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Frances Chafer

In a world where the dimensional barriers have collapsed, anarchy reigns, and people are, well... confused. The DC Universe, the Marvel Universe, the Star Wars Universe, and Middle Earth, along with a host of other fictional places, have merged. Lex Luther and Sauron and Palpatine have all joined forces. Batman and Spiderman have to battle Orcs and Stormtroopers. And worst of all, the Force has been Unleashed upon all mankind and, well, all other creatures- including the already powerful Elves.

This is an RPG combining everything you revere and hold dear. If you have an idea for another universe we can include, by all means, throw it in. Rules:

You can have unlimited characters- provided you take no more than two of each universe. The more universes, the more characters you have. (We can change this rule as necessary)

Since we're talking Star Wars and DC Universe here, no one ever really dies. So you can kill other people's characters- however they get to resurrect whenever the character's user decides.

Yes, Batman now has Force Powers. Everyone has Force powers, although all non Star Wars characters haven't been trained yet.

Swearing and sexual themes: Keep to a minimum. If you go overboard, your characters lose all powers for a week. Second offense, your characters lose their Force connection- which means they're pretty well screwed. Third offense and your posts get ignored.

Official Universes:

DC Comics (Not the DCAU).

Marvel Comics

Star Wars

Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth

Other than that there's no real big rules. Go.

1/27/2011 . Edited 1/28/2011 #1

Ooh, ooh, ooh! I SO want to join this! I can't right now, but I will, I hope.

1/27/2011 #2

Could I include Andrea? She's my favorite. XD

1/27/2011 #3
Frances Chafer

Andrea? who is she?... oh sure why not. Do you guys have any other ideas? XD

For my characters, I want Jason Todd for the DC comics Universe. Don't ask me why, I just do. I also want Kyle Katarn for Star Wars.

Also, do you guys think we should get more than one character per universe? I just threw that rule in there for the heck of it, I can change it if you want.

1/27/2011 #4

Ooh, I could bring Nicholas if you did! A team of two!(Andrea is a character from the other RPGs I'm in. So's Nick.)

1/27/2011 #5
Frances Chafer

Ok that's what we're doing.

1/27/2011 #6
Alexander Starkiller

[Is there a plot?]

1/27/2011 #7
Frances Chafer

(not yet. so far the only big plot structure involves the fact that the dimensional barriers have dissolved and everyone has Force powers. Also Sauron and Palpatine and Lex Luther are all working together to take over the world)

1/27/2011 #8

Malachi rolled his eyes, sighed, and lay his forehead on his forearm as he lay in his hastily fashioned blind half way down the slope. What he saw before him was . . . confusing!

No one thing was terribly astounding, if you assumed that all fiction was based on reality. An Orc? No big. There had always been giants, and some of them had thick skin. A tall thin person with pointy ears? It could happen. The laser weapon was only about ten years away from viable distribution. Maybe someone had leaked a few. Malachi had worn mail and plate armor for a time himself. But put them all together, as he'd seen over the last six hours, and you wound up with the current confusion.

The presence of all sorts of people from various periods of time in history -- His eyes nearly bugged out. Why were some of them dressed as comic book super heroes? That would be harder to explain. Was his perception of the date wrong, and it was Halloween? No. The dusting of snow bore witness to the fact that it was the middle of winter -- didn't worry him too much. He knew he was practically invisible here in the brush pile, dressed, as he was, in his mossy oak camoflage stretch fleece jump suit and with his muddy face and hands. He was safe for the moment, unless someone like Antonious decided to track him from some place he'd been previously, but he wondered what was going on. Guess he'd have to watch for a while longer until it became clear.

1/27/2011 #9
Frances Chafer

(thank you, Mongoose.)

The Red Hood, who had once called himself Jason Todd, surveyed the chaos with a wicked little grin. He didn't understand what was going on and how people dressed up in white armor and brandishing blasters had just appeared the way they did. But he would take advantage of the situation and don the mask of Batman once more.

1/27/2011 #10

(Two questions: 1: We're in a snowy area?) (and 2: Do you allow censored curses such as "#$#^?")

Andrea was flung out of a thick, gray cloud of smoke as it rose and curled away into the cold air. Her landing kicked up a fresh heap of snow.

What just happened?

A moment ago she'd been battling insurgents in a ruined city. A mortar had been sent her way; What would have been a deafening boom was now a distant roar.

Andrea sat up, confused. What could have done this? She looked around, searching for her fallen weapons. The flechette rifle was within arms' reach. Her modular swords were still secured on her person.

She had had a backpack too. That was a few feet away, some of its contents scattered in the snow; she scooped those up and turned back to the direction she had apparently come from. There was a distortion; the air seemed to ripple, in a way similar to heat waves. Andrea took a step back, still observing the oddity.

She had about a second to look closer when suddenly another man came from nowhere, clad in the same armor as she was.

He materialized into existence four feet away from Andrea's position, moving full-speed. He was airborne when he crashed into her with his full weight and momentum. The collision sent them both sprawling to the ground.

"Get off me," Andrea grunted, pushing the unwanted newcomer. He complied, gathering the items he'd dropped in the process.

He stopped for a moment before talking. "Kovic?"

She replied, the same note of recognition in her tone of voice. "London? Well, this is unexpected."

1/27/2011 #11
Frances Chafer

(As we go, I will continue to edit my original post. I'm kind of letting you guys create the "setting", as long as it doesn't go against the whole "Combined Universe" idea.

As for cussing: Censored cussing, like your example, is ok. Also maybe the occasional damn or hell although overusing them will definitely not be appreciated.)

1/27/2011 #12
Alexander Starkiller

[I want to do Jack from Bioshock, but I think I'll wait and just make an actual Bioshock thread. However, I have two other game characters to bring in if that's alright. Are games acceptable?]

1/27/2011 #13
Frances Chafer

(Perfectly. Just be aware that if one character from whatever game is in the thread, all of them are and it will affect the environment. So if we haven't heard of the particular game it might be best to explain it a little.)

1/27/2011 #14
Alexander Starkiller

[Oh boy. If I bring in Nathan Hale, I'd bring in millions of Chimera aliens. Oh boy. Wait, is this going to work as a multiverse, a planet per origin of character, or just one planet? I hope it's a multiverse. Also, the other character I have not played his game, so he won't have any other characters with him, as I only know about him. Is that bad?]

1/27/2011 #15
Frances Chafer

(No that's fine. And we're going to be working with a universe of different planets although the default planet to start out on is planet earth.)

1/27/2011 #16
Alexander Starkiller

[I was just thinking that with so many universes in one place, it would get VERY crowded. Unless each 'verse got its own planet, or there was portals to the other universes, it would be impossible to make things work. Maybe Earth could be a mismatch of everything with universes also getting their own planets?

I'll start with Hale, I've played both of his games--*spoiler* though of course I'm going on the fact that he doesn't turn fully Chimeran and die. *end spoiler*]

1st Lt. Nathan Hale, American, former Army Ranger and current Sentinel woke up to quickly. Something was wrong, something off was in the air. He swung his legs off his bed and stood, moving to a boarded window, and looked through a gap. No Chimerans thankfully, but a large number of different peoples were milling about, each as confused as he. The difference being that Hale could control himself. Hale put on his outfit save his inhibitor piece, which was always attached. It took him mere minutes to fully suit up in his heavy armor, given his increased speed. He check the inhibitor, nodding at it, satisfied he was good for a long while. He holstered a Magnum and strapped a Carbine to his back and grabbed a Fareye.

He walked to the window with that sniper rifle and searched the peoples. All sorts of creatures were down there, humanoid usually, though there were a group that could hardly be called that as disfigured as they were. He put the Fareye down and walked to the door, unlocking it carefully. He exited into a dirty, cement hallway in the dilapidated appearing building that was his current base.

1/27/2011 #17
Frances Chafer

(Maybe only a few characters from each universe are on planet earth. Enough to "alert us" that there are other planets with life forms of some sort.)

1/28/2011 #18

(I recommend against over-complicating it. I've seen this scenario work. A small setting was defined (an inn with an arena). There were between 3 and 10 PCs at any time, just due to the laws of critical mass in RPGs. There were as many NPCs, due to a rule they had to make that we couldn't bring in NPC armies to fight with our PCs. So no, not so crowded. The premise that the barriers between universes have broken down doesn't necessarily mean that everyone gets dumped into the same place/time. All you need are some creative writers with interesting characters who choose to interact with each other in a character development kind of way, and you're set up for loads of fun.)

1/28/2011 #19
Alexander Starkiller

[I say what Mongoose suggested, plus my planetary idea. So our PCs could go around to very different worlds that seem very similar to theirs. I like that idea.]

1/28/2011 #20
Frances Chafer

(That makes sense. And maybe Earth and Middle Earth are planets not yet discovered by the Old Republic and/or New Republic, and, well... they get discovered?)

1/28/2011 #21

(Edit: Never mind, I see where it's from. The term Sentinel's already being used. :/ )

1/28/2011 . Edited 1/28/2011 #22
Alexander Starkiller

[Sentinel is being used everywhere, Jac. It's fine if you want to bring your own Sentinels in.

And Ryan, I'd say no to that idea. I think we should just have all these universes brought into one--each one getting their own planet, or perhaps a whole star system for universes with more than one inhabited planet. I don't think these planets should just be undiscovered {since that would be implausible and unbalanced}, but that each universe just suddenly appears in this one--we need to name the universe they all appear in, too.]

1/28/2011 #23

(Can we PLEASE not map out this new universe? Or do any more OOC discussion? I was really hoping to do some good role playing here. I'd rather not have to walk away from another rpg that gets sidetracked.)....................................................................................... Malachi was just starting to get used to the LARPers down below, when he noticed a woeful lack of balance. Hundreds of people playing chars from Star Wars, but where were Tolkien's people, or Rodenberries, both of which were far cooler. And what about Serenity or Battle Star Galactica? The Matrix, or any of the numerous chars based in medieval times or fantasy universes?

1/28/2011 #24
Alexander Starkiller

[Mapping is an integral part of role playing.]

Hale pushed open the door to the outside and stopped, hand on his Magnum revolver. He walked a little out toward the random people, and non-people such as elves and alien looking creatures. He was moderately pleased that no Chimerans were in the mix, and looked around from a small hill perch.

1/28/2011 #25

(Fine. Then I need a word for something that's like role playing, but with no setting development, no plot planning, no character profiles, and minimal out of character. The GM only sets the premis, like the voice over prophecies at the beginning of some fantasy movies, and then everyone jumps In and starts interacting, discovering plot, setting and character as they go. It's like reading a novel in which you get to write the part of one or a few PCs. What's that called? Because that's what we need more of around here.)

1/28/2011 #26
Frances Chafer

(Ok we have a universe named, idk, Galactica. The two planet earths for Marvel and DC suddenly appear- with the breaking of the dimensional barriers- and they're basically alternate Earths, but now in one universe. Middle Earth is its own planet. Star Wars Universe has all the important planets that are there. All other planets required for other universes we include will be discovered as we go.)

(Also I'm gonna edit the first post and include names for the universes. If there's one not there that you want to see just let me know and I'll put that one there as well.)

1/28/2011 #27

Of course no one was watching Malachi, as he was well hidden. But if someone had been watching very closely, they might, with the help of the Spirit of God, have observed the following taking place in the space of about a quarter of a second....................................................................................... Someting like a cross between a ball of fire and a chariot swooped down from the heavens. It was about to slam into Malachi, to obliterate him, when he dissolved into thin air. His spirit was caught up in the fiery chariot -- for lack of a better term -- and ascended into the heavens.

1/28/2011 #28
Alexander Starkiller

[Mongoose, such a concept--Fleur called it Action Play--sounds intriguing, but I wouldn't know how to work it as the GM. If you feel inclined to start an RPG like that, I will follow such rules and do my best to set everything as we discover plots and the like. But for now, I need order. Though if you've noticed, I didn't set up a profile starting thing, and am doing well with developing Haemon as I go, whom I also started from no bio; I'm learning.]

What? A flaming... what was that, a gladatorial chariot?? Hale rubbed his eyes, and when he opened them again, it was gone. What was that?

1/28/2011 #29

(Understood. In point of fact, every thread I've begun is this "action play" format. So, as you've noticed, are the vampire's and the CD threads, or so they should be. I hope everyone finds their place, and I'll keep looking for mine.)

1/28/2011 #30
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