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Celes jumped up and nodded. She was right! This was no time for him to lose himself in tears. He had to find Niko.

"Okay, okay, okay....Well...what would be best to look for him?? I've tried calling him...but he's not answering..."


This was interesting. Not nearly as interesting as the boy, but enough to slightly distract him from his goal. The ground has indeed turned into some sort of sinking material, something like quick sand he would guess. The wings were silent as he floated about this mess, studying it a momenbt, then turned his head back in Sergey's direction. He wasn't leaving. And to whoever was behind this distracting interference was going to pay with their life, most possibly. He turned, about to go after Sergey, when he felt something tug, rather, wrap around his ankle and slowly snaked its way up his leg. Looking down, Elipsion grinned at what looked like a vine. So, whoever was behind this didn't want him going after Sergey. Too bad that his intentions were set, and he wasn't going to allow some mere restraint hold him back.

"You're just an inconvience."

Grabbing the vine with is hand, Elipsion used his claws to cut through it, and with added measure, mixed with rising annoyance once again, materialized his scythe, and cut the vine down to a more reasonable length. He heard the boy shout, asking, why they were so persistent. Elipsion didn't care to know about the third party's intentions, but his persistence was clearly explained in his actions. Not that the boy understood them, which made this harder yet it didn't overly bother Elipsion. With a smirk, he disappeared from view, then reappeared in front of Sergey. It was a mix of teleportation and a certain version of invisibility, but not quite invisibilty. He could be very visible to teleport, he was just then hard to track. But the disappearing act, was not the human's verion of "invisibility". No, this version allowed him to be unseen, yet allowed him to reach directly into someone's head, allowing him more understanding of an individual or influencing. Elipsion grinned, before grabbing Sergey's throat, stopping him. Elipsion kept note of the other strange powers not too far off, not overly concerned, but allowing himself to be fully aware of what was going on.

"You shouldn't run from me, Sergey. It won't help you. If you had allowed me to explain, this could have been avoided."

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"We can go to the last place you saw him," Alicia suggested as she took the lead, heading down the stairs to the subway. "Maybe he's still at or near that spot." When she looked back to Celes, her irises shifted to a light gray as she changed the power she would use.

When she looked back ahead, Alicia spotted an odd-looking man--his skin was an unnatural grayish color. She looked to Celes. "Is that him?"


Elipsion just... appeared from nowhere on the path just ahead, grabbing him by the throat. Where did he come from...? Sergey stopped in place, now more irritated than surprised by the hand on his throat. Elipsion spoke, again with that smile, like he owned Sergey.

"Well, let me explain something to you..." Sergey tapped the path with his foot, transmuting something again. This time the matter seemed to draw into Sergey alone, though with no visible result. But it would be clear; Sergey was making himself denser, stronger and tougher. And most importantly, giving him spare material to work with. His skin slowly turned a dull grey as he changed its composition to a more metallic substance.

Sergey figured he could have transmuted Elipsion's arm into something useless, but it tended to take a lot of energy to counter someone's will. He took a different tactic and pried Elipsion's fingers off of his neck with minimal difficulty, though he held onto the offending arm afterward. "I am not property," he snarled at Elipsion, eyes flashing with rage, "and not you, nor whoever's making those vines, nor the syndicates, or anyone else, is going to change that, no matter how much of an arrogant @%$^% each one turns out to be. I'd rather destroy myself than be someone's $%%#ing tool again."

What was the point of this power when there were so many with their own agendas, each trying to build their little enterprises on his back? He loved this power because it made him free, not because it made him powerful.

Sergey sighed and his glare dulled slightly. "Don't bother explaining. Every single one of you thinks they need to explain something. You're no different from the last guy, or the guy before that. And so on..." He simply walked past Elipsion, half-disregarding his existence as if the former hadn't been trying to run away for the past few minutes, though his skin was still reinforced. "I'm tired of this...leave me alone..." He was past the point of even trying to flee. If Elipsion kept on, he wasn't sure what to do next, though he knew for sure that he'd had enough of this pattern of running.

He noticed a woman in the distance on the stairs, followed by a man--he seemed familiar, but at this range Sergey couldn't make any more details. Sergey dropped from his path, clear of the murky floor from earlier.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

'Damn,' she thought. 'He's a floater... How could I have forgotten...'

Pushing that aside, she merely let her calm emotions oporate her reactions. The boy obviously thought she was attempting to control him. A smile played on her face. How wrong he was, to think she was so base as to resort to a hostile take over.

In fact - what had entered the boy's system was a mixture of her very own making. It was a fast adhering substance which used a mixture of the person's aura and their allignment to either aid or deter them. If he was mostly good minded the substance would adhere to him making him stronger, more resilient, slightly improving his stamina and endurance. If he were dark minded - or greedy - the substance would deter him - slowly weakening his abilities - until it destroyed him over years worth of time.

It wasn't as if she used it on just anyone. She was a pretty good judge of character - it was part of her job. If she guessed right it would make him stronger - but how much stronger was up to his DNA to begin with and the weaknesses he already had.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

She turned her attentions back to Elipsion. He had mostly forgotten her by now - seeing as they had gone completely different ways. Well - she hoped she would be able to make him remember her. She watched as her vines were hacked off him - as he flew after the boy. The vines began to swing hectically attempting to reattach to their original target. She called them back with a snap of her fingers feeling the vines wind into a braided lasso. The spikes shifted to form a good hilt for the vine lasso - but she refrained from using it. Her eyes focused on Elipsion taking in his set expression.

"You know," she said her mixed accent - that of a Posh Brit molded to a Texan drawl, slightly echoing in the empty tube station, "it's harder to truly have control in a hostile take over. You of all people should remember that."

She made a flick with her wrist throwing down some shredded substance, which instantly began to solidify making the quick-trap from earlier disappear under solid rock. She tilted her head to the side her deep red - nearly black - eyes focused on Elipsion.

"It's so much easier to take them over when you're being cordial and inviting."

[Valeriae: How is that for a compromise? I have gone off of your character points for Elipsion and created Beta-Ray around them. Let's say old acquaintance rather than friend.]

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(Fleur, is your character visible to Elips or is she still in the shadows?)

(Oh, btw, Mongoose you can reply to Fleur now, her characters replied to Malachi a few posts back, also Fleur, you never replied to Marlena)

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"Sounds good," Malachi said. He saw, heard and felt the change coming before it reached him and braced himself. As a result he maintained his footing. Then his guide took off running in response to Orion's scream, so he followed.
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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Darius skidded around the corner coming to a staggered stop. He scanned the area, quickly locating Orion. She was shaking uncontrollably, backing away from the girl. Darius approached carefully, catching the eyes of several people around her. He opened his mouth to ask what was wrong - but when his eyes landed on the girl he realized exactly what happened.

He caught her by the shoulders turning her toward him. He pressed his hands against her cheeks leaning their foreheads together. "It's alright love," he whispered. "You're alright."

"Th-they sent her." Tears poured down her face, and all Darius could do was hold her, keeping eye contact with her.

"Adrian, get everyone here now. We have some figuring out to do."


She nodded. "There are many ways to travel in the tunnels. They change and alter depending upon who enters them. You could start at the new town square and end up at the corner of Frisk and Townsend in Old Town."

She was going to continue when a scream rang through the ante chamber. She gave Marlena a look. "Come on, they'll call us there anyways." She moved forward motioning for Marlena to follow into an open corner in the room.

[Val: She's in the shadows]

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Celes looked over at where she was pointing to. All he saw was...some strange looking grey-skinned man, and some other guy.

"You don't understand!!! He's a HAT!!"

He frowned, clearly upset.

"Maybe we can ask them!"


Elipsion smirked as the boy yelled. It didn't bother him, and he still didn't understand his intentions. He wasn't trying to own him...He wanted to learn about the boy in a partnership, and only use him when he saw fit. His powers were the main interest. Using and owning were completely different anyways. He was about to circle around in front of Sergey, when he heard the voice. Turning his head, Elipsion scanned for the source.

"Who are you to tell me what to do?"

12/9/2011 #97

Sergey had absolutely no idea what the thing that had entered his system was, but he equated it to another attack of some sort, and as such rejected it. He hated being subject to anyone, for any reason. This guy in front of him kept saying his intentions were different, but had never bothered to explain how so in the first place... Sergey decided he was full of it. And now there were other people, no doubt here to screw his life up six ways to Sunday.

It was weird, though: it seemed like the substance he'd detected in his system was disappearing...like merging with him. He realized something was very wrong: It was trying to alter his very composition! WHAT THE @$#@ KIND OF LEAF DOES THAT?! It was starting to freak him out; he could feel the changes, he was getting....

Stronger? What....? But why...?

What would someone gain from making him stronger? It'd just make him harder to defeat... Who was dumb enough to help him and then try to capture him!? Unless this was a genuine gesture of assistance...

He suddenly had the presence of mind to try analyzing the composition of whatever the hell was changing him, but he was too late. The substance had done its job and now was fully absorbed. He knew all too well he could just change his composition back to the way it had been before, making the leaf's purpose entirely null and void, but... he decided not to. Was this really meant to help him?

As of this moment, he was extremely confused.


Alicia blinked. "You said this hat...had a purple ribbon?" She pointed to said object, near the white-haired man. "Either that man has a ribbon like the one you described by coincidence, or...he has something to do with where your hat went." She didn't say her real thoughts: that this man might be a shapeshifter of some sort.


Marlena didn't respond to the girl's statement. She didn't really have much to say at all; children were no longer an interesting aspect to her.

At the scream, Marlena immediately became more alert, now carefully noting her surroundings. Something was going to go wrong. She silently picked up the pace and followed the girl...

12/9/2011 #98
Fleur-de-lis Evans

In answer a thorn was thrown at him sailing right next to his ear but not touching it. "Shame that you don't remember," she answered.

She stepped into the lighted area lifting her delicate eyebrow. Her lazurite blue eyes had a teasing look in them. A black ribbon was tied around her neck - with a a silver ribbon woven into her blonde braid. Her eyes were bright and a scar ran from her left temple to her diagonally across her left cheek stopping at the corner of her mouth. She titled her head to the side her eyes shining.

12/9/2011 . Edited 12/11/2011 #99

Celes gawked at the grey-skinned man. Hey....he DID have a purple ribbon.....What...did he....DID HE TAKE HIS HAT?!

"Let's go find out!! HEYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

With that, Celes took off running towards the small group of people.


Elipsion felt the slight rush of air as the thorn whizzed past his ear. He was supposed to know her? Hm, she didn't seem familiar to him. Still standing in front of Sergey, Elipsion examined her, eyes wandering over her body. If one didn't know better, a human would've thought he was-what did they say?-'Checking her out'. But that was the last thing from his mind. He wanted to know who she was, where she came from and how she knew him, and why she was interefering with his business.

"You must've been insignificant to me for me not to remember."

12/9/2011 #100
Malachi wasn't sure what was wrong with Orion, nor did he have a clue what his guide wanted, so he stood near a wall and hoped to be out of the way, available, and able to observe all at the same time.
12/9/2011 #101
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Beta-Ray tilted her head eyes shining. "Actually, we were at the Academy together," she said. "You were...," she was going to say he was a trouble maker. But, somehow that didn't seem right. He was, yes that's it. "You were always having arguments with someone - but you still offered to tutor me privately."

She twirled a thorn absent mindedly. "They didn't buy it though, that you knew what you were doing. They tried to wipe my memory, to convince me I never took your class, despite the fact the grade was on my transcript." She rolled her eyes.

"That didn't work out too well for them. See, they always wanted to control us - especially the five of use with the most strength. But, what they didn't realize was putting me in solitary education only furthered my study into how to separate myself from their control. And now - I have completely learned to live without having to take anyone over."

She tugged the ribbon in her hair - and it was obvious - by the way the light accented it that it was part of the ribbon she wore around her neck. "Now, I just were these for fun."


When he had calmed Orion down, enough to get her shaking to subside, he turned toward the group assembled in the chamber. He scanned the crowd quickly ruling out Malachi, Johanna, and the woman, Marlena. Johanna was a member of the group since childhood - so there wasn't anyway she would have been the one to get involved with the Reapers. And, Marlena had been recent - attempting to get to safety herself - nowhere near the settlement before the girl had been brought in. Malachi was with him the whole time - unless of course the two of them were being tracked by Reapers and had no idea.

Taking a deep breath he said evenly, "There are three people here - aside from Orion and myself, that have not, at least consciously or knowingly, had interchanges with the Reapers. These people are: two new arrivals from earlier today - Marlena and Malachi, and Johanna." He indicated the girl standing with Marlena.

Then he motioned over Ryan, one the merchants who had come to work at the settlement. Although he wasn't in the clear yet, he was the one in the settlement with the most experience shadowing, studying, and avoiding Reapers, and as such was one of the only people here who had not been branded. He was a tall man - with salt and pepper hair, although he was only in his mid forties, with a muscular build and sharp gray eyes.

He took his cue, standing on a portion of ground that was used as a vocal point when assemblies took place. "Most everyone here," he said, easily picking out the newbies, "knows about the Reapers. If there is anyone here who doesn't know - they are men, chosen by the current government, who are responsible for branding and tracking civilians that have been labeled traitors."

He glanced over at the small girl anger and pity clear on his face. "Some of the people they take in are innocent," he said. "They torture them, weaken their mind, and then release them - hoping that if they are healed here - if they survive what they've been through - that the brainwashing will enable the Reapers to get informants into our community."

He shook his head. Then he said, "However, the only way a Reapers would know how to get a child here - especially one they just injured for the heck of it, they would have to be told by a member of this community about the enchantments that keep us safe."

He let the words sink in,stopping to catch his breath and waiting for any questions.

12/11/2011 . Edited 1/4/2012 #102

Alicia didn't have the slightest idea of what was going on, or who these people were, or why they seemed to be in the middle of fighting one another. But she did have a feeling that getting into said conflict wasn't the best idea ever. That observation fueled her decision to grab Celes and attempt to hold him back and talk a bit of sense into him.

"There's something obviously going on here," she said quietly, "And jumping into the middle of this may not be wise." As she spoke, she saw a thorn fly past the white-haired man, almost as if it wasn't intended to hit, only warn. The grey-skinned youth turned to look her way, seemingly confused.

Alicia blinked once, and decided to keep prepared. The irises of her eyes switched to a gray color.


Sergey spotted the two newcomers approach; rather, one, a man, shouted and approached, and the other, a woman with short blonde hair and hazel eyes, held him back, oddly with more strength than her petite frame should have in the first place. But that was just an observation.

As was what he saw next: the woman just blinked, only once, and when her eyes opened again, they had turned grey in an instant. He somewhat doubted she'd gone blind, though. Sergey raised an eyebrow. It seemed this whole ordeal was dragging in more trouble. The only question left was the woman's purpose for being here.

I wonder if she's with that other woman...that one that keeps calling me Auctor... He wasn't sure if Sylvia had followed him to the UK. In case she did, he knew leaving would be in his best interest, regardless of whether this stalker-like-guy followed him...

He heard the other woman's voice, paying attention near the end. "Now, I just wear these for fun." She tugged at the ribbon in her hair as she spoke.

Huh? The ribbon? Sergey thought about it. Come to think of it, what were those things for? This newcomer had one, and so did Elipsion. And earlier, the ribbon had wrapped around his neck when Elipsion had cut him. Was it...a tool for a spell or ritual?

While he didn't know what exactly the purpose was with those ribbons, Sergey thought that he was onto something...


Marlena followed silently. She made no movement or gesture as she was referred to, but she did narrow her eyes slightly at the mention of her name. Two things were off here: One, she preferred to stay anonymous, two, she didn't remember giving this guy her name. Perhaps someone had told him who she was.

She wasn't going to obsess over it, but Marlena would keep on her guard from now on. Well, more so than before. She gave a small nod to Malachi, as if saying it were nice to meet him again under less...dire circumstances.

12/16/2011 . Edited 12/16/2011 #103
Malachi nodded back at Marlena, smiling slightly though there was little joy in the expression. He looked back to his guide and waited for something else to require his action/reaction. (am I missing anything Malachi was supposed to do?)
12/17/2011 #104

(Alright, finally posting)

Celes briefly struggled against her grip before giving up, allowing her to hold him back. He didn't know what else to do....His hat was lost and possibly these people knew where his hat was, but SOMETHING was going on. An overexaggerated frown crossed his face and his shoulders slumped.

"Well....we gotta find out.....we just gotta..."


Elipsion was annoyed, as she was distracting him from his goal, which was slowly becoming bothersome. She did seem vaguely familiar, but teaching? He smirked; he'd never teach anyone, he'd end up killing any students that he had. Wait...Elipsion paused, eyes looking absently over at Sergey as he thought; it made sense now, years ago he had a professor as a host, maybe this was one of his former host's students? Most likely, but that didn't interest him any more than weak individuals. But the comment that got his attention was the comment that she could seperate herself from her ribbon. Then she wasn't of his species, but she had an interesting power that was worth at least keeping an eye on. A smirk played his face once again; she had no idea what she was talking about.

"You have no knowledge of my species. Anyone who knows of our kind would not claim such absurd facts.

There was an underlying superior tone to his voice, and the smirk grew. She knew nothing about him, and he intended it to stay that way. Elipsion shifted, half his attention on her, and the other on Sergey.

1/5/2012 #105
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Beta Rayb shrugged her shoulders as if the matter were moot. She leaned against the wall. She tilted her head to the side. "I know that if I were to," she trailed off throwing one of her thorns directly at Elipsion's ribbon. She watched it sail for a weak point in the cloth. She didn't speak anymore assembling a defense system while she kept her attention on the boy. It would be interesting to see how he'd react to her and Elipsion.

1/8/2012 #106
(I see. You want to use me to use the dumb puppet as a means to tell the story in your head. Now the question becomes, do I want to be used that way? Well, seeing as how I have no story in my head for this thread, sure.) Malachi coughed to get the attention of his guide.

"Achem. Excuse me please. If you want to know who-dun-it, I have some experience in such things. The fact that this . . . community is so focused, spiritually should make things easier. If I have your leave?"

He shoved off from the wall and strode in amongst the assembled people, looking for all the world as though he owned the place, and they were his adoring congregation. It made no difference that none of them knew him, though some were clearly more perceptive than others. He was speaking now, and they would listen. They had no choice when he spoke the Word of God, by the power of God.

(I'm not trying to assert any doctrine here. The other PCs can react any way you want them to. I'm writing from the POV of my PC, and what he believes about himself and God.)

1/14/2012 #107

[I somewhat doubt Marlena will get deeply involved with what happened, if she does at all. Her morals aren't exactly up to par.]

So this place is compromised, then... well, it wasn't as if I planned to stay. Marlena wasn't a fan of chance-taking. Not after the close call she'd had not even an hour ago. This was too much for one day; an apartment ambush followed by a chase through the tunnel and now...

Stop that. She couldn't let her mind wander. Too much going on around her for that.

Malachi coughed to gather everyone's attention, and Marlena turned to look at him doubtfully. He spoke to his guide and headed off toward the crowds, apparently about to do something. What was he planning? And whatever it was, would it make a difference?


Alicia's eyes flickered, almost closing, as she tried holding Celes back. For a moment she looked ready to pass out from all the effort she gave. Vision turned bleary, as if tears had come to her eyes. But she knew that wasn't the case, she was only using her powers. The moment passed and her vision cleared up, allowing her to watch a new scene unfold.

The white-haired man looked over at the youth standing by himself for a moment, a smirk plastered on his face. For some reason it caused a weak, queasy feeling in her stomach. The man spoke: "You have no knowledge of my species. Anyone who knows of our kind would not claim such absurd facts." There was a condescending tone in his voice as if he thought he was talking to a roach.

The other, yet unnamed woman shrugged, leaned against a wall. Tilted her head and spoke, "I know that if I were to..." The sentence went unfinished, instead she suddenly flung a thorn towards the white-haired man. Alicia roughly guessed it might make a glancing blow if the man did nothing; The woman either had poor aim, or wasn't intending to kill him.

The grey-skinned youth began to drop to the floor, planted both hands down, about to do something--

A fiery lance of pain went through Alicia's head; she blinked again, let go of Celes to wipe beads of sweat from her forehead as he spoke. "Well....we gotta find out...we just gotta..."

"I know." She replied softly, her focus remaining on the two. "Celes...Get back. They're about to fight." She tensed, stood with feet distanced apart, ready to act or react when needed.

The white haired man began his response. "You have no knowledge of my species..."


Sergey looked to the two newcomers, saw the woman's eyes flicker slightly. Was it some sort of twitch? Maybe she was completely normal. Maybe this wasn't about to become the clu@&$#-%$%@ of a lifetime.

Or maybe today just wasn't his day. He could see it; The woman was trained, prepared. She'd taken up a ready stance of sorts as Elipsion began to talk.

Then the other woman replied, trailed off with her sentence. Flung a thorn at Elipsion, her aim slightly off, almost as if it were meant to graze him or hit something else...

As soon as the thorn took flight, Sergey knelt to the floor and planted both hands down. "Enough of this crap." The ground ahead of him began to shift, changing color and forming a pair of katanas, unsheathed. He snatched up the weapons and quickly stepped back, prepared to take any further actions if he had to.

1/14/2012 . Edited 1/14/2012 #108

Celes calmed enough to see what was going on and appropiately stepped back. Thar didn't change the fact that he desperatly wanted to know where his hat was, but if there was a fight, he didn't want to be involved. He blinked; what? Just earlier he was all for going into a fight, and now.....This was totally weird


What was this? The woman had hurled a thorn in the direction of his ribbon, no doubt intending on piercing it. Then as she did so, Sergey decided now to make use of that wonderful power to create himself two weapons. That little spark of interest led Elipsion to again ignore the woman, resulting in the thorn passing through his ribbon. That hurt, but it wasn't big enough to cause significant pain but it still added to his agitation. She would die at the end of the day. His smirk widened, only half turning to her.

"You're pathetic. And Sergey, what do you think you're going to do with those?"

Elipsion turned to Sergey while speaking, the smirk still on his face. The boy wouldn't win in such a fight; he would take Sergey one way or another, willingness was no longer a choice.

1/14/2012 #109

Sergey couldn't help but feel the creep, as oddly possessive and narcissistic as he was, had a point. So far nothing had worked on him; Sergey hadn't even been able to get away from him... What if everything he was doing was futile?

He stared down at the katanas, saw cool grey steel looking back up at him with a glint. What could he accomplish? He was no good at this; all the tools in the world and he couldn't use any of them the right way. Maybe he should just give up. It'd be easier; this strange man had skills, seemed powerful. Maybe he could help...

But could he take the chance? What would happen to him? Would Elipsion care about anything or anyone he knew? What about Victoria?

He couldn't take that chance. But then, the only thing he could do was either escape, or hope someone else would show for whatever reason and clash with Elipsion.

1/31/2012 #110
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Something akin to a smile flitted across Rea's face. Without a word she flicked her wrist sending a solid vine-like structure arching through the air. With the slightest manipulation the whip moved swirling downward toward Elipsion. Whether or not he was like her Rea didn't care. The intention was to nick the ribbon with a thorn or if that couldn't be done ensnare him. But for now, all she could do was aim and see what the mightly Elipsion would do next.

1/31/2012 #111

Elipsion's annoyance was now slowly seeping into anger. She was wasting his time with this pointless talk; all he needed to know is if she was of interest and against. True, she did capture some interest from him, but it wasn't compared to the interest he had in Sergey; in fact, in his perspective, she was no more than an unique color cast against a masterpiece. He was tired of her attempts to redirect his attention, and it was starting to show in his face. His smirk lifted slightly, exposing gritted white teeth and a fang; he thought about expressing dominance over her, but that'd be useless to an idiot like her who knew nothing.

The whip moved swiftly towards him, and he jumped back and disappeared before it could touch him. Elipsion reappeared, perching on one of Sergey's katanas, ignoring any cutting the sword was making to his feet as he adjusted his weight.

"I'm sure we can arrange an agreement, hm? Master?"

His eyes made brief contact with Sergey's, then he averted them, staring at his throat instead. The ribbon around his own neck flicked softly.

2/1/2012 #112

[Don't forget about Mongoose...]

The katana bent slightly at the added weight for a moment, like a twig ready to snap, before Sergey looked up at the cause. The guy was just...there. On the blade. Sergey let the weapon slip from his hands, taking a glance at the others. The thorn-lady had missed with her whip; the other woman with the strange eyes(since they changed color, he figured) and her companion.

Wait. What did he just say? That couldn't have been referring to him. Someone else nearby? No way Elipsion had just called him master. Unless it was some form of joke with a paper-thin punchline.

A thought struck; he'd never asked what it was Elipsion wanted, instead jumped to a conclusion. "What...are you talking about? What the hell do you want from me?"

2/1/2012 #113

(Roit. Thanks 4 D reminder.)p

"God! You are God, and God alone," Malachi began. He started out just stating something he believed. Declaring the truth. It was the right thing to do in such situations. But it only took a moment for him to get caught up in his own proclemation, or rather, the prophetic declaration that he received even as he spoke it. He lifted his arms and his eyes heavenward and totally ignored the people around him and their reaction to him, as he continued to declare the praises of the almighty God. p

Were he merely a person praising a favorite rock band, people around him might be annoyed and that annoyance might show. When he brought in the Spiritual element, however, it was with the authority given to him by the Son of God. It essentially called out all spirits to manifest themselves, whether they wanted to or not, and very few could resist the call. Some would join him in praises to their king. Others would resist, cry out in terror, or try to fight. If there were any among them that would betray them to the enemy, they would be unable to hide from those aware enough of what Malachi was doing to maintain a watch on the rest of the assembly.

2/3/2012 #114

Elipsion stood, having dropped with the weapon, watching Sergey's reaction. He was now unsure, still guarded, but he was finally seeing it for what it was; what it seemed to be, what he wanted. He moved close to Sergey, inches away from him; a distance most people would find unnerving. The purple ribbon flicked, slightly brushing Sergey's neck.

"What do I want, Sergey? It's what I've wanted all along. I want you to be my master"

Elipsion continued to watch Sergey's face, although he kept his eyes down.

2/4/2012 #115

For every step Elipsion took forward, the youth took a larger one backward, as if the former still made threats. Right now, though, threats weren't what he was hearing; instead a proposal. To be someone's master.

"Riiight..." The voice carried an air of doubt easily, as if the owner had just heard the ramblings of a man gone insane. Maybe Elipsion had. What was this...supposed to mean? Was it this simple?

"I'm...not into that sort of thing." Sergey flinched away from the ribbon. It left an itch on his neck.

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Elipsion kept walking forward, staying close to Sergey. He needed him to understand what he wanted, and why he wanted it. So he wasn't into being someone's master; no matter, they could work around that easily by negotiating. The tip of his ribbon brushed Sergey's chin, and withdrew, now hanging limpy off of Elipsion's neck.

"We can work out an arrangement, you don't even need to be actively telling me what to do. However, this is a life and death decision, every moment I'm dying. You are quite more worthy than my former master."

Of course, he was exageratting the life and death part, but in a twisted sense it was true. Celes, the fool that accidently became his master, was crippling weak and it was driving him insane. The effects of the imbalance were apparent; Celes had mentally broken down due to his power and the time would come when Elipsion would quite possibly kill him. With Sergey, being quite more powerful, could sustain his power, and allow most definitely better feedings in his energy.

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Fleur-de-lis Evans

pRay redirected her movements swiveling the whip toward the pair of them. Her thorn had already fortified Sergey's power, so even if he was thinking about agreeing to Elipsion's plan he could avoid being damaged by any effects the take over could cause. The antidote, as people often called it, worked to strengthen the immune and mental systems of whomever the thorn pricked, if that person were of good moral character. So, she was no longer worried for the boy./p

pShe decided to stop interfering, instead going with the more viabal route. "I would like to offer my services as an ally," she said leaning against the wall. "Out of curiosity whey is it necessary that you have a Master?"/p


pMany of the people in the ante-chamber felt a clamnes spread over them. Most of them folded their hands and bowed their heads their lips moving in praise of the Lord. A middle-aged man stood within the group a slight grin on his face. But, like everyone else he bowed his head and folded his hands. It wasn't going to be that easy to find him./p

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Sergey saw the whip coming and ducked out of the way, coming back up with caution. No telling what could come from these two next. He looked to the woman with the color-shifting eyes next. In some way, at some time or another, he knew she would do something. Question was, would it be directed at him or the two people he had somehow caught the interest of?

He heard the whip-lady speak afterward, but it wasn't directed at him, and thus he kept his mouth shut except to consider the choices he had.


Alicia blinked, remained focused. The boy had pulled swords from the ground, the woman had some form of whip--thorns earlier, maybe she had earth-related abilities-- and the white-haired man could move impossibly fast, able to land on said swords before the youth could react.

All in all, she was better off going on the defensive, or better yet, just walking away. Celes would lose his hat, but at least he'd have his life...

She turned her head slightly in Celes' direction. "Celes, I think you and I had better leave..."


Marlena stood and listened, though when the others bowed and folded arms and praised their God, she didn't try to imitate. It wasn't her belief, why should she lie about it?

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That seemed to be going well, not that it ever didn't. Every time he opened his mouth to declare the praises of God, things went better than any time he didn't. So, in due time his praises turned to worship. He stood still then, his voice quieting though it still carried, and just poured out his heart to his Lord and maker. Much of what he said could not be understood, but that wasn't the point.

This led to a long moment of silence when it was very clear that anyone making a disturbance would not be welcome to continue.

Finally (unless someone wants to do something differently) He began to speak again, this time addressing the gathered crowd. They were, after all, still paying attention, and no one had tried to stop him. He began to preach. After several lifetimes worth of leading people he was very good at it. He encouraged and exhorted the people to remain steadfast in their faith and to focus on the whole point in it all; namely the goodness, love, truth, justice, holiness and sovereignty of Jesus.

Malachi was aware that there were people here from faiths other than Christianity, and he didn't much care. If he had his way he'd convert everyone one of them by the time he stopped talking. Of course, it wasn't up to Malachi, but rather it was up to the Holy Spirit to draw those He chose to the Father, through the Son. So what was Malachi doing telling them about the Lordship of Jesus? As Paul said, how will they be saved if they don't believe? And how will they believe if they have not heard? And how will they hear if they have not been told? And how will they be told if no one is sent to tell them? So Malachi told them, in no uncertain terms, what they needed to do to be saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

If any of this was a problem he supposed someone could try to stop him. He could always leave if that were the case. The world was a big place with lots of people who needed saving.

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