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Alexander Starkiller

First off, I'd like to say that this is not just a copy of Bleeding Perfection's thread. Secondly, I am not doing this as a rip-off idea, as the two threads will be vastly different. Okay, here I go...

A virus, Solanbum, has been around since as long as man can remember. When a human is infected, he will die in twenty hours... and rise three hours later. And now, it has been widespread, it has become a pandemic worse than the world has ever seen. Only a small percentage of people are alive, in hiding, attacking uselessly... Attack is pointless, hiding is difficult, and zombies are everywhere, could you survive?

Zombies here, while will mostly be described in the backdrop [which I will explain later] need to be explained somewhat. They are far different than in movies. Their movements are very slow, jerking and stiff, like a puppet on a string. All senses still exist, except they use them to the peak of normal-human [which some humans can do] and use them all equally [unlike humans, who rely on sight]. They are only as strong as the human they used to be, but they don't have pain limitations, they are at top-strength of the human they were--but you could get away if they grab you. Any process that damages their brain kills them, bashing, stabbing, burning, etc. Animals avoid them, but if a zombie finds one, the animal will be eaten [Animals cannot become zombies, they just die]. Zombies have no "self", their soul was lost when they died, they don't feel pain, emotion, or retain memories. Their intelligence is less than an insect's, but they are relentless, single-minded and EXTREMELY numerous. But remember that, our greatest asset is our intelligence, our ability to reason. Use that wisely.

Rules are normal, you should all know them, but, like Bleeding, I have a few extra; If your character is allowed to be bitten, they will die in 20 hours [after being very sick] and revive three hours later as a zombie. Members of your party, when your PC is still dead, will then burn your body to kill the virus, no exceptions. There is no "Play as a zombie" function, zombies do not have the intelligence to be PCs. Also, your characters have to be NORMAL. No super aim, no great strength, normal people. Your character can be, say, a cop, but he is no better than a normal person--his aim is just slightly better than a normal person's--though he may start with a gun and other cop stuff. Also, PLEASE no one have a PC that is great with Judo, or has experience with swords or anything like that--I'd like to see regular joes who can't do unbelievable stuff. Any skills your PC may have is what your character would have, and like the previous sentence stated, they have to be normal, everyday skills [though to extrapolate, your PC can be taking Karate lessons, but don't make them too proficient.]

And please, have a good time and enjoy this.

[By the way, I will give the backdrop of how everything starts--likely a build up to the day before it starts--after some people have joined and we are ready to start.]

[Also, I will answer any and all questions you guys may and will have.]

1/14/2011 #1
Alexander Starkiller

Name: Charlotte Morgan

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Height: 5'4"

Weight: She won't tell you if she won't even tell me. [Actually, it- Ow! Okay, okay!]

Appearance: Smooth skin, taut muscles. If I may, sexy. Now for the pic:

Eye Colour: Those eyes are a beautiful shade of green if you can't tell.

Clothing: Wears faded denim pants; white, black, or green tank tops; and suspenders of various colours. I realize this is obvious, but she won't always be wearing what she is in the pic.

Personality: Rambunctious, tricky, tomboyish. Loud usually. Rather affectionate, and extremely loyal to her close friends.

[Yeah, this was fast, but I planned her before I actually had the rules finished!]

1/14/2011 #2
Frances Chafer

(hey Alex I think I know the answer already but... there's no point in surviving scientists looking for a cure in this thread right? Since you made it plain that they have no memories, no soul, etc. If so then they're nothing more than walking corpses. Animal-like humans. Rendering all research useless.)

Name: Katrina Favre

Age: 12

Height: idk, what's normal for 12-year olds? let's go with 5'2" for now

Weight: about 90 lb or so.

Appearance: Anglo-American, brown hair and eyes.

Traits: Being a twelve year old she has almost no physical skills whatsoever besides simply being very, very energetic. However mentally she is a genius. Not superhero-like intelligence or anything like that, just superior to most of her peers. She also can resolve conflict easily and communicates very well (she is a girl, of course).

(this was spur of the moment and is my first ever female "main" character. lol)

1/14/2011 #3
Alexander Starkiller

[Untrue. Although many scientists are now zombies {which leaves them incapable of research} surviving scientists will still be looking for cures, or rather an anti-virus immunization for the living or to kill the Undead. Only the virus keeps them... 'alive' so killing that virus with an antivirus and getting that antivirus airborne would be a major blow. But no, that will likely not happen in this RPG. Maybe at the end, after 20+ years in-game, or something; maybe.]

[Kick your girl's weight up to 95-98 lbs. and she's average for her age. But 90 is not unlikely, if you want her to have a smaller frame.]

[I've done one main girl PC, in the stalled thread of Fleur's. I also have a female major secondary character in the Wicked.]

1/14/2011 #4
Frances Chafer

(Ok I shoulda phrased that differently although I still get what you're saying. So there's no hope of turning zombies back into people. However there is hope of a cure that will destroy the virus, killing the zombies- and keeping them really dead.)

(another question, kinda a nasty one though... I'm pretty sure zombies can "reproduce" only by biting human victims right? no sexual reproduction? in that case, if there's a cure that will at least keep humans from getting infected then ultimately the zombies will just die off.)

(I'll make her 95 lbs to put her on the bottom end of the range, mostly average though)

1/14/2011 #5
Alexander Starkiller

[I understood you, I though you had assumed this was the case, though. Sorry. So yes, all of this sentence is true, though very unlikely.]

[Only by biting. Blood to blood contact does not work, do to the very congealed nature of zombie blood. Also, sexual reproduction has been proven false for both zombie/zombie and zombie/human pairings. Again, chance of a cure is almost nil. But the point of this is having our characters survive long enough for the zombies to die off.]

[Though Ryan, at that age, such things fluctuate greatly, so average isn't necessary.]

1/14/2011 #6
Frances Chafer

(okie dokie)



Katrina never would've thought that the day her life changed forever, she would be on facebook...

1/15/2011 #7

Leroy J. Walker (it's a reference)


6 feet tall, 170 pounds (using that chart y'all gave me, thanks again!)

Appearance: Caucasian, dark brown hair; athletic frame

Eye color: Hazel

Clothing: Camo-colored cargo pants, a green t-shirt, a jacket

Abilities: Before the zombies, he was a hunter, a fast and smart one. He can shoot the occasional deer, and he knows how to survive in a forest. (In fact I have a book about how to survive there, so I can really get into detail.) Nothing special. He has a .22 caliber hunting rifle.

1/15/2011 . Edited 1/15/2011 #8

[I'mma post my character later, but she's also female. Should I maybe have a guy character instead, since there's only one so far?]

1/15/2011 #9
Bleeding Perfection

(I'll make a guy character, which is slightly less common than my making girl characters. I make girl characters alot because I'm better at thinking up names for the opposite sex.)

New Character:

Name: Michael Merle

Age: 26

Appearance: 6'2" 184 lbs, strong, but not buff. Blonde, short-cropped hair, reddish-brown eyes, handsome features. Wears casual clothes, usually jeans and a white T completed with black converse and a sport coat. (For those who think this sounds familiar, David Long of Wicked RPG dresses the same way.)

[The rest will be revealed as the story progresses.]

1/15/2011 . Edited 1/15/2011 #10
Frances Chafer

(glad to have you guys)

(by the way, is there a height/weight chart that you all know of? I could probably use something like that lol)

1/15/2011 . Edited 1/16/2011 #11

(Alex the Star Killer gave me this chart when I made one of my own characters:

1/15/2011 . Edited 1/16/2011 #12
Alexander Starkiller

[Please remove your posts Ryan. I informed everyone in the OP that I would give a backdrop before we start. Besides, that post is better suited for Bleeding's thread, where such theatricality fits in. It doesn't go well with my thread. I apologize for being pushy, but please remove your thread and wait. Thank you.]

1/15/2011 . Edited 1/15/2011 #13
Frances Chafer

(I don't even know how to delete posts. And it wasn't supposed to be theatrical, it was giving background information. But I will ignore my posts and everyone else is free to do so.)

1/15/2011 #14
Alexander Starkiller

[Go into Edit your post, then get rid of everything by backspacing or whatever. Please.]

[Yes, it was theatrical. Zombies bursting in from nowhere, people screaming? Definitely movie-esque. No, you see, I plan on something new.]

[Hey guys, you know how some video games start by giving cutscene sequences? Then during the cutscene, you will be given control of a character in the form of a tutorial? Even if you haven't, it's pretty easy to figure out, I think. That's whatI'm going to do. I'll do a backstory cutscene, then I'll inform you when you can jump in until the next cutscene. This is imperitve {unless you guys want to post your character's boring lives in-game for a week}. I'm waiting for Chelise before I start, then I'll give the backstory. And PLEASE ASK ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS BEFORE WE BEGIN. Thank you.]

1/16/2011 #15
Frances Chafer

(letting me know that you had to click "mod" would've been helpful. I thought doing that would report my post for abuse. lol :P

I could've deleted the post, but it said I didn't have permission to...?)

1/16/2011 #16
Alexander Starkiller

[Only Mods can delete posts, but the person who makes them can EDIT them away.]

[Well, Chelise has declined to post here, so I'm just waiting on Addison.]

1/16/2011 #17
Frances Chafer

(she declined to post? that's news to me. I can remind Kiera/Addison via facebook to post if necessary...)

1/16/2011 #18
Alexander Starkiller

[Chelise did so in the tagged thread {the one that stays on top}. And no, not necessary, I am creating a book with Kiera and we communicate through that. :) ]

1/16/2011 . Edited 1/16/2011 #19
Frances Chafer

(Ok I know which thread you're talking about. So I shall wait here until everyone else is ready, including you. Waiting... Waiting... [5 hours later] i've been sitting right here waiting for you to post, what's going on?!?!?)

1/17/2011 #20

(I'm intrigued. This feels like the Walking Dead series on AMC. You've sucked me in. Here goes!

Michaela Abernathy (AKA Mickey AKA Queen of the Nerds)

Age: 23

Build: 5'6", 135lbs, not athletic or lean but healthy and attractive

Appearance: Black hair in a pixie cut and big lavender eyes

Mickey is the definition of a nerd/geek/dork. She's the sort of person who knows how to properly use the words 'Helo' 'Boomer' and 'Starbuck' in a sentence. She can also intelligently discuss with you the differences and similarities between Anomalies, Wormholes, and Rifts and how Stargates and John Crichton enter the picture. She works as a video game designer and can trounce most men in Call of Duty. A typical Mickey outfit consists of comfortable jeans, converse sneakers, a graphic tee and vest, and a fedora. Comic Con is her Christmas. She's witty and smart and the Queen of the Nerds.

1/17/2011 #21
Alexander Starkiller

[Cool. And, I apologize for not getting started yet. I am waiting on an answer from Kiera before I do so.]

1/17/2011 #22
Frances Chafer

(that's cool. Although I'm about ready to go through with my threat of harassing her on facebook :D

by the way, will my characters be acceptable for this thread? or will they be out of place.)

1/17/2011 #23
Alexander Starkiller

[You have more than one? I see Kat as your only PC. And no, she won't be out of place, but she won't be trusted very much, or treated as the intelligent individual she is, because of her age, most likely.]

1/17/2011 #24
Frances Chafer

(that's kind of what I planned. hopefully she'll prove her own intelligence at some point. As for my other character, that's the "13 year old" she mentioned. He's gonna show up at some point. And take notice- she's 12, he's "13." figure it out lolz)

1/17/2011 #25
Alexander Starkiller

[Love interest? Love-hate interest? Alien clone, done incorrectly?]

1/17/2011 #26
Frances Chafer

(Ok i'll spill the beans. You notice I put 13 in quotation marks. He's not really 13. He's a pervert who friended the girl on facebook. And his mind is so screwed up, even after the zombie pandemic he's gonna continue to go after her. Not everyone in this new world is gonna cooperate, because there are still evil people out there.)

(if it's alright with you. lol)

1/17/2011 #27
Alexander Starkiller

[I don't see how that might work. At least not realistically. I'm not saying it's impossible, and if you can do it right, that's fine. I realize stuff like that might happen, sort of like *Spoiler* How we will run into a group of cannibals, human, not zombies. *End Spoiler*]

1/17/2011 #28

(It sounded like a good idea to me. You'd have this complete stranger teaming up and at some point he'd say his name from facebook. "Hi, I'm Bobby99, remember?")

1/17/2011 . Edited 1/17/2011 #29
Frances Chafer

(it's simple. She's heartbroken [I'll probably kill her family off] and who does she turn to? I mean cmon, she's 12, the first person she talks to is this kid who she almost considers her boyfriend. He takes advantage of this and asks her where she is. Even though she's very intelligent for her age, she's sheltered and innocent so she won't know what to do unless someone saves her)

1/17/2011 #30
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