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Alexander Starkiller
Holt sat cross-legged near enough to the fire. He declined the meat, he had his own food, and decided to check the water. A quick taste revealed it to be unsanitary but non-lethal, even so he left it alone for now. He went just outside the nook and packed his canteen full of snow, heating it to water by putting it near the fire for a small while. He glanced at the woman, seeing if she had taken Malachi's food, or wanted water. He didn't bother offering different food because, while he'd share just fine, if she wanted food she could take Malachi's.
3/8/2012 #91
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Ashala stepped over the ditch boundary settling herself on an inclined the provided a good look out position. She nodded toward Malachi taking a small portion of his offering. Then she said, "I think we should consider our next move. We have given our words to finish this quest. However, getting the item will be, as it had already proved, a difficult task."

She then addressed Malachi directly. "How long have you been hunted? And if your pursuer has some affinity for finding you we may need to come up with ideas for evasion, which will make our task even more difficult."

3/25/2012 #92
Malachi nodded.

"It's hard to remember not being hunted. Even before Frederick came on the scene I was hunted back at the abby; mostly training. A thing my friends and I did to test ourselves and each other. But Frederick's been after me nigh 10 years now. Sometimes he gets close, but if I go to ground he can't find me. Been captured a couple of times. Escaped."

He looked at his hands, turning them over. They were entirely healed from the damage they'd taken in the process of his escapes.

"The greatest challenge will be getting past him. He doesn't know where we are now, and he's only a marginal tracker, but he's smart. He'll figure out what we're after, and his superiors will probably send him to guard it anyway. I might serve as a diversion, then. Let the two of you get in while I draw him off.

He frowned, sighing a little. It grew tiresome at times. He'd like, almost, to challenge the other man to a duel and settle it all. But that would accomplish nothing.

3/28/2012 #93
Fleur-de-lis Evans
Ashala raised her eyebrow. "I'm thinking that we'd be able to enlist some help on this. I mean, I've got some resources." She glanced up double checking their security. "However, it's imperative I don't get caught stealing."

She tapered off casting a look at Holt. "What about you? Have any ideas?"

3/29/2012 #94
Alexander Starkiller
Holt had kept quiet the entire time, thinking over the ideas they came up with, and ones that popped in his head. He couldn't just kill the man: Holt was sanctioned to do so, and the man wasn't necessarily evil or a criminal. Plus he was in another country and he didn't want to create an international incident. They could frame him for a crime, get him in jail, at least for awhile; he'd offer that if they asked. Diversion was always an option, as Malachi offered...

And then they did ask. But more importantly, "You better be careful, Ashala, as if I found out I'd feel compelled to stop you. If I didn't know, I couldn't do anything about it, and I can't punish you for it, just so you know. Lack of jurisdiction about the latter, pragmatism for the former. Anyway, diversion always works, but I doubt both of you are capable of the stealth it would take to sneak off after a diversion was created--enough to be completely invisible to tracking--, be it a distraction, false trails, or anything similar. Though it would probably buy us time. We could also frame him for a crime, get him in trouble someway. While that would *definitely* only buy us time, it will cause a lot of frustration to our tracker, which will help," he explained.

4/5/2012 #95
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Ashala cased out their surroundings with barely a noticeably flick of the eyes. She addressed the concern in Holt's tone. "I said I can't get caught stealing. There are plenty of ways to infiltrate the property, and that can be done in relative safety." She regarded him with a serious expression on her face. "I, sir, can hold my own among the elites."

She thought on Malachi for a few minutes. "And, if need be, I can send a line to my contacts in the Rogue community to provide a save location for Malachi to go. The Rogues will protect those who have the trust of one of their own. And, will be willing to pull a ruse is need be."

She considered how they were to evade the trackers. "As for the trackers," she said. "I believe we can set a trap for them, if we figure out a way to create doubles. There's powers in numbers, and rogues don't mind, at least the ones I know, fighting for the sake of providing aid. And, I believe our quest is the biggest aid we can do for the country."

She tapered off feeling fatigue overtake her. It had been months since she had adequate rest and sleep. The words spoken to her, before she was attacked and met up with Holt echoes again. Whatever was that supposed to mean?

4/10/2012 #96

Hmm. A little blood trail on the way on the way to the inn; she had glanced down and barely seen it. The few splotches probably had a story to go along with them, but she wasn't particularly interested at the moment. If the opportunity to sate her slight curiosity presented itself, then she'd see about it, otherwise she was sticking to her original plan, which was...


The elf ran a hand through her auburn red hair, rubbing behind one of the pointed ears characteristic of her race, as she thought about it. She didn't truly have a plan; didn't need a solid one at the moment. She'd caught a bounty yesterday, got paid for it, went on her way. Perhaps a little rest would be in order, maybe some time to herself as well. The medium she had brought was a small, thin blanket, folded crisply until it became the size of a small plate, and then tucked into the waist of her armored leggings and hidden under the dark, long-sleeved shirt she wore. Unless someone happened to try looking beneath the shirt (and perhaps got injured in response), the chance that they would notice something off was minimal. Though they weren't likely to try that once they noticed the sword strapped diagonally across her back, the hilt coming over her right shoulder.

Ireth Séregon pushed through the entrance of the inn and stepped inside, glancing down at another drop of blood before mentally shrugging and heading over to a main table, looking for the barkeep. She plucked coins from her pouch and set it on the table in front of her, seeming to think to herself intently about something before pushing the currency over to the first person that could take an order, and asking for two things: a drink, and a room. Didn't care for the former, but requested that the latter would, if possible, be left undisturbed for the time she would spend in there.

Right now, the elf wasn't too concerned about getting to her room; she would idle where she sat for a few minutes, eying the other patrons of the inn intermittently until she got her drink. At some point she took notice of a centaur making an entrance; Ireth hadn't seen one in a long time, and she narrowed her eyes slightly as she settled her gaze upon it...

4/22/2012 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 4/22/2012 #97

Alder walked through the village square. She was looking for the Demon, Garuka. She noticed a rather happy inn. She did need a place to rest. She assumed this inn was expensive so she turned to an other inn. This one had a leather sign that looked like it had been from the war. She then looked at an other inn and this one had a collapsed roof and a rather testy man waiting outside. She shuddered and finally decided to go into the happy inn. She was immediately greeted by a rush of warmth from a fireplace on a wall. She walked to a corner chair and collapsed into it, clutching a blood stained arm. A innkeeper immediately noticed this wound and rushed to her aid. After a find 5 minutes of bickering. Alder decided to take his offer to cure her for free. She took note of the innkeepers appearance. The innkeeper seemed like a warm, happy figure. Alder sighed in relief at finding such a comfortable inn. Though this did not last long, as she noticed a suspicious woman gazing at a centaur. Suddenly, Alder realized that the Centaur was the demon Garuka. Alder took out a sword and yelled as she threw it at the demon. Garuka laughed as he turned and ran out of the door. Alder suddenly screamed as she was contorted into various shapes. She heard a scratchy voiced saying "You are never going to leave this inn. You will never kill me!". Alder yelled Garukas name as she blacked out...

11/10/2012 #98
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