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Alexander Starkiller

[Btw, your powers were not defeated by my characters... They just saw them turn invisible. Renko has the ability, in closer range, to see things that are invisble BUT, only things that are out of whack timewise. Unless he used Pulse, and his path required him to meet them, they are invisible to him. Hale's eyes are sharp, but only if Andrea and Nick moved violently--or as in this case, turned invisible while he was watching--could he see them.]

Hale stiffened. A woman. One with high ranking of some kind, possibly in the Military. Unusual, though not unheard of. Except what she seemed to be part of was some sort of covert ops team. Very unusual. "I wanted to know if you knew anything. You seem highly ranked, and I had hoped you would have some intel on this. Apparently not," Hale said to the woman, as the man seemed to be mute for the moment. "Either way, I am 1st Lt. Nathiel Hale, former US Ranger, current Sentinel, 1953."

Renko looked at the team they had just met. The woman was sure of herself, and carried an air of assurance and ability. The man seemed more subdued, but perhaps he was just waiting silently for a time. "And I am Captain Nathaniel Renko, USA, 2010."

[Oh, and Hale is obviously from a time when women were in the kitchens, and the men went to war. There were women in the Military, but were scarce in higher levels, or as actual soldiers. Most were nurses. And given that the Chimeran invasion started in the 30s, preventing WWII among other things, women would have come into the Military less as anything but nurses. Expect chauvenism.]

2/1/2011 #61
Alexander Starkiller

[Tip: Let's take turns speaking guys. Next will be Jac, then Chris, then me, okay?]

2/1/2011 #62

Huh. Sentinel? What a coincidence. It was likely that he was talking of something else, but Andrea would go with it.

"Colonel Andrea Kovic. Sentinel, though probably from a different organization."


"Same problem," Nicholas said. "We were in combat when this happened. Name's Nicholas London."

2/1/2011 #63
Alexander Starkiller

[Renegade interrupt. Yeah, I may already have to break my suggested rule; though I will only do so for short sentences.]

"Rank?" Hale asked brusquely. Though he didn't expect that that they would, or should, follow the same chain of command, it still helped to know rank.

2/1/2011 #64

(Andrea's is already listed above. Do you mean Nick's?)

Nicholas turned at the voice.

"Also Colonel."

2/1/2011 #65
Alexander Starkiller


Hale nodded in acknowledgment. "You two are very high-ranking. Obviously, whatever Sentinel program you are with is very important, and you are high up within it; I would hazard a guess to say you two aren't just agents, and probably are near the head and contributing in the decisions," Hale said.

2/1/2011 #66

"I'd say you're a good guesser." That was Andrea. "As for intel, we've got none. We were in a firefight, and suddenly we ended up here."

2/1/2011 #67
Frances Chafer

(I will begin the dialogue. Jason has taken Kyle captive.)

Jason put the unconscious man in his car and headed back to his apartment. Although he could afford more, he didn't want anything too conspicuous. He would start living it up after taking full advantage of this new, well, situation.

When making it back, he put the man on his couch and left him there. He would wait for him to awake.

2/1/2011 #68
Alexander Starkiller

"I was too, though I bet that the nature of my firefight was different than yours," Hale said.

"I was in a room, having just retrieved, and beginning to work this out," Renko said, holding up his left arm.

2/1/2011 #69

"Well, we all have our stories. But right now, we need to figure this out."

(Gotta go for today.)

2/1/2011 #70
Alexander Starkiller

[I'm guessing Andrea, but who said that last line you did?]

2/1/2011 #71
Bleeding Perfection

(Hey, there, hold up. Momo has a Rank, too.)

Momo watched them go back and forth with their intel - or lack thereof - feeling kinda out of place. She had no idea what they were talking about. Military rankings worked differently in the Soul Society.

"Um..." she said, a bit sheepishly.


Cole ran along rooftops, keeping the car in sight. As it apeared to him, the man witrh the laser sword had just been kidnapped. He might need to intervene. Cole landed on the roof of the building the kidnapper had entered, looked around for anyone who might notice him break a window, then seeing noone, descended to a window where he could simply watch for now. He'd start frying people if he got noticed.

2/2/2011 #72
Alexander Starkiller

"He started, he's higher up than us, so we responded," Hale said roughly. "And if this isn't an orchestrated event, we might not ever find out what is happening here. We just need to find how to deal with it for now, and find who is taking charge here." He turned to the other woman, but Renko cut him off.

"Yes, ma'am?" Renko asked politely.

2/2/2011 #73

[It was Andrea. Waiting for bleeding...]

2/2/2011 #74
Bleeding Perfection

"Um... I'm not familiar with your form of military," she said, "Where I'm from, I'm an Assistant Captain, but I don't know what that would be to humans."

She quickly decided that she was rambling, and that they probably didn't care.

"Uh... We need to figure out what we're going to do, though..."

2/2/2011 . Edited 2/2/2011 #75

The two sentinels almost simultaneously frowned, their faces shielded by their helmets' visors.


There was definitely something out of place here. She looked like a human to them, after all.

They came to the same conclusion. There was no time to spend marveling over that revelation right now. There were more important matters to attend to.

They remained silent, letting the new conversation run its course.

2/2/2011 #76
Bleeding Perfection

Momo could tell by their body language that the two black-armored people were a bit confused.

"Oh, um... I'm not human," she said, "I'm a Soul. A Soul Reaper, that is."

She figured she might as well introduce herself with that...

"Momo Hinamori, Soul Reaper! Assistant Captain of the Fifth Squad!"

She said it as if she were saying it to a superior who had asked for an introduction. She even stood at attention, though she [fortunately] left out the typical "Sir!" that a Captain would expect.

2/2/2011 #77
Alexander Starkiller

Hale scowled but Renko chuckled. He liked this girl, human or not, quirky ways and all. She'd be fun to have around. Renko said, "Well, nice to meet you, Hinamori-san. You'll stay with us, I hope?" He said it with a smile and a twinkle in his eye, something that was not a norm for him. [To avoid confusion, he doesn't like like her.]

Hale spoke up, interupting, "I think we should just wait here, see what happens. But as Andrea and Nicholas hold rank, I'll wait for them to say."

[Bleeding, I assume that Momo is the equivalent of a Colonel, or maybe a Brigadier {one higher than colonel}, but can't remember how many Reapers have higher rank than Captain. I know there is at least one more powerful rank, though.]

2/2/2011 #78

Andrea spoke up for this. "Agreed."

Nicholas said nothing, also having the same idea. It occurred to him that he hadn't had much to say on this "mission," if he could call it one.

2/3/2011 #79
Alexander Starkiller

Hale spread his legs and put his arms back, At Ease. He lifted his chin so that is was level, and looked down on the unfolding chaos as riots began to start...

Renko did similar, but was more relaxed in his mannerisms.

2/3/2011 #80

The two sentinels looked and saw the same thing as Hale. Fighting was beginning to break out.

"Wish I had a laser rifle," Nicholas said to Andrea.

2/3/2011 #81
Agent of Chaos

(Hmmm, this sounds interesting...Give me time to consider ;) But I certainly would like to follow a long for a while before joining...)

2/3/2011 . Edited 2/3/2011 #82
Alexander Starkiller

"Simple energy rounds are more efficient," Hale said. "Especially when those energy rounds can home in on a target no matter where it is, or what it is." The tone he used was almost regretful, him having wished he had a Bullseye in hand when he had been removed from his world.

[Hi, Chaos.]

2/3/2011 #83

The man's-- Hale's-- interruption went unchallenged.

Andrea turned toward Nicholas slightly but said nothing, still in thought.

2/3/2011 #84
Alexander Starkiller

"I- We've got to do something. Innocent people will soon be dying down there, and I can't just stand here watching it unfold. Let- let me take point and I'll stop the fight long enough for you guys to maybe talk them out of fighting, or you guys to take leadership or something," Renko said quickly, as a non-sequitor, but an important one.

2/3/2011 #85

"He has a point," said Nicholas. He used a private channel in his suit to talk. Only Andrea would hear what he said, and vice versa.

She responded with indecision on the channel. "I know. Let him do it."

Sentinels avoided the use of gestures when they talked on private channels. To onlookers, it seemed as if they weren't moving or saying anything.

2/4/2011 #86
Juno Eclipse

"We need to establish command. No one is going to care what we say, unless we have the position to back it up," Hale said, promptly deciding to favour the take control option.

2/4/2011 #87

[Are you standing in for Alex?]

"What are you thinking of?" Nicholas asked.

2/4/2011 #88
Juno Eclipse

[As much as any man stands in for himself. It is still I, Alex.]

"Get in there, find some of the more powerful people there, leaders among the separate groups, and subdue them. Either by force, threat of force, or logic. I can handle the force, if you can handle the logic, Andrea, and Nick," Hale said.

"I can slow them down to the point that they almost aren't moving. They could still hear us, and it wouldn't last forever, but we'd get a pretty good advantage out of that," Renko said.

2/4/2011 #89
Agent of Chaos

(Hello, Alex. Here are three characters that I will start with. If anyone wants descriptions and/or pictures of my characters, just ask. :) )

The last thing she could remember was being pulled into a black hole. Shouldn't she be dead? She pried her eyes open, recoiling as light flooded her vision. She groaned, sitting up, shielding her eyes. Where was she? What had happened?

She freed herself from her thoughts to find herself sitting on the edge of a wreck.


Her green eyes scanned the hull of her ship. The hull had been ripped open in numerous places. All in all, she didn't think it would ever fly again.

Just her luck.

She stood, limping slightly towards her ship. She placed her hand on the hull for support and made her way towards the bridge. After walking almost completely around the ship she found a hole that would allow her an easy entrance into the ship. Squeezing into it, she dropped down into a narrow hallway.

Right now, she wished she hadn't complained about how narrow the hallway had been and how unnecessarily tall it was. Sideways, the hallway was worse. She climbed to the back of the ship to where she had stored her things. Opening the door, she dropped into the small compartment.

She landed awkwardly and slammed against a nearby wall. Her hand brushed against a slender cylinder on her belt. Good. It was still there.

She unclipped it from her belt and turned it on. The faint humming and its glow comforted her a bit. Quickly she gathered her things from among the mess and shoved them into a bag. She tied it to her belt and quickly made her way out of the ship.

Once she was a few feet away, she turned around. Bad luck was something she was used to having. She sighed, brushing her blood-red hair out of her eyes. Alone and stranded was something she could handle as well.

She had once been called Kaylleon; now she was Kayl Sjek'kenn; the convicted murderer of her own Master. She had been sent to Kessel for that act, and after years, she had managed to escape. Just when her life was beginning to turn brighter, this had to happen.

She knew only bad luck.


Sha'Láhriaé's eyes snapped open. She was surrounded by a shell of ice. Slowly, she stretched out a hand to brush against the smooth edge. A small crack appeared where she had touched the ice and quickly traced along the crystal globe. She waited until the last whisper of the ice cracking disappeared before pressing lightly against it.

The ice exploded outwards, leaving her free to survey her new surroundings. She glanced up at the bright star that hung in the sky. The temperatures were… livable, she decided, glancing at the snow on the ground. She scanned the area, her white skin helping her to blend in with her surroundings.

She took a few steps, her wings fluttering behind her in the slight breeze. She brushed her ever shifting hair out of her pale blue eyes as she sought to learn everything about her new environment. She was the first of her kind to leave their planet and wanted to learn everything she could.

Of course she learned much about the things outside her world before leaving. She had tried to dress in a way that would help her to blend better into this culture. However, she was slightly worried that her wings, her pure white skin and the strange blue markings all over her would be strange to others.

She pulled her hood up, covering her ever-moving white hair. She knew soon—a few days at the most—her skin would begin to fade into what this planet's inhabitants would consider a normal tone. She also had the problem of hiding her wings and what to do about her white hair. She had brought a large bag—a backpack as others would call it—to hide her wings. If anything, she would rely on her powers of illusions and memory modification to help as well.

But she needed to find something called 'dye' for her hair. Until then, she would hope that others would believe she had 'dyed' her hair white. She had been unable to obtain and use this substance on her planet for it kept…freezing. It had been rather troublesome.

She glanced at the snow around her. This weather was only temporary? She thought sadly. But…humans as they called themselves preferred a warmer climate than her world of water and ice. She was particularly interested in viewing….'grass' and 'trees' for on her planet they had very different plants.


The world was black. Not the normal color black—the fearful nightmare-filled black. The same darkness that haunted the dreaded 'Death Watch', the blackest hours of the night before the sun, surrounded Fae. Why was she here? She supposed she was once again visiting this land because the Scarecrow had control of her mind once more. It was here she had first met…

…The voices.

Their hollow cries filled the air with an unutterable sound of sadness…yet Fae hear it. How could it be unimaginable?

This was the land of impossibilities. Every she thought was real…wasn't. Everything impossible, every nightmare, every unspeakable creature was here.

Worse of all…

…There was no escape. This darkened world and slowly straggled every one of her hopes and dreams. This place had shown her what dreams really were—they were the crying of a frightened girl screaming into a silent world for help.

Hope. Hope was dust. It was the dust dancing around her. It teased her by brushing tantalizing across her otherwise dead and cold skin. As soon as she reached a shaking hand to finally grasp what she wanted…it disappeared in the midst of a storm of laughter. The cold voices swept over her like a freezing rain. Drenching her with despair—one of their greatest weapons. Their clawed fingers scrapped against her skin, filling her with unfathomable pain. Each pin-prick was worse than a wild consuming fire eating her skin a thousand times over.


Wasn't…fire…her friend?

What are friends, Experiment 13? The voices asked, spinning around her in a frightful kaleidoscope. Are these friends? They pointed mockingly at themselves. Is the Scarecrow a friend? They continued their fanatical dance without ever seeming to grow tired. A drumming began deep inside her head. It grew more intense every passing second. The abrasive, annoying nasally tones of the voices felt like a sharp knife scrapping up the bare bones of her spine. Tremendous pressure grew behind her eyes as she finally collapsed to her hands and knees, fighting to stay upright.

This was the world of unreality. Yet it seemed the most real of all. Everything here was more vivid than the world with light. The sharp stones cutting into the palms of her hands, every scar on her began to twinge with the proximity of the being that had given her all the scars to begin with. The clearest of all her scars were the ones on the right side of her face. A deep pain; different than all the others collated under the scar tissue of these two scars, as her hands shot to trace the familiar scars. The pain swelled and she dug her hands into her face, trying to rid herself of the pain. She felt the familiar warm liquid drip down her arms.



Dr---NO! She sunk completely to the ground. Was this what it felt like to be dead? She had no energy. She was tired…tired of fighting the impossible of this world—this world that Scarecrow had created and locked her into. Even in the unreal world of reality if she ever escaped the Scarecrow's control, she could not escape here. The impossible was real here. And it was impossible to escape. This world wasn't created of 'real' flesh and blood but something far more gruesome.

Fae curled up in the corner, hiding her head in hands. This wasn't real. It wasn't. She was not here. She was not…

She jerked awake. She sat up, covered in cold sweat. Brushing her black hair out of her face, she stood. It was still dark outside but the sun would be rising soon. She hadn't slept for long; she had been out roaming the streets.

She was called "Dragon" on the streets; she was a crime fighter, like Batman. In fact, it had been Batman that pulled her from her nightmare world. He gave her something to do… to help prevent people like her from the grasp of monsters like the Scarecrow.

She quickly dressed and headed for her car. She was no longer tired. She turned on the ignition turned down the street and drove… She had no particular direction, just to get away and see something new for once.

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