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(@Alex...yeah.... Just as a point of interest, the guns he would be allowed to carry would be the Glock 22, 23, 19, or 17. He may also privately own a 21, 27, or 26. The Springfield is for special units. So says the internet. So say we all)

1/19/2011 #61
Alexander Starkiller

A blaring hit her ears at only 6:30 AM. She awoke with a start, then settled down as she realized it was only her alarm. Silly her. She turned it off quickly, switching the clock to 88.1 FM [More music, K-Love!], glad to listen to Jeremy Camp instead of the squawks of the alarm. She rolled onto her stomach, stretching much like a cat, a certain idiosyncrasy about her that her friends pointed out often and annoyingly. Back on her back she swung her legs over the edge of her bed while sitting up and yawning.

Scratching behind her ear, she stared at the mess before her. She'd clean it... someday. Not today, though, she had a soccer scrimage. Standing slowly, she looked around to get her bearings, which made her realize how tired she was, if she'd forgotten the layout of her "suite". It wasn't too big, but it had a bathroom and a large closet, the latter located in the former, and that was nice. More than a lot of kids had, so she was grateful.

She shuffled down the stairs in her very oversized t-shirt, nearly a dress to her, and stumbled to the kitchen. As always, she was first up, or rather, down to breakfast. She threw a slice of buttered bread on a skillet, and an egg on that. In just a few minutes, and a pinch of salt, she had broken her fast quite nicely. She washed her plate and walked back up the stairs, now a little less asleep. She went into the bathroom immediately and brushed her teeth. Various other related activities later, she stepped into her closet. She decided to wear her green pants with her trademark suspenders, these also green--being the only difference than usual--, and a shirt that was illegal in fifty-three countries. Black Chucks finished the outfit, and she hurried back into her bedroom.

She grabbed her satchel, a black version of Dr. Jones', and stuffed it with her scattered reports and basic utilities. She turned off the radio and walked to the door. She was almost out of her bedroom when she remembered that her hair was a disaster. She rushed to the bathroom and tried pulling her red hair into its usual waves. Giving up about halfway, she shook her head and was pleased with the results. No doubt one of her ruder Best Buy [not wear she works, btw] workers--the one that was usually wrong about her facts--would say it was "sex hair" but it wasn't that woman's hair. Shaking that thought aside, she ran down the stairs, and nearly flew to the door.

"Have a good day, Charlotte!" came a cry from the kitchen.

"Bye, mom!" was her quick reply.

She sighed. Still living with her parents. No matter! She was close, very close to getting enough to afford a downpayment and a few subsequent ones for a new house. Plus, she might get a couple thousand in a bonus, if she was extra lucky. She'd signed up two hardworking friends with Panasonic, and they liked when workers did that. [True story, my dad's getting one of these bonuses soon. They aren't huge, but they give a little bit of help in the day-to-day. No Rolexs.] Charlie burst through the door, and was greeted by the clean, dry, Arizona morning air. She breathed deep, and ran to her car.

She started it, thinking about today's route. Probably get to Flagstaff first, and work her way back. She put her arms in front of her and cracked her knuckles, then shifted into reverse, pulling out slowly. She pressed the clutch, manoeuvred the shifter into Drive, and took off down the street. She smiled, ready for another enjoyable long drive.

1/19/2011 #62
Alexander Starkiller

[So say we all... That would be a great line in either a cult movie, or in a robot movie. And cool info, by the way. Good on ya for the extra research. :) ]

1/19/2011 #63

(.....Alex....it's from Battlestar Galactica which is a cult hit show about robots....)

1/19/2011 #64

(Please refer to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkD95eDpAWE&feature=related)

1/19/2011 #65
Alexander Starkiller

[Youtube is blocked on my computer.]

1/19/2011 #66


1/19/2011 #67
Alexander Starkiller

[Combo of Frag and flak. Frag grenades can make a sort of flak too, though flak is usually shot from cannons and from boats... Random!]

1/19/2011 #68

(Actually, frak is the BSG swear word. It was another moment of geekiness)

1/19/2011 #69
Alexander Starkiller

[Yes, I'm sure it was. Like how kriff is a SW swear word. I just felt like talking about frag grenades.]

1/19/2011 #70

(well, psh, plasma grenades are clearly superior to frag grenades)

1/19/2011 #71
Alexander Starkiller

[Thermal detonators are obviously superiour to those. Plasma grenades do only +36 Heat damage, Thermal detonators do +60 plus knockdown dazedness!]

1/19/2011 #72

(That clearly depends on what game we're playing. If it's halo, for instance, Plasma's are king because they stick to your enemy. If any game then Borderlands rubberized incendiary that bounce until they hit a bad guy, explode, and then cause the guy to catch on fire)

1/19/2011 #73
Alexander Starkiller

[I have no modern games, or Halos! I have KOTOR I & II, which are amazing, but old. I base all statistics off of those. Like how double-bladed lightsabres do 2-24 damage.]

1/19/2011 #74

(Yeeeeah you have a severe need to update your game stalk)

1/19/2011 #75
Alexander Starkiller

[Unless you are willing to donate over $300 that's not happening any time soon.]

1/19/2011 #76


1/22/2011 #77
Alexander Starkiller

[Yeah, I'm waiting for others to put in their next post--you included, I think--before I do mine. I want to have a full day of normal life for each of our characters, instead of just skipping to the good stuff; which is a new concept for here.

Also, frak: Check the shirt.]

1/22/2011 #78

(I thought we covered that. I certainly did - a full day in the life of Mickey. Who didn't do that? It ended at around 2am with video games)

1/22/2011 #79
Alexander Starkiller

[Okay, you and Chris are clear. Ryan didn't do a day, so much as what her life was like. So he needs to do one. Fleur didn't quite finish her days, much like me; one of her's ended with her PC saying she'd be home soon, which is not a completed day. I'll copypasta this into the Starting Gate, so the unfinished will know they need to.]

[EDIT: Jac needs to finish as well.]

1/22/2011 . Edited 1/22/2011 #80

Leroy had breakfast first, taking his time before getting to the interview. He got to the office about ten minutes early, but reception still let him through.

After the usual formalities he was asked the standard questions: What are your greatest strengths? Weaknesses? What makes you different from the other applicants? And so on....

He answered them with ease, and before he knew it, the interview had ended. He asked a few questions at the end, left after a handshake, and then he was back outside.

Now what?

He would have a week or two before they'd get back to him. The rest of the day was his.

He went home and thought of what to do next. He had an Xbox 360, the newer version after his first one had died due to the Red Ring of Death. It had happened right after he'd bought Halo:Reach, too.

He signed in online, and started pwning other players. He was having a good time when suddenly a message popped up, saying that the console was overheating and needed to be shut down.

"#$#$%@," He said, dropping the controller angrily. That reduced his options by one.

He decided to go out and buy some food to eat at home. But later, after he took a nap.

When he woke, it was about three in the afternoon. He left and bought his dinner and lunch; just a pizza for lunch, and some chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and hot wing sauce for his dinner. Both were things he hadn't eaten in a while.

The rest of the day was spent watching TV, eating, and sleeping. Around ten, he went to bed after a bath.

1/23/2011 . Edited 2/5/2011 #81
Alexander Starkiller

[He sounds fat. :) ]

1/23/2011 #82

(He's not fat. He'd probably never get fat. XD )

1/23/2011 #83
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She glanced up, "B***," she murmured. It was two hours past the time she'd promised to get home. Yet, when she examined her notebook pride filled her. The combined formula was nearer to being stable in a form more condusive for inaculations, although she was unsure if it would be ready to test. If it were, she'd have to test its early version on herself. She rose, carefully transferring her current work to the proper lock down stabilzer.

It took her only a few moments to shower off. She drove home entering the house as quietly as possible.

"There you are," her fiancee said.

She grinned, sitting down to again-warmed dinner. "Sorry, I just go---" She found herself interrupted as he kissed her. After she finished her food she followed him to the room, settling down into more comfortable undress and sleep.

1/24/2011 #84
Fleur-de-lis Evans

It took him longer to finish than he thought, but he made sure to turn out his desk light before leaving the office to the rookies. He grabbed his coat and keys, dialing on Hands Free as he started driving.

"Are you ready, babe?" he asked. "It will only take me a few minutes to drop by the apartment and change."

"Whatever you say, star-boy," she said.

He chuckled , "Love you, too." With that he hung up, parking in the multi-level garage. It took her about ten minutes to shower and dress. Then he swung by Gloria's to pick up the flowers. He handed them to her as he entered her house.

"Beautiful," she said. He glanced at her casual attire. He liked her better when she was out of uniform, mainly because he got to see more of her. He pulled her in, pressing his lips against her. Then, he took a small box out of his pocket.

"I know this isn't as romantic as most couples-"

"AH!" she squealed. Her eyes widened a blush reaching her ears. "It's, how?"

"My aunt, she's a jeweler. I had my mother's ring re-sized."

1/24/2011 #85
Juno Eclipse

[Again, it's still me, Alex.]

Charlotte's happy disposition quickly turned sour. She had to visit the one Best Buy that the one woman who hated her worked at. She had to let the insults, the attempts to ruin customer's moods when they were speaking with Charlotte, and butt in when she was speaking with other employees to ready them with knowledge on the TVs, roll off her back and treat Christina with love. Charlie had about lost her mind when it was time to go, and began to beg God for strength for the next time she came.

The rest of Charlotte's trips were almost uneventful. She did, however, finally get to buy "Resistance 2" from one of the other Best Buys. Along with that she bought "White Christmas", since it had been so long since she had watched it and remembered it fondly. She said goodbye to a Target employee, the final goodbye for the day. She sighed as she got into her car, her otherwise enjoyable day tampered by Christina's attitude. She shook off the feeling and turned the key, and set off for home.

[I'm not finished, quite. Almost, but I am really doing this to remind those that haven't finished, to finish.]

2/4/2011 #86
Alexander Starkiller


2/14/2011 #87
Alexander Starkiller
2/24/2011 #88
Bleeding Perfection


2/24/2011 #89
Alexander Starkiller

[Bump, for the love of humanity, and all that's good and decent, BUMP.]

Charlie pulled her Nissan 240Z into the garage next to her father's much newer sedan. While one might assume that this was followed by an almost cliché mental conversation describing how she obtained her car, and her thoughts on her father's modern vehicle, it wasn't since there is no reason for her to do so given that she pulls into the garage on a daily basis.

She walked into the house and was glad to see that dinner was almost ready. A rather fancy dinner, apparently congratulating her on her bonuses, and that the bank called with favourable news about a possible loan. This brightened her mood considerably, and the dry, red wine certainly didn't hurt. She cut into the Wellington and chewed thoughtfully. It hadn't been easy, but she was establishing stability into her life--finally.

Dinner over, Charlotte put the dishes in the dishwasher--what else a penguin?--and replaced the cork in the wine bottle, which went back onto the chilled rack. Things were pleasantly blurry thanks to the latter, as she walked up the stairs to her room. To the room that would eventually--soon!--be vacant. She undressed quickly, throwing articles of clothing on the floor, and simply flopped onto the bed. She'd put on pajamas eventually, but right now she was just so tired...

2/28/2011 #90
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