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(I should have thought of that... You are onto something.)

1/17/2011 #31
Frances Chafer

(thanks man. I worry some readers/writers will be creeped out though, lol. I guess my family has more experience with that kind of person...)

1/17/2011 #32

(very interesting character spin. Also, guys, I'm really excited about Mickey. She's the first female reincarnation of this character and it's gonna be so much fun! If only we could get this party started already!)

1/17/2011 #33
Alexander Starkiller

[I last heard from Addison Saturday evening... Ryan, Chris, is she up to anything on Facebook?]

1/17/2011 #34
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Name: Dahlia McCarthy

Description: 5'11" lithe, blonde wavy hair with varying shades of blue highlights. Keeps her hair in a half bun, beneath a blue barret with white trim. She wears a white trench coat-converted-to-lab coat, with a buckle in the front that closes with a button at the neck and two down the chest. Underneath her coat she wears black boots, the top design of tiger heads hidden by the coat which reached just above the ankles, long dark blue jeans and a bright blue and silver plaid shirt.

Shoes: (

Skills: Highly intelligent in the medical field, especially with personalized immunizations. Logical, and know how to shoot pistols, but can use a rifle if need be. Enjoys singing music.

Name: Orion Davis

Description: 6'3" toned build, ebony hair with shocks of natural red. His hair is longish, like the Beatles. He wears light bullet proof clothing, all black, with a bright blue undershirt.

Hair: (

Skills: He was a wrestler for twelve years before graduate school, so he has grappling ability. He is skilled with a knight stick, police-issue gun, and is a top-marksmen, although he prefers not to waist bullets, usually only using them on the already dying who request death and things that can be considered hunted food. His strongest quality is his reasoning and logic.

1/17/2011 . Edited by Laatija, 1/18/2011 #35
Alexander Starkiller

[Please, PLEASE, edit the post and put in this for the guy: and this for the girl: . I HATE it when the posts are elongated horizontally, and I would like to not have to deal with that here, please. It would be very nice of you to do that. Thank you.

Oh, and make sure while Davis is a top marksman, that he does miss occasionally, or something to that effect. Even the best have off days.]

1/17/2011 #36
Frances Chafer

(She doesn't seem to have done anything on facebook since Saturday evening. And I didn't even know Chris was on facebook.)

1/17/2011 #37

(Geeze, Alex, relax about the links. I know this is your game but that's just silly)

1/18/2011 #38
Alexander Starkiller

[Relax? It is twice as long as my screen, which slows down my small, little Netbook. It is one of those little things that gets at me, like an ant contstantly biting me, until the next page. Silly? Maybe. Rational silliness? For me, yes.]

1/18/2011 #39

(ahh I see your problem now. It's not how it works on my computer screen. Let me see what I can do to fix it for you)

1/18/2011 #40
Alexander Starkiller

[Thank you SO MUCH.]

1/18/2011 #41
Bleeding Perfection

(Ryan: Didn't know I was on Facebook? You gotta add me, then. www.facebook.com/Bleeding.Perfection

Arem: I thought you said you'd only be LURKING. Lol, jk. Welcome temporarily [maybe] back!)

1/18/2011 #42
Frances Chafer

(@Bleeding I just sent you the request. However you'll have to confirm it. :P)

1/18/2011 #43
Alexander Starkiller

[Addison has declined. I'm pretty sure everyone else is accounted for...]

Zombies, undead, the walking dead, ghouls; whatever you call them, they have been around since time immemorial. This is because, Solanum has been around since time immemorial. While we are unsure of the first case, subsequent cases are only known to spread through bites or other intimate measures. If a subject has been bitten, they are doomed. The following is an outline of the process of an infected human, give or take a few hours.

Hour 1: Pain and discolouration (brown-purple) of the infected area. Immediate clotting of the wound (provided the infection came from a wound).

Hour 5: Fever (99-103 degrees F), chills, slight dementia, vomiting, acute pain in the joints.

Hour 8: Numbing of extremities and infected area, increased fever (103-106 degrees F), increased dementia, loss of musculare coordination.

Hour 11: Paralysis in the lower body, overall numbness, slowed heart rate.

Hour 16: Coma.

Hour 20: Heart stoppage. Zero brain activity.

Hour 23: Reanimation.

While bites are the most recognizable and likely to occur, this is not the only means of becoming infected. It is possible that brushing an open wound on a zombie's or being splattered with its remains after an explosion can cause infection. The risks of either are likely low, however, given the congealed nature of zombie blood. Consuming zombie flesh is entirely lethal, but will not result in another zombie.

All other animals than humans cannot become ghouls. They will die, but they will not rise again. Neither will already dead corpses, as the virus needs a living host to begin its horrible work.


It began in a small town, the small town of Angelica, New York. A man arrived in town on foot. He was ranting about being attacked by savages with pale skin, unbleeding wounds, that walked like a corpse. He was quickly judged a nutcase, but he was injured, a bite mark it seemed, so he was taken to a hosptial. Seventeen hours later, he was pronounced dead. As he was being moved to the morgue, he awakened and bit the men in the ambulance he was being transported in. The vehicle crashed violently, and all three of the paramedics were killed--none of their brains were damaged. The ghoul stumbled out with a broken left leg and half his face missing, and quickly bit several people near the accident during the confusion. An officer arrived, and failing to stop the ghoul shot several rounds into the creature. None of them affected him, and he bit the cop's neck.

This spread quickly, exponentially, in the small town, and soon the entire city, save a few, were zombies. Of course, few knew of this occurance, and those few made sure no one else would know. These people, of course, are the government, shutting down investigations, blacking out the news. And of course this didn't solve the situation, so it spread...


[Okay, guys, I have a basic backdrop here. I would like for you all to give one day in-game, as complete as you can make it and taking several posts each, in the life of your PC. I would like this RPG to start as purely CD, with no interaction between the characters... unless you and another player has decided your PCs would know each other in the RPG. While you do not have to make a whole bunch of posts, please do as many as you think it would take to give us a picture of what your PC is like on a normal day.

I want you to post on what I call Day 1. Day Zero was the day the man arrived, Day 1 is the day he bit just under a dozen people {obviously the medics in the ambulance became zombies as well}. This would be a Class One outbreak-- 1-20 people infected. Obviously, none of our characters would have heard of this outbreak. As such, your character may not live in Angelica, NY or any of the nearby small towns--New York City, Albany, Buffalo, etc. are fine.

Also, in relation to what I just said, we all need to decide on locations. Pick a city at random, or decide you want to be nearby everyone else when the stuff hits the fan. I have decided, depending on where you guys choose, to be by myself in the beginning, and meet with the other PCs later. Okay, let's start, then.]

1/18/2011 #44
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She had moved to Colorado, quickly establishing her own practice, under a legitimate firm. At a point in her life, somewhere between graduate school and long before menopause, she was a busy yet successful mother of four. She also had a twin brother, nicknamed Obi, for his likeness, minus blonde hair, to the Jedi of the name sake, was an upcoming journalist. She had eaten at his apartment the other night, where his girlfriend had shown her the latest article.

Shaking her head, she glanced down at the serum she was working on. Up until this point, she had been testing on mice, but at this stage what she really need was clearance to being testing on either herself, or other people. She knew she wouldn't get it. Sighing, she set the tube down, her mind returning to the article.

According to Obi, there was strange illness breaking out in the lower district, only a few odd blocks south of where he lived. He had been taken to the police station, however, when he had been seen interviewing one of the vegetable vendors in the fresh market. He had been let go, on the recorded oath that he wouldn't publish his findings. For some reason her mind kept returning to this, as she worked on how to make the serum more of a fine liquid.

Suddenly her phone buzzed violently against the table. She quickly tapped the device attached to her lab coat.


The voice on the other end was teasing, "Is my scientist going to combine locking up with driving home?"

She found a laugh escape her lips. "Yes, dear. I'll be home in another half-hour."

[Is this okay Alex? My characters are in different cities. I tried to make the outbreak sort of vague, if it's not cool I can edit my post.]

1/18/2011 #45
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Uncle, uncle!"

He glanced down, making eye contact with the rookie below him. His laugh came out deep and rich, as he released his arms, and stood from the position straddling his hips. He turned, offering a hand up.

"Not bad, although your from could use work, Rainer," he said. He could feel sweat sliding down his chest and soaking his hair. He took a water ball tossing back the ice cold water in two swigs.

"Interesting way to spend you break, Davis," a voice said.

He turned, feeling a slight blush heat his cheeks. Terese stood with her delicately curved russet eyebrow raised. She tossed him an orange towel. Turning she said sharply, "Rainer, Sarge wants to see you."

After Rainer exited, pulling his uniform shirt on, she turned back to him. "So, big shot, when you gonna..."

Orion grinned. He paused, leaning in pressing his lips gently against hers. "After the files on the desk are entered into the system." He stretched his arm, surprised how quickly he'd healed from the last scuffle he'd been in. He pulled his generic white t-shirt, vest, and shirt on, following her out of the locker room. So far, today felt boring , but not being a bachelor sure made boring days more fun to look forward to. Well technically he still lived alone... but that wasn't the only ingredient that went into being a bachelor, and he'd lost the need to go to the bars once he'd turned 37 and had been working as a Chicago police officer.

1/18/2011 . Edited 1/18/2011 #46
Alexander Starkiller

[It's fine, just try and avoid acting on that information. No information will escape the governments blackout until Class 2, and that info will be reported wrong. But, as I forgot to mention, when enough people start dying, reports of "A Mass Murder" will break free, very heavily edited, with no truth in it but the casualty numbers. I'm not sure where to bring that in, as it won't happen right away, but it will happen before a Class 2 outbreak... Maybe on the second or third day in-game.

Sorry, I won't post today. I don't have much of an idea for my character, and her location is dependent on everyone else's.]

1/18/2011 #47
Alexander Starkiller

[Actually, where does Obi live? The outbreak is in Angelica, New York, and, since you said your PC ate with him, it would imply he does not live near Angelica or New York for that matter.]

1/18/2011 #48
Bleeding Perfection

(Can my char live in New Jersey? Specifically, Newark New Jersey. It's about thirty minutes from NYC.)

1/19/2011 #49
Fleur-de-lis Evans

[Alex: Dahlia and Obi live in Colorado. But I made the illness generic. Besides that one conversation Obi won't be in the story line much. Until Class 2 break outs start happening. The illness he's reporting on could be a new flu virus for all he and Dahlia know.]

1/19/2011 . Edited 1/19/2011 #50
Alexander Starkiller

[Sure, Bleeding. I'm not sure why you want to, but that's fine.

Fleur, you said "there was strange illness breaking out in the lower district, only a few odd blocks south of where he lived". Since he lives in Colorado, such a statement is impossible.]

1/19/2011 #51

(Please listen to this song as you read the post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5twUuTYGKI)

Day 1

"What the frell!?" she shrieked. The familiar whomp of a rocket launcher preceded the explosion that catapulted her forward, over the pile of rocks. Warnings and flashing lights screamed at her. Frell frell frell!

"Hi honey, miss me?" came the familiar voice over her headset.

"Only the sight of your limp corpse, dear," she replied. Quick as a jackal, Mickey popped sideways, aligned the scope with his helmet, and fired a round – ducking back behind the bolder as a rocket exploded against it. She closed her eyes and waited…

"I hate you."

Mickey grinned and watched her score creep up. "You're coming to the Borderlands tourney tonight, right?"

"You bet. I'll bring the Red Bull."

"Awesome. I'll see you tonight then."

"Leaving so soon, princess?"

"I have a job, Joe."

"Yeah yeah yeah. See you tonight."

Mickey pushed away from her computer, pushing the laptop closed and slipping it into her messenger bag. She pulled on her monstrous headphones and flicked through her playlist until she pulled up The Raconteurs. Volume up. Time to rock.

The walk to work was about fifteen minutes on a warm day which was pretty much all the time in an Illinois summer. Chicago was her favorite city – bar none. The noise, the bustle, the smell of car exhaust, the melody of street musicians…beautiful. Work was nestled in the 5th floor of the Hartman building. She took the stairs to her tiny cubicle that was along a row of similar cubes. A chorus of greetings followed her down the row and she smiled and returned each greeting in turn.

On the docket for today was reviewing the various concept photos, nailing down character models, and testing out a few games before they hit the market. Some days, she loved her job. Most days, she adored it.

"Hey Mickey, you catch the new series that just started?" asked her cubical neighbor, Alan. He was a chubby man with an acne riddled face. He was the best programmer on staff.

"Being Human? Of course I did!" Mickey exclaimed. "I love the actor who plays the werewolf. He's hot."

"I…don't think he's hot."

"Thank you for clarifying your sexual orientation."

"Yeah well, I like the script. And the vampires…and the werewolves."

"Yeah it's fun." She smiled. "Any demos for me?"

"Ahhh yes," he said with a sparkle in his eyes as he disappeared behind his cubical wall. He reappeared with a disk in hand. "Foxtrot, first person shooter, set in England."

"Mmm thanks." She accepted the proffered disk and sat down at her desktop. "Sounds delightful." Amidst the action figures scattered about her desk, Mickey found space for her laptop. The day flew by without much ado. It was the same grind of pixilated weaponry and Technicolor fantasy that made her grin like a little school girl. At the end of the day, she walked back home and was greeted with the smell of pizza and popcorn.

Her two best friends – Stephen and Chris – were already preparing for the video game tournament. Music was blaring from her stereo, the pizza was in the oven, and they were bickering over who was the best green themed superhero. Joe arrived with a handful of friends later in the evening.

Mickey smiled as Joe pulled her legs onto his lap. They dominated the love seat while Chris and Stephen took the floor and the others were scattered elsewhere. This was her life – surrounded by geeks and nerds. They gamed into the wee hours of the morning only stopping when they were too tried to shoot straight. Mickey fell asleep on her little sofa with Joe half curled over feet.

And thus was a day in the life of Michaela Abernathy.

1/19/2011 . Edited 1/19/2011 #52
Fleur-de-lis Evans

[Alex: Like I said... the virus isn't the zombie virus. It's another forum of the flu or another break out entirely on it's own. But something they don't want spread around.]

1/19/2011 #53
Alexander Starkiller

[I think Samuel Witwer [Aidan the vampire apparently] is awesome, Arem. I may have to watch Being Human just because he's in it. :D ]

[Fleur: Okay. I'm sure that'll be interestingwhen the outbreak hits Colorado.]

1/19/2011 #54
Frances Chafer

(please listen to this song while reading my post http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWIADZKU9dw )

Katrina Favre had lived all over the country in her 12 years of existence. And her current town of Rawlins, Wyoming, was the worst. It had the highest suicide rate in the country as well as the highest rate of alcoholism. Every high school student who lived there wanted to decrease the measly population of 9000 as best as they were able by making their own personal exodus. Katrina was one of them.

Her reasons were a little different, though. At twelve she was on the same level of math and reading as most juniors and some seniors. And at Rawlins Junior High and Senior High, intelligence wasn't smiled upon. Matter of fact, the smarter a kid was, the more on the outside they typically were. Hence one of the lowest average scores on aptitude tests in the state, possibly the country.

Katrina got her chance to leave one day but it didn't come very pleasantly. It was when she found out about the zombie outbreak.

1/19/2011 #55
Bleeding Perfection

Michael Merle left the Claremont Tower in Newark, New Jersey late that day. It had been an easy day of desk work, with little extra excitement, save his co-worker's ostentatias pranks, which he never seemed to get tired of.

Once again, he'd had to remove his gun from its holster and lay it on his desk. It made his side hurt, due to its size and extended mags. It was a powerful weapon, a Springfield Armory TRP .45 ACP, complete with an undermounted flashlight and hydra-shok bullets, but Mike thought it was a rather flamboyant weapon for his line of work.

He never could fire it quite as well as the others. While they were all hitting in the middle of the face and chest on the targets, he'd been steadily shooting the arms and legs. His superiors jokingly praised him for his "uncanny ability to non-lethally wound your perps," followed by boisterous laughter. Said it was good for business when they could capture their suspects rather than blow their heads off.

Andy, another detective on his floor, had challenged him to a sock-boxing skirmish during the lunch break, and he'd lost again. Not quite as badly as the last time, but a loss was a loss. It didn't help that Andy was the best at Hand-to-hand combat, and he always seemed to have less time to eat his lunch than the other's, mostly because of Andy's insane falcon punches. He needed to stop accepting those challenges.

All in all, he was your average, everyday FBI detective. He'd mentioned this once to Amy, the young woman in the next cubicle over from his, and she'd quickly disputed it, saying that he was one of the best criminal analyzers on their floor. He was about to shrug it off as casual flirting, but multiple others quickly agreed with her. They kept brining up the 2008 serial murder case, which he'd basically solved single-handedly in under a week.

He hadn't the heart to disagree with them, though in all honesty, that case had earned him a rase. Five times his original salary, to be exact. He'd quickly and methodically spent the first payday on a brand-spaking-new Bentley Continetal GT and a titanium Rolex, his idea of a badge of honor to commemorate his good work. Four months later, he had payed both the car and the watch in full.

His superiors kept trying to goad him into doing more field work, saying they'd promote him and double his salary. Again. He'd played along with thier idea once. It was a dynamic building entry that had basically earned him half a round of buckshot in the left shoulder. Thankfully, he was right-handed. After that, he quickly decided that, double pay or not, he valued his life, and as such, would not be openly participating in combat sitiations. His shoulder had since healed.

He beeped the remote for the Continental, and the sleek, superpowered luxury car chirped happily in response. Its glossy black paint finish had been freshly washed, as of the day prior, and he could see a clear reflection of himself at a distance of thirty meters. He slid into the classy cockpit and lowered the custom scissor doors. A gentle press of the keyless start button was followed by a catlike purring of the engine igniting. That sound was quickly followed by a satisfying roar, more common among classic muscle cars than ones of this ilk.

He casually backed out of his private parking space, then motored his way onto the freeway and made the thirty minute trek across town to his thirtieth floor loft. It was actually four separate studio apartments, but he'd purchased the whole floor. He'd erected the classic japanese portable walls to separate kitchen from bedroom, game room from lounge, etcetera, etcetera.

He parked in the private garages, then rode the glass elevator up to his loft. He kicked off his shoes and made his way to the kitchen, where he prepared his phenomenal homemade sushi for himself. He ate this while watching the news for a full hour, then retired early to bed.

His last thought before falling asleep was, I need to find myself a girlfriend.

That was soon to be the least of his worries.

1/19/2011 . Edited 1/19/2011 #56

(I call BS on the uber raise. Actually, I'm giggling at it. I really don't care that Michael is rich but no way is a cop making that much money unless you steal the plot of Life. Heck no. The city would not pay that salary - especially if he was just an average detective. But again, I really don't care. Money isn't really going to help him when Z-day hits)

1/19/2011 #57
Alexander Starkiller

[Ryan, we are weeks away from the level of zombie outbreak in which someone from Wyoming would hear about it. Yeah, unless you want to only post that for several days-weeks IRL, I'd edit it.]

1/19/2011 #58
Alexander Starkiller

[Arem, he is FBI. As such, it makes .4% more sense than if his PC was a cop. Wait, nevermind, .3%. No, an FBI agent would not make even double salary, even for a great case. Nor would it be enough to buy a Bently; those cars are, like $182,800-207,700. Nor could he pay that, and a several thousand dollar watch, in four months. That's... $720,000+ annually. For a government employee. I'm just worried here, that he'll use this fat stack of cabbage to be completely zombie ready.]

1/19/2011 #59

Leroy woke up in his apartment room to the sound of a radio. He shut it off, groggily getting up.

After putting on a button-down shirt with a tie, a pair of trousers, and dress shoes, he took his coat and walked out of his house, along the streets. He wished he was still hunting deer in Florida, instead of hunting for a job in New York City.

He was scheduled for a interview at eight AM, about two hours from now. A walk there would take around a quarter of that time from where he was now.

What should I do with all that time?, He thought.

1/19/2011 . Edited 1/23/2011 #60
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