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Marlena waved off the child. "I'm fine," she said. "Lead the way...and my name's Marlena." She spoke hurriedly as if to just get the girl to leave the subject at that. Falling down and looking like a moron was not an enjoyable experience.


One of the cops would have said "Good," had something not happened to them. Yet another inexplicable event...

A cop suddenly grunted in pain and let go of the handcuffed man, examining his injured hand. The other looked on in confusion, only to do the same seconds later. Both took a look at the sites of their pain, finding what looked to be blisters.

"What the--AGH!" The first one flinched and reflexively reached for his forearm; another burn. The two looked to the strange man for a brief moment before they both drew their weapons, however the barrel of one cop's gun seemingly melted for no reason, and the second cop's weapon met the same fate.

"How are you doing that?!" One shouted, but both of them backed off.


Sergey nodded, watched, and listened to the events that followed. From what the man said, it was safe to assume he could either read minds, or by the more evident speculation, gather information by biting a victim.

At the man's comment about family, the bitten cop blanched at first. Then the color returned to his face, followed by a light shade of red. The cop wasted no time drawing his lethal weapon, a Glock, and firing twice at the man's chest. None of the others moved to stop him.

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Celes stared at them, not really sure how to react exactly. They had drawn their weapons then they melted...Something that he couldn't exactly do. Now they were yelling and blaming HIM for this. Still hovering in that one spot, Celes looked over his shoulder and the retreating men.

"Where are you going? You think that I did that? I can't melt objects..."

He was still uncomfortable with his hands cuffed behind his back but he couldn't do anything about it. And since he wasn't the one who was melting their guns.....Then who, or what, was...


A smirk came to Elipsion's face at the man's reaction, then the man fired at him. Fired. At. Him. Perhaps he should make a point. The bullets hit, and along with their impact, threw him back onto the ground. He wasn't a heavy individual, so it threw him back hard. THe wounds in his chest began bleeding a light purple. He breathed heavily a few moments, easing the pain of it.

"You must not want to see your family again."

He was then above the man who had shot him, and held out the bullets for him to see. He was perfectly fine, fine as long as they didn't shoot his ribbon, Or grabbed it, or touch it.

"Now, the question: Should I kill you, or your family? I was hoping for you to come to your senses."

He probably wouldn't kill the family, but yet again...He stood, then smirked again.

"The five seconds are up. I was being generous"

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

The girl nodded. She didn't follow up with an introduction of her own. Instead, she moved by Marlena making her down the path. She would wait until questions or comments were made before saying anything further.

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Malachi saw someone flinch and then noticed the wave of floor material approaching. He only had about half a second to prepare himself, but it was enough that he didn't fall when the wave hit him. He shrugged it off and smirked a little at the answer to the politics question. "Let us hope, then," he said, "That your understanding of the Lord and the people's understanding of you match the Lord's will. Otherwise, I've seen these kinds of things dissolve, and it seems you have a good thing going here, so I would hope that would not occur." He paused a moment in case he wanted to respond (I'm hoping not)

"How about education? What happens when people recover from the ordeals that brought them here? How do you move them to a point where they can function independently and contribute, whether to this community or to another?"

As he walked, as a matter of habit, he observed and memorized all he saw around him.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

"Well, there is a bit of system. Orion could be known as the leader - and myself, as well as a few select people have been pushed by the community here to lead. They seem to think our gifts give us a higher standing than them - although all I have ever wanted to help those in need."

He gazed around noticing the change in lay out as the ground settled. It wasn't a problem, he would just have to take time to regain his bearings. Then he addressed the question of education.

"Actually, most of the people here still have solid standing in jobs above ground. It is not only Christians who have gotten some sort of marking - other people of faith have found our community a safe place to heal and regain their mental footing - so to speak."

He turned leading Malachi toward an almost unnoticeable path. Darius walked backward explaining as he went. "There are many termination points for this path. All of them lead to safe resurfacing points - mostly in neighborhoods the current above ground government decides to neglect. In this areas we have set up help centres for many vocations of life. He paused at one junction pressing his finger into the stone.

"Then - sometimes if we cannot surface we set up the help centres below ground. The sessions taught in them are specifically tailored to a group or to an individual. We attempt to keep them on track - in terms of any schooling or jobs they have kept after their branding. Here," he said pausing at a stone arch marked with an anchor, "is where we begin regular counseling sessions and begin the appointments for physical therapy."

He stopped talking for a few minuted before adding, "All the people who come here are strong in their faith and we attempt to keep them grounded in terms of perceiving the Higher Authority's path for them in a positive life. That is a lot harder to do with adults than it is with children."

He fell silent waiting for any more questions that Malachi might have.

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Malachi was familiar with the philosophies being expressed by his guide. He disagreed with many of the most fundamental particulars, but appreciated what they were trying to do. Far be it from him to challenge them in their own sanctuary.

"So you're telling me the tunnels themselves keep everyone safe? Do they guard also against betrayal from within? I've seen that become a problem for people and organizations that were secure otherwise."

He was interested in the classes and counseling, but could only really ask about one thing at a time.

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The two cops retreated to their car--they shared one--started it and tried driving away. As they did so, the windshield suffered an odd effect; a space of glass about the size of a basketball seemingly turned orange and melted on its own, dribbling red hot drips inside the cruiser. One of the cops yelled when a drop landed on his thigh.

They went in reverse, turned and sped away, tires screeching with thin, gray smoke. They'd left the weird guy by himself, still handcuffed. Though in reality he wasn't alone.

A woman had been peeking from behind the corner of a building, behind the strange man so that he couldn't have seen her. Now that the cops had left, she approached him, planning to help him out. He would see her walking toward him if he turned around at some point.


Sergey raised an eyebrow. This was...interesting. This newcomer was taking the time to deal with the humans on a more personal level. Was it really worth it? Sergey would have just used his powers to make a wall or something. At least then they wouldn't be a problem.

As it was though, he saw the man had something planned, so he chose to stay out of the "fight".

The cops turned and ran, all of them. This was too much for them. A guy floating, an unseen explosion, and now a man that could take a shot and still act like it was nothing! They'd call for backup. Leave it to SWAT or something!


Marlena followed the girl silently, looking down from time to time in case there was another hazard she could slip on. Hopefully the tunnels wouldn't change again on them, at least not as sudden and disrupting as just before...

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They just left him here!! What were they so scared of? True, it was weird that they had gotten somehow burned and their guns had melted, but that was kind of cool, not scary. Celes carefully dropped from the hover and stood on shaky legs.

"Okay, now...Don't fall."

How he was going to get himself out of these handcuffs, he wasn't exactly sure. And whatever caused those burns could be unfriendly....Wriggling his wrists, Celes tried to slip them out with no success at all.

"WHY ME?!"

Maybe one of the cops had dropped a key...Maybe. Slowly, Celes turned, to see if they did indeed drop a key. But instead, he saw a woman walking towards him. Cause of the burns? Possibly...

"Please don't hurt me! It's not fair to attack a defenseless person!"


"I don't believe I said you could leave."

Elipsion ran after them, long fast strides easily overtaking them, and he flipped in front of the group. Grabbing one of the cops, he threw him into the group behind him, making them stall.

"We haven't had our fun yet."

Elipsion held out a hand, and slowly appearing with metal clinks, a scythe began to form in pieces into his hand. The scythe, growing to slightly above Elipsion's head, was a deep purple and seemed to glisten. Smiling, Elipsion lunged smoothly forward, striking through the first cop the scythe came into contact with, killing him. The blood dripping off the scythes blade made Elipsion smile, exposing the small fangs inside his mouth.

"That's one."

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Darius nodded leading Malachi into a relatively spacious room. He sat down remaining silent for a few more minutes. It took him a bit longer than he expected to formulate an answer he felt certain about.

"I am not quite sure how the parameters work. I know that sometimes I am able to see deeply into someone's subconcious - to a level where I can tell if they are dangerous. But, I know that it isn't just me doing that. I have some divine aid."

He found himself curling his fingers in around his gloved hand pressing against the palm where he had sown in a secret pocket. The object inside was so important to him. He shook his head resurfacing in the moment he was currently in.

"Also, Orion and a few others have an insight - we know isn't entirely human - when it comes to betrayal. But, if anything were to happen from the inside - and it has in the past six years since the underground maze as discovered - many of us - mostly those who are strong in Faith and have come to terms with their personal situations - take it as a lesson to learn from as the Authority's path for us."

He indicated a board at the corner of the room with photographs on it. There were names written in block letters by them. "Those are some of the people who have been God-sends, so to speak, in the development of this community. Although, as I've said there are more than one of these villages all throughout the city - you just happen to have found the one at the centre between Old Town and the new trendy area. "

He shrugged his shoulders. "All I know is, whether or not we are betrayed or whatever is to happen, I am here to help those who need to be aided. I worked hard specializing in Sociology, Psychology and Communications hoping I could use those skills to help others. Instead I was branded - but you know what? I think that is the best thing to happen to me because now that I've worked on the tube-line I have had the chance to observe and aid people no matter if it's through an announcement or the reassurance that they will get a safe ride home."

He tapered off seeming to sink into some sort of reflective and pensive thought.


Not being able to contain herself for so long she finally said, "Why are you in here alone? Usually there's a guide."

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"That could work," Malachi said, "And, apparently it has. What else do you want to show or tell me? I'm not on a schedule of any sort, and I guess you're my guide to this place."

He stood at a respectful distance, hands stuffed into pockets.

10/31/2011 #70
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Darius nodded. "It's really up to you. If you have any personal interests I could show the vein of the village that applies to. Do you have any more questions about what I've shown you so far?"

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Alicia approached the strange man slowly; though she was sure he meant no harm, it never hurt to err on the side of caution. The man could float, after all. He also had a tendency to shout; Alicia had been watching long enough to determine that. She hoped he would hold off on it for at least a moment. He'd draw more attention to himself, more so than the handcuffs would, and to her.

She spoke softly. "I'm not going to attack you. Just stay still." The man had probably noticed her odd eye color by now; both irises were a bright, vibrant red. "I'll get you out of those handcuffs."


Sergey simply watched, expression neutral, as the white-haired man took out one of the cops. That wasn't necessary...they would have just left if he'd let them.

The cluster stumbled and tried recovering, while the man formed a scythe in his hand and slashed one of the cops in half. The remaining five drew their weapons, leveled them at their foe while retreating. Some if not all of their hands trembled. The closest one, a blonde woman who seemed to be in her late twenties, suffered the most. Cold sweat trickled down her forehead, the byproduct of fear. Her grip was so weak and unsteady, firing the gun would probably kick it out of her hands.


Marlena frowned at the question. "There was a guide. I left her so I could reach the way out of here...I didn't know there was more than one guy out there..."

She exhaled and stared at her feet, watching them advance one in front of the other, as she thought to herself. Who decided to throw a group of hitmen at me? And why? I need answers, and soon...

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Celes almost immediately calmed when she said she wasn't going to hurt him. That was a bonus. Unless she was lying....

"Are you lying? HEY! You have very pretty colored eyes."

Her eyes were very bright, and they were very distracting. His own eyes followed hers in a sense of fascination. He was still subconsciously struggling against the handcuffs, so he forced himself to stop. Where was Niko?! Stupid mean hat left him here...

"Are you wearing contacts?"


Elipsion walked lightly through the pool of blood that he had just created with a smile on his face. He had them quite terrified, like a mouse running from a cat. His gaze shifted from their useless weapons to their pathetic faces. One of them caught his interest the most. A blonde woman that looked like she was on the verge of passing out.

"Am I scaring you?"

With two steps, Elipsion slashed the scythe at her face, only allowing it to make a shallow cut running from just under her eye to her collar bone. He lowered the scythe, and grabbed her weapon with a death grip, twisting it away from her.


11/7/2011 #73

Alicia flinched at the spontaneous, loud exclamation. "No, I'm not lying," she managed to say patiently, though the sudden shout had caught her off guard. "And thank you. You're the first person to give a compliment." She held her gaze to match his, wondering what he was thinking, though seeing him briefly struggle against the handcuffs brought her back to the moment.

"No, they're not contacts... Give me your hands, please." She extended her own; the man was meant to place his wrists in them. That way she could just hold them without the risk of burning his hands if he tried moving suddenly.


The man's question went unanswered, and as he made a slash at the blonde's face, barely nicking her, she'd let go of the gun before he could even take it from her. With the man's final word, she obeyed and sprinted away, joining the other surviving policemen.

Sergey transmuted a couch from the concrete floor with the tap of a foot and sat on it, waiting for the fight--if he could call it that-- to finish. He also made himself a slice of steaming pizza and took the first bite, not even blinking at the scene that unfolded before him.

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"Oh, right, sorry."

Celes turned around, and carefully placed his wrists in her hands. Her hands were soft as his fingers softly grazed them. Like...like what? Like flower petals.

"Hey, have you seen my hat?? I need to find him before he causes trouble or he gets hurt! I'm Celes, by the way! When I get my hat back, you can call him Niko."


Elipsion watched them absently, any interest that was there was gone. He took a step back, stepping into the pool of blood behind him, and tapped the scythe with his claw. The scythe then shattered into razor sharp pieces then disappeared. An annoyed, disappointed look appeared on his face, and he glanced back at the more attention worthy individual. The boy had created a couch and was eating some sort of weird food. Turning, Elipsion lunged towards the boy, then jumped with ease landing on the boy's shoulder. He had shifted his weight, now weighing a quite amount lighter in order not to hurt the kid.

"I like how you're so calm. I'm interested to know your name."

Elipsion could easily find the boy's name using a couple different methods of mind reading, but if he was going to establish a connection, then he wouldn't use force yet. A claw lightly traced the back of the boy's neck, leaving shallow scratches while he settled into a crouch on the boy's shoulder.

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Alicia closed her eyes for a moment, gathering the energy needed. When she reopened them, the irises seemed to have brightened, as if they now produced light instead of merely catching it.

"Your hat?" She asked; her voice was soft, but it was easy to tell that it was naturally that way. Still, she did seem a little shy. "You mean...like a pet? Or something else?"

Alicia took the man's wrists once he turned around and focused on the handcuffs, specifically the links. One of the links shifted in color, from a metallic gray to a slowly brightening orange. At a certain point, the link appeared to soften, and at last began to drip onto the asphalt. It separated after a brief moment, leaving the man with his hands free, but the handcuffs were still stuck around his wrists and the remaining links were dangling.


Sergey had slightly stiffened when the man turned and lunged at him. Hardly the way to greet someone. In any case, Sergey stayed where he was as the man landed on his shoulder with surprisingly less weight than expected.

The man asked for his name. Well, at least he hadn't gone the mind-reading way, that showed Sergey wasn't seen as a victim. But he wasn't sure just yet. Sergey could feel a claw playing across the back of his neck. It could pierce his flesh easily if the man wanted it to. It wouldn't kill Sergey, though, but it would definitely hurt like hell...

He answered. "Sergey." Only one word. He wouldn't say much else until said claw was removed. With that he shifted his position slightly, though not enough to offset the man. He probably wouldn't fall even if Sergey had tried to make him.

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"Well...YEA! He is sorta like my pet, but he talks to me. We're like partners, you see. But he's my hat too. I never go anywhere without my Niko"

A pout flashed arcoss his face until he realized that he could move his hands freely. Celes grinned, looking at his hands. The handcuffs were still there, but it looked kind of cool like that. He now had some nice braceletts...that he could probably never remove, but that was okay with him. He would just have to make sure that he didn't gain any weight. With an overjoyed grin on his face, Celes turned and hugged the woman.

"Thank you so much!! You're so nice! So, you haven't seen my hat?"


Elipsion remained grounded on the boy's, Sergey's, shoulder. He was cooperating nicely, which saved the work for him, not that he minded using force. He wanted to know all that he could from Sergey, for he did want to establish a blood conenction with him. His old "master" was a fool, and this boy was a definite candidate for a new "master". Personally, Elipsion liked the kid, having his interesting powers, and from what he'd seen of his personality, they'd get along well.

"Sergey? That's an unusual name."

He was still playing a claw over Sergey's neck, though lighter in pressure now to where it was softly brushing the skin. The purple ribbon hanging from his neck swirled slowly, as if it were a living thign. In which it was, since it was his life-force. Elipsion considered giving Sergey his own name, but he would wait until the boy asked.

11/11/2011 #77

"Well, all right. I guess you could invite me to the next group session. I've always been interested in the play of the human mind with the Spirit and circumstances. I'd like to see how y'all handle it." Malachi shrugged a little to indicate that he wasn't dead set on that option; just interested.

11/11/2011 #78

So...his partner had the ability to shapeshift? Alicia thought to herself after the man had spoke. She flinched, caught off guard by the hug, but besides that took it without protest.

"You're welcome..." she said quietly. "I can get the rest of the cuffs off, but I need a little rest first..." She'd already used her powers several times by now. She would switch to telekinesis next. "In the meantime, we should go look for your hat."


This was...odd. First the guy slaughters a cop, which was overkill by the way. Now he turns on the closest person...Sergey himself. Was it the pizza that set him off? Sergey's attitude? Or something else? He was hoping it was as simple as something like the first two.

"What about you? What's your name?" Sergey asked, less about finding out something about the man on his shoulder and more about giving him a moment to think of his next move. It'd be best to get clear of this guy and this station. Everything that had happened so far was already enough to make the headlines; a mysterious attack on/in a subway in the UK, with one cop dead. Something Sergey didn't want to be associated with. The last thing he needed to be was high profile.

He had no enemies in the UK right now, but being in the spotlight could change all that.

Now was the time to go, before the real fight came along in the form of better trained personnel. Or hitmen with better weaponry than what Sergey had seen already. With this he finished his pizza and spoke, taking note of the lightened feeling of the claw on his neck; the man had stopped scratching him. "You mind getting off my shoulder? I can clearly see you're a person, not a parrot, so how about we talk on even terms?"

Regardless of whether the man stayed on his shoulder or not, Sergey rose to his feet and transmuted the couch, returning it to the concrete floor it came from. He'd transmute a napkin as well to wipe his hand.

11/12/2011 . Edited 11/12/2011 #79

Celes smiled, glad that she accepted the hug.

"Yes! Yes, we should!! He's...all black with a purple ribbon!! Come on!!"

He found himself eagerly grabbing her hand about to rush off, then stopped himself. Moving too fast might exhaust her more, so he waited to let her take the pace.


Elipsion remained silent as he slipped off Sergey's shoulder, and stood in front of him. Even terms, the boy had said. Even to Elipsion involved him in any way, whether the boy liked it or not. Now that Sergey had his attention, there would be no way he'd be letting him out of his sight until he got what he wanted, or death which was unlikely. The strange odor of the food that he was eating annoyed him, and his ribbon snapped around his face.

"Elipsion Sinistri."

He watched Sergey with growing interest and curiousity, that he was certain it was showing in his face slightly. But he remained silent, allowing Sergey the chance to talk, not that his opinion would matter too much if it went against his ideas. Even if the boy did go against his ideas, he wouldn't hurt him, nothing less than a simple bleeding scratch, just big enough to slip in a thread.

11/12/2011 #80

Alicia nodded, seeing the man ready to grab her hand to guide her. He stopped, probably considering Alicia's current condition. She shook her head. "Don't slow down for me. Go ahead; I can keep up with you, unless you can fly or something..." She'd seen him float slightly when the cops had been taking him to the cruiser. He hadn't seemed to deserve it; he was loud, but never looked or sounded hostile. Alicia had thought something was wrong with what she saw, and that was why she acted and freed him.

"What's your name?" She didn't take the man's hand, but she prepared to run with him.


He heard the name and scoffed. "And I'm supposed to have the unusual name?" Sergey looked ahead at Elipsion's eyes, then glanced at the purple ribbon, in thought. The guy seemed to take a greater interest in him than Sergey would have thought. Humans that saw Sergey use his powers didn't look at him the same way this man did. Something was off...maybe Elipsion saw him not as prey, or as a fellow non-human, but something...different? Sergey couldn't pin it down.

Whatever it was, though he didn't know Elipsion's intentions, what Sergey was sensing made him feel a bit threatened. It was time to leave; both this train station and the UK. Maybe talk a little longer, but besides that Sergey didn't see this going anywhere.

"Well, it was...interesting, meeting you. But there are probably more idiot humans probably on their way here, to ruin the rest of our day if we stick around. I better go; I've my own business to attend to..." That was true. He still had to get to the States and work on that mansion of his a bit...

With those words, Sergey adjusted his coat and turned, about to head down the tunnel. He transmuted the Tsar Cannon into a motorcycle, and sent the leftover matter back into the concrete floor. He started the engine of the motorcycle he'd made, a sleek black Ducati 1198. He was planning to speed off to the next station. The odds of running into hostile humans were lower that way.

11/14/2011 #81

"My name? My name is Celes! I know...it sounds kind of girly, doesn't it? But that's okay, because it suits me. THat's what matters, right? If it suits you? I mean, I can't see myself as an Albert or a Mark....Just Celes. What's yours?"

Celes grinned, pushing his purple hair out of his face, and looked in the direction that Niko had gone in. He glanced at her, making sure she was ready, then took off into a jog. He really, reallt wanted his hat back, which would seem somewhat strange to other people, but he wasn't exactly your normal....sane...person.


Elipsion watched Sergey transmute that cannon he had created into a motorcycle, and grinned. His powers were fascinating, which was all the more reason that he would not allow the boy to leave, not without him at least. And since he most definitely leaving, Elipsion was going to make sure that he was going to tag along, permanently. His desire for this individual as a master was, metaphorically, killing him to be separate from him. Not to mention what dreams he must have.

"Yes, we should leave."

Without another word, Elipsion jumped over Sergey, wings materializing only briefly for added height, and landed, crouching, face inches from Sergey's. His hand flashed to Sergey's neck, allowing a claw to cut in shallowly into his flesh, only enough to draw blood, which he had and was all he needed. The purple ribbbon around Elipsion's neck started to curl around Sergey's neck, loosely at first then firm but not tight. Elipsion directed his gaze fully inot Sergey's eyes.

"Don't be afraid."

11/14/2011 #82

She nodded. "My name's Alicia," she said, a little louder than before so that Celes could hear her. His name did seem rather feminine, but Alicia didn't think it was a problem. In fact, she sort of liked it. Celes...looked like a Celes. But that was just Alicia's opinion, one she didn't want to potentially offend this man with. And so, she kept her observations to herself.


"Yes, we should leave."

Sergey nearly turned at the man's voice. Sergey'd only said that he, himself, was leaving. Why the we all of a sudden...?

He flinched slightly as the man, already in midair, landed in front of Sergey. A hand moved in a flash and Sergey felt the sharp sting of a cut on his neck, though minor. Already he was beginning to plot his reaction, overcoming the surprise. Decades of dealing with surprises had left him experienced, more so than he would seem. The cut on his neck already began to heal.

As the ribbon began to wrap around Sergey's neck, the man spoke once more. Sergey remained still for one more short moment, and then he raised both arms and seized the ribbon, halting its movement. Whatever this man was doing...was not going to happen.

"I'm not afraid..." Sergey's hands were steady as he held onto the ribbon and wormed his head out of it, dismounting the Ducati. Once he was free, he set the ribbon aside.

"Now I'm just pissed off. Because you just made a big mistake...." Sergey stood, now glaring at the man ahead of him.

11/14/2011 . Edited 11/15/2011 #83

(What happened to everyone?? Did they die??)

"Alicia? That's a pretty name. Reminds me of Alice!! You know, off of Alice in Wonderland?? Where everyone is mad and nothing makes sense?? That stuff is pretty fun!"

His smile widened some more, and he momentarily searched intently around in the area in fron of him for his Niko. Finding Niko would probably be harder than it seemed, so, option one and the loudest...



Elipsion had winced slightly when Sergey had grabbed the ribbon with less than preferable gentleness. All of the Arcanum's ribbon's, life forces, were extremely sensitive which caused excruciating pain if it was cut. He had let go of the ribbon, and it whipped back to behind Elipsion's neck, snapping the air. A smirk played on Elipsion's face as he continued to watch the boy's reaction. His reaction was suiting to what he had just done, allowing Elipsion to know that he wouldn't just be taken. Too bad it was already decided.

"You're misinterpreting my intentions, Sergey. Last thing I want to do is harm you."

Elipsion took a few steps forward, but allowed for space in between them. The ribbon moved again to the front of Elipsion, but hung at the right side of him.

11/17/2011 #84

Alicia nodded to Celes' opinion. Alice was her nickname, though not many people she knew used it. "Yeah...sometimes it can be." But she thought to herself grimly. Definitely not all the time, especially when it involved someone hunting for you.

She winced at Celes' yell; again, she wasn't expecting it. She figured she'd get used to it as time went by.


So this was something different, then. Not trying to kill, but something probably worse. He wanted to control Sergey, for his own use; it was the only reason that Sergey could infer from Elipsion's words. He felt his hands clench with a sudden burst of rage that he could barely suppress. How dare this man even try to capture him! He never understood how humans could have the gall to try controlling someone they knew nothing about. And now, it seemed, this non-human in front of him was not so different.

Sergey heard someone shout "Nikoooo!" from a distance. He ignored it, the cold anger he felt and the experience he'd gathered over the years kept him from getting distracted.

It seemed Elipsion didn't get it; Sergey was sick of being used. It happened before, when a syndicate took someone dear to him hostage, for leverage. It was like a pit that he'd been thrown into and trapped, and he had to struggle his way out. He saved her, but with no other choice they cut their ties with each other for her safety.

None of them ever got it. Not the ones back then, not the ones looking for him now, and obviously not this @#$@ing moron standing in front of him now: Sergey was not property, and trying to make him such was the worst possible offense. He had decided long ago that he would rather destroy himself than go back to that way of life.

This guy was full of himself; he probably believed Sergey was done for already. What came next would hopefully change that outlook, in fact Sergey found himself wanting to see that infuriating smirk slide right off Elipsion's face. He doubted it, though; after all this man had been acting like he owned Sergey from the beginning.

Sergey's light gray eyes seemed to brighten for a moment with his hate and fury as he called forth strength that he rarely used before. "Then this will be a difficult chase for you," he addressed Elipsion curtly. With only a tap on the ground with his foot, he created six grenades, all frags, between himself and Elipsion; close enough for the explosions to score some damage, far enough to make them difficult to reach and possibly throw. None had safety pins on them, so their striker levers popped off, indicating that they were now on a countdown. Elipsion would have to react fast and move even faster if he wanted to reach Sergey. The attack was mainly designed to force him to retreat; with any luck, that was what he would do.

Sergey knelt to the ground and transmuted a thick bubble of Plexiglass from the floor, shielding himself from the impending detonations. If Elipsion did what Sergey expected and backed away, he would lower the bubble and raise a wall between them, to cover for a retreat of his own. He didn't know how strong Elipsion was, so he had his doubts...

11/17/2011 . Edited 11/21/2011 #85

Celes stopped, then whirled around to face Alice. No...not Alice..Alicia! His eyes were wide, and his grin drooped to an almost over-exaggerated frown.

"What if he's hurt and can't come to me???? What if someone has captured him or...or....HE'S DEAD?!?"

The very thought of his best friend, his precious hat being dead brought him to a standstill. He then dropped to the ground, sitting, and began to sob.

"I don't know what I'll do....NIKOOOO!!!!!!"


Elipsion hardly heard his alternative name being called, not that he cared or was even about to go to the fool that was calling for him. With any luck, he'd be able to take this boy as his master, and then first thing he would do was either kill the idiot calling him, or get as far away from him as he could. The first choice was more appealing, since it eliminated any chance of ever seeing that childish man again. THe kid was angry...not that he should be, and he didn't fully understand why he was so angry. Probably something to do with an inblance of hormones. But the anger was not off-setting to Elipsion. It made the boy all the more attractive to Elipsion's attention, and he liked it as it was also displaying his powers. Something like this was never seen in his old master. So really, the kid was only feeding Elipsion's interest.

"I don't know why you're so upset....You misinterpret me. That'll be fixed."

The boy had created, what Elipsion guessed, was some sort of explosives. There was only six of them, and none were too close that Elipsion worried about damage to the ribbon. Of course, physical damage would occur, but he wasn't overly concerned about that at all. It would slow him down for a few minutes, allowing himself to heal, but it wouldn't stop him. One way or another, this boy was going to be Elipsion's master. Without any more delay, Elispsion moved, ran, forward towards Sergey's proective shield, with his long bat wings materializing, floating about an inch off his back.

(Wings are not attached, they float inch off back yet they carry him. Don't ask me how it works, that's just their species)

11/21/2011 . Edited 11/21/2011 #86
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Darius nodded, "Okay. You can sit in as a guest counselor. It's just a title we'll have to give you in order for procedure to be followed." He tapped his foot against the floor. "Well, if that's all for now we can go back to the main atrium a---."

He was cut off by a sudden scream of --- anger, pain, rage. He couldn't pinpoint the exact emotion - but he did know who was screaming. He turned making a swift motion with his arm to indicate that Malachi could follow or explore on his own.

Right now he had to get to Orion.


Without a warning several things happened in quick succession. The floor beneath Elipsion and Sergey's feet turned to a thick gurgling mass slowly sucking them downward. Now, it would depend on the concentration each man help for their current feud - and how strong each man's will power was in general to see how far they would be imbedded into the floor.

So, she waited - curious to see what would happen and who would balk first. In the meantime she kept her eyes focused on Elipsion fingering the ribbon around her neck as well - pretty happy with the way things were going so far - for her at least.

She tipped her hat to no one in particular waiting the shadows the tube tunnels until something happened.

11/21/2011 #87

Alicia nervously tried to reassure Celes. "I'm sure he's not dead...it's not like there are people out to get him." Was there? She didn't know, she only assumed this friend wouldn't be busy antagonizing anything or anyone down there. This was a relatively nice city; don't bother someone and they won't bother you.

"Uhm...stay calm..." Alicia was finding it hard to follow her own advice. This man was making her jittery, plus his voice was actually making her ears ring... "Come on, we should hurry up."


Sergey had a gnawing feeling that Elipsion was not going to be deterred. Sure enough, the other man rushed at the Plexiglass bubble, disregarding the grenades completely. Sergey flinched, taking a step back from the front and transmuting an opening at the back. This man wasn't going to give up. Either Sergey had to take him down, or put as much distance between them. He couldn't reach the motorcycle, Elipsion would probably beat him to it.

He had to think. There was always a way, when you could make anything you wanted. The right tool could get him free. Maybe once he reached the surface he'd have enough time to make a Hind and lift off, never to see this creep again. He'd much rather deal with air traffic and possibly getting shot down than with Elipsion.

"Interpret this..." At the word "this", Sergey touched the surface of the Plexiglass bubble, doing two things: one, turning it into steel; two, altering the surface, on the side facing Elipsion. Spikes jutted out from the bubble in a crisscrossing pattern, like the spines of a porcupine, only these were long enough to block off Elipsion's path. Of course Elipsion could just go around, but that was the point; it would take more time. Enough time for Sergey to reach the Ducati and take off.

But as with most plans he made, yet again due mostly to luck, this one failed. Mainly because the floor suddenly seemed to liquefy and begin to draw him down. Sergey made a baffled expression, blaming the gooey mess on Elipsion.

This is still matter...which means I can still use it. He made a mistake. Sergey focused, sending a transmutation through his feet, which allowed him to solidify the ground immediately beneath him and create a pillar for him to stand on. Oddly it seemed like it was trying to resist the transformation for a moment.

Sergey continued to shift the floor, changing the pillar to a flatter, slope-like surface angled toward the direction he had come from, functioning as a road of sorts, a path that he could use to run. Looking back, he saw the Ducati sink, its engine stuttering and eventually dying, and then heard the thump of the grenades he had created, muffled under the mass of the now-carnivorous floor.

Why does this happen to me? Why can't everyone just leave me alone?

11/21/2011 . Edited 11/21/2011 #88
Fleur-de-lis Evans

A small seed fell from the pillar as it rose, quickly feeding off the shadow and the somewhat swampy mush still forming in the floor. A fine began to grow winding its way toward Elipsion. A small leaf landed on Sergey's shoulder, but seemed to dissipate almost instantly.

To be honest, she was more interested in Elipsion right now, and would rather make an ally with the boy rather than an enemy. She let him go, realizing he probably wanted to get the hell out of there before things got even weirder.

She increased her power slowly beginning to encase Elipsion in vines watching the boy out to the corner of her eye. A small bright line would make itself obvious on his arm - and then seem to disappear almost instantly - just like the leaf leaving behind a mark - depending on the person it was attached to.

She was very interested in what would happen next - seeing as her speech would do no good to soothe either party.

11/23/2011 #89

Sergey took note of a leaf coming from nowhere and settling on his shoulder--even though he was still at a running pace. The small leaf disappeared as soon as it touched him, making an alarm go off in his head. Not this crap again! Leaves didn't just disappear on contact. Sergey now thought there was something either on him, or in his system. Again, someone or something was trying to take him over...

He didn't care about keeping a low profile anymore. With so many things happening now, any more attempts would end up moot. Sergey looked to Elipsion a distance off and saw vines approaching the latter. Though he was floating, so the vines would have a bit of difficulty reaching him.

Sergey hadn't looked back to confirm Elipsion was fine, though; he wanted to confirm that they weren't the only two out here. And he was right.

That didn't explain the leaf. So Sergey focused, scanning his own body for foreign matter and shifting it into something harmless, or at least something he knew wouldn't hurt him. With that accomplished, Sergey shouted to whoever was behind the attack, as he saw it to be. "What the hell makes you people so persistent?!"

11/23/2011 #90
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