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Bleeding Perfection

(I cannot resist. I must add two more characters. Ryan, please add the BLAME! planet to the universe spectrum. It is a massive planet entirely covered by endless city. The city goes on in all directions - includung up - forever. Different areas of the city can generate sub-dimentions. There are creatures called Silicon Creatures. They're silicon-based and extremely powerful. Also, there are robots that occasionally force humans to transform into their kind. These are called Safeguard. They attack in waves and are immune to bullets and blades, and their main mission is to kil any human without net terminal genes. Needless to say, there aren't any of those in this city, so they'll just be slaughter machines. There are elite versions of these, which are even more powerful. They will invade the city durning the riots.)

New Character one:

Name: Killy

Universe: BLAME!

Age: Unknown. He can't remember.

Personality: Easily detached, shows no emotion, determined. He never hesitates to shoot any enemy in sight.

Appearance: [The one on the right]

Weapon: A tiny pistol called the "Graviton Beam Emitter." There is no other handheld weapon in all of existence that is more powerful than this gun. It has adjustable power level, and causes EXTREME hydrostatic shock to whatever it hits. On low, it blasts a two foot wide hole in whatever it hits for a distance of 15 kilometers. On high, it blasts a eight foot wide hole in whatever it hits for a distance of over 100 kilometers. Killy uses his internal systems to aim it, but on high, the kick is powerful enough to rip his arm completely off and fling it hundreds of meters away. [I hope people can be realistic with accepting damage from this weapon. Please abide by the following: If you get hit by this weapon, you die. It's just that powerful.]

Powers: Advanced physical strength and durability, and, due to being a cyborg human, has the ability to scan other's eyes for their DNA, and he can also see up to ten thousand kilomters away. His internal power system is sufficient to power the Graviton Beam Emittter for a very long time, as in thousands of years of constant use, and he can also heal, so long as his damaged body parts are reattached. (Lucky for us, he's an Anti-hero. He's a good guy, because if he was bad, every single character in this thread would be screwed.)


New Character two:

Name: Cibo

Universe: BLAME!

Personality: Very smart and clever, and is occasionally confused by Killy's wordless determination. She helps to keep his ideas realistic, though not much can stop him anyway.


Weapon: A double-barreled arm cannon, mounted on her right arm. It can fire energy bolts strong enough to kill a safeguard.

Powers: She is also a cyborg human, and she can tap into any computer system VIA cords that lead into her brain. She also wears a bodysuit that had a small anti-gravity generator on the back, in appearance of small, tubular wings. It has a durable helmet that covers her face, and there are three floating devices that surround her upper body. In the BLAME! parody by the same author, these were revealed to be able to shoot lasers, so I'm gonna have her with that power, too. She also has the ability to ressurect herself in new bodies, should she die. The only way to avoid it is for there to not be any compatible bodies for her within five thousand kilometers.


(I'll bring them in later on. I'll have to find the right time during the riots.)

2/4/2011 . Edited 2/4/2011 #91
Bleeding Perfection

(Alex: In Bleach, the Captain of Squad 1 is the Head Captian, which is basically the supreme commander of the Soul Society. Captains would be his generals, and Assistant Captains would be whatever rank is one below General. I believe that's Lieutenant General. Actually, I just looked it up, and that's exatly what it is. So I guess that means Momo outranks everyone, lol. Eve if you had assumed correctly, she would still outrank everyone. Turns out she just outranks everyone to the extreme.)

[Also, it'd be kinda wierd in any situation if Renko liked her like that. She's many many times older than him. Soul Reapers live about ten times as long as humans, so she's about 150-160 years old.]


Momo nodded when Renko asked if she'd stay, then proceeded to listen quietly. She didn't want to interrupt for fear of saying something stupid. She thought it'd be more practical for her to take point, since she could use magic, but she stopped herself short of saying it out loud. It turned out to sound like she tried to hold in a hiccup, since she had shut herself up nearly as fast as she had begun to speak.


Altair crouched on the third-story railing of a fire escape, waitching the violence below unfold. This age was so violent. It wasn't all that unlike the struggles between Salahadin and King Richard.

2/4/2011 #92
Juno Eclipse

[Well, a full rank below general is Brigadier. I'd say the most powerful Captain other than Squad 1, is the highest rank a General can have; also that the other Captains are also Generals, though of lesser subranks {e.g. say Captain of Squad 2 is second most powerful, he would be the highest General, and the Captain of Squad 3, who is third most powerful, would be the Lt. General.}. This would make Assitant Captains Brigadiers, with different subranks in accordance to power and ability. So, Momo would be a Brigadier, which is still higher ranking by one full rank, and possibly several subranks. That make sense? And is that alright? She'd still be the leader, and no one could overturn her decisions and all, if that's what you want.

Oh, and isn't there a high council or something? Would they be the commaders, or just the government?]

[So? What does age have to do with such things? Unless it was in a "she'll live while he is dies" sort of way, which isn't what you were going for. I've read too many stories with elves and other long-lived races {like Eragon} to think that age is imperitive when it comes to Love. But there are other reasons he doesn't like her like that, though what those are I have no idea. I doubt there will be any openings for Renko to court anyone however, anyway.]

[Oh, and magic, while all well and good, would not be capable, as far as I know, of doing what Renko could. She could maybe bind everyone, but that could get messy. But yeah, you probably know this, and it's OOC anyway.]

[Wait. I'm pretty sure that Altair has no qualms about viol- wait. Are you saying that Altair doesn't like brutal conflicts and battles, but prefers more personal, intimate, less brutal violence that is being an Assassin?]

Renko glanced at Momo. Nothing wrong, so he assumed she had just hiccuped. He turned back to the helmeted figures and waited for their decision.

2/4/2011 #93
Frances Chafer

(Add the Blame Universe? Hmm... not sure... yeah why not. Throw that in there)

2/5/2011 #94

[New Character:

Fierce Ocelot (Bwahahaha)

Description: A powerful being that assumes many forms, though it prefers to appear as a well-dressed human, of a gender it chooses. Currently male with dark skin, wears a short-sleeved button down shirt that is black, and trousers with matching color. Wears blue-tinted shades.

Powers: Fierce is very fast, very tough, and it can generate extremely destructive beams of energy in any shape, form, or quantity. For example, the standard beam, or in the picture's case a ring, and so on. It can even form something close to a lightsaber, if need be.]


Andrea made her decision.

"Go crazy," she said. "Technically, you aren't under my command, so do as you wish."

Nicholas said nothing, agreeing with her. He was rather laconic on this mission, something Andrea thought about addressing later on.


It could hear them. Those humans were fighting. It loved to fight.

Perhaps Fierce could join in on the fun.

It stood on a tall, three-story building, its choice of residence for the time being. It decided to form as its usual appearance, and once this was done it turned to look upon the carnage.

Gunshots were starting to break out, initially caused by some trigger-happy man with a gun, an AK-47-- was that what they called it?

No matter. Those kinds of weapons were outdated, where Fierce came from. Right now, though, it could see energy beams dancing through the crowds as the shootout intensified.

It looked around, spotting a few other oddities. A distance away from the crowd, there were five other people, some dressed in armor. Of those, there was likely only one that could sense its presence, as it could sense hers.

Within the crowd, there was a man who had flown in earlier, with what looked to be electric-based powers. Now he was standing as the chaos unfolded around him.

Another was perched on a fire escape, also watching, likely confused judging by his attire.

If no one was going to do something, Fierce would. These people could be a major threat.

(Is it alright if I occasionally put in some minor characters, such as the unnamed soldiers in the crowd?)

2/5/2011 . Edited 2/5/2011 #95
Bleeding Perfection

(Alex: No, actually all of the Captains from squads 2-13 are equally Generals in rank. Momo's a Lt. General by comparison.

Ryan: Are you gonna advance the Jedi-kidnapping plot, or should Cole start frying heads? [BTW, Cole's headshots cause electricity to chain to other nearby enemies. If he becomes evil, they alternatively cause electric explosions.]

Jac: Should Fierce say something to Altair? That'd make his plot a bit more interesting, if he had someone to interact with.)


A black tear formed on a hillside some distance from the city. A sound like endless thunder poured from it, as if it were tearing apart the seams between realities, which in fact, it was. The first thing to come out of the tear was a man, about six feet in height, and looking to be strong and thin. He held a tiny black pistol in his right hand, still steaming from the tip.

His right arm hung from his shoulder, connected only by a few tendons, and the shoulder bone was noticably detached from the arm. A thin tendon from the arm reached up and attached itself to a respective one of the shoulder, then another, then another. Soon, the bones were beginning to pull back together, and the skin began to knit itself up as well. Next to heal was the fabric of his sleeve, which in all actuality was a second skin, having the ability to heal just as quickly as his flesh. It was a material that could regenerate, and was known as "Type 2 layered plastic." A loud pop accentuated the bones reconnecting, and he turned to look at the dimentional tear.

His silent eyes watched for dramatic seconds before another form exited the rift, this one female. She had pure white hair and wore a black anti-gravity suit, and looked to be about eight feet of pure thin-ness. A large twin-barreled cannon was affixed to her right arm, and it as well was smoking. The anti-gravity suit read "B.E.C." in Japanese on the left bicep, and a tag over her left b*** revealed her name to be simply, "Cibo."

"Killy, are you okay?" she said, once again sounding a little naggy, but genuinely concerned nonetheless.

"We need to keep moving," Killy said, not answering her question directly, "Unless that rift seals, the Safeguard will be right behind us."

"You're right," She said, looking back at the rift, "We should leave right away."

Two small tubes, each about six inchs in diameter, opened up from the back of her suit. They pointed out and down, like wings being held back for walking. A white energy swirled around each tube, and Cibo stepped up behind Killy, holding him beneath the arms like a mother lifting her child onto the doctor's examination table. She lifted off with a jump, and flew to the top of a twenty story building about five hundred meters away.


The tear of thunder grew louder still, and suddenly tall white robots poured from the rift, each with six arms and two legs, the foremost arms larger than the second set. They had feaux smiles built into their skulls, and a vertical line descending their forehead. Two horizontal lines formed a disconnected, upside-down T with this line, also.

They could see the creatues below. None had net terminal genes.

Directive: Eliminate. Target: All.

And so, the Safeguard's carnage began.

2/5/2011 . Edited 2/5/2011 #96

Fierce looked to the man on the fire escape. It decided that it would approach him. If he reacted with hostility, it would kill him.

It took a running start, and with a powerful leap it easily reached the side of the building with the man on it. It landed on the fire escape, a flight of stairs above the man.

"Identify yourself," Fierce said. It pointed down at him, over the stairs, as it began to materialize a marble-sized ball of energy. The object spun in place as it acquired density.

2/5/2011 #97
Bleeding Perfection

Altair's Eagle Vision detected the creature long before it came into view. The instant it landed, Altair had already climbed up one flight, standing behind it, dagger at its throat.

"It is not wise to approach an Assassin in such a manner," he said, "You would do well to avoid such actions in the future."

2/5/2011 #98

Fierce grinned.

"You're not from here, are you?"

It instead aimed the energy ball at the wall, and let fly.

The object had been compressed, and the only thing that had kept it that way was Fierce. When It released the ball of energy, the wall that it struck shattered violently, propelling fragments of glass and brick to breakneck speed.

Fierce neatly jumped out of the mess, landing on the ground below.

He had done the attack in such a way that it would not harm the Assassin at all. If he was true to his "name," the Assassin would likely start a counterattack. Fierce had already shielded himself with a coat of energy.

They had probably caught the attention of the crowd, as well.

2/5/2011 #99
Bleeding Perfection

Altair leapt after it, opening the phyreblade at his wrist and attempting to shove it into the thing's neck.

2/5/2011 #100

[Fierce has the appearance of a male, but Altair would be right, based on the events, to call It an "it."]

The Assassin was honest, at least.

His blade was aimed for what he assumed was Fierce's carotids. He must have assumed It was a conventional human.

It let the blade connect....

And nothing happened. It was like stabbing a block of concrete. The blade scraped off of Its neck, likely dulled by the exchange of force.

Fierce looked on for a moment, then said, "Nice try."

It adjusted Its shades and Its collar before saying anything else. "I like you, Assassin. I assume you don't know what's going on here. Stop for a moment."

2/5/2011 #101
Bleeding Perfection

Altair did cease attacking, but he kept his dagger at the ready, just in case.

2/5/2011 #102

Fierce continued. "Well, neither do I. But everyone here looks to be a threat." It wasn't trying to be flattering; merely laying out the facts. "I dislike threats."

It adjusted Its shades a second time, then looked directly at him. "Are you one of them?"

Fierce now generated six of the small spheres of energy.

2/5/2011 #103
Bleeding Perfection

"I am simply myself," he replied, "No more, no less..."

2/5/2011 #104

Fierce burst out laughing at this. "Good answer," It remarked.

The spheres of energy dissipated.

2/5/2011 #105
Juno Eclipse

[Bleeding, what I was saying was the subranks of General only applies when said group of Generals are unequally positioned. So unless Assitant Captain means equal in rank and power, but positioned lower, then Momo is a Brigadier. And I was lead to believe that Assitants were Assitants because they were not equal to Captains.]

Renko hesitated, "Well, it's just that it is almost instinct for us to establish command. It's a little odd that you don't feel similarily."

Hale remarked, "Unless the Sentinel program is so far removed from the Military that you guys are lazy with protocol." Renko frowned at this, but remembered their dismissal off rank, and realied that Hale wasn't really mouthing off his higher ups.

Renko started jogging down the hill, and Hale followed suit. They'd arrive in a few minutes.

2/6/2011 #106

The sentinels waited until they were out of earshot.

"Did we really come off as lazy?" Andrea said. There was a chilly tone in her voice.

"Well, how could you expect them to understand?" Nicholas muttered. "They aren't one of us."

"Yeah," Andrea spoke softly. "You think I don't know this already?"

2/6/2011 #107

[Okay, here I am, finally.]

New Character:

Name: Juno Eclipse

Universe: Star Wars


2/6/2011 . Edited 2/9/2011 #108

[Could you shorten the URL to this: .....Pretty please? ]

Two things had happened.

First; there was a roar of thunder nearby, and something heavy settled onto Andrea's shoulders. A sense of foreboding, perhaps? The feeling it gave definitely wasn't good.

Second; beyond the fighting of the crowd, a portion of a three-story building suddenly exploded, throwing a culmination of glass and brick into the snow. Two figures within appeared to be in combat, but stopped after a few seconds.

"This is code three, no doubt about it," Nicholas said. "We'd better hurry."

"Cover me, Nick, I've got to go."

Nicholas raised his rifle to a ready position, and peered through the scope.

"Go," he said.

2/6/2011 #109
Bleeding Perfection

(Chelise: You stretched the page. Good job, lol.

Alex: No, I'm fairly sure that all Captains are equal, all Assistant Captains are equal, and everyone of lower rank are equal within their ranks.)

Momo could sense something. A powerful creature was a distance away, who could sense her as well. She wondered what it could be.


The Safeguard poured into the city, mercilessly slaughtering the men in white armor, elves, and orcs. The orcs stood a particularly little chance against them, sing as they only wielded swords and axes. The elves didn't too al too much better, though they were seemingly better at defense. The white-armored men, though, they could actually do some damage, seeing as they could fire lasers, which pierced the robotic metal bones of the Safeguard and could substantially damage them.

Unfortunately, relentless waves of the things quickly overwhelmed them, and they too were slaughtered.


Altair heard the thunder. Not a cloud in the sky, and it sounded like the thunder was inside his head. Odd.

"Do you hear that?" he said.


Killy watched the Safeguard's attack progress below. He'd shoot them, but there was no way to avoid the soldiers, who were more or less civilian.

"Killy, what should we do?" Cibo said.

"There's nothing we can do," He said, "Until all the civilians are dead."

"You're just gonna stand by and let them get killed?"

"They don't have net terminal genes, which means they're not my responsibility."

2/6/2011 #110

Fierce turned and saw the massacre beginning.

"Yeah, I see it, too."

With this spoken, It sprinted and leaped into the melee, throwing two of Its compressed energy balls at one of the things.


"Andrea," Nicholas spoke with a warning tone in his voice. "Hurry up..."

"Shut up and cover my *$%, Nick!" Andrea unlimbered her flechette rifle, set the dial to impact, and fired a dozen of the sabot-like rounds at the closest monster.

Nicholas pulled the trigger on his rifle, bracing himself against the vicious recoil of the gun. A lesser man's arm would have been dislocated.

The round, about as large as a C-battery, soared through the harsh air at around Mach three, flying towards another monster.

2/6/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #111
Bleeding Perfection

(One more detail on the Safeguard. They're robots, but if they are wounded, they bleed. Laser burns don't occur, they bleed anyway. Also, you can god-mod them.)

The Safeguard's head exploded with the impact of Nick's shot, sending metal and brains in all directions.

Momo initiated a shun-po, appearing directly in front of one, which she quickly swung her blade at. A loud clank told her that she couldn't cut it, so she shun-po'd back to the hill.

She held her sword in an offensive stance.

"Snap, Tobiume!" she yelled.

Her sword glowed pink, straightened, and two prongs came out of it on each side, one before the hilt, and the other halfway up the blade.

She swung the sword to a position over her shoulder, and a pink fireball generated at the base of the blade. She yelled as she swung her sword forward, flinging the fireball at the thing, which exploded with the impact.

2/6/2011 #112

The two energy balls Fierce had launched hit two of the things. They expanded on impact and sent their victims sailing, in smoking bits and pieces, to the snow.

Andrea was nearby when it occurred. Flecks of misting blood spewed and splattered on the back of her suit and caused her to turn to the source.

A fireball sailed past, struck another one of the robots, and merged with it to create a amalgamation of raging flame and steam from the snow.

The robot Andrea had shot now displayed several six-inch holes in its torso. She fired at its head, causing that to disappear, as well.

2/6/2011 #113
Alexander Starkiller

Renko stopped before the mess, and lifted his left hand. The TMD began glowing as he acitvated Deadlock. A blue shpere expanded around the intended target, which was the valley in general. He had not uprgraded it to the point where it could cover everything, but the majority of the valley, and the center where the biggest problems were, were covered. It wouldn't last long, but the Sentinels and Hale would be able to destroy the robot things in time, which would stop the random riots when the Deadlock ended.

Hale pulled out his Carbine and began shooting the heads off the extremely slowed machines.

2/7/2011 #114

Was everything getting slower? Or was she getting faster?

Andrea didn't know or care. All that mattered was dropping these robots before they overwhelmed her.

It was easy, though, since the other soldiers were fighting back and Nick was covering her. In a minute or two, the valley was cleared of the things.

Andrea surveyed the mess around her, drawing her own opinion. She spotted a man walking toward her casually, as if he was walking outside to watch the snow. Not only that, but he was under-dressed for the weather, wearing a black collared shirt with matching trousers.


Fierce yawned and sat back, letting the other organisms do the fighting. It was way too easy, and now it looked like they could handle it.

It considered going back to the building It had inhabited earlier, but decided against it. Instead, Fierce decided to go to the woman clad in form-fitting black armor from head to toe. It saw her notice Its approach.


Nick took no chances. He trained the sniper rifle on the man walking to Andrea.

2/7/2011 #115
Alexander Starkiller

Hale noticed something on the Sentinels' area. A man who apparently warrented a sniper rifle being trained on him. He shot a Magnum bullet into one of the creature's head and jogged over to see what was happening. He flicked the switch near his thumb and listened as the nitroglycerin tip in the bullet exploded. He focused on the situation in front of him. The man was walking toward Andrea, Nicholas had the rifle aimed at the man's head.

Hale stopped a short distance from the two black-clad Sentinels. He clicked the switch again, which did nothing but announce his presence and ability to assist.

2/7/2011 #116

"Would you please tell your friend to lower his weapon?" Fierce asked pleasantly. "If I was an enemy, you'd know, trust me."

"And you'd be who, exactly?" Andrea said without missing a beat. "Someone not dressed for the weather? Someone walking casually through a bloodbath?"

Fierce smiled. This female human caught on quickly.

"Would it matter? Like I said, if I was an enemy, you'd know."

A man nearby clicked a switch on his gun, likely to signify his presence. Fierce's smile widened at the gesture, and It adjusted Its sunglasses again. An odd human habit, It figured.

"Do we really need to do this?" It pointed to a building, toward a pair of newcomers. One, a male, was dressed in armor, and the other had an odd shade of blue.

"If you're going to be suspicious of someone, be suspicious of them. They haven't moved a muscle during the entire fight."

It thought for a second. "One could suppose they knew what those robots were. And had a reason not to help."

2/7/2011 . Edited 2/8/2011 #117
Bleeding Perfection

(Cole was zapping, let's assume. I didn't post with him because I wanted him on Ryan's kidnapping plot, but I can't do anything because Ryan won't post. And Altair was fighting Fierce, so that would be a bit more important than fighting things he could never hope to kill.)

Momo fended off the last of the creatures, but she feared they weren't gone for good. That thunder sound had died down, but the black dimentional tear on the hillside a ways away was still open. Anything could come out of there.


Killy watched the sky turn electric blue, like a forcefield had been generated, then, everything seemed to go at an impossible speed. In seconds, the Safeguard were gone, and the streets below were covered in blood, gore, and bodies. It seems that alot of the white-armored men, orcs, and elves had been killed, though not all of them.

Cibo looked at Killy in disbelief.

"That was fast," she said.

"But it's not over," he replied, "The Silicon Creatures are coming."

All of the Silicons were on the way, and they didn't intend to kill everyone, but instead intended to take over the city. Davine lu Linvega would easily be able to assume control VIA an internet connection, and whoever was really in control would likely become very angry. His subordinates Pcell, Schiff, and Blon would be able to enforce the ruling.

The thunder sound resumed, signlaing the return of the Silicon Creatures.

First out of the rift was Pcell, A tall Silicon who looked female. She had black hair down to the base of her skill, and wore something similar to a trench coat. In her right hand was a small blade that could fire blades similar in effect to Killy's GBE.

Next was Schiff, who was humanoid in appearance. He wore black armor from head to toe, with the mask in appearance of a skull. Out of heach forearm came blades, each about two and a half feet in length and powerful enough to cut through a metal street post.

Third came Blon, an extremely bulky Silicon with the ability to change his form VIA something like Alchemy. His current form was humanoid, only about three times in size compared to a regular human. On his arm was a Gatling Gun, and behind him trailed strange worms.

Finally, came Davine lu Linvega. He was nearly thirty feet tall and had long spindly arms. Along his spine jutted horizontal spikes, and his face looked like part of a human skull.

They immediately began searching for a building tall enough to accomodate Davinel.

"We'll deal with them when they least expect it," Killy said, turning toward a door on the roof.

2/8/2011 #118

Fierce didn't wait for a response. It went to the girl with the energy It could sense, tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention.

"Over there," It pointed to the newcomers. "We're the only ones that can reach them. And they have something to do with this."

With that It seemed to move even faster, somewhat similar to a shun-po, reaching the two on the roof. Hopefully the girl could, or would, follow It.

"Excuse my interruption, please," It said.

2/8/2011 #119
Bleeding Perfection

Momo didn't understand what it meant, but looked to where it pointed anyway. Four creatures, some normal-sized, some extremely tall, all in black, had just exited the rift. She followed.


Killy immidiately spun and aimed his Graviton Beam Emitter at the new thing. He didn't speak, only aimed.

Cibo did the same with her arm cannon.

2/8/2011 #120
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