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Bleeding Perfection

Okay, so this is a back-in-time of the original Superhero RPG. We're starting it over.

Any suerhero is eligable for play, original or non, and Westchester has not yet been nuked, so the X-Mansion will be like a dorm.

Anything goes, as long as it's appropriate and isn't godmodding.

Characters can ressurect a total of three times, after that they're dead forever.

Hopefully Arem will join this one. I don't want to end up playing fifty characters like last time, which I really actually did.


2/10/2011 . Edited 7/4/2011 #1
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Name: Belladonna Nightshade

Nickname: Bell

Superhero Name: Silhouette

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Appearance: blonde hair kept in a coiled braid (as Silhouette) or in a messy pony tail (as Bell), fair skin, and deep blue, nearly black eyes. She is lithe but toned and is around 6'0". She typically wears patterned shirts and jeans, her favorite sweater has angel wings on the back. Her cheek bones are accented at a high angle and her eyes are almond shaped. While in her hero state she typically wears dark form fitting clothing with combat boots.

Background: She treads lightly no matter what she wears on her feet and uses martial arts. She is proficient in weapon training and can use almost any weapon against her opponent after she disarms them. She is a fast striker. When not in training she works as a tattoo artist and piercer, she own her own parlor, and majored in Business and Art in collage and went to grad school for Finance, so she is her own financial analyst. When not working or teaching she often does taxes for others. As of now she is single.

~ Note: Powers to be revealed IC.


"Wow, don't appear to be an alcoholic or anything," a voice said gently punching her shoulder.

She lifted her head, her eyes piercing the speaker. It was a look that had long since stopped intimidating him. "Shut up, Nero," she growled taking a swig of rum and coke. "What are you even doing here? You were supposed to go to the meeting at Even Horizon at 4:00. Did you go?"

Nero rolled his eyes, flipping his shaggy blue hair back. "Yeah, yeah, Mom," he said. "And I even picked up a hot new boy on the way home."

The words floated around in her head, and were suddenly overpowered by a high pitched scream. "What was that?" she said slamming down her pencil and pushing away the photo copy of a tax form away from her.

Nero raised his pierced left eyebrow. "Did you get enough sleep last night?" he countered. When she didn't answer he said, "Come on Belladonna, you're freakin me out."

She ignored him, throwing over her shoulder, "Watch the shop, thanks." She pushed through the alley door breaking into an un-prepped sprint. She careened around a corner, skidding to a stop underneath the shadow of an awning. Her fingers curled around the retractable blade hanging from her belt. But, she was three blocks away from her shop now... No way would cops believe she heard the woman's cries from Pierce and Cosmic Ink.

She slid into the darkest part of the ally way injecting as much hate and poison into her voice as possible. "Make one more move and the last thing you'll remember when you wake up is how your ear was missing."

The man whipped his head around, his first mistake. She sailed forward, grabbing his arm barely putting pressure on his wrist, bending his arm behind his head. There was audible strain in his rotary cuff and she let a grin sidle across her face.

"You know what I hate more than poorly made Polish sausage?"

The man shivered, clearly unsure about what was happening. She hissed the last lines before she broke his arm. "Petty criminals and men with less balls than a g a y guy." The snap that resounded in the quiet alleyway was nothing like the woman's last shriek. Bell turned her head, stepping backwards, turning quickly and melting away from the scene. She seemed to surface from the shadow as she reached the back door of her parlor. By the time Nero came out looking for her she was bent over, wheezing from the sudden and unexpected exertion.

2/23/2011 . Edited 2/23/2011 #2
Bleeding Perfection

(Fleur, DO NOT delete OOC conversations on my threads. I reserve the right to bar you from posting in my threads if you do it again.)

2/24/2011 #3
Frances Chafer

(i don't like the direction this is going in...)

2/24/2011 #4
Fleur-de-lis Evans

The police reached the ally rather quickly. And after the man was put into the hospital, and the woman interviewed, a press conference happened immediately. The headline made breaking news.

"Today, on the 200 hundred block, near Cosmic Cafe, a middle-aged man, around six-feet tall allegedly accosted a young woman, who has requested not to be named. However, she did give this statement to police:

"I was using the alley as a short cut. Before I knew it I was against the brick wall at the turn of the wall. I tried to break free, but he pulled a gun and pointed it at my head. Then I was on the ground, my purse torn open. I screamed, and he hit my face. Then he began reaching for my pants. Then, suddenly a voice spoke out of the shadows, claiming that whoever it was hated scum like him almost as much as poorly made Polish sausage. Next thing I know, he's on the ground with a broken arm."

The camera panned to the sign for Cosmic Coffee and the opening of the alley. The anchor stood sideways, pointing down the alley.

There is no information on the person who saved the victim, but whoever it is was identified by the perpatrator as feminine. It is not clear at this time if this woman happened to be in the area on coincidence or if we have yet another vigilante on the street. This case is being pursued, and information will be released as it is discovered. ---

Back to you, Joanne."

Although the broadcast shifted on ABC, other networks were running similar reports from varying angles near the alley, the one common factor: the possibility of another vigilante.

2/24/2011 #5

Name: Jason (no last name)

Alias: Plague (not related to his powers)

Age: 29

Appearance: short, brown hair; green eyes; about 6 feet tall at 164 pounds. Wears a black shirt, blue jeans, and a jacket.

Powers: His hands transfer a foreign, unknown, and unstable energy upon touching something, at his will; he can turn it on and off like a switch. This energy also has strengthened his body, acting as a "shield" of sorts. The effect will be clarified further IC.

Weapons: Two knives in his back pocket, and a Makarov pistol with three spare clips in his jacket.


Jason waited on a bench for his target. He absently remembered that he needed a little money for tonight, otherwise he would be going hungry.

A formally dressed man passed by with a suitcase, taking one look at Jason's rumpled clothes and neutral expression and looking away quickly. Which was nothing new, of course. Jason stood and zipped up his jacket, then walked in the opposite direction of the man. He had stayed around for too long, the woman would probably show up any minute now.

After traveling two blocks, he stopped near a electronics store and peered through the front glass. About a dozen TVs faced him, all of which spoke of the same thing: a video segment about a vigilante, beating the crap out of some punk near Cosmic Cafe. Or Coffee. He had forgotten the name after the video cut back to the alley.

He wasn't too worried about it.

Jason turned away and continued his walk, thinking of what he should do next. He had gone another block before things started picking up. He looked to his left to spot the woman passing by, carrying a bag of groceries and talking on a phone. Someone was bound to try something; she was making it look too easy.

She was the same as she appeared in the photo; blonde, neck-length hair, green eyes at least for the moment, Caucasian. Jason quietly turned and began to follow her, keeping at a distance of about fifteen feet. He unzipped his jacket and took the Makarov off its safety, but left it concealed.

3/15/2011 . Edited 7/2/2011 #6
Tornado Akron
Name: Mandeep (OMG how I miss using him.)

Alias: As of yet, he does not have one.


Appearance: He's tall, about 6'5"; short black hair; very tan; brown eyes; well built with broad shoulders; currently wearing jeans and a fitted black shirt

Powers: He can read minds and (although this isn't exactly a power) he is rather talented at martial arts

Extra info: Mandeep currently is taking pills for an anger management issue. Anybody who used to be a part of the TD site and took part in Super School knows why, for everybody else, maybe you'll find out later, if I feel like including it :P


Mandeep stepped out of his cabin and stared at the forest around him. He took a deep breath and smiled, today seemed to be a promising day.

He took his truck into town, expecting to just spend the day wandering the streets and exploring his new hometown of two weeks.

4/5/2011 #7

(So much for this thread going anywhere lol)

5/20/2011 #8

[Yeah, I'm half-amused and half-sad.... So I'll continue.]

Jason made sure to stay at a distance. If he was right about the woman, a thug wouldn't be a problem. He was unsure if he himself would be a problem. Which was why he merely tailed her instead of taking a more active approach.

He wanted someone else to take the lead, and now it looked like someone would.

Two men approached, exiting from a nearby alley. They'd probably try to drag her back into it once they grabbed her. If they grabbed her. Jason stopped and waited for the event to begin.

6/18/2011 #9

(I'm debating whether to join)

6/23/2011 #10

[I'd recommend it. Though at the moment it'd just be you and me...]

6/23/2011 #11
Bleeding Perfection

(I'm finally joining this one. I'm gonna take a different approach this time, and play different heros. I'm only playing non-origninals, a least for now, and all of them are electrokinetics. I bet you can guess one of them...)

New character 1:

Name: Noriko Ashida [AKA "Surge"]

Fandom: Marvel Comics

Powers: Mutant

Electrical Absorption: absorbs electricity at all times: from static in the air, electrical appliances, outlets, etc (often causing lights to flicker, etc). She can't control the absorption, and thus must wear specifically-designed gauntlets at all times to regulate it.

Lightning Blasts: She can discharge the energy through lightning blasts from her hands or body

Superhuman Speed: ability to channel the energy into bursts of super-speed

Abilities: Speaks Japanese and English fluently, with neither accent in the other language.

Wiki page for reference:


New Character 2:

Name: Misaka Mikoto [AKA "Railgun"]

Fandom: Toaru Majutsu no Index

Powers: Esper

Misaka's power belongs to a type of Power Users called "Electromasters", whose abilities govern electricity. Her maximum power output is 5 billion volts. She is powerful enough to cause city-wide blackouts.

Because of this enormous amount of power, Misaka constantly generates electrical fields that cause sensitive animals such as cats and dogs physical discomfort whenever she is near them; this causes her much sadness, as she is fond of adorable baby animals like most normal girls her age. Also, because of this she can sense anything that approaches her when an object reflects the electromagnetic waves. These are the form of use of her ability as a electromaster.

Railgun: Misaka's nickname, 'Railgun', comes from her ability to fire metal objects at incredible speeds using electricity. Both the anime and manga have stated that Misaka's 'railgun' with arcade coins has a muzzle velocity of around 1030 m/s (2307.2 mph) and that she can fire her 'projectiles' a rate of 8 shots per minute. The projectile she uses are almost always arcade coins, but she claims the coins melt from friction with the atmosphere at around 50 meters, limiting the railgun's effective length there. She can replace the coins with a much larger projectile and yields more power and can travel further than an ordinary Railgun. The name somewhat contradicts the details of how an actual railgun functions, though, as she doesn't use 'conducting rails' in her ability.

Electromagnetism: She can attract ferrous materials and use it to her advantage, such as being able to create a make-shift shield out of scrap metal or walk on walls, attract the iron particles in the ground around her. She normally uses this method to create and gather "iron sand" which she can then control to varying degrees depending on the amount of sand involved. Her control is great enough that she is able to create solid objects and weapons made entirely out of sand for her own personal use. For example, she once created a "chain-sword" in a fight with Touma by not only manipulating the sand into a sword-like shape but by also making the sand particles of the blade vibrate at such a speed as to dramatically increase the weapon's cutting power. She can also instantly change it's shape or formation, such as when she turned her "chain-sword" into a whip-like weapon that presumably still had its chainsaw-like quality. However, its cutting abilities are limited, as shown when her "chain-sword" whip was deflected by Kiyama Harumi's concrete shield in the Railgun anime.

Hacking: Using her electric powers she can hack any electric device and bypass weak security measures such as firewalls with ease. This also enables her to perform acts such as erasing herself from security footage in real time or taking control of Academy City's roving security droids, apparently without requiring any physical contact. She often uses a special device for this as a connection route.

Electro-perception: It has been stated that Misaka can see the electric and magnetic field lines in her environment, unlike her 'sisters' who must use specialized goggles to compensate for their lack of this ability. She also can analyze the reflections of electromagnetic waves she generates and therefore 'see' things all around her as a form of sixth sense.

Flight: Mikoto can fly if she is on a large body of water such as the ocean, using her electric power to induce hydrolysis on the molecules in the air, allowing for her to fly. This ability was only showed on the SS mini-novels bundled with Toaru Majutsu no Index DVD's

Hand To Hand Combat: Though not shown to have received formal indoctrination in Martial Arts like Kuroko and Mii, the experience Mikoto accumulates from her frequent scuffles with delinquents superpowered or otherwise has allowed her to develop a straightforward yet effective personal style of melee combat. Unlike Kuroko, who tends to utilize throws and grappling techniques, Mikoto favors right-crosses into the face and brutal kicks to the midesection, which is usually more than enough to incapacitate her foes. That aside, she is also a competent if unrefined swordswoman when utilizing her electrically conjured iron-sand-sword.

Telepathic defense: Mikoto has been shown to be able to immune the effects of telepathic manipulation via an electric barrier. This was demonstrated against the fifth-ranked Level 5 "Mental Out" in the Railgun Manga, chapter 41.

Abilities: Fluent in Japanese and English, and is ranked the 8th smartest Esper in the world. [Espers are normally students, and are academically monitored.]

Wiki page for reference:

Other: has 20001 cloned "sisters," each with basic, powerful electrical powers. One of them is only half her age, and only has a hacking power that is capable of controlling all 20000 of the other clone sisters. The 20000 main clones refer to themself in 3rd person, calling themselves "MISAKA" in capitals, when written. The younger, hacking clone refers to herself as "MISAKA MISAKA," and generally tends to repeat the 3rd person phrases such as "says" or "replies" twice. [I.E. "MISAKA says MISAKA says."]


New Character 3:

Name: Cole MacGrath [AKA "Electric Man"]

Fandom: inFAMOUS fanchise

Powers: Conduit . . . [Way too many to copy-paste]

Abilities: Versatile in a very fluid and acrobatic form of hand-to-hand or weapon-based combat. He uses a weapon called The Amp, which focuses his electricity, and looks kinda like a giant, exaggerated tuning fork.

Wiki for reference:


New Character 4:

Name: Celeste Morne

Fandom: Star Wars

Powers: She's a Jedi Covenant Shadow. And a very powerful one, at that.

Force telikinesis, obviously, and variations of it, like Crush.

Force persuade.

Dun Moch [A dark side power capable of reducing an enemy to pure uncontrollable rage.]

She also uses the Force to drastically strengthen her blows and give her a slight height advantage, as well.

Besides that, she has the skill and wisdom of the very first Sith, whom she shared a body with for some time, as well as the ability to channel ligtning from her hands. She can also use Sith magic.

Wiki for reference:

7/1/2011 . Edited 7/3/2011 #12
Bleeding Perfection

(Sub-plot: BAM! Outta nowhere. Almost as if... I've been planning this... *GASP*)

"So whatd'ya think?" Cole said, landing softly on the roof of a building. He crouched down and gazed out over the expansive complex below. "You think she's in there?"

Misaka stood to his side, wearing the typical Tokiwadai middle school uniform, a grey plaid skirt, short-sleeved white shirt, and tan vest. The wind lifted the edge of her skirt slightly, revealing her out-of-fashion shorts beneath.

"She's here," Misaka said, "You shouldn't doubt my tracking skills."

"You shouldn't have lost their truck earlier, then," Cole said.

"As if you could have kept up on the highway. Where are the power lines? Nowhere. You'd have to run, and you only run a little faster than a normal person."

"So you're saying you lost my phone number? You couldn't have just followed them yourself and called in the location?"

"Lay off, Electric Man, it's not a big deal. We're here now, and so is Surge. We'll find her."

"Right," he smiled briefly. "So what's your master plan, Railgun, or do we just follow my usual one?"

"You mean 'Charge in, fists blazing?'" Misaka said, groaning inwardly.

"That's the one," He replied, grinning.

"I think not," Misaka sighed, "You're not a one-man show anymore. We need a feasible plan."

"Like, knock out the guards, steal their clothes, and walk in nonchalantly?"

"That only works in comic books."

"Uh-huh..." Cole gave her a wierd look that had something to do with the fourth wall.

Misaka stared out at the complex for a moment, then squatted down next to Cole.

"Alright, here's what we do..." She said. Then she didn't say anything else.

"Gator clip got your tongue?" Cole said.

"Enough with the electricity jokes, they're not funny."

"I think they are."

"Anyway..." She said it over-dramatically, "What we're gonna do is enter from the roof access of that taller building over there-" She pointed at the one that was roughly twice as tall as the rest of the buildings. "-Then knock out and hide anyone who we come across. I can make the security cameras not see us, but we'll still need to watch each other's backs."

"Sounds good from my perspective," Cole said, shrugging.

"And no big explosions," Misaka scolded, "I know how you are about that. If you see anything that makes loud booms, leave it alone."

"Killjoy," Cole said.

"Alright, then, you ready?" Misaka said, standing back up.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Cole said, also standing and shaking loose, just for effect.

[Gotta go soon. Will continue.]

7/1/2011 . Edited 7/1/2011 #13
Bleeding Perfection

MISAKA 00001 took her perch atop a nearby building, peering through her scope and down at Cole and Misaka.

"MISAKA one, come in," Misaka's voice said in her headpiece.

"'This is MISAKA one,' MISAKA says," she replied, "'Go ahead.'"

"I need you to watch the rooftops," Misaka said, "Make sure there's nothing in our way."

"'Weren't you supposed to take care of them?' MISAKA inquires," she asked, pointing her excessively large sniper rifle out at the rooftops.

"That's my point. Tell me where they are. We're going straight for the tallest building."

"'Understood,' MISAKA acknowledges, 'Good luck.'"

"Over and out," Railgun said, slightly exasperated.


"Alright, then," Misaka said, "Let's go."

"Showtime," Cole said, grinning.

He dropped off the side of the building, using static thrusters to slow his fall. He landed lightly on the balls of his feet, looked around, then signaled for Misaka's descent.

She swung herself over the ledge of the building, then used her ability to manipulate magnetism to slide down the vertical wall.

The pair vaulted the high chain-link fence, then went directly for the closest building.

"'There's a sentry on the roof of the adjacent building,' MISAKA advises," their radio squawked, on low volume.

"Left or right?" Cole whispered.

Misaka relayed the message to MISAKA.


Cole jumped up to a second story windowsill and pulled himself higher up the building. In no time, he'd climbed to the crest, peeked over, and zapped the specified guard.

"Clear," he reported, climbing all the way onto the roof.

Misaka ascended the wall, and Cole offered his hand to help her up. She accepted.

"This way," she said, taking off toward the tall building in a sprint.

"Slow down," Cole said, "Didn't you want to take the stealthy approach?"

"Oh..." She said, sliding to a halt, "Right..."

"Try to follow your own rules, okay?" Cole said, catching up and pulling her behind a generator.

"Ask your twin what's at eleven-thirty."

"You heard that?" Misaka said into the radio.

"'Yes,' MISAKA replies, 'Three sentries, distances 200 meters, 300 meters, and 360 meters.'"

"Tell her thanks," Cole said.

"The mic's on always-on, you know..."


Cole peeked around the generator and located the three sentries.

"You take the 200 guy," he said, "I'll get the other two."

"On three," Misaka said.

"Does that mean, 'one, two, three,' or 'one, two, three, go'?" Cole asked, "Because we've messed this kind of thing up before."

"Alright, then three-count, then we go on 'go'," Railgun said.

"Okay, and you go low," He said, "I zapped you last time, cus' we both went high."

"Didn't do nothin'," She shrugged.

"You think missing three targets counts as 'didn't do nothing'?"

"Right... Anyway, I go low, you go high. On go."

"One... Two... Three... Go!"

Together, the pair stepped around the generator, Misaka knelt down on one knee, manipulating the energy field near the sentry at 200 meters, while Cole used his precise aiming to zap the one at 300. An arc of stunning electricity leapt from a ventilation fan to the 200-meter sentry's left, catching him squarely in the head, knocking him unconscious. Cole's first bolt knocked out the 300-meter sentry, and he instantly adjusted to zap the 360-meter sentry.

"That went much better this time," Misaka said, standing up.


"Let's go," She said, running low. She stopped behind a cooling unit about 450 meters up to check with MISAKA.

"Anything up ahead?"

Her radio's power indicator flashed three times. That was MISAKA's code for 'radio silence.' MISAKA would only use that to keep Misaka's position secret.

"Someone's close," Misaka whispered to Cole. She focused on the energy field surrounding her body.

Oh, he was really close.

She pointed to the side and put up two fingers. Two o-clock. She put a finger to her lips, then ducked around the opposite side of the cooling unit, using her electricity to scramble the sentry's headpiece. One brutally efficient kick to the midsection later, he was down, and MISAKA replied on the radio.

"'Got him,' MISAKA reports."

"Thank you, I'm well aware of that," Misaka said.

"Keep moving," Cole said, pushing her toward the taller building.

They encountered no more resistance on their way to the tall building, mainly because they were ten feet away from it. Cole 'sprint-parkoured' up to the top in no time. Misaka took a little longer, seeing as all she had to grab onto was the steel inside the building, and even then only magnetically.

"'One on the roof,' MISAKA warns."

Cole peeked over the top and quick-zapped him.

"I just thought of something," Misaka said, climbing over the ledge, "We should take one of their radios."

"Oh, good thinking," Cole said, turning the unconscious body over. "Here's one." He tossed it to Misaka.

"Onwards," she said, pointing toward the roof access.


[Time for a break.]

7/1/2011 #14
Fleur-de-lis Evans

[Are our super heroes going to meet up at one point? what's your plan for that? or are all of them going to work separately?

7/1/2011 #15
Bleeding Perfection

(I wasn't planning on all of them meeting right away, but I did hope they would eventually meet up. Not all of them, obviously, because superheros don't tend to fight in groups the size of a batallion, but some of them definitely will.)

7/2/2011 #16

Of the two men approaching the woman, the closest elected to reach out and roughly grab the woman by the shoulder, making the first move. Which was also his last.

The woman's response was immediate; dropping both the bag and the phone, she quickly took the offending hand and pushed the palm of her hand against the knuckle of the man's fourth finger, the smallest. Jason heard the pop of the bone breaking from where he stood, about fifteen feet away. The mugger-turned-victim screamed and staggered back, cradling his injured finger. The other mugger stood and stupidly watched his friend as the woman turned and drove a fist into the first man's face. He sank to the asphalt like a stone, now clutching his broken nose with his good hand.

The woman turned and glared at the second man, waiting for him to respond. The man merely went to his friend, helped him up, and walked off without a word. Apparently the smarter member of the pair.

No doubt about it. This was the one. Jason watched them walk out of sight before approaching his target.

She eyed him warily as she picked up the groceries and her phone, facing him. "Oh, great, another one. You want to try your luck, too?"

Jason crossed his arms, unimpressed. "I'm here to talk."

A pause. She wasn't expecting this. "What?"

"I know who you are. And what you used to do. And what you are, now. Alicia Valerie Williams, the hunter-turned hunted. Human turned mutant, by the people you used to kill for a living." Jason smiled as he spoke.

The woman stopped in her tracks. There was no use playing dumb if he knew that much. "You did your homework. So I guess you also know what I can do, right?"

Jason's smile faded, though slowly. "Threats won't get us anywhere. I just want to talk to you."

The irises of Alicia's eyes shifted slowly to a red color; the rods and cones were still visible, though. "I'm not in the mood. #%$# off."

Jason mentally cursed to himself, not liking where this was going. No way he was just going to "#%$# off". He needed answers. And if he had to use force to get them, then so be it. "You're my only lead, so I'm afraid I can't do that," he said.

Alicia set down the groceries, putting the phone inside the bag. Once that was done, she turned to Jason and glared at him with her oddly-colored eyes.


Name: Alicia Valerie Williams

Alias: None

Age: 26

Appearance: Blond, neck-length hair, 5'10" at 140 pounds. Wears a short-sleeved, light blue shirt with jeans.

Powers: Enhanced strength and agility, precognition, hydro-/cryokinesis, pyrokinesis, and a limited ability to distort time/space. There is a chance that her powers can expand. The change in eye color is linked to her powers; the color changes depending on which power she is about to use.

7/2/2011 #17
Bleeding Perfection

Misaka led Cole silently through the complex, descending into the B-levels and following the electrical field lines. Surge unconsciously absorbed electricity from surrounding objects, so the weaker the energy field, the closer they were to her.

Misaka made the security cameras unable to see them, and sneakily led Cole down into the B-6 level, where the energy field was so weak that the lights were very dim and flickered.

"She's close," She said, "Look for holding cells."

It didn't take Misaka very long to find the holding cells. Problem was, the whole hallway was guarded by cell guards.

"I got this," Misaka said, "Be ready."

"Right," Cole said.

Misaka silently reached around the corner and placeds a hand on the bar of the nearest cell, then released a massive amount of electricity, arcing it between the cells and down the hallway, effectively knocking out all the guards.

"Too easy."

The two ran down the hall, looking back and forth into the cells, looking for Surge.

"Misaka!" Cole said, "Here she is."

He was standing in front of a cell with a sort of vault-like door. It had an electronic lock.

"These guys are idiots..." He said, placing a hand on the lock and draining it. The door clicked open and Cole entered, broke the chains tying Surge, and brought her back out.

"Noriko," He said, slapping her cheek. She had apparently been unconscious.

"She has too much electricity, Cole," Misaka said, "She needs to discharge."

"Ah, well that I can do," Cole said, raising a hand over her and draining a large amount of electricity from her until she showed sighns of waking.

She mumbled briefly before opening her eyes, then bolted up into a sitting position, "Cole! What-- Where am I?"

"A new concentration camp for mutants," Cole explained, "The Purifiers created it, and it just went operational today. You're the first prisoner."

"What? How did they get me?" She asked, sounding confused.

"They swarmed us. We had to escape, but somehow they grabbed you in the process."

"D***," She said, standing up, "So what's the plan now?"

"I wanted to blow something up..."

"No, Cole! Stealth only," Misaka said, "We can't blow this one, no pun intended."

"Not while inside," He said, "But what if we zapped the fuel banks as we left?"

"Yeah, that'd work," Noriko said, "The whole facility could go sky-high."

"'The roof sentries are stirring,' MISAKA updates, 'Better hurry,'" Said MISAKA's voice over the radio.

"Fine, but let's get out of here quickly," Misaka said.

"My gauntlets are in the confiscatory," Noriko said, "At the end of this hall."

"I thought you didn't remember anything," Cole said.

"No, I just didn't remember how I got here or where I was."

"Oh, I see."

The trio took off in the direction of the confiscatory, broke in, found Noriko's gauntlets, then took off for the exit, still trying to use stealth to the best of their ability. It wasn't long before the present guards started recieving news of an intruder in the building.

"Blast our way out, now?" Cole said in a safe area, "Or still try to be invisible?"

"It's probably inevitable, but let's try to say quiet until we need to use more firepower," Misaka said, considering the possibilities.

"Alrighty, then..."

The trio didn't avoid confrontation for long, but when they did, they were entirely competent. They eventually fought their way out, rounding the buiilding to the back entrance where the fuel bank was.

"Buh-bye," Noriko said, taking aim at the gas tanks.

Cole let Misaka get the gate open, the took aim at the fuel, defending against Purifiers all the while.

"Now!" He said, ocne the gate was open. He and Noriko zapped the gas tanks together, sparking the fuel and triggering a chain explosion, that began in the tanks area, then spread into the complex. The three didn't wait for the show though. Cole used a pillar of ice to launch himself up onto the high-tention power lines, Surge activated her superseed, and since there was a river nearby, Misaka used that to induce hydrolosis and fly. The three made a speedy escape, as the Purifier complex behind them blew up.

"Whoo, that was fun!" Cole said.

7/3/2011 #18

[I'm unsure how close this explosion is, but here goes. I'll edit if needed.]

Jason watched his opponent carefully, locking eyes with her. "What's with the eye color?"

"You'll find out in a moment." Alicia's lips curved upwards into a smirk. She seemed to stand idly while Jason was more alert, only looking alarmed when a dull roar passed them. It sounded as if something had exploded in the distance.

What...? Jason looked in the direction of the sound, distracted for a split second, when he suddenly felt a wave of heat on his shoulder. He turned back to Alicia, met her gaze, then looked to the tongue of flame slowly growing on his jacket. Pyrokinesis! He turned away and ducked behind a car, breaking line of sight with Alicia as he tried patting down the jacket to douse the fire. Where did that explosion come from?

7/3/2011 #19
Bleeding Perfection

(He wouldn't feel the heat, but he'd definitely be able to hear it and see the resulting smoke/fireball in the distance. I don't have much time, so I'll assume you're gonna change that and go ahead and post.)

Cole, Misaka, and Noriko skidded to a halt in the street. The Purifier complex had definitely gone sky-high.

"So you got your big explosion, are you happy now, Cole?" Misaka said.

"Yes, very," He said.

"'This is MISAKA one,' MISAKA says, 'I am safe, and I will meet you abck at the base,'" Misaka's radio chirped.

"Copy that, MISAKA one."

[You can assume the proximity of this conversation to your characters. It doesn't matter what you choose to me.]

7/3/2011 . Edited 7/3/2011 #20

[The heat was from Alicia's attack.]

Jason looked toward the sky. A cloud of smoke rose in the distance, probably the site of the explosion. Some kind of accident? Or a bomb? Right now, whatever happened wasn't important. He had to stay focused on his opponent.

Speaking of which, Jason peeked over the trunk of the car he was using as cover, peering through the glass of the rear window/windshield. Alicia had stayed where she was, and spotted him looking.

"Planning to hide there forever?" She set her glare toward him, and the glass of the windows began to melt. First the windshield; a hole roughly the size of a human head slowly appeared. Smoke curled away as the section of glass turned a bright orange. Jason felt something scorch his forehead, as if he'd brushed against a hot iron.

"Agh!" Jason immediately ducked back behind his cover. She can do it just by looking at me...

He heard someone nearby talking. The only word he caught was a name, Misaka. That meant nothing to him, so he tuned them out, trying to devise a way to get close to Alicia.

To his left, away from the cover of the car, he saw a section of the asphalt begin to steam and glisten. She's melting the ground...showing off...

7/3/2011 #21
Bleeding Perfection

Cole noticed the woman as soon as she began using her powers, right as she lit fire to that man's clothes. Then a car's windows started to melt, then the ground itself.

"Woah, woah, woah!" He said, running up fearlessly. Maybe a stupid choice... "Do you have any idea how expensive that Mercedes is you're melting?"

7/4/2011 #22

Alicia's gaze snapped immediately to the man that rushed towards her, shouting "Woah, woah, woah!" Did he see what happened? He had to...

"Do you have any idea how expensive that Mercedes is you're melting?" The man continued.

Alicia's irises shifted to a misty gray color, as she used another power. What is this guy planning? Apparently he isn't surprised to see someone with powers. Not only that, but he instantly knew I was doing it...

"And you would be...?" she said.


Jason saw the man move to his target. What the? Who...? He raised one hand, poised to strike the ground if they tried to approach him.

7/4/2011 #23
Bleeding Perfection

"Cole" Cole said, "Now, just calm down. Someone's gonna come out here, see their Benz melted, and flip s***, and then you're gonna have to deal with that."

A pair of eyes peeked through the blinds of a nearby store window, almost as if on cue.

7/4/2011 #24
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Nero scanned the surrounding area for anyone pursuing his friend. It had only taken seconds for the new stations to get a hold of the story and begin twisting Sillhouette into something she wasn't. He had flipped through every news channel cataloging the different angles and details the stations were focusing on. Glancing down at his watch, Nero stood up making his way out the back alley, where he found Bella doubled over and breathing hard.

He didn't speak, just did a quick once over to make sure she wasn't hurt. That when he noticed the slightly darker pattern winding around her hands and forearms. It was a pattern of interlinking lines and squiggles, but he recognized it. It was the first tattoo design Bell had ever created. It was also what marked her as the girl he'd been searching for. One main reason he didn't speak with his family was because he realized they only wanted to know where she was to manipulate her.

"Hey, there's something we need to talk about."

Bell lifted her head focusing on her best friend. She had never heard him be so serious before. "Okay," she said following him inside.

They sat down on the couch in the back room, but before Nero could speak there was another breaking news story.

The news anchor was standing miles away from the general area, but it was clear why there would be panic.

"Today," she said, "a prisoner was broken out of the new prison for mutants. It is believed that it was her rescuers, and the bitter captive, that caused the explosion of the compound's fuel tanks."

The reporter kept talking, moving her mouth, but Nero put the television on mute.

"Mutants?" Bella said raising her eyebrow.

Nero shook his head. "No, humans with extra skills and sometimes super or preternatural powers."

"You're telling me super hero's exist?"

"And you're telling me you didn't just save a woman at least two blocks away from being r*** and mugged without being seen?"

A silence fell between them. Bell locked eyes with Nero. "You mean...all that stuff that happened to me is because I'm..."

Nero nodded. "Don't worry, though. I can help you train so you can use your powers more effectively."

Before they could go on, the bell at the front of the store chimed. "It looks like I've got a customer," Bell said rising and moving toward the parlour. Nero followed close behind, readying himself in case he needed to fight whoever just walked into the store.

[Cue? Maybe Misaka or one of your people heard about the incident I posted at the start of the thread?]

7/5/2011 #25

"I have enough to deal with already," Alicia muttered. He's right, this is attracting too much attention... I wonder if the other man thinks the same. Or if he's going to attack me...

As if on cue, a high-pitched screech of torn metal rang through the street as the Benz suddenly hurtled toward Alicia. She immediately rolled to the side, noticing that the back of the car was shredded, tires, trunk and all.

It wasn't very fast, maybe enough to knock her off her feet, but it obviously wasn't for that purpose. It's a distraction, Alicia thought. She looked ahead to see the man slam his hand into the ground. A loud crack entered her ears, as a chunk of the ground beneath her seemed to explode. It flung her backwards into a mailbox, with enough force to dent the metal.


"It had to get this far, huh." Jason tilted his head to the left sharply, popping the bones in his neck. He repeated it for the right side. "No problem. I'll have to get a little more aggressive..." The air around him shimmered like a heat wave as he built up power.

7/5/2011 #26
Bleeding Perfection

Cole used his gravity-manipulating kinetic pulse power to "catch" the car somewhere along its flight to the woman. He set it down softly, then used a Graviton Burst wave attack on the man.

The effect, if he made contact, would be for the man to go flying, but in slow-mo. He would even hang in the air, roughly twelve times as long, while only being about six feet in the air. The landing would be soft, like landing on a pillow-top matress, but he would feel the electrical tingle.

"Didn't I just say to calm down?" He said.


Noriko watched the proceedings with a deadpan expession, glanging back anf forth between Cole, the woman, the man, and the Benz.

"They are all... Idiots."

"I agree," Misaka said.

"I'm leaving. Seeya back at base." Noriko turned to leave.

"Alright, seeya there. Tell the MISAKAs I'm dealing with Cole."

"Will do."

Noriko turned and walked off down the street, heading toward her old friend's tattoo parlor. She had never needed a tattoo, but she felt like stopping in and saying hi.

The door chimed when she arrived, and she announced herself, seeing as there wasn't anyone in the customer area.

"Bell?" She called, "It's me, Noriko."

7/5/2011 #27

After the car had passed, the man, named Cole, had used some sort of power to stop it in its tracks. At that point, Jason knew this guy would be a problem.

Before Cole had set down the car to make his move, Jason decided to make his own. He raised a field of energy around him as a shield, kneeling down simultaneously and placing both hands on the ground. At the same time that he'd raised the shield, chunks of asphalt around all of the combatants seemed to crumble and fling itself in the air. Cole and Alicia were unharmed, though the pieces might startle them.

It was a defense with two purposes: the first was, obviously, to defend himself; the second was to determine what his opponent's attacks did, if they affected inanimate objects. He didn't doubt it; the man had been able to stop the car.

He noted that Alicia didn't react to the asphalt pieces. She didn't try to protect her eyes. She didn't even flinch or otherwise acknowledge them... As a matter of fact, she moved to dodge the car before I even threw it. Could it be that she has some sensory-type power, along with pyrokinesis?

7/5/2011 #28
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Bell stopped in her tracks. It had been a long time, maybe eight year since she'd seen Noriko. At first, she wasn't sure what to say, but then she moved forward, "Long time no see," she said.

Nero leaned against the counter watching the proceedings. Noriko had powers, that much he could tell. But, he hadn't remembered hearing Bell talk about a Norkio, ever. And he'd known her almost his whole life. Or at least he thought he had.

"What brings you to the neighborhood?" Bell asked motioning toward the back stair case. She moved passed Noriko flipping the sing to 'Closed.' She had a feeling things were going to go a bit more unexpected than they had already.

7/6/2011 #29
Bleeding Perfection

"I was in the area," Noriko said, "Hey, did you see that explosion a while ago?"

7/6/2011 #30
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