller

Quill's eye shot wide open. Now his answer was decided for him. He wasn't going to be anywhere near anyone who let a murderer in. He retreated to a dark corner.

5/17/2011 #487

Don didn't move or say anything, letting Saeko do the talking. He preferred to stay in the background, at least for now.

5/17/2011 #488
Bleeding Perfection

Ocean noticed Aquilino's retreat into the corner. She went over to him.

"What's wrong?" She said.


Saeko saw Aquilino's expression, as she had been looking at him as he made it. He obviously felt some way about her, most likely negatively. It honestly made her feel a little bad. She didn't want to kill any living humans. Not since the incident five years prior.

She could easily kill zombies, on the other hand, and she dearly hoped that everyone in this room could handle that. Aquilino looked like he might not be able to handle it, and neither did the shorter girl with blood red hair. The both looked alot more timid than the rest.

Admittedly, they didn't look anywhere near as ruthless as she herself felt, but as long as they could handle fighting for themselves, it didn't matter. Well, except for the woman with the AK. Saeko felt a small similarity between herself and that woman. They had both killed before.

"So are we gonna stand here and stare at each other all day, or what?" Saeko said, "Let's start with names. I'm Busujima Saeko."


Chris introduced himself, and so did Ocean.

5/17/2011 #489

Marlena raised an eyebrow at the boy's reaction, watching him practically wilt like a dying flower and sidle to a corner. That girl must have done something vicious to warrant a reaction like that.

It was another foreigner that was the source; A woman that barely looked like an adult, probably fresh out of high school or something. A child soldier, maybe? Who knows...?

In any case, Marlena stayed silent. Let them think she was mute or something; their opinions mattered little to her.


"Donatello Santos," the aforementioned man said. "Shorten it to Don." He safetied his G36.


"Kelly." She brushed at her hair for a moment.

5/17/2011 #490
Bleeding Perfection

"Got a name, Assault Rifle?" Saeko said, shifting her glance to Marlena.

5/17/2011 #491

Marlena gave the schoolgirl a small smile, but said nothing. She wouldn't concern herself with speaking right now.

"Uh, let's not worry about her." Kelly tried to change the subject, sensing something was wrong in the air.

5/17/2011 #492
Bleeding Perfection

"Sonogo fain," Saeko said dismissively, "So I assume you're waiting for survivors?"

Chris nodded, "Yeah, although those fires on the way here are meant to be a guide out of the city. I cleared all the zombies out of that path so anyone left can get out."

"Smart," Saeko said.


5/17/2011 #493

"So now what?" Don said, eyeing the mute woman for a moment, then looking back to the others. "We're going to get moving, soon?"

5/17/2011 #494
Bleeding Perfection

"That's what I was thinking," Chris said, "My car can hold four passengers, and Ocean's can hold one. That doesn't include drivers, obviously. How did you two get here?"

"Motorcycle," Saeko said.

Well that changed the perspective a bit. With more bikes, the scout idea could most definitely work.

"Would you consider being a scout?" Chris said, "Aquilino suggested it earlier, but I thought one scout alone was a bad idea. A different story with more bikes."

"That works," Saeko said. She didn't want to squeeze into a car. If there had been less people, maybe, but everyone here would completely fill both cars. "Don?"

5/17/2011 #495

"Yep," Don said dismissively. "I'll be a scout, too. That leaves the last bike." He was still thinking about the pickup from earlier. What were they doing...?

5/17/2011 #496
Bleeding Perfection

"Sounds good," he turned to Aquilino, "What about you? Still wanna be a scout?"

5/17/2011 #497

Another crack sounded off in the distance. The same hunting rifle as before. Whoever had it was getting closer. And there weren't any zombies around.

Don looked at the others for a split second before bringing taking the safety off his G36.

Kelly and Marlena did the same with their weapons.

5/17/2011 #498
Bleeding Perfection

Chris took the Raging Bull out of his holster.

"Crap, forgot to load it," he mumbled to himself. He quickly opened a fresh box of .454 rounds and loaded it with steady hands, as if he were comfortable with loading a killing machine. Obviously he wasn't, but that was just the way he loaded it.


Saeko didn't bother with arming herself. She couldn't fight at a distance with a katana. Leave that to the ones with guns.

5/17/2011 #499

Don moved close to the door silently as Marlena joined him. She swung it open as Don took a quick peek around. Everyone else was out of the way, so there wasn't much worry of being shot.

"Nothing yet." Don lowered the G36 and moved outside, taking cover behind a car.

5/17/2011 #500
Bleeding Perfection

Chris pulled back the hammer on the gun for no reason. He just liked the sound.

5/17/2011 #501

Marlena looked back at the click. It was Chris, apparently testing his gun or something. She mentally chuckled, and then looked back ahead.

5/17/2011 . Edited 5/17/2011 #502
Bleeding Perfection

(I don't know what you're doing. Apparently waiting for me, or something, since you seem to have neglected posting in detail... I'm just going to assume that due to your lack of explanation, that you're implying I god-mod something. Here I go.)

"Whatever's shooting out there, keep it the frick away from my car," Chris said hushedly, "I don't - under any circumstances - want even a single bullet hole in it. Same goes for Ocean's car." He let that stand for a moment, then apologized, "Sorry, I'm kinda a*** about my whip. I broke out in a cold sweat the first time I ran over a zombie."

He figured that problem could be solved simply by going the opposite direction before the shooter showed themselves, which wouldn't be hard, since his car was out front, and the rifle sounds were coming from beyond out back. So he decided to do just that, stuffing the remaining 24 Casull rounds into his pocket and stepping up to the door frame. He peeked around the frame, and seeing nothing, stepped out and crossed the street, taking refuge behind a truck. Still nothing.

Suddenly, a loud gunshot was heard, from somewhere down the street. No sign of the bullet, though. Could there possibly have been some zombies he'd missed? Possibly.

Another shot was heard, and this time he saw the muzzle flash from around a corner. Someone was capping off random rounds. What was wrong with them? If they had even the slightest shred of the ability to learn, they'd know that sound attracts the zombies.

The third shot was preceeded by a man stepping from around the corner. It shattered the glass of the truck he was hiding behind.

He knows we're here...

Chris motioned to Don across the street to stay down, although he could probably already figure that out for himself.

The man continued to walk down the street like some demented gunslinger. Only when he seemed to realize that there was more than one person did he duck behind a car, but not before Chris fired. His shot blew the sideview mirror off of the car the man had just ducked behind.

5/17/2011 #503

[I wasn't implying anything, I just somehow forgot to add on appropriately... The guy's a raider, so to speak. And he's not alone. And I planned on him doing something like that, coincidentally.]

Don glanced at Chris behind a car, irked. Marlena stayed facing ahead as she chuckled aloud, proving she had a voice. But then Chris had gone on ahead, which snapped both of them to attention.

He went across the street, hiding behind a truck. A moment later three gunshots went off, one of them shattering a window of the truck Chris hid behind.

Don wasn't an idiot. He grumbled something to himself when Chris motioned for him to stay down.


Marlena, still at the doorway of the gun shop, moved out of the door's frame so as not to be seen.

She heard Chris fire back at whoever it was, and at that point she left through the front to take cover next to Don, who peeked out from behind his cover in time to spot the sideview mirror falling from where Chris had hit it.

Another man, from the same direction as the first shooter, peeked around the corner and fired at Chris with a bolt-action rifle. The round missed, kicking up a piece of asphalt, and he took cover before he could get shot.

5/17/2011 #504
Bleeding Perfection

Chris moved as fast as humanly possible at that moment, while the guy was chambering the next round. He peeked around the truck, steadied the gun with two hands, and fired directly at the dead center of the guy's forehead. The first guy peeked back around and fired at the truck, and Chris rolled back into cover.

All in under a quarter of a second.

5/17/2011 . Edited 5/17/2011 #505

The man had been in the process of getting behind cover when Chris rose up like the incarnation of Harry Callahan and snapped off a shot for the head. The round punched through a fraction of the brick building's cover, and ricocheted at an angle into the guy's head. Part of the raider's face seemed to split at the left eye, and then broke off and splattered on the ground. The man's body spun as it followed.

A third raider's head appeared around the corner and immediately pulled back; she saw what happened to the second guy and opted to stay hidden, blind-firing with her AK-47.


Don saw his chance to get the first raider, and gestured to Marlena. Both of them suddenly stood and fired at the car that their target hid behind. Rifle rounds could easily punch through cars, and the two dozen or so they sent were no exception. The man behind the car suddenly slumped over, his upper half exposed to Chris. He was alive, but mortally wounded, and his weapon was out of reach.

The third raider stayed where she was, hidden from all of the combatants.

5/17/2011 #506
Bleeding Perfection

Chris quickly capped him like Roland Deschain on steroids.

5/17/2011 #507

He could have asked what he wanted... Don thought as he heard a gunshot. Oh, well.

The third raider stayed where she was. This was turning into a standoff...

5/17/2011 #508
Bleeding Perfection

(I figured that in order to stay in character, I'd need to be a little impulsive. Shoot first, ask questions later. That is, if you haven't gone and pwned them too quickly.)

Chris, being on the opposite side of the street as the third raider, was in a position to move from car to car to get closer. If possible, he'd capture her at saberpoint.

He crept along the hidden side of the truck, looked out past its end, then quickly shifted to the next car, a minivan.

He made eye contact with Don, and not knowing any actual handsigns, pointed at Don, made a finger gun motion, then pointed toward the raider, which translated to "shoot at her so I can move forward." After that, he pointed at himself, made a punching motion, then pointed toward the raider, which meant, "I'm going to knock her out."

He moved to the other end of the car, again staying hidden.

5/17/2011 #509
Alexander Starkiller

Aquilino decided that he had to leave. This was not the party he wanted. Killing people, living people, at the drop of a hat, not breaking a sweat. One of them actually took pleasure in bashing in brains, to shut up helpless attackers. As soon as the gunfire stopped, he was escaping on his motorcycle, and though he felt bad about leaving Kelly, Cristal, and her friend, he couldn't stay with the others.

5/17/2011 #510
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