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A Fire Rose

Person #1 asks a question -- i.e. "What is your character's room like?"

Person #2 answers, and asks a new question -- i.e. Crimson walls, books are scattered across the floor. A T.V. is sitting on a coffee table in the corner. What does your character do in his or her spare time?

So, does your character prefer books or movies?

8/28/2011 #1
Alexander Starkiller

Nearly all of my characters prefer books. That's because they all have some things in common with me, as is my wont. And I like books. Also, besides some of my more unique [or maybe it's "modern" or "teenager" or "muscle headed"? Not sure.] characters liking movies, most would go for book due to the intellectual appeal of books. Not that movies can't be, and I know several that are, but books on whole seem to be more aimed towards that.

Does your [do any of your] character[s] like video games, or tabletop RPGs, or even board games?

8/28/2011 #2
Bleeding Perfection

I have characters with many different preferences in things like that. Chris Silverstein, specifically the version from Zombie Apoclaypse, is a h*** gamer. Eve Deschain likes board games and card games, and Ocean has dabbled a bit into Call of Duty. In the world of Sumus Dei [Alex's forum] Roman Symon likes to practice shooting in Virtual Reality shooter games.

What is each of your characters' favorite kind of music?

8/30/2011 #3
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