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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Here is where the chat from the various threads goes from deleted chat posting. EVERY RPG should have ONE Post, until the thread makes it to page two. Anyone can start cleaning up threads, as long as you are reading through EACH thread from page one so you know how the question and answers work In Thread.

Follow this format:

QUESTION: [text]

ANSWER: [text]

From now, February 10th, 2011 at 11:34 P.M. all threads are open for clean up. Keep in mind to check this thread, which is why it's flagged. Since anyone can update MAKE SURE to use this thread for Question and Answer instead of clogging the other threads. Also ALL threads that clog story, repeat posts in an unneeded fashion will be deleted and/or combined into other posts.

~ Fleur

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Fleur-de-lis Evans


Ryan: 1) there's no point in surviving scientists looking for a cure in this thread right? Since you made it plain that they have no memories, no soul, etc. If so then they're nothing more than walking corpses. Animal-like humans. Rendering all research useless.

Alex: Untrue. Although many scientists are now zombies {which leaves them incapable of research} surviving scientists will still be looking for cures, or rather an anti-virus immunization for the living or to kill the Undead. Only the virus keeps them... 'alive' so killing that virus with an antivirus and getting that antivirus airborne would be a major blow. But no, that will likely not happen in this RPG. Maybe at the end, after 20+ years in-game, or something; maybe

Ryan: 2) I'm pretty sure zombies can "reproduce" only by biting human victims right? no sexual reproduction? in that case, if there's a cure that will at least keep humans from getting infected then ultimately the zombies will just die off.

Alex: Only by biting. Blood to blood contact does not work, do to the very congealed nature of zombie blood. Also, sexual reproduction has been proven false for both zombie/zombie and zombie/human pairings. Again, chance of a cure is almost nil. But the point of this is having our characters survive long enough for the zombies to die off.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans


1) What condition is Addison in during the start of the thread?

She could collapse out of the house, where they'd just escaped. She is strong, but weak at this moment... especially since she's just escaped one of Dread's greatest works.... or not

2) What is Addison, in terms of species?

She is 1/2 shapeshifter, 1/2 vampire but now 1/3 Shape Shifter, 1/3 Vampire and 1/3 werewolf.

3. Where does the RPG take place?

Northern Scottland. Think of the movie "Brave Heart" It's closer to the high plains than it is to forests. Tundra. Some brush. But nothing grows over maybe 20 feet.

4. So does Gilchrist's power alter reality?

Just perception of reality.

5. What does the Estate look like and where is it?

There is only the one road leading north from the pub, and it passes through a four foot stone wall with a stout steel gate and guard booth at the point where the road passes through the wall. On either side of the wall are thorn bushes and a moat, making the effective height of the wall closer to 8 feet, and it's difficult to reach the wall to climb it.

Also near the gate is a tall round towe.


- Arem: Addison and Conner

- Mongoose: Antonious now Aaron, Monk Ghilchrist, Monk Edward

- Abiz: Scott

- Chris: Dragon boy

- Haley: Cassie, Vincent, & Vella

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Character Development I- Morica94 (GM)

1. Why would the lights be off in the office building and the city?

The funding is poor and most of the electricity is cut off or allowed minimally. Also many of of the lights are artificial and poorly maintained.


Morica: Ronald Stiles & Johnny Kirk

Rebecca: Cathleen Tirenagel, Apollo Westen, & Johnathan Pitkin

Haley: Pyxis & Vela

Mongoose: Aaron

Abiz: Drak

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Fleur-de-lis Evans


1. In this game, if someone is already possessed, say, by the Spirit of God, are they still susceptible to possession by the Wicked? Are they susceptible to magical attacks, spells, incantations etc.?

They are still influenced by the Wicked, but in the case you stated will have a resistance factor. Like temptation.

2. Do we have to do the whole Name: Age: Descritpion: thing?

Yeah, start with a bio.

3. Can I continue as Em? Do I have to age 10 years? Or what? Cuz we never finished up getting the Wicked out of Em with Shelby's help.

Yeah, please use Em. But in my Novel, she's evil again, so please make her controlled by Wicked, if it's not too much trouble.

4. What is the time line of this story?

This is advanced by 10 years.

5. what are your plans for this character?

Actually I created Kallien back on the original "WAC" RPG for a sub-plot involving an assassination plot for Kaori. You remember her? Animeguy dissapeared, so I control his characters now: Dr. Tomoe, Kaori, and Joe, who was ressurected as a cyborg with Wicked powers.

6. is that even possible?

I remember perfectly: Em's specific Wicked power [from back on TD] was healing and physical attacks.

7. What do i have to do now then?

Em commands a squardron of the Scorpia Troopers. So Ripper told Em to go to her squadron.

8. How does the Wicked work?

Ripper is the most powerful Wicked user ever known. Talia may be able to resist his control, granted, but will never be totally free from him, unless she gives up the power to control Wicked. Wicked is directly linked to Ripper, and anyone who uses it is subject to mind control and/or invasion from Ripper... They always can control themselves, but their mind is twisted to Ripper's will.

When someone receives the Wicked they lose their original powers. That's what the Wicked does. But the Wicked also gives a random power which may be similar to or even the same as the original power.

9. What is Talia's relation to the Dark City?

Talia actually worships Ripper and will serve him of her own will. I'm thinking her mother was in the city before it got destroyed and sent her to live with her sister. anyways Ripper is like Talia's idol.

10. What about Aaron and his friends?

Let's assume that Aaron's men are trained in non-lethal hand-to-hand combat. I know how you don't like to RP killing.

11. What's a Synth magazine?

Synth is short for synthetic; the clip for the gun uses the same regeneration technology as Sentinel armor. The bullets are regenerated inside the clip to reduce the need for reloading. Using a fully charged Synth magazine, Nick would be able to fire a gun for almost ten minutes straight without having to reload. A Synth magazine looks like a normal clip for a gun, but there is an infinity symbol on the bottom and the side to denote it.



The center of the hardwood floor.

Shelby was the first to notice Ripper Kurisu sitting in the chair, legs propped up on the desk. He wore a black trench coat, and black dress pants. Large black and red dragon-esque wings stuck out of his back, and his black hair partially covered the black voids of his eyes. All in all, a lot of black.

Immediately the three girls took a fighting stance.

"Ah, Shelby Clark," Ripper said, "So nice of you to join me. And I see you brought friends."

The demon's eyes fell on Cayesta.

"And you," he said, regarding his old apprentice, "You have failed me."

"I don't work for you anymore," she replied.

"Oh, you would be sadly mistaken to believe that, young one. Just ask Emily Rothell."

An auburn haired girl walked up to Ripper's desk from somewhere behind the trio. She wore black skinny jeans, and a shirt with a picture of a stick man falling over and block letters reading, "It takes skill to trip over flat surfaces." An iPod touch was sticking part way out of her right pocket, and a white pair of Skullcandy earmuff headphones covered both of her ears.

Her eyes were fully red.

"Em!" Shelby gasped, "But… Me and Allen healed you!

"Once Ripper's, always Ripper's," Em replied, "You couldn't change that even if you rebuilt me from ashes."

Ripper formed a teepee with his hands and grinned wickedly.

"The same can be said for Cayesta here," Em said, gesturing to the blonde Faeri.

"What!?" Kallien said, "No!"

"Oh, yes," Ripper chuckled, "So very yes indeed. Cayesta will always be a member of Scorpia Corp. It's in her… Soul."

Ripper pointed two fingers at Cayesta, and Wicked suddenly began swirling around her. It sliced into her from all directions, entering her body from fresh cuts dug deeply into her flesh. Cayesta screamed, then fell to her knees. Blood ran down her body and pooled on the floor. For fifteen scream-filled seconds, Wicked was poured into the girl, until finally she didn't scream anymore. The Wicked finally finished flowing into her, and she slowly stood to her feet. The dark force brimmed at her cuts and slowly closed them. She turned to face Shelby and Kallien.

Her eyes were once again pure red.

"Cayesta, no!" Kallien cried, tears welling up in her eyes.

Ripper chuckled evilly from behind his desk. He made eye contact with Em and said, "Kill them."

"Yes sir," she replied, running forward and drawing a gray kunai throwing knife. She launched it at Shelby, who rolled out of the way. The blade stuck firmly in the far wall. Em quickly drew another kunai and slashed at Shelby, who ducked the blade and countered with an uppercut. Em didn't even flinch when the blow connected firmly with her chin. She turned the kunai around in her hand and punched Shelby across the jaw.


Chris: Joe, Shelby, Ripper, Jade

Haley: Talia, Tobias, Sylvie and Sariah.

Alex: Andrew, Allen and Chelsea

Addison: Margo and Sapphira

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Fleur-de-lis Evans


12. What is a Tactical I-Pad and how does it work?

They do everything an electronic device ever could, all wrapped up into one. They are waterproof, heat resistant, shock-proof, and have a bettery life of 24 hours under constant use. They have built-in sonar and sonar disruptor, call system programmed with the phone numbers of Shelby and all her captains, internet, x-ray camera for looking through walls, infared for dark rooms, flashlight, disk drive compatible with blu-ray, and 60,000 volt taser, among the more important functions. That's an extra ten-thousand volts compared to a regular taser. Allen could probaby use that to heal himself. It also does games, for more boring moments. It does pretty much everything that could ever be wanted of a tactical device, so if there's anything you think it should have that I haven't yet mentioned, just assume that it does that, too. It's pretty much the same size as the iPad, and it has a less-rounded shape. They come in gunmetal grey. Imagine it looking like that, for reference.

13. What was Aaron's mission?

To fight Joe and the Central AI, along with Joe's Scorpia Troopers command.

14. Who is fighting who in the upcoming battles?

Shelby vs. Talia

Aaron vs. Joe

Allen vs. Central AI

Kallien vs. Jade

15. What is Allen up against with his team?

A massive humanoid cyborg-ish creature, easily sixty feet tall and weighing over twenty tons, is situated in the center of a massive room. A bridge leads out to his midsection and ends in a large computer nodule. The AI's midsection is at ground level, his legs descending into a gigantic tech pit, and his upper body surrounded by huge hologram data readouts which direct telipathic communications between Joe, Talia, Jade, and Emily, and their troops. The Scorpia Trooper's AI control is spearheaded by the Central AI's main control system, which is sufficient to control over 200 million soldiers at a single time. The Central AI himself has the ability to generate "temporary" battle AIs into the physical world in order to vanquish any physical threat which poses danger toward the functioning of both Central and the Scorpia Troopers. Temporary battle AIs last only a few minutes, but posess extreme agility and swordsmanship skills. Many are trained in Bushido, and will not attack an enemy from behind. They always announce their presence to their foe before attacking. Alex, please be sure to include this information in the battle between Allen and Central, and remember that Allen needs to shut down Central before destroying him. Also remember that you have complete control of Central, which also means Central's temporary battle AIs. Make it creative and interesting. Shouldn't be a problem for you, though.

16. Is there some way Talia could communicate to Shelby that she'd be willing to be a spy without Ripper knowing about it?

Well Ripper can read his subject's minds, so if Talia can figure out how to tell that to shelby without thinking or using her mind to say or show it, then it would work. Think of it as Talia "thinking" with her instinct instead of her brain.

17. Which one of it going to come out stronger in this battle, Bleeding?

I was gonna have Shelby win, and Talia was going to live. Shelby doesn' want to kill anyone besides Ripper. She knows that he is the only True evil in the Dead City.) The moment that Talia loosed mixed attacks against her, Shelby transformed her body into its Laser form, while still retaining her human appearance. To Talia, it would appear as though she was exactly the same, but beacuse of the laser, made impervious to the elemental attacks. Also, if someone were to touch Shelby at that moment, their hand would be burned. She noticed that Talia's powers were losing strength. The wind beneath her feet began to fluctuate, as signs of her powers beginning to wane. She was losing control. Unless she could regain control quickly, her powers would fail, and she would fall many hundreds of feet to the Earth's surface below. She didn't have the ability to fly on her own, unlike Shelby. This fight was already over

18. Where are Margo, Sapphira, and Allen...?

Margo and Allen left the infirmary (page 28) to go to their rooms. As far as I know Sapphira is still in the infirmary resting from her serious battle wounds.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans


1. How do i make a character from mine? She wears colorful socks & Converses?

I didn't do anything like that. What I did for Bleeding was just always refer to him in first-person and present-tense. I never included what he looked like, because nobody will ever see the true him, and what he looks like really isn't important anyway. In most cases, you're supposed to play as your avvie. So your char i guess would wear rainbow socks and con'z

2.What is your character, Chris?

My character is a non-existant being called a "Nothing." They are Ethereal beings with no soul, meaning that when they die they're just gone. No heaven or hell for them, and they are extremely powerful.

3. Are we able to have special abilities in this RPG?

That's encouraged, in fact. Please make them have powers

4. Do we still have that agreement where I can take over your character at any time? Remember when I used the power of the Nothing to revive him? Back on TD?

Of course

5. Are most people dead? How big was this explosion?

Yes most people are dead, but several hundred thousand to a few million are zombie-like creatures with immense strength, if you were a normal human. Not so tough if you have powers. This explosion is really nuclear Armageddon, every nuclear warhead in th world was launched at one time. So really big and world wide.

6. Your character is an espada, correct?

He's not....my Avvie pic was before but I changed it to the guy u see now

7. Explain the underground cult you were talking about earlier?

t's not a cult. It's an entire underground world beneath the surface of the earth. Its inhabitants are entirely unaware of the surface's destruction. Oh and it has access to the underwater lost city of Atlantis. the main entrance to the Underground World is in Moscow. There are other entrances in the major cities around the world.


- Yerathiel: Yerathiel

- Chris: Nothing

- InzlKett: Inzel Kett

- Fleur: Mother Earth and Lazuli (Dark Lazuli)

- Agent: Fae

~ Note: Radiation sickness is generally associated with acute exposure. Nausea and vomiting are usually the main symptoms.The amount of time between exposure to radiation and the onset of the initial symptoms may be an indicator of how much radiation was absorbed, as symptoms appear sooner with higher doses of exposure. The symptoms of radiation sickness become more serious, and the chance of survival decreases, as the dosage of radiation increases.

~ Note: A few symptom-free days may pass between the appearance of the initial symptoms and the onset of symptoms of more severe illness associated with higher doses of radiation. Nausea and vomiting generally occur within 24–48 hours after exposure to mild (1–2 Gy) doses of radiation. Headache, fatigue, and weakness are also seen with mild exposure.

~ Note: Moderate (2–3.5 Gy of radiation) exposure is associated with nausea and vomiting beginning within 12–24 hours after exposure. In addition to the symptoms of mild exposure, fever, hair loss, infections, bloody vomit and stools, and poor wound healing are seen with moderate exposure.Nausea and vomiting occur in less than 1 hour after exposure to severe (3.5–5.5 Gy) doses of radiation, followed by diarrhea and high fever in addition to the symptoms of lower levels of exposure. Very severe (5.5–8 Gy of radiation) exposure is followed by the onset of nausea and vomiting in less than 30 minutes followed by the appearance of dizziness, disorientation, and low blood pressure in addition to the symptoms of lower levels of exposure. Severe exposure is fatal about 50% of the time.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Vampire et al. (GM - Valentine)

1. Where is Justice/Hollow? All I read was that he was thrown to the side then taken somewhere by Cassie? Is he with the group, or did they ditch him?

Morgan transported herself, malachi, and addison out of the room.

Justice/Hollow was left by the wall so Cassie transproted them, first to the room were Mariella/Apollatia (they are the same person) was and then all three of them were transproted to the woods surrounding the estate. Jusice/Hollow is sitting somewehre in the woods.

Cassie was transported to a place of her ancestors and is currently removed from the fighting. Apollatia and Vincent are aiding Malachi, the soliders, and Morgan as archers and other various combatants.

2. I'm afraid I need clarification. Which of these actions from the elitepair squadrons relate to my PCs? Please keep in mind that both Morgan and Malachi's sniper are under cover and thus can not be seen by anyone on the castle roof. Thanks.

My NPC snipers are shooting at your NPC soldiers, or whatever they are. Your NPCs, to be simple. How many of them are there, again? It's been a while.

And "cover" doesn't mean they can't be seen, necessarily. A vampire that leads a squadron of elite soldiers wouldn't even need to see your snipers to know they were about to shoot. Plus, I haven't delved completely into Seulvya's powers. She's a firepower vampire, and can use her sense of touch to track things with heat, basically a three-dimensional mental infrared radar. Her fire is actually closer to just heat manipulation, but it turns into visible flames at a high enough level. I'll edit my post to fit.

3. what do I reply to here?

I believe that Valerian and Ariella are speaking about what their actions should be for the revolt, possibly causing a jail break distraction before the massive break out. Earlier we had discussed that Valerian and Ariella would escape together to whatever location Keira had in mind.

I think that Valerai and Marwean need to have some sort of consummation so that they both live. At least that is what I gathered from page 17.

~ RPG Notes:

Alex: Hammon

Chris: Alucard/ Vincent Valentine, Galatian Beast, Death Gigas, Hell Masker, and Chaos/ Vampire Queen (Catarina)/ NPC Soldiers/ Elitepair - Seulvya and Trylen

Valentine: Anastasius/ Justice/ Hollow/ 1 other Hollow/ 2nd Hollow (deceased)/Akabara "Red Rose" Strauss

Haley: Cassandra Trian, Mariella/Apollatia Tiran/ Vincent/ Leonardo Ana'san

Mongoose: Morgan, Anthony (deceased), Malachi/ NPC Soldiers

6/22/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #8

Is this a good place to respond to items included in above posts in this thread? I didn't see the original from which the above post was pasted.

I understand your assertion, Bleeding, about your PC's powers in Vampires. However, you have not posted any of that IC, so I'll continue to assume that my sniper remains unseen by your PCs. When/if you do post their use of their powers to spot or otherwise locate him, I'll accept and respond to that.

6/22/2011 #9
Fleur-de-lis Evans


(1) Will any of the other worlds mentioned possibly be, say, the Other World of Dekker's making?

Sure. Roush, black bats, even vamps and were creatures are welcome in the story. The disease? Albinos might be surprised to find those who have not drowned are also without the disease, but that'll just make it interesting. I think, though, that scabs should remain scabs in this story.

And I think, unsaved men and women who enter the Other Earth, would start succumbing to the disease... maybe. Seeing as the disease seems to permeate the air. Or we could just have them not affected whatsoever, depending.

(2) - A. I'm interested as well. You said that sometimes people with strange machines show up? Would it be okay if that person was a strange machine?

I'm a little uncomfortable with machine characters in this world, but they aren't against any rules, stated or otherwise. So I propose that you bring them in to find that only the simple machines parts function, but not the electrical. Same concept as firearms not working. I'm just nixing those two things for the sake of maintaining the fantasy feel.

(2) - B. If I were to add her, though, her powers would be significantly reduced to a level more managable by other players and characters. Her 'magic' wouldn't be conventional magic, per se, but instead a physical output of her internal power source, which is basically my insurance policy that ensures her powers are not evil or religiously based, so that it would work on Christians and make it a fair fight. From my POV, if a Christian were immune to magic, it would make them have a vastly unfair advantage in a fight, which is why Machina's magic wouldn't be 'witch or wizard' type, but instead electronic. This would make a sparring match potentially fair and more fun.

As for Christians having an unfair advantage, that's life. It's also typical for heroes to have some kind of advantage. In the past I said that magic won't work on Christians, and Christians wouldn't call on God in battle. Even if they did He would not help them unless the battle were against the demonic, so the advantage becomes a mute point. If a christian fights another PC they'd be limited to the physical.

(3) Chris Silverstein character, who would be the same as Machina, although also part human. He doesn't use magic, but he can use special conducting parts within his body to manipulate fire. Again, his powers would be reduced to a managable level if I were to add him.

I'm sure. You might be able to fit them into some other thread. But in this one I want only what can be explained using either magic, the miraculous, regular physics or the kinds of mechanics available before the renaissance. That does allow for clockwork. Thanks.

(4) What if, later in the story, the interdimentional room brought them in somehow?

Bleeding, bring them in whenever. Just have them dealing with loss of power.

(5) Does the kind of magic uses change the effect it would have on Christians? Like summoning circle-witchcraft magic obviously wouldn't work, but what about something more PHysical, like Eragon's magic, which is just a redefinement of his own energy? Or would that fail againsta Christian, too?

For the purpose of the story someone could use magic on something around the Christian, and that something could affect the Christian. So elemental magic could work against them. But spells and enchantments against the Christian themselves would be ineffective. Voodoo wouldn't work.

(6) And would Christians be unable to use magic, even magic that's not inherently evil? Because, I believe that in fiction, in a different world where magic or superpowers were prevalent, there is a chance that God actually could have given them, as He can do anything. Or are we sticking to the more realistic idea of normal human Christians with access to God's protection?

Now, as for Christians using magic, what's to prevent them other than the fact that it represents disobedience to God and distrust of Him to care for them? But that could be part of their character arch, certainly. I would suggest, however that God might be less responsive to a believer who used magic. Again, that would be up to the writer. But a case in point: Moses when God told him to speak to the rock, and he hit it instead. Witchcraft. God still gave them water but He punished Moses.

(7) And what about different species? Could they be Christians, even though they aren't human? Like elves, or dwarves, or a humanoid animal? Those with sentience, I mean.

Anyone can be of any faith regardless of species. How any PCs faith works is up to the writer. A good novel that deals with this question is "Summa Elvetica" the PC has to go to the nation of elves and determine whether they have souls and can be saved. He finds one elf who is a believer and forsook his powerful magic when, 1. He saw how destructive it could be, and 2. He met a Christian missionary who convinced him. There's a mini novel at the end of the book that tells the story. The missionary submits to a demonstration battle between a demon summoned by the elves and himself. The demon uses the usual attacks of the enemy and the missionary uses the Word of God, ultimately humiliating and banishing the demon. He then walks through the circle of protection that was supposed to keep both combatants within. Point being, the power of the Christian in this story really just puts them on a par with everyone else, but anyone can be a Christian.

(8) I don't get why the rules are like this, since real, or fatasy, inns like this would have an abundance of both. In fact, including them brings in character development and consequences.

As someone who wants to honor Jesus I have a problem with alcohol and tobacco, much like I have a problem with PDAs and Violence. There have to be limits to these things. If you want a PC to be drunk or high, okay, but it won't be on substances obtained in my establishment. If you want a PC to die, okay, but keep the graphic level down. I don't want to see guts, and only a little blood. As for sexuality, nothing they didn't show in 50s Disney movies. Some of those are pretty graphic, actually. The PCs might do horrible things, and you can state that they do them, but I don't want graphic descriptions of their actions, and I'll not be okay with them happening in the Inn. I do hope that's reasonable. If it's not, just keep in mind that it's a criteria of the stories I moderate.

(9) I take it Fred is still searching for Bleeding's PC?

He doesn't know their names, but he's searching for four people who's general profile he's developed, working with the intel his people and he himself collected in the past. Of course I have to put that IC, also. So the answer is yes. Right now I imagine he's closest to Malachi, but I'm not clear on where Holt is at the moment, so he might be near Holt as well. I have NO idea where Shichi is, but I'm assuming he left the Inn, so I'm leaving his part of the story open until Bleeding posts.

(10) Anyone got a plan for a quest that would bring four warrior/woodspeople together?

Perhaps there is a feud between two rulers of the kingdom,? Perhaps they are enlisted to find and bring the rightful ruler to the throne. On the way, Ashala can find out that the object she is supposed to steal, and the man she might need to kill, are connected to this ruler. That would take care of her side-quest and begin to reveal details about her origin.

(11) Why is there only one country on all of whatever continent this takes place on? Either there's an empire I'd want to overthrow, or this is Australia [or a similar country]. I don't think this is Australia. And Holt is from the far north, quite a long distance between there and where he is now.

For the purposes of this story there must be several countries, but the story itself will take place, at least primarily, in the one they're in right now. We should name it, I suppose. Let's say it is Ashala's native country. I gather Holt is from some other part of the world, and it's clear that Shichi is from somewhere far away. Let's say that Malachi is a citizen of this same country, but has remained on the frontier most of his life and avoided any obligation to the central political authority. He hasn't said so yet, but he's a sort of knight of one of the churches, which has its own political power that it wields in a subdued way in conjunction with the civil government. He's like an early Knight Templar of sorts.


~ Mongoose:Malachi, Frederich

~ Haley/Fleur:Ashala Mega - Given Name: Mariah Tannigan

~ Alex:Garren Holt

~ Chris:Machina Deus & Christopher Silverstien

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Post Post Apocolypse (Mongoose GM)

1.Superhuman characters are allowed, right?

Not powerful superpowers, I think. Like, no Cole from inFamous powers. Maybe something like static discharge from Bioshock, max, something that seems just a step above human. Powers are only available after a while into the game, too, probably, given that this is the very beginning of an RPG.

2. As for availability, I'm guessing you mean they develop over time?

Beneficial mutations/implants/origin/or whatever Mongoose chooses could all influence that. These would not be apparent as a power immediately in the RPG, though, but it depends on how the game goes and what is allowed. Likely, with the special origin for certain PCs that I suggested, these would start with skills, developing into more over a long time, as with beneficial mutations.]

3.How are towns in this world set up?

This is an average set up, and style for nicer and bigger towns like parts of New Vegas. Rather shantytownish: And this is the more popular variety of towns, rather run down concrete remains style, with plenty of sheet metal to 'reinforce it'. Behind the guys fighting, that is:

4. Are there any forms of civilization left or is it just waist land?

The northern compound is a place of civilization. They've developed, re-developed, reverse engineered, or just kept technology from before, as well as new things. They are very secure in the high mountain valley. I'm thinking modern concrete bunker motif for the entrance, but then a spacious, more comfortable atmosphere inside, as much as possible for an ultra-secure compound. They've got the institutions; education, government, religion, economic exchange, etc. Life's peachy there, which is why they don't do much outreach.

5. Are electronic advances allowed?

This is the wrist computer I mentioned, absolutely stolen: . As you can see, that's the Map and GPS mode switched on the screen, though there are many others. It's call a PIPboy [Personal Interface Processor]. This is a screen monitering your health after some damage: and what it looks like normally for health: . Also, a random list of what the item catalogue screen looks like: , tiger print nighties are apparently naughty nightwear. Go figure. And just for fun, the skill list, even though that would only apply in a video game: Fun fact, they use a biometric seal to latch onto the user's arm, and can only be removed by the owner. And once again, if stealing outright is a bad idea {sorry if that sounds dumb, I'm really tired}, then there are a number of ways we could make that idea unique.

6. Visions?

Cassie, who appeared in Character Developement I has visions from God or the Higher Power. Mostly the visions tell her who she can help.

7. What kind of post-apocalyptic humans are we dealing with?

The feral mutant Aidan fought was mostly a bigger form of a feral ghoul, which are humans who become extremely grotesque and lose their minds due to radiation; which is not spreadable. That, and there are normal ghouls who are rational and intelligent, who, regardless of how your characters want to treat them, are still people; good for determining CD and morality, though.

8. It depends on one thing. Is there an establishment in the valley? A house or hut or hanger, ruins, a tent or some form of shelter?

Let's say there is, at the least, a hunter's cabin that they would stop over at for a night or two while traveling elsewhere.

9. - A. I'm curious as to who the military elites served, since there isn't really a standing nation/state, much less a standing military in this post-post apocalyptic world.

As with all my characters, I have full backgrounds for Cassie and Vince. I have their story planned out (for later use) and am taking portions of their already worked out story and using them in the RPS.

9. - B. One, it's possible that a former tribe, with the best, or worst, intentions could have emerged from a Vault [different than an Ark]/cave or several and have started trying to form a nation/state. Succeeding isn't likely, though, at least without some help. We should come into that much later, though. As for military, the Brotherhood of Steel could work, a collection of very secret, former military men focused on secrecy and technology; which at this point is probably indecipherable from a religion.

In short - Cassie and Vince comes from a plot line in my head that involves the U.S. breaking down and they were raised on a military base. Then, investigating Cassie's life, they went to Europe and ran into a group that contained military elites. I am going off the idea (like in their plot) that they have just returned from Europe to the broken "United States."


Mongoose:Tony/Malachi: Has amnesia, however he is a Vampire giving him near immortality, quick healing ability (when he drinks the blood of the Nazarene), and he can be revived, if he's given the Nazarene blood within three days of his death. He can recall 50 years although he only looks about 25-30.




Fleur:Cassandra Tyrriani: Has visions (from a higher power (that can mean God)) but she's always had them so it isn't a super power effect from the bombs.

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