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[Okay...So I have an idea. The following IC post is from another site that I RP on often. It's a thread that I created, so the post is actually something I've already typed.

Also: The idea I referred to earlier is rather hard to explain, at least for me. This isn't really an RPG with a set plotline like the other ones posted here. To clarify, I DO have a plotline in mind, but the idea is for that plot to be shaped by other characters that enter the story. Like going from point A to point B; The way to reach point B is what remains to be seen.


1. Mild language is fine, but anything beyond that is to be censored.

2. Godmodding is only allowed if the other player allows it. That being said, don't treat characters as if they are invincible and can get away with anything. A link:

3. Sexual themes are fine, but no actual sex. Imply it and move on.

4. Super-powered characters are allowed, so long as their strengths are proportioned to their weaknesses. That's not to say that they must absolutely be killable, per se; an immortal character can still have weaknesses, some of which could lead to a fate worse than death, maybe? Be creative.

(Added on 9/23) 5. If you need to say something OOC, keep it separate from IC narrative; in other words, double post. This way the OOC can be removed without losing the ability to edit a narrative post if needed.

6. As creator of this thread, as instructed by Arem's first post in the Starting Gate, I reserve the right to change or add to these rules as necessary in order to moderate this thread. I will be fair.

For my first post, I'm writing-- as you can see-- in a first person, present tense form. After that I will write in third person, past tense. I would prefer that anyone that joins this does the same, but I'm not really stressing that point.]


Character used: Marlena Volkova

It's 7:03 AM when the door to my apartment cracks and snaps off its hinges, under the force of a visitor.

It's so jarring, a violent disruption of my freshly-cooked breakfast. One moment I'm sitting at the dining table, about to pick up my fork. The next I'm ducking under the table and reaching for the Sig P226 that I taped underneath. It's fully loaded and the safety is already off.

I grab the Sig and pull, disregarding the tape completely. It remains sticking to the side as I grip the gun with one hand and then pull away from the table. My chair flips and makes a soft thud on the carpet floor.

The intruder's twice my size, and most likely twice my weight in pure muscle. He's a giant of a man, built like a tree trunk; his arms are thicker than my thighs. An odd device is strapped over his chest, something that resembles a seat belt.

I've never seen this man before, but I know that he could only be here for one reason; to kill me.

The Sig carries twelve .40 caliber rounds. I fire four of them at the giant's midsection, only to see sparks fly where the bullets hit. What the hell?

He laughs and takes a step toward me. I fire the eight rounds I have left at his head. More sparks, and he's unaffected. He's got some sort of shield?

The slide on my gun locks back, telling me it's empty. I drop the useless weapon and back away into the kitchen as the man continues forward, only a few feet away from me. I've got no choice but to use my powers.

I concentrate and sense the familiar feeling of warmth envelop my right arm. The electricity crackles in the air, and under my guidance I send a bolt at the man's head just as the surprise registers on his face.

The lightning seems to melt into him, or rather just above his skin. The electricity travels downward and directs itself into the ground. Ah, crap...

The man's face shifts back to an expression of triumph as he moves within arms' reach. He shoots out one hand and seizes me by the throat. I cough and struggle, feeling my feet leave the ground. I wheeze as he drives forward and slams me into the fridge. I know I will pass out in only a short moment.

I turn my head as best as I can, noticing the knife holder to my left. I reach out one hand to try and get to one of the knives, but the man sees my movements and easily swats it away. "No you don't," he says.

My world starts to darken. An odd gurgling sound comes from somewhere in the room; it takes a moment to realize that it's from me.

A thought occurs, the only one left in my mind before it can go blank: I can feel the heat from the palm of his hand on my throat. His hand... There's no shield! I can electrocute him if he's touching me!

I channel more lightning toward my neck, where his hand touches me. The electricity is undisturbed this time, and in a moment I smell the stench of cooked flesh.

The man stiffens and grunts as he takes the shock, and his hand slackens for an instant, letting me desperately suck in half a breath of air but not giving any further. How the hell can he still move, with a current going through him?! He simply walks us out of the kitchen.

It takes me a moment to realize what he plans to do, and by then I'm too late. He lifts me slightly higher with a roar, swings me through the air, and lets go. I'm sent soaring...straight through the window.

The glass shatters easily, offering no resistance. My apartment was on the second floor, so that's how far I have to fall. I quickly channel electricity through my entire body; the fall won't kill me if I do this, but it'll still hurt.

I slam into a passing car, denting the hood and cracking the windshield. Pain flares throughout my body.

I roll off of the car and fall unceremoniously to the asphalt. My head is throbbing, something warm and wet is trickling down my face. My legs feel like jelly.

9/10/2011 . Edited 9/23/2011 #1

It didn't occur to Malachi to question his being in this place at this time when someone threw a woman out of a window, and she survived the fall. It was simply something that happened, which meant it was supposed to happen, and he was supposed to be there when it did.

Needless to say, the car stopped, so it was nothing for him to make sure the woman was down behind the car and hidden from the view of her attacker. He had no idea who the "good guy" was in this situation, but you had to be a very desperate good guy to throw a woman through a window.

The driver of the car was freaking out, and about to drive off, but Malachi drew his own gun, a 10 mm glock machine pistol with 30 round mag and selective fire -- it was a scary looking weapon -- stuck it against the window, and shook his head. He was in a vulnerable position right here, and knew it. He'd much prefer to be ten feet away, gun extended in the weaver stance or some such, but then he wouldn't have the cover of the vehicle.

9/11/2011 #2

The hulking mass of a man glared from within Marlena's apartment, eyes fixed on his target, then the man that moved her from immediate view. He thought the throw would kill her, but apparently she survived, somehow. So, one, she had powers; two, she was more resilient than a normal human being; three, she had help. He turned away from the window and ran for the stairs, intending to finish what he started.

Marlena thought she blacked out for a moment, because the next thing she knew, she was being moved and set down near a car. Pain rushed through her right side, and she couldn't move her right arm properly. All she felt was a cold, suspicious numbness. It was probably broken.

There was a man standing above her, a nasty machine pistol in hand. It wasn't aimed at her, though, rather at whoever was in the car. Huh? He wasn't with the hitman?

She used her good hand to lift herself up and prop her back against the front tire of the car. "Who...are you?" She asked, grimacing when the first few stabs of pain began to start in her fractured arm.

9/12/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 9/23/2011 #3

"Malachi will do for now. Pleasure to meet you, mis?" Malachi said. "Never mind. I think your attacker is coming. Would you like to move, and do you need help to do so?"

He might apologize for his brusque manner later. For now, if the someone who threw her through the window were strong enough to do that he wasn't sure he wanted to get into a shootout with them. That meant being in a hurry to get out of there. They could figure everything out some other time.

9/12/2011 #4

Marlena grunted and started to rise as the man addressed her and gave his name. "Of course. He wants to finish the job. And now that job involves you." She managed to get to her feet, the broken arm hanging uselessly at her side. The pain was starting to come back full-force, though it only got severe if she moved the arm.

"I can move on my own," she said, wincing. She cradled her injured arm with her good one. "That man's got a shield. Unless that gun of yours fires something special, I don't think it'll help..."

9/13/2011 #5

"In that case I suggest we do so, and quickly. We can talk later."

Malachi gave her a little shove, as much to see if she could balance on her own as to get her moving. Even as he did so he was thinking tactically. Without the gun being useful, if it came to contact with the aggressor he would have to fight using other weapons. It wouldn't be the first time he'd gone up against opponents that were bigger, stronger, faster, or tougher than him, but he didn't like it. He'd much rather run and hide. But where to go?

The subway seemed likely enough. He attempted to move Marlena toward the nearest staircase down into the crowded tunnels.

9/13/2011 #6

"Agreed," Marlena said quietly, then scowled when Malachi lightly shoved her. She nearly toppled over, but managed to keep herself from suffering a graceless fall. "And what was that for?" Though she had an idea of what he was doing. A mobility check; was Marlena able to keep up, or was she dead-weight? Her guess was based on the fact that she would have done something like that, herself, if the roles were reversed. She'd probably be rougher, though.

Malachi was steering them towards the nearest staircase. Marlena saw it, and promptly began limping toward it alongside her new friend. She clutched her right side, probing for any more injuries that she wasn't aware of. As far as she could tell, nothing was amiss in that regard. If anything, her side probably had a nasty bruise forming.

She stole a glance back to the apartment's entrance, seeing the door swing open. The man stepped out and looked his surroundings over. Marlena knew he'd spot them in a moment and and follow. She could only hope the guy was working alone.

"He's out on the street," she said to Malachi. "And he's probably gonna start after us in the next few seconds..." She looked back ahead, scanning the crowds with her eyes.

9/13/2011 #7

"Yep," Malechi said, offering his shoulder/arm for support to the wounded woman. "You know any disappearing tricks? I'm not sure if mine work for passengers."


Janice sat in her car, stiff arms gripping the steering wheel, knuckles white, and a transition slowly occurred in her features. The woman falling on her car was a surprise. The man waving that big gun at her shook her up. But now there was a big man coming out of the building he'd just, she supposed, thrown the woman out of. Janice had once been thrown down the stairs by her ex-husband, and had visualized all sorts of gruesome things she would do to him if she ever saw him again. This man looked like him. Not exactly, but that didn't matter, did it? Sure, most women traumatized by men freeze up or run away when they are triggered. But not Janice.

Growling through clenched teeth she put her car back into drive, spun the wheel over to the right, and accelerated, across traffic, with the single minded intent of running the big man over.

9/13/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 9/17/2011 #8
Alexander Starkiller

[I think I'm going to create a character that's totally new for me. So, I just want to ask: is a character that's a smoker/druggie/alcoholic not allowed in this forum?]

9/14/2011 #9

[@The killer of stars: That's fine, with me at least; I'm not going to be too strict on that.

@Mongoose: Hehe, that's gonna be fun to respond to]

Marlena accepted his offer, using Malachi's arm for support. "Thanks. And no, my 'tricks' don't involve disappearing." She figured the cat was out of the bag. She had powers, otherwise the fall would have pulverized her. That much had to be evident.

"I won't be able to....huh..." Marlena's voice trailed off as she stole another glance back, surprised by what she saw.


The man spotted Marlena in the distance, heading toward a tunnel to the subway. He began to jog, smiling as he thought of the various ways to kill his prey.

Then something happened. The car that his target--rather, victim--had fallen on accelerated, rushing towards him with obvious intent to kill. The smile fell off his face instantly as the situation became apparent. The driver of the car was insane. How could this moron try to take him on? He threw someone out of an apartment building! That's supposed to be the type of guy that you don't want to tangle with! Who--

While he was stuck like a deer in the headlights, trying to fathom how someone would dare try to kill him, the driver hadn't stopped. She plowed straight into him. The shield flared as it took the hit. The blow sent the man rolling onto the hood, over the windshield, over the roof, then he hit the asphalt with a thud. The exchange left him dazed for a moment and probably dealt him a few bruises, but the shield had done its job. Now he was angry.

The man shook his head in an attempt to clear away the dizziness, then rose and drew a weapon-- a Springfield XD with a bi-tone finish, .45 caliber with 13 rounds. He turned and went after his target, only concerned with the car if it tried turning around; shooting the driver would be easier if he/she came to him instead of the other way around. He looked over his shoulder periodically to check, still moving toward the subway.

9/14/2011 #10

"Then we'll have to use newfangled tactics," Malachi said, helping her down the stairs. He could tell from her reaction if nothing else, that the big man was getting closer. Just five more steps down to the floor now.

One plan after another raced through Malachi's mind. If they could get into the crowd. If they could get into a train. If they could . . .

There were so many "ifs," but it would all be for naught if the man caught up to them.

Malachi knew there would be no style in that fight. No fines or great technique. He'd have to immobilize him in the first combo move. If that didn't work all he could hope to do would be to keep the man busy until Marlena got clear, and then he also could run. But given the assumption that this was a "bad guy" chasing them, and that they probably wouldn't manage to hide in time, Malachi's preference was to take him down quickly.


Janice couldn't believe what she'd just seen. The man tumbled over her car, got up, and jogged away. Was that even possible? She'd seen people hit by cars before. At least in the movies. Come to think of it, some of the movies had them walking away, others didn't. Will Smith would walk away, but he had to. He was always the main character.

Why was she thinking about Will Smith?! A murderer was jogging away, and hitting him with her car didn't help. She did the next thing that came to mind. Dialed "911" on her cell phone. She didn't even notice that her vehicle was sitting half in the way of traffic, half up on the sidewalk as she waited for the answer.

9/14/2011 #11
Alexander Starkiller

John watched with amazement.How did that woman just get up and run away? It must have been fifteen stories!! And she had fallen much faster than gravity allowed! Did you see the lines and warped effect her falling had caused?!Then he remembered he wasn't talking out loud. And then the world shifted, and everything slowed. The speed rush had ended. Not fun.

He stumbled as he watched a man get hit by a car absently. It hit him again, that invisible force. Now he wasn't feeling so good. S***. He neededsomething.He fumbled for his pack, then stumbled again at the next "shove". He must have taken to much this time. It was never this bad. Never so bad that his Kools fell into puddles. But right now, he didn't care. In his blurred and distorted view, he saw the man who he had thought was just hit by a car--Should I have reacted earlier?--walk his way.

For whatever reason, he thought he'd congratulate this man. He waited until the man was near his haunt by the the subway entrance, then approached him. Placing an oddly reacting arm on the large man's shoulder, John was able to enunciate, "Nice job... you totally survived that! Great job..." He disengaged, lest the man stay around and try to take his needles.

9/15/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 9/17/2011 #12

Marlena raised her eyebrow at his choice of words. "So what do you have in mind, Malachi?" She winced as she took the stairs, looking worriedly at her arm. "You can call me Marlena, by the way."

She knew there wasn't much choice in what they could do. The man back there was too tough. She'd only managed to hurt him because his shield apparently didn't resist human touch. A gun, and probably most weapons in general were useless.


The man continued on, still checking over his shoulder from time to time. Eventually he put the gun away, but he still remained alert. He headed for the subway entrance.

Then some random guy came up to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Nice job... you totally survived that! Great job..." he said.

The hitman looked at him. This was either an incredibly sarcastic man who just didn't care for his own life, or simply a moron. The hitman shoved past him rudely and headed for the subway in a hurry, dismissing the event.

9/15/2011 #13

Several things happened in the same moment. "Uhm, prayer," Malachi said. He did so, silently as they reached the bottom step. A light reflected off someone's watch face and into bigman's eyes. The man infront of bigman bent down to pick something up, such that bigman might trip over him. He spilled his drink and the slippery fluid spread over the steps. A homeless woman to the side of the tunnel waved Malachi and Marlena over to her. She had a large blanket and some boxes.

9/16/2011 #14
Fleur-de-lis Evans

A girl stood in the shadows of an entrance way to the blue-line tube watching two people slowly make their way toward Annette. She talked in a low voice knowing her message translated well enough to her co-partner.

"Darius, Annette is reeling in a pair."

She listened carefully to the instructions. Then she shut off her communication device keeping an eye on the approaching adults. One, the woman, was clearly injured. In fact, from her dragging gait Orion could easily guess that she'd taken a fall, although any other injuries would have to be analyzed later. The man beside her seemed to be alright, although from the looks of him he was packing quite an artillery, or knowledge of such things.

Orion watched, waiting for the two to draw even with Annette. She wondered if the perception filter would work on them. Usually, her corner of the tube station looked grungy and dark, when in reality there was a slight change in flooring, from asphalt to stone, and the area surrounding the arched passage way looked like one of the old-time tube station from England, although she was perfectly aware that their location was mid-district for the city of Aberdeen.

Orion snapped her thoughts back to the present moment easing into a semi-relaxed stance against the wall. She lazily flicked the lid of her lighter open and closed while she waited. It was an average action of boredom, but she was pretty sure, by the sound of things - mainly the sound of the woman's heart beat and the racing thoughts of the man- that they were in dire need of aid.

9/17/2011 #15

Marlena's eyebrows furrowed at the mention of prayer. Like that would help. It certainly didn't help decades ago. Marlena had once believed in Him...right up to the point that she saw the horrors of that camp...Then she depended on nothing more than herself. And everything turned out fine after that.

In this case, Marlena hoped Malachi had a better idea than what he'd suggested. She looked to the tunnel, saw someone waving to them, and exhaled. This was a good start...


The hitman abruptly found himself on the ground, on the bottom of the stairwell. Things had happened so fast that he barely had time to register the whole event. Only now was he able to recall what happened.

First, something, a ray of light, had suddenly flashed across his eyes, blinding him. Then an obstacle blocked his foot and forced him to stumble. As he attempted to recover, he'd stepped in a small pool of liquid. He had felt his foot slip and fly skyward. Then his head hit the ground, and though the shield took the brunt of the force, the tumble down the stairs still hurt.

At present time, the hitman had a throbbing pain in the back of his head. He noticed his gun was out, on the ground in front of him. No one had noticed it, miraculously. He reached for it--

Only to see another man pick it up and hold it idly at his side. The stranger wore slacks, a thin duster, boots, and a button-down shirt. His hair was short, a little over four inches long.

The hitman scrambled to his feet clumsily; he was dizzy, hurting, and now ticked off. He walked calmly to the man, about to flatten the intruder's nose. He knew the gun would be harmless, due to his shield.

But then the man simply handed it back to the hitman, with a smile. "You dropped this. I didn't see anything..."

The hitman at first gave a confused expression, but it quickly shifted to one of triumph. This stranger had made the right move. For once someone today had intelligence. He stowed the gun and rushed away, looking for his target amongst the crowds.


Sergey Volkovoy watched the man rush away and stow his gun. He didn't know what that guy was after, but against all odds it was probably not legal. Which was why he used his powers to tamper with the gun. Nothing complex; he'd simply weakened a few components. If the guy ever got the chance to use the gun, it wouldn't fire.

He'd also got a reading on the gun itself, so now he could make one in full working condition, or as many as needed, if things came to that point...

Sergey put his hand on one wall as if to lean on it, actually using his powers. He shifted a portion of the wall--he'd leave barely noticeable pockmarks-- into a few dollar coins, put all but one in his pocket, and began flipping the last one in the air with his thumb, considering whether to take a train or go create a vehicle outside. Maybe he'd go get lunch, or just make something to eat, himself...

9/18/2011 . Edited 9/18/2011 #16

He just happened to be there. Always. LIke everything, he always happened to be there at the moment that something very exciting began to happen.

Not to mention dangerous.

"Oh hush hush, Elipsion. WE like danger, remember? I believe that woman has quite the story to be unraveled in this exciting situation."

He had been standing off to the side, out of sight, when he had watched the whole thing, rather amused by it, grinning from ear to ear. Not that he was a bad person. He just liked some insane stimulation from time to time. THe woman in the car...

Her reaction was rather funny.

"Oh, it was. And the idiot congatrulating that dangerous looking man, no?"

I'm surpised he didn't get himself killed. That would've been hilarious.

"Yes it would!! NOW. Time for us to choose who we should help, follow, blah blah blah. What about the woman and the man?"

You mean Marlene and Malachi? The excitement IS following them afterall. Maybe we could get caught inside some sort of bloodbath.

"Those two seem interesting enough. And good hearing, Elipsion. I'm surprised."

I am sitting on top of your head after all.

Celes adjusted Niko, aka Elipsion, a black tophat with a purple ribbon sitting on his head. Most people, obviously, would think him as crazy. Talking to a hat! But Elipsion was a special 'hat'.

"Let us go then."

With a tip of his hat, and a swish of his silk dark blue trench, and a subtle flick of light purple hair, Celes made off in the direction of where the excitement was heading.

They're going to think you're insane.

"That's the plan"

9/19/2011 . Edited 9/19/2011 #17

Was it just Malachi, or had Marlena reacted negatively to his suggestion of prayer? Whatever. It was the best idea he'd had today. Already it was being answered. He didn't look back at the sounds of mayhem coming from the stairwell, but just ushered Marlena toward the homeless looking lady off to the side. What was under the blanket? Who cared?

In a moment she shoved them under it. Just a framework of sticks, as it turned out, holding the blanket up. The thing stank, like it had never been washed and had been used far too much. But the point was it hid them. Of course, if BigMan decided to hassel the lady and check under the blanket they'd have a new problem. But even the blanket could be used as a weapon, especially against BigManwithshield.

"So I been running, yes I have. For near a week now I been running, you know, because I have to, or them nazis, they's gonna catch me, y'know?" the homeless woman blathered on just as she'd been doing before waving them over. Malachi wondered what it was like to have so many thoughts going through your head at one time. Indeed, she'd already changed subjects.

"Did you see on the news last night? they say the aliens actually landed on the white house lawn, in a yellow submarine! They done took the president. It's a sad day when he can't save the economy. My last job . . ."

The pause was almost imperceptible but it was the change in her tone of voice that got his attention.

"We're here to help. No harm will come to you if we have . . . was six long years ago. That was back before the crash. Now noone wants to hire poor little me. Don't look too good, y'know? No sir. can't get no lovin boyfriend. Last one beat me, till I done left him, and he got bit by dogs, he did."

9/20/2011 #18
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Orion watched at the two were put under the blanket. It had been a day of good fortune when they had found Annette, shivering under an awning and waiting with hand out-stretched for a few coins to be thrown into the cup.

Pushing the thoughts aside, Orion moved forward at a slow pace melting into the crowd. Only a few minutes had passed between the strangers arriving in the station and the racket in the east stairwell. Those few minutes afforded time because now it was rush hour. In the sudden tapping of feet and crush of people Orion found it easy to slip unnoticed toward Annette.

"Come on," she said stopping to mess with her phone. "Of course it wouldn't work," she muttered. She bent down throwing a few coins into the cup. Luckily, the two had been put under the blanket on the opposite side of the crowd, the one behind Annette. Orion bent down flipping the blanket up. Her eyes met the young man's and she knew, deep in her bones, he was a man of God. He had to be.

""Now, if you'd like to follow me I can get you to a safe point," she said. She extended her hand to the man waiting for a response.

9/21/2011 #19

Malachi regarded the person who just spoke to them as they lifted up the edge of the blanket.

"Should we go?" he looked to Marlena but thought to God and waited on the answer. At times like this you either trusted your gut, listened to God, or rebelled and trusted your judgment. Malachi wasn't perfect; not by any means; but one thing he'd had to learn was to trust and listen to and obey the voice of God telling him what was up. In this case, it seemed to him God wanted him to just go with the flow. It seemed to be working so far. At the least, neither he nor Marlena had been harmed since he met her, and BigMan seemed to be having an unnaturally difficult time pursuing them. They could only remain here so long before he would look under the blanket himself. So even Malachi's judgment told him to go with this new person.

Still, the responsibility he'd taken on was to watch over Marlena until she demonstrated the ability to take care of herself, and he wasn't ready to carry her yet, so he would wait for her decision.

9/21/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 9/23/2011 #20

Marlena had gone with Malachi the whole way without much protest. The homeless lady ushered them under the blanket. Immediately she scowled at the smell, but she didn't complain. Luxuries were a small price to pay for dodging hitmen.

The homeless lady started talking. Marlena paid a little attention at first, then looked down to her broken arm as another lance of pain rushed through it. She channeled a little electricity, trying to gauge how much it would hurt to heal it on her own. Her powers allowed for a regenerative ability, but the catch was the effort it took to use it. She could guess there was a high chance of passing out once she finished. The tiny current she had made caused the fracture to flare. Marlena made a "tch" sound and clenched her teeth until the pain subsided. A cold sweat had begun on her forehead.Damn it...

She looked up at a newcomer that offered to get her and Malachi to safety. The woman extended her hand to Malachi, who in turn looked to Marlena.

"Should we go?" he asked.

Marlena thought about it for a brief moment, though she truly already knew what her answer was going to be. At the moment, she didn't seem to have many options. In fact she saw only two:

One: go with these complete strangers and hope they didn't work for someone that literally wanted her head on a silver platter.

Two: Decline and leave. Take her chances. Chances that didn't look good with only one functioning arm.

Screw it.

"I don't see why not." Marlena shrugged.


Sergey felt something...off. Like something unsettling had come close. He'd only sensed it just then, and at this point, with all the people moving about, it was near impossible to discern the source.

Surprise shifted to curiosity. It seemed this whole situation had more to it than he had initially thought. Maybe it was worth checking out.

He decided to head in the direction he'd seen the gunman go.


The hitman was a little indecisive. Did they board a train? Or are they staying to try and trick him? Crap, the mission was becoming more complex... he should have snapped the woman's neck when he had the chance. Now he'd have to get reinforcements. He moved through the crowds, diverged from them and stopped near a bench. No one sat there, or walked near him.

The hitman pressed a small earbud in his right ear. "SSA-1, get on the trains. SSA-2 and 3, highlight the X's."

He looked to his left, spotting some worn blanket, somewhat resembling a tent some distance down the tunnel. A woman was lifting it up. Maybe donating to some homeless man/woman.

Should he check it out? It was a possible hiding place. Might as well, to be sure. He took the first step toward the blanket.

9/21/2011 . Edited 9/21/2011 #21
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Orion turned to the woman, "If you stand and wrap the blanket around yourself, and stoop over, it may be easier for us to get you to the safety point," she said. Usually, she was pretty good at sounding like a local, but when under pressure her accent slipped, making it obvious that she was from England, but not alluding to the exact part.

She then turned back the man, extending her hand again to help him up. In the process her father's neck ornament, from his time as a minister, fell out from under her scarf gleaming in the lights of the underground station.

While she focused on the two in need of help, her ears picked up the sound of approaching feet. Rush hour was beginning to thin, but Orion didn't let herself panic. While she was helping them to their feet, Annette stood, at a surprising 5'8" for such an old looking woman. She began to collect a small tin, and her movements gave them a bit of cover.

Orion left the rest to her partner and her Lord, knowing both would come through.


Darius felt a tingling in the back of his mind. The feeling was familiar and meant that Orion was in danger. She had cut of communications earlier, no doubt having found people in need of help. Darius pushed himself off the small bench outside the station swinging an orange vest over his shoulders. He walked at a quickened pace making it to the underground control centre.

He pushed open the door giving a small wave to a man with a white beard. Darius glanced over the man's shoulder scanning the list of closures and signal interchanges. He picked up a mike keying into the station's mass communication system.

"Customers are asked to evacuate the station due to closures and complication with interchanges between the Gray and Orange lines. Any customers traveling on the Eastbound Orange Line are asked to remain on the train. The train will depart in fifteen minutes."

He paused scanning the list of stations he could recommend for disadvantaged travelers. "All customers taking the Westbound Gray or Orange Lines are asked to alight from the trains and make their way to Tanbury Station, two blocks west from here. Any customers left in the station will be fined for obstructing emergency protocol."


Orion breathed a sigh of relief. Darius had come through once again. She turned toward the new comers, "Let's go," she said. "I'll explain things later." She gestured for the man to help the woman, and she began to lead the way toward the stone part of the station. She turned her head over her shoulder once, "Oh, by the way, I'm Orion."

9/23/2011 #22

Celes was halfway down the steps went an announcer went off.

"Customers are asked to evacuate the station due to closures and complication with interchanges between the Gray and Orange lines. Any customers traveling on the Eastbound Orange Line are asked to remain on the train. The train will depart in fifteen minutes."

He paused a moment, waiting for it to continue.

"All customers taking the Westbound Gray or Orange Lines are asked to alight from the trains and make their way to Tanbury Station, two blocks west from here. Any customers left in the station will be fined for obstructing emergency protocol."

So there was an emergency? That definitely meant he was not leaving, not now in the least. A passing thought went through his mind.

"Hey, Niko, do you think that woman in the car is alright?"

Who cares? She's not of interest at the moment, actually, not of interest at all as far as I'm concerned.

"But...do you think she's okay? I mean, she DID plow into the huge fellow."

She's fine. Stay in tune.

"Alright, fine!"

Celes made a brief pout, then proceeded down the rest of the stairs. Sure, his brief conversation with Niko, or, to passerbys, his HAT, had caught some stares. Oh well. He jumped lighty onto the ground and searched for a sign of....Who?

Malachi and Marlene.

"Yes, those two. Or even the big fellow perhaps!"

Taking him on would probably get YOU killed, but it would be fun. Better not to...


.....Draw attention to yourself.

"I already do that enough talking to you. Call it a distraction."

Celes winked, smiling. Then, with a lower voice,

"Do you see them?"

I don't. Give me a moment to look.

"What about smelling them out?"

I'm not a dog. Just keep watching, and go ahead. Standing still isn't helping much.

Celes nodded, playing with the purple ribbon that wrapped around the hat, and walked forward, keeping an eye out for the two he was intending on following. Why was he walking when he could float?! He smirked, then felt his feet lift off the ground, and he flew forward. Screw being noticed.

9/23/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 9/23/2011 #23

Marlena understood and wrapped herself in the blanket, doing as she was told. The woman's accent was off; she wasn't a local. Not that Marlena was going to judge. She had other things to do first, like healing her broken arm...

The woman introduced herself as Orion. Marlena nodded, but beyond that didn't acknowledge her. The less she knew, the better, she figured. Careful to keep from giving away her feelings through body language, she stooped over while wrapped in the blanket.


The hitman heard the announcements. No way this could be a coincidence. He wouldn't trust it, even if it was. Someone was trying to weed him and his backup out. Whoever was left here would be involved, and thus an enemy.

He looked to the blanket, mindful of the gun on his person. If things escalated, he wouldn't have to worry. The shield could block shots from point-blank range. Though he doubted the homeless folks here had guns. Not in the station, at least.

Was it worth looking into? Hm.... The hitman decided to go over to the blanket; well, now it was some old person hunched over and wrapped in it.

It would be embarrassing if these homeless people were actually special agents or something, and more so if they actually helped the woman slip away. He didn't like taking chances, but seriously, what were the odds of that happening?

The crowds began dispersing. The hitman started to jog to the homeless folks.


Sergey heard the announcements and frowned. What he had sensed...that was no coincidence after all. Something was going to happen down here. And now he was going to watch, because for all intents and purposes, he was curious.

He blinked, twice, at the next thing that happened; a man began to float. What the hell?

9/23/2011 . Edited 9/23/2011 #24

Malachi just went with it. Not much else to do right now. He kept his head down and made a point not to look directly at anyone. Some people could sense it when they were being looked at. He saw the symbol hanging from the neck of the person now escorting them, and wondered about it. What did it mean to this person? She appeared to be kind, and you could judge people by their fruit, to some extent, but then, kindness was something all religions claimed to share. The problem with all religions was that they were based on human effort rather than divine empowerment. Human effort was doomed to fail. How long would this lady's apparent kindness hold out? Or was it just an act?

No matter. He had a good feeling about her and that was saying something. He would go with it until given a reason to do otherwise.

He noted the approach of the hitman, and made a point of staying in line; not changing course, as that would draw his attention even more. He was heading straight for them; probably would investigate, and Malachi made sure one of his Metal Tent Pegs was loose in its shieth. Yes, BigBad had a shield, but he'd seen a movie once in which a blade pushed slowly enough would penetrate such a shield. He might just try that if it came down to it.

God had come through for them several times, Malachi was convinced, in the last five minutes. There was no reason to think he would not continue to do so in the next five. Malachi continued to pray as he shuffled along.

9/25/2011 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 9/26/2011 #25
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Orion thanked her Keeper for giving her a special connection with Darius. Usually, Darius came through on his own, being able to sense when others needed him, and this time he acted, not only on the truth of the signal issues facing the underground, but also to aide her.

She kept her head down not acknowledging the men who came looking around Anette's blankets. She kept moving forward only stopping to pause a quarter of the way down the tunnel by the solid stone-faced wall. She lifted her hand pressing it against the stone, and along with the slight glow of her father's cross, an outline appeared around her hand. The stone seemed to melt away and she ushered them toward the entrance. Once standing on the other side the wall returned to normal.

Orion stood with her back against it, facing the man and the woman. "As I said before," she said, "I am Orion. It is your choice to continue on to the settlement or to be led down a path that will release you to the streets of Aldeen."

She turned toward the woman wrapped in the blanket. "I would suggest, for your health and well being, that you come to the settlement. I can explain what the settlement is and who the members of the settlement are if you so choose to be led there. However, you must swear to lay down you arms once we reach the first ante-chamber. This is only done to show you mean the people there no harm. We also provide you, once you have laid down arms, with repairs, upgrades, and essential materials, for example flint and amunition for firearms, or a whetstone and forging for a blade."

She turned toward the man. "As I said, it is your choice what you do. But, I cannot take one person's word for two people, you must make your own individual decisions. Once that it done I can either take you to the settlement, and answer questions there, or lead you elsewhere."

She stopped speaking waiting for an answer. She had gotten them thus far, because it had been the will of her keeper and Lord that she do so. But, as with all things, even Faith, if was a person's choice to continue, and so she must wait for theirs to be made.

9/26/2011 #26

The hitman sped up, but he was too late. The group went around a corner, and when he rounded it, they were gone. Damn it! What if they were the targets?!

No chances. The hitman looked around and growled. There was no way they could have just disappeared, not when there were no exits, no other routes, nothing to hide behind. He reached a conclusion; either those homeless people had some sort of special tech that hid them from sight...or they were still nearby and hiding. In either case, he knew now that he had to investigate them.

He keyed his earbud. "Code Four! Repeat, code four! Get SpecOps down here stat! I might have just missed her!" He drew his pistol angrily, still unaware that it was rendered useless.


"As I said before, I am Orion." the woman said, facing them.

Marlena said nothing. I got that earlier...

She listened to the rest with a neutral expression, but below the surface she was slowly becoming annoyed. Something about this whole ordeal was starting to tick her off... and she couldn't quite pin down what it was.

"I need another way back. Not a route to your 'settlement'"-- she used air quotes with her good arm-- " or anywhere else. Back. Not only do I have a job to do now; I also need answers..." Marlena said.

She thought to herself. There's only two scenarios I see.One: that hitman was contracted to kill me from the start. In that case, how did he find me? Two: He's working with my client to double-cross me. But that makes no sense. Why not wait until the job was finished to try and kill me? Scenario one's the most likely.

She looked to the other two and waited for an answer.

9/26/2011 . Edited 9/26/2011 #27

Malachi frowned. He didn't like to owe his life to unknown people any more than the next person, and this Orion seemed to be offering a chance at entrance into the unknown. How was that supposed to be attractive? Still, it might be better than going out to face a big, shielded, bad man, who, no doubt, was quite upset by now.

"I appreciate your offer, for myself, Orion," he said, "But I've been a part of organizations that operated like yours before. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly, and I'll need something more from you before committing to anything including giving up my arms. But, Marlena, are you prepared to face that big guy again, right now? Because I'm quite sure he's still out there. And do you want me to come along with you, or are you good on your own?"

9/26/2011 #28
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Orion listened patiently understanding where both were coming from. She was hoping that she could explain what was going on in this city is a safer location, but she had asked them to make a decision and they had.

"Alright, but I must apologize ahead of time for my impropriety," she said. She turned her back to them quickly working through the buttons on her shirt. Then she pulled the sleeves off tying them around her waist. She quickly unraveled the tightly wrapped bandages taking in a hissing breath of air when the slight wind in the tunnels brushed passed her skin. Burned, or more likely seared, into her back, and still an ugly shade of red, were the symbols for the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost that most human sectors of religion related to the higher power. The symbol was on her entire back and there were clear scars on her shoulders from where she was strapped down during the process.

She took her shirt from her waist tying it around her torso so that it covered her chest but didn't cling to the still healing wounds.

She turned to face the man. "That was done by the sods who think themselves the true rulers of the city," she said wiping tears from her eyes. She didn't usually leave the wound to open air, but she didn't have a bandage with her, and she didn't take medicine for pain, trusting that the suffering would abate when God saw fit for it to stop.

"All Christians have them. I was given a larger version because it marked me as a Preacher's Kid, a daughter of what the city sees as a Traitor. They took extra time to make mine deeper because they found out about my gift -what they like to call "my abnormality"-, which is the ability to heal others in minutes. Of course, I cannot use this ability on myself."

She turned to the woman. "The settlement I am going to take you to is a safe haven from persecution. There are only a few people who actually know its true location. Mostly, right now, we are trying to heal and make strong those who have been branded and lost their families. We also take in the injured and pursued. It's our duty to help all of God's children, no matter the risk it may pose to our current safety."

9/27/2011 #29

Malachi averted his eyes once he realized what she was doing. He took a glance at her scars. At first his eyes widened a little in surprise, and then narrowed. It irked him that people still did that kind of thing. And some people thought the world was becoming a better place. Great Tribulation, anyone? If it wasn't happening right now, this branding an evidence of it, then it would soon take place.

Then he became a little confused. She wanted to take them to a city where they branded her? Or did she want to take them somewhere else, and the brand was just side information that she hoped to use to gain their trust? Sure, it gained his sympathy, to some extent. He bore his own share of scars, both mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. But why would he trust someone who had been scarred by those who might or might not be his enemies? How did she feel about it? Angry at them for hurting her, certainly, but did it go deeper than that? He was appreciative of her help, certainly, but was she just using them, or were they a side task for her as compared to a larger mission of revenge or some such?

Right now he had no way of knowing, and his question for Marlena still stood. He would make his choice based on her decision.

9/28/2011 #30
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