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Kihn's weapon was held steady, aimed at the head of the thing standing on the ceiling. So it probably wouldn't die if he shot it, but it might slow down a little. Still, no need to make an enemy of it, yet. So far it hadn't done anything wrong, as far as Kihn knew.

Morgan was distracted by the action going on and drew back a little. Powerful though she was, jumping into fights was not her way. She remained open, however, to further communication with Anna.


The room the rest of the Mongoose crew walked into looked like a cross between an old fashioned library, office and sitting room. That meant lots of hiding places. The group went about the room slowly, each in their own way, making sure there were no threats to the others. No one in the group seemed particularly worried about their own safety, except maybe Carlos, who kept his weapon to his shoulder and looked carefully around each couch, chair, and book shelf.

12/16/2011 #31

The girl that fell into the house earlier now seemed to have...gone berserk. Alexei frowned. If all the people here were like this... He trailed off with the thought. Remaining invisible, he decided to watch and wait until Anna reported about the other team.

The telepathic in question replied to Morcant. 'Agreed. Talk to your boss. I'll talk to mine.' She didn't bother looking around, only spoke while keeping her eyes on the fight. "Konstantin. As I'm sure you know, the other group has a telepath. She wants our teams to work together."

The voice came from her left. "Sounds good. I doubted we would find someone else willing to forge an alliance." Then louder, to address the entire team. "Everyone! We're heading out of here; let these two fight it out."

Jericho frowned, turning to the youth in the corner and talking to him. "You want to come with us and get the hell outta here?"

12/16/2011 #32

Valerai looked nervously at the man, wanting nothing than to do what the man had suggested. He wasn't about to stay here with these insane people...Valerai nodded, slowly moving away from the corner and moving in close to the man. He hoped that he wouldn't mind...


Elipsion moved over, so that this animal wouldn't touch him with her filthy hands. He glanced over at the man pointing a gun at his head, annoyed but not worried. His attention went back to the kid, who had now moved away from his corner.

"And where are you going?"

Xenon listened silently. Sounded like the majority was forming an alliance, which was good. But it seemed that it was only the two groups, so...he would back off. He didn't want to be in the way.

Grace continued watching the two try to fight, not doubting they could do damage. The others seemed to be leaving. Whether he'd follow, he wasnt sure.

12/16/2011 #33

Jericho nodded at the youth's response, then frowned when he heard the man speak. As if he were giving the orders here.

He grit his teeth. This man almost sounded like his father....he hated his father.

Alexei heard the white-haired man talk, apparently to one of his teammates who stood near the youth in the corner. Now the attention had shifted. Not good.

12/16/2011 #34
Yuki Kuran

Leta knew she would miss, so she was prepared. She spun about on all fours as soon as she hit the floor so she was facing her prey. She was going to need to be more cunning with this man. She quickly scanned the areas of the room that might give her an advantage. The man's attention was on the boy, so she looked behind his line of sight. Just to across from the balcony was a small chandelier. That was perfect. As quietly as possible, Leta made her way back up to the balcony. By the wall rather than the banister, mind you, that way she steered clear of the man's vision. She made it to the top and leaped for the light fixture. She knew time was short, once she hit it she would be heard. She positioned herself so that she landed on it already facing her intended victim. Then, without a sound but for the squeak of the hinge, she leaped at the man's back from behind.

12/17/2011 #35
Morgan thought Anna's affirmation to Kihn, who then backed into the room, closely followed by Morgan.

~"You're welcome to join us in the room, if that fits your tactics. Just let me know so we can keep the door open."~

"Clear," One crew member after another called out. Gilchrist just grunted something about not knowing why everyone was freaking out. Carlos glared at the monk, and Malachi chuckled a little.

"We'll need to find an exit from this room," Anthony said. "It won't be long before white-head or someone comes up here."

"Agreed. See to it," Kihn said, while taking up a position kneeling behind a couch, facing the door with his shotgun resting on the back of the couch.

The others focused their attention on the outer edges of the large room.

12/17/2011 #36

Valerai was terrified as the man spoke. He had asked where he was going...

"Away....away...from you..."

He was shaking, and he tried hard not to cling to the man that offered to take him out of this room. But despite his efforts, Valerai's hand gripped the man's arm in fear. No doubt he could feel his trembles. The voice said he had powers, but he wasn't focused or even brave enough to use them.

Elipsion watched the boy and the man, none to worried. He was going to take the kid and use him to his advantage. His smirk widened at the display of fear emitting from the child, he wouldn't be a problem.

"You're mine.

Then, Elipsion found that animal landing on his back. It annoyed him, but the animal's intent was to hurt him, was it? The weight had knocked him off balance, and he fell to the floor, his wings disappearing.

Xenon had turned to follow the others, then heard the thud of someone landing. A low growl was also heard. Xenon turned quickly, seeing the white haired man on the floor with the..cat girl? Now was his chance if he wanted to restrain both of them. Feeling self conscious, Xenon opened his mouth and his tongue extended out, a purplish-blue like his hair and eyes. Except his tongue was not a muscle, or anything normal for a human. It was made out of a gel which he had immense control over, which was a feat in itself. As an Undalx, it was hard to master such control over their gel. But now, since he was using his gel tongue, he wouldn't be able to speak. So, his tongue extended out, then he detached it and it immediately spread out to the man and the girl. Any contact with his gel, and they would be easily restrained until he decided to let them go. It was the advantage of his species. Their gel, as long as they could control it, could be manipulated into nearly anything. From guns and bullets, to swords, to....whatever you could make up

12/19/2011 #37
Mikey8152 - GEM

Mikey (from here on in, Gem) looked at the thread with amusement, Val had introduce his people, the Undalx, before he had the chance, but that didn't matter, "I'm so jumping into this, and I know just who to use". A small, evil grin crossed his face.


A 6'2" white haired, crimson eyed man wearing a business suit had appeared, to see a... wereracoon? and, and, well he wasn't sure what the other, person, was, but they were both covered in what looked to be purple Undalx gel, the man rubbed his head, so many questions.

A deep chuckle came from the man's pocket, "Problem 3m?"

"Shut it, Kyri," at the mention of the name a black orb with rubies studding it floated out of his pocket.

"The mighty Mr. "3m 3t18" King wants me to be quiet, hmmmm, I'd rather not," the orb danced around his head, he was in a good mood today.

3m sighed and looked around the room at the others, abruptly stopping when he set eyes on Akira (Val's), and just shook his head and groaned. He muttered under his breath, "Of all the places on all the worlds in all the galaxies in all the universes, why did I end up in the same room as HIM."


Gem laughed, Val's Akira did nothing but irk 3m, this was going to be fun.


"..." 3m looked around, something was laughing at him...

Kyri bumped 3m's head, "Hey, don't we know that orange guy?"

3m grimaced, "Yes," he said with obvious distaste.

12/20/2011 . Edited 12/22/2011 #38
Yuki Kuran
Lita was rather proud of herself when she managed to tackle the white-haired creature to the ground, but no sooner had she achieved her goal than she was stopped in her tracks. Still clinging to the man's back, she was unable to move. Her eyes darted from side to side and a slow panic crept in. There was only one thing that she feared: a cage. However, her prey seemed to be stuck as well.

She tried to calm herself, but it was too late. In that brief moment of weakness, her other half-the original owner of the body- took back her control. Lita, the real Lita, emerged from the dark confines of her mind and forced her other self back into them. Hopefully, she would be able to explain what had happened, but for now, she was feeling somewhat weak and tired. Fighting your mind while someone else was fighting with your body could really wear a person out.

12/22/2011 #39
(Fierce, your turn for this)
12/22/2011 #40

Anna heard the other telepath's response. 'Understood.' She then spoke, it seemed, to no one in particular. "They're open to joining up if you want."

A voice replied, "Then let's. Everyone, move up the balcony." No one could see him, but each member of the team was certain that Alexei was already heading in that direction. They followed suit as the...animal-girl tackled the white-haired guy and tried fighting him. None were interested in who would win, except Jericho, who found himself rooting for the girl. Everyone else preferred not to be involved.

Some members of the group gave the tongue-trapping man some odd expressions as they passed. They thought they'd seen everything, but it seemed there were plenty more waiting with the other guests of the house.

Jericho continued on, keeping his grip on the youth; the latter seemed to have been frightened by the white-haired man. What made the weird guy suddenly have an interest in the kid, anyway?

(Sorry for the crappy post. If I'm forgetting to react to something, let me know. This post is mainly meant to let you all move on...)

1/6/2012 . Edited 1/7/2012 #41
Yuki Kuran
(my character can't really do anthing right now. She's trapped in a pile of tongue goo...)
1/7/2012 #42
"Friendlies coming in. Hold your fire. Three, two, one," Morgan said. The military parlance wasn't really her, but she had picked it up in the past and it worked in this situation. Everyone held their fire as the other operatives entered the room.

"Where's my exit?" Kihn asked as the last one entered.

Gilchrist was already opening a wall panel that was actually a door, that was hidden behind a book shelf.

"How did you . . . Never mind," Malachi said, as he lined himself up beside the opening, crossbow ready, and looked to see if the others were coming to back him up as he went through.

Someone might have asked what was wrong with the library. It was a very nice library, with lots of very nice books. They all liked to read and could occupy themselves for quite a while. But for people like Kihn and the others the key was mobility. They didn't like to hunker down and defend a specific spot if they could help it.

1/7/2012 #43

(Xenon's a teen, not man :P lol but he's awesome all the same)

Elipsion struggled against this...substance. It had come from the little malnurished brat, it seemed that he had underestimated the brat. Well, he was sure not to do that ever again. As soon as he was free, the brat was going to die then he'd pursue his object of interest. Someone else had arrived, but only caught his attention for a moment before turning back to the 4'7", bluish-purple haired teen.

You can't keep us here forever

Xenon shifted, keeping his SVT-40 on his shoulder, as he looked at the two trapped people. He had kept a stump of his tongue attached inside his mouth, otherwise he couldn't regenerate it back. So, he would grow back a new gel tongue and keep them both here. But it was true; even though he had exceptional control of his gel, he had limits. And exhaustion and hunger wreaked havoc on his thin, underweight body. All the others were leaving, and a new man in a suit had appeared. He wondered what this man would bring.

Did someone say 3m!?! Akira spun right where he stood, seeing his amazing best friend.


Valerai went along, trembling, with the man who held his arm. He wanted to get as far from the disturbed man as possible. But....still.....if he was after him...

Valentine grinned, now don't be confused with the Valentines. This one was her, the other was a male oc for Helix. Just to clear that up. Now, she thought of bringing in another character, even though she already had too many. It was something she couldn't help. In the near future, Korvyn would be joining them at the price of removing her choice of character from here. But he didn't belong here anyway, he was a bad choice for this Rpg to begin with. Why, oh, why did she bring him in here? Guess he'd join her in spectating, which wasnt so bad.

1/7/2012 #44
(AGAIN FORGOT THE QUOTATIONS FOR ELIPS :/ To those who don't know, it does make a difference for Elipsion. Without quotations means only someone who's wearing him as a hat can hear him, only through physical contact AS A HAT. With quotations, anyone can hear him.)
1/7/2012 #45
Mikey8152 - GEM

3m winced at Akira's outburst, why was he still calling him that?

Kyri did a little loop, "I remember him now! He's the one with the lollipops and is way to hands on for your tastes."

"Yeah..." 3m looked at Akira, "remember what I told you about hugging me, and what's going on here?"


"Sorry Val, but 3m's got to get away without a hug once in a while," Gem laughed.

1/8/2012 #46
(Yuki or Fierce can post for this one)
1/30/2012 #47
Mikey8152 - GEM
[anyone? hello? someone post, please]
2/8/2012 #48
(I'll wait for the people playing the operatives that are joining Kihn's group in the Library. They haven't said "Hi" yet, or anything else for that matter. I want to see how they react to the library, to Kihn's group, to Kihn's bossy manner, whatever.)
2/8/2012 #49
(Ok, so Fierce :p oh oh oh, Mikey, should I add Seraphim to this? ((When he's done)) He'd been freakin amazing)
2/8/2012 #50

The group entered without a problem. Not that any of them were expecting one, but you could never be sure. Sylvia had been in ordeals like that: Walk into a room and suddenly you face attacks from all sides, there's no time to think, only act. And act, she did. She was the only one to walk out, though her powers obviously played a big part in it.

The other members of Alexei's little team, task force, squad, whatever he wanted to call it, were probably luckier than Sylvia, though. Probably because they hadn't had the time to be anything less.

She was the last one to enter the new room--a library, clearly stocked up by someone who had too much time on their hands. Seemed recent, too; Sylvia thought she could catch the scent of freshly-printed pages. Someone who just moved in or bought a few thousand books?

Or could it be...?

"Alexei..." she began.

"I know. Something's off here."

He materialized right in front of her, from a weak shimmering to a solid appearance as the active camouflage deactivated. He was currently running a few fingers across the wood of a nearby table. He looked up to see his companions enter, the last one being Jericho and that youth from the corner. Then a sideways glance to the other team, specifically the one man that spoke of an exit.

"Who is the leader of this group?" Alexei addressed said man, then drew back his hand from the table. No dust. That table had either been placed recently or cleaned recently, likely the former since the only scent he could pick up was the faintly sweet smell of fresh wood. Everything here had been made not even a few days ago. He had looked around earlier: windows held a luster; the carpets, rugs were spotless. It was as if the house had been redecorated in preparation for guests...

Sylvia tried holding back a smile.

It can't be that boy, can it? Something brought him here, too, or is this his house to begin with? A rather long stretch, but it's possible... 2/8/2012 . Edited 2/8/2012 #51
(Can characters appear outside? Just wondering)
2/9/2012 #52

[Sure, so long as they meet with other characters at some point. I'm not going to be super strict about the setting; it can be expanded if necessary. Maybe to a few acres or a small city. The latter would probably be the limit, though.]

2/9/2012 #53
(Okay >=) )
2/9/2012 #54

Grace suddenly found himself out of the mansion and beside a girl with a look of amusement. What had just happened? And where was he now?!

Valentine laughed, "Sorry, Grace, you're not right for this thread. Don't worry. And, AWWWW 3m wants no hug??"

Akira frowned, extremely disappointed. His best friend didn't like his hugs?? HOW MEAN!!! Huh? What was going on? He didn't know, but he had a whole bunch of new friends!


Xenon watched silently, his tongue not yet regenerated. This white-haired man was giving him looks that could kill and the cat-girl was freaking out...Maybe he should let them go...And that German disappeared?!

Valerai followed the man silently, glad that they had moved farther away from that scary man. In fact, his trembling had calmed and he felt safer with all these other people around. "I......I need to sit..."

Outside, just a few yards from the front of the mansion, a man appeared, flying through the air into a statue.


The man rolled, and sat up, momentarily dazed from the impact. Rubbing his black-bandana head, Sera stood up, resting his hands on the two sword sheathes on either side of him. He stood 5'10", lean with a army green hoodie with grey cargo pants with black shoes. His eyes were bright green and his hair was aqua green covered by a black bandana. On his upper left arm was a tattoo of three claws with three angel wings on both sides, equaling six.

"Guess there's one thing to do."

2/9/2012 #55
Mikey8152 - GEM

3m leaned down to examine the Gel that was holding the, thing, and the girl in place.

"Why don't you go to your new friends for a bit Akira? I'll get Kyri to find you when I'm done."

Running his hand lightly over the gel his assumptions were confirmed. Undalx, but, all of the clan was in the village... or was this kid with Platinum? He sighed, without anyway to confirm that he couldn't take action. He'll have to keep an eye on him.

Now to release these two. If there was reason for them to be restrained he could just do that himself. Once again he ran his hand over the gel, but this time the tips of his fingers leaked an acid that, although would only cause some minor burns on skin, cut through the gel like a hot knife through butter.


Ah acid, the Undalx gel doesn't stand a chance, the only better option would probably be liquid nitrogen, but 3m doesn't have any and doesn't know how to magic up some.


"There," the gel had been dissolved enough for the two to break out and 3m had just stood back up when there was a crash from outside.

"What, was that?"

2/9/2012 #56
"I am, for now," Kihn said. Now that there were more operatives in the room he felt a little more comfortable, and straightened up, though he remained facing the door.

"And I'm guessing you lead this group," he continued, gesturing with his free hand while his weapon pointed at the ground in-front of him. "Got any plans we could work on together?" he asked.

2/10/2012 #57
(Fierce, your turn)
2/14/2012 #58

[ @Val: You overposted me as I was working on my response. Go figure :P ]

"I am the leader," Alexei answered. "Name's Alexei Konstantin. And I presume our plans are the same: to find out what's going on here? Hopefully without getting caught in the crossfire of the other...guests here?" Alexei had his own true objectives, though none of his comrades knew his agenda beyond wanting to capture a certain arms dealer. Though the odds of accomplishing that here were rather low, he knew.

Still, as Sylvia was probably thinking, there was a chance...

He looked to the other group's leader. "Have you noticed? Everything in here...it's new, fresh. Like someone just moved in."

2/14/2012 #59

(Haha, that's funny)

Akira grinned quite big before bounding off after his new friends. He didn't know what they were doing, but he didn't care. The first person he noticed was the shy guy, clinging to the guy that had stood between him and the crazy white-haired man.


Valerai had remained near Jericho, feeling safer near him when this crazy bright orange man bounded up into his personal space. Immediately cringing, Valerai's trembles started up again and he ducked to the side of Jericho, allowing Jericho to stand between him and the insane man.

Xenon looked at the suited man with dismay. After expanding his gel that much, it had all now gone to waste. Now the threatening man was loose again to create more problems.

Elipsion smirked as he broke himself out of his entrapment, no thanks to the fool that let him go. Completely ignoring the new man, he turned his attention past the child that had trapped him. His interest was with that terrified youth.

Wincing slightly from the impact, Sera made his way to the front door. Maybe whoever lived here would know what was going on and if they did, they better explain it all. He wasn't fond of colliding unexpectedly into statues. Lifting a hand, Sera knocked on the door.


2/15/2012 #60
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